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marshallbolton : I need this
rollerbladearchitect : @___i_love_new_york_ this is the bag I mentioned
masonrichard : sick af
juanpaske - heyantone - sicurethane - dmitryedemskiy -
WWW.SOUTHERNSCUM.COM ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ WWW.SOUTHERNSCUM.COM ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ WWW.SOUTHERNSCUM.COM ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ WWW.SOUTHERNSCUM.COM ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ WWW.SOUTHERNSCUM.COM ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ WWW.SOUTHERNSCUM.COM ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ WWW.SOUTHERNSCUM.COM ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ WWW.SOUTHERNSCUM.COM ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ WWW.SOUTHERNSCUM.COM ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ The snow hasn't reached everywhere yet. But, it's on the way. Don't worry, we got your backs. Start all of your winter season shopping off with some scum. #southernscum #happyholidays #drifters #SALE #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐❄️⛄️
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damien_eche : @anthonybnrd malboro
anthonybnrd : @damien_eche j'avais déjà vue dès truc comme ça je Keaf
qawmv - okcchef - awfschaeffer - ig.or.s_parkurists -
Reintroduction to cutt & sew. Holiday site, store, & product. All part of 'scum' Friday. Get an early start on your holiday shopping tonight, when we launch the updated dot com. We are putting everything on sale! Even the new stuff. Expect more new goods to drop all month long. #southernscum #letsgoscum #happyholidays #winterseason #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨⛄️
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kybarra88_wd - _.ls14 - rzrs_kid - luisaalamanca -
Let the shopping begin. www.shopsouthernscum.bigcartel.com. #happyholidays #southernscum #cuttandsew #friday #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨⛄️
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mohamad.atd - christophershideler - crew_inline - isaac_smith531 -
southernscum -
southernscum - yaboii_jbrought - nataliemarguerite - zacksavageee -
When you have no wax, but that nostalgic spot looks tasty. So you grind it anyways & the momentum puts you in Christ air for a second. But then you share it anyways because you already got a rock solid landed photo for that personal gram. #hititagain #whatstruggle #keeponswimming #southernscum #wearess
wearess - southernscum - keeponswimming - hititagain - whatstruggle -
tangerineclementineslipnslides - rzrs_kid - rainbow_hippi - el_punisher__ -
#KwikKlipz #MekosSkatepark #SouthernScum#7CitiesBlading #SkateForAlex #CreateOriginals #SDSF #xsjados #xsjadobeliever #FesterWheels
festerwheels - createoriginals - skateforalex - 7citiesblading - southernscum - mekosskatepark - sdsf - xsjados - kwikklipz - xsjadobeliever -
broofdizblades : #DemSpliceSamples
droofdizzle : @broofdizblades 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽✋🏽👊🏽
mortvideo : 🔝🔝🔝
rawfootageatl - ljacobs7 - steven_an_jax_ - stefanthomas1 -
Yesterday was @steventatitup 's 25th day of a challenge to skate every single day for 30 Days in a row. Lucky for us, he's made it back to Kentucky in time to finish up strong. Admittedly, it's been fun to watch him rip apart @woodwardinline . But it's going to be so nice to see him do the same to these southern streets. Looks like this winter season is gonna be a hot one. #30dayblade #rollerblading #latergram #southernscum #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨♻️
rollerblading - 30dayblade - southernscum - latergram - wearess -
qawmv - blade_lux - fefe_martinez69 - oscarjimenezmunoz -
Blake Hyatt. What the fishbrain in Durham, North Carolina. Photo by David Hutson. @filmbotgrip @soypindejo @patchgame #returnofthe #rollerblading #SonicSkateboards #southernscum #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨🤐
rollerblading - wearess - southernscum - sonicskateboards - returnofthe -
ricardolino : ⚡️💪🏽🚀
ogimilutinovic : Daaaaaaaaaamn @ognjenstamenkovic
ognjenstamenkovic : Video sam vec,perfekcija @ogimilutinovic
tallarollah : WILD!
tangerineclementineslipnslides - oscarjimenezmunoz - se7th_heaven - j.maylan -
Spot 1. New spot I just started skating. It slides like crap but I made it work. Back unity to budget trusavannah #sicurethane #greymatterfamily #groundcontrolframes #usdskates #detroitbearingco #southernscum
greymatterfamily - detroitbearingco - sicurethane - usdskates - groundcontrolframes - southernscum -
caseybladesyo : Always loved that one
mrbigfuzzy : Control like a boss
swagedelic : That's the best spot ever
flavaflevin : I put some primer on it when i left so it will slide good next time. Souls are kind of slow right now @swagedelic . You will love this thing
raptarr : @yunggcurly
raptarr : U da man Kev
flavaflevin : Shiiiit...im alright. You are the real master @raptarr
ravenrileyrolls : Jeez. I love doing that switchup but could never do it that slowly. Nicee.
grey_matter_official - boysandfurs - acehole_brett - rollerbladingjesus -
Spot 2. Standard Times ledges. Alley oop negative makio mute out #sicurethane #SICURE #greymatterfamily ##groundcontrolframes #usdskates #detroitbearingco #southernscum
sicure - greymatterfamily - detroitbearingco - sicurethane - usdskates - groundcontrolframes - southernscum -
caseybladesyo : 🤘🏻
mrbigfuzzy : We have to skate when i get back to TX in March
flavaflevin : @mrbigfuzzy let me know when your free and we can make it happen :)
mrbigfuzzy : Hell yea.should have two weeks-1 month of leave to take when i get back. And how is the ankle support on usd carbon?
flavaflevin : @mrbigfuzzy the ankle support is great. I have 5 pins in my right ankle & the cut of the cuff doesnt hurt it at all. It has incredible support & flexibility
mrbigfuzzy : Might try them out. Too much flex in my adapt ones and messed my stuff up.
jbrad_1989 : Nice!
boysandfurs - grey_matter_official - rollerbladingjesus - inline_86 -
REALLY digging this set up I have been on for the past few weeks. Honestly, in my 19 years of blading, this one of my favorite set ups I've ever had. Can't wait to either get some decent weather, or hit an indoor soon. I need to spend some more quality time with these beauties! Just need to find some new liners...😎🍕 @gorollerblade Troopers. @createoriginals Frames. Pleasure Tools Joy Rides 65mm.🚀 #FromWhereIBlade #InstaBlading #InstaShred #GoRollerblade #Kentucky #KentuckyBlading #BourbonBlading #MoonshineBlading #BladerGang #BlvderGvng #BG #WeOutHere #WOH #WeDownHere #WDH #wearerising #wearess #TSWRA #SWAG #STEEZ #southernscum #CLIPSQUAD @southernscum #OakCityInlineSkateShop @OakCityInlineSkateShop
bg - wedownhere - wearerising - moonshineblading - bourbonblading - instablading - kentuckyblading - oakcityinlineskateshop - instashred - swag - wearess - wdh - southernscum - blvdergvng - kentucky - weouthere - tswra - gorollerblade - bladergang - woh - steez - clipsquad - fromwhereiblade -
nelson8119 : Need to get you some @grey_matter_official for those @createoriginals
grey_matter_official : Definitely! 👌👌👌
we_are_ss - rollerbladingjesus - matthsolon - lui_summer -
See ya later Charlotte and what's up NYC. #bladelife #BLADERGANG #psk #southernscum #createoriginals #usdskates #USD #vlux #pabstblueribbon #vibraluxdenimusa #buttertv #RADSwagg
psk - usd - vlux - buttertv - southernscum - createoriginals - bladergang - bladelife - pabstblueribbon - usdskates - vibraluxdenimusa - radswagg -
miguelalmodo : Come to San Francisco soon!! @montre666 didn't make it out to blading cup but I'm moving to the bay soon!
blader_nation : Let me know if you need anything while you here
mellybladie : @montre666 how long you in nyc?
montre666 : @a12pd queens I think. @blader_nation will do. @mellybladie I leave early Monday morning @z1lf miss ya too, beers when I get back
mellybladie : @montre666 where you gonna be sunday? maybe ill come say hi to you!
gio_kidd1005 : Yeoooo my due is coming thruu haha!! That's wa up , bk and queens is neighbors so we can definitely link up boi lol if you have time after handling what you have to handle, lmk playa x3
gio_kidd1005 : Safe flights x3
gio_kidd1005 : @montre666
fork.ontheroad - henny_seba - yousefbader1 - jamsrollcrew -
Happy Birthday to the 3 dudes in this picture! @justinchadanthony @bradanthony and @phresh2deaph I honestly don't know where I would be without either of these gentlemen in my life today. They have taught me so much over the past nearly 20 years I have been apart of the Kentucky Blade Scene. Mostly things about rollerblading, but as our friendship grew, those lessons quickly grew into other hobbies and into powerful life lessons. I am so appreciative of everything either of these guys has ever done for me. Probably more than anyone will ever know. I will for ever be paying these dudes back in pizza and kind words. I hope all of you have an amazing day today, and I hope I get to celebrate with each of you very soon. Until then, HBD Brothers!!!🎈🎉💸🚀⚓️ Love you guys!!!!! 😎🍕😎🍕😎🍕😎🍕😎🍕😎🍕😎🍕😎 #BladeLife #FromWhereIBlade #InstaBlading #InstaShred #GoRollerblade #Kentucky #KentuckyBlading #BourbonBlading #MoonshineBlading #BladerGang #BlvderGvng #BG #WeOutHere #WOH #WeDownHere #WDH #wearerising #wearess #TSWRA #SWAG #STEEZ #southernscum #CLIPSQUAD @southernscum #OakCityInlineSkateShop @OakCityInlineSkateShop
bg - wedownhere - bladelife - wearerising - moonshineblading - bourbonblading - instablading - kentuckyblading - oakcityinlineskateshop - instashred - swag - wearess - wdh - southernscum - blvdergvng - kentucky - weouthere - tswra - gorollerblade - bladergang - woh - steez - clipsquad - fromwhereiblade -
justinchadanthony : #abrahamlincoln #hobswithhouses #scrape #fuckastruggle #loosechange #kanye4prez #fuckthefreeworld
justinchadanthony : #hoboswithhouses *
bradanthony : Thanks homeboy. Love ya dawg!
stefanthomas1 - elindauer - patr1ckandersen - lamesneilson -
Today would not be today if this legend did not exist. Thank you for being you, Hyphy. Thank you for all you do & all you've done for the game. Rollerblading would not be the same with out you. Happy Birthday to our big brother, Doug Williams. Here's to 100 more. Keep turning heads. You are a firecracker. The world has yet to even see what you are capable of. Even though you already rolled in that wall at Vandy. There is still so much to come! Never stop skating. Charge it! #happybirthday #herbenlegend #tripleOG #southernscum #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨♻️
happybirthday - tripleog - wearess - southernscum - herbenlegend -
damien_abeast : Preach👏🙌
luna_ugt : Sick
phresh2deaph : #beenouthere #SStillthedeathofme
the_new_guy1234 : @blade_lux @alexlopez88 @badguypaco @skeane
alexlopez88 : @the_new_guy1234 that's nasty 😳🔥
rainbow_hippi - tangerineclementineslipnslides - kybarra88_wd - dingus_con -
That feeling you get, when tat says he will be southbound at 2am. See you soon buddy. #homeiswheretheheartis #holidayincambodia #kentucky #southernscum #wearess
southernscum - homeiswheretheheartis - kentucky - holidayincambodia - wearess -
chase_av - drewniany1992 - lawrence_firth_aka_lozza - david_greader -
New bladerrollers All-Star card. Featuring that Texas Tornadoe, @broomski_lst . Yeah, you read that right. Texas Tornadoe. Which will finally justify the use of that twister emoticon. To check out more stat cards, lurk Zachary Edick. He makes them! #whysoserious #rollerblading #allstar #southernscum #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨🌪
rollerblading - southernscum - allstar - whysoserious - wearess -
thelightray : Nice
bbsmalls : To be 20 again.
bladinggram - gustavo_spo - bladerisrashit - _lewisyoxall_ -
•••🗣Flexing always on my agenda👤••• ✨💎✨🍾🍸🍾🗓📑🗓🗞📰🗞💵💸💵 #illest #sodope #livefast #dieyoung #ambition #highfashion #model #louisville #kentucky #southernscum #turnup #swag #lego #swerve #weoutchea #hustle #squad #crewlove #yolo #noflexzone #theblessedlife #flashy #famous #bish #fallow #yaboii #jbrought
noflexzone - swerve - bish - crewlove - turnup - illest - yolo - famous - dieyoung - kentucky - ambition - squad - livefast - swag - lego - yaboii - southernscum - weoutchea - louisville - highfashion - flashy - sodope - theblessedlife - fallow - model - jbrought - hustle -
yaboii_jbrought : 📸 @thegentlemanrebel
natashagalkina44 - miisoul - pandorabishkek - blade.trade -
The winter traveling season is right around the corner. Wherever you end up, make sure you have a sturdy reliable bag to keep your travel goodies protected. Being able to stop & take a seat will simply be an added bonus! Check out our assortment of weather proof, high quality bags, available only at shopsouthernscum.bigcartel.com . #southernscum #wegotyourback #backpack #winterweather #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨🌎
winterweather - backpack - wearess - southernscum - wegotyourback -
rollerbladearchitect : The dopest!
_twenty.four : @rollerbladearchitect this looks amazing! great for those nyss sessions!
xfinityminds : Sweet
blade.trade - linomusic2000 - bogdansk_ - joao.palmeira -
🤐 . #regram #southflorida #oakcityinlineskateshop #southernscum #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨♻️
regram - southflorida - wearess - southernscum - oakcityinlineskateshop -
chemisimiyu : That @jonfromm guy is iight
_safe_journey_ : Laced a wall ride to fakie just before this pic! ❤️❤️☕️⚓️🌰🌳
robbiesquire : Roomieeeeeeeeeeeeee😘
georgeholmquist : Hey that's me !!
jamesfinley : 😍
blade_lux - rzrs_kid - blade.trade - lopez1912gianella -
Holiday sampling. #southernscum #hoodie #sample #infringingproduct #wearess
sample - wearess - southernscum - hoodie - infringingproduct -
antalari : such a sick brand
taylorvkobryn : 👆🏽
dboy6170 : @southernscum is this dropping
southernscum : @dboy6170 looking like it.
dboy6170 : Hell yea def lookin dope @southernscum
we_are_ss - stefanthomas1 - anthonyglo_ria - cepro_ta -
I'm mosdef digging these #Sway2 blades. Very light, comfortable and strong. Slides super good too. #bladelife #BLADERGANG #psk #southernscum #createoriginals #usdskates #USD #vlux #pabstblueribbon #vibraluxdenimusa #RADSwagg
psk - usd - vlux - bladelife - southernscum - createoriginals - bladergang - pabstblueribbon - usdskates - vibraluxdenimusa - radswagg - sway2 -
belendelosvientos : @hashepsquad
joaco295 : @estebanvillalovs @mikeecircus @diegoengel_ pongamos uno asi en su casa zanak
bellaaljeffery : @hafizhsulaiman @krexcore should have this in our backyard! hahaha
iamgeenek : @spartak_a ТОЧИЛКА))
that_maxguy : Sick!
khaled_91117 : @k.ha.l.ed
viniciuspercussor : Se liga @weigner7 @m_monteiroo
weigner7 : @viniciuspercussor é uma facilidade do caralho ne mano kkk e que esquema doido essa ramp
jamsrollcrew - gklims15 - stevencprather - berrocalp15 -
That one time a ton of us met in Raleigh, North Carolina for the weekend and ripped it a new one. Click the link in our bio full the full web edit by David Dodge. #megasession #ideasforlions #nctripping #southernscum #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨🌎
wearess - southernscum - megasession - nctripping - ideasforlions -
racista_metafisico : @mrdree13
ilsk8 : That backslide to sweaty was a thing of beauty 👏🏽
swannjsf : @crobzombee
blade_lux - oscarjimenezmunoz - emilebreuillot - nigai2550 -
Been a while since I've shredded my playground. Also, I've only skated the #Sway2 once and that was for a gap only. This will be my first time grinding these jams. Shred on erybody. #bladelife #BLADERGANG #psk #southernscum #createoriginals #usdskates #USD #vlux #pabstblueribbon #vibraluxdenimusa #RADSwagg
psk - usd - vlux - bladelife - southernscum - createoriginals - bladergang - pabstblueribbon - usdskates - vibraluxdenimusa - radswagg - sway2 -
henrysmith1985 : I want that hat
mer98_ : @montre666 sway, my babys😍😍
danielnielsen5 : Get it ma bruda 🙏🏼👊🏼!.
luketheforce : I wanna skate that
damamel : Bye carbons?@montre666
e_rodriguez09 : Gang.
davesay : No mas carbons??
montre666 : I never skated the carbons. Only the frees. @davesay @damamel
patenciniiiz - danielalvesrz - antony_hobkins - yusufusd -
It rained so I was stuck with only one option. Oh well, it was a fun solo session. #sicurethane #SICURE #greymatterfamily #usdskates #southernscum #detroitbearingco #groundcontrolframes
sicure - greymatterfamily - detroitbearingco - sicurethane - usdskates - groundcontrolframes - southernscum -
adambazydlo : Sick trick btw haven't seen that switch much 🔥
flavaflevin : Thanks @adambazydlo , it's my go to spot when it rains, its fun. And thanks for the love & the inspiration
caseybladesyo : So sick! Never thought of that one.
luke_nasty : That was Fuckin tighttt
luke_nasty : Straight gangster
baphomets_lilbrother : Very legit switch up!!
tonyrua : Amazing trick
austin_kardashiann : Ohhhhhhh
acehole_brett - calvinmccoy1 - dym33k - bra_catha07 -
The longer we last on this earth, the more we will live to learn. There was no way to tell you this without being too cliche. Since we've been sitting on these hat photos for a while now, it seemed like a good idea to just post one on the internet today. We should for sure finish up on the hat. Let's make this next year the one, eh? Here's some wise words to celebrate the day of your creation home boy. "If I just believe it, there's nothing to it. I believe I can fly." -R. Kelly . Happy birthday Kevo. Lets keep baking cakes & eating them alive. #onemore #flyhigh #happybirthday #southernscum #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨🍰
onemore - happybirthday - southernscum - flyhigh - wearess -
kevin_lapierre : Love yaa doods
tetehsc_ - tctbo - cometcoreinc -
TK 🤐 . Someone's gotta help keep us warm this winter. Cody said if you do it, he'll take your picture. Thanks for putting this capture on the Internet @cody.allen.sanders . #thecomedown #thejumpoff #tixass #southernscum #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨♻️
tixass - thecomedown - southernscum - thejumpoff - wearess -
jimmybladez : 😱 OH
tiff_weiwei : 😀
alanrouil - ajblunden - carlos_bladeordie - stefgeuijen -
When you decide to grind the rail inside the building & your homies hold open the doors for a smooth & safe exit. @kaizer_parkerson on Tuesday in Music City. Filmed by @zachleavell & @ethan_pugh . #tbt #downtown #tennessee #southernscum #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨♻️
downtown - tennessee - southernscum - tbt - wearess -
zachleavell : 🌚🌚🌚🔥🙅🏾🙏🏿 @kaizer_parkerson
rumwizard : Dude this is so sickk
lost_mike : Fuck yes! @kaizer_parkerson still Killin shit...
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Happy to say starting next month will be opening a Vimeo account and release a edit for the winter be on the look out! #miami #aggressivemall #smokecrackbladevert #ssmfullrip #weouthere #bladeordie #bladergang #remz #razors #rollerblade #rollerblading #rollerwarhouse #usd #xsjado #valo #valo4life #ValoEU #amall #southernscum #erolling #themgoods #theestrange #intutionskateshop
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luis.xing : When are u guys skating hammocks ?
mia.rollerblading : We were there a couple weeks ago, don't know when will go back
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⚫️ maybe one day. #tbt #buttons #southernscum #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨♻️
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Even at full crop, this whole photo will not fit into the gram square. That's just how big this capture is. There is no amount of grams or throwing backs that could ever truly capture the essence of these kind of memories. Rollerblading was at a very dull low. But one group of friends were determined to shake things up a bit. From those efforts, many ideas were born. Many plans were executed. To this day, it's still obvious that we had no intentions with the scum. All we wanted to do was skate & let other people know we were doing so. Little did we know, as a group, we were creating memories that would last a lifetime. If you have an idea, don't sit on it. Just grind it out. You never know what it may turn into. Or what kind of relationships will develop from your efforts. Though you will come across a handful of rotten eggs, with love and persistence, you & your friends can do some pretty awesome things. This is a photo of Glenn Stiggie grinding the infamous Nashville 21 stair. Shot by @zachleavell circa 2011. For more classic captures like this one, please visit www.southernscum.tumblr/archives . #tbt #twentyone #tennessee #southernscum #wearess . ⚡️⚓️⚡️🚐💨♻️
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tangerineclementineslipnslides : Hell yeah. @k2skates
sebastienclosuit : Dope !
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Thank you @skitchvideozine for hooking yaboii up with home screen cover photo on the website http://www.skitch.bigcartel.com. Please to all that haven't watched or herd about this dope project go check the IG page and give the website a visit. A very well done magazine and a pleasing DVD to match of few fellow rollerbladers. ✨💎✨☠⚓️☠💿📕💿 #longliverollerblading #svz #southernscum #wearess #skitch #magazine #dvd #bladelife #alwaysrolling #famous #sodope #newloucrew #yaboii #jbrought #swag #lego #swerve #guap #crewlove #squad #lovethebladers #ambition #theblessedlife #fallow #livefast #dieyoung
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I found a handrail inside of the Nashville Convention center yesterday at tuesday night skate #southernscum #demtennesseeboys
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