✨🙏✨ Claiming my Victory today, after a very special anointing took place last Jesus name. Binding it UPPP! #staytriumphant #victory #godsglory #killthedragon
godsglory - victory - killthedragon - staytriumphant -
iamsugarshane : 😇😇😇
lopez_420 - crippin_y_shotta - mohamadmasoudi - dacid52 -
It is more than just muscle. It is where all negativity is released. It is a mental game; a test for how much pain and torture your body can endure. It is where you can be the greatest. You got what it takes, you can win. #bevictorious #becomestrong #staytriumphant
bevictorious - becomestrong - staytriumphant -
tegancluney - jeelly_98 - tonibove - mads131 -
Dneska paráda... :) #running #training #forest #nature #CHKOBRDY #Friday #nechapujakjsemsimohlzpivatvtempu5minnakmaudychatto #fun #loveit #healthylife #snow #road #stayTriumphant #nevergiveup #odrazodedna
road - chkobrdy - healthylife - nature - loveit - friday - training - snow - running - forest - odrazodedna - nevergiveup - fun - nechapujakjsemsimohlzpivatvtempu5minnakmaudychatto - staytriumphant -
paosfitworld : Like it!
runnerceky : @paosfitworld thank you ! ;-)
michell222 - andrea_benova - tailsofwonders - dennpvl -
@mariahcarey Don't you ever let them take away your shine M.C.! The world can be pretty cruel but they forget that stars as big as yourself are human too. They also forget that when you fall you get right back up. The true lambs love you unconditionally and will never let anything change that. I have so much appreciation for you as your music got me through the toughest years of my life when others made me feel like I was nothing. I was bullied on a daily basis because I was "too fat", "not like the other boys", "different", & this & that. It was then that I knew that you were more than just a "singer"... You were an inspiration to so many people like myself that needed someone there for them even if it was just through your songwriting. You are so much more than what the media tries to label you as. I love ya, appreciate ya, and enjoy ya and cannot wait to see you in Vegas dahhhling! Keep smiling! 😘 #MariahCarey #StayStrong #StayTriumphant #StayLegendary #CantTakeThatAway #MyHero #MyAll #MySavingGrace #IWillNeverGiveUpOnYou #1sMariah #Vegas #L4L #Lambs #Lambily
staystrong - mariahcarey - iwillnevergiveuponyou - lambily - 1smariah - myhero - vegas - myall - staytriumphant - staylegendary - lambs - l4l - canttakethataway - mysavinggrace -
vegas_sapphire : enticing;)
david_vegasvip : @vegasxscoundrel
foreverteammariah : 😢💯👏❤
_iamrudy : @foreverteammariah 💜💜💜
mimibutterflyluver : 💕💕💕 beautiful. LYM Rudy, can't wait to see you in July 😘
_iamrudy : @mimibutterflyluver Counting down the days! Xo! ❤️
amiehampton9 : U say that Rudy.No matter what the BS says.We are on side.
mariahcarey_fans_page_ayana - amiehampton9 - anfericu - __amoroe1 -
#Positive #StayTriumphant
positive - staytriumphant -
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No tengo sueños...tengo metas! A trabajar! ✂️❤️💈💄💵🏆 -tu ponle passion y quedara chingon! #staytriumphant
staytriumphant -
arroyodalila - marthii21 - _serranoo - ixceljortiz -
It's TTC's very own Ifeoluwa Asonibare's birthday. Happy Birthday @ifeoluwa_esther many more years and God's grace. #StayTriumphant #TTCAcme
staytriumphant - ttcacme -
ifeoluwa_esther : Thanks ☺
chellarh - daremenson - etse_daniella - daisyedeaghe -
Golden ombré for my lovely client... ✂️❤️💈💄🏆 #rookie #hairbrained #santicoss #staytriumphant #ombré
hairbrained - ombré - santicoss - staytriumphant - rookie -
nenuxx - cutte_36000 - _serranoo - ixceljortiz -
#Wellderserved I thank god🙏 for blessing me with this young girl, and the ability to bless her as well. She makes me proud every single day, she's everything I ever wanted to be. I can't wait to watch you play in these, I'm gonna see you to your dreams, or die tryin. #impossibleisnothing #staytriumphant #ballislife 🏀 #lebron#12's
12 - staytriumphant - impossibleisnothing - wellderserved - lebron - alexiskillebrew - ballislife -
queencontessa7 : #alexiskillebrew
sademuniz : Omg what size is her foot? @queencontessa7
queencontessa7 : Lol she wears the same size as me, we wear a 7 in youth. Now my son Jeremias, he's in 1st grade and he wears a 5 youth. @sademuniz
sademuniz : Dang Gina... I wear a 5 in youth.. @queencontessa7 jada wears a 7 too
queencontessa7 : Yeah I knew you wore a 5 I remember, my son wears the same size as you smh. He's going to break my pockets and ill probably have to travel to La to get his shoes like we had to for my brother Levi. He wears a 15. @sademuniz
evita_frost : Oooooo those are super nice!!!
tattooediris - sullythedream - sademuniz - shalisharenee -
She did it again! 👏 I'm so proud of this girl. #honorroll 📝📚and she earned her very first BV letter.💯✔️ she also met her AR reading goal 📖. And earned an A+ for playing the viola 🎻. #turndownforwhat? She's an overachiever like her grandma. This is to the lady who told me that one child cannot be gifted in sports and academically. Oh did I mention she also participates in awana's on Wednesdays and plays on 3 basketball teams? And to the bitter woman who slammed my parenting skills, your children are a direct reflection of your parenting, I can look in the mirror and be proud of myself because I may have failed at a lot of things but raising my children to be successful will not be one of them. I take pride in being a mother and I will not let anyone take that away from me, I'll just go harder. #impossibleisnothing #staytriumphant
honorroll - impossibleisnothing - turndownforwhat - staytriumphant - alexiskillebrew -
queencontessa7 : #alexiskillebrew
sademuniz : Woo woo smart, beautiful, and talented... @queencontessa7
queencontessa7 : Thank you! @sademuniz
pollard62.sp : I'm proud of my you niece
mr.hawkinz_boss - crazy_lowkeyz - sademuniz - evita_frost -
"Can't fall down, stay triumphant keep on living" 👏✨🌟 @mariahcarey #mariahcarey #triumphant #getem #triumphantgetem #rickross #meekmill #motivation #lyrics #singer #songwriter #producer #staytriumphant #love #motivated #underrated #pow #mc25 #lasvegas #caesarspalace #residency #returnofthediva #mcreturns #2015 #mcfan4life #pow lambs #lambily
motivation - love - triumphantgetem - lyrics - songwriter - mariahcarey - returnofthediva - meekmill - getem - mcfan4life - lambily - motivated - underrated - singer - producer - mcreturns - mc25 - triumphant - caesarspalace - staytriumphant - pow - 2015 - lasvegas - rickross - residency -
tayse.official : Lovely!
kristelollandys : Very Inspiring!
cestlavie_clothing : CLV
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She'll never be MC!! ♥♥ #meiamrafaela #lamb4life #lambily #blessed #mariahcarey #myoneandonly #orgulhodeserlamb #staytriumphant #soulambmesmo #shellneverbemc
esquiloisdied - orgulhodeserlamb - mariahcarey - lambily - blessed - myoneandonly - soulambmesmo - shellneverbemc - lamb4life - staytriumphant - meiamrafaela -
__bah12 : Feiosa <3
kaiohappy : ♥♥♡♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♥♡♡
rafamoreninha10_ : @__bah12 feiosa vc!!! Pose de Diva!!
rafamoreninha10_ : @kaiohappy higheerrrr!! Kkl♥♥♥♥
kaiohappy : #EsquiloIsDied
rafamoreninha10_ : @kaiohappy acho q nao! #esquiloisdied Mariah n tava lá!! Haha
kaiohappy : Kkkkkk
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#youmakethebeatgo #youremineeternal #myhero #mariahlegendarycarey #mariahcareyforever #MC #mc25 #lambilylove #lamb4life #wearelambily ♥♥♥ @mariahcarey!!
wearelambily - mariahlegendarycarey - lambily - mc - orgulhodeserlamb - myhero - youremineeternal - mc25 - xoxo - youmakethebeatgo - slayriah - queenmariahcarey - oftenimitatedneverduplicated - staytriumphant - lamb4life - staystrongmimi - lambilylove - mariahcareyforever -
declamb327 : Nice, I love it
rafamoreninha10_ : Viu @__bah12 nao me confunda mais tá amiga!!♥♥ sou lamb!! #orgulhodeserlamb kkkkk bjo
__bah12 : Mereço isso Senhor kkkkkk
rafamoreninha10_ : @__bah12 acho q sim né!! (Amiga)
lambninja : I love this quote!! ❤️❤️❤️
goodboibadboi : Aint that the Truth!!!
roofmobbdeep : Love this @bmk747 ❤️
hunni_b_fly : Yessss dahhling
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Eu quero eh mais dessa #alegria. Quero mais dessa #sensibilidade, desse #luxo,dessa sua #audácia. .. ah eu quero essa #proteção Rah . Eu quero continuar vendo o mundo com esse #amorincondicional. #vibepositiva #rosas #piercingsmile #diamante #StayTriumphant #diasdegloria #caveiramexicana
alegria - sensibilidade - diasdegloria - luxo - diamante - rosas - audácia - caveiramexicana - staytriumphant - piercingsmile - amorincondicional - proteção - vibepositiva -
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Primeira de 2015! Haaaa como esse ano já se início #digno de #StayTriumphant ! ! Kkkkkkkk - quem me conhece sabe , quem não me conhece sabe tbm. Bora cultivar toda essa #alegria, #amor e #vibepositiva. #2015
2015 - vibepositiva - digno - amor - alegria - staytriumphant -
bruno_coutt : Tambem Gosto das suas, seu sorriso é lindo *-* rs
diogourban - lazarotose - erikcheer - betohobbies -
Hahaha yaasss!!! You can't compare! #cantcompare #legend #oneandonly #billboardhot100 #MariahCarey #mc20 #MC #songbirdsupreme #bestsellingfemaleartistofalltime #bestsellingfemaleartist #staytriumphant #honeybfly #smile #lambily #lambs #itsalambthing #NumberoneonBillboardsTop #Number1 #YoureMineEternal #MeIAmMariah #Mimi #butterfly #nofilter
butterfly - lambily - mariahcarey - youremineeternal - numberoneonbillboardstop - honeybfly - meiammariah - number1 - mimi - lambs - billboardhot100 - legend - itsalambthing - bestsellingfemaleartist - mc - cantcompare - mc20 - bestsellingfemaleartistofalltime - staytriumphant - oneandonly - smile - nofilter - songbirdsupreme -
mariahcarey_fans_page_ayana - mariahs_lambily - matteoriah - natalia_lives_life -
Reach for the stars #StayTriumphant
staytriumphant -
lilbobby_77 - ariel626 - arldavis - britowns88 -
I made a big decision for mine and my kids future in 2013 not knowing what would become of our lives. Well 2014 ended up turning out great and I've been able to find me again. Now 2015 is #gametime Ill never let anybody stand in my way again. Ain't no stopping me now. You said I couldn't breathe without you, I'm inhaling. #imasurvivor #staytriumphant #impossibleisnothing
gametime - imasurvivor - staytriumphant - impossibleisnothing -
brownwood84 : 👍
brownwood84 - shalisharenee - evita_frost - cindycardiel -
Good night. #blondie #baldie #hairstylist #hairobsessed #blondehair #blackhair #staytriumphant #nohairdontcare
hairstylist - baldie - blackhair - blondie - staytriumphant - blondehair - hairobsessed - nohairdontcare -
marilynjanice420 : Nice #ink honey
lanaudia : Thank you!! Need more! But I want go get my septum pierced first lol @ms.chinkyeyessweetvoice
ohsoprettigirlhair : Soo beautiful!
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It's TTC's Very Own Enoshowo Eworo's birthday. Happy Birthday @eno_adesuwa, many more years and God's blessings in Jesus name #TTCAcme #StayTriumphant
staytriumphant - ttcacme -
ifeoluwa_esther - etinosa__ - daisyedeaghe - tobitoun_ -
Livrai-me de td q trava o riso.Amém!!! #me #boy #selfie #smile #happy #peace #serenity #keepthefaith #staytriumphant #feriado #MariahCarey #lamb #music #followme #followforfollow #likeforlike #boanoite #goodnight
lamb - mariahcarey - selfie - goodnight - staytriumphant - likeforlike - me - boy - boanoite - keepthefaith - feriado - peace - followforfollow - music - serenity - smile - followme - happy -
_jeysings : Hello!!!! Im Jey! 😁
brunotr88 : Hello @_jeysings :-)
olavo.morais - kemalatakansezer - luisshim - wskaf -
It's TTC's Very Own Olaoluwa Buraimoh & Abiodun Jinadu's birthday! Happy Birthday @laolujoshua & Biodun. Many more years, God's blessing and grace in Jesus name. #TTCAcme #StayTriumphant
staytriumphant - ttcacme -
ifeoluwa_esther - oluwadabest - etinosa__ - daisyedeaghe -
Triumphant Teens Church wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year #TTCAcme #StayTriumphant
staytriumphant - ttcacme -
ifeoluwa_esther - oluwadabest - daisyedeaghe - tobitoun_ -
Believe that! A road with no obstacles usually leads no where. #StayTriumphant #GodisTheGreatest #HisWillIsPerfect #HappySunday
hiswillisperfect - staytriumphant - godisthegreatest - happysunday -
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Stay triumphant , keep on linving. Stay on your toes , get off the ropes. Don't let 'em ever count you out ! 🎉 ⭐ #staytriumphant #photoofday #wedding #party
party - wedding - photoofday - staytriumphant -
rstavola : Jisus Craist!
xxdeena_babiexx : :) @realtalk_memes
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Tomorrow must be brighter than today. #staytriumphant
staytriumphant -
alvin_siahaan - philipponk - hariseno - nesyao -
Just picked up Alexis from basketball tryouts for her school. I am so speechless and emotional right now. She made the basketball team!! I am so proud of this girl, everything she sets her mind on, she has achieved! God has truly blessed me with this girl who is beautiful, talented, and intelligent. She is everything I ever wanted to be. I can't wait to spend countless amount of hours watching her live her dreams playing ball for the rest of my life. #impossibleisnothing #staytriumphant #alexiskillebrew
impossibleisnothing - basketballmom - staytriumphant - alexiskillebrew - ballislife -
evita_frost : My eyes teared up! You such an amazing mother Tess!
queencontessa7 : Awe thank you vita!! 😭 I can't stop crying. Alexis said thank you too. @evita_frost
evita_frost : I know I could hear it in your voice :(
sademuniz : Tess omj so happy for her @queencontessa7
igflexin_edj22 : Keep her going mommy 👍@queencontessa7
queencontessa7 : Thanks' @sademuniz and @igflexin_edj22
_flip_mode_661 : Good job....
queencontessa7 : Thank you @_flip_mode_661
hoopsmovement - tattooediris - unlimited_basketball - sademuniz -
Day 4 of December photo challenge. An original quote written by myself. This quote has helped me get through a lot in my life. "Yesterday's tears bring tomorrow's triumphs" -Gracie Mosqueda #decemberphotochallenge #quote #originalquote #graciemosqueda #staytriumphant #love
love - staytriumphant - graciemosqueda - quote - originalquote - decemberphotochallenge -
derekspoems : Love the quote! :) Mind reading over my latest writing? I'd love your opinion on it! It's on @riderek!
gracienicole1314 : @derekspoems I would love to!! Do you want me to look over all of it or do you want to dm me specific works?
kelliebeanjellybean - hayleymoorexx - - gigibear_13 -
#theycanttakethataway #Godisbyyourside #Emanuel #overcomer #staytriumphant #keepfightingthrough #youcandoallthingsthroughChrist
emanuel - theycanttakethataway - staytriumphant - overcomer - youcandoallthingsthroughchrist - keepfightingthrough - godisbyyourside -
braveone15 - suzi_666 - v.court.c - lola_monreaux_ -
... Você não pode #viver sem o #fogo É o #calor que te #fortalece Porque você #nasceu para viver e #lutar contra tudo isso Você não pode #esconder o que está dentro de você É a única coisa que você conhece... #Iron#Fire#Born#Stronger#Strong#live#sobreviver#Blood#Veias#StayTriumphant#Sortevivência#WithinTemptation
fire - veias - lutar - esconder - blood - viver - strong - fortalece - nasceu - born - withintemptation - stronger - calor - sortevivência - live - staytriumphant - iron - sobreviver - fogo -
stasik1981 - femotaazevedo - verdadesdegaroto - sematth -
staytriumphant -
imamadhimulya - http.bodyofproof - ayoitsdiana - losemymind_4_tw -
Que seja apenas uma visita. Vou ficar triunfante e superar isso. #StayTriumphant 🌌☀
staytriumphant -
_wellgraca : O que aconteceu Dih??
barros_jef : Só visita :)
monicagabiru - barros_jef - _vitor_hugo_ - eduardols21 -
Today is Alexis' first day of basketball 🏀tryouts at her school! I cannot explain how excited we both are! I'm so proud of her for even trying out! "You gotta hate to not have it, more than you'd love to obtain it, your future's around the corner, so close you can almost taste it, it gets worse before its better, that storm you gon have to weather, either be a busted pipe or a diamond due this pressure, 25 hrs 8 days out the week, focus keep your eyes open, victory never sleeps, my prayer for you is that you hit all them goals you tryin to reach, I even hope that one day you take it farther than me.. ..#impossibleisnothing #staytriumphant
impossibleisnothing - staytriumphant -
andreinavaldez : Good luck Alexis even tho you don't need. Your a beast on the court. So I know you got this.
bekka_poore - andreinavaldez - its_brittany52 - evita_frost -
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