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Every assembly,We were the ones who sat at the end of the line and sleep during the morning brief. It was great to catch up with you again and hopefully we will see each other again soon! ❤️ #ppy #sseayp
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Students in #jambi excited to participated in our #handwash #campaign #Gemintang40 Report from @nickyrsyah more than 70 students from grade 2-5 participated in this event. Lets spread the good habit for the better life. #PPA #SSEAYP #IPY2013 #kidshealth #sanitation
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allhamdulilah for this time the Bpy37 familia dinner is the bomb!!!! almost all Bpy37th is here and also accompanied by Ben from ppy37, hadi, muiz and lim mapy 37 , also attend @lina303 from bpy11 allhamdulilah years and batch dosent matter to us is the fact that we stayed in the same ship Fuji maru we are one as familia loved alots from us Bpy37th friends and family #sseayp #familia #37th #bpy #dinner rare
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maloueudela : @sihjabu Best wishes! :)
otto_otizzle : @sihjabu wish i was there 😭😭😭 say hello to everyone
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เราเดินทางมาถึงจุดๆนี้ได้เพราะเรามีเรือลำนี้มาส่ง #โครงการเรือเยาวชนเอเชียอาคเนย์ #SSEAYP #FujiMaru
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iimintz : 😁✌️👍 @ninetop
ninetop : @iimintz ปีนี้ลองสมัครดูนะ ถ้าอยากไป แนะนำๆๆๆ
iimintz : ครับ ขอบคุณนะครับพี่ ผมขอศึกษาข้อมูลก่อนนะค้า @ninetop
ninetop : @iimintz คราบบบบ
oakcluster : นิปป้งม้ารู เซ้ลฟี่เด้อบลูบลูโอเชี่ยนนนนน Hajimemashite ครับรุ่นน้อง...สิบ...ปีเลยแฮะ! ^^ เร็วจุงคับ
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I'm On the Bus On Da way back Home ^^ #LISTEN #​Music #​Listening #2 #Sseayp #Song Feel sudden #SSEAYPSICK lolzzz
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Choose #BamBike to go around #Intramuros. @choosephilippines @tourismphl @rappler We were touring our #SSEAYP Singaporean friends yesterday when I saw this interesting bicycle at Plaza San Luis Complex with some parts made of bamboo. I took one for a ride and you can do it too for only 300 pesos for 1 hour. You may also opt to avail the #BamBike EcoTours, a guided bamboo bike tour around the Walled City for as low as 600 pesos. BAMBIKE Revolution Cycle supports #GawadKalinga. :-) This revolutionary bicycle experience was a great way to start a my March! #TAAP365ph #itsmorefuninthephilippines #visitphilippines2015 #SharePh #MylifestyleBlog #VPY2015 #VisitPH2015 #lonelyplanet #tripadvisor #EcoTourism #adventure #FunAmbassador #Mylifestyle #wonderfulworld #SoleSearchingSoul
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2015Nar.,02#2002#inmemory#2#kelang#selangor#KL#family#oakcluster cluster#tpy#tpy29#asseay#sseayp
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raybb1_ : niiicee @VinesBeLike
tudung.kosmetik.baju.murah : Beautiful!
audrey_w : Have a lovely day
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Assalamualaikum and hello to all, this is the time we both wanna thanks to all who makes our dream wedding came true, allhamdulilah all of our events is really smooth and would also like to take this opportunity to thank our beloved family and specially to our parents who are there for us from the beginning you guys are our hero and will always be our number one priority to take care , like u take care of us during kids until now, also thank you to all family members cousins and friends that involved in working hard to make our wedding smooth , we both love u to the max and over the moon!!!! , would also like to thank all SSEAYP family from all batch and years that truly made it more memorable for us and all those gift that is really soooooo sweet thank you from the bottom of our heart we love u a lot, its truly made us so lucky to have everyone as a family together, and to all who came to our wedding event THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!! #AbuJannahWedding #familia #brunei #bruneiwedding #wedding #sseayp #superheroparents #belovedcousins
bruneiwedding - brunei - superheroparents - sseayp - abujannahwedding - familia - wedding - belovedcousins -
breslintruc : Congrats on ur newly wedd @sihjabu @jnahhmz . Happy for both of you
khirul25 : Congratulation to both of you.. 🎉🎉
amal_lyna : Alhamdulillah & congratss @sihjabu
zailaila19 : Waalaikumsalam... Alhamdullilah.. 😍
dzularifhal : tahniah bu sorry damam @sihjabu
heidrunmilan : Congrats @sihjabu !
hawa212 : Congratulations!!!🎉🎉🎉 moga bahagia hingga ke anak cucu. Both looking gorgeous😄
fuzzelicious : Congrats to u n wife @sihjabu 💐🌹 May u both be blessed till Jannah aamiin..
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Food adventure? Eat the famous #Balut when you visit the Philippines! @choosephilippines @tourismphl @rappler We challenged our Singaporean friends to eat Balut over the weekend. It certainly made our night! Full story and video soon on my blog #TAAP365ph #SSEAYP #itsmorefuninthephilippines #ChoosePhilippines #SharePh #CCUP #voluntourist #Exotic #FoodChallenge On this video: SNL Joy and SPY @peiqinpq
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dycendyne : Nice one!
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SINGAPOREANS SPOTTED AT THE HISPANIC STONE FORTRESS. #visitphilippines2015 Singapore and Philippine Ambassadors of Goodwill at #FortSantiago. After conducting activities and workshops for #ProjectHopePhilippines in a public school over the weekend, we also toured around #Intramuros to give SPY a glimpse of our rich history. Fort Santiago is located in the northern part of the Walled City of Manila. It was the site of Rajah Soliman's "kuta" or fort during the pre-colonial times. The Spaniards fortified what was originally a wooden structures and conitnued to modernized it which makes it the best portion of the walls. Entrance fee for Adult is 75 pesos. #TAAP365ph #choosephilippines #itsmorefuninthephilippines #SharePh #LonelyPlanet #tripadvisor #VPY2015 #SSEAYP #ASEANAdvocate #FunAmbassador #soleSearchingsoul
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travelezecouk : Very cool!
msappleallison : #TAAP 59/365
msappleallison : #myLifestyle #MylifestyleBlog #mylifestyleplan
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night after wedding reception. the newlywed with #SSEAYP PY's from malaysia, thailand, philippines, indonesia and laos. #abujannahwedding
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Congratulations to the beautiful new couple ((: was amazing to have seen so many BPYs and their counterparts from years past, getting to catch up with old friends and making new acquaintances. Thank you to the groom and bride for the wonderful hospitality, SSEAYP Family for life! #sseayp #abuandjannahwedding #love #wedding
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After the #storytelling activity this weekend at West Fairview Elementary School as part of our 3rd #ProjectHopePhilippines under #SSEAYP, I'm inspired to write my own children book and share more inspiring stories. I'm also thinking of conducting storytelling activities in our community this summer. Anyone interested to be part of it? I'm just a message away. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Let's create a #wonderfulworld with stories and dreams. #MakeADifferenceOneTripatATime #TAAP #SoleSearchingSoul
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xsajlalala : Waaw! Sana maging part din ako ng mga ganyang group. Napaka busilak ng puso nyo that's why you're so bless. Good job mam more blessings to come :)
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Your #SSEAYP buddy is forever! Your buddy is your official partner in your contigent line and formation; he/she checks your uniform and make sure you look presentable for the occassion. You are responsible for each other, so you should know their whereabouts and assist one another. Meet my buddy Ron who is an active community worker in Mindanao. I got reunited with him over the weekend during our 3rd #ProjectHopePhilippines. #OnceaPYalwaysaPY #sseaypsick #soleSearchingsoul
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#nipponmaru #sseayp #2013 #miss #brother #vietnam #malaysia #cambodia
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From today's voluntary activity : Cleaning Campaign at PAPDA Headquarter. Terima kasih kepada semua yang hadir membantu kerja-kerja pembersihan tadi. Semoga kerja amal yang dilakukan tadi diberkati oleh Allah jua. Amin Ya Rabbal Al-Amin. Missing @Taib and @azimahalipah in this picture #PAPDA #SocialContributionActivity #Volunteers #LoveBrunei #SSEAYP #AKYS #KASEAN #SpecialNeeds #4DBEST
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azimahalipah : Naaah tadi masa kami ada mana ia gambar kan :P
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with azli of malaysia and sak kan of thailand #abujannahwedding #ushers #sseayp #pys
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mikaleyameriel : Handsome Boy 😘
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alicubeo : #thailand #vietnam #thai #viet #brother #sister #sseayp #sseayp41 #sseayp2014 #wonderful #journey #trip #enjoy #happy
alicubeo : Hello March!!!! Keep calm and smile onnnnnnn :)
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Missing #nipponmaru, missing the blue sea, missing the cold breeze, missing #sseayp
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indahdhani : Missing me? Lol
rainypertiwi : Absolutely @indahdhani :*
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Preparing to write postcards for my dear host families and some close friends from #SSEAYP 📝📮🔖
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#nipponmaru #sseayp
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ryu_rattanak : @phengeng Miss ey? Ke ot miss phorng, u mor miss mex keut...
phengeng : @ryu_rattanak okay.... It's my fault
ryu_rattanak : @phengeng Your fault roeung ey?
phengeng : @ryu_rattanak because comment without permission of a word miss.
ryu_rattanak : @phengeng Comment ban tah, yey leng te
phengeng : @ryu_rattanak hmmmm...
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Khop Phun Khup to Sheena's Thai family. Farewell dinner for the legendary 40th SSEAYP family. #sseayp40 #ppy40 #ppy #spy #sseayp
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karmanpangtomato : My family too.... miss u all
karmanpangtomato : Just today having the farewell dinner ?
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Super tired yet blissful. Paos na pero contented knowing that I was able to encourage the young ones to give a voice to their dreams... I didn't expect these heartwarming #letters from my grade 3 pupils. Spending my weekend with them was worth it! Through simple storytelling, we're able to touch each other's lives. 😇 We successfully completed our 3rd #ProjectHopePhilippines. And PPYs are already thinking where we'll have our next PPA in 2016. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #SSEAYP #makeadifferenceonetripatatime #SoleSearchingSoul
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"Why we don't have princess in the Philippines?" was one of the unexpected questions I answered yesterday after our #storytelling session. I explained in simplest way about the difference in our government system and then told the girls that even though we don't have monarchy, we can still be a princess and act like one by being noble and doing good deeds. After few moments they approached me again and gave me this crown as we exchanged more stories. FIND THE PRINCESS IN YOU! ☆☆★☆☆ #ProjectHopePhilippines #SSEAYP #MakeADifferenceOneTripatATime #myLifestyle #soleSearchingsoul
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soultari : did i just read on twitter u won urself an iphone????!!! congrats
msappleallison : Yes @soultari I won an iPhone :-)
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#bpy and #ppy luncheon #zh14 #sseayp #sseayp2011 #sseayp38th
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I was resting at the back of the classroom during our break yesterday afternoon when these pupils approached me to ask me for a group photo and requested me to tag them on Facebook. I told them, you're too old to be on FB already. Read books, not only Facebook ok?! They all said YES enthusiastically and then smiled for this #groupie. ☆☆☆ #SSEAYP #ProjectHopePhilippines #babysitting #MakeADifferenceOneTripAtATime #Mylifestyle #solesearchingsoul
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Can you still remember your childhood #dreams? What happened to them? Pause and think about it. It's refreshing to be with children who have so many big dreams, not only for themselves but also for their communities. May our dreams guide us to be better and inspire us to do good for others. #ProjectHopePhilippines #SSEAYP #Mylifestyle #SoleSearchingSoul #MakeADifferenceOneTripAtATime
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SPY Nigel asked the pupils to draw their own star and write their biggest dreams after our #storytelling session. It was an afternoon of dreaming, visioning and sharing. #MakeADifferenceOneTripatATime #SSEAYP #ProjectHopePhilippines #OnceaPYalwaysaPY
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Never underestimate the power of #storytelling to spark others to dream and reach for the brightest star. - #SoleSearchingSoul Yesterday, I read the story about "The Boy Who Ate the Stars" to grade 3 pupils of West Fairview together with my #SSEAYP batchmate #SPY Nigel who creatively acted out the story for the children's amusement. #AmbassadorofGoodwill #PPY #PPA #ProjectHopePhilippines #myLifestyle #Voluntourism #OnceaPYalwaysaPY #MakeADifferenceOneTripatATime
solesearchingsoul - ppa - storytelling - spy - projecthopephilippines - makeadifferenceonetripatatime - sseayp - voluntourism - ambassadorofgoodwill - ppy - mylifestyle - onceapyalwaysapy -
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PYs of #SSEAYP 39th Batch! SPY Nigel was my partner yesterday afternoon for the #storytelling session at West Fairview Elementary School. #ProjectHopePhilippines is now on its 3rd year. Annually, Philippine Ambassadors of Goodwill reunite for Social Contribution Activities and this year, our batchmates from Singapore flew to country to extend their assistance and bring their donations. PPY + SPY = 1st Inter-contingent PPA in the history of #SSEAYP ♡♡♡♡♡ More than 2 years since we first met onboard the cruiseship #FujiMaru for #ShipForSouthEastAsianYouthProgram, our friendship and collaborations gets stronger every year. SSEAYP Spirit Lives On. #OnceaPYalwaysaPY ☆☆☆★☆☆☆ #MakeADifferenceOneTripatATime #Voluntourism #Voluntourist #soleSearchingsoul
solesearchingsoul - storytelling - voluntourism - voluntourist - projecthopephilippines - makeadifferenceonetripatatime - sseayp - shipforsoutheastasianyouthprogram - onceapyalwaysapy - fujimaru - asean -
meangelwings : Way to go and keep it up! (y).. but i must say that in 2008, Educ DG conducted a similar three-day PPA in Cambodia, spearheaded by the 34th SPYs and attended by PPYs, IPYs, TPYs and the rest :)
msappleallison : Thanks for the info @meangelwings :-) it's nice to know that we have more intercontigent PPA. It's a great way for us to realize ONE #ASEAN. SSEAYP is ♡♡♡
jonathanyabut : So nice!
boeason21 - viancapauline - meangelwings - joneluy -
....."Why did you still posted your #SSEAYP Photos?"..... →→→→→→→→ 1. I have a lots good photos 2. I am Media Bloody (DG-8 Information and Media) (//∇//) Good Morning~~
sseayp -
putrizakiah : Biasanya setahun sih yg kayak gini 😜😂😂
nunaturally : Berarti 8 bulan lagi xDxD @putrizakiah semogaaa 😱
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Our 3rd Post Program Activity (PPA) #ProjectHopePhilippines is spearheaded by my fellow #BugkosLahi Ryan Bestre who is a volunteer teacher at West Fairview Elementary School and a fellow of #TeachforthePhilippines. This is part of our commitment to give back to our community for nation building and share our #SSEAYP experience. Our brothers and sisters from #Singapore flew to the #Philippines to be one with us. SNL Joy and 7 of her SPYs are here!!! #MakeADifferenceOneTripAtATime #Mylifestyle #OnceaPYalwaysaPY #voluntourist #Voluntourism
bugkoslahi - teachforthephilippines - singapore - projecthopephilippines - philippines - makeadifferenceonetripatatime - sseayp - voluntourist - voluntourism - onceapyalwaysapy - mylifestyle -
rodelosreyes - meangelwings - yvetteducut - davoudpinskyde -
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