#FlashbackFriday Age 10. To my first contest I ever won, during the early summer of 2002. I had been blading for 6 years at the time. You do the math... Haha. When the Shima 3's were still crispy white, and the Cult was the man blade on the market. (As you can see in the picture) Been having a lot of fun getting these back on people's feet, working with @justinchadanthony and @thecultrevolution and all the other homies on board. Let's keep it poppin fellas!!!!! #BladeLife #FromWhereIBlade #InstaBlading #InstaShred #GoRollerblade #Kentucky #KentuckyBlading #BourbonBlading #MoonshineBlading #BladerGang #BlvderGvng #BG #WeOutHere #WOH #WeDownHere #WDH #wearerising #wearess #TSWRA #SWAG #STEEZ #RazorsBlades #TheCultRevolution #southernscum #CLIPSQUAD @RazorsBlades @TheCultRevolution @southernscum
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ryanarmbrust : Super snazzy!
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Here's a bit of a flashback for you. Prior to this years Kentucky Battle there was a downhill race. @rogerlangley bombed the event and had his camera in hand. @gorollerblade through a pair of skates to the winner. There is a coverage video of the event available on Visit the SS vimeo page to learn more about the event, where it comes from and where it will most likely lead us. Shout out to Doug Williams on that 1st place victory. #southernscum #kyb14 #gorollerblade #BOMBaHILL #WeAreSS
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my new kicks Valo"V13" Forrest Green. Thanks @isseisato and @jonjulio アメリカはこのセットアップで! #valobrand #soulvisionworks #mftbrand #momowheels #southernscum #videoboyz
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tadashi_mizutani : 💪💪💪👊👊👊🔥🔥🔥
yutogoto : @tadashi_mizutani 👯👯
jonjulio : 🙏
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Via #southernscum #SouthernLegends
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andresmpavon : oh the fluid movements !
lamesneilson : "gaps suck for anti-rockers"
jackcabaga : #fiziks
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Throw it back. To a time when Roces still existed and the crew behind it was putting in a lot of hard work. Here are two video clips, pulled and sequenced of @mikelilly , from his part in the team video, Face The Music. If you have never taken the time to give this DVD a play then your nap has lasted too long. If you have seen it, just not in a while, hopefully this wallride and 3 to 5 will boost your ambitions a bit. Do yourself a favor and go watch the video. You won't regret it. It might even make you go sk8. #southernscum #TBT #SouthernLegends #TSWRA #WeAreSS
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mark_kulavic : @ike_duley
caseybladesyo : Fuck yes!
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Welcome back to Waste A Clip Wednesday. Where we take a few good ones and trash them on the internet. Not a whole lot of time to type here. So it's going to stay casual. While we are on the topic of trash, let's touch on a bit of that garbage coming out of The Big Apple. Hype ass front man and his bag of cameras, Sean Grossman, laid down the lens a while back to work on a SS introduces YT section. A lot of curve balls have been tossed our way during the project. So a bit of a recent archive is being slowly established. Unintentionally! So Sean tossed a couple towards the home front to get thrown right back down the drain. Set still and have fun replaying some YT leftovers. Well, previews maybe or "teasers" Screw it, enjoy the clips. Ty for the donation @sean_grossman. We will all rise together. #southernscum #yankeetrash #WCW #TSWRA #WeAreYT #WeAreSS
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v134life : Sickkkk
hater_uhda_year : Hey that dude is pretty good.
shawngraddy : Straight dumpster diving
_safe_journey_ : That last trick was tight!!
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Last weekend a few of us ventured a bit north to attend The King of Cleveland street contest. We left Kentucky at 6:30 am and it was about 50 degrees outside. When we arrived in Cleveland it was more so in the 30's. The wind was extra strong and it had been raining all day. Though we had already missed the first two spots, the group of doods participating were all still going full force. We immediately jumped out of the car, cameras in hand and got right in the mix. This is a photo of the winner, Brian Bruno, lacing a zero spin topside soul. Captured by @hawketrackler Though it was a rather quick visit, the Cleveland buds went beyond the typical host performance. Despite the weather, the contest went extra smooth. From organization of spot to spot, to fake cones and worker vest to block of the last spot. The one and only bust was from a city official who was kind enough to give us an extra bit of time to finish up what we were doing. Brian B. And TFR tag teamed the spots, while a few new up and comers handled the light work. Even though the photos have been flying around, it only makes since to say something about Brian Weis' disaster soul on the last spot. It was a doozy! It's safe to say that the contest was a great success and we look forward to participating in years to come. Hopefully next year we won't have to be worried about catching Ebola. Just incase you weren't already aware, Cleveland Rocks! Thanks for the great time doods. Go Indians. #southernscum #KingOfCleveland #Clebola #yankeetrash #WeAreSS
clebola - kingofcleveland - southernscum - yankeetrash - wearess -
coltonallen00 : #clebola
hater_uhda_year : #runusd
stangstagram : @bbsmalls
portpabs : It's good to see Brian Bruno ripping it since his surgery!
nnicholasdoherty : 🙏🙏🙏👌
meffedupmeffedout : Thank you guys so much for coming out! It was a blast! Hopefully next time y'all can come out the day before and we can all chill a little more! You doods are the best! Glad y'all made it.
bbsmalls : ^ nice seeing ya fella's. Thanks for the photo!
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Where were you when you first heard of the rise? It's a digital celebration @southernscum #southernscum #4yearsSTRONG #WeAreSS
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It's an honor to receive this email from @tumblr every year. There is no amount of words to type, that can truly explain the ups and downs of this journey. Too many good memories. Countless trips, pictures, videos and clothing. It has been a wild ride. Thankfully because of the SS tumblr, we have an archive that keeps anything and everything we've ever done. So if you are new to SS or just haven't kept up in a while. Please join us on this day of growth by digging deep in it all. Check out the thousands of hashtagged photos. Dive head first into the SS vimeo page. Or head on over to the SS archives. All which is available for your viewing pleasure via Thank you to all the people who have supported the rise this far. All the views, all the likes. All the stores who carry our goods. All the customers who have bought the goods. But most importantly, thank you to each and every person who has kept up with the rise and shredded all in the name of southernscum. Big shoutout to @__mallgoth for turning the attention to a tumblr page. If it weren't for your bright ideas the record would not even show. We will continue to push forward and rise on. #southernscum #HappyBirthday #4yearsOld #TSWRA #WeAreSS
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brentscherer : Happy bday ⚡️⚡️
buttertv : Happy birthday! Cheers to many more
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Set-Up. Support us! @thecultrevolution 😎☀️😎☀️😎☀️😎☀️😎☀️😎 #BladeLife #FromWhereIBlade #InstaBlading #InstaShred #GoRollerblade #Kentucky #KentuckyBlading #BourbonBlading #MoonshineBlading #BladerGang #BlvderGvng #BG #WeOutHere #WOH #WeDownHere #WDH #wearerising #wearess #TSWRA #SWAG #STEEZ #GroundControlFrames #GCUprising #RazorsBlades #TheCultRevolution #southernscum #CLIPSQUAD @RazorsBlades @TheCultRevolution @southernscum
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natli0 : sweeet! @VinesBeLike
bladerdad : @berman1217
steezetheday : Good shot!
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The weather was BEAUTIFUL yesterday!!!!!☀️☀️☀️😎😎 So we messed around at the Legendary Kentucky spot, Henry Clay High School, with some of the main homies! Got a good little play session in! 📹: @roll606 #BladeLife #FromWhereIBlade #InstaBlading #InstaShred #GoRollerblade #Kentucky #KentuckyBlading #BourbonBlading #MoonshineBlading #BladerGang #BlvderGvng #BG #WeOutHere #WOH #WeDownHere #WDH #wearerising #wearess #TSWRA #SWAG #STEEZ #RazorsBlades #TheCultRevolution #southernscum #CLIPSQUAD @RazorsBlades @TheCultRevolution @southernscum
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presidenthaneef : I'm working on a big project that I want you to become apart of. Visit my official page @haneefjohnson and email me
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Blind spin soul grind to royale powerslide by @jimmybladez #southernscum #yankeetrash #Clebola #kingofcleveland
clebola - kingofcleveland - southernscum - yankeetrash -
sean_grossman : 😭
sean_grossman : @shawngraddy
baphomets_lilbrother : My dood always looking clean from the hair the blades @jimmybladez
sometruthplease : interesting way to name that one
adambazydlo : ^
we_are_ss : @adambazydlo @sometruthplease to backwards.
this_dood_right_here : They were first called blind sides before true spin 👌 old school baby
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Some of them North Carolina doods just released an online video. The bud @ryanbtimms does this misfit, along with a bunch of other solid tricks in the vid. Check it out on vimeo. The flick is called "Why Not" #southernscum #TSWRA #WhyNot
tswra - whynot - southernscum -
ryanbtimms : Thanks dudes!!
we_are_ss : @ryanbtimms thanks for doing misfits the right way in that t shirt.
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We survived Clebola 2014. Thanks for the great time Ohio. We appreciate all the hospitality @dressupjesus @meffedupmeffedout @jimmybladez #southernscum #yankeetrash #KingOfCleveland
whiledriving - kingofcleveland - southernscum - yankeetrash -
taylorvkobryn : Oh man I have memories of this particular vantage point.
huntergrimm : Yup @taylorvkobryn
phresh2deaph : #drinkingbeer @ 8am
we_are_ss : #whiledriving
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10 years ago... 10年前くらいの俺発見。 ちょうど人生の半分スケートやってます。 この時みたいにまっすぐ突き進むべし!! 後藤祐斗、まだまだ攻めますよ! #valobrand #soulvisionworks #mftbrand #momowheels #southernscum #anticipator #videoboyz
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alano22y : Cute
yutogoto : #aspo
bluueuu : Little yuto!
yarly0530 : 防具完璧!
quty_rinko : これは10年前❗️なんか偉い❗️うちその時はなんもしらないの子供やね(泣)
yutogoto : @bluueuu super cute boy😜😜😜
yutogoto : @yarly0530 「骨折」ダメ!絶対!
yutogoto : @quty_rinko 偉いかな〜笑、ただのスケート馬鹿だよ〜👯
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Did you know there's a @bladingcup Instagram? Well, now you do. #southernscum #UselessConcepts #bladingcup2014
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yutogoto : see you blading cup bro!
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darkside tru fish screen shot from my new edit, link is in da bio 👀
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teeravaller : @chynna_weierstall was right. The valos suit you very well homie. That was solid.
raptarr : Thanks brotha!! @teeravaller
michael_brookes : Edit was smooth bro
mattozduh : 👍
_jonathanbryant : Yassssss
raptarr : #bladergram #_gawds #DetroitBearingCo #valobrand #rollerblade #southernscum
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#flashbackfriday to last winter up in Milwaukee with the boys. Photo by @dallycoon #ssmfullrip #bladechiordie #southernscum
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adambazydlo : #hungover
cree_mc : @adambazydlo #ripbrooklyns
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Do you follow our mother account? Keep up with even more SS by visiting @southernscum #southernscum #soscum #sosouthern #WeAreSS
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xgames_inline : 👊💪💪
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Commercial advertising in Useless Concepts. The video premiers the night before The Blading Cup. #southernscum #useleSStour #UselessConcepts
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taylorvkobryn : Fuck yeah!
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Here's a solid throwback piece for ya. His name is Andy Kruse. He is quite the person to watch sk8. This is him hopping off a wall onto a drop bar down stairs. The trick is the all around wonder of a basic grind known as the Frontside (UFO) If you don't already know who he is, then you should probably study a little bit. You'll get to learn all about fakie parallel rolls or gaps to one footed mono rolls. Just look, you'll see. He is a hero to many and a legend still in the making. Anyone got anything to add to that? Please feel free. #southernscum #TBT #learnyourroots #TSWRA #WeAreSS
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something_offensive : WEDGE. Sweat stance. /thread.
dressupjesus : Wedge is the man
taylorvkobryn : Like a man
we_are_ss : 📹 : @reggaerover
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Heads up. Here comes two in a row! What will you be doing Saturday around noon? Looks like there's a contest going down. All the details are right in front of you. Hosted by BLT. Sponsored by all those you now see at the bottom of the picture. Someone's gonna pul hard. Save travels to all planning on attending. #southernscum #KingOfCleveland #SupportTheSupporters #WhoSupportTheSupporters #WeAreSS
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benn_f18 : See y'all there gonna be dope
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My time awake to time asleep ratio got a playa bout to pass out. 😳💤🙊 But I got that SS on my chest! ⚓💯 #cashout #passout #newloucrew #southernscum #wearess #swerve #turndownforwhat #SoDope #bladelife #workflow #thegoodlife #yaboii #keepitreal #turnup #swagout #livefast #dieyoung
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only_the_fit : Awesome!
thefilthiest : Dope pic 👌 come check us out we release in a few hours
yaboii_jbrought : @thefilthiest word.
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Welcome back to Waste A Clip Wednesday. Where we take a handful of worthy video clips and waste them on the World Wide Web. Now, thats a lot of W's! While we are on the topic. Let's touch a bit about a pretty powerful W in our industry. The one that starts the last name, Wojda. That's right, the dood is back at it. Along with a new crew of faces. Well familiar enough, if you've kept up with Kentucky rollerblading in the last decade. They call themselves The New Lou Crew. Here's some pretty neat ones of a few of them. Just casually ripping at their home park. The Louisville Extreme Park, which is currently under re-construction. Keep your eyes peeled for their new efforts and the things they plan on bringing "back" to the table. Featuring : @ep_ic @tjaematthews @bradanthony @markwojda #southernscum #WCW #newloucrew #ReturnOfThe #WeAreSS
wearess - southernscum - returnofthe - wcw - newloucrew -
markwojda : Oops nvm thanks for uploading it and the kind words
jmire : Juiced to see him on blades!
jmire : And the rest of the crew of course
dressupjesus : So sick
markwojda : @jmire juiced to be back on blades! For real! Thanks SS and Julian!
thewhitewolf_wd : First clip sounded like #wheelbitewednesday
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October 31 in long beach CA the night before the BladingCup is the premiere of the tour we did in the USA. See ya there !!! #uselesstour #southernscum
uselesstour - southernscum -
southernscum : 🚐💨💿
coloryeah_ - chrishanzell - theirishjerk - vincyvichy -
A few months ago the SS van was lent out to a group of young gentlemen, to travel from coast to coast promoting aggressive rollerblading. The trip went exceptionally well and the entire thing was documented. Now, it is finally time to see the story unfold. Friday October 31st 2014 in Long Beach, California. The useless doods will premiere their documentation. Along with a handful of other scheduled presentations scattered. Ranging from Atlanta to New York. To learn more about the event, the tour and the DVD "Useless Concepts" please join the Facebook premiere page or follow the hashtags below. It is an honor to have the company involved in such a production and represented by so many talented up and coming sk8rs. Cheers to useless concepts and all supporting. This is the future of rollerblading. #southernscum #UseleSStour #UselessConcepts #TSWRA #WeAreSS
tswra - uselessconcepts - uselesstour - southernscum - wearess -
taylorvkobryn : So excite!
leviivanrijn - televizor765 - eldurrer - frederickiss -
Took my P-Rail over to the homie @justinchadanthony pad yesterday for a quick little sesh! We did things. #BladeLife #FromWhereIBlade #InstaBlading #InstaShred #GoRollerblade #Kentucky #KentuckyBlading #BourbonBlading #MoonshineBlading #BladerGang #BlvderGvng #BG #WeOutHere #WOH #WeDownHere #WDH #wearerising #wearess #TSWRA #SWAG #STEEZ #RazorsBlades #TheCultRevolution #southernscum #CLIPSQUAD @RazorsBlades @TheCultRevolution @southernscum
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broofdizblades : We will be there in spirit, as were all the hammers we laid last year...✋👊 @baphomets_lilbrother
justinchadanthony : Pull
andrew_krysl : R those cults?
thecultrevolution : @andrew_krysl you know it
broofdizblades : Yes the are! We are both rocking them. Check us out at @thecultrevolution
broofdizblades : @andrew_krysl ^
soldierofplur : @bb__206 steeeeeZy
samantha_erin_ : @jasminmags
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Bartering: The Spice Of Life. #BladeLife #FromWhereIBlade #InstaBlading #InstaShred #GoRollerblade #Kentucky #KentuckyBlading #BourbonBlading #MoonshineBlading #BladerGang #BlvderGvng #BG #WeOutHere #WOH #WeDownHere #WDH #wearerising #wearess #TSWRA #SWAG #STEEZ #RazorsBlades #TheCultRevolution #southernscum #CLIPSQUAD @RazorsBlades @TheCultRevolution @southernscum
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thecultrevolution : 💉
rollingking : cults all day
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With change comes growth and progess. SK8 > HATE. Please CLICK to PLAY. #southernscum #makeoverMonday #allyouneedislove #WeAreSS
allyouneedislove - southernscum - makeovermonday - wearess -
illest.m : DM me how you do this
southernscum : @forigen.princess not that simple to explain. Lots of effort goes into each post.
monstersbossmama - jellotardis - martial138 - ylevin95 -
there's 2 sides of every story.. #valobrand
blade - valo - valobrand - _gawds - southernscum - detroit - bladergram - rollerblading -
carson_mcnicholas : God dam lol
lexxiciaravino : Holy shit
asakuraskate : damn!
liddle__red : I watched this at least 7 times lmfaoooo
raptarr : #bladergram #rollerblading #blade #Southernscum #valobrand #valo #_gawds #detroit
tomsbaltmug14 - danishirfannn - popcorn_a402 - zacksavageee -
thousands died right where I'm standing because they fought for what was right & what the world needed... equality
southernscum - yankeetrash -
raptarr : #Southernscum #Yankeetrash
southernscum : Fuck yes!
tomsbaltmug14 - jfred06 - brooklyn_ruhlman - paperpearler -
@rogerlangley just donated a radical video edit of the hill bomb contest prior to The KY Battle a few weeks ago. It's super trippy. Does anyone wants to see it? #southernscum #kyb2014 #wedownhere
southernscum - wedownhere - kyb2014 -
vandebe : Yeah man lets get a link!
noah_shaw41 : LINK
intelligentidiot502 : Link!
yaboii_jbrought - royce615 - brokenpanda310 - bladergiirl -
Selfie from the summer when @bradanthony @zgravy02 and I went to BG to go camping witch didn't work out as planned went to a party instead then got locked out of his mom's house so we had to sleep on a concrete pad with shoes as pillows and body heat for blankets. "No homo" #rideordiehomie #wedemboys #newloucrew #family #bladefam #swerve #brucewyane #turnup #turndownforwhat #adventure #alwaysdown #theblessedlife #datdude #yaboii #hadtopostit #weouthere #southernscum #wearess #livefast #dieyoung
swerve - turndownforwhat - alwaysdown - family - yaboii - turnup - theblessedlife - bladefam - dieyoung - adventure - weouthere - livefast - hadtopostit - datdude - wedemboys - newloucrew - wearess - southernscum - brucewyane - rideordiehomie -
m_branch : That sounds terrible lol.
yaboii_jbrought : Its was definitely a good adventure though @m_branch
ep_ic - kyrshaattaf - calebpoole300 - t_frank94 -
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