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I've always been humble but I'm also known to be a cocky little prick😌 idgaf though cuz I'm just being me #INeedNotToImpressNoOne
spladau - ineednottoimpressnoone -
kealohahina : Only handsome guys is pricks and don't give a fuck attitude.loveu bro.Miss you
mistah_maldonado : Love u too my bradda @kealohahina at least we honest about it #Spladau
kananix4 - hawaiianale - kealohahina - dess2blessed -
What I currently look like #NotAsBigAsBefore #StillAsConfident #Spladau
spladau - notasbigasbefore - stillasconfident - - ms.lanaaa - tattz_an_snapbackz - kananix4 -
Claim your set #MyBrotherFromAnother #DaBlock #76South #Connection #FamFirst #Always
spladau - mybrotherfromanother - connection - wefam - teamchochobangaz - always - 76south - famfirst - dablock -
koa_fearless_one : Cheeeh ! Love u my bradda
mistah_maldonado : Love yo my braddah @koaddiction #weFam #Spladau #teamChoChoBangaz
k.2bad - damnitdeo - koa_fearless_one - a143blessed -
I smile cuz I know I ain't ugly. But don't get shit twisted. I could be ugly and smile on u fakkaz. Best believe my FAM got me @kkkkk_x4 @cheepono_o7 @koaddiction @kealoha_the_beloved_one @2jonz @2trill_sevilla @hawaiianale @krisiscrs602 @b0rnhayn @x3kkkkk #DontTurnAGoodNight #ToANightInTheHospital #DontTestMe #CuzzIDontPlayLikeThat #YouSendingLionsToADogFight #BelieveThat
yousendinglionstoadogfight - cuzzidontplaylikethat - believethat - dontturnagoodnight - donttestme - spladau - toanightinthehospital -
mistah_maldonado : @koaddiction I love you to my bro #Spladau
kealoha_the_beloved_one : I come back around 10.Ill call you guys.Miss u guys and love you @mistah_maldonado @koaddiction
koa_fearless_one : Cheeeh miss u my braddah @kealoha_the_beloved_one
mistah_maldonado : @kealoha_the_beloved_one yeah you my bro. Glad for have you back chee
t_heartlessx3 - lise.marie - _punilanipf - _rightnut -
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