Must be an OU Fan! Football not a fan, but the contour lines of this automobile is like a masterpiece of steel and chrome combined into a work of art on wheels. #rollsroyce #spitsyndicate #contourlines of motion.
rollsroyce - contourlines - spitsyndicate -
rafaelmontejo : πŸ™Œ
toutenhoofd - nerudalovestulips - rafaelmontejo - my3dna -
Had the honour of meeting these 2 legends today - Nick Lupi & Jimmy Nice from Spit Syndicate. Looking forward to next years album gents. @spitsyndicate @nicklupi @jimmynice #melbourne #australia #thepennyblack #onedaysundays #elefanttrax #spitsyndicate #horrorshow #joyride #remi #nfajones #ozhiphop #hiphop #mc #rap #instagram
joyride - spitsyndicate - instagram - mc - elefanttrax - onedaysundays - ozhiphop - melbourne - remi - hiphop - australia - thepennyblack - rap - nfajones - horrorshow -
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Our @spitsyndicate homies are grinding in the studio big time at the minute, we've been lucky enough to hear a couple samples and might we say - fuck yes! Everyone ought to be prepared for the fire they'll bring on this next record. Big love to Jimmy and Nick, we've been supporting each other for years now - props lads! #spitsyndicate #geedup #gdupco #hiphop
hiphop - geedup - gdupco - spitsyndicate -
_dionpinono - emily__wilson__ - currentciity - imogenforyou -
TFW u've both been ousted by ur own m8s so u get together to get some of that shit up off ur chest. #spillsyndicate #backstabbed #stabbedintheback #auspol #aussiehiphop #hiphop #newspitsyndicate #spillinbars #libspill #canturnbullevenrap #spitsyndicate #aushiphop #sorrylupi @spitsyndicate @nicklupi @jimmynice
auspol - sorrylupi - libspill - newspitsyndicate - backstabbed - hiphop - aushiphop - spitsyndicate - spillsyndicate - stabbedintheback - spillinbars - aussiehiphop - canturnbullevenrap -
kudostunes : sweet!
lombardlane : Nice one! Keep it up
listentothegraphics : Ha ha nice remix
camilma : Thanks for the support guys, this is my first meme so I hope @spitsyndicate like it and also that @nicklupi is not too mad that I made him tony.
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"I can't breathe in this place that I call my home, No I can't breathe, I can't see no end, there's no end in sight, Think it might be time to take flight, I gotta break free" #exhale #spitsyndicate #deansheridanphotography
deansheridanphotography - exhale - spitsyndicate -
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When Triple J drop a little throwback making your Saturday at work just that little bit better 🎧 #spitsyndicate #sundaygentleman @spitsyndicate
spitsyndicate - sundaygentleman -
misskatherinee : Best song in the world ✊🏼
tevinnarain : You know it! πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ @misskatherinee
axle_needle - thoooamas - jessbrew_11 - mitchkoosh -
The other week we had the pleasure of having the talented @nicklupi from @spitsyndicate in town! Here's a late night recording shot with local artist Nate. #latergram #regram #Recording #Workshops #Armidale #Music #NickLupi #spitsyndicate #BeyondEmpathy
regram - armidale - workshops - beyondempathy - recording - music - spitsyndicate - nicklupi - latergram -
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"See at the heart of creativity lies a disruptive disregard for the way that things are done, the way that things look, the way that things sound, the way that the world is run, and it’s the same spark, same part of the mind that hears music different, that colours outside of the lines, that answers back, that overthrows governments, And it’s inside each and every one of us." - #disruption #spitsyndicate #deansheridanphotography
deansheridanphotography - disruption - spitsyndicate -
megsiie88 : I hope you're ready to make @tamz_88 and I look as sexy as this wall.. 😁
dbsphotography : 😊 ready to go @megsiie88 will be fun, and a much better conversation πŸ˜‚
megsiie88 : I can pretty much guarantee plenty of awkward posing and uncontrollable laughter πŸ˜‚
dbsphotography : Can't wait πŸ‘Œ @megsiie88
tamz_88 : I hope you realise what you've gotten yourself into πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@dbsphotography @megsiie88
dbsphotography : A whole bunch of fun by the sounds of it. See you ladies Saturday!! @tamz_88 @megsiie88
jackieallman - kimsy_jimsy - riggly1 - nicklupi -
Awww yeh! The last #speechtherapy was THAT GOOD that we decided we oughtta do another one real soon - so here it is. September 26th we're presenting a special @onedayers One Day Crew special edition! A night of raw and unplugged rap and poetry from some of Australia's best - @donjoyride @jimmynice @nicklupi and Solo will be headlining for one night only at @workshopmelbourne πŸŽ‰ Then back it up with One Day Sundays at @the_pennyblack - sounds like an epic weekend! Tix online only $25 at speechtherapy.eventbrite.com @thetonguetakesphotos Poster design by @listentothegraphics #onedayers #onedaysunday #onedaycrew #solo #nicklupi #jimmynice #joyride #spitsyndicate
solo - onedayers - onedaysunday - joyride - jimmynice - onedaycrew - spitsyndicate - speechtherapy - nicklupi -
doggydog35 : @becjlee speaking of no gigs going on
becjlee : @doggydog35 shall we head on in?
sensorykidsllc - me.and.leigh - wmscene - annewhalley -
Yes I'm having a fan girl moment / yes I may have a (slight) crush on @nicklupi / yes today has been a very very good day βœŒπŸΌοΈπŸ™ˆπŸ˜β˜ΊοΈ #onedaysundays #spitsyndicate #nicklupi
onedaysundays - spitsyndicate - nicklupi -
misskatherinee : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
beckstar27 : OMG I totally have the same crush!! And also on jimmy πŸ˜πŸ˜‹
jessxtwo : Hahaha I love Jimmy Nice too!! I got a photo with both of them but not one with Jimmy on his own 😩 @beckstar27
grilf : 😊
rockchiceggs - suzana.rozario - cindycomans - vwolfe720 -
Finally got around to hanging my original prints that are done by the legendary lords @joeldtd of @theamityaffliction and @jimmynice of @spitsyndicate! πŸ™ Both prints are from different ends of the spectrum but both hold significant meanings, so thank you lords! ✌️ #theamityaffliction #spitsyndicate
spitsyndicate - theamityaffliction -
officialmitchmcgowan : Wot r u doing! Frame them!
officialmitchmcgowan : Prints get wrecked so quick if you just hang them
whit3hous3 : I am getting them framed but I just rearranged my room so I needed to hang them for them moment hahaha! @officialmitchmcgowan
officialmitchmcgowan : Good shit! Just make sure it's quick
capsizeband_ - caleb.ray - genevievetoscan - fffreshy -
@nicklupi #onedaysundays #spitsyndicate #nicklupigetemall
nicklupigetemall - onedaysundays - spitsyndicate -
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@jimmynice #onedaysundays #spitsyndicate
onedaysundays - spitsyndicate -
keshiajayne - hellfvckyeah - jessbrew_11 - johno_maxwell -
This here tangible dream. @jimmynice got a real ugly hand style ey? Ha, that giggle. #gdupco #geedup #fashion #sydney #streetwear #jimmynice #spitsyndicate
jimmynice - fashion - spitsyndicate - gdupco - streetwear - sydney - asryt - geedup -
jimmynice : Luh ya boy.
beaugeedup : I'm contemplating buffing the floor, that way we can have another doozy day spent whacking beers, tagging floors and bumping beats haha #asryt @jimmynice
kennefketttakeanz - culturevulturerep2 - jay_christ - patricia.echols -
My favourite thing in my house ❀️ #spitsyndicate #oneday #groovinthemoo #madlove
groovinthemoo - oneday - spitsyndicate - madlove -
_flying_v : That's hectic
candeeeeece - tevinnarain - robbiebrewster3 - hillyrozay -
Legit how I'm coping with TAFE and Uni work today! #nerdlife #spotify #gangstarap #coffee #study #musicmakesitbetter #dontforgettheaushiphop #oneday #spitsyndicate
spotify - coffee - study - musicmakesitbetter - dontforgettheaushiphop - gangstarap - spitsyndicate - nerdlife - oneday -
lea.loa : Your profile is amazingπŸ‘Œ Check my profile πŸ‘
w_berg1990 : @Talnts ---> Check this out!
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A bit of an oldie, but a goodie. #toorealforya #thehuntsbebumping #spitsyndicate
toorealforya - spitsyndicate - thehuntsbebumping -
confessions_of_her : Ha! Love them homies in the back seat 😎
indwe : @confessions_of_her They crack me up!
khristiebarratt : Love. You guys are hardcore!!
indwe : @spitsyndicate
jimmynice : This is awesome.
maiamackinnon1 : They are good lips sinkers
jazzimum - kateveronicaleeson - bodialife - kalemullet -
Man crush 😜 That voice and the songs πŸ‘Œ #mancrush #mancrusheveryday #oneday #spitsyndicate #jimmy #amazing @jimmynice
oneday - amazing - jimmy - spitsyndicate - mancrush - mancrusheveryday -
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Cause there's beauty in the bricks in the city that I'm from 🎢 #Melbourne #melbournelaneways #spitsyndicate
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_spaceventura : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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|| "Sometimes I zone out, and let my mind just drift And I wonder, what will I leave when my time is finished" πŸƒπŸ˜Œ #beachyafternoon #music #exile #spitsyndicate
exile - music - beachyafternoon - spitsyndicate -
oceahnvibe - jyecongoo705 - sophielocke01 - jrlphotos_ -
Money over bullshit, crew on top of everything ✌
spitsyndicate -
tayflavell : Dat booty doe! 😏😘
pillz91 : #spitsyndicate
biggs2464 - coxy_g - jessbrew_11 - eleanorjeanf -
Oh jimmy boy how you do it for me!!!! I don't even care that you look half constipated in this photo. 😘😍 @jimmynice #spitsyndicate #theman #jimmynice #eatrice #yumyum #pigsbum #mancrush
jimmynice - theman - eatrice - spitsyndicate - yumyum - mancrush - pigsbum -
kierstenpapasidero - minimouse28 - drewbear3376 - dailymancrushez -
#SpitSyndicate #love #truelove #drunkinlove #latch #bae #flipagram #mysavior #nerdboy #beautiful #boyfriend #happiness #peace
beautiful - nerdboy - love - flipagram - peace - drunkinlove - truelove - bae - spitsyndicate - happiness - latch - mysavior - boyfriend -
mrsmonamb - highontracks - altermattego - natachagquezada -
#SpitSyndicate #thỏchip πŸ‘―
spitsyndicate - thỏchip -
viracles - pagexinh87 - ptthao.beo - gngnart -
It's always a pleasure to have the talented Nick Lupi from Spit Syndicate work with us! Nick has spent the past 2 days in Armidale running rap workshops for high school kids with our BE crew & local artists Nate & Sneaky Ell. Regram from @nicklupi #NickLupi #SpitSyndicate #SneakyEll #Nate #Rap #Workshops #HighSchool #Art #SpokenWord #BeyondEmpathy #Armidale #LocalArtists #Community #YoungPeople
spokenword - youngpeople - localartists - art - armidale - workshops - beyondempathy - community - rap - highschool - sneakyell - nicklupi - nate - spitsyndicate -
isismede - sneakyatlife - jessbrew_11 - raphaelarosella -
Adding to dinks pics #200followers #automatic #spitsyndicate #dinksisonboard
dinksisonboard - automatic - spitsyndicate - 200followers -
hungryjacksbackwards : Yeah @nathanbrokman
nathanbrokman : Booty bigger than prius
elisew_ : Nigga creepin @nathanbrokman
taylahannee : This is my best angle by far πŸ˜‚
lizzie_maree - lyndonmo55 - julia_sarah1616 - __coops96__ -
"Time is the enemy, he don't play fair" #spitsyndicate #abandonedearth #abandonedsydney #dunlopfactory #slazengerfactory #deansheridanphotography
deansheridanphotography - dunlopfactory - abandonedsydney - slazengerfactory - abandonedearth - spitsyndicate -
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Love a nice drive down south with some aussie hip hop on after a long week #navara #2.5 #4x4 #hoon #dwellingup #spitsyndicate #oneday
2 - hoon - spitsyndicate - dwellingup - 4x4 - oneday - navara -
_rhys_williams_ - sneaky_gypsy - vursafied - nicklupi -
Here today, gone tomorrow! #hipster #selfie #spitsyndicate
selfie - hipster - spitsyndicate -
noah_education.nsw.gov.au - batsey_ - erikaaa_267 - sarah_durante -
'I ain't the one to judge, can't knock your hustle I guess, just keep your pokerface with you when he's on to the next.' Awesome track by australian hiphop legends: #spitsyndicate #starryeyed #Cinema4D #traindoodles
traindoodles - cinema4d - starryeyed - spitsyndicate -
grime.creative - ebklynn - vursafied - rebecca_regenbogen -
Australian music part 2 ❀️the aus hip-hop collection #hilltophoods #sethsentry #hermitude #funkoars #jackieonassis #horrorshow #spitsyndicate #360 #drapht #thundamentals #flightfacilities #australianmusic
horrorshow - thundamentals - flightfacilities - funkoars - australianmusic - jackieonassis - drapht - spitsyndicate - hermitude - sethsentry - 360 - hilltophoods -
ardath_music : Marvelous . You can visit my link πŸ‘πŸŽΆ
tukafanpage : So many rad hip hop artists. Thanks for picking up Thundamentals album! :)
tukafanpage - zoehooper96 - jack.hassam - rob_fkn -
Bit of tool shopping at the local Masters groovin to #spitsyndicate #starryeyed #goodtunes #goodday
goodday - goodtunes - starryeyed - spitsyndicate -
_chainsaw : Check out my my doors there's 2 there
aakad - allybirdxx - aussiebrown90 - jarrod191 -
My boy @jimmynice is working magic for his art installation in our @geedupco Darlinghurst this fresh Friday. It will be ready for viewing late next week. #gdupco #geedup #fashion #sydney #art #spitsyndicate #hiphop #installation #graffiti #handstyle
fashion - art - gdupco - hiphop - graffiti - spitsyndicate - sydney - installation - geedup - handstyle -
deladavid : Fire
huntanthony3 : Fuckin forreal!!!
brooke_russell : Mad πŸ‘
analbell : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
liquidpastels : Phew! πŸ˜“ looks niice
stevesteelberg - cameronyepp - ruby.mulligan - lucyrhand -
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