Another day of resting this thing! #Ankle#Sprained#Cant#Move#Skateboards#Hate#Me#Haha#Foot#Ankle#Rest#Staying#In#Bed#All#Day
me - staying - skateboards - move - haha - all - rest - sprained - foot - cant - bed - in - ankle - hate - day -
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Well, cos I m swag (: #ankle #sprained #lol #during #physical #education #genius
sprained - genius - ankle - during - education - lol - physical -
naomi_chan_ - _real_adrienne_ - _ianlee_ - hey_its_ryka -
How #attractive are these #bruises and bandage hahaha #sprained calf #winter lucky its not #summer #mauythai glad its not my.#shoulder 😊😊
shoulder - summer - sprained - winter - bruises - mauythai - attractive -
lauren_bo : Nooooo! Not more injuries! πŸ˜³πŸ’œπŸ’›
saaaarah410 : Haha @lauren_bo cant catch a break!!
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#mysprainedankle #sprained #ankle
sprained - facebook - ankle - bruises - bruising - mysprainedankle - ouch -
the_lost_runaway : #bruises #bruising #ouch #facebook
aariya.lia : Ouchh.
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All the karate kids are getting injured @alison__jay #Sprained #WantsMeToPost #FlatSurface
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This whole crippled thing...really not cute. πŸ˜©πŸ˜’ #sprained #sprain #stupidwater #disabled #iwannaglassofwine #lezbehonest
sprained - disabled - stupidwater - lezbehonest - iwannaglassofwine - sprain - hater -
ninajeannineyogi : @nerdy_jesus almost fell off my couch laughing so hard πŸ˜‚
nerdy_jesus : 😹 Only you would fall of the couch from laughing at a comment. Love it.
ninajeannineyogi : Judge me a little harderπŸ™ˆ @nerdy_jesus
nerdy_jesus : I'm not judging you, you dork. πŸ™Š 😝
walk_in_lov3 : :( It's not right!
nerdy_jesus : Just pouting out the obvious. Lol
ninajeannineyogi : @nerdy_jesus #hater !!!!!! Lmfao!
nerdy_jesus : #dork lmfao
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Ice ice baby! #badankles #soccer #twisted #sprained
sprained - soccer - badankles - twisted -
ion_md : When you become old, you have to stop playing soccer #oldmanproblems
vadiezel : @ion_md I know bro, running once up the field makes me tired (
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#sprained #ankle #fml πŸ˜“
sprained - ankle - fml -
captainsomethingwrong : I told you about those casting couch auditions....
joneboy87 : @captainsomethingwrong tell me about it everything was going smooth I was getting there when all of a sudden I busted my ass on some lube that spilled on the floor and before you know it I was like a pretzel on the floor
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DAMNIT. #sprained #broke #skateordie #wound #vert #icantskatevert #ouch #sad
vert - skateordie - wound - ouch - sad - sprained - broke - icantskatevert -
rachealseilhymer : Aww boo :(
jzamphillips : @rachealseilhymer tell me about it! Just sprained. Not the Bert arm. Ptl.
taylajaylee : πŸ˜”
jzamphillips : @taylajaylee blegh I can't do emojis. Womp
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You know your mom parties hard when she comes home with a black foot. And no, that is not a shadow. #smh #partyanimalproblems
crazy - noworkforyou - concert - icepack - aww - limp - swollen - bruise - ouch - twisted - sprained - temporarilydisabled - mom - foot - instabad - couchlife - crutches - homerest - doctor - pout - terrible - inflamed - smh - ankle - partyanimalproblems -
trangstaa : #sprained #ankle #crazy #swollen #concert #twisted #mom #aww #pout #noworkforyou #homerest #couchlife #limp #crutches #temporarilydisabled #icepack #inflamed #doctor #instabad
coachpmot : Yikes
ekimyam32 : Ouch. What did you do?
trangstaa : @ekimyam32 that's my mom's foot lol.. My parents party harder than me in general.. And my mom ended up twisting her ankle when we were leaving a concert haha
ekimyam32 : That is hilarious.
ekimyam32 : Be c thankful it c w
ekimyam32 : Be thankful it wasn't your ankle. Lol
trangstaa : Yepp! @ekimyam32
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My ankle :( #sprained #ankle #hurts
sprained - ankle - hurts -
100_fit_and_recovered - efrainpastrana - alexclohan - esmiii_12 -
DBL tap if you like this exercise. Follow me for more tips about recovery. πŸƒπŸ‘πŸƒπŸ‘πŸƒπŸ‘πŸƒπŸ‘πŸƒπŸ‘πŸƒπŸ‘πŸƒπŸ‘ The soleus muscles is a powerful muscle which lies under the gastrocnemius. With the plantaris muscle they form the calf muscle. The soleus is the most effective muscle for plantar flexion in a bent knee position. It specifically plays an important role in maintaining standing posture; if not for its constant pull, the body would fall forward. Although the best known calf raises are the ones where you're pushing yourself up with legs straight, this will not work for your soleus. The only way to strengthen up that muscle is by keeping your knees bent. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Let's do some work: lean forward (place your hands on a wall or fence), bend your knees, and start pushing yourself up. Bad news: your ankle might be just a bit sore the next day after this exercise. Good news: it will only be sore as long as your tendons and muscles around your ankle are weak. So, keep working on it. πŸ‘
body - motivation - legday - veganfitness - fitspiration - castboot - sprained - brokenankle - believeinyourself - dedication - talus - strong - talusfracture - instafoot - crutches - recovery - recoveryispossible - igfitness - fitchick - daily_motivators - health - victory - ankle - bestoftheday - photooftheday - physiotheraphy - instafit - fitgirls_inspire -
100_fit_and_recovered : #talusfracture #recovery #recoveryispossible #strong #physiotheraphy #fitchick #health #veganfitness #bestoftheday #victory #fitgirls_inspire #photooftheday #dedication #igfitness #instafit #fitspiration #believeinyourself #motivation #daily_motivators #crutches #sprained #brokenankle #talus #instafoot #ankle #castboot #body #legday
sarahwarting : Works all of your exercises as good for a fibula fracture? I go to an physical therapy but think I also could take the opportunity to try some of your exercises to and test them out :)
100_fit_and_recovered : Hey @sarahwarting I think all of these exercises a good even for sprained ankles :) and after your fibula fracture you have to get your strength back as well. So, just give it a try πŸ‘
sarahwarting : okay thanks :) but I have one question. Is your ankle still a bit bigger then the healthy one? I got my cast removed for 7 weeks ago and the ankle is still a little bit bigger then the other one.
100_fit_and_recovered : My ankle is just a bit bigger after a really hard work. It took me a few months to be ok. Just wait and drink enough water or eat a lot of juicy fruits @sarahwarting this will help your body to eliminate toxins and your ankle will swell less. :)
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All I can say is ouch! #sprained #icebath
sprained - icebath -
laurenbarkerrx -
(I know I already posted this on my other account) well guys I dislocated my knee which resulted in me spraining my LCL so I have to wear this splint for a week :/ it happened on Friday at camp and hurt SO bad. It getting better tho! #campadventures#bluebronna#lcl#knee#splint#ouch#hurt#sprained#horses
horses - splint - ouch - campadventures - hurt - sprained - bluebronna - knee - lcl -
dukester_16 : Feel better! πŸ‘
ecomomma : Ouch! Take care.
michigandaddy : ouch good luck
heather_cath3 - aabbbbyy.w - hannah_poppe - saira_30 -
#sprained #wrist #hurt I sprained my wrist the other day....
sprained - wrist - hurt -
krystal_reynolds1 : Really?! How did you do that?
nhaskell : Playing tackle football @krystal_reynolds1!
krystal_reynolds1 : Omg!! @haskellsophia stop hurting yourself!!
305nofault - happybribri1 - nhaskell -
#i #sprained #my #hand 😞
i - sprained - my - hand -
teah.webb : Aww 😘 get better soon
beccataylor92x : What did u do!! Xx
katiness2508 : Hand stand
_katie.jones : Ouch get well soon but now u will match Ana
lily.scully : Ooh! Kira😳Ouichies can you still swim on you pool party
michalamir12 - olga_nikolaiva - popsoneil - _katie.jones -
#tan#tanning#ottanu vΓ€hΓ€ #aurinkoa#sun#hiding#my#ugly#sprained#puffed#ankle#second#leg#below :D
aurinkoa - leg - sun - below - sprained - ugly - second - tanning - ankle - puffed - tan - my - ottanu - hiding -
ekimyam32 : Hope you can get back to normal soon. If not too bad should be back around a week or so. Did you have to use crutches?
_ssue_ : I dont have to. i can afford the weight but i avoid walking a few days
ekimyam32 : That's good that you could walk on it without crutches. Probably a grade 1 sprain. You should be better in a week. Limping around sucks though.
_ssue_ : Thanks god i dont need crutches! :)
ekimyam32 : I agree. Crutches suck. Although limping and/or hopping around isn't much better. Been there. Always worrying about stepping wrong. And of course you always do once in a while and get that shootng pain. But you are right glad no crutches.
ekimyam32 : Great chatting with you. Hope for fast recovery. And good luck. Be careful when you go back running. :)
_ssue_ : Yep! And I will! Ty your advice!
ekimyam32 : You better. :)
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Mayyne I #sprained or #rolled this thing , smh why so early in week
sprained - rolled -
kdeluna0211 : I know youre pain. Its not fun. I hope it heals quickly. :)
kdeluna0211 : We all need to get together sometime soon. ;)
japziebadazz : Me too cuz it sucks , and yea we should I kno amillion would love it forsure @kdeluna0211
kdeluna0211 : @japziebadazz oh yes lol fabian as well. Who knows what those little momsters will get into. Haha
kdeluna0211 : Another jamey and shane in the making!!! Lol @japziebadazz
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Great craic in the doctors! #Ankle #Sprained #Ligament #Ouch
ankle - sprained - ligament - ouch -
djleej1991 : David is a sound man!!
soupmayonnaise : Yeah he's spot on
emerroseconnolly - kinazitzelberger - russekgermaine - helseysavannah -
Flash back #sprained ankle#sore#ages#ago#crutches
sprained - sore - ages - ago - crutches -
horseluver7654 : Hi
pelangsing_peninggi_130k - shiloh.basketball.333 - horseluver7654 - mjbasketballblues42 -
When you sprain your ankle in the first quarter to clinch a spot in the semifinals :'( #semifinals #finalfour #sprained #ankle #crying #cut #pain #recovery
cut - pain - recovery - sprained - finalfour - crying - ankle - semifinals -
snowflake1987 : #bummer man I feel your pain
luigi_b_at_ig : Haha yeah its a pain literally @snowflake1987
iam_johnson - santy_song - dizzle_de - houowmo -
I hate #injuries #sprained #ankle should not be #skating stairs at this age lol #imnot16anymore #ijustwanttoshred #shredlife
skating - shredlife - sprained - marryme - ijustwanttoshred - imnot16anymore - injuries - ankle -
catmonv : But now cars are being made with similar models. So late 90s mid 2000s is what i personally like. Only exception is the skyline
snowflake1987 : New gtr's r sexy but yes 90's early 2000's hold the best imports
catmonv : http://youtu.be/oh_HtCzHUgg seriously you'll jizz in your pants. I love the sound of the car redlining it
catmonv : Ryan tuerck drifts the wilderness ep 6
snowflake1987 : I don't really want to kiss in my pants right now hun :-\ that would be a little awkward lol
catmonv : Just watch it nerd. This guy lol
snowflake1987 : No tire marks on the road he did all that first try!!! Crazy
catmonv : @snowflake1987 I know its dope!
luigi_b_at_ig - chlozza - grantwalla - catmonv -
😩😐Damn my foot hurts!!! #sprained #basketball #struggles
sprained - basketball - struggles -
the_d_langlois : @nicki__tho take care of it?
nicki__tho : Did my bestπŸ˜‚ @the_d_langlois
thegressett : Netflix defentily helped lol πŸ˜‚ @nicki__tho
karakait - amberraimer - kellicarnes2017 - xx_redneck_crazy_xx -
3 months and no improvement. #sprained
sprained -
eliz86eth : It took my arm 6 months to recover including 4 months of physical therapy. Don't get impatient! Just let your leg heal.
jasmunndo : @eliz86eth i know 😣 but i sucks cause i cant exercise or be on my feet for long before it starts hurting. But didn't you break your arm?
eliz86eth : I broke my elbow, yeah. But I couldn't exercise either and I gained weight.
nicoya41505 : Are you oh ok @jasmunndo
its_yeca510 : Try water therapy? Swimming, or just exercises in water
pandaisurban - andrew_cerda1431 - kes49ers - avillafan12 -
So this is how my day ended. #klutz #sprained
sprained - klutz -
jillian_elizabeth12 : @firecracka That sucks, G! Sending you lots of love and hugs ☺️😘 miss you!!
purpleskyy : Oh No!
lizzmarie87 : Wttttfff????
Just a little swollen! #ankle #swollen #sprained
ankle - sprained - swollen -
alliecat1985 : Ouch... Hope u feel better soon
bubba______j - mgranger95 -
My ankle hurts x( #sprained
sprained -
mayrabravo97 : Hope u feel better @marina_of.the.sea
mayrabravo97 : And @crista_gee
jdlmnrdz : Marinaaaa what happened? Wth?
gabri_15 : Ps happy birthday babe
marina_of.the.sea : lol thank you @mayrabravo97 @gabrI_15
marina_of.the.sea : i fell during practice x3 @JdImnrdz
jaymorrison_ : Happy Birthday Marina ! I hope you have a wonderful day & that all your wishes come true 😊 Have fun ! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚
marina_of.the.sea : Thank you @jaymorrison_ x3
peanut_a_la_kat - martin_aguilar27 - jclfe - mayrabravo97 -
My foot hurts so bad today:/ #foot#sprained#ankle#bruised#swollen#hurts
sprained - ankle - hurts - foot - swollen - bruised -
automobile700 - dhaslun - best_friends_last_an_eternity - serenaa_renee -
So this is the result of my epic wipeout #wipeout#sprained#ankle#injury#splint#cripple#crutches#broken#lol
crutches - splint - cripple - sprained - broken - lol - ankle - injury - wipeout -
ronetteryan : Oh no! Take it easy!
driftingdb : Omg its broken? Are you ok
honeygirlhoku : @driftingdb it's not broken just sprained really badly. Im on a splint for a week
michigandaddy : beautiful toes. good luck
driftingdb : @honeygirlhoku well if u need anything let me know
honeygirlhoku : @driftingdb freedom? Haha
nanwash14 - dashotgun808 - kyle808z - my_riah_22 -
ZwichniΔ™ty nadgarstek :( #kaleka #pain #sprained #wrist #polishgirl
sprained - wrist - polishgirl - pain - kaleka -
staaystr00ng - domi.celka - waliszewskaaa - dariawojciechowska -
A really sad throwback πŸ˜” @itsjayjay21 took the pic #Sprained #My #Arm #Tore #Ligaments #Tryed #To #Make #The #Best #Of #It #CarAccident #YearAgo #ThreeMonths βŒπŸš—
tore - yearago - of - caraccident - it - threemonths - ligaments - sprained - to - tryed - the - my - arm - best - make -
itsjayjay21 : Ohh my god that waz a good P.E. year soccer somebody fell very funny dogeball we played alil too intense and on the baseball field we had a wrestling match and I tried to keep up with you on the Tiger Run
itsjayjay21 : Yes yes good tyms good tyms @ana.torres
ana.torres : @its_alexis_101 ahah ya : ) you also put my bear on the feild, made me late lol Wish I could run it again beat all those boys and girls and you lol i took my track pics limping cuz of dogeball
geeoorrggiieee96 - aldo_426 - _lovely_brii_ - annie17rdz -
Boneca hands! πŸ˜œπŸ’ #barbie #fattyfattytwobyfourfingerscantfitthroughthedoor #sprained
sprained - fattyfattytwobyfourfingerscantfitthroughthedoor - barbie -
zom_bree : Worst part... The stairs are carpet @rickarddn 😳
rickarddn : Haha oh well that doesn't explain anything. Mac must have pushed you! @zom_bree
whitetruffle_ : @rickarddn me and the cat have been planning for weeks. He missed his queue. Lol
rickarddn : Next time you'll go for the kill huh? @whitetruffle_ RUN BREE RUN!
zom_bree : Wow πŸ’© on you @whitetruffle_ !! And he does sleep @rickarddn no worries
zom_bree : @sala_manders @cjwillging I'm disappointed you didn't comment on my fantastic hashtag
sala_manders : @zom_bree I don't understand it ?
cjwillging : yeah it's weird lol
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Sprained finger from violent Vortex throws with dad πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ #sprained #finger #violent #throw #vortex #hand #tape
sprained - vortex - tape - finger - throw - violent - hand -
clarafloss1 : Ouchhhh hope u r ok 😘 @lelileli99
margotine2003 : ♣♣♣♣♣
annaducanada : Hope it feels better 😘
eden_dunoyer - _a_portuguesa_ - gigi_pecorini - williamgshc -
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