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This should be a good one, East Jackson vs Commerce #SportsWriter #HighSchoolBasketball
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Alfonso Gomez infringing on Hero Boxing trademark and copyright ? "But he that filches from me my good name/Robs me of that which not enriches him/And makes me poor indeed.” - Shakespeare, Othello Per its slogan, Heroes Boxing Sponsorship Agency (HBSA) works to “help companies build brand awareness through the sport of professional boxing.” by David Duenez They do this by building sponsorship relationships between professional boxers and brands that want to target the demographic that follows the sweet science. LIITR’s own Barbara Pinella covered a launch party for HBSA’s 2014 Pro Boxer Calendar last December. What she saw then was pretty cut and dry – HBSA was a business trying to break through and create a new marketing avenue for fighters. However like all things in boxing and business where money is involved, things can get cloudy. Last summer, HBSA founder, Melissa DeVolentine, and president Roberto H. Gomez were approached Roberto’s brother, star of “The Contender” television series, Alfonso Gomez, looking to get involved in the agency. DeVolentine claimed that Alfonso wanted to use the Heroes Boxing name for his own projects to make his own monies. Nothing was ever finalized between the three regarding Alfonso joining the agency and Roberto apparently told his brother “no” face-to-face about exercising any HBSA use, but there was a discussion about a calendar. Melissa DeVolentine informed us that “[she] said if [they] did a calendar, it should be in the form of a poster, funded by sponsors, and given away as a promotional item. Then it (the calendar) never came up again.” Months later, on Dec. 1st, DeVolentine saw Facebook post from Alfonso stating that he was ‘on set at the Heroes Boxing Calendar photo shoot! ‘ Alfonso had gone on to pursue his initial calendar idea without seeking any formal consent to use the Heroes Boxing name and logo from HBSA. Melissa states, “Rob and I didn’t know that a Heroes Boxing calendar EXISTED! Let alone was being photographed. So we immediately told him (Alfonso Gomez) to take our name off of it (that being Heroe
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liitrboxing : Read the entire story at www.leaveitintheringradio.com #boxingpodcast #boxingismylife #boxingwriter #boxingtalk #boxingradio #boxingmeme #boxinglife #boxingforlife #boxing #BoxingHype #boxingeek #boxinghead #boxinggym #boxingego #boxingfan #boxingfitness #boxingring #boxinggloves #followme #fitness #fight #gymlife #sportswriter #sportpodcast #sportreport #sporttalk #sportshow #sport #sportrant #sportnews
mmabreed : nice pic
efrainboxing : Wow this is insane Dave
liitrboxing : I know bro @efrainboxing I hope ppl understand I don't have opinion about Alfonso I only reported the facts of the situation and ppl read the article
efrainboxing : I understand bro got you
13_mab_951 : I'd love to spar or fight all these warriors It'd be a privilege: )
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liitrboxing : Leave us a voice message in who u think is fighter of the year on our mobile app #boxingpodcast #boxing #boxingwriter #boxingradio #boxingtalk #boxingmeme #boxinglife #boxingfan #BoxingHype #boxinghead #sportswriter #sportpodcast #sporttalk #sportshow #sportrant #sportnews #sport #newssport #news #followme #fitness #fight #cigars
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liitrboxing : Read entire story at www.leaveitintheringradio.com Pascal vs Kovalev: What does it mean for Adonis Stevenson and Al Haymon? By David Duenez If the Sergey Kovalev vs Jean Pascal fight happens, where does it leave Adonis Stevenson? How did things get here? For the coming days before we begin a New Year in boxing, fans and websites across the globe will start their debate on ” Fighter of the Year”. Sergey Kovalev’s name will be dropped and probably win more votes than expected. His big win over Bernard Hopkins on Nov. 8 (HBO) at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, gives it value due to unifying the belts. Slowing down in 2015 for Kovalev doesn’t look to be on the agenda, if the IBF gives their approval, Sergey will step in the ring with Jean Pascal on March 14 either at the Bell Centre in Montreal or the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City on HBO. Whereas Adonis Stevenson takes on Dmitry Sukhotsky of Barnaul, Russia on Dec. 19 and fans will probably shrug their shoulders with the gesture of “So who cares”. Kovalev could of been inactive for 2014, or a least fighting names that could of kept him out of the “Fighter of the Year ” topic when Adonis Stevenson signed to boxing advisor Al Haymon. Stevenson who started with a great run in 2013 by stopping Chad Dawson in round one and then Tony Bellew in six rounds had fans buzzing for a Kovalev clash. Stevenson’s promoter, Yvon Michel, animated the thought by promising via email to Kovalev’s promoter, Main Events, that both fighters will meet in the ring. That was quickly brushed under the rug when in February Adonis announced his signing with Haymon, he then soon after jumped ship from HBO to Showtime for a possible fight with Hopkins. The play by Haymon could of got him a home run with a other smaller promotional group and likely had his way, but Kathy Duva of Main Events pitched her curve ball. #boxingpodcast #boxingwriter #boxingradio #boxingtalk #boxingmeme #boxinglife #BoxingHype #boxinghead #boxing #boxingfan #boxinggym #sportswriter #followme #fitness #fight #sportpodcast #sportpodcast #sporttalk #sportshow #sportrant #sportnews #sportnews #sport #newssport #news #beer #cigars
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Read entire story at www.leaveitintheringradio.com Amir Khan Comes Full Circle: Mayweather Next? LIITR RADIO | DAVIDRADIO | DECEMBER 18, 2014 11:34 PM 625489_10200217698996891_1963524049_nby Esteban Walters In the last few years, 28-year-old Briton Amir Khan (30-3,19KOs) has experienced some ups-and-downs in the sport of boxing which has resulted in some significant changes in and out the ring. A few years ago, Khan was considered the cream of the crop at jr. welterweight, was a champion, was trained by Freddie Roach, and was quickly closing in on superstar status and a possible fight with the sports best, Floyd Mayweather Jr. How abruptly things change. Khan is no longer a world title holder, nor is he trained by Freddie Roach, but he’s still popular and closing in on a fight with boxing’s number one, Mayweather Jr. With hard work and dedication, former 2-time light welterweight champion Amir “King” Khan has come full circle. Tabbed as a future world champion and star coming out of the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece — where he won a silver medal representing the U.K. at the age of 17 — Khan began his career impressively. He ran his record to (18-0, 14KOs) before running into a huge roadblock in the form of Colombian hard hitting journeyman Breidis Prescott, who stopped Khan’s ascension abruptly and brutally by first round knockout at the M.E.N Arena in Manchester, England in Sept. 06′. Prescott dropped Amir moments into the fight with a left hook — right hand — left hook combination that had him badly hurt. Moments later Khan was nailed with another left hook bomb that pasted his back to the canvas in devastating fashion and that was it. Prescott went through Khan as easily as a hot knife through butter and exposed a significant chink in his armor in the process. His punch resistance. On that night versus the Colombian, Khan’s chin held up about as well as a dry leaf in a tornado. #boxingpodcast #boxingwriter #boxingmeme #boxingtalk #boxinglife #boxingradio #boxing #BoxingHype #boxinghead #boxingfan #boxinggym #fitness #followme #amirkhan #fight #sporttalk #sportshow #sportnews #sportrant #news #newssport #sportpodcast #beer #cigars #sportswriter
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Congrats on having your article published in a magazine @im_so_icdc 👏 Its great to see people around you accomplishing & doing what they love 📝📕 This is just the beginning! #SportsWriter #Est1781
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One of my favorites in my new book is Heywood Broun (1888–1939). #Sportswriter at New York Tribune, columnist at New York World, author; helped found Newspaper Guild. He died on this day in 1939. At his #funeral at #stpatrickscathedral more than 3,000 showed up. One of Broun's pallbearers was his favorite taxi driver. Broun was born on #pineapplestreet in #brooklynheights. I'm going to talk about him @spiritedbk on 1/22. #algonquinroundtable #heywoodbroun #brooklyn #writers #nyc #rip #books
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Happening right now. My first time to attend the company #Christmas party since 2007. Hope my lucky streak at raffles continues! ;) #ManilaBulletin #workflow #ilovemyjob #secondfamily #MerryChristmas #happyholidays #journalist #sportswriter
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Almost to 50,000 views!!! #hockey #sportsjournalism #sportswriter #writing #journalismforlife #journalist
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Sergio на волне ;-) #Казань #Kazan #Казанка #Казань_красивый_город #Татарстан #Татары_привет #Ривьера #Волна #Beard #Red_beard #Рыжий_на_волне #Рыжая_борода #Ревизорро #Лена_Летучая #Ревизорро_рекомендует
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sergiochernykh : @sergiochernykh #Серфинг 🏄🏊 #Surfing #water #Sports #Sportswriter #Sportsman #Photo #Myself #Selfi #My_photo #My_collection 🏊🏄
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Check out my article . Www. Otbsonline.com#motivationalarticle#sportswriter#sportsjournalist
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sportsjournalist87 : @andreas_schreiber chilling just checking on u
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No days off#medialife#sportswriter#headinjuries
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Visiting my Great Uncle, Joe Cassano's old stomping grounds. He was a former Hartford Times sportswriter known for his knowledge of boxing when the likes of Willie Pep, Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Robinson ruled the ring. He lived the American Dream, starting off selling newspapers on street corners, advancing to a copy boy in 1925, became a reporter as a teenager and rose to assistant sports editor before he retired. #family#history#americandream#hardworkpaysoff#familyhistory#hartford#ct#news#sports#boxing#sportswriter#architecture#historic#historicbuildings#city#cityscape
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#TheReturn #NoDRose #imnotabiterimawriterformyselfandothers #writing #blogs #blogger #sportswriter
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UPDATE: The #RagansHope & #NightOfSuperstars segment we filmed @topgolfallen for @thefametv season finale produced by @dreamflyproductions will air Saturday December 13, 2014 (tomorrow) at 1 PM CT on #TXA21 #CBSDFW. Please tune in to see special guests #RonLester (BillyBob from the movie #VarsityBlues) Gas Monkey Garage's Richard Rawlings, the Superstar kids, and me tomorrow afternoon! Thank you! #TheFame #TheFameTV #DreamflyProductions #DallasCowboys #Cowboys #DallasStars #TopGolfAllen #TopGolf #TV #CBS #SportsReporter #TVReporter #Reporter #FieldReporter #SportsWriter #MattThornton #MattsCowboys #BurtonGilliam #GameDaySportsTours #DEJ #DEJSports #DallasEntertainmentJournal
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melcruz1022 : @mattscowboys we love Top golf...every chance we get whn we go up there we go and play...love it
mattscowboys : I love them too @melcruz1022 @topgolfallen donated all the golf, drinks, appetizers for the event. Such a classy place. I'm a fan for life!
topgolfallen : Hey @melcruz1022! Come to our #UglySweaterParty tomorrow night at 9! We'd love to see us! You are welcome too, @mattscowboys! 😊
mattscowboys : Thanks @topgolfallen Have to dust off the old cashmere! 😉😜
melcruz1022 : @topgolfallen and @mattscowboys if we lived there we would totally go but we live in san angelo...
sarushka225 : @mattscowboys You're sweet. Thanks for the likes!
mattscowboys : You're welcome @sarushka225 😉
bellavita_6661_ : Look great in purple love the entire look 😚
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My dad is cool, I am so proud, he deserves it, such a talented hard working writer, never settles, always outdoes himself. The writing is tiny but if you squint you can read the wonderful write up about my pops #prouddaughter #footballhalloffame #vancouversun #bclions #cfl #sportswriter
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agallo89 : Go Mr. B!!!
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6th Placer in the Regional Schools Press Conference! ❤ #Sports #SportsWriter
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princess_dianajing : Congrats kuya @ceasar628 💙👑
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It's not Wade or Bosh Money. But it's still kinda cool. Especially four seasons in. #wordisborn #writersofinstagram #greatclient #coolclient #sportswriting #sportswriter #basketballblogger #basketballblog
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For the past couple of days I've been defending Downey on football forums for Fridays game, but this comment was totally un classy @jtcb2 don't worry we got your back! #family #sportswriter #writer #blogger #football #footballseason #vikings #downey #dhs #downeyvikings #varsity #cali #sports #highschool #newspaper #midvalleysports #cv #glendale cif#championships
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#sportswriter #sportsjournalist#highschoolhockey
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aishasimone : Thank you 💖
sportsjournalist87 : @aishasimone how have u been since the last time we conversed. I don't know if you remembered
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http://youtu.be/2jJqrNJt8Ys As a reporter here are the facts about the Downey vs Crescentia Valley game only: Downey was cheated on that touchdown Stacy chukawuzie #10 made. There is footage that has gone viral from every angle showing that it was a valid touchdown. This touchdown would have made the difference in the game. The reason why this is a robbed game was because had that touchdown counted it would have made both teams more competitive and the game would have changed to see who would be the last ones standing. Another fact, same play as the touchdown before that play ran there was a false start that wasn't called and CV's player purposely took off his helmet to try to stop the play and touchdown from happening and at no point were those two items addressed or called. Now while the CIF cannot change the rules of the game they at least owe Downey an apology because it indeed was a poorly officiated game and bad representation especially when you have countless of footage going viral showing proof. Being on the sidelines you have better opportunities to catch things missed. Downey did not play dirty CV should have had a personal called on its player for kicking #58 which led to him having to be evaluated. It was obvious from the moment I walked on the sideline that there was an obvious bias in favor of CV. You ask any reporter there and they will agree this was another horribly officiated game. If coaches were allowed to challenge referee calls how different would this game have been? Would Downey had won a second title I believe it would be possible. I simply cannot congratulate a team who did not truly earn this win. CV knew it was a valid touchdown yet did not display ethical behavior in telling the referee yes it was valid. Instead they stood there and did nothing. That is not what football represents. Where is the integrity and sportsmanship? If they won it fair I would give credit to CV, but I'm sorry as a sports writer I cannot in good faith congratulate CV. #cif #football #footballseason #vikings #dhs #downey #sportswriter #writer #blogger #judge #badcall #pigskin #fitmom #fitlife #fitkid #cv #glendale #cali #losangeles #touchdown
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elcoach_david87 : Did downey win ? @shelly_mele
shelly_mele : @elcoach_david87 no they did not
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Ready to rumble. #workflow #onthegrind #paperchase #editormode #sportswriter #sportschick #OneFC #mma #mixedmartialarts #ilovemyjob #Manila #Philippines
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helpingmake_money : Cool post. How's it been going lately?
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Exactly a month since Allen Iverson's charity event here at the #MallOfAsia Arena, I'm back and once again with my bros. Excited for the #OneFC #mma event tonight. The blackbelter in me is so giddy! :))) @ernestleo @markzambrano #workflow #workwithpleasure #grind #sportswriter #sportschick #ilovemyjob #mixedmartialarts #MOAArena
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ballup_ceo : #BallUp
tinatina0930 : @ballup_ceo Come back soon! :)
ballup_ceo : @tinatina0930 Will do :)
tinatina0930 : @ballup_ceo :) :) :)
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I couldn't be a prouder daughter right now! A reporter in a sports hall of fame. Well done! #SWAC #hbcu #journalism #sportswriter #newspaper
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bstucthapoet : That's awesome!!
ker921 : That's so cool! I totally believed your dad and Mr Dodd were celebrities. Looks like I was right!
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Rest in Peace Bryan Burwell, you'll be greatly missed. #BryanBurwell #Legendary #sports #espn #USAToday #St.Louis #ClassAct #journalist #sportswriter #NFL #NBA
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rickey_mickey_the2nd : Stunned #greatwriter
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Roundtable discussion with MMA legend and #OneFC vice president Rich "Ace" Franklin and CEO Victor Cui. #workflow #onthegrind #sportswriter #mma #mixedmartialarts #Maxims
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Yum. Hallo. Off to Tinambac later. #Presscon #SportsWriter
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