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I love this. I think it is a wonderfully simple way of explaining just what bipolar disorder is like. #bipolar #proud #tigger #eeyore #wonderful #understanding #notashamed #speakingout πŸ‘ŒπŸ’œ
notashamed - speakingout - proud - tigger - understanding - bipolar - wonderful - eeyore -
cuddlyksx : amazing pics btw! β˜€
creepy6ym -
My first client video is coming out on Sunday! It was such an honor to work on this piece for the Orange County Rape Crisis Center. They're doing such important work #ocrc #antirape #rapeculture #survivor #sexualassault #speakingout #feminism #thisiswhatafeministlookslike
thisiswhatafeministlookslike - antirape - survivor - rapeculture - speakingout - sexualassault - ocrc - feminism -
drrrtysouth : <3
andrewjoneswhothe : You is so talented
amirahjiwa - kelssher - myrnaperez - bernacessities -
Get ready for the holidays with a brand new hair style! #beforeandafter #modifyphilly #letusdoyou #kevinmurphy #nofilter #healthyhair #speakingout
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A cow trying to escape the slaughterhouse in Iowa was gunned down by police due to being a threat to people and property in the area. When I read something like this I ask myself this. Can't we with all our knowledge as humans find better ways to solve our problems than just eliminating them with the sound of a gun. Would be great to hear your comments too! #senseless #animal #brutality #anger #cow #animal #idaho #farmland #peace #abstention #solutions #spirit #seeing #awareness #animalrights #animalprotection #righttolive #repost #sharethis #righttolife
seeing - zanesville - speakingout - righttolive - solutions - anger - animalprotection - spirit - repost - abstention - farmland - righttolife - brutality - cow - sharethis - peace - senseless - bengaltigers - awareness - animal - exoticanimals - ohio - animalrights - idaho -
yung.gods : together we must come together to think better. to not live in a world controlled based off of fear to where we're robbing lives because of it. human or animal.
bruce_talkingnumbers : This reminds me of the time in ohio where the animals escaped from imposed zoo they were housed in and where gunned down to. #zanesville #ohio #exoticanimals #bengaltigers
gingers_journey : Uhh, cows don't bite and do not attack people. Lol how was the cow a threat?
bruce_talkingnumbers : @gingers_journey you have to ask that to the ones who shot him when other alternatives I would like to believe were available.
gingers_journey : Yeah, they could have just led it back. Our world is so full of hate and kill first think later. Sad
bruce_talkingnumbers : @gingers_journey I know. Either way thanks for commenting. #speakingout
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Just a thought for a moment... #mythoughts #myideas #quotes #litratongpinoy #viajerongpinoy #vpinoy #itsmorefuninthephilippines #quotextgraphy #quotextgram #takemehomesoon #motivatingfactor #speakingout @jilmetlandero @roebulls07 @bacusricardo @motivationsoup
viajerongpinoy - litratongpinoy - itsmorefuninthephilippines - takemehomesoon - quotextgraphy - myideas - mythoughts - quotes - speakingout - quotextgram - vpinoy - motivatingfactor -
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I know this is really really long but please take two minutes to read!! The other day I was waiting in a massive queue to get the train home and as the rugby was on it was hectic and full of drunk people. There were police officers guarding the queue and stood next to me was a lady who, like me, had not been drinking and just wanted to get home. In front of us were a large group of drunk men who looked between the ages of 30-40. They decided to start harassing the lady next to me by relentlessly "offering" her some sweets and asking her how she was doing and telling her she's "looking cracking tonight". Through the whole ordeal I stared at them with the angriest look on my face and I told her if she felt uncomfortable I would gladly walk with her over to the police officer who was stood a mere two meters away from which this was happening to let him know. She said it was fine and she just tried to ignore them. When the group realised I was there and looking really pissed off they started on me. One guy just stared at me for about 10 minutes and I stared back. Eventually his mates cottoned on and started making sexual remarks. I got angrier and angrier until the one of them said, "why don't you just smile sweetheart?" To which I replied, "why don't you get down on your knees and suck my dick and then I'll crack you a huge fucking smile... Sweetheart" the second I said that everyone in the queue turned around and looked at me disgusted like as if I had done something totally unacceptable. They were happy to listen and ignore me and the lady next to me be harassed and abused with sexual and degrading comments but as soon as I say something just as vile back everyone is shocked. (For all the "I asked for it" comments, I was wearing a hoodie, black trousers and had no makeup on. Not that I should have to explain myself) #doublestandards #everydaysexism #speakingout #standupandfight #harassment #everydayharassment #ignorance #sexualharassment #endharassment #thoughtswhilstonwalks #walking #scenery
scenery - walking - everydayharassment - speakingout - sexualharassment - doublestandards - ignorance - everydaysexism - thoughtswhilstonwalks - endharassment - standupandfight - harassment -
patrice707 : I really love this picture
crjefferies : Thanks @patrice707 :)
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#Fixer Claire's CR shoot has begun to tackle the stigma of #mentalhealth and highlight the realities of being section! #FixerNation #proudYPC #speakingout #brave
proudypc - brave - mentalhealth - speakingout - fixernation - fixer -
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#silence #suppression #truth #speakingout
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I've learn a lot from the research I did from my daughters condition never realize how deep it could get. #SpeakingOut #TeamApraxia #Speech #Awareness #Support #TeamMumu #StandingUpForMyDaughter #BestForHer #LoveMyBabyGirl #Apraxia
apraxia - teamapraxia - speakingout - support - speech - bestforher - lovemybabygirl - standingupformydaughter - awareness - teammumu -
mari.rodriguez_ : Team MUMU baby girl is in my prayers πŸ™Œβ€οΈπŸ’›
_therealbitty : Thanx love @mari.rodriguez_
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#jmattrant, the local editorial series, will be returning to Equinox in a very big way starting next week. Stay tuned for more details. #bham #ala #magiccity #gaybham #speakingout #loudandclear #OUTloud #tellitlikeitis #commentary #equinoxbham #jmattspeaks
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Don't think those that have power in the African American light are NOT tired of the foolishness! Don't think because they have money they're not one of us! This picture speaks with it's mouth shut! #russellsimmons #nas #thebesttoeverdoit #speakingout #marching #theycare #inspiration
nas - russellsimmons - theycare - thebesttoeverdoit - speakingout - inspiration - marching -
outlawdrum : Nice.
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Stewart Ebersole and Rachelle Lee Smith are here selling their books! Check them out at the PM Press table! #barredforlife #blackflag #speakingout #punkrockfleamarket #pmpress #phillypunkrockfleamarket
blackflag - punkrockfleamarket - barredforlife - speakingout - pmpress - phillypunkrockfleamarket -
alisplayhouse : Omg he makes you look so tiny
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Cars, Clothes, Shoes, and Etc is just a hype. Real happiness lies in other things and if you real sharp you will know what they are. #JCole #SpeakingOut πŸ’―
speakingout - jcole -
satrathore : Bruh his new album is fire πŸ”₯
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Somehow @chunk_lite and I always seem to make our way to the front of the crowd #justiceforall #blacklivematter #SpeakingOut
speakingout - blacklivematter - justiceforall -
sandra_mrs._sloan0786 : @terryberry7801
redskinsunit : This was tpday?
d_murrell78 : @redskinsunit yes it was earlier today bro
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#Salute to everyone out in Wash Sq Park today #speakingOUT #MillionManMarch #HandsUP #ICantBreathe #ThisEndsNow #EndPoliceBrutality #AbuseOfPower #OURLivesMatter And peep the video link in bio #HandsUP prod by @j30music directed by @pmendel_ of @hiphopisreal #ScholarVMag #RoyalCreations #BADGIRLREIGNZ #BADGIRLCHAINZ #BADGIRLSRULE Www.badgirlreignz.com Www.scholarvmg.com Follow @scholarvmg @badgirlchainz
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djtriple9 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ stay blessed my love @malareignz
czrfknrox : Bx. Till I Die!
malareignz : Thanks bb @bigtime_thegeneral
malareignz : Yessir #BXTilIDie @czrfknrox
malareignz : Xoxoxo @djtriple9
ty_stay_gettin_it : Fire salute!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!
malareignz : Thank you @ty_stay_gettin_it !!
ccnovacaineofficial : I love your music @malareignz
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#speakingOUT at the Punk Rock Flea Market with #PMPress
speakingout - pmpress -
adamcarltoncarrigan : Stewart in the pic!
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Check that #HandsUP #musicvideo dir by @pmendel_ of @hiphopisreal produced by @j30music Video link in bio ^^^ #support #scholarvmg #badgirlsrule #badgirlchainz #StopPoliceBrutality #AbuseOfPower #ourlivesmatter #speakingout #EricGarner #MikeBrown #protest #icantbreathe #indiemusic #indielabel #ReturnOfTheArtist
speakingout - abuseofpower - ericgarner - indiemusic - badgirlchainz - badgirlsrule - mikebrown - support - protest - indielabel - musicvideo - ourlivesmatter - returnoftheartist - stoppolicebrutality - scholarvmg - icantbreathe - handsup -
yahonor : It's the anthem get your damn hands up
j30music : Salute @yahonor
yahonor : u already knowz brother..salute @j30music
j30music - pmendel_ - mrsugaray - hiphopisreal -
#Repost @3dnatee ・・・
Excuse my cold and my self made drum pattern #3DNATEE { #97underground loves your message & self made beat! Thanks for #speakingout }
speakingout - 97underground - 3dnatee - repost -
iameyre : OK πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
3dnatee - yafavbm_ - iameyre - iamchelseaiam -
My #WCW is my badass girlfriend who stands up for what she believes in. This woman has balls!! I commend you for it!!! @lizzette619 #Chipotle #AnimalCruelty #SpreadingKnowledge #SpeakingOut #GetEmGirl !!
getemgirl - wcw - animalcruelty - speakingout - chipotle - spreadingknowledge -
lizzette619 : @sexdrugsandpoptarts aww thanks babe! That's so sweet of you. Love you ❀️😘😘
willthomp07 : She looks like she could use a steak
yellan1 : Hahahaj OMG ja faktiskt 😳 @kemalmo
dikoosh : She should come free with a burrito bowl
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#pride from a #dropOut to a #aStudent #studentLife #schoolFirst absolutely taking #advantage of my #secondChance #speakingOut against #domesticViolence #finals next #necc #accomplished #hardWork #paysOff
studentlife - paysoff - advantage - speakingout - dropout - necc - finals - hardwork - accomplished - secondchance - domesticviolence - pride - schoolfirst - astudent -
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I'm usually never outspoken about political, racial, discriminative, etc issues. I refuse to be silent! Whether you believe this was racial or not, the Justice system is not "Establishing Justice" as they promised. The chokehold tactic was banned from NYPD so it should have never been used. I stand for Justice! Im speaking out! This has to end! Justice for Eric Garner! #Peace #Justice #Icantbreathe #nonviolence #protest #speakingout #racism #discrimination #policebrutality #justice
nonviolence - justice - speakingout - icantbreathe - peace - racism - policebrutality - protest - discrimination -
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This girl right here has been lost has known hurt and pain I have been the victim but I have also been the afflictor I have hurt others I have laughed at there pain I have been jealous and envious and I have wished bad things I am not perfect but I am forgiven and I am loved I have learned and I am a different person it's ok to have a past everyone does #notinnocent #bemore #imperfectlyperfect #imabetterme #thankyoulord #Speakingout #THETIAMARIE
bemore - imabetterme - speakingout - notinnocent - thankyoulord - thetiamarie - imperfectlyperfect -
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i don't understand why people can be so hateful towards one another. it doesn't matter what you label yourself as or what others label you as because at the end, we are ALL human beings. so why be mean and persecute people for just being themselves? and on inside we're all the same, made of star stuff and atoms and molecules. i believe that we should accept everyone and not be hateful because its not gonna make us a better person and at the end of the day it wont make us happy. #equal #humanrights #allthesame #speakingout #starstuff #humanbeings #belongtothehumanrace #nocategory #love #respect #likes #follows
love - speakingout - allthesame - nocategory - equal - belongtothehumanrace - likes - follows - humanbeings - humanrights - respect - starstuff -
pocket_curiosity : Not me. I'm made of metal and radioactive material.
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Let's applaud this brave broadcast engineer for revealing that you can get broadcast TV for free with an antenna. The infomercial producers were wise to conceal his identity. #SpeakingOut #BigSecrets
speakingout - bigsecrets -
fordwithclass : Standing up for what's important.
jimmy_the_red : #thingsthatgivemeananeurism
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#speakingOUT #curveMagazine pick one up!
speakingout - curvemagazine -
queer2thet : Congrats!!!
sammckay : I see an awkward baby me!
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Using his platform to make a statement. #sociallyactive #speakingout #beliefs #Chicago #icantbreathe
speakingout - icantbreathe - sociallyactive - beliefs - chicago -
chunk_lite : @d_murrell78
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Big shout out to an amazing radio personality @jacinalove for repping & supporting our All Love strap back. Check out the story attached with this piece by visiting lesdowntown.com The Stories/Story Archive/ Story #5054. @mayimbaproject #NoLongeraVictim #Abuse #Overcoming #SpeakingOut #Support #Awareness #BecauseWeCare #Blackbox #NYC #williamsburg #240kent #philantropy
philantropy - blackbox - speakingout - support - williamsburg - overcoming - 240kent - abuse - nyc - 5054 - nolongeravictim - becausewecare - awareness -
lesdowntown : @jdrycleannyc isn't that the same hat you copped for your boo ;-). Man buys LES Downtown hat that has the circle with the rainbow plus for his girlfriend. The movement is real people.
giftofsobriety : πŸ‘Œ
deemramirez : Another fav hat!!! Love it!
lesdowntown : @deemramirez thank you. Can't wait to see you in something of ours :-).
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By @mediablackoutusa Press Play: Decades old TV episode still relevant today. How far have we really come? #MediablackoutUSA #Ferguson #ericgarner #mikebrown #CanILive #blackamerica #blacklivematter #thedreamdefenders #effort #instamood #instaprotest #speakingout
instaprotest - mikebrown - mediablackoutusa - speakingout - ericgarner - blackamerica - ferguson - blacklivematter - canilive - thedreamdefenders - effort - instamood -
poisonpayden : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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Before u hate on somebody, or claim to be better than the next person; u should know their story..... This is mine. 😒😒😒😒 #RapeSurvivor #NotAVictim #UnMuted #SpeakingOut #Justice #Progress #DailyBattle #NeverEnding #InvisibleScars #Survivor #DayToDay #BeCompassionate
neverending - becompassionate - invisiblescars - survivor - justice - unmuted - notavictim - daytoday - speakingout - progress - dailybattle - rapesurvivor -
snipsnapshell : #Chills ☝
shameless_danni : It's my truth, and I deal with it daily. @snipsnapshell
snipsnapshell : 23 years have passed and I've finally decided to deal with it. This has been my life as well- hang in there! @shameless_danni
shameless_danni : Thank u. 😘
chocolate_drop77 : So brave 😊
shameless_danni : It's a facade, trust me. @chocolate_drop77 But, thank u. I appreciate that. πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
unmutedme : Lots of women face this as well as hypervigilance due to rape or molestation.
shameless_danni : Exactly.
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#speakingOUT #firstcomeslove at Ninth Street Book Shop - Wilmington, DE tonight!!
speakingout - firstcomeslove -
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I was in a physically and verbally abusive marriage and it's not easy to just walk away as many people think. Took me time to get over that traumatic abuse I was put thru, but I'm a stronger and wiser person now. Not happy that I went thru all that abuse for all those years but thankful that i survived! #domesticviolence #imstrongerandwiser #imasurvivor #speakingout #ilovemenow
imstrongerandwiser - speakingout - imasurvivor - ilovemenow - domesticviolence -
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#WillSmith #speakingout
speakingout - willsmith -
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NEW RELEASE! "On the Fly" episode 2 now available on Soundcloud.com. Don't forget to "like" us to get the latest podcast episode, weekly! https://m.soundcloud.com/flyexistence/podcast-episode-2-mixdown-1
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flyexistence : Link in bio πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
flyexistence : www.flyexistence.com
flyexistence : #podcast #voice #clothingline #empire #speakingout #listen #music
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