What's up early morning warehouse session #Philly #southphillybowl #michealjackson
michealjackson - southphillybowl - philly -
imnotgnarlow : South Philadelphia my man @tattooed_ninja
tattooed_ninja : That's rad! Is it private or open to the public?
imnotgnarlow : It's private for sure. To get a key and be a part of it isn't hard though and relatively inexpensive for how awesome it is to have access to a place like that without scooters and children all over the place @tattooed_ninja
tattooed_ninja : That's sweet man! Congrats on being a part of that!! Wish I was closer, I'd love to ride that bowl!
imnotgnarlow : @tattooed_ninja where you located big dog? You even make a trip around I have an extra bedroom in my place and a pullout couch. Everybody loves a free place to stay for skateboard trips
tattooed_ninja : Haha sick bro! I'm in VA. By JMU
tattooed_ninja : Like 4hr ride or so
imnotgnarlow : That ain't shit dude I have family in VA beach. The mt. Trashmore park down there is dope. I know you guys got some good shit
emerk16 - riot_setter_fire_starter - tomthetushtickler - jack_tank -
You can't tell us that this one didn't hurt, any type of hang up to flat is painful at #fdrskatepark this weeks fuk'd Friday goes to @bradjhoffman a local shredder that owns #southphillybowl just check out our old files to see and make sure you tune in tonight 12 AM midnight to see another quick episode #skateboarding #epicfailure #fukdfiles #fukdfriday @fdrhatesyou #philadelphia #eastcoastskateboarding #exploitedclips #12AM #newreels #unseen
fukdfiles - fukdfriday - philadelphia - eastcoastskateboarding - newreels - fdrskatepark - exploitedclips - unseen - skateboarding - epicfailure - southphillybowl - 12am -
29decks : Free giveaway happening now! Check us out!
andersk8clayton : @itamar_araujo
expnvm : Link in bio
bradjhoffman : Thanks @expnvm vid looks just like it felt.
expnvm : @bradjhoffman dude almost couldn't even edit it or upload it felt so bad the whole time watching it over and over again while editing you're a warrior
fjclothingco : Yo! Whatcha think about joining @freshjunky Rep Team? If interested send a text to the number in my bio Plz give them my Rep code REPFJ420
naturallogskateboards : Sweet!
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Consistency is key @nofacedghostface @phillyskatesupply ... #skateboarding #vx2000 #3ccd #phillyskatesupply #southphillybowl #thrasher #philly #city #shreddin #wiyo #practice #hype #hijinx #wavy
city - vx2000 - hijinx - 3ccd - wiyo - practice - southphillybowl - wavy - phillyskatesupply - skateboarding - hype - philly - shreddin - thrasher -
doobietrixson - expeditionone - bmartinkus - alfonso_ramos17 -
@nofacedghostface puttin down some serious heat in the bowl ... #skateboarding #vx2000 #fireline #southphillybowl #phillyskatesupply #gnarly #philly #city #shreddin #sesh #thrash
gnarly - vx2000 - city - shreddin - southphillybowl - phillyskatesupply - skateboarding - thrash - sesh - fireline - philly -
commitapparel : Awesome shot bro I'd love to see you repping our gear sometime! You got some potential. Keep up with the hard work.
shawnkaragjozi : @commitapparel thanks
commitapparel : @shawnkaragjozi No problem!
jawnpiece_and_thegoodhomies : Yoooo @nofacedghostface & @shawnkaragjozi πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
gnarhammered : What lens do you have?
shawnkaragjozi : @gnarhammered it's a modded raynox fisheye
shawnkaragjozi : @jawnpiece_and_thegoodhomies thanks homie appreicate that
chrisbattags - johnnymiatasteez - 2_point_slow_hatch - gnarhammered -
@sooopitted gettin so wavy!!! Check the steeze on tha last trick ... #skateboarding #vx2000 #stylepoints #southphillybowl #phillyskatesupply #trifelife #gritape #steeze #philly #city #gnarly #wavy
city - vx2000 - gnarly - trifelife - southphillybowl - wavy - phillyskatesupply - skateboarding - stylepoints - steeze - gritape - philly -
shawnkaragjozi : @sooopitted dude that steeze at the end was on some mr. Miyagi shit
wrappingwithcindy : :-)
husky_d96 - daniellee_lynne - 2_point_slow_hatch - johnnymiatasteez -
Sesh with the @phillyskatesupply squaddd @nofacedghostface @sooopitted ... #skateboarding #vx2000 #southphillybowl #phillyskatesupply #trifelife #gritape #sesh #philly #city #thehomies #gnarly #wavy
city - vx2000 - gnarly - trifelife - thehomies - southphillybowl - wavy - phillyskatesupply - skateboarding - sesh - gritape - philly -
skatevr6 : Yesssss
skatevr6 : I need to get back here. That slow corner used to fk up my flow
shawnkaragjozi : @skatevr6 yeah it's Alittle hard to pump they
shawnkaragjozi : They
shawnkaragjozi : Thru
jawnpiece_and_thegoodhomies : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
meeshasmith - chrisbattags - mskarnoud - bombardmentco -
@sooopitted comin out swingin ... #skateboarding #vx2000 #swingin #trifelife #gritape #southphillybowl #phillyskatesupply #philly #city #shreddin #sesh #gnarly #hype #hijinx #wavy
city - vx2000 - hijinx - gnarly - trifelife - sesh - southphillybowl - wavy - swingin - shreddin - hype - phillyskatesupply - gritape - philly - skateboarding -
goofybearings : Hey nice video Shawn! if you wouldn't mind, go check our page out and give us a follow bro! Thanks man @shawnkaragjozi
shawnkaragjozi : @sooopitted
joenorm : Shoulda seen Phil tear that place up the other night
shawnkaragjozi : @joenorm I know I saw vids and they were shreddin
sooopitted : @shawnkaragjozi thanks for filimin g, the clips came out hype!!!
shawnkaragjozi : @sooopitted heck ya homie my pleasure you were shreddin
goofybearings - kimberlytorres._ - bamboosunglasses - titsandbeerco -
A few clips from the sesh @sooopitted @nellymundo @nofacedghostface ... #skateboarding #vx2000 #clips #southphillybowl #phillyskatesupply #philly #city #sesh #thehomies #trifelife #gritape #gnarly #3ccd #hype #hijinx #wavy
vx2000 - 3ccd - thehomies - southphillybowl - wavy - phillyskatesupply - skateboarding - gritape - philly - city - hijinx - gnarly - trifelife - clips - hype - sesh -
titsandbeerco : That blunt! πŸ‘Œ
shawnkaragjozi : @sooopitted
nathanjagoda - cokimnstr - boundmagazine - un_koreano -
@nofacedghostface puttin down a solid run in the bowl ... #skateboarding #vx2000 #southphillybowl #phillyskatesupply #philly #city #trifelife #gritape #5050 #gnarly #hype #hijinx #wiyo #wavy
city - vx2000 - hijinx - gnarly - philly - trifelife - southphillybowl - wavy - phillyskatesupply - skateboarding - hype - 5050 - gritape - wiyo -
trifeclothingco : Dope!
goodskateboards : Good!
nathanjagoda - taylerleary - boundmagazine - cokimnstr -
@sooopitted keepin the hype on the big wave today ... #skateboarding #goingbig #vx2000 #phillyskatesupply #southphillybowl #trifelife #gritape #philly #city #gnarly #wavy
city - vx2000 - gnarly - trifelife - southphillybowl - wavy - phillyskatesupply - skateboarding - goingbig - gritape - philly -
gnarheadphil : Yeah homies filmin homies! @sooopitted
shawnkaragjozi : @gnarheadphil heck ya dude keepin the hype
gavinonegrottii : That place is sick I've only been there a couple times
shawnkaragjozi : @gavinonegrottii I know it's rad
shawnkaragjozi : @sooopitted
chrisbattags - trifeclothingco - nellymundo - ingodwetrust1988 -
Gets back up and stomps that bitch out @nofacedghostface ... #skateboarding #stomped #vx2000 #phillyskatesupply #southphillybowl #philly #city #warehouse #shreddin #gnarly #wavy
city - vx2000 - gnarly - shreddin - southphillybowl - wavy - phillyskatesupply - skateboarding - warehouse - stomped - philly -
jawnpiece_and_thegoodhomies : That feeble fakie tho... Holy shit @nofacedghostface πŸŽ₯was on point too!
nellymundo - ingodwetrust1988 - ryanshappy - lexstasyxx -
@nofacedghostface takin a heavy slam today in the bowl ... #skateboarding #slammed #vx2000 #southphillybowl #philly #city #shreddin #phillyskatesupply #wavy
city - vx2000 - shreddin - southphillybowl - wavy - slammed - skateboarding - phillyskatesupply - philly -
chrisbattags - nellymundo - ingodwetrust1988 - lexstasyxx -
Me and my babies at the skate house #southphillybowl time to head home
southphillybowl -
pauly_t_oy : Pbr?! 😷😷😷 U are a savage!
jenzipoo : Heaven
condombrokesorry : You're welcome for the 40
imnotgnarlow : You know me too well, skateboarding and PBR in Philadelphia = heaven @jenzipoo
shot_gunther : Hit me up next time you go 6093203508
imnotgnarlow : You got it brother @shot_gunther normally on Fridays. Last night was super chill too
jeff_denn - bruce_bruce_witit - tymeskateco - briannasmommy08 -
✈️ taking flight. @crickhunter #southphillybowl @_trifelife πŸŽ₯: @jawnpiece_and_thegoodhomies
southphillybowl -
onefinger : @scumcosons
kerrygetz : Hell yeah @crickhunter πŸ™Œ
balsavag : @sach_3
sach_3 : @balsavag Damn man fucking guy makes it look so easy #bowllife
travelskateshop - jjreed77 - kquinn6164 - independentmark -
@gonzox1000 Philly 2012 #southphillybowl #philadelphia
southphillybowl - philadelphia -
sergioyaki - lea.paupion - laura_kaczmarek_ - laurapomme -
#part2 of my favorite line so far #southphillybowl that last trick. The transfer 50-50 has been beating me for like 2-weeks.
part2 - berricssuperbowlchallenge - southphillybowl - skateboarding -
iskate666 : Hell yeah
imnotgnarlow : #skateboarding
igotthetacos : Does your mom know you are riding without a helmet
imnotgnarlow : Noooooooo @igotthetacos
keepitbutters : @imnotgnarlow butters man! Nice πŸ‘
imnotgnarlow : Thanks brother @keepitbutters
imnotgnarlow : #berricssuperbowlchallenge
black_stallion302 - ehahbeanies - mazzino1982 - cjoods -
#part1 of 2.... Some dude also named Alex had a sick camera up here tonight #southphillybowl #keepthenoisedown
part1 - southphillybowl - berricssuperbowlchallenge - keepthenoisedown - skateboarding -
imnotgnarlow : #skateboarding
imnotgnarlow : #berricssuperbowlchallenge
black_stallion302 - northwoodco - cjoods - pimp_c21 -
My weekly stress break . Thankful for the opportunity to own a key to this place #southphillybowl #sundaysessions
southphillybowl - sundaysessions -
bobby302 : No call?!
brinalux : Dude I wanna join ...
rskmiec : Yo, neighbor has complained about the noise the past two nights. Please keep the music down! And don't skate after 11:00. We got problems with this guy. Please help by being respectful and pass it on to anyone who comes in.
imnotgnarlow : I got you brother. I've kept the music decent so far. It's 9pm now we got the music pretty low I'll make sure no one is here after 11 @rskmiec
imnotgnarlow : @brinalux 302-750-4948 text me
imnotgnarlow : @bobby302 I'm sorry man I made the mistake of thinking you would be tired from pennskate. I also thought you got the idea when I asked about the key. I apologize
imnotgnarlow : Or you could watch the videos I posted of the same night @khloehoe creepin ass
brinalux - iamj_a_c - matt_krooked_it - emerk16 -
The only thing I really got to film, but this thing is fucking nuts. Probably the gnarliest thing Ive skated. Good ass session with @igotmadjawns and some others #skateboarding #skateeverydamnday #gnar #philly #phillybowl #southphillybowl
skateeverydamnday - phillybowl - gnar - skateboarding - philly - southphillybowl -
soreclub : πŸ‘πŸ
joao__ooliveira - davidball95 - __joeparker__ - vicwhisky -
And this is where the magic happens #spb #southphillybowl #southphillycribs @criticalpath @_concretesurfer1
spb - southphillybowl - southphillycribs -
bruceleeswhitebrother : @concretesurfer1
agaledri : Stop lying, you don't use that shit haha
bruceleeswhitebrother : Hahahaha nah not me I just found the evidence @agaledri
sooopitted - bibo215 - goreless_peace - rad1984 -
Thank you @the_buhl_shahadi for this secret video #southphillybowl #dts #downtoshred and the doubles run last night with #brannonjohn was super fun @kineticskateboarding
dts - southphillybowl - berricssuperbowlchallenge - downtoshred - brannonjohn -
imnotgnarlow : Hahaha dude I can't dribble,
imnotgnarlow : And I can't really shoot, but I can run around a lot and rebound and pass and defend hahaha I wanna play more though just no one to play with @rathordie
rathordie : Heard that man same for down here
imnotgnarlow : @rathordie you won't lose a step though dude. Ball is second nature for you
rathordie : I lost quite a bit but going to start practicing
freebery12 : Lol I remember when u first started out skateboarding U couldn't even stay on Ur skateboard CAUSE U SUCKED lol now look at U, ur the man lol
imnotgnarlow : Hahahahah DANNY!!! @freebery12 you remember skating in your driveway dude. I just never stopped, I would hope I was good by now
imnotgnarlow : #berricssuperbowlchallenge
downfall_apparel - mazzino1982 - ang_steezy88 - tylerjclaus -
It's been over 4 years since my cousins touched a skateboard, I gave him my shoes and said go have fun... Empty warehouse has it's perks , #skateboarding #southphillybowl #dts #downtoshred
dts - southphillybowl - downtoshred - skateboarding -
jpylezz : Later tn maybe like 9 or 10
imnotgnarlow : Yeah I can't wait that long I have work tomorrow @jpylezz if you guys have a bunch of people make sure some people hit the donation box if they don't hold keys
jpylezz : Nope just me
shaun_quill : Old little devil bowl?
dts_will : @shaun_quill negative
jakeasdel : so dope
biglarrythebulldog : if you like skateboarding bulldogs, chances are you will loveeee me ;)
k.o.r : Dope!
st_nickolas - douglas_freeman - a_man_duh_90 - __nadam__ -
Sometimes you just gotta put your foot down @therealturdferguson with the footage #southphillybowl #dts #downtoshred
dts - southphillybowl - berricssuperbowlchallenge - downtoshred -
imnotgnarlow : #berricssuperbowlchallenge
emerk16 - mazzino1982 - rch_opz - downfall_apparel -
Skibicki with a tricki @therealturdgerguson nose pivot lipslide 2nd try #warehouse #southphillybowl #chillsession #fullmoonsession
warehouse - southphillybowl - fullmoonsession - chillsession - berricssuperbowlchallenge -
streetgenius : Damn killin it!
imnotgnarlow : Dude it's fucking sick just listen to how gnarly the lip sounds @streetgenius
streetgenius : Fuck yeah! Gotta love them bricks!
ajmoumwn : south side bowl? I wanna come so badddd
imnotgnarlow : #berricssuperbowlchallenge big man got tricks
victorhorowitz - jeremy.510 - not_wayne_ - downfall_apparel -
#tbt πŸ’› Missin my girl #babynickiway #southphillybowl 🐾
southphillybowl - babynickiway - tbt -
shawnkaragjozi - samphiavilayvong - ortizc90 - joanne5k -
#granttaylor #nikesb #gt coming soon #southphillybowl
nikesb - gt - granttaylor - southphillybowl -
rockslide_sales_llc : @downsouthinhell
heyzeusesteban : Damn id love to see him kill that place ! Dudes on some next level shit!
danpeppers : Yesssssssssssssssss
danpeppers : Yesssssssssss
caleb_steele_16 : Do you guys sponsor????? @exitphiladelphia
daquarn__davis : Check out my clips @exitphiladelphia
shot_gunther : @rskmiec I see you down there
dot.com_100percentloaded - zeusofficialclothing - godblessjes - lillianvernon -
My favorite to watch murder this place ! @patrick_guidotti #Skatelife #southphillybowl #Warehouse
warehouse - skatelife - southphillybowl -
susafkrew : Sick
mike_dro1 : Clean af.
j_s_g_24 : @concretesurfer1 yeeeo hes from my neck of the woods
keithpowell44 - martino_byrd - j_s_g_24 - _ljenkins -
Great to skate with these badass women over the weekend. #ladyskaters #thewarehouse #southphillybowl #halloweenbash #splinters #guidottibomb @stephmurdock @ang_steezy88 @aprilnowacki πŸ“·@inside_43 πŸ’£@patrick_guidotti
ladyskaters - southphillybowl - splinters - halloweenbash - thewarehouse - guidottibomb -
ang_steezy88 : Bahahaa I love this !!! @mermaidsugarskull it was great to see you again
patrick_guidotti : Ha! @rskmiec πŸ’£πŸ’£
aprilnowacki : Haha just noticed the photo bomb now
mermaidsugarskull : @ang_steezy88 likewise! Let's make it happen again soon.
jawn_wayne : #nochicks
dariminajrose23 - iannimak - rifflevin - escape_our_reality -
I met the founder if #OPD!!!πŸ’€πŸ™Œ #budbaum @opdwes @dyer @marcemond @jfrankocmd #southphillybowl #skateboardingrules πŸ“·@inside_43
opd - skateboardingrules - southphillybowl - oldpunkanddrunk - budbaum -
mermaidsugarskull : #oldpunkanddrunk
dyer : Fuck yeah!!! Bud rules!
castro_s2 - thereal_omgiloveyourhair - ejhateseverything - ang_steezy88 -
Tonight #southphillybowl check the last edits up on the @youtube from the last two years!! #CHANNEL #EXPNVM #halloween
halloween - southphillybowl - expnvm - channel -
susanvalentin : Have fun!!!!!
juliancharles31 - 1234567890qwertyuioplkjhgfdsaz - tymeskateco - the_marcos_ortega -
Tuck knee #southphillybowl
southphillybowl - nostompo -
davebagg : Where's the stale kook
asseenbydave : @davebagg I don't see you boosting like that anywhere
davebagg : @asseenbydave wait till I land that air fag
davebagg : #nostompo
asseenbydave : too bad I landed this, you're #nostompo on that air you fackin kook @davebagg
davebagg : haven't boosted like that since u hit your head @asseenbydave what are u? A kook?
asseenbydave : psh I can boost bigger then that and do back ds in the deepend, you can't even back d in the bowl just stick to revos @davebagg kook
davebagg : U don't even kno the deepend bra @asseenbydave
_noiiice - nickydtv - h_i_5_ - guzzie_ -
@supdudelater with a boneless disaster at the #SouthPhillyBowl that was featured in @transworldskate's spotlight on the bowl
southphillybowl -
sayitaintjames : Sick
jaketoddsucks : Wish he would let people film him
nocturnalskate : πŸ“· @lostfloridian πŸ™
ohafricabraveafrica : @jaketoddsucks lolz
paines_skatepark : So Did someone steal Ian's rail? @nocturnalskate
ahssimr - owenben35 - paines_skatepark - royalman_ -
@maurcoy killed it tonight! #southphillybowl @deathlens #deathlens
southphillybowl - deathlens -
stevenswanson : Beast! πŸ‘Š
harrbone : Dayum!
mediagiraffes : @stevenswanson_ just booked the ticket!
mediagiraffes : @shaanharris πŸ‘†
shaanharris : @mediagiraffes you making the move down.
mediagiraffes : @shaanharris done deal
weave_man : @mediagiraffes ur givn me the key.
ravinj : Dude this line is so dope! Come thru alter sunday nights, been doing 8pm steady.
_adam_f_ - gebruikersnaam_k - phillyskatesupply -
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