Cat city ice cream man is down !! #StickerBombN #SElife #RushKillDestroy #Egonz
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You see us! || 4th street Burrito spot🔥🔥🔥|| #GrandioseGrizzlee #StickerBombN
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t2compton : Is the owner of that place name chubby
aceboynellz : @t2compton i'ont even know fam...
t2compton : @7acenellz look like this place I eat at
kingrahim1 : Where you been i need some sweatshirts and promote @ school @7acenellz
arya_bri : Lmao! @7acenellz my bf has this # stored in his 📱as "Burrito Spot". I guess it's a LB thing. 😏
aceboynellz : @tiffanee_ oh this ur spot too!? LB got some gems!💎
aceboynellz : @r___rawww what's good young feeq? Man, just been busy...when I drop some, you def be first I let know
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Time to start peel'n
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joegotti_ : #Hilife #stickerbombn
andrewsamante : Raaaaahja!
jc_marks : Hoo pretty mean
joegotti_ : #HiLines_JoeGotti
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