Guess who's back @nickdiaz209 @natediaz209 @ufc @danawhiteufc #nickdiaz209 #ufc #fight #mma #420 #captaincanabis #stocktonslap #slumerican #209 #isantiminnesota
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Nick Diaz is back. #dontbescaredhomie #wardiaz #diazbrothers #nickdiaz #heartthem #stocktonslap #badass
diazbrothers - wardiaz - nickdiaz - badass - heartthem - dontbescaredhomie - stocktonslap -
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War Diaz. Silva super fight superbowl weekend, where you at NFL? #wardiaz #nickdiaz #209bitch #stockton209 #stockton #stocktonslap
wardiaz - stockton - nickdiaz - stockton209 - 209bitch - stocktonslap -
krystalbellll - mikecaff - sweetest_fire - boosted_ford -
@nickdiaz209 Is back baby!!! Showing the world its possible to SMOKE POT and compete in professional sports. Shit, he runs triathlons just for fun!! I know some of you may not like this dude but I don't give a SHIT!! Never a dull fight unless the other guy is running!! 🏃🏃🏃🏃#conditranlikeabitch #Stocktonslap is back and our house is EXCITED!! WAR DIAZ!!! Get em @nickdiaz209 💪😎👍 #bluntlab #milehigh #augycustoms #bhombtubes #acrossinternational #thahoneybadgers #dabsrus #bhombingamerica #710 #dabbers_unite #bluntculture #weedstagram #losganjales #fueledbythc #highsociety #hrbnlife #highlyeducated #hightimes #potporn #dabs #bho #runbho #high_larry_us #highlife #hash #weshouldsmoke #topshelflife
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soulfulbadger : That's ma nigga! 👍🙌
d1rtyblunts : @soulfulbadger Me too bro!! If only @nickdiaz209 and @natediaz209 knew the FIRE we make daily!!! 🔥🔥🍯🍯🍯🔥🍯🔥🍯🔥🍯🔥
soulfulbadger : Fuck sponsoring wiz hahahaha
_pretzellogic : Is he still smoking or did he quit to come back?
d1rtyblunts : @_pretzellogic Pretty sure he has his methods. 💪😚💨💨💨
_pretzellogic : Campaign to have his walk-out music changed to Dr Greenthumb
_murrayjuana : #globlins
aaronautix : I don't think that nose can handle two more fights
stunzii - ms_3b20 - cgg_leo - calvillog -
Former UFC welterweight title challenger Nick Diaz has ended his retirement and signed a three-fight contract extension with the promotion. UFC officials today announced the deal, though financial terms of the contract weren’t disclosed. He’s targeted for an early-2015 return. He's back @nickdiaz209 just signed a new bout agreement 2 fight! Details coming soonbit.ly/1z9QmLWhttp://t.co/BGlZriJjMW—  Dana White (@danawhite) July 24, 2014 #ufc #ufcnews #mma #mmanews #NickDiaz #stocktonslap #stocktonbadboy #danawhite
nickdiaz - ufc - stocktonbadboy - stocktonslap - danawhite - ufcnews - mma - mmanews -
ry_norm : Two fight contract
nicg678 : @nick_gara1
dannygonzo34 : @goingtomarsbitch hell ya that's a good fight
hamedgoodarzi : Here we go baby
jonnyv909 : @angelfourgee @daviiidiniesta
daviiidiniesta : Hell yea can't wait! @jonnyv909
angelfourgee : @jonnyv909 I seen this. Holy shit I can't believe it. My fav fighter.
morinjay : Yes!
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Lol The man is a poet! Couldn't havr said it better myself #nickdiaz #theman #dontbescaredhomie #thetruth #favfighter #wisdom #realness #poetry #loveit #ufc #mma #legend #lol #hadtoshare #stocktonslap #209 #diazbros
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He's going for the kill #NickDiaz #StocktonSlap #420 #DiazBrothers #ScrapPack #MMA #UFC #StrikeForce #WEC #PrideFC #EliteXC #StrikeForceWelterweightChampion #WECWelterweightChampion #CaesarGracieJiuJitsu #boxing #kickboxing #muaythai #karate #taekwondo #bjj #wrestling #judo #sambo #grecoroman #StocktonMotherfucker #209 #DontBeScaredHomie #AndersonSilva #JohnyHendricks
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theacademybeverlyhills : 👍
diomiro_86 : @desariog. @acecruz408
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Nick Diaz liked my pic I'm the best
209 - nickdiaz - stockton - stocktonslap -
airundean : Fuck ya
airundean : My favorite fighter
moses_didnt_build_an_arc : #209 #stockton #stocktonslap lol yeah I doubt it's his IG
soniacisneros5 : Thats how I felt when Dana White started following me on Twitter! 😁
moses_didnt_build_an_arc : #nickdiaz is way cooler
teelafication : Lucky!!
moses_didnt_build_an_arc - nmj007 - leahbeahig - soniacisneros5 -
I just got my #nickdiaz shirt !#dontbescaredhomie#ufc#mmabitchesbelike#niggasbelike#stocktonslap#ifollowback#followback#real#ninja#209
real - mmabitchesbelike - ifollowback - 209 - nickdiaz - ufc - stocktonslap - ninja - followback - bitchesbelike - dontbescaredhomie - niggasbelike -
victoriaarose143 : Please like my last picture ?(:
ohdollars__ : #bitchesbelike can you like my pic or nah?
rollmeupnsmoke : U need to stoppp Lmao ^^^
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I love MMA,being able to completely out work someone in every way and be the better athlete is what I live for,there is always to improve your craft in this sport. Strikeforce had had some of the best fighters in the world including one of my favorite fighters nick diaz,hope I can get to strikeforce and represent my city #MMA #Strikeforce #nickDiaz #stocktonslap
strikeforce - nickdiaz - mma - stocktonslap -
billyfosnock13 : Strikeforce shut down early 2013
sharpie_without_ink : Damn that sucks
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#tbt 😂 #stocktonslap #mma #nickdiaz #whatarewethrowingspinningshitnow @nickdiaz209
nickdiaz - whatarewethrowingspinningshitnow - mma - tbt - stocktonslap -
edoorable : Jerrys like what? U gonna do something? Hahaha
zachattacks_ : @edoorable hahaha Jerry's like nahh
diomiro_86 : @desariog
teelafication : Love it so much!
fcwarrior74 - biiijan8x9 - adrians_healthworld - austindavidblue -
💯 #blessed #thankful #truth #love #negativityisntneeded #knowledge #stocktonslap #skee
negativityisntneeded - love - knowledge - blessed - stocktonslap - thankful - truth - skee -
future_mrsj408 : I gotta repost this!
_vanessaadriana - future_mrsj408 - eunicem1117 - trevinogotheart -
#NateDiaz will get to 9th first #DiazBrothers #NickDiaz #Stockton #StocktonSlap #209 #BJJ #CaesarGracieJiuJitsu #boxing #kickboxing #muaythai #taekwondo #karate #BrazilianJiuJitsu #wrestling #grecoroman #freestyle #judo #sambo #submission #ko #doublefingertrianglechoke #KennyFlorian #FrankMir #ColeMiller #JoeLauzon #DemianMaia #UFC #FoxSports #mma
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diamondgirl_____ : Is this tonight
jamesgrinnell : Yeah @natediaz209 will get to 9 first.
hunningtonbeachbadboy - zzninjasteve - waldjanedias -
If this shit is true then I hope @natediaz209 and @nickdiaz209 gives this arrogant douche the ol stockton slap.show him how Nor Cal gets down.. #norcal #westcoast #california #nickdiaz #natediaz #justinbieber #jb #ufc #mma #whatthefuckthatkidthinking #dontbescaredhomie #stocktonslap
mma - nickdiaz - ufc - stocktonslap - justinbieber - dontbescaredhomie - california - jb - whatthefuckthatkidthinking - westcoast - norcal - natediaz -
therealmajinvegeta : Me too...teach that punk a lesson or two!
billyfosnock13 : Fuck that dude Nick and nate would hurt that motherfucker
imsouglythatsokcossoareyou : @billyfosnock13 they will do more than that.more like a Stockton slap follow up with a left and right hook to the grill piece aha..
teelafication : Biebs is such a bitch!
imsouglythatsokcossoareyou : @teelafication and a rich boy thinking he a "thug" cos he likes to wear bandanas and snap backs.now hes trying to fuck with people who are actually from the street..kid really needs a reality check,fast.
teelafication : I would pay for this ish to go down. Obviously, that bitch needs to be taught a lesson.
imsouglythatsokcossoareyou : @teelafication if he can knock out Robbie Lawler or Grey Maynard from UFC then ill give him some props but other then that he's just talking out of his ass.all the people that Nick n Nate beat will demolish this little wanna be thug..haha its sad how people get famous n they become arrogant like this tool bag..its a shame.
teelafication : That's why they need to be put in their place with a good ol fashion Stockton slap. That's what I'm talking about. I'm all about that
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Just keep running 👊 #favfighter #stocktonslap #209 #nickdiaz #dude
209 - nickdiaz - favfighter - dude - stocktonslap -
jiujitsuev : My ninja @nickdiaz209
bethanybage : You've actually trained with this dude 😍 @jiujitsuev
jiujitsuev : @bethanybage hes my friend... Lives down the street... Ive trained with him over 3 years now... him and his brother nathan are good friends of mine
bethanybage : Wow!!! That is amazing....go you I knew you trained by your Insta posts but training with the Diaz bros I'm super jealous 💪😟 @jiujitsuev
jiujitsuev : @bethanybage come to lodi ca and train... our door is open to everyone =)
bethanybage : That would be amazing...I live like 5000 miles away...but maybe one day. Thanks dude 🙏✈️ @jiujitsuev
diomiro_86 : @desariog. Love this
antwuan_dk - garysharpe777 - ghosyly78 - 88studd88 -
Mma fighters be like... My favorite stand up technique... LOL #UFC #MMA #WTF #FUNNY #slap #bjj #martialarts #muaythai #standup #boxing #ultimatefighter #stocktonslap #stockton
funny - boxing - stockton - muaythai - ufc - bjj - slap - stocktonslap - wtf - martialarts - standup - ultimatefighter - mma -
joinronin : @appliedmma_atx #BiatchSlap to OP!
jennyfang : 💯🆒 @eeee_emma
isandrann : Hope you're doing ok! Haven't seen any posts from you lately ;)
brand0ngr0ce : Thanks for checking in @isandrann :D all is good and dandy! I've just been a little busy :3. How are you!?
isandrann : I'm doing well! Thanks for asking @brand0ngr0ce you are always on my time line so I got worried lol its good to be busy!!
brand0ngr0ce : Haha I know I know... I will be regular from now on! Promise! Lol that it is but I also gotta have that balance @isandrann
isandrann : Yes balance is good @brand0ngr0ce Hajahaha. You're just so entertaining! But don't change on my account ;) you're awesome the way you are
ernest_myeviltwin : @the_l33dur
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Pay the man dana #Stockton #209 #NickDiaz #StocktonSlap #DontBeScaredHomie #CaesarGracieJiuJitsu #mma #boxing #kickboxing #muaythai #karate #taekwondo #bjj #wrestling #judo #sambo #grecoroman #freestyle #submission #ko #ufc #strikeforce #wec #pridefc #elitexc #dream #scrappack
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Dana White on Nate Diaz: ‘I don’t know how long we’re going to play this game’ By Shaun Al-Shatti Nate Diaz ongoing contract issues came to a head on Tuesday, when the popular UFC lightweight was quietly removed from the promotion's official rankings, where he had previously sat at No. 5 in his division since viciously knocking out Gray Maynard in late November. The move came a day after fellow lightweight contender TJ Grant was similarly removed, although the two situations differ as Grant has been sidelined for nearly a year with lingering concussion symptoms, while Diaz has engaged in a public back-and-forth with UFC officials regarding a desire to renegotiate his contract. Promotion officials have thus far balked at Diaz's request, and on Wednesday, UFC President Dana White addressed the issue on UFC Tonight. "Everybody's talking about Nate Diaz being removed. So was TJ Grant. TJ Grant was removed too, for inactivity," White said. "Early on, we let (former championDominick Cruz, who is currently the No. 9 ranked bantamweight) hold the title and stay in the rankings for as long as we did. It's unfair to the guys who are active. And when you're in a situation like TJ Grant, who has an injury that's pretty serious, we don't know when he's coming back, you take him out of the rankings. "When he does come back and starts to fight, he'll get whatever position he's in the rankings again after his first fight back. And the same for Nate Diaz. Nate Diaz is in this position where he's turning down fights, hasn't accepted any fights, has been inactive, and we don't know how long he's going to be inactive. So you take him off the rankings. When he comes in and fights his next fight, they'll rank him again after his fight." #ufc #ufcnews #mma #mmanews #natediaz #stocktonbadboy #stocktonslap #danawhite
ufc - ufcnews - stocktonslap - danawhite - stocktonbadboy - mma - mmanews - natediaz -
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bae has arrived. #stocktonslap the beginning
stocktonslap -
spencerperkins20 : Reppin the #209 best boxing in mma!
samstanczak - colissajean - kyle_shephard - schultz1712 -
If this is real I would love to see Nick or Nate Stockton slap the shit out of him! I pay $100 to see that on ppv! #ufc #mma #kickboxing #bjj #jits #jiujitsu #wrestling #stockton #stocktonslap #socal #cali #ca #spitthetruth #ny #nyc #newyork #vegas #fresh #dope #ill #motivation #kazbah #karmaloop
kazbah - motivation - karmaloop - bjj - stockton - newyork - ca - ufc - wrestling - jiujitsu - socal - vegas - fresh - stocktonslap - mma - spitthetruth - jits - ny - ill - cali - kickboxing - nyc - dope -
robbieg96 : That cannot be real. What a joke lol
jdcruz18 : Hahaha @driibby_
rabaadab - mujahid_ewell - alexsmithrules - trollsimpson -
Hahaha really bieber. @nickdiaz209 @natediaz209 this guy needs the stockon slap. Beiber will get his ass kicked! Fucking bieber lol #fuckyoubieber #diazbrothers #stocktonslap #bieberisapussy
fuckyoubieber - diazbrothers - bieberisapussy - stocktonslap -
erik_lopez29 : #BrockLesnar
nervous.subject - sullimangalaxy2 - ev3_lynn417 - amazingaj15 -
I WOULD FUCKIN LOVE TO SEE THIS SHIT HAPPEN!!!! Bieber wanna go nite nite!!!! Please!!!! You wouldn't last a fuckin minute with @nickdiaz209 and/or @natediaz209 Better yet, Selena Gomez would fuck your shit up pussy. FUCK BIEBER!!!! @justinbieber #STOCKTONSLAP #BieberIsAJoke 😂😂😂😂
bieberisajoke - stocktonslap -
darrenthejedi : @deniserrr Sounds like BS He would say.
darrenthejedi : @sookrisspy It's hilarious really. I would love to see it. Haha.
deniserrr : You sound like you know him personally lmao
darrenthejedi : @deniserrr Same to You.
fabian_dean : Whoa! I can't wait to make it big
darrenthejedi : @fabian_dean why? Haha.
fabian_dean : So I can beat up Bieb.
darrenthejedi : @fabian_dean that'll be dope. Haha. I'll be there for sure.
jdm0515 - champfindlay - laurita_bonita17 - arreaga_ -
#wardiaz #209 #beastmode #rep #stocktonslap #Stockton
wardiaz - beastmode - stockton - 209 - rep - stocktonslap -
vicnis - nessaellice - hitchakajames - thatbememisse -
😂😂😂 @nickdiaz209 @ufc #wardiaz #209 #stocktonslap #diazbrothers
209 - diazbrothers - wardiaz - stocktonslap -
kaspaw349 : @jiu_jitsu_kid_209 ...
jiu_jitsu_kid_209 : @kaspaw349 wow
itsfluff - 83gmc - rat_boi - labellad_ -
One of my idols #NickDiaz this guy is the truth... #StocktonMothafucka !!!
209 - nickdiaz - stocktonmothafucka - ufc - mma - stocktonslap -
rikoknows : #MMA #209 #UFC #StocktonSlap
drew_the_natural - bankheadslave - wendym___ - dankgrasshoppermedibles -
Morning Report: Nick Diaz calls out 'amateur' Johny Hendricks, says the new champ got his 'a** whooped' By David St. Martin Even with now UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks booked to face Robbie Lawler Saturday night at UFC 171, his loudest opponent by far was none other than Stockton's favorite son, Nick Diaz. When asked by Sportsnet's Showdown Joe what exactly he was doing in Dallas, Diaz seems to think the UFC is just setting the stage for his eventual title clash with Hendricks. "Maybe [UFC] want me to Johny Hendricks. Take an a** whooping. Right to your face, bro. Worse than tonight, because you got your a** whooped all four rounds. I seen it. I seen your little amateur style. I'm ready to fight. I'm ready to fight the right fight. "Trying to get a fight this year. Talked to Dana [White], hardly, but he knows my mindset. He knows where I'm at. Behind the scenes here [in Dallas] everyone knows what's going on. That's what's up. Me in a title fight. I need a real fight. Let the fans have what they want to see. That's why I'm here. Claiming he isn't the least bit interested in the bevy of other welterweight contenders, Diaz is pretty clear about his focus on Hendricks. "Everybody's going to make more money. Fans get to see what they want to see. You want to see people get tapped out or knocked out? You want to see a real fight? You want to see drama queens act drama? Want to see real motherf***ers act real? "[Hendricks] should never have opened his mouth around me. We don't have no beef, though. I like Johny. I think he's a nice guy, but he tried to get loud with me, I get loud with him back. It's all business. It's a good fight." Interesting 👊💥💫💤👋 #ufc #ufcmma #ufcnews #ufcrumors #mma #mmanews #mmarumors #tko #ko #NickDiaz #Diazbros #Diaz #stocktonbadboy #stocktonslap #NickDiaz209
ufcrumors - tko - ufc - mmarumors - ko - stocktonslap - ufcmma - diazbros - diaz - nickdiaz - stocktonbadboy - nickdiaz209 - mma - mmanews - ufcnews -
showtimefans : First like!
ufcworld : @pettisfanpage Diaz War !
billyfosnock13 : The @ufc need to get this show on the road the fans either wanna see diaz get that belt or get knocked out so give the fans the fight we all want
_stevendiamond : @natediaz209 I saw this Johnson punk was calling out nate. . Is this fruity pebble bafoon dumb.. Nate would wreck this goof psssh keep the shitter shut johnson. Nicks also gonna take that belt from hendricls. Nick would've had that title fight done in the fourth! Cause of that iron man endurance nick got cant wait to see the Diaz's back ripping shit up! DIAZ ERA SON
ruthless_rc : Hate Diaz he's 1-3 since returning to the UFC don't give this chump A titleshot no way. Give Rory MacDonald or Woodley.
joelmontano91 - na88_slavyanochka - tarcianomuaythai - lilosinmyheart -
That Stockton slap #diazbrothers #nickdiaz #stocktonslap #skrapack
diazbrothers - stocktonslap - skrapack - nickdiaz -
cammill93 : He screamed bitch and slapped him. That's not nice
adanpacheco : @cammill93 Stockton mother fucker Stockton
benimlanozan : Only diaz can slap
_franiaaa - areli_mancillas - yosoyrene - _stevendiamond -
This is way @NickDiaz209 will forever be one of my favorite fighters #WarDiaz #209 #StocktonMotherFucker #stocktonslap
209 - stocktonmotherfucker - wardiaz - stocktonslap -
teelafication : @dee_jay87 love him!
nick_gara1 : @nicg678
kevincardenas8 : @love_couture39 Get Slapped Like This!
rodriguezstephanie_ : @kevincardenas8 that's how hockey players fight (: hahaha
teelafication - mr_darkershades - dee_jay87 - readytoscrap -
Yesssssssss!!!! #209 #stockton #stocktonslap #diazbrothers #mma #TUF20
diazbrothers - stockton - 209 - tuf20 - mma - stocktonslap -
quickjab - tommyunited - thatzeebmatteo -
Ahhhh @carlos_condit running from @nickdiaz209 and got #Slapped #nickdiaz #209 #stocktonslap #graciefighter #graciefighterlodi
graciefighter - 209 - nickdiaz - graciefighterlodi - slapped - stocktonslap -
talga013 - hafkiknows - jeff_ftwshop - __mr_miyagi__ -
stocktonslap -
osloeastamd - fowl_graffiti - noseveg - christopheboulmer -
Your thoughts on this? Nick Diaz would return for a title shot; Dana White not about to give him one By Dave Doyle Nick Diaz, who still insists he's retired, was a conspicuous presence backstage at UFC 170 on Saturday night. But Dana White wasn't among those who got to have a meet-and-greet with the King of Stockton. "I haven't even heard from Nick Diaz," White said Saturday. "Nick Diaz called and asked for tickets, I don't know. We haven't even heard from Nick Diaz." Diaz told FOX Sports on Saturday that he would only return for a title shot. "I'm talking about a title shot here matchup," Diaz said. "Bottom line, I'm the only draw here." But White didn't exactly sound like's ready to hand the former Strikeforce welterweight champ such a spot. "It's not even worth talking about," White said. "He hasn't fought, he hasn't wanted a fight, he's not even in the conversation." #ufc #ufcmma #ufcnews #mma #mmanews #nickdiaz #diaz #stocktonslap #stocktonbadboy #ufc170 #titleshot
titleshot - nickdiaz - ufc - ufc170 - stocktonslap - ufcmma - stocktonbadboy - diaz - mma - mmanews - ufcnews -
luis_fkin_garza : At this point if nick gets enough hype and get the fan's attention, dana white will have no choice but to give him the title shot, if you can talk the talk, the ufc will give you title shots, I.e. Chael Sonnen, Chris Weidman, Anthony Pettis, these guys had to do a lot of talking for ppl to choice and want that person in the title fights
hencelonnroth - lizabeth8765 - nick_armbar_robison - dj_blunapo -
#conditvsdiaz #209 #metalmulisha #naturalbornkiller #venum #dontbescaredhomie #spinningshit #stocktonslap
conditvsdiaz - venum - 209 - stocktonslap - metalmulisha - spinningshit - naturalbornkiller - dontbescaredhomie -
trashcanyon - danny_blanco_tbfmg - kevinriccitelli14mx - fabhousedesign -
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