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Important notice - Major update coming on June 1st. Please read carefully.
A bit late but easter surprise, love it and definitely NFT/NFS! I cant wait to show it off on my lanyard😊, thanks so much @disney_pins_ooh_de_lally πŸ˜€ #disneytradingpins #disneypins #disney #trading #pins #stitch #disneystitch #stitchbunny #disneystore #easter
stitch - disneystore - disneytradingpins - trading - disneypins - disneystitch - pins - stitchbunny - easter - disney -
sd.disney.pins - jenniferlovesdisneypins - young.trader - fujimontaka -
Every package is mailed out! Thank you for supporting my shop everyone :) I will be closing shop until mid April due to some traveling I will be doing :)
marti1204 : Sei bravissimo... you're super!!
craftyfelix : Have a safe trip have fun hope when you come back I get a hold of one of your creations.
charlizeyeokj_0988 : Hi. May I ask what is ur shop name?
charlizeyeokj_0988 : @polymomotea
berkieaktas - alessia.adele - net1204 - camcho54 -
And let the turtle races begin! I made these a bit bigger than the original ones I made for my last shop update hahaha
frankiehson : @_cchristinee_ WANTTT
littlecottondesign : Omg so pretty! 😍
minaarts : I tried making the Boba bunny since I loveeee it ,it looks funny haha
epithandra : πŸ‘ bootiful!
featherxcrown - ely_love_panda_pug - davidbowiesenpaisenseisamakun - meredith7.6 -
Opal stitch bunnies will be in my upcoming update. I'm aiming for the 8th, hopefully. I'm in love with the deep blue ones
hanna.006 : @alice.ying11
laravioleta24 : Can you do one to me
laravioleta24 : And is very good
bella.rosa88 : How can I order some? @polymomotea
_cali_luvv_ - ely_love_panda_pug - davidbowiesenpaisenseisamakun - meredith7.6 -
Three turtles with bunnies made. I'm trying to do a restock with a few more of these guys
crazybaka : @pakerette_shop
blankiblue : πŸ˜±πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
claybunnies1 : @polymomotea love it!!!! 😍
minaarts : After watching u on YouTube can't help but must follow XD you're my inspiration XP
suchada_eye_eye - bubbleteaturtle - just_underwater_girl - chels_naenae -
Stitch bunnies on a boat
brittanyyy95 : This is so cute!
jjkdpang : @eyracer I want to make one!
nattida_wood : Aww so cute!!
thatgirl_joa : @polymomotea do u sold?
marian.daniela - madison_frederick - madyc28 -
🌸Stop Motion Short🌸 BB-8 opens a Mystery Package from @polymomotea ! Mahalo Alex!!! All sound effects made by Timmy! (Besides bb-8 sounds hehe) Timmy is 2 years old :) This stop motion took about 250 individual photos! 😱 Do you like hearing Timmys sound effects? And would you like to see more package openings from Bb-8? Let me know! : @oliverisaluser
emmy.riggs : This is soooo super adorable defiantly have him be in more!!
arioforoughi : @remi.yazarloo
cutepengy : Ok.. that was the cutest thing ever :3
uneebrunette - cakeandblood - fili_dream - emilyburn_s -
Made a little sailor moon themed stitch bunny with a little cat on a compact base for the amazing @pinksugarcotton
qqoradgg128236 : @7329ym πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†ε₯½ε―ζ„›
sailormoon_sc : Totally obsessed would you mind if I repos giving you credit!?
pwincesskittie : @_moonprincesskitten_
sailorbunny5ever : @pwincesskittie omg these are so cute!
banana.twink - iwritesinsnotpoetry - b2st__paradise - luxray_warrior -
So many stitch bunnies
eitsirkton : @abigailtan see
heliophilia_honeybee : please show how you make these! : They look really nice
marty3465 : €?
madyc28 - rafikelhariri - arika.sarro -
Opal stitch bunny. It's crowned with a strawberry mic
harley._.depp : Cute
peppernsoda : Super cuteπŸŽ€πŸ˜
brucamuniz : @gabivellosotavares πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
madzz_madeleine : So cuuute
paulett.santiago - chibiohimesama - karya_dincer - mama_logic -
Look at this absolute cutie little darling I ordered from @polymomotea it's so cute! It is even tinier than I expected it to be. ☺️ (So again I did not make this little charm) #polymomotea #polymerclay #polymerclaycharm #polymerclaycharms #stitchbunny #polymomoteahouse
polymerclaycharm - polymomotea - polymomoteahouse - polymerclay - polymerclaycharms - stitchbunny -
ahh.jpg : i like how all the big clay artist/ artist in general are all connected and friends
shymori : @_.nepeta.leijon._ yeah that seems nice. Maybe one day I'll be a part of it. 😜
ahh.jpg : I think you are in it
shymori : @_.nepeta.leijon._ haha I'm just the new kid on the block really πŸ˜…
tutou_theppanya - ran807 - becca_pinto_04 - nono.cuquemelle -
Jumbo Hatsune Miku stitch bunny. This one will be in my next shop update
becca.bearrr : I LOVE MIKI
becca.bearrr : Miku****
hoogaly_nat : @alex_sketches
queenlisset : That's soo effin cute!!!!
yukiberrie - iblali.suchti - knitandwoo - slowbabysloth -
Premium Bunny Stitch ☺️ #stitch #stitchph #stitch626 #stitchdoll #stitchbunny #liloandstitch #disneystitch #experiment626 #stitchcollector #stitchcollection
stitchcollector - stitch - liloandstitch - stitch626 - experiment626 - stitchph - disneystitch - stitchdoll - stitchbunny - stitchcollection -
ae_aeyy - oddsandendsph - poohsuke1222 - cloe_frqs -
Bunny Stitchyy 🐰 #stitchbunny #stitch #stitchph #stitch626 #stitchdoll #stitchcollectorph #disneystitch #stitchcollection
stitch - stitchph - stitch626 - disneystitch - stitchbunny - stitchcollection - stitchdoll - stitchcollectorph -
disneydoll_d - stitchh626 - oddsandendsph - poohsuke1222 -
Stitch bunny 🐰 #stitch #stitchph #stitch626 #stitchcollection #disneystitch #stitchdoll #stitchcollector #stitchbunny
stitchcollector - stitch - stitchph - stitch626 - disneystitch - stitchdoll - stitchbunny - stitchcollection -
stitchh626 - oddsandendsph - poohsuke1222 - pangzit___ -
Made some bubble tea stitch bunnies. Plus one multi colored one
ruby.e.t : @polymomotea I absolutely love these! Your designs are so creative! When are you going to open your etsy shop? I would love to purchase one of these or another charm, thanks!
craftyflipscreations : I love these ahhh😍😍
sparklycharmsshop : So precious!!!! I would love to see these in your next restock!!!
minaarts : I luvvvv
dumbdorable - chibi.chibi.ichigo - thedestinymarie - princess_buttercup_99 -
Doctor who meets stitch bunnies. Got a cyber stitch bunny, a dalek, a tardis and a weeping stitch bunny
oceanchans : Omg this is so adorable
peekos_story : EXTERMINAAATE!!
craftyaridesh : I love them all. I just can't even try to pick a favourite! πŸ˜†
blueviolet1979 : The. Angel. Don't. Blink!!
lickmyellebow - mo.lepage08 - miss_mademoiselle__ -
Another highly anticipated order has finally arrived! This one brought to you by the incredibly talented and my personal idol @polymomotea ! He has such amazing talent and I'm looking at this gorgeous peice in complete awe at how small and detailed it is. I took my lunch break at work during his restock so I could snag something and I'm so glad I did. His pieces sold out in about 10 minutes! So worth it. πŸ’• #polymomotea #polymerclay #stitchbunny #cute #gorgeous #handmade #sohappy
cute - polymomotea - polymerclay - gorgeous - stitchbunny - sohappy - handmade -
eveoso - natyworkshop - mow.gen - craft_australia -
Got some crafters clay from another HS mom so Fysh and I played a bit. Well I did, Fysh gave up and used kids clay instead. Don't know how the heck @charmingohso manages to make such gorgeous stuff from it. Fok it's hard to work with. Want to make a few buttons though to use in my crochet somehow.
craftersclay - polymereclay - claybuttons - claybunny - homemadebuttons - craftymama - buttons - patchbunny - cernit - polymerebunny - claycrafts - stitchbunny - bunny - fimo -
cupcakemummy : #craftersclay #fimo #cernit #bunny #stitchbunny #polymereclay #claybunny #polymerebunny #patchbunny #claycrafts #buttons #craftymama #claybuttons #homemadebuttons
nearlycrafty : Killing me with goodness!
redheadmom23 - passagetobeauty - pinkpurpledots - neetaragadullabh -
Strawberry cake themed turtle and stitch bunny. I really like the color contrast in this piece
ivykanivy : @max_vosloo
_princess.sofia._ : What type of clay is the stitch bunny in this photo @polymomotea
isleoftumblr : @ceryscakecreations ❀️❀️
greatest_name_eva : @_pia.f_
sweetbeautique - wl0110 - adai.mahogany - coralfleur -
All the stitch bunny turtles I made for my etsy restock. It will be tomorrow on the 17th at 10am USA central time :)
satch.patch.kid : Omggg these are absolutely preciousss! I'm sure they are all gone by now. 😫😒
maysatch : These are beautiful!! πŸ˜πŸ‘
prinsess_adidas : Do u sell them?
prinsess_adidas : I really want one
hope.kress - beantownsusie - __hailzzz_baee_ - judgingdonut -
Today is an inspirational post! I made Alex aka @polymomotea wearing a teal Opal stitch bunny onesie xD I always love his creations! They are always so cute and creative and he is so kind! Thank you for being a great inspiration! ☺️ #iisweetcharms #polymerclay #polymer #polymerclaycharms #cute #kawaii #etsy #etsyseller #handmade #clay #art #anime #otaku #animelover #japan #chibi #accessory #etsyshop #charms #cosplay #followme #like #instagood #love #shop #fimo #premo #sculpey #polymomotea #stitchbunny
shop - polymer - art - premo - cute - animelover - love - accessory - etsyseller - instagood - japan - etsy - fimo - kawaii - etsyshop - cosplay - charms - polymerclay - handmade - sculpey - otaku - like - polymomotea - polymerclaycharms - anime - clay - chibi - stitchbunny - iisweetcharms - followme -
iisweetcharms : Thanks! ☺️ @revesdenounours
polymomotea : Aww thank you for the sweet words :)
ginkieshandmadecrafts : So cuteπŸ’•
iisweetcharms : Thanks ! :) @ginkieshandmadecrafts
dimya123 - heyheyhezu - srtamoustach - lunascorner -
Thank you everyone for supporting my shop! I am already working on my next update. It will have more basic bunnies and possibly more turtle/bunny figurines for those who missed out. Possibly strawberry cake themed?
llynstagramm : Just got my caped stitch bunny today and it is super adorable! Thank you Alex! 😊
atelier_coccinelle : Tres mignonsπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’Ÿ
foreverrunningwild : would you like to do a trade? ill make whatever you want
eitsirkton : @kellychinofficial
om_7manii69 - jayrawrdraws - owel_lk - anyazoe -
Another turtle stitch bunny. I'm preparing lots for my etsy restock. This one is under the sea themed
_6.settembre_ : Beautiful
fluffyxkawaii : @alicekim7777
prinsess_adidas : Super cute
grace.sianti : 😍😍😍😍😍 @sudiary
ewtat - swim_with_the_mermaids - mxddy._.moo - bzggy -
So the Chocolate bunnies I showed yesterday come with stands and sweet companions
maysatch : Wow love the πŸͺ stands!! πŸ˜πŸ’›πŸ‘
mimiranger : Omgoodness I can't handle the cute. I CAN'T!
naoxjamaozkanmakzozk : Sei bravissima 😊
vocaloit_miku : The Mouse cute
caitycaitsenpai - thepolymerplace - isabelle_kapustka -
These new chocolate bunnies are themed Sweets and Treats! They will be in my next etsy restock. Hopefully end of next week. It's gonna be around 25-30 pieces
eugenechik : @monkehinyourhouse hint taken πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
focusonwhatfeelsgood : Ahh cute!
naoxjamaozkanmakzozk : Ahh cute !
brysart : Chocolate Easter bunnies!! @thevintagegoose
haktanalya - matisse_estetica - _.miauwd._ - kay.rose2324 -
My rendition of the Tortoise and the Hare. Sleeping turtles and stitch bunnies. These little ones are on their way to @leannalinswonderland for the #cuteeveryday show curated by @supahcute . Opening event is January 16
cuteeveryday -
commonchocobo : Will you be making a tutorial on how to make these lil guys too after their presentation in the show?
clayvoyance : Such cuteness! 😍😍😍
autishell00 : @ab_strawberry
skizzegon : Wow so cute!
the.running.marshmellow - lilmissgamer101 - bruh_its_rea - skizzegon -
Some more angles of the tortoise and hare pieces
ailelc26 : Oh my god @charlotte.ln regarde ce compte il est magnifique!!! ❀❀❀
lina_zvyagintseva : ΠšΡ€ΡƒΡ‚ΠΎ
chicitylover : @babyg_gotti
loves_bones : 😍
barbiejewell - lilleexox - d_daer1521 - cory.e.watson -
Jumbo opal stitch bunny
becraftionate : PERFECTION!
kafsh.duzak : Perfect πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
hanna.006 : opal @alice.ying11
biscuit.mrciagazoli : @giselebianchini olha que lindo
lol7476 - baekie_aeri - creative.colours__ - pokypandapancakepolo -
#snow #ino #babyino #officialino #ladiestsumtsum #stitchbunny #christmastime
christmastime - babyino - ladiestsumtsum - stitchbunny - ino - snow - officialino -
yashintapr : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
cindycandradinata : Hahhaha my fav #snow
nathaliawed : @cindycandradinata @yashintapr ini passs bgd deh c ino pose nya
smialekmateusz - anthonybarron - karanbenni - ikamistiaapriandari -
If only we had a light snowfall for the holidays. This is a jumbo stitch bunny with a winter theme base
blueraspberrycharms : Cute!
thisis_marzi : @j_sahar69😊😊
handxmade : 😍❀️❀️❀️
young0192 - - dinalie_du77 - boboksj -
Just some of the different bunnies I have made since they were first thought up of.
myhys_ : @ryshsj @yolandastitch @hesejam @fenamelilia lucuuuu! 😍
yolandastitch : @ryshsj @myhys_ @hesejam @fenamelilia Iya ci, handmade itu hehehe.. Lucu ya 😍 semacam clay kayaknya (?) Ato rubber gitu (?)
ryshsj : Iya hebat...lucu" 😣😣😣😍😍 @yolandastitch @myhys_ @fenamelilia @hesejam
haelianna : Just thought of a random idea for your bunny. A stitch shappo bunny!
hanna.006 - free_spirit_forever14 - lol7476 - creative.colours__ -
βœ‹Syd made from Polymer Clay. About the size of a quarter. #oc #polymerClay #StitchBunny
stitchbunny - oc - polymerclay -
kyooko_ - kawaiicrafties - mow.gen - inu.otaku -
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