I have always kinda known but recently I was diagnosed with SAD ( seasonal affective disorder) it's common in people with fibromyalgia coz they lack vitamin D which you get from sunlight . This means in winter months my depression & anxiety is worse & harder to deal with . Spring/summer is my fav time of year & this is a pic of one of my fav places on earth . It's fitzgeralds park in Cork so lucky I only live 5 mins from it . I just think it's one of the most beautiful places in cork & my daughter happens to love it too . So I'm happy spring is approaching , and daffodils are sprouting #SAD #seasonalaffectivedisorder #depression #anxiety #speakingout #noshame #positive #spring #summer #fitzgeraldspark #cork #daffodils #mentalhealth #PMA
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By @thelydiaraquel "Big thanks to @thejasminebrand for allowing me to freely speak my mind!!!! Make sure you go follow... Shuga mama gets ALL the tea! #SororitySisters #NoMoreSilence #SpeakingOut #RealTruth #LydiaRaquel #EmbraceAcademy"
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medicireturns : Yesssss
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Big thanks to @thejasminebrand for allowing me to freely speak my mind!!!! Make sure you go follow... Shuga mama gets ALL the tea! #SororitySisters #NoMoreSilence #SpeakingOut #RealTruth #LydiaRaquel #EmbraceAcademy
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_leahrenee : If your ever in Louisiana or surrounding areas I would love to style your hair ❀️ you can check out my work @stylesbyleahrenee ☺️
stylishlyshrewd : @thelydiaraquel I just absolutely love you and I miss your face.
thejasminebrand : Awwww, my pleasure chica :) @thelydiaraquel
thelydiaraquel : @_leahrenee YASSSSSSS! I may be in New Orleans in the spring!
thelydiaraquel : @stylishlyshrewd You know I love you more! Missing you too!
_leahrenee : @thelydiaraquel please let me know i travel as well!! 😊
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Its difficult being a MAN / MALE we have so much AGAINST US, very few for us. Its a FACT more MEN commit Suicide than women...the Pressure of just being a MAN can become so overwhelming, that some just GIVE UP. This world expects MEN to die sooner than women... They also expect MEN to walk out on their families... The Good that we do is rarely recognized, but the moment we walk out...we are the worst person who ever existed. Those of you who made it this far into reading my post, means what I have to say holds some level of importance to you and I thank you for that. wouldn't hear this from the majority of GUYS/MEN (because of PRIDE) or because they just dont know how to open up to express themselves. #BeingAMan #MenHaveItRough #ThingsIthinkAbout #ThingsWeOverlook #SpeakingOut #ThePainfulTruth #VeryFewUnderstand #LikeIfYouAgree
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'You haven't got a #ManOfGOD in the #Bible that wasn't put to jail when they started #SpeakingOut against #Exploitation and #Oppression.' - #MalcolmX - #FeedTheHungry #FreeTheCaptive #VisitTheSick #DrKing
drking - bible - speakingout - oppression - feedthehungry - wordlife - exploitation - freethecaptive - manofgod - malcolmx - visitthesick -
disrespek : #Jeremiah 23:25, #Deuteronomy 13:5
onedem_ : @Opinions1Deeming, @disRespek #WordLife.
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Sanctity of Life Sunday. God has an amazing way of making beauty from ashes {Isaiah 61:3}. Showing extra love, support, & thankfulness to organizations like Teen Mother Choices Int. and Caris on this day; Both of which being huge emotional support in the beginning of my journey with an unexpected teenage pregnancy. #sanctityoflifesunday #roevswade #prolife #Godisgood #lifeisbeautiful #speakingout @tmcinternational
godisgood - sanctityoflifesunday - lifeisbeautiful - speakingout - prolife - roevswade -
dr3amr : Oh, honey
tmcinternational : What a great God, that He would take what anyone else might see as the worst thing that could ever happen and turn it into something of beauty! Your life is the perfect example of this, Bree! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your incredible journey! <3 <3 <3
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This quote speaks to me. I'm usually not the type to just tell personal things about myself, especially through social media. But growing up.. I was depressed. I didn't really think I had a place in this world. I suffered from depression for 4 years. My parents divorced and I was mistreated physically and verbally. I really thought I was different from people and I used to think that was a bad thing. I've been bullied. And for those who haven't been bullied, it is the worst feeling. You feel like less of a person and so small. For those 4 years.. I felt so hopeless, as if nothing would get better. Negativity always had the best of me. And I could never bring myself to talk to anyone because I didn't want to open up or worry people. I used to go home everyday crying, or staying up so late crying my eyes out. It had got so bad that I started self-harming. I gained so much weight, I used to over-sleep and I hated myself. And in 2014 I met people who tore me down. I ended up going to a behavioral health center, was put on 2 different medications for depression and eventually was in therapy. And all that time the one thing I've ever wanted was for someone to hug me and tell me it would be okay and they would be there for me. The one person who truly stayed by my side was my boyfriend, Brandon. For over a year and a half now. He's never let me down and I love him. Because he's showed me a happier world. He always made sure I was okay. I might get judged for this. And honestly I don't even care. I love myself now and I don't care what people think of me anymore. I love standing out now. I love being different. This is for people suffering from mental health issues. I just want the ones who suffer to know.. You're beautiful and worth it. And as hard as it may seem, things get better. Someone out there loves and cares about you. There IS hope ❀ Never give up ❀ #mentalhealth #supporter #speakingout #makeadifference
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caitcancareless : I feel like if more people like you and me got our stories out there people will be able to see that there is more to life and they can make it through whatever struggle they're going through. Yanno? There's too many people hurting and not enough helping.
flowerchild_brit : @caitcancareless yes I understand what you mean. I always try to talk with people when they're upset because if you've ever been so depressed, you don't want people feeling as bad as you have. That's how I've always felt
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No matter what people say about you, show No H8 towards them. Their remarks are just envious thoughts running around their mind. They see how you're strong, courageous, and how you just simply live your life effortlessly. Don't hate on those who show you disrespect. Those who mean the world to you will treat you with love. Always keep those around you that keep you motivated, inspired, and courageous in life. Keep taking steps forward in your life. Don't let those hateful remarks slow you down, from reaching your dream. Soon the Supreme Court will take on a huge decision about same-sex marriage. This is a huge step for America and for the LGBTQ community. Lets take a stand and show the world that there is NO H8 in America. Stand up for your friends. Stand up for your family. Stand up for your boyfriend/girlfriend. Stand up for all the others that are part of the community. Let there just be equality for everyone and NO H8. #NoH8 #lifeofagay #equality #speakingout #somethingiwrote #mythoughts #pawsup #standup #gayrightsmovement #humanrightsmovement #gayrights #littlemonster #equalrights #ladygaga
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rorozolanski : πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lillian.roberts : lovely gallery 😍
justvel : Thank you @lillian.roberts
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#Fbf #flashbackfriday #Recap of the #Interview on #GoodDayDC #SpeakingOut on a #HotTopic that most are scared to touch on and talk about well not I said the cat!S/o to #MyMama #MamaSoul reminds me of #Cookie @TarajiPHenson! @empirefoxdc @theOriginalbigDaddy I'm #Brave I'm #Strong and I'm #Loved and supported by so many!! So thank you all for giving me the #Strength and #Courage to #BeMyself and tell the #Truth about the #Reality of what this #MusicWorld #Musiclife is about #BehindTheScenes for #Artist like me!!! Its not easy but somebody got to do it! I stand up for what I believe in!! United we stand or divided we fall!! I've been down to many times so there's no where else but up for me!! #TaurusSoulβ™‰πŸ˜Ž
brave - loved - speakingout - taurussoul - gooddaydc - hottopic - courage - cookie - fbf - recap - strong - flashbackfriday - behindthescenes - musiclife - strength - mymama - artist - bemyself - reality - mamasoul - truth - interview - musicworld -
survivinglivinglife : @taurussoulworld always stay true to yourself...i've always excepted you for you nothing but a beautiful, passionate, loving person...thanks for some of the conversation we had when I worked with you much love
taurussoulworld : @survivinglivinglife wow Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate that!! I miss you! And our positive talks we had over the years!!! I love you so much!!!! πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜πŸ˜™ that just touched my heart and soul! I can't thank you enough!!!!
outlookmastery : Nice!
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I'm a rape survivor. I'm not ashamed anymore, but i still feel ruined sometimes. You have to fight that feeling and you have to learn to love your scars. They make you who you are. And you have to forgive your attacker, or he will own you for the rest of your life. #thisisme #speakingout #thisisme #nevershuttingup
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maycknowlton : You're a strong one! πŸ’ͺ
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sinsheimparker : #staceyleighishere, Preach!
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How can someone say something so awful to someone and laugh? How can someone hurt you physically and mentally and sleep so well at night? You have no idea what these people go through, what I go through. People, If you self harm I love you. If your that kid who never eats, I love you. If your that person who's thinking suicide, I love you. I can't express the feelings enough. You thinking your never good enough. That kid who no one likes. That no one would care if you died. That you're a waste of space. That you don't deserve to live. That kid that everyone picks on because they think you're weak. You are so much better than them. You are so much stronger than you think you are, you only think you're weak cause you harm. You're stronger cause you go through all the pain, and you still keep your breath. You're strong cause you deal with all of this, cause you were made strong for it.πŸ’• People will care, they will mourn. Your parents will cry, siblings, family. People would cry knowing that the Earth has lost one of its values. Your school will be dreaded. The people who hurt you will come to realization. That adult who's hard on you is because they know you can do it. Your best friends cry their eyes out every month, cause your gone and you can't come back. The people who hurt you start doing the same. Crying their eyes out because she/he killed an amazing person and they didn't think you would take it seriously. Things will be named after you. And when your dead, after you tied the rope, jumped, drowned, overdosed, cut, or shot yourself, and your gone...You WILL wish to take it all back, because you will then, and only then realize you did matter, and we're important. You do matter πŸ’• even if it's one person, that one person still counts above everyone. Leave the video camera off, the notes left, and everything away. You are special. πŸ™ˆπŸ’• ~Sam Palmer 😘#suicide #cutting #overdose #depression #depressing #iloveyou #lifeover #hanging #speakingout #bully #bullying #suicideisnottheanswer
bullying - suicide - bully - lifeover - speakingout - suicideisnottheanswer - depressing - iloveyou - cutting - hanging - overdose - depression -
connerthegking : It doesn't let me like more than once 😩😩😩😩😩
kennedy_mansonite : This is perfect. πŸ’• I fell yesterday in the hallway because I had my shoes tied together by my friend as a joke, and people just sat there and laughed at me and jokingly asked if I was okay. I laughed at myself to act like I was okay even though they didn't ask. Oh well.
ew.kaitlyn : this is beautiful Sam, Thank you. πŸ’•πŸŒΈ
biglarrythebulldog : if you like skateboarding bulldogs, chances are you will loveeee me ;)
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I realize that I don't have many followers so not many people will get the chance to read this but i think i should post it anyways. --- -----------------------------------------So today in my media literacy class we had conversations about how social media can really effect the lives of others and shape their ideals. With this in mind I decided to post about something I feel strongly about, and that's gay rights. Love has no gender and beauty has no face. Finding someone who fits you is all that matters. Discrimination and bias belong to the ignorant people of the world and I hope they will come to realize that we are all human. #gay #gayrights #lgbt #lesbianrights #homo #homosexuality #speakingout #medialiteracy #media #lovehasnogender #love #humanity #yaoi #yuri #bisexual #pansexual #transexual #weareallreal #beauty #beautiful #stereotypes #bias #discrimination
beautiful - gayrights - love - gay - speakingout - lgbt - homosexuality - bias - yuri - medialiteracy - weareallreal - pansexual - stereotypes - lovehasnogender - discrimination - beauty - media - lesbianrights - transexual - homo - bisexual - humanity - yaoi -
_beautifullyinnocent_ : You actually like flat chested, congrats #genderfluent #ugay
4sp3ct_of_3qu1l1br1um : Hella boy
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#feminist #notholdingmytounge #speakingout
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Speaking out #speakingout #jointhemovement #portland #portlandneighborhood #18th #18thSt #pride #louisville #louisvillebabylon #mylouisville #exploreyourcity #explorelouisville
speakingout - portlandneighborhood - exploreyourcity - louisville - 18thst - louisvillebabylon - 18th - jointhemovement - portland - pride - explorelouisville - mylouisville -
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Talking about something a lot more personal on the blog today. It's not often that I share my health story online (in fact I've only hinted at it online before) and only those who know me personally will know what the last two years have had in store for me with regards to health. But I wanted to share my story in the hope that, like other bloggers who have shared their health stories and helped me, it will encourage and help anyone else going through something similar. (Blog link in my profile.)
me - chronicfatiguesyndrome - speakingout - lifewithachronicillness - chronicillness - thecobaltchaos - cfs -
bmcd24 : #TheCobaltChaos #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #CFS #ME #ChronicIllness #LifewithaChronicIllness #SpeakingOut
naomagreen : 😘😘
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Over the years I always thought that the word courage was completely connected to do something brave or heroic and it is, but when I learned about its real meaning, found that the root of the word courage is cor-the latin word for heart. Courage originally meant "speaking one's mind by telling all one's heart" presently for me courage means speaking honestly and openly about what we feel, are and want but nowadays that's something extraordinary for many people, so when you really think about it if you speak honestly and openly and become vulnerable through that you are doing something brave and heroic which is the current meaning of courage. #courage #meaning #speakingout #speakinghonestly #speakingopenly #heart #heroic #bebrave #urbanflamingoblog #malala #picbychristopherthomong
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laporsha.kay : I jus died
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h_wraich : @benjy_951 @airgeezus007 @kaioken.kid dating goals πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ’―
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I know there's a lot of controversy around this... But I can confirm, YES I was 22 when this was shot 😝 haha! Happy to see finally a little bit of the edited version, more to still come😁 from my interview on Save The Dal, ️Politics, Bullying, Depression and Fitness πŸ’‹πŸ’ͺ #fitnessmodelgal #blogger #fitness #depression #antibullying #glamourmodel #politics #savethedal #controversy #taylorswift #22 #edit #videshoot #dayjob #somuchfun #publicspeaking #speakingout
somuchfun - speakingout - videshoot - blogger - publicspeaking - savethedal - dayjob - politics - depression - antibullying - 22 - edit - taylorswift - controversy - glamourmodel - fitnessmodelgal - fitness -
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This is a true accurate description of social anxiety , I believe my mind is my own worst enemy #anxiety #awareness #socialanxiety #generalisedanxiety #mentalhealth #stigma #speakingout
anxiety - mentalhealth - stigma - speakingout - awareness - socialanxiety - generalisedanxiety -
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Today was wonderful! Had the opportunity to speak to the South Brunswick High School's GSA with "SpeakingOut" - Awesome!!! #GSA #GayStraightAlliance #NJ #lgbtq #Proud #Activist #photoglife #Philadelphia #SpeakingOut #SpeakUP #ShareYourStory #BeFree #Beautiful #UartsAlumni #WonderfulDay #ProudToBeMe
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glitzglamsweatnj : Hey! Follow us @glitzglamsweatnj !! :)
its.devine : Me n my friend is putting together a GSA in our school
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Lucy Burns was a suffragist who formed the National Women’s Party along with Alice Paul. Burn’s headed the NWP’s lobbying efforts in Congress, edited ‘The Suffragist’ journal, and spent more time in prison than any other American suffragist. #suffrage #womensrights #humanrights #badass #prisontime #activism #speakingout #history #katecarew #rediscovered #lucyburns #Ilovelucy #courage
prisontime - speakingout - activism - suffrage - womensrights - ilovelucy - courage - katecarew - lucyburns - humanrights - badass - rediscovered - history -
tombibiyan : Dig it.
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All set up and ready for my first shoot on my new video on Marriage Equality for the Referendum in May 2015, need to use my voice and video to follow. #gay #voice #videoshoot #marriage #civilmarriage #equality #gayrights #Ireland #Irish #standupandbecounted #irishboy #speakingout #referendum #equalrights
videoshoot - gayrights - irish - equality - gay - speakingout - standupandbecounted - irishboy - equalrights - marriage - referendum - ireland - civilmarriage - voice -
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#TTNworldwide #SpeakingOut #January2015 : The public transport advantage. Busses, trams, and trains do more than just add to a city’s or country’s charm. Read the full column at
speakingout - january2015 - ttnworldwide -
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This really #breaks my #heart, an #artist who has #sold over 20 000 #copies #Gold... #SoulCandi #session15... #Ntsikelelo If this was the only #artist #speakingOut about this I would think he is #bitter but he is not the only 1... cc @gagasifm @ukhozi_fm @dyrfm does this 1 of many have to go #international before his music is on #high #rotation? I'm sure you don't even know who he is...
heart - ntsikelelo - gold - artist - speakingout - breaks - copies - high - soulcandi - sambro - international - rotation - session15 - bitter - sold -
preacherskid_pk : @nkosicele & @mchichwa_t it is rather painful. . .
mchichwa_t : Ey kunzima dawg
nkosicele : But @preacherskid_pk @mchichwa_t what is being done about it? Should we just seat and watch? These r public radio stations guys dey r for us
mchichwa_t : @nkosicele the power is in our hands since these are public radio stations but this is something that can not be changed by the 3 of us but it demands a lot of people
nkosicele : @mchichwa_t as I sais my most worry are the musicians themselves why are they quite about this?
mchichwa_t : I guess we as musicians need to unite and take a stand
lindt0 : This topic needs a column in a specific newspaper for the public to comment on if it cannot get onto the radio stations. . Im there is a lot of people complaining about the very same issue but no platform to contest but than again who is to create that platform? ?????
preacherskid_pk : @lindt0 I believe it is the patriotic South African who loves the content and talent of what our country has to offer...
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Abusive behaviors are not solely related to intimate partners BUT can and do exist in business dealings. Speak up and expose the truth. Because no matter what, the truth is the truth. #character #integrity #ethical #truth #speakup #speakingout
ethical - truth - speakup - speakingout - character - integrity -
randaquraan - riding_to_wellness - missdinaaaa - carmenbroad -
Just been sent this disturbing video of an "MP" from Britain First, she says "English people don't want your mega mosque" πŸ˜‚ ...What about the English Muslims? πŸ™‹πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ I can say I'm 100% (give or take a few ancestors) English, as are my parents, and my grandparents, and their grandparents. I wasn't aware one sacrificed ones heritage, culture and nationality when changing their view on God?! Please all pray for her (and so many others) ignorance! #InshAllah #Peace #AgainstRacism #AntiRacism #Islamaphobia #SpeakingOut
antiracism - islamaphobia - peace - inshallah - speakingout - againstracism -
naomiearly : Her surname is Fransen. Sounds very British doesn't it?! According to the Britain First group that she is the deputy leader of, converts like us are traitors and should be shot for treason. I spend half my life reporting this lovely lot to the police :/
hijabihannah : @naomiearly They don't even have any basic knowledge of Islam, totally crazy! May Allah make it easy for you lovie inshAllah! X
fachri12 : :(
naomiearly : No they don't have a clue. Today, they've been about boycotting halal products, they think it's something in their food or a religious tax. Yes, really! Their posts are hilarious but unfortunately, they're a dangerous bunch too. If you're on Facebook, there's a group called Exposing Britain First who do a lot to raise awareness of who they are and what they're doing. Ameen, jazak'allah khair x
kylecousinsofficial - leah.imaan - yasminkd_ - customizemyconcrete -
#London#V&A#museum#disobedient#objects#speakingout #yamecanse#todossomosayotzinapa#mexico #basta
disobedient - mexico - speakingout - museum - objects - london - basta - v - yamecanse - todossomosayotzinapa -
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Bear Grylls Rap #beargrylls#rap#icecold#finnishedition#winter#speakingout#187#hireme#rollingstonecover#mrworldwide#literally#youngster#hatersgonnahate
187 - winter - finnishedition - speakingout - icecold - mrworldwide - manvswild - hatersgonnahate - youngster - rap - literally - rollingstonecover - fuckdiscoverychannel - hireme - beargrylls -
chrizohall : #fuckdiscoverychannel#manvswild
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theshiftishappening : launching a new brand... looking for people like you to socially market the brand, try the products for free then go from there. check my page out and DM so i can show you what to do next. :)
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Couldn't have said it any better #myworkspeaksforitself #igrowwithoutyou #IDFWU #amazingmuas #leavethemin2014 #lifechanges #newfollowerswelcomed #neverbrag #cantwalkaroundwithbadbrows#humility #speakingout #support #s4s #promua #killthemwithkindness #YAMAFIED #ydk_looks #haterarenymotivators
cantwalkaroundwithbadbrows - haterarenymotivators - speakingout - promua - lifechanges - myworkspeaksforitself - ydk_looks - humility - igrowwithoutyou - killthemwithkindness - amazingmuas - idfwu - newfollowerswelcomed - yamafied - support - neverbrag - s4s - leavethemin2014 -
1africanprinces : Amen
storyofstenio : ...Steniooo! πŸ’― πŸ‘€
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"On set with #Coppola for #ApocalypseNow. So #blessed to be a part of this beautiful #team and #speakingout for #VietnamAwareness. #actorlife #setlife #Vietnam #gunviolence #napalmviolence #acting #monologue #shotonfilm" -Marlon Brando on the set of Apocalypse Now
setlife - napalmviolence - shotonfilm - actorlife - speakingout - coppola - blessed - apocalypsenow - vietnamawareness - acting - gunviolence - team - monologue - vietnam -
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regram @thedelectablemissrobinson @beautaplin is a very enlightened individual, putting into words the things some of the hard truths about modern life. The things people can't find words to say or find too difficult to admit. I have observed that this seems to be the sad truth nowadays; living in a world full of convenience it has now expanded into the realms of things that really shouldn't be convenient. Where courting and love is just a game; disposable pleasures over meaningful pursuits. Making an effort to overcome difficulties instead of walking away is too much hassle, honesty has taken a back step; easier to ignore someone because it's convenient than to face up to someone and feel bad, conversations which should be face to face are conducted through text and are open to misinterpretation in tone, meaning and content....the so called genuine become the disingenuous and trust becomes a far off concept of which many become incapable. #earlymorningthoughts #musings #thoughtsoftheday #wisewords #wiseup #convenience #modernlife #thetruth #straightup #onpoint #foodforthought #lifelessons #factsoflife #liveandlearn #realfact #relatable #straightnochaser #reality #realtalk #thoughts #trust #truestory #faceuptofacts #backtobasics #genuine #realpeople #standingup #speakingout #sadtruth
earlymorningthoughts - straightup - truestory - realtalk - speakingout - backtobasics - musings - onpoint - relatable - modernlife - liveandlearn - trust - thoughtsoftheday - standingup - lifelessons - straightnochaser - genuine - realfact - foodforthought - sadtruth - reality - convenience - thetruth - realpeople - wiseup - thoughts - faceuptofacts - wisewords - factsoflife -
lioninthegarden : ❀️
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Chirlane McCray and Bill de Blasio ❀️✊ #speakingout #inspirational
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#Slippedout #SomethingNew #SpeakingOut πŸ˜žπŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ’―πŸ˜žπŸ‘€πŸ‘Œ
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