DBL tap if you like this video. 👍😃 Follow me @100_fit_and_recovered for more tips about recovery. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Part two. Excited? 😜 So yesterday I shared with you the first 2 exercises (plantar flexion and dorsiflexion) I started with after I got the green light for PT. Today I'm sharing the second half of this routine. I want to emphasize again that you should start with exercises and stretching really easy – that means w/o any equipment. Once your ankle becomes stronger, start using a band for resisted exercises. In this video I'm showing you: 1⃣ Eversion + Resisted Eversion ➡️ this exercise is strengthening the Peroneus Longus and Brevis, which are keeping us from falling over on the lateral side of the foot and spraining the ankle (I would say pretty important muscles, don't you think?) 2⃣ Inversion + Resisted Inversion ➡️ this one is strengthening the Tibialis Anterior and Posterior. They're really important for balancing the body’s weight on the foot during locomotion or standing, and are especially important when standing on one foot. I really hope these 4 exercises will help you a lot 🙏. Wishing you a lovely weekend! 😘 Oh, and if you'd like to stretch your ankle, you can download my most useful simple stretching exercises (link in the bio ⬆️). 💜✨
motivation - veganfitness - fitspiration - walk - sprained - running - brokenankle - believeinyourself - dedication - exercise - strong - instafoot - crutches - inversion - recovery - daily_motivators - igfitness - fitchick - eversion - health - fitgirls_inspire - fracture - ankle - bestoftheday - photooftheday - physiotheraphy - instafit - victory -
100_fit_and_recovered : #recovery #strong #physiotheraphy #fitchick #health #veganfitness #bestoftheday #victory #fitgirls_inspire #photooftheday #dedication #igfitness #instafit #fitspiration #believeinyourself #motivation #daily_motivators #crutches #sprained #brokenankle #instafoot #ankle #fracture #eversion #inversion #exercise #running #walk
ahnna1 : sweeet! @VinesBeLike
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Does my right ankle look swollen? Please be honest! 🙆 #ankle #ow #sprain #sprained #honest #please #right #pleasehonest #honesty
right - honesty - please - honest - sprained - ow - pleasehonest - ankle - sprain -
xtremeone : The outside of your right ankle looks swollen. But the inside of your left ankle looks swollen. Might be the angle of the pic though. @fionalovescakes Not too bad though.
beckett.deborah -
Well it wasn't the plan for the day, but it's not a break...my poor husband Doug #jumping #fences may not be the best idea #sprained ankle #ouch
sprained - jumping - fences - ouch -
bradhaima : Goons can't jump
rachelp2601 - palominospirit - debwnuk68 - bradhaima -
This is whats up, when you dont wear a proper shoes😏 kept playing tho💪 #sprained&shit #SaltCreek
sprained - saltcreek -
christianarriodcruz : nose bleed
lexvalenz_14 - christianarriodcruz - kentokato18 - sofy_quijada -
Ouch #sprained
sprained -
ozzy_saucedo39 - _karissa_f - nate.hernandez22 - lil_hardy -
Hurt my wrist. Good one Re. #ouchie #sprained #wrist #yay #funtimes #joysofhorses #eventing #equestrian #equinelife #tagsforlikes #pink #great #loveit
pink - tagsforlikes - great - yay - equestrian - eventing - loveit - equinelife - sprained - funtimes - wrist - ouchie - joysofhorses -
megan_989 : follow for follow?please?😘💕
miss_rearoo : Yeah sure @megan_989 😊💕
x.j3mm4.x - nickerwraps_sponsor - x_sophiefaber_x - jademariah_x -
No video to or this weekend because I sprained my ankle.😿😿😭 Sorry guys #youtube #youtubertrouble #youtuber #novideo #sprained #sprain #ankle #video #sorry
novideo - youtubertrouble - youtube - sprained - video - ankle - sorry - youtuber - sprain -
real_physio : Hi how is the ankle going? if you need and help with determining severity, treatment or rehab tips i would be happy to offer some advice.
prices0want : I like this! ☀
fionalovescakes - frostbombjb -
Having not kicked the ball for 2 weeks, I was pretty impressed with the fact that I almost pulled off a skill which I've been trying to do for months... I still failed😝 #football #life #returning #from #injury #kickabout #sprained #ankle #garricho #catch #backheel #control #fail #love #the #game
control - life - love - returning - football - sprained - fail - game - backheel - catch - from - garricho - kickabout - ankle - the - injury -
sundayjack123 : Pro😆
vadymk_30 : You know it😎
krolik9887 : Санчес нервно курит в сторонке)
small_furry_death - teyteylove_sa - regibayoan - denis_alia -
@itsallaboutbaby via Good Night 💗💗 #itsallaboutbaby #sprained👶
sprained - itsallaboutbaby -
So that's what a sprained finger feels like again😳. First time that's happened since high school vball days.. A tall guy spiked the ball straight down on my fingers during a block Lol. Classic. But the last minute trip to play with my two brother's, was totally worth it!
sprained - mixedleague - gladigotmyringoffintime - finger - spike - volleyball -
jessicanicole_c : #volleyball #spike #mixedleague #sprained #finger #GladIGotMyRingOffInTime
katherineausten1990 : nice shirt
mannpad : Owee owee😩
cxpturedd - ivanfreitas - stephanielucas_ - sennjess -
DBL tap if you like this video. 😃👍 Follow me @100_fit_and_recovered for more tips about recovery. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ A few days ago I got a request from Marina. She just got a moon boot (air cast) and she's allowed to start doing some simple exercises. I did a few videos about these last year, but I think it's time to do them again. 😊 When you get the green light for exercises and stretching, you should start really easy – w/o any equipment. Once your ankle becomes stronger, start using a band for resisted exercises. In this video I'm showing you: 1⃣ Plantar Flexion + Resisted Plantar Flexion ➡️ this exercise helps you work the muscles of your ankle and calf. Once it gets strong enough you start with calf raises and tip toe walking. 2⃣ Dorsiflexion + Resisted Dostiflexion ➡️ this one is strengthening the Tibialis Anterior, which forms the main fleshy part of the outside of the shin. It helps you to lift the foot up and clear the ground. Super important while you're walking and running. Tomorrow I'll post another 2 exercises that you can do even if you're still in bed not able to do much.😘 If you'd like to stretch your ankle, you can download my most useful simple stretching exercises (link in the ⬆️ bio). Do you still have a cast or are you jumping around already? ✨
dorsiflexion - motivation - veganfitness - fitspiration - exercise - sprained - brokenankle - believeinyourself - dedication - strong - instafoot - crutches - calves - recovery - plantarflexion - daily_motivators - igfitness - fitchick - cast - health - fitgirls_inspire - fracture - ankle - bestoftheday - photooftheday - physiotheraphy - instafit - victory -
msshort : jumping around at 60% capacity with a grimace on my face though lol
ninaleilani : @kiva_rivers
100_fit_and_recovered : Nice progress @msshort ! The grimace stays for a while and then you get rid of it for good 😃 (or so I hope lol)
mamaonfyre : Beautiful!
becslightshines : I've just been given the green light for this exercise! Thanks for your vids, so excited to get moving again 😄 @100_fit_and_recovered
theamycq : My physical therapist has me doing these (plus ones to the side) 2x a day along with some other basic stretches. I've still got a ways to go (only 2 weeks into PT) but I'm progressing!
100_fit_and_recovered : Everyday you are closer to the finish line @theamycq 👍✨
100_fit_and_recovered : Yay! You'll be rocking these exercises pretty soon @becslightshines 😃💕
kirstensorena - kelirupinski - georgeh1202 - mrericcox -
Heels disaster!!! Just fell off the stairs coz they are stuck in the carpet when i walked down.. #medication #heels #sprainedankle #sprained # ankle #hurt #working #heelshurt #tears
medication - working - hurt - sprained - sprainedankle - tears - heelshurt - heels -
sportsmen217 : Hi hows the ankle now ? How did you hurt it ? Can you put some weight on it ? If you need some advice about treatment I am glad to help you @dian.andriyani
dian.andriyani : Hi..@sportsmen217 .. Hmmm, i just fell off the stairs while wearing heels.. I tripped over the carpet.. Cant put some weight on it. But i massaged them already..
sportsmen217 : I see , its great that you can put some weight on it, it indicate that it is only sprained. Do you use some bandage or brace ? Is there somr swelling ? Can you show me the foot ? It tells me more about how bad it is. Btw stairs are most common reason for sprained ankle. @dian.andriyani
seranisme - nothing.97 - yoo_duh - m.tello2015 -
#Bentley #Blue #Beast #pitbull #pitt #GermanShepherd #injured #baby #StillLiving #sprained #ankle #owe #Dallas #photoBomb
blue - germanshepherd - photobomb - bentley - dallas - owe - pitt - sprained - ankle - stillliving - beast - pitbull - baby - injured -
confidenz : Good shot!
mishkos_paws - the_pitbull_sadie - nana_the_pit - trikosdogs -
sprained -
heraldpark15 : Golfin too hard? #golfislife
izak_99 : Basketball
tylermierzwa18 : Damn dude was that from today?
izak_99 : Yep
brayden_speers - tynan_ackahsanzah - jenn.t.08 - andy_kim123 -
@jessicaa.lanee thank you for playing for me🏀, and thanks to Tori mcillan and @gabby_cifu for staying with me. #sprained #7daysoffthecourt
sprained - 7daysoffthecourt -
lauren.daniella : 💕 @victoria.jaclyn
kaylijoness : Hope you feel better 💜
lauren.daniella : Awe thanks little grasshopper 💕 @kaylijoness
madelynvermeer : Hope you feel better
lauren.daniella : Awe thanks @madelynvermeer💕
madelynvermeer : 😘
brianna_whitlinger : I love you babe
lauren.daniella : I love you too 💕 @brianna_whitlinger
makennnaa - asherrowland - cdub9876 - suckmyashleyh -
Glad to be out and about again after quite a while spent on the couch with this high ankle sprain #explore #adventure #bc #beautifulbritishcolumbia #beach #ocean #cliffs #sunset #swag #lol #bitchellwhoores #brocsesh #sprained #ankle
swag - bitchellwhoores - bc - lol - ocean - sprained - explore - sunset - adventure - ankle - beautifulbritishcolumbia - cliffs - beach - brocsesh -
whenitrainesitpours - yougottaminute - smithh24 - rapgameted -
So I sprained my wrist skateboarding sucks!! #skateboarding#sprained wrist
sprained - skateboarding -
nyquisha_nicole - s.pac1 - gameofchase - titsandbeerco -
This would happen to me lol #injury #cantwalkfor4weeks #instasuck #shithappens #sprained #worstthanithought #hospital #vscocam #vscofilm
sprained - vscocam - worstthanithought - hospital - cantwalkfor4weeks - instasuck - vscofilm - injury - shithappens -
lee_zoo_ : 다쳤어?!ㅠㅠ
dchangg : @lee_zoo_ ㅠㅠ 발목을 다쳤어요...
ji_soo_gonjale_park : 오~!! Ironman leg protection~!!!!!^^
eeileenkil : guess u gotta keep using ur rolly chair ....... LOL
jallajung : bruh...
chloethechoi - johnjiggakwon - hwang_madam - brianblaskim -
Great way to start the weekend 😒 #injury #swollen #sprained #ankle #skateordie #skaterproblems
sprained - injury - skateordie - ankle - skaterproblems - swollen -
catalog9qualify : stoked I just saw this on my feed, did you get my DM? ⭐
the_gaming_etho : WTF
readable2properly2 : this sounds stupid, but can you direct message me? ⭐
carterskates89 : What happened
uhgerbil - superhannah123 - douglas_freeman - the_gaming_etho -
Dammit...#ankle #injury #skateinjury #sprained #swollen #hospital #ouch #pain #sprainedankle #eww
skateinjury - hospital - ouch - sprained - sprainedankle - swollen - ankle - pain - injury - eww -
bullitt3642 : #retard #oopshediditagain #britneyspears #girlyboy #sheneedsatamp
lauren1920335 : Jesus!! Feel better!!
solrac240 : Dam son.. Always hurting yourself! Have a fast recovery!
jonsartirana : Dude...again?
bic_boi_95 : Thanks guys!! @lauren1920335 @solrac240 and just a really bad sprain is what I know for now! Not broken! Haha and I only have to be out of work for 2 days this time hah 😂 @jonsartirana and shut up Jonathan haha dickhead @bullitt3642
preston_goff : Haha I agreeree with @bullitt3642 !! #lol
bic_boi_95 : You weren't even here haha shut up @preston_goff
preston_goff : But you make it so easy by posting on social media for the world to see!
sent9rest9 - lauren1920335 - _mady_west_ - _sarahhbennett_ -
Way to carry my flute while on crutches. #sprained #ankle #crutches #jazz #band #hoodie #flute
sprained - crutches - jazz - hoodie - band - ankle - flute -
instacreepsbegone : @dwightkschrute258 is the biggest creep of all. Google crutches pictures and you will find where he posts therm on the Internet. He also goes by chrute2 on various sites. It happened to me and I deleted my account because of it.
tkdfreak1998 : Thanks @instacreepsbegone they are all blocked and can't bother me anymore.
melissa_sikes - gettinthatloud - injuriesarenotsobad - lauren__silverwoman -
Managed to hurt myself once again ay ay ay
sprained -
nicolescharneck : #sprained
sportsmen217 : Hi hows the ankle now ? How did you hurt it ? Can you put some weight on it ? @nicolescharneck
nicolescharneck : @sportsmen217 its better iced ot yesterday ya can manage to walk but trying not 2 hurt it warming up jst stepped completely wrong
sportsmen217 : I see , and did your rolled it inwards I guess. But its great that you can walk a litle bc it indiccate that it is only sprained. Is there some swelling ? You think you can show me whole barefoot ? It tells me more about how bad it is @nicolescharneck
nicolescharneck : @sportsmen217 Ok ima tag u in a pic now its not very swollen
sportsmen217 : You can send me it as direct message @nicolescharneck
luckybeetha - dizzy_miss - laisj_23 -
#sprained #pray4mysistah #donationsplz
sprained - pray4mysistah - donationsplz -
gibson_senna - jamumu - jadealbuera_xx -
Hours and hours of training quite well#sprained ankle walking downstairs at work#bleee#triathlon#does not kill you makes you stronger#never give up#
sprained - triathlon - does - bleee - never -
si_men - lou.smith2014 - marco_tri_ - endufit -
Sprained my right thumb from wrestling. #sprain #sprained #sprainedthumb
sprained - sprain - sprainedthumb -
ninazeyen_ : Sure what ever
whateverbabyyy - love_monkeyss__ - dman32dman32 - _.bout.a.week.ago._ -
Best weekend ever! #hospital #szpital #operacja #skrecone #kolano #czynnik #skaza #krwotoczna #vonwillebrandadisease #hemophilia #vwd #awareness #VIIIF #factor #hematoma #surgery #sprained #knee #weekend #przemysl #polska #poland #bored
przemysl - vonwillebrandadisease - sprained - skrecone - operacja - vwd - knee - surgery - krwotoczna - czynnik - hemophilia - polska - weekend - hospital - kolano - szpital - viiif - factor - skaza - bored - poland - awareness - hematoma -
agatedumin : Oh shit Tomek! Hope that you're alright?
liannowikow : Co się stało?
tomaszbisto : @agatedumin I'm alright, waiting for the bruise to vanish, thanks for the concern though :*
tomaszbisto : @liannowikow Źle stanąłem i coś mi przeskoczyło w kolanie. Leżę teraz na Monte Cassino i czekam aż mi krwiak zejdzie.
liannowikow : @tomaszbisto szybkiego wyzdrowienia
tomaszbisto : @liannowikow Dziękuję!
malakaas - ermaxolaraine - dbamoswojalinie - matedeusz -
Yesterday (left) and today (right). Sprained ankle with RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation, And NSAID. Im surprised that it worked.. #sprained #angkle #rice #orthopaedic #medicine
sprained - medicine - rice - angkle - orthopaedic -
edward.swp : Wencik. Pie cara ngibatie?
tommycinajawa : Gateli.. Kon kok meragukan teori har.. Hahaha
hartadi_tanjoyo : @edward.swp di rendam air es 10 menit, 3-4x sehari. Terus bebat tekan secukupnya. Digantung lebih tinggi dr posisi tubuh, jangan dibuat menumpu dulu, istirahat. Obatnya meloxicam/as mefenamat, dll.. @tommycinajawa ya wkt dulu tak coba pertama ga mempan. Minus rest soale. Ahhaha
tommycinajawa : @edward.swp bebat tekan itu padai kaya perban coklat itu do, bukan decker, kadang decker itu terlalu nekan soale.. Kalau hari pertama bisa sampai perjam do kompres es e..
tommycinajawa : @hartadi_tanjoyo la kowe gak rest, hahaha
ayupriska : Ebuset dah ko.putihan kakinya ko hate daripada kakiku 😭😭😭 #gagalfokus
hartadi_tanjoyo : Priskaaa!!! 😂😂😂😂 @ayupriska banyol km..
vio_cresci24 - pritanastaghfiruka - ensure1maintained - reshanikumar -
Everyone complains about food pics on Instagram, right? #sprained ankle#opposite #donteatandinstagram
sprained - donteatandinstagram - opposite -
mexikindian : 🍎🍇🍭
weesiee - mexikindian -
While a sprained ankle (thank you netball) has put a short halt to Pilates (sorry #pilateslovers) it's #doterra to the rescue! #injuries #naturalhealing #pilates #empower_pilates #sprained ankle
sprained - pilates - pilateslovers - empower_pilates - doterra - naturalhealing - injuries -
sportsmen217 : Hi hows the ankle now ? Can you put some weight on it? If you need some advice I am glad to give you some @recoverwellbeing
recoverwellbeing : Hi! Can't put much weight on it yet, still getting the swelling down with my oils and RICE. I'm confident that my oils will get me healing quickly but open to any advice you may have thanks @sportsmen217
sportsmen217 : Its good that you can put even some weight on it. Bc it indicate that is it only sprain , but to be sure , can you show me pic of whole foot ? To see the swelling ? Yeah you are doing well , this what you do is almost everything what you can do , I dont how you wrap it ? Is it figure 8 bandage ? And ointments can definetly helps. And last thing you can do are some exercises when the pain will bearable @recoverwellbeing
_tyler - marq.kiyoum - bellasentials - jessicarsharp90 -
First game of football in 6 years #fucked it #sprained leg # scored a couple of goals tho😂
fucked - sprained -
billhunt13 : Minge
weaver_96 : 😂😂😂😂 you're such a twat 😂
lukesully18 - weaver_96 - billhunt13 - darius.100 -
tewas. its been years since i sprained my ankle. damn u trampoline. i hate chuuuu. #sprained #yesterday #afterwork
sprained - afterwork - yesterday -
alia.shalie : Aiyo... Get well soon @masrulramlan 😥
masrulramlan : @alia.shalie haha thanks.
sportsmen217 : Hi hows the ankle now ? Can you put some weight on it ? @masrulramlan
mohamadfaizijunaimee : Semoga cepat sembuh sahabat... Amin
alia.shalie - zulkarnain_hasan - syazwani_ar - radziiabdaziz -
Can this day be over yet? #ouch #sprained #badday #
sprained - badday - ouch -
sportsmen217 : I think it is , I use it for most of patients. And id you say you already walk on it it is enough for sure. After you wrap it you can send me pic of it to check if you do it right @mylifeincolor96
mylifeincolor96 : OK sounds like a plan :) @sportsmen217
sportsmen217 : Ok :-) and hows the range of motion ? @mylifeincolor96
mylifeincolor96 : Pretty good, only really really hurts when my foot is completely flat on the floor. @sportsmen217
sportsmen217 : I see , how it is since sprain ? Do you have the bandage at home ? You should wrap it soon as possible @mylifeincolor96
mylifeincolor96 : I have a bandage at home but I'm not currently at home but at my Moms @sportsmen217
sportsmen217 : I see , never mind , when you can wrap it and send me the pic if you can :-) @mylifeincolor96
mylifeincolor96 : Okey donkey! @sportsmen217
madiemonteleone - levenson2015 - princess_jenna1296 -
Never guna get a break! #tore#my#quad#six#months#ago#and#now#iv#sprained#the#same#muscle#get#knocked#down#but#get#back#up#twice#as#strong#motivated#dedicated#to#the#gym#life
and - ago - dedicated - months - motivated - get - gym - back - but - iv - sprained - as - quad - now - tore - down - strong - twice - six - life - up - same - to - knocked - the - muscle - my -
liljonesyy05 - iremdiker - themutluay - yossifeladrosy -
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