SHOP SS was just updated, again. Also, you now have the option to choose your state sales tax at the check out. #southernscum #bigcartel
southernscum - bigcartel -
bradanthony - brown_mann - thewildandwonderfulwizard - davidspeth -
Thankfully, this dood had his back. Solid performance that year on all parts, eh? #southernscum #groundcontrolframes #razorsblades #infringingproduct
groundcontrolframes - southernscum - razorsblades - infringingproduct -
nayrbdnommah : That trick tho
yutogoto - nameant - boots_o_fruit - marchelarnold -
This one was lost in some old folders. But still so good. #southernscum #groundcontrolframes #revolutionskateshop
groundcontrolframes - southernscum - revolutionskateshop -
eballe_lst : #fabio
huntergrimm : Toez
puffglass : Keaton?
yutogoto - madams9385 - jfred06 - droofdizzle -
Fear is simply a trick our minds can play on us. It's a given that this photo really speaks for itself. But why let it? Why not learn more about it. Fritz P. is a southern force on a steady pace to the top and has been for a long time. See what he has to say about this experience below. When you're done, you can follow the link and catch the actual clip. "Some of the best times of my blading life happend in Poland. Where I met Mirek and the @hedonskate crew. This rail was no easy task and I was hoping for God to send me a sign if this was not going to end well, haha. Everyone there was motivating in seeing this impossible monster get completed. So we built a ramp and cleared the way. There was no turning back and after about 15 warmup tries I began to hit the rail, only falling over the side once! I don't know how many attempts it took, but it got done and then round two of polish university town party began!" What better reason to turn up then living another day to tell the story and share the memory. Keep working hard Fritzy boy. With moments like this, despite how anyone feels about what we are doing, it is guaranteed that the south will continue to keep on rising. To quote the Hedon crew : "Fuck the haters!" Thanks for the words dood. Most of all, thank you for doing the impossible! Photography by : Kuba Urbanczyk To catch the clip and other great moments in Fritz's travels, please check out the link below. http://youtu.be/RBVmIdlyQ9w #southernscum #FollowYourGutt #PullHardOrPullOut #TSWRA #WeAreSS
tswra - followyourgutt - southernscum - pullhardorpullout - wearess -
provokerolling : That's awesome.
ryannorthway : Sick shot
bradanthony : Great words for a great guy. Awesome photo Kuba
we_are_ss - yaboii_jbrought - _rollermar_35 - ntillie01 -
Only a few more days until that sweet southern heat gets turned up. #bladergang #gawds #adaptbrand #southernscum
gawds - bladergang - southernscum - adaptbrand -
zanecook - j_bah - thewildandwonderfulwizard - chemisimiyu -
Just wanna take a min and reflect on how important and how much blading has made an impact on my life. Not sure where I would be if I had never started, my best friends/family are bladers. I've got to travel and see amazing things just bc I roll around with these things on my feet. I am truly blessed TY. Anyways! This picture tho! -front unity- s/o @timrsloan for the pic- #newloucrew #SoDope #southernscum #wearess #razorsblades #cultrevolution #alwaysgrinding #turnup #swagout #livefast #dieyoung #bladelife #bladergang #goingin #passion #alwaysrolling #bladeordie #swerve
swerve - razorsblades - turnup - bladelife - dieyoung - newloucrew - swagout - alwaysgrinding - livefast - alwaysrolling - wearess - cultrevolution - southernscum - goingin - bladergang - passion - sodope - bladeordie -
yaboii_jbrought : @thecultrevolution @razorsblades
trippysoulhippie : βœ‹βœ‹πŸ‘Š I feel you on this man
voydefm : Want free tickets to shows? FOLLOW and email us - fans@voyde.fm
m_branch : Fresh trick!
yaboii_jbrought : Thanks homie! @m_branch
yea_yea97 : And we all love ya dawg!!
we_are_ss - exa - broofdizblades - ddougeckert21 -
#craftsmanships #soulvisionworks #mftbrand #momowheels #southernscum #anticipator #videoboyz
videoboyz - soulvisionworks - momowheels - anticipator - craftsmanships - southernscum - mftbrand -
we_are_ss - micuhandskei - mellybladie - ollieg43 -
southernscum -
we_are_ss : #southernscum
we_are_ss : @broofdizblades
riavlerosadossantos - yagobellico - drooooo - princesspeachzm -
Chimney Stall. #southernscum #hellodownthere
hellodownthere - southernscum -
antalari : nice shot πŸ“·
saftchaps - edhelvampire - jacklaird98 - joxnatan -
Next order !!! #skate #richieeisler #usd #carbonfree #gawds #southernscum #groundcontrol #skates #inline #skatepark #instablade #skatelife #bladergang #bladeordie #weouthere #bladerganguk #stakndoeent
skatelife - skate - inline - groundcontrol - stakndoeent - instablade - usd - skatepark - carbonfree - southernscum - richieeisler - weouthere - bladergang - skates - gawds - bladerganguk - bladeordie -
bgwrld : niiicee @VinesBeLike
joeybagels : @rob_fox1 I heard those wheels chunk to pieces as soon as you roll on them! Just wanted to give you a heads up!
southernscum : SiQ
rob_fox1 : @joeybagels got them for a indoor setup so hopefully won't shred the fuck outta them
rob_fox1 : @bgwrld @southernscum πŸ‘ŠβœŒοΈ
joeybagels : @rob_fox1 right good luck
bradanthony - taha1444jeep - giuliomontesano - purpleheist -
The homies from Cincinnati came to Louisville yesterday to get down and film for their video. Had a blast chilling and skating with them and happy to be a part of the video. S/O @timrsloan #SoDope #southernscum #wearess #topacid #alwaysgrinding #turnup #livefast #dieyoung #newloucrew #swerve #turndownforwhat #bladelife #cultrevolution #razorsblades @razorsblades @thecultrevolution @newloucrew
livefast - swerve - turndownforwhat - razorsblades - wearess - turnup - topacid - cultrevolution - southernscum - dieyoung - newloucrew - sodope - bladelife - alwaysgrinding -
bradanthony - beerscourge - deviidearestt - rbml1980 -
Pretty fun session at Landslide today
bladergram - valobrand - bladergang - agressivemall - southernscum - rollerblade -
fuckd : Missing landslide
luke_nasty : Killer. Come skate kzoo ya fuccboi @raptarr
raptarr : #bladergram #bladergang #rollerblade #southernscum #valobrand #agressivemall
southernscum : ✌️
eazy303 - santhiagoavelino - zacksavageee - pohamichel -
Be on the lookout for the trailer to our video, Useless Concepts. Trailer drops this weekend, video available on Halloween. We put in a lot of time, effort and money into this project so we hope y'all enjoy it as much as we did. More to come, stay tuned... #useleSStour #southernscum #useleSSConcepts
uselessconcepts - uselesstour - southernscum -
austincoopr : πŸ™Œ
southernscum : βœ‹πŸ‘Š
bradanthony - _v_s_g_ - mickcasals - bladergiirl -
Repost via @southernscum The quick teaser for the @kyb_mmxiv tribute deal that went live this morning. Available for viewing now on the SS vimeo page. #southernscum #KYB14
kyb14 - southernscum -
maulopgar - timothylemoine - mickcasals - bladergiirl -
This morning we released the SS tribute edit covering The 14th Annual Kentucky Battle. Attached to the deal is a commercial advertisement for the release of Vintage by SS. To promote the deal(s) here's a repost from @we_are_ss To catch the video, fall back one post and watch the quickie, read how to view it. Heck, let us know what you think if need be. As always, remember sharing is caring. Help us show the world how the contest went down and catch a glimpse of the new clothing. There are direct links to both the topics via the updated www.southernscum.com #southernscum #KYB14 #TGIF #SSdotCOM #WeAreSS
kyb14 - tgif - southernscum - ssdotcom - wearess -
jalheads : #veryjal
paublik - knodrah - xyjlo - _lewisj_ -
Well, you ask for it. The SS tribute edit for The Kentucky Battle just went LIVE. What a better way to properly start off a weekend. Due to other obligations, not a whole lot of skate filming was done. But what would a SS deal be without plenty of powerful B ROLL. Prepare yourself though, it's a bit of a tear jerker. Super shout out to all the homies who placed in every event. Digital high five to Philip Moore for his double victories both Friday and Saturday. It was a treat to see all your faces and an honor to be able to point the camera at you all. There's a cheesy write up on the vimeo page to go along with the jam. To hop straight to the video, there's a direct link on www.southernscum.com or just head right over to the SS vimeo. It will also be posted on all other SS outlets. Once the contest deal is over, please set back and watch the newest commercial advertisement for the company. To learn more about the new goods, check out the latest post on @we_are_ss Next time is number 15. Don't sleep. Support the rise. Share the deal! #southernscum #KYB14 #PullHardOrPullOut #RiseOnWeWill #WeAreSS
riseonwewill - kyb14 - southernscum - pullhardorpullout - wearess -
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Shop SS has finally been updated. Premiering 5 items from the Vintage by SS 1st official line. Every time a item is sold, a new item will go up. Good thing it's pay day, eh? Please read all size descriptions prior to purchasing. Each item is made for that certain individual. Happy shopping. There's a direct link on the front page of www.southernscum.com #southernscum #Vintage #HandmadeInTheUSA
vintage - southernscum - handmadeintheusa -
travnasty_wd : Oh my God that vest tho! Those available online?! @we_are_ss
travnasty_wd : Or jacket, whatever the denim is its fire.
broofdizblades : @tay_digz
tay_digz : Yes! @broofdizblades
bleachvacations : @d_white32
calucasbens : Pls stop
we_are_ss : @calucasbens πŸ‘Ž
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I shall name you cookies & cream! My custom white cults are SoDope. #SoDope #razorsblades #cultrevolution #groundcontrolframes #cookiesncream #southernscum #wearess #bladelife #turnup #swagout #turndownforwhat #swerve #WeWantWhite #stormtrooper #dyi
swerve - turndownforwhat - razorsblades - wearess - cookiesncream - bladelife - wewantwhite - cultrevolution - southernscum - turnup - swagout - sodope - stormtrooper - groundcontrolframes - dyi -
grce7s : Great @VinesBeLike
yaboii_jbrought : @razorsblades @thecultrevolution
realizeapparel : πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ
broofdizblades : swagSWAG!!!!!
yaboii_jbrought : So so fresh @broofdizblades thanks bruh
ep_ic - iblade15 - digital_storytellers - jamal.cohen -
Earlier on a @southernscum post, some kid had the nerve to say there was no sk8rs in the south. Next time, we'll sick Ms. Sanchez on dat ass boy. #southernscum #bladies #bladergang
bladergang - southernscum - bladies -
personal_pan : he'd probably like that!
theyoddler : Chicks!
scrotum_face : She do that rough stuff!
bladiecoco : The ATLiens hold it down the hardest.. Pshhhh Give it, I got it 😈.. Thank you for the loveπŸ™
crowndominant : #flower
whoshunterbabcock : @maxcolvin12
mikedenmark - kidboyikidy - emmanamal - ca91r -
The SS Kentucky Battle Edit is private on the vimeo. Goes live tomorrow morning. 9/12/2014 Cheers to 14 years solid. #southernscum #KYB14 #UnitedWeStand #DividedWeFall
kyb14 - southernscum - unitedwestand - dividedwefall -
sean_grossman : Fuck yes!!!! Can't wait to see my dude @baphomets_lilbrother rip shit
sean_grossman : πŸ‘Œ
baphomets_lilbrother : Can't wait to peep!!
michaelschleijper_ - thijstel - leviivanrijn - calvin_blader -
Not extremely typical, but what the hey. The south deserves a good stand up ovation today. Once this post is made, the beginning process of a whole new project starts. So why not go into this full force. Throw it way back, to the last time the city of Atlanta hosted a Ho Ho Ho contest. The wild man himself was in attendance and all the right people were there to watch. It was a day of dangerous choices, some pretty scary falls and a day of proper introduction to some new heads on the block. The weekend itself was quite unforgettable and has a lot to do with the southern blade scenes current stance. There are still plenty of powerful things building up. New ideas, video projects, companies and crews have been popping up so often still. Let us take a moment and acknowledge all the hard work and efforts that have been steady flowing out of the south for the last few years. It's such a relief to know so many people still believe. Not positive what trick the guy was doing here. It was very cold and wet. He was skating really fast and on the left side of the jersey, there was a launch. Just incase you were wondering, yeah, he landed it. The rise is real and very much relevant, still. Photography by Zachary Leavell #southernscum #TBT #TSWRA #NeverStopRising #WeAreSS
tswra - wearess - southernscum - tbt - neverstoprising -
aggressivestsk8er : The south side has N0 bladers!
j_bah : Deh he go! @m_braud
thewildandwonderfulwizard : I used to sk8. @aggressivestsk8er
provokerolling : πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
anitra.matlock : I blade in the south @aggressivestk8er
openrecords : Huge
royce615 : Smyrna ga fruitbooter right here
mateo88mk4 - peter19xx - hunter.guy.39 - edd_is_back -
Tomorrow we will finally release the contest coverage/tribute edit for The @kyb_mmxiv (KY BATTLE) Along with a commercial advertisement pumping up VINTAGE by SS. Though southernscum may still be new in a lot of people's eyes, it's def got some history. So we'd like to take a post and throw it way back. It was not the beginning of it by any means, but thanks to @bulletsnmullets it became obvious what this company could do. So throw it back, to that one time a local Nashville boutique believed so strongly in the rise, that they gave SS an entire section of their store to display the goodies. Along with a trunk show presentation party that would have left an alcoholic hung over. Thank you for all your many blessings and all the motivation. We will rise on. #southernscum #ArtistCollaborationLine #TBT #wolfpack #WeAreSS
wolfpack - southernscum - artistcollaborationline - wearess - tbt -
jdeezy20 : I want some ss shirts! I like the designs..
gabofu : Yessir!
southernscum : Thank you for the compliment. There is a SS online store. Also, a handful of retail outlets nationwide that carry our products. Check out @asphaltbeachskateshop @aggressivemall @rollerwarehouse @oakcityinlineskateshop @crispbg
bulletsnmullets : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
david_goot : Are you bringing back the Marbolo Tee?! :D
southernscum : @david_goot one day maybe. Lots of other companies trying to mimic it currently. Once they are done, then yeah, we will most likely give it another go around.
david_goot : Bastards, well @southernscum your clothing line is awesome, Keep it up.
southernscum : @david_goot ty✌️
noahpeeler - elconquistador - david_goot - justinchadanthony -
live life and have a blast with it, you only get one chance. So let's go hard and make it worth it. Turn up and swag out™ #SoDope #newloucrew #louisville #bladelife #livefast #dieyoung #turnup #swagout #onechance #southernscum #swerve #turndownforwhat #liveitup #pose
livefast - swerve - turndownforwhat - liveitup - newloucrew - turnup - bladelife - pose - southernscum - dieyoung - louisville - swagout - sodope - onechance -
graciemarquez9yr : @_hollyoliviabrown @kaitlyn_90 @aya__younes Are you going to kiss me or do I have to lie to my diary?
thesebitchescallmepapi - bradanthony - monica.ward - mrtaurez -
Mmmm good morning ladies πŸ˜‰ #oakcityinlineskateshop #southernscum #valo #tv3 #ledgelife #circlecoping #woodwardinline #woodwardeast #cloudnine #gettinit #training
ledgelife - woodwardinline - training - valo - woodwardeast - southernscum - tv3 - oakcityinlineskateshop - gettinit - cloudnine - circlecoping -
broofdizblades : Post some clips butthole.
kingfontaine : @broofdizblades come do some tricks for me to film and I will
broofdizblades : Nah clips of you ya dummy!
kingfontaine : @broofdizblades I don't do tricks just cone skating
broofdizblades : Shut up and just post some clips...
bobdolington : Bet you ride banana boards and drink wine coolers from your scooter wheels. Right?
dressupjesus - fofaum - _beyonson - michael_brookes -
While we are on the topic of southern legends, who are still going strong. Let us not forget about the Dazed Owl. It's great to see you steady ripping Germany a new one. #southernscum #BiaBia #PillagingTheSevenSeas
southernscum - pillagingthesevenseas - biabia -
dirtbag442 - pablorollervng - ricardolino - jessicaburrows14 -
Southern scum before southernscum was southernscum. Cheers to you Franky. Keep up the good work. Link on the SS FB page.
southernscum - grillinem -
we_are_ss : #southernscum #GrillinEm
jfred06 - scherfalerf - calvin_blader - michaelschleijper_ -
Guess which bike riding Cambodian is visiting Woodward in October! #southernscum #runforthehills #infringingproduct
southernscum - runforthehills - infringingproduct -
mizikes05 : I want to try that out.
nick2730 : Still trying to find out how to get that shirtttt. Too dope not to snag one.
maulopgar - maxlpk - thenickg - michaelschleijper_ -
My first waste a clip Wednesday comes from this jagged and rusted lake spot. With all the sharp edges here it's a must to lock your switch-up! I chose to waste this clip because I don't like the slomo. Hope you enjoy! #weareSS #southernscum #texasblading #rustyrails #razorsblades
rustyrails - southernscum - razorsblades - texasblading - wearess -
we_are_ss : ✌️
we_are_ss - beedley - skin3v0 - safaicoffee -
Welcome back to Waste A Clip Wednesday. Where we take a few rad skating clips and throw them down the drain. Today's waste comes from The 14th Annual Kentucky Battle. The last spot was a down ledge that looked like it belonged in a video game. A classic southern spot that look should look familiar, if you've watched your fair share of Mark Wojda or Jordan Dale parts. @cooleync @morciggz & @turdert all three skated very well in the contest. As you can see here, at the final spot, they were all extra comfortable on their skates by this part of the day. Can anyone name all three tricks? Surely that last one could get a conversation started. Thanks for the show fellas. It's inspiring that you are all three still getting in there, so deep. Please never stop! The full tribute deal should be LIVE very soon. In the meantime, feel free to grab this from the SS FB and help show the world. #southernscum #WCW #KYB14 #CommonWealth #WeAreSS
commonwealth - kyb14 - southernscum - wcw - wearess -
snoopfroggg : Topacid, zero top porn , 270 back savannah
notrosspuryear : what @snoopfroggg said.
samasken : @morciggz killing it!!
bleachvacations : Top acid, zero top porn, pumpkin. @googletranslator @snoopfroggg @notrosspuryear
morciggz : @samasken thanks brother, hope we can skate soon!!
sweet.feet : Back savvy exit laffy taffy. Also know as the pumpkin.
we_are_ss : AO UNITY.
hgcadenas16 - thebooted - jhuffaker - tribett13 -
Repost from @sofloroll Cheers doods! #southernscum #oakcityskateshop
oakcityskateshop - southernscum -
jahashtag : We out here β•πŸ’―πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ»πŸŒ΄πŸ™
jahashtag - scherfalerf - broofdizblades - bladergiirl -
I'm bout that storm trooper set up. Custom cults. #razorsblades #WeWantWhite #cultrevolution #diy #stormtrooper #allwhite #swagout #custom #turndownforwhat #swerve #southernscum #newloucrew #SoDope #alwaysrolling #paintjob #bladelife @razorsblades @thecultrevolution
swerve - turndownforwhat - razorsblades - southernscum - wewantwhite - paintjob - swagout - alwaysrolling - newloucrew - cultrevolution - allwhite - custom - diy - sodope - bladelife - stormtrooper -
maacoautobodymarietta : Very cool!
we_are_ss - ann_marie987 - craddock2014 - maacoautobodymarietta -
Happy birthday buddy. The scum wouldn't be as deep with out you. Never stopping shredding Amigo. @jmire #cryifyouwantto #scumofthesouth #wolfpack #adultrollerblading #southernscum
cryifyouwantto - wolfpack - southernscum - adultrollerblading - scumofthesouth -
hewholaughsatsaints : Happy birthday @jmire #FID
jmire : Yo, thanks boys!
justinchadanthony - theoriginaljoz_757 - thebooted - princesspeachzm -
#instavids #instashred #tuesdaynightskate #tns #ss #southernscum @oakcityinlineskateshop @southernscum @we_are_ss @usdskates @grgrz
instavids - tuesdaynightskate - tns - ss - southernscum - instashred -
grgrz : Porn kinda night
southernscum : Not sure if that was a braid or just multiple bands. But that PT is hanging strong pal. βœ‹βœ‹πŸ‘Š @rogerlangley ✌️
personal_pan : scaryyyy!
oakcityinlineskateshop - tutboiswagg - augustusmartin - theblackbeanieclub -
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