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#fgm #awareness #conference #community #activists #speakingout #listen #womensrights
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Interesting exhibition around climate change at #ManchesterMuseum- some thought provoking quotes and messages all around the exhibition. #interactivity #climatechange #havingyoursay #speakingout #environment #future
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This part of #SpeakingOut - a 21st Century Handbook for Women and Girls, seems particularly relevant today, as the trolls have had even more time on their hands than usual, setting up fake, defamatory accounts to tweet #QandA as 'me'. Gross stuff. Thank you to Twitter for the swift response. As I always say, block and ban at will and report any threats and defamatory material. It makes the online 'air' much cleaner. There is no ethical, legal or logical requirement for you or anyone else to take abuse online from literally anyone who has an internet connection. Block, ban, report and leave them to shout at clouds. #speakingout #books #onlineabuse #trolls #trolling #socialmedia #taramoss @harpercollinsaustralia
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curvecreation : @missrubyrabbit @taramossauthor agreed. I went through this earlier this year and it was a nightmare. People trying to defame me, tagging my sponsors in their bullying antics. It was horrid. What was worse was the number of people who jumped on the bandwagon for the sake of it. I blocked and reported the people involved and got called a bully for doing so. I've seen ruby go through it too. The internet seems to sadly make nasty people bolder as they can hide with more ease.
katemeadley : Love love love.
taramossauthor : @curvecreation @missrubyrabbit I'm so sorry you both go through this. It is never okay. x Solidarity.
alpha.whiskey_ : 'Restriction of their freedom of speech'?! What nonsense! The excuses they use. Definitely block and ignore, it's surprising and creepy how much they enjoy abusing.
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Champions, you have to be your biggest cheerleaderπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Forgive and Live your life! What you did isn't who you areπŸ’œ #1in14 #ourmoms #ecefirm #incarceration #communication #parentalincarcerationadvocate #familysupport #classroomsupport #supportchildren #buildingfamilies #bridgingthegap #speakingout #unityinfamilies #unitywithfamiliesandteachers #literacy #education #knowledgeispower #kidlit #library #moms #selfpublishing
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fitchick825 : 😊
yolandawoods74 : Amen!!!!
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❀️ #speakingout #swf2016 Bliss.
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taralee.peace : Such a cute photo. I'm looking forward to reading your new book. I already have it in my budget for my next pay day.
br0n5ki : Got the book today, thank you ❀
taramossauthor : @taralee.peace I hope you enjoy the read, Tara Lee x
taramossauthor : @br0n5ki Happy reading x
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Proud of this girl for being chosen out of her class to present her speaking out speech to the school! She might not have made the next round but boy am I proud of her! She flat out refused to do it but the teacher and I worked together to help her overcome her fears and hopefully this boosts her confidence even more! #mybiggirl #love #proud #speech #speakingout
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kym.13 : Sooooo proud of you gorgeous girlπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
snezza13 : Good job jade πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜š
mel_bakes_alot : Thank you @kym.13 and @snezza13 πŸ’–
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The glorious Tara Moss was in the paper talking about the power of speaking up about gender inequality. Can't wait to read her new book.. X #taramoss #speaking up #speakingout #equality #informed
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Admiring my loot from the Sydney Writers' Festival. I was beyond elated to meet my ultimate role model/girl crush - Tara Moss. There are few things that make me speechless, but this encounter sure did & I'm still swooning. 😍 @taramossauthor @sydney_writers_festival #taramoss #speakingout #thefictionalwoman #virginiawoolf #aroomofonesown #author #authorsofinstagram #sydneywritersfestival #sydneywritersfestival2016 #sydneylocal #bookstagram #books #rolemodel #girlcrush #read #sydney #nsw #australia #femaleauthors #feministbooks #feminism #feministreads
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miss_magic_lantern : Awesome pic! Your IG is pretty dope. You should look at this website ➑️➑️ to recieve 400 follows on your IG every single day! πŸ˜‹
ebooklaunch : Great stuff! πŸ“š βœ’
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Both class champions, big sis & baby sis take the stage for the year level finals of the school speech comp. So proud of their courage and of Mia tackling the women and body image issue despite jeers from some of her peers! #speakingout #courageoyslittlewomen #sisters
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shwastedvisual : is the most dope way to get 2000 followers & likes! What's the wait? Give it a go now! πŸ™„
k.archer1 : That is amazing, and Mia is one awesome galπŸ‘
sem008 : That's brilliant! Well done girls! N brilliant role modelling for them Liz.
missus_galo : Thanks @sem008 @k.archer1 πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
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Nearly two years after she passed away, I was finally able to spread the ashes of my first baby. I spread her in my favorite park along the stream that has brought me so much peace over the years. Even though we planned on doing it together when we first split, my ex backed out of doing it if we had to do it together. I couldn't have been more grateful that I had an amazing person volunteer to go so I didn't have to do this alone. Once I set her free, I never imagined the peace it would bring me and that the anger I have harbored from over the years of my marriage would be replaced with forgiveness. It was the last assurance I needed to know that everything was going to be okay and that I made the right choice to walk out of my marriage. I know I was strong enough to leave, knowing many others are still too frightened to leave. I am more at peace than I ever have been in years. #Portia #FlyFreeBabyGirl #LettingGoOfTheLastDemons #SpeakingOut #PeaceLoveHappiness #GoodbyeToThePastForever
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Anyone else reading 4 books at one time? It's been a big week for inspiring women in Australia! @rosiebatty1 @taramossauthor @gloriasteinem @larissabehrendt #speakingout
speakingout -
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Reunited with my girl after a huge week of Gloria Steinem (who I will miss talking with daily, like a long lost feminist godmother), the #sydneywritersfestival and the launch of #SpeakingOut. What a glorious, special week. #books #swf2016 #speakingout
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sarahcnorris : What a gorgeous moment! Makes me want to cuddle my own little munchkin. Thank you for sharing x
poonipettt : Thank you being such a beautiful, strong, warm, kind, and well articulated woman. You and your family show me that you don't have to be "conventional" to be happy. Xxx
robinriedstra : I LOVE your daughter's shoes!
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Well, these two women are off the charts amazing. With the funny and talented @rosiewaterland and @nakkiah at the #sydneywritersfestival. #books #swf2016 #speakingout
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ellanacosta : This is one of the greatest photos ever
teaalldaylong : @katharineknowsbest
robinriedstra : Nakkiah is so brilliant.
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Amazing panel with Rosie Waterland, Tara Moss, Natalie Tran and Emma Jane #sydneywritersfestival #ladiesonline #speakingout
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30homegames : This would've been fun. Hope there's a podcast of it
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Ah, what a moment. I felt blessed to have my girl at the launch of #speakingout. It was her first ever book launch, and I had not seen her for 'four sleeps' before this moment, as I've been on tour. She is one of the reasons I write what I do. Her arrival in the world lit a fire under me. I am so lucky to have her in my life. #swf2016 #taramoss #beheard #sydneywritersfestival #speakingout #books
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kazzarocky : Simply gorgeous!
madameclochette : It's amazing how such tiny feet give such a walloping kick up the bum... I've never been more determined ☺ such a lovely photo of you two ❀
hayleymaycasey : You are such an inspiration Tara. Thankyou for being so much more than a beautiful face, you have leveraged your beauty, you're like a modern day Audrey Hepburn.
debs_bensaul : When she's older she will be so proud of her pioneer mum.
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Domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty at the launch of Tara Moss's #speakingout #strongwomen #feminist #taramoss @taramossauthor #rosiebatty #book #writer #sydneywritersfestival #swf2016 #swf #thewharf #sydney #lovesydney #australia (and - apologies- could someone tell me who the woman on the left is so I can name her too?) #bookscreateaus
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daviddeprey : Great Post! On Fire! πŸ”₯
lindajaivin : @daviddeprey thank you!! Great women!!
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So proud! Changes are a'happening! Two of my most favorite women right now teaming together to launch something magical for women & girls! Ahh so happy ❀️ #SpeakingOut #TaraMoss #RosieBatty #SVDC Repost @taramossauthor #EmpoweringWomen
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stevievanderchys_photographer : #SVDCBodyLove #humanrightsadvocate #stevievdc #maternalhealth #charity #supportingwomen #love #inspire #educate #empower #empowerment #picoftheday #photooftheday #GeelongPhotographer #StevieVanDerChys #geelongmaternity #GeelongPhotographer #geelongbirthphotographer #SVDCBirths #stevievdc #strength #pain #mother #motherandbaby #powerful #inspiration
autobiographyofanadventurer : Awesome post
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sharelyns : @taramossauthor
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An honour to have been featured in Tara Moss 's latest book #SpeakingOut HarperCollins With Rosie Batty, Saba Vasefi & Ruby Hamed
speakingout -
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An honour to have been featured in Tara Moss 's latest book #SpeakingOut HarperCollins
speakingout -
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What a night. Thank you Rosie Batty for launching Speaking Out - a 21st Century Handbook for Women and Girls and thanks to all the women who contributed. We can do it! Thank you to those who attended, for the generous support and standing ovation! to bring me to tears at the launch. It meant so much to me to have the support of friends, loved ones and readers. I know many of you travelled far. Thank you. And a big thank you to all of the women who contributed their voices to this book, including Ruby Hamad, Karen Willis, Lucy Cornell, Saba Vasefi, Mariam Veiszadeh and Rosie Batty, pictured here with awesome might. Here's to a future where more women and girls can safely speak out, take their rightful place on the public stage and be heard. More info: @harpercollinsaustralia #speakingout #sydneywritersfestival #taramoss #beheard #swf2016 #feminism #wecandoit
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velvetfoxx : Awesome, such an inspiration xox
xericgiguerex : Lol j'suis popolaire partout dans le monde moi..
mariamveiszadeh : An absolute honour to be amongst such courageous, strong and resilient women. "When women support each other incredible things happen"!
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Telling it like it is at the launch of Speaking Out - a 21st Century Handbook for Women and Girls, about the epidemic of violence against women in this country. These stats represent real Australian women's experiences, right now. It's not good enough. (You are reading that right - 90% of Australian women with an intellectual disability have been subjected to sexual abuse. 90%.) @ourwatch @harpercollinsaustralia #books #speakingout #taramoss #beheard #sydneywritersfestival #swf2016
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50_in_the_city : Holy shit! 90%! That's abuse of the highest order and no ones talking about it - except @taramossauthor πŸ™Œ : πŸ‘πŸ»
velvetfoxx : The statistics are shocking and we all need to be a voice for all the victims that can't speak out. I'm an Advanced Diploma of Justice student and trying to make a difference. We must stand together and Speak Out!!! #OurWatch #SpeakingOut #NotViolentNotSilent
clairesun_ : @fabianring_ so awful. 1 in 5... We all have five female friends. Distressing.
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speakingout -
So much respect for @taramossauthor who writes because she feels compelled to. Launching her latest book #SpeakingOut - a 21st Century Handbook for Women & Girls @harpercollinsaustralia
speakingout -
spiritladyhawk : Beautiful and awesome smart fabulous women X
sechysdiary : πŸ‘
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There's no stopping this woman! @taramossauthor launching her 11th book #SpeakingOut - encouraging women and girls to do just that..
speakingout -
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Congratulations to this very impressive human! Love you're work @taramossauthor Here at the launch of her new book Speaking Out- A 21st Century Handbook for Women & Girls. #taramossauthor #speakingout #sydneywritersfestival #dreamjob #rachelmontgomerymakeup
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stocks.options : This is cool :)
irongent_ : Good shot!!!
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Tonight was Tara's book launch. Women need a voice and this is the handbook @taramossauthor #speakingout
speakingout -
womenshealthandfitnesssummit : Looking forward to the read!
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A fabulous day at the #sydneywritersfestival, topped off by meeting @taramossauthor and getting her brand new book, Speaking Out, signed for our daughter. We promise to encourage her to do just that. #speakingout #taramoss #booksigning #booklaunch #sydneywritersfestival
booklaunch - sydneywritersfestival - booksigning - taramoss - speakingout -
rozsagastonauthor : Beautiful.
areadersheaven : @rozsagastonauthor it is something we believe, as parents. As booksellers, we want to promote worthwhile books!
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Women who know about #SpeakingOut! @taramossauthor Rosie Batty & Heather Nancarrow @ANROWS #sydneywritersfestival
speakingout - sydneywritersfestival -
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Tara Moss honours the women who contributed to Speaking Out. #taramoss #speakingout πŸ‘Š #squadgoals
speakingout - taramoss - squadgoals -
laurenebmc : @hellyj55 πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‚
hellyj55 : @laurenebmc πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’‹
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@taramossauthor my new girl crush!!Smart certainly = beautiful! Launching her new book at the Sydney Writers Festival - Speaking Out: A 21st Century Handbook for Women and Girls. #swf #taramoss #author #model #inspiration #girlpower #speakingout
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The super brave and brilliant @taramossauthor discussing the shocking statistics of women's safety in Australia at the launch of #speakingout
speakingout -
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IT'S LIKE STANDING NEXT TO A GLORIOUS AMAZON WARRIOR QUEEN. With @taramossauthor, my niecey Allira and me. #speakingout #swf2016
speakingout - swf2016 -
lexinoz : Lookin' very 'glamazon' yourself, Rosie πŸ’ƒπŸ’ͺ🏼 xx
ajanxious : So does your niece think you're cool yet :P
melsholli : Yes! We love Tara!
m.alanne : Okay, so your outfit totally rocks... And question! Get that TGAWQ out of thereees
jack_the_rebel_ - 2sweetsncocco - hausofdizzy - mary_lawler -
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