beatmaking!! #sp404 #sp505 #roland #hiphop
hiphop - roland - sp505 - sp404 -
joeyanimalmcc - pictureakb - dirtferguson - shigeno_8ten -
MoveCutClone - Sampler Science vol 1. Out on cassette 27/9 #movecutclone #sp404 #sp505 #sp404sx #mpcrenaissance #mpc #art #samplerscience #pushingbuttons #beats #beat #boombap
boombap - mpcrenaissance - art - mpc - sp404 - beat - pushingbuttons - samplerscience - sp404sx - beats - movecutclone - sp505 -
jonathanerbe : @addeboe #love
djablobeats : Freeessshhh
korkodilen : MCC scaryyyyyyy
djablobeats - 16squarez - krylbotunnan - pawps28 -
New beat #newsamples #sp505 #fridayfeelinok #djmetamorpheus #blackdove #IE #westcoast #djbootlegz
djmetamorpheus - newsamples - westcoast - fridayfeelinok - djbootlegz - blackdove - ie - sp505 -
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In the beginning there was... #yamaha #rm1 #boys #sp202 #ry22 #korg #electribe #sp505 #genesis #producerville #producerlife #marv4mobeats #studio #lab #instabeats #tagsforlikes #f4f #followforfollow #follow4follow #followbackteam #followme #hiphop #rap #instahiphop #instaclasic #instamental #beats #music.
rm1 - instahiphop - electribe - ry22 - korg - boys - beats - studio - lab - rap - follow4follow - genesis - producerville - yamaha - followforfollow - producerlife - hiphop - instabeats - instaclasic - tagsforlikes - marv4mobeats - music - instamental - sp202 - followbackteam - f4f - followme - sp505 -
kdrama513 : Nice!!! : Dope
dittomusic : awesome
officialnoiseporn : Good Stuff!
chloearielah - ol_91 - alteredbymom - femme_fatale_media -
#sp505 #sampler #newgear #digitalfx finally joined the scene and got a Roland sampler.
digitalfx - newgear - sp505 - sampler -
humantype2 - triniswinburn - winterheadphones - bee_wray -
The previous owner of this #SP505 left something between the pages of its manual. He's probably a vegetarian...
sp505 -
lolobuko - siddistracted - jihad_joe1 - kimmyvondoom -
And that's how you do it good with a very limited sampler and being creative... ● #BOSS #SP505 #LoFi #instrumental #BeatTape #beats #StudioLife #VingthortheHurler
beattape - boss - instrumental - beats - vingthorthehurler - studiolife - lofi - sp505 -
allmars_ : That sampler is amazing
blackorbrown : So gooood ! :)
unorthodockshiphop : Yeah 505 is the shit
ill_clinton_ : Can you repair an sp808?
vingthorthehurler : @ill_clinton_ never worked with an 808 before so probably yes but not experienced besides no time to mess with... sorry.
ill_clinton_ : Saul Goode
chloearielah - slymn1gga187 - mpc2000xl_ - jane_beat -
Stora props på boysen som jobbar idag inför vår kassett release MoveCutClone - Sampler Science vol 1, ute på cassette store day 27/9 #movecutclone #cassette #pushingbuttons #samplerscience #mpc #mpcren #sp404 #maschine #sp404sx #sp505
mpc - sp404 - mpcren - pushingbuttons - samplerscience - sp404sx - cassette - maschine - movecutclone - sp505 -
onda740 : Hooka mig, jag pröjsar såklart😘@addeboe
addeboe : @onda740 absolut dude
team_bastian : Nice!
djablobeats : Såååå vackert
doped0c : Fett!
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#meat #beats #sp505 #boss #roland #dtsj #filtered #bass #freezing #japantown #hensley #blao
hensley - bass - japantown - freezing - boss - beats - roland - blao - filtered - meat - sp505 - dtsj -
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They said you couldn't get this sound on an #sp404 so I did it #beats #instrumental #vinyl #djpremier #gangstarr #johnnathis #samples #records #sp303 #12bit #14bit #sp505 #sp1200 #mpc #mpc2000xl #boombap #hiphop
mpc - sp303 - 12bit - instrumental - records - beats - johnnathis - mpc2000xl - boombap - sp404 - djpremier - sp1200 - hiphop - gangstarr - 14bit - samples - sp505 - vinyl -
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Power supply, whyyyy? 😭 #SP505 #sabiksalaman
sabiksalaman - sp505 -
lorainelopez : Sampler??????? 😳
alyasmorgus : @lorainelopez 😎
lorainelopez : 😁😁😁
unorthodockshiphop : 505 is a beast
massiverommel - sabaytones - melancholyarmy - lorainelopez -
My new old toy. Let's make some beats. #analog #sampler #sp505
sp505 - analog - sampler -
coconutbra : !!
rajujubrown : yeaaa see u this week!
dhaffner : @rajujubrown oh fasho!
rajujubrown - adilrhymes - veroborges - ashleighread1 -
Use code: jade303 for 20% off anything in our JADE PALACE GUARD inventory. At www.thejadepalaceguard. ! This promo will last all month starting today! #tapetuesday #limited #edition #cassette #promocode #promo #code #JADEPALACEGUARD #sp303 #sp505 #sp404 was used to make these beats!
limited - code - strictlycassettes - tapekings - promo - promocode - sp303 - cassettetape - edition - cassetteigclub - tapegods - tapetuesday - jadepalaceguard - deepcrates - tapes - sp404 - cassettecollection - strictlycassette - cassette - tapehead - sp505 - strangegibberish -
jade_badger888 : #cassetteigclub #cassettecollection #cassettetape #tapegods #tapekings #tapehead #tapes #strictlycassettes #strictlycassette #strangegibberish #deepcrates
jade_badger888 : Production by The JADE PALACE Vocals by DEEPCRATES of thank you for any and all support! All profits go into future projects! Crate Rebellion 2? The Jade Palace Strikes Back?
jade_badger888 : Peace and thanks for support @jesse_mendoza760 and @philbert_fowler
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Those horns tho... 😈 ● I just finished bouncing 68 beats into Pro-Tools I am mad tired... ● #BOSS #SP505 #LoFi #instrumental #BeatTape #beats #StudioLife #VingthortheHurler
beattape - boss - instrumental - beats - vingthorthehurler - studiolife - lofi - sp505 -
ill_clinton_ : Banger
themjza : GFK all the way
cawzaone : Dope!!
marc_baxwar : Demonic haha
preferredclassics : Soooo rad. Yep horns got me.
thedecentlife : @evan_buks
animalcheer14 - lefty_spicoli - jmob4 - jizzdemon -
The power of MIDI... ● #BOSS #SP505 #LoFi #StudioLife #DrumMachine #Sampler #Boombap #VingthortheHurler
boombap - boss - vingthorthehurler - studiolife - sampler - lofi - drummachine - sp505 -
themjza : Is that MIDI'd to the 003 w/ audio running through a mixer? @vingthorthehurler
vingthorthehurler : @themjza correct
dukedigglah603 : @vingthorthehurler yo man, got a question for ya.. im thinking of finally getting a little setup going. what would you recommend for a beginner? I've messed with pro tools years ago on Mac and liked it although it was kind of a lot to take in! What's a solid setup to begin with and gonna run me$$ ?? Laptop desktop? Windows Mac? Peripherals! Etc..? Any helps appreciated!
vingthorthehurler : @dukedigglah603 everything depends on how much time you are willing to put on this, your budget and if you want to go software or hardware, there are hundreds of options out there, now even more than before, I am not aware or even interested on new products, I just tried several equipments during several years and I stayed with the ones I liked the most
dukedigglah603 : @vingthorthehurler I'd find the time once I get into it. A couple grand to start. thinking ill go software but I'd like to mess with a keyboard & drum machines too ya know?
vingthorthehurler : @dukedigglah603 then get an MPC, a MIDI keyboard and some software so you can get the best of both worlds, I sell custom MPCs so check my site I have a few units to select from
dukedigglah603 : @vingthorthehurler Thanks man I'm going to check out your site soon!
djdbvg - nickthechen - lefty_spicoli - dezthomas_ -
#liftedu #sp505 #pnw
pnw - sp505 - liftedu -
1019_the_numberman : Is that your preferred piece?
evolveone : @1019_the_numberman nah, the maschine is my preferred, but I love breaking out the sp505 for that grit
1019_the_numberman : That's what's up!
halifax2020 - mrlynchy83 - skemeclik - ot01 -
I really like the swing on this one... ● #BOSS #SP505 #LoFi #instrumental #BeatTape #beats #StudioLife #VingthortheHurler
beattape - boss - instrumental - beats - vingthorthehurler - studiolife - lofi - sp505 -
honest_xpression : Very nice!
afrobluu : Fire!!!!!!!!
vingthorthehurler : @honest_xpression @afrobluu thanks πŸ‘Š
elmeswy : Mándamela
themjza : @vingthorthehurler can you quantize individual tracks on the 505?
vingthorthehurler : @themjza yes
thedecentlife : @evan_buks
snowjap - versesimmonds - theangrydomebrewingco - versebkdy -
Bet there is nothing worst for a producers using hardware than bouncing the beats for final mix... ughh!! 😱 audio quality worth the job tho... well just for those who really mix their beats on separate channels like you should lol... my kicks are BOOM and my snares are BAP! If you know what I mean πŸ˜‰ ● #BOSS #SP505 #LoFi #StudioLife #DrumMachine #Sampler #Boombap #VingthortheHurler
boombap - boss - vingthorthehurler - studiolife - sampler - lofi - drummachine - sp505 -
vingthorthehurler : @goldenleader @javiifilms thanks πŸ‘πŸ‘
javiifilms : @been_jiggy @jamaicahustle
been_jiggy : @javiifilms @jamaicahustle this is wavy
fazz_farrell : did you mix the 303 jazzilator tape like this? guessing you use the sequencer not resample. how'd you go about man?
vingthorthehurler : @fazz_farrell yeah I did that too! But with the 303 was even harder, because no 4 tracks like the 505 or 606 so I needed to mute sounds and record everything on separate channels... I enjoyed using the 303 but I don't really miss the bouncing and all the tricks you need to learn, I can say the 505 is much better and I will always say that
vingthorthehurler : @fazz_farrell and you are right I used the sequencer not resample
fazz_farrell : haha dam, what a task!
lefty_spicoli : @reg1167
marianarecords - djmikecartel - lefty_spicoli - jesse_mendoza760 -
Repost from @hairgetskinky 's brunch yesterday. We had a great time. #gullywaters #guitar #bass #vocals #sp505
guitar - gullywaters - vocals - bass - sp505 -
andanothaone : Yessssss hair!!!!!
andanothaone : And the rest of this! Lol
tracingpavements : Who's that fine ass dude on the left playing bass?
gullywaters : @tracingpavements that's none other than @natejarvis
katrinaxkx : Yes YaYa, you looking cute! Jump suit and all...
10teneisha - regal_stature - emilyisfancy - mikebaronmusic -
Taking some notes on what's going to be included on the next beat tape while mixing some of the beats... all SP-505 beats exclusively! Here is a little tribal flava you will find on the next release... this is going to be a tough selection because I have more than 70 beats for this project! The time is NOW! ● #BOSS #SP505 #LoFi #instrumental #BeatTape #beats #VingthortheHurler
instrumental - beats - beattape - vingthorthehurler - lofi - sp505 - boss -
themjza : Oddball beats
fatcathayze156 : Dope!!!!!!!!!!!!
vingthorthehurler : @allmarz @neila333 @afrobluu @emjaysdonuts @fatcathayze156 πŸ‘
tvtux : @vingthorthehurler hey man your beats are fresh! I do some visual work, if you ever want a video put together let me know? 😊
vingthorthehurler : @yungtux thanks ✌
therecordcellar : Is the 505 the same as the 303 just more storage and pads?
vingthorthehurler : @therecordcellar BOSS released the 505 to be the studio sampler while the 303 it was designed to be the "on the go" sampler actually you can make beats on the 303 and load them into the 505 without need to convert files and πŸ’© I personally don't heard any difference between the LoFi sound between the 303 and the 505 but I can say IMO the 505 is superior not because audio quality but for all the features like 2 pitch banks 2 chop banks, plenty effects, more pads and the LCD display not to forget you have more control buttons so it is easier to learn and use the machine... oh... and the 4 parts (tracks) which it is only present on the 505 and 606... I enjoyed the 303 and I am glad I owned one in the past I learned a lot from it but I personally prefer the 505.
therecordcellar : Great review, I appreciate it! I have an SP 303, I don't make beats though. I make experimental Jazz, Noise, and Avant Garde music. So I play instruments and sample them into the pads or through the external input live and then tweak them with the effects. It works perfect for the sound I want and I love the lofi sound of the 303 so in a way I am glad the 505 didn't get better in that regard. I will probably upgrade to the 505 in the next couple years because I am getting a little bored with the effects, I don't like when something comes out similar to something ive already created I want more options so it's good to hear the 505 has more effects. I do like the idea of transferring without converting even more possibility of tweaking making a track in the 303 and tweaking it more in the 505. OK. I will stop rambling on. Thanks again for your input, respect!
wizzogmb - mickyrodriguez - tvtux - timelostinspace -
içi dışına çΔ±kmış mühimmat #sp505 #poisonpitrecs
sp505 - poisonpitrecs -
agackakandir : Vodvil, gravöl, vanbilderas. Yeni ep yaptΔ±m sandΔ±m bi' an.
furkaankucuk - duvarmanzaralipencere - volkanbzkrt - hirsizz -
Snap! Crackle! Pop beats! 80's πŸ’© ● #BOSS #SP505 #VingthortheHurler
vingthorthehurler - sp505 - boss -
mindmutant : @juangotti247
oditrupo305 : ¡Dope !
neon_galaxys : Murdah
allmars_ : Nice
geeyzeey : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
neila333 : Yes
dj_seldom_scene : Ayyyee yo thas hottttt
vingthorthehurler : @emmontalvo @oditrupo305 @neon_galaxys @allmarz @geeyzeey @neila333 @dj_seldom_scene ✌✌
lkglass - life_of_the_konman - timelostinspace - tvtux -
I don't need the latest tech or most expensive equipment, give me a portable turntable, records and my SP-505 and I will blown your mind... ● #BOSS #SP505 #VingthortheHurler
vingthorthehurler - sp505 - boss -
jedimonkworks : BOOM
hologramdagger : I have a beat up one...but it still works...I love this sampler
jesusdelnegro : Damn man!!!!nice!!!
lukecage82 : Sheeit, give me any laptop with LMMS installed, and I can cook up a tight beat in minutes. (LMMS is a free program, btw. ;-))
vingthorthehurler : @acostaj21982 what boxset? The 200 bucks?
vingthorthehurler : @acostaj21982 not interested bro, honestly I don't approve what they are doing with Dilla lately... most of the beats they are releasing were not released by Dilla for a reason... noe they are just trying to take the most of his fans... but thanks for the head up bro... peace ✌
rhymeartist : Loving that THOR figure over there bruh. Makes one sample too man πŸ‘πŸ‘
vingthorthehurler : @rhymeartist πŸ‘Š
naofumi_kun - itsakiremon - xkprod - pawps28 -
Messing around with #sp404sx & #sp505 tomorrow I'll probably make a real beat adding the MPC into the equation
sp404sx - sp505 -
richiebalance : #dope brotha. You got all the tools man!! @anonmusica_behind_the_scenes
anonmusica_behind_the_scenes : @richiebalance appreciate it, more to come in the future. Beats made from hardware are the best
afroy_the_sample_samurai - eze661 - willvdmm - dg_760 -
#Chill Little beat in the #sp404sx first beat #ThrowAway #Practice #sp505 #Experimental #hiphop #vinyl #mpc #2500
mpc - practice - 2500 - sp404sx - hiphop - sp505 - vinyl - chill - experimental - throwaway -
richiebalance : Fuck yes!! Save it though. #FirstBeatWithTheSP
anonmusica_behind_the_scenes : @richiebalance yea, I'll probably dump it on the MPC and mess with it more. There's just little things I need to read up on and remember, other than that this machine isn't that bad. Reminds me of a daw because of all it's little key commands you need to memories lol
richiebalance : Dope!!! @anonmusica_behind_the_scenes
d.r.mixed - iwin_productions - kennnygee - kikivaneza94 -
About to try to make my first beat on the sp-404sx #vinyl #sp404sx #sp505 #mpc #2500 #Progress
sp404sx - mpc - progress - 2500 - sp505 - vinyl -
richiebalance : Fuck yes!! Post the creation I'm going to be purchasing one as well soon!! @anonmusica_behind_the_scenes
richiebalance : @anonmusica_behind_the_scenes **post the creation so we can see what you come up with
anonmusica_behind_the_scenes : @richiebalance just made a video πŸ‘ŒI'm still learning this machine
kenneykid1 - iwin_productions - marilynda_ - sami_calhoun -
I had a blast on the first ever #movecutclone #beats #meetup Thanks @joeyanimalmcc @maadphonic @mf_ferm @beetek_ @oblekt74 for coming! #beatmakers #sp404 #maschine #sp505 #mpc1000 #mpc500 #microbrute #cassette #tapes
mpc1000 - tapes - vestax - sp404 - meetup - beats - cassette - vinyl - microbrute - mpc500 - maschine - sampling - movecutclone - beatmakers - sp505 -
mf_ferm : Thank you my friend!
djablobeats : #vinyl #sampling #vestax
djablobeats : @mf_ferm your welcome my friend, take some pics from the current apartment jam and post them here πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”Š
addeboe - thomas_lindblom - iambiggd - sfbmarqz -
Come check us out here tonight! #gullywaters #guitar #bass #vocals #sp505
guitar - gullywaters - vocals - bass - sp505 -
cocophillips - zelmafischbach - paulcastelluzzo - msjennyb123 -
Starting from square one with a new beat machine. So refreshing #Sp505 #HipHop #Edm #Music
hiphop - music - sp505 - edm -
j.frmda916 - sir_denny - shawnbowmizzle - jjlloovvee -
My band @gullywaters Check us out.
guitar - vocals - bass - sp505 -
natejarvis : Yaya Bey: Vocals & SP505 @yayabeybay Ajene Harley: Guitar @waterfallsoffire Nate Jarvis: Bass @natejarvis #guitar #bass #vocals #sp505
yayabeybay - t3d__ - brownnaya - akimistry -
My baby just came in! #Sp505 #HipHop
hiphop - sp505 -
d.r.mixed - richiebalance - iwin_productions - sir_denny -
"Just for a little while" #Soul #LateNightSession #Mpc2500 #Sp505 & #sp404fx Coming Soon.
mpc2500 - latenightsession - sp404fx - sp505 - soul -
bcordeiro1988 : I was thinking about getting the mpc ren or the 2500 man i don't know what to do lol @anonmusica_behind_the_scenes
anonmusica_behind_the_scenes : @bcordeiro1988 I mean the rens cool if you're going for a software and hardware feel, but the MPC 2500 is it's own beast and has it's own unique weapons that make it stand out till this day in the industry. Also preference is a big factor too...
bcordeiro1988 : Yeah I just like how you can hook up direct a turntable to the mpc ren without a dj mixer lol @anonmusica_behind_the_scenes
anonmusica_behind_the_scenes : @bcordeiro1988 My turntables hook up directly to my MPC 2500 with RCA cables going in
bcordeiro1988 : You don't have it going thru a jd mixer ?? @anonmusica_behind_the_scenes
anonmusica_behind_the_scenes : @bcordeiro1988 Nope
lazerpigeon : Green is mean πŸ‘
anonmusica_behind_the_scenes : @lazerpigeon. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
j.frmda916 - cam_digital - iwin_productions - kikivaneza94 -
This is an easy one... who can recognize this ill beatbox? Shouts to @jmob4 this is one of the 45's he sent my way a few weeks ago... love this song and this is going to be a skit on the new SP-505 beat tape coming soon, there is much more dope stuff but 15 secs limits too much for what this really sounds like! ● #LoFi #BeatTape #BOSS #SP505 #VingthortheHurler
lofi - beattape - vingthorthehurler - sp505 - boss -
truexchains : Super!
j_bzilla : Nice
yekeym : Supersonic jj dad
yekeym : *fad
vintagetechguy : Sounds like old fat boys stuff to me.
timmytoga : Supa!
audiodeluxe7 : "Don't worry be happy" -Bobby McFerrin sample
bjclutch__ : One of a kind, let's talk business..
bentsound - agiftedmind - keeks_n_sweets - theeatticcollector -
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