Vanguard finished and headless Assault Marines finished. Waiting todo all the yellow heads together :-) #golempaintingstudio #painting #commission #wip #gamesworkshop #airbrush #wargaming #warhammer40k #40k #spacemarines #marines #bloodangels #terminators #vanguard #sternguard #deathcompany #assaultmarines #taticalmarines #baal #baalpreadator #spacemarinebikers #spacehulk #seeingred #red
spacemarinebikers - baalpreadator - wargaming - golempaintingstudio - gamesworkshop - assaultmarines - taticalmarines - wip - deathcompany - seeingred - bloodangels - airbrush - terminators - spacehulk - spacemarines - 40k - sternguard - commission - vanguard - baal - warhammer40k - marines - painting - red -
suicidalburn - jimmiebergstrand - lanablew - srartwork -
This totally just happened. The box has to way 10 lbs. #spacehulk #gamesworkshop #tabletop #gamer #gaming
spacehulk - gaming - gamesworkshop - gamer - tabletop -
therealcritanime : I so wanted this but didn't have the money for it.
popculture_cube : @therealcritanime I couldn't stop myself. Def worth the splurge.
carlosreyes14007 : Warhammer universe?
popculture_cube : @carlosreyes14007 Yessir!!!
therealcritanime : I bet it worth the splurge. I would love it. I have the steam version. Pretty epic in itself.
huedaws - carlosreyes14007 - vlady300 - goodson2015 -
#happy little Gamer! #spaceHulk
spacehulk - happy -
olly40k - thekeats1999 - 14th_regiment_of_foot_cpl.orkz - scott_w99 -
spacehulk -
kvarby - bpog - johannagranander - aybkem -
Genestealer horde. Ewwwww. #spacehulk
spacehulk -
warhammertau - imperial_dog - dakadenparadox - crazyguyanderson -
My local games shop had one game left. So happy that I've got one. Never played space hulk before. #40k #warhammer40k #wh40k #spacemarine #tyranids #SpaceHulk
spacehulk - tyranids - wh40k - warhammer40k - spacemarine - 40k -
gavinhippy : Playing marines is mentally hard!!!
mthgoldengauntelt - ultramarine1999 - spuddy1983 - jimmiebergstrand -
That new game smell..... :) #spacehulk
spacehulk -
yrmsbt : 3rd edition?
darth_tater77 : @yrmsbt 3rd was in 2009....I missed out! This is 4th, another limited release by gw on Saturday, and thanks to @16.06.92 I didn't miss out this time :)
yrmsbt : Oh sweet, Looks awesome!
kafka19 - 16.06.92 - internalclock - azizkwt100 -
Sometimes all you can say is......I love my wife ❤️ #spacehulk #boardgame #gamesworkshop
spacehulk - gamesworkshop - boardgame -
16.06.92 : Aww, enjoy☺️😘❤️
kafka19 - 16.06.92 - internalclock - azizkwt100 -
Ok, that's done... Maybe I can play it tomorrow? Summoning all nerdy friends... #spacehulk #warhammer40k #gamesworkshop #boardgame #idosuchnerdythings
spacehulk - idosuchnerdythings - gamesworkshop - boardgame - warhammer40k -
foofydoofy : I'll get nerdy with you my love 😄
hopes_high_head_low : I really enjoyed playing this the other day. I may get family to play it at Christmas haha, beats monopoly at least.
sonofstorms : My wife said she'd throw dice, but can't stand the 'steelers, so I'll never get to play as the marines
the_robby_westside : @foofydoofy ok, but don't make it sexual, unless it works... @hopes_high_head_low that's a brilliant idea, monopoly always causes too many blood feuds. @sonofstorms dude, after a few rounds of battling the hordes, I'm sure she'll want to switch.
warmaster_erin - sonofstorms - warhelmet_workshop - kuja12 -
Mint no more! Mwahaha #spacehulk #warhammer40k #gamesworkshop #bloodangels #genestealers
genestealers - spacehulk - gamesworkshop - bloodangels - warhammer40k -
kafka19 - miniaturepainterbcn - warhelmet_workshop - yasmin_furze -
Some smaller boxes (and 1 can?!) #bggfav5mini #boardgames #cardgames #sushigo #kanzumeegoddess #valleyofthekings #loveletter #spacehulk #deathangel #tabletop #gamer #bgg
bggfav5mini - bgg - kanzumeegoddess - boardgames - sushigo - spacehulk - gamer - valleyofthekings - loveletter - deathangel - cardgames - tabletop -
siegfriedsowerwine : Just got Valley of the Kings in a trade. It's really interesting! As much of a deck-destroying game as a deck-builder.
chinook40 : @siegfriedsowerwine I agree, destroy and try to squirrel away your sets before the end. For such a small box there is a lot of game. Fun times. 👍👍✌️
rogue_eyelash : Yeah another kanzume fan!! Valley of the kings looks awesome as well!
egetunca : Sushi gooo?
catlandia91 : Love death angel!
yesurakezu : How is Kanzume? I've been thinking about getting it.
chinook40 : @yesurakezu it has typical deckbuilder mechanics but has a cool way of matching cards to combo up. I think it's a great card game. 👍👍✌️
gabrielabazanp - couplevscardboard - giochiegiocatori - theoldkid -
Red vs Blue, ready for some primer and paint. #SpaceHulk #warhammer40k
spacehulk - warhammer40k -
imperial_dog - yo_felly_b - a9rikin9 - librarianlb -
Spacehulk WIP update.#gamesworkshop#spacehulk#bloodangels#warhammer40000#tabletopgamer#miniaturesgame#miniatures#gamer#gamelife#nerdlife#ptown#coastside
gamelife - bloodangels - tabletopgamer - ptown - coastside - miniaturesgame - spacehulk - gamesworkshop - warhammer40000 - miniatures - gamer - nerdlife -
thehobbyroom - tpg38 - janetredding64 - gavinhippy -
Do I dare opening it? #40k #spacehulk #spacemarines #bloodangels #warhammer40k #warhammer #gamesworkshop #wargaming
bloodangels - gamesworkshop - wargaming - spacemarines - 40k - spacehulk - warhammer - warhammer40k -
mrmayhem708 : @notcodygesell is this a board game? Or did you finally get your first set?
notcodygesell : Board game
notcodygesell : @mrmayhem708
warmaster_erin - karasachvie - cambellsoup92 - alyssakennedyxo -
C&C welcome, I would appreciate people's vies on this, thanks 😓 #wip #gamesworkshop #gw #warhammer #40k #spacehulk #painting #guyswhopaint #gaming #manytags #hobby #genestealer #genestealers #tyranid #gaming #blue
gw - gaming - genestealers - tyranid - guyswhopaint - gamesworkshop - 40k - blue - spacehulk - warhammer - manytags - wip - hobby - painting - genestealer -
ninjaazza : Mate* @hopes_high_head_low
hopes_high_head_low : No problem. I'll probably end up bored of painting this evening and be online playing destiny @ninjaazza
ninjaazza : Haha, I need destiny still! @hopes_high_head_low
hopes_high_head_low : It's good, but I hear it's better on the One @ninjaazza
ninjaazza : I need it and really? @hopes_high_head_low
hopes_high_head_low : I think so, better graphics and runs a bit smoother. Waiting for halo 5 til I get a Xbone
hopes_high_head_low : @ninjaazza
ninjaazza : I'm waiting for evolve and assassins creed to come out! @hopes_high_head_low
jeremy_thepainter - pellini - macri2402 - the_model_painter -
Va a llegar el día que nos tengamos que salir nosotros de cada para que entren juegos XD #spacehulk @darthsergius
spacehulk -
xanamandala - babbiaa - sweet_liliith - weeruliini -
Been after a copy of this game for years, so I bought three copies. Not going to sell any of them, I'll just keep them for spares and try to see if I can create some larger than standard boards to play on. #spacehulk #boardgames #tabletop
spacehulk - boardgames - tabletop -
cookie_hunter28 : So jealous! Still trying to get a copy myself. Since you told me out it. Have watched so many videos. Looks epic @uklovesnfltoo
uklovesnfltoo : @cookie_hunter28 mate, If you really struggle to pick one up somewhere I'm happy to sell one of these to you for retail cost, they were going for £75 on games workshop. Just let me know and we can PM to sort it out. At least I'll know it's going to someone who will appreciate it and use it!! :-)
cookie_hunter28 : Thank ya bud. It's a lovely offer. 👊😄 @uklovesnfltoo I will have to check that website you told me about again.
cookie_hunter28 - iamsayyo - ptccustoms - robertcoel -
Who says men can't multi task? Bit of #resin #casting tonight for @thekeats1999 AND I'm drilling the barrels out of my new BA terminators from the freshly released #spacehulk set! Looking forward to a game with the boy.
spacehulk - casting - resin -
thekeats1999 : Wish I could multitask like that. I focus on one thing and tend to forget all the other bits as well
yo_felly_b : I played a few games of spacehulk last Saturday, such a good game!
smiggleee : I literally just got space hulk
velvet_mark : @thekeats1999 yeah it's not to bad with the casting, you get about 45 mins in between each cast. Just gonna prime the BAs now
velvet_mark : @yo_felly_b @smiggleee yeah it's great! Always wanted to own it since the first edition. Got to say loved vengeance of the blood angels on the PS1:) will probably get the deathwing add on for my dark angels
keomega - caputmundi001 - ohneskript - sam_sxc_oatt -
Today is Jump Pack dude's day, got five Assault Marines and five Vanguard to finish off. Looks like tomorrow Mikes problem though finishing them ;-) #golempaintingstudio #painting #commission #wip #gamesworkshop #airbrush #wargaming #warhammer40k #40k #spacemarines #marines #bloodangels #terminators #vanguard #sternguard #deathcompany #assaultmarines #taticalmarines #baal #baalpreadator #spacemarinebikers #spacehulk #seeingred #red
spacemarinebikers - baalpreadator - wargaming - golempaintingstudio - gamesworkshop - assaultmarines - taticalmarines - wip - deathcompany - seeingred - bloodangels - airbrush - terminators - spacehulk - spacemarines - 40k - sternguard - commission - vanguard - baal - warhammer40k - marines - painting - red -
aosol - skootrb - lemante0116 - stompasrule -
Not generally a Space Marine fan but... These Blood Angel Terminators are pretty damn cool. #spacehulk
spacehulk -
iamsayyo - omegahavoc - orksandmore -
I tried resisting. I really did. Lasted 3 days. Although in my case that may be a new record. #spacehulk
spacehulk -
the_mortivore_minipaintstudio : I want this so bad.
thekeats1999 : @the_mortivore_minipaintstudio I made the mistake of going to the shop when the had a load left.
the_mortivore_minipaintstudio : Ha ha
jamesfirthhaydon : I have the 2009 version without the boarding torpedoes and the lift thing! I now want those tiles! Hope they make them seperate!
thekeats1999 : @jamesfirthhaydon the bits sellers on eBay will probably have them soon enough. Doesn't bare thinking about how much they will charge for them though.
drjoehill : I'm sticking to my 2009 edition. Not jealous of extra pieces. Not at all....
key_yanu - nica8111 - stas_homeboy - blackbladewolf -
In my head it's still 1989 :) Nice art print from #gamesworkshop for pre-ordering Space Hulk to add to my original. #boardgame #spacemarine #spacehulk #geek
geek - spacehulk - gamesworkshop - spacemarine - boardgame -
virginspider : Amazing!
the_robby_westside - iamsayyo -
This is good progress for me. #SpaceHulk
spacehulk -
crackling1984 : Looking good man
tacm4000 : Looks great!
tacm4000 : Playing pc version right now)
breadman73_nxvi : Yes mate
stujamescooney : So good!!!
yo_felly_b - bc_mini_studio - 18rabbit_missblue - bearkouli69 -
Most satisfying component popping session EVER. #spacehulk
spacehulk -
warhammertau -
Space Hulk just arrived. They also sent me some artwork as a thank you for ordering it from the Games Workshop website! #spacehulk #gamesworkshop #warhammer40k
spacehulk - gamesworkshop - warhammer40k -
jaimie_anthony : #goodguygamesworkshop haha. Enjoy the game pal 👍
keith_andrew : Nice one. But I'm just like meh.... About this half assed rerelease.
knucklehead4711 : I was just wishing that I had the space hulk art work.. Awesome. Haha.
amii1 : @knucklehead4711 Haha the artwork is pretty awesome. I'm quite glad I got it from the website now :p
knucklehead4711 : It's neat that they're doing this for web orders to promote web sales and all. They should do it for the hobby shops that sell their product too. After all they provide table space for enjoying the hobby itself and gaming.
xvocaltestx - warmaster_erin - where_do_my_dookie_go - war_40k -
Out with the old and in with the new... #spacehulk
spacehulk -
apexpropstudios - imperial_dog - warhammertau - noobstopminatures -
This is my #Lorenzo #Wip of my #Spacehulk 😊 #Warhammer #Wh40k #BloodAngels #GamesWorkshop
wip - bloodangels - lorenzo - warhammer - spacehulk - gamesworkshop - wh40k -
8vius : De cuántos jugadores es Space Hulk?
necropich : Recomendados 2, pero incluso podrías jugar de 4. Algunas misiones son tan grandes que es posible
tinyplasticspacemen - instakalk - streetclass03 - war_40k -
spacehulk - warhammer - warhammer40k - scalemodel - wargame - boardgame -
high_arty - shmeee_of_the_east - poco1104 - blakewms -
#spacehulk my turn as marines.game ended turn 11 I wiped out bid but they still because they killed 8 of 10
spacehulk -
4theemporerswill - nurgle_baba - corehammer - grizzly_wiperz -
#spacehulk first mission, I played Genestealers raped most terminators, beginning of turn 7 one terminator left. #Goriel
spacehulk - goriel -
amysnuggs - _radec_ - 4theemporerswill - bioneon -
They're coming out of the goddamn walls! #Spacehulk #genestealers
genestealers - spacehulk -
drjoehill - uescalt - shazbangy -
fase 1: completa
spacehulk - gamesworkshop - warhammer40000 - warhammer40k -
ciurle : #spacehulk #warhammer40k #warhammer40000 #gamesworkshop
high_arty - roguesevenstudios - yasmin_furze - rjm40k -
Work in progress #spacehulk #warhammer40k #miniatures #gamesworkshop
miniatures - spacehulk - gamesworkshop - warhammer40k -
warhelmet_workshop - shmeee_of_the_east - starfish1979 - lindakauppi -
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