#charity #swag #epilepsy #awareness #folder! #changing #opinions #reframing #speakingout
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lisasalky : Love this looks amazing!!!!
amksotbrain : Thanks @lisasalky 😘😘😘😘
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Afghanistan's First Lady Rulu Ghani looks to challenge the tradition of leader's wives staying out of the public eye. A recent interview with @bbcnews the First Lady hopes to encourage a greater respect for women within her country. "I would like to give women the courage and possibility to do something about improving their lives" -the First Lady #speakingout #breakthemold #firstlady #afghanistan #respect #women #challenge #movement #global #change
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Cannot express how much I value this. Social media seems to find it hilarious to joke about their 'side girls', and it bothers me. My last boyfriend cheated on me, and I held my tongue because *I* was embarrassed about it. It absolutely humiliated me, made me question myself and all that I stood for. The damage it causes is devastating. I even kept it quiet for his sake too, but I don't care anymore. I've cut him out, and he probably deserves for everyone to know - to feel even half the embarrassment i've had to endure. Truth is, there's absolutely nothing wrong with me, and everything wrong with him. He and I shared some good times but the best thing i've taken from him is this lesson: Don't tolerate cheating. If someone is being unfaithful - pick your heart up off the floor and leave their sorry ass, they don't value you and they certainly don't deserve you. Have a good hump day guys. #cheating #infidelity #speakingout #sorrynotsorry
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Oh hey sonπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Ό 😘 {October is national Infant & Pregnancy Loss month with October 15th being the actual day it is observed...1 in 4 women is not just a is meπŸ™‹!!!} ~10.17.06~ #My1stSon #MyOnlySon #My1stBaby #LifeChanging #InfantLoss #PregnancyLoss #SpeakingOut #ItHappensToTheBestOfUs #SaleemMurad #MyLeem #IveComeALongWay
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ms_jade_rn : Wow , eight years ago.... It doesn't seem that long ago πŸ˜”
shy_shyb : May Allah bless you
choc_drop0214 : Wow your strength is well baby boyπŸ˜”πŸ™Œ
ur_favorite_redbone : β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™Œ
shareefahimsofabulous : Mashaa Allah
faithndambition : Brother πŸ˜πŸ˜‡πŸ‘ΌπŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ™Œ
tashiidii : Innalillahi wainnaillahi rajioon. May Allah bless your family, and may you be reunited in junnah inshaAllah
rayzofsunshine : Never seen this pic before he was a beautiful baby boy. Bless you and your courage and strength.
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Join @fohrmag | @madeanimpact | @official_jaden_francis by #standingup & #speakingout #Repost from @fohrmag --- Everyone has a role to play in preventing bullying. So, be a leader! Join us as we rally against bullying by reposting this photo. Also, here are four things parents can do to help to prevent bullying - no matter what age. 1. Make sure your kid understands bullying - explain what it is & that it's not normal or tolerable for them to bully, be bullied, or stand by and watch other kids be bullied 2. Keep the lines of communication open - talk and listen to your kid everyday 3. Be a good example for your kid - do not get angry at others, speak mean or in an abusive way 4. Create healthy habits — ex. be kind, take turns and have respect #fohrmag #futureleaders #antibullying #standup #speakout #fightagainstbullying
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_theletterb : This looks like you @domi_land
domi_land : Lol she's a mixture of us @_theletterb
_theletterb : And @cassidey_doe0213 huh @domi_land
official_jaden_francis : β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ :) #nobullying
official_jaden_francis : @just__jaden Great job!!
im_jaida_alexis_official : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Been ashamed of my story for many years...#quiet #nobodyneedstoknow #hiddenfromtheworld #behindcloseddoors #speakingout #hopefully #icaninspire #younggirls #tonotfallvictim #oldermen #prayonyou #fukyou #leaveyou #takeadvantageofyou #lies #bs #stayinschool #dontbeafool :-D
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Thanks to #IlegalMezcal for the generous donation for the #speakingOUT event at @BluestockingsBookstore
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msquared20 : @kaylanrexer
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#speakingOUT at Bluestockings Book store Lower East Side. 7pm tonight
speakingout -
queer2thet : Congrats!!! :)
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Our very own Brittney speaking out on outdoor education! #gssn #speakingout #findyourvoice #girlscouts #girldelegates #girlscoutconvention #saltlakecity #saturday #outdooreducation
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God put people on this earth for a reason and I don't want to be but I will be a fashion designer πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘βœŒοΈπŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’―πŸ”₯ #speakingout
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cheung.lee : look at my bitch πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ruccivee : Aweeee shit 😍😍😍
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#speakingOUT at Big Blue Marbles tonight at 7!
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#7pm #15october #lightingcandles #speakingout #inrememberance #awareness #pregnancyandinfantloss #oneinfour
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daisycherry : Xxx
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The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud! #Independence #Courage #Dignity #Empowerment #Individuality #SelfDetermination #speakingOut #Freedom ✌️
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ttcruiser14 : Amennnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!
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__kriista : For babes all around the world β™‘ #love #miscarriage #child #children #speakingout #hurting #miscarriageawareness #babyloss #infantloss #raisingawareness
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You really don't understand, do do? You don't understand how it's like to push yourself to get out of bed every morning, put on eyeliner and all kinds of makeup, do your hair, yet still hating the way you look. You despise it. Having to drag yourself to school everyday wanting to just go home and sleep. Not wanting to deal with anyone or anything. Not eating lunch and people ask you "why aren't you eating?" Getting sick to your stomach of the sight of food. Having to sit through class praying you don't get called on, because you feel as if everyone is judging you when you answer or speak in general, and even worse if you get the answer wrong. Having to wear long sleeve shirts on 90 degree weather, just to hide your wrists. People ask "aren't you hot?" But you say no. Wanting to go home every day and end your life because you're so tired of the way it's going? You're a teenager. Maybe even younger. Dealing with all of this anxiety and depression and suicidal thoughts you don't have room for anything else in your brain because it takes over everything. No one will understand what kids like me go through, yet they say they do. You'll only understand if it happens to you. Yet some people tend to make fun of people like me, for being emotionally and mentally distressed. Calling us freaks, crybabies, nasty, skinny bitches, fat, ugly. But they do not realize that those words, constantly being repeated over and over, it sticks with us. For the rest of our lives. Yet we have to act like we're all okay. we have to put on our makeup, fix our hair, put on our smile, and act like we're perfectly okay, right? #depression #suicide #selfharmmm #speakingout #faking #sadness
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Wouldn't even say im single...more like im free... #speakingout #nomorepretending
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On my walk to campus today I ran into a group of students representing the Red Cup Project. Their art installation is made from the red Solo cups left behind in neighborhood yards and streets after one night of partying around Syracuse U campus. These were collected on Sunday night! It's enough to cover the entire corner of Euclid and Comstock. I asked them to explain their message. In response, they asked me to suggest what I thought they were trying to say, which I found to be a thought provoking reply as I suddenly realized there were many possible issues these students might be raising about partying on campus -- Syracuse was recently ranked No. 1 Party School... Reports seem to indicate that Syracuse students are partying harder recently and since receiving the top party school "honor"... Maybe these students were even taking issue with the physical fallout of partying itself, the environmental impact of this trash left carelessly behind, or maybe the general confusion of priorities this trail of red plastic and regret seems to symbolize -- When I finished listing all the things I could imagine might be their issue with the red cups they simply said, "Yep, all those things." I asked if I could take a picture and they said asked if I'd post it. You got it guys! Amid all the talk of partying around here, it's easy to forget how bright and talented our students really are.
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rotolo : #RedCupProject #Syracuse #SyracuseUniversity #SU #Cuse #college #campus #students #art #expression #speakingout #redsolocup #drinking #partying #fratparty #frat #protest #ig_gallery #ig_artistry #design #sculpture #photooftheday #photooftheday #instagood #igers #GoOrange
masoncain_t3p : Love the energy! I'm working on a movement that I can see you playing a major role in! Contact me through the website link on my page bio. God bless!
dens : this is awesome.
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Stop by #speakingOUT and #queerbooks at 12th and spruce/locust at OutFest Philly
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#iam1in4 #speakingout #awareness #October
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jrny2_happiness : #speakingOut #refuseToBeSilent #myLife #MyStory #MyPain #MyCalling #iSeenMyMotherGetHit #TheCycleStops #nomore #nomorecampaign
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A way to communicate. #happysunday #blessedsunday # #viajerongpinoy #litratongPinoy #listening #speakingout #takemehomesoon #preciousmoments
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Still needs shading but I love it. #nilmdts #angelbabies #mommyofanangel #birthwithoutfear #infantlossawareness #october #speakingout
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pretty_kittycat : Love this!
brittynnaylor : Thank you @pretty_kittycat !!!!
coryalove : Absolutely beautiful! @brittynnaylor you'll be an amazing mama!
brittynnaylor : thanks @coryalove !n
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#phillyphotoday #speakingout Rachelle's book release party
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#educateme #educateanation ##internationaldayofthegirl #empowered #oct11 #givemeachance #growingup #dontbehating #speakingout
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I know the difference between right and wrong, and how it feels to be belittled everyday. I'm not going to sit by and watch it happen to someone else without saying something, and if you don't agree with that then it says more about you than it does about me! #speakingout #fuckwhattheythink #myownmind #rantover
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#speakingOUT #queer books. #little chair printing
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cpr_klnyng : Hope!!!!
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You can replace me, but YOU can NEVER be me. β˜οΈπŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‰ #Embarassing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #StrongerNow #UCantPullMeDown #NotYou #SecretSoul #SpeakingOut #VictimHere πŸ™‹ #EatYourWordsPlease πŸ‘Š #SorryButNotSorry #HumbleNoMore #Pure πŸ™‹ #Cleane #Young #Fresh
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#speakingOUT book launch tonight!! 6-9pm @william way. After party @Woodys
speakingout -
rachelleleesmith : Oh. Pick up today's copy of the PGN
hotrodhussy609 : OMG that's tonight and I have to work! Grrrrrrr good luck and I'm sorry to not be there ❀️
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The fab @gemcairn speaks #violenceinrelationships #speakingout at the @WOWtweetUK #dayofthegirl Mentoring Morning! #dayofthegirl #equality #leanin #mentoring #education #mentor #sharing
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Happy 74th, John!!! You are greatly missed and still deeply admired. I carry you in my heart. #happybirthday #johnlennon #manofpeace #trueartist #speakingup #speakingout #standingalone #standingstrong #changetheworld #songwriter #poet #musician #united #notafraid
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boxofbeats91 : pretty damn cool
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U say i look creepy and creepy is what make me happy and what make me who i am do not like it sorry i'm just a freak to u guys! Maybe you should open your eyes to different people and not make fun of the ab normal #abnormal #goth #emo #speakingout #creepy #bulling #meangirls
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haydenm29 : Hmu
cyberbunny01 : Sorry what?
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#tbt picture of rachelleleesmith's school days. Please note her employees added the paper heart.
speakingout - tbt -
scorriganworks : I'd also like to note her decade long work on #speakingOUT!
scorriganworks : @rachelleleesmith which anniversary comes first, speaking out or working in the shop?
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