7/28/14 Monday Night Skate with @southernscum @we_are_ss Thank you everyone for showing up, helping out, and throwing down! Thanks @wolvesden @dulcmang & @biteme420_wd for the Tacos. #southernscum #uselesstour #wolvesden #mondaynightskate #mns #rollerblading #unioncityskatepark
uselesstour - unioncityskatepark - wolvesden - mondaynightskate - rollerblading - mns - southernscum -
biteme420_wd : Thank you for the beer!!!!!
southernscum : πŸšπŸ’¨
ljohnson_iv - jemster - machinegun_essie - primalx5 -
Shout out to everyone who made it out yesterday to our Monday night shred and BBQ. It seems more and more people are finding the beauty in FREE bbq and brews every Monday. Shout out to them @southernscum boys for rolling through all the way from the dirty south and Jared from Texas for winning the skate battle! #wolvesden #wdnation #wdskatemob #mns #mondaynightshred #freebbq #freebrew #everymonday #southernscum
mondaynightshred - mns - southernscum - wdskatemob - freebbq - wolvesden - freebrew - wdnation - everymonday -
southernscum : #sosouth #soscum ✌️
jayteefame17 - thelightray - daniespiritu - snarlson -
@waikikisneaky has been in the van a lot this past week and we officially have him on tour with us now. Rest up young boy you're gonna need it! #uselesstour #southernscum #razorskates
uselesstour - southernscum - razorskates -
biteme420_wd : That boy fighter tho @waikikisneaky
southernscum : Please keep him off the windshield.
rawfootageatl - bboy_juanmi96 - googletranslator - maxlpk -
It's Tuesday again. So how about a quick check in with the useleSS doods, for another Tour Life Tuesday. As the gents finish up their rendevue in California, they are prepping themselves and the van for what will be an epic cruise. As they make their way towards the annual Colorado road trip. Here is little capture of Jarrod and Joey outside of some random laundry mat. It's probably about time too. Between the 9 plus travelers, skates, spilt beers, spoiled food and Ole' Blue, it looks like the van and their under shorts probably needed a little cleaning. To keep up with the useleSS crew and all their antics be sure to check on the hashtag #uselesstour or the always classic #southernscum Keep up the hard work guys. It's been nothing but a treat to watch it all thus far. Photo by @codyporchee #southernscum #useleSStour #TourLifeTuesday #PullHardOrPullOut #WeAreSS
tourlifetuesday - uselesstour - southernscum - pullhardorpullout - wearess -
waikikisneaky : Now joined by your boy
jew_life : #gooddudes
soufcak : Looking like a creep @sweet.feet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
tadtregeagle : @waikikisneaky you on the tour now? So I'll be see you then
waikikisneaky : @tadtregeagle yessir I will be seeing you soon
tadtregeagle : @waikikisneaky that's what's up!
biteme420_wd : Gata stay clean
justinchadanthony : @waikikisneaky pull hard. βœŒοΈπŸšπŸ’¨ #soscum
bradanthony - justinchadanthony - lindscostello - sammydankisjr -
Hey Joey.... which one?!? Mah ninja @Sweet.feet straight from Souf Carolina biotch!!!!! #WolvesDen #SouthernScum
wolvesden - southernscum -
codyclark_wd : @waikikisneaky Is in the background of so many mns pictures tonight I can't help but say something now lol
southernscum : ✌️
sweet.feet - hazel_luciano - sjkomar - miketoffey -
Houston, TX took it today!!!! We out chyea... Nation Wide! #WolvesInYourCity #WolvesDen #SouthernScum
wolvesden - southernscum - wolvesinyourcity -
biteme420_wd : #Southernscum put it down yeee!!!!
southernscum : ✌️
biteme420_wd - geezuspeaches - travnasty_wd - dulcmang -
Bowling Green, Kentucky is home to some very rare and talented people. Maybe it's the center location between some the south's most rad cities and scenes. A bit of a melting pot location you would say. A few months ago a broken clavicle, once again settled existence here. While it has been a slow pace and rearranged priorities quite a bit, it has had a ton of ups. Especially for the brand and where it is going next. While the van finishes up the tour and people return home, we are turning the page, ready to start a new chapter. The company and so many associated with it, have really spread out. But like Nashville, Bowling Green will forever be a staple in what ever this whole thing becomes. The memories made and the support obtained will forever be priceless. If you are ever in the area and want to skate a perfect ledge, perfect down rail or just bomb a giant hill, BG can help you on your mission. Thanks for the good times family. May your future blossom with dedicated and like minded potential. Cheers to the future. Rise on! #southernscum #KentuckyBladeScene #UnitedWeStand #DividedWeFall #WeAreSS
wearess - southernscum - unitedwestand - kentuckybladescene - dividedwefall -
jfred06 - jess_d0_it - aaalphane - sebastianleebanks -
So happy I got to shred with these dudes over the weekend at a fundraising comp for KY battle. My main homies when I lived in Ohio always a pleasure skating and chilling with them. See you soon my dudes! #kyb_mmxiv #secondplace #bladelife #bladehomies #bladeisbetter #newloucrew #wearess #southernscum #turnup #swerve #swagout #sodope
swerve - sodope - wearess - turnup - bladelife - newloucrew - southernscum - bladehomies - kyb_mmxiv - secondplace - bladeisbetter - swagout -
itsarijustari - julienotkaty - emmann15 - tjaematthews -
#southernscum #uselesstour #oaklandbladejam #wearess
uselesstour - southernscum - oaklandbladejam - wearess -
brokenpanda310 : An Awesome bunch they are for sure
vivelroll : Can imagine that trips -.-
emmanamal : @kalilynncampbell
steventatitup : Sick
michiz1303 - we_are_ss - josuargarate - afakasi_zoo3_guy -
A few hammers from yesterday's Oakland bladejam courtesy of @genesteagall and @waikikisneaky, it was completely off the hook! Congrats to @genesteagall for the win! Shout out @valohead and @omezzy_jsf for their hard work on putting this together! Can't wait till next year. #wolvesden #wdnation #oaklandbladejam #valo #xsjado #razorblades #aggressivemall #rollerwarehouse #southernscum #JSF
jsf - valo - aggressivemall - southernscum - razorblades - oaklandbladejam - rollerwarehouse - wolvesden - wdnation - xsjado -
_jasontheasian_ : @steventran8
steventran8 : That last one was filthy af @_jasontheasian_
valohead : πŸ™
djaydrane - valohead - villegasfacundo - armandofuego -
@southernscum waking up on the #uslesstour #bladelife #southernscum #Oakland
uslesstour - oaklandbladejam - bladelife - oakland - southernscum - uselesstour -
jew_life : @oakland_blade_jam #oaklandbladejam
jew_life : #uselesstour
meganrollinglove - wille_mannila - jephrojackson - nick_mctreez -
I have meet some of the best people In the world, and I have the greatest friends ever because of blading. I love this life style, and I love having blades on my feet. #repost #bladelife #family #louisvilleblade #newloucrew #bladehomies #turnup #swerve #sodope #southernscum #wearess #swagout
swerve - family - wearess - turnup - bladelife - newloucrew - southernscum - bladehomies - swagout - sodope - louisvilleblade - repost -
biteme420_wd : I spot a wolf in the crowd yeeee!!! #wolvesden #wdnation #wolvesdentellafirend #bladelife the wolves among sheep T-shirt
yaboii_jbrought : I rock the shit outta that shirt lol.
yaboii_jbrought : @biteme420_wd
thelyndz - beerscourge - julienotkaty - ep_ic -
Pond scum ##
southernscum -
cooper_williams : #southernscum
we_are_ss : You get it. #staysouth
livbergs - reedsteez - evan_couch - delusionalthomas -
Haha I don't count it. #rollerblading #aggressiveinline #southernscum #strangecreatures #theestrange #valo #valov13 #createorigionals #og #ohio #getmeouttahere #fuckround #bakerized
valo - theestrange - getmeouttahere - og - southernscum - valov13 - strangecreatures - fuckround - bakerized - ohio - rollerblading - createorigionals - aggressiveinline -
babytortor - curtiscoonrod - mellybladie - 1amediacbus -
#southernscum #oaklandbladejam
southernscum - oaklandbladejam -
jtay5 : πŸ’ͺπŸ™
o_capa714 - christaldavies - freespirit_warrior - welsdead -
"New" Set-Up. #BladeLife #FromWhereIBlade #InstaBlading #GoRollerblade #BladerGang #BlvderGvng #BG #WeOutHere #WOH #WeDownHere #wearerising #wearess #TSWRA #WDH #SWAG #STEEZ #SK859 #RazorsBlades #TheCultRevolution #southernscum #CLIPSQUAD @razorsblades @thecultrevolution @southernscum
sk859 - bg - instablading - razorsblades - bladelife - wearerising - wedownhere - fromwhereiblade - swag - thecultrevolution - wearess - wdh - southernscum - blvdergvng - weouthere - tswra - gorollerblade - bladergang - woh - steez - clipsquad -
taylorkobryn : Daaaaaaamn
joeryvandepol : Soo hot !
seth_lloyd : Sick rides!
razorsblades : 😳
stefanbrandow : Reasons why I love you.
mrstonesparks : Id cry if I found these in my size
shg_blue : @mpch_wg
sikvideos : Got a pair just like these, size 8 with Kizer frames and #Circolo wheels. #Legit #Rollerblading4Life
sikvideos - kidz_of_thy_style - reckless_llf - keiner_1234 -
The useleSS doods have been on a steady rip through North America for sometime now. One of their most recent stops was in Long Beach, CA for the Blading Cup qualifiers. Lucky for you, they all through in a little effort and managed to capture the event. There is complete coverage edit that just went live on the SS vimeo page. There is a direct link to the deal via the front page on Don't be scared to share. #southernscum #useleSStour #TheBladingCup #PullHardOrPullOut #WeAreSS
thebladingcup - uselesstour - southernscum - pullhardorpullout - wearess -
brentscherer : @taylorkobryn πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ˜
colinjd777 : Dam Dope! ✊
themanslimjim : We love you @taylorkobryn !!!!!'😻😻😻😻
aplasticbag : That doot
taylorkobryn : ☺️ @themanslimjim @brentscherer
mrchasefoley : Get it Taylor!!!!!
ferdenand85 - gustaak - oakcity_bladie - thewhitewolf_wd -
Throw it back, to a time before Adam B. disappeared before our eyes. When getting a piece meant finding something way too high. Stunt blading is way less common now a days. But as it climbs back up in the sport, let us not forget those southern legends who were dropping hammers on the daily. Like all fine trends, the bangers will be back. Especially since Bladezilla has a say so. Peep game on contest that have been happening as of lately. You'll probably catch a glimpse of this dood, doing something unexpected. #southernscum #tbt #PullHardOrPullOut #WeAreSS
wearess - southernscum - pullhardorpullout - tbt -
adambazydlo : #southernhospitality
willpeezypowell : My ninja @adambazydlo
purebray : #bladezilla
zacksavageee : #bazy
bobdolington : Tweeked
heyantone : Big
plastik1mag : πŸ’£Legendary
ventura.lgh - newloucrew - justindanielbrasco - baphomets_lilbrother -
@newloucrew will be at Jeff park for Thursday night skate come chill and skate with the homies. If u don't fallow the crew on IG then you should start! #newloucrew #louisvilleblade #bladelife #bladeordie #bladergang #wearess #southernscum #alwaysrolling #alwaysgrinding #turnup #swerve
swerve - alwaysrolling - newloucrew - turnup - louisvilleblade - wearess - southernscum - bladergang - bladelife - alwaysgrinding - bladeordie -
droofdizzle - mark_kulavic - itsarijustari - tjaematthews -
Stopped by to mess around on the box for about 20 min. yesterday. Here's some clips from said quick stop. #BladeLife #FromWhereIBlade #InstaBlading #GoRollerblade #BladerGang #BlvderGvng #BG #WeOutHere #WOH #WeDownHere #wearerising #wearess #TSWRA #WDH #SWAG #STEEZ #SK859 #RazorsBlades #TheCultRevolution #southernscum #CLIPSQUAD @southernscum @thecultrevolution @razorsblades
sk859 - bg - instablading - razorsblades - bladelife - wearerising - wedownhere - fromwhereiblade - swag - thecultrevolution - wearess - wdh - southernscum - blvdergvng - weouthere - tswra - gorollerblade - bladergang - woh - steez - clipsquad -
broofdizblades : Are you coming to the sesh tonight?!?!?! @kyleskatersmith
conspiracyxx : @nickhersey
kyleskatersmith : I didn't know there was one! I have work this evening though... #NextTime @broofdizblades
broofdizblades : What did you mean by your comment then? @kyleskatersmith
kyleskatersmith : Ky battle!
baphomets_lilbrother : ^^^
_allisonanne : No Elvis? What a disappointment.
bley_der_gang : @bladerz_dont_give_a_fuck
lukas_like - matthsolon - kivirlicik - patinandomelavida -
JUICE! Chopped n screwed by @_jonathanbryant #newkidsontheblock2014
newkidsontheblock2014 - razorsblades - skatepark - blade - southernscum - rollerblade - parkrat - bladergram - video - hashtag - roll -
_jonathanbryant : #spielbergdoesiphone
kylegarshott : That's fucking awesome
jacobrvaughn : #BOSSASSBITCHCLAN
teeravaller : I'm stoked on everything I just saw. πŸ‘πŸ‘
raptarr : #bladergram #rollerblade #roll #razorsblades #southernscum #video #blade #skatepark #parkrat #hashtag
stewielucas : Yooooo sick
southernscum : πŸ‘Š
southernscum - spid3rlover - baphomets_lilbrother - mike_remz -
Welcome back to Waste a clip Wednesday. Where we take a few worthy clips and waste them on the internet. This weeks jam, is all about the splat. Outside eyes never seem to comprehend what really goes on before a landed trick. Sometimes first try turns into twenty third try. Here is a handful of winners snagged from the hard drive this morning. If this doesn't get you in the mood to go sk8, then nothing will. A big salute to everyone out there who has ate more than one big bowl of shit on rollerblades. What's the best part about falling? #southernscum #WCW #PickYourselfUp #PullHardOrPullOut #WeAreSS
pickyourselfup - southernscum - pullhardorpullout - wcw - wearess -
justinchadanthony : @benniedillon @sir_squid @grgrz πŸ’ͺ #nickhadden
jakeseaquest : @derekgoffsucks @brandensucks @kody_waite
sincity310 : Hahahaha good shit!
ryanstate419 : What that @grgrz at the end? Hard fall
bradanthony : HAHAHAHAHA wow those made me laugh hard
frederickiss : Hahahaha
cameroncard : The best part of falling is what you can take from it in the end. It could change your life forever! :-)
personal_pan : @southernscum it's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it.
dennisgerald - educaballin - onmycool_jae - baphomets_lilbrother -
YutoGoto-540 wallride in GoldStyle5 #valobrand #soulvisionworks #momowheels #mftbrand #southernscum #videoboyz #anticipator#gs5 #goldstyle5
gs5 - momowheels - valobrand - anticipator - southernscum - videoboyz - soulvisionworks - goldstyle5 - mftbrand -
chiakiito : εΎŒγ‚γ‹γ‚‰ζ¬²γ—γ„γ­γƒΌοΌ
yutogoto : 璺かに!欲しいっす!!
w3_came_as_ramen : @jacobrvaughn
jacobrvaughn : That was fuckin wacky bro @w3_came_as_ramen
justinchadanthony : βœ‹πŸ‘Š
heyantone : Dang
emem_12 - eylamzblade - pavlu_sha - fubxxi -
Took a good one to the ribs/armpit today on a gate I was grinding. Jumped rail to rail and slipped out. #shredtillyourdead #amidoingitright #southernscum #texasblading
amidoingitright - southernscum - shredtillyourdead - texasblading -
beer_me : For sure man Falling is 75% of the game, if you can't fall don't skate
etr__ : *learning how to fall is most of the game** @beer_me my pain tolerance is very high but I'd rather lace my tricks and never fall lol. Just need to know how to save yourself when you need to. Sometimes that turns out like this, could have been a lot worse
southernscum : ✌️
etr__ : This goes well with your last post haha @southernscum
katattafishglass - sendfocus - 10qweezysrolled - austincoopr -
This past weekend, the van and all that fill it, attended the Blading Cup Qualifiers in Long Beach, California. According to a photo blog via, they participated in every part of the event. From set up, to break down and all the skating in between. Lucky for you, they all managed to take on some camera responsibilities and filmed the event. Expect to see a solid coverage edit of the event sometime soon. For now enjoy this solid capture of young Hunter holding on to an AO topsoul, courtesy of @oneblademag #southernscum #TourLifeTuesday #UseleSStour #BelieveInONE #WeAreSS
tourlifetuesday - uselesstour - southernscum - wearess - believeinone -
justokie : Couldn't have pulled the event off without all the help these dudes offered! Thanks #useleSStour πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ» See you boys in Oakland!
puffglass : Little hunter from dallas?
bladeordie843 - kellyannbanning - xyjlo - justinchadanthony -
#southernscum #uselesstour # LBC
lbc - uselesstour - southernscum -
sweet.feet : #LBC
rawfootageatl - ntillie01 - soufcak - b_sullins -
Hand flip 360 deal from earlier. Sketchy but fuck it. Rocking that @southernscum tee. #skating #rollerblading @razorsblades
skating - kingcrowbearings - rollerblading - southernscum -
justinberry_ : @we_are_ss #southernscum
we_are_ss : πŸ‘Š
justinberry_ : @kingcrowbearings #kingcrowbearings
phuckr - mark_kulavic - scabiaxlabia - keiner_1234 -
Sunday Projects... Making as many complete set-ups as I can. LEHDOODIS!!!!! #BladeLife #FromWhereIBlade #InstaBlading #GoRollerblade #BladerGang #BlvderGvng #BG #WeOutHere #WOH #WeDownHere #wearerising #wearess #TSWRA #WDH #SWAG #STEEZ #SK859 #RazorsBlades #TheCultRevolution #southernscum #CLIPSQUAD
sk859 - bg - instablading - razorsblades - bladelife - wearerising - wedownhere - fromwhereiblade - swag - thecultrevolution - wearess - wdh - southernscum - blvdergvng - weouthere - tswra - gorollerblade - bladergang - woh - steez - clipsquad -
habeeb_scoots : Dood find me a set of liners!
nayrbdnommah : K2 fattys? Brings me back
domfenison : rly cool pic
etr__ : Any 50/50 frames hiding in there? Haha I'm desperate
etr__ : Freestyle
broofdizblades : Ii have some, but none I'm willing to get rid of. Old school joints. Haha. @etr__
etr__ : Ah I feel ya man haha I've been swapping between two pair for years hoping they don't give out soon
yaboii_jbrought - adecardieel - keiner_1234 - deepfunkclothing -
Two days ago, as promised, we released an online part on Daniel Henderson. As expected, it is packed full of fast tapS, long balances, floated gaps, all at top speeds. Daniel is a powerhouse on rollerblades. Capable of performing tricks that most only imagine doing. If you have not had a chance to view it yet, there is a direct link to the jam via at the top of the home page. After a couple of replays, feel free to pick up your mouth and click share. Big ups to Daniel for the effort and to Seth Lloyd for getting it all together. Once again, SS brings you another Macon Deals Production, that is nothing short of exceptional. As always, at no cost to you! Do yourself a solid and go watch it NOW. #southernscum #MaconDealsProduction #FasterFasterFaster #PullHardOrPullOut #WeAreSS
fasterfasterfaster - macondealsproduction - southernscum - pullhardorpullout - wearess -
skyylarburress : I need a #customonsie for Zoey!! @justinchadanthony #southernscum
ylevin95 : Amazing
caseybagozzi : I really like this guys style
conspiracyxx : @nickhersey @instachatman
chrisohhhh : Daniel is the man.
qwmazeem : @aidilfaris
dropdeadkiller_ - nlyu_ - patrussell99 - baphomets_lilbrother -
My new toys πŸ˜πŸ‘―πŸ˜Ž
lovelongbeachfest - skatelife - alltomyself - riedell - datenight - inkedupcouple - birthdaymoves - rollerbabe - southernscum - tattoos - rollerskates - tattoedcouple - ink - inkedupchick - tattooed - badfishrollerderby - inkedup - happybirthday - tattooedchick - skateordie - inked - r3 - beyonce - skatepark - lbrollersport - inkedcouple - blondehairdontcare - longbeach - ilovemyhusband - rollerskatedate -
magic_at_night : Dope
ahoyboston : Keep at it!
motivationshare : Cool! Here daily quotes, enjoy if you want! @motivationshare
dopifymarketing : Nice!
frabottidesign : Dope!
hoppidix : #riedell #r3 #beyonce #rollerskates #tattoos #datenight #inkedupcouple #rollerskatedate #tattoedcouple #ink #inkedupchick #tattooed #inkedup #tattooedchick #skateordie #inked #inkedcouple #blondehairdontcare #ilovemyhusband #happybirthday #rollerbabe #birthdaymoves #lovelongbeachfest #southernscum #badfishrollerderby #longbeach #lbrollersport #alltomyself #skatepark #skatelife
24skateboards : Hell Yeah!
southernscum : Good choice.
buddypapas - ilyasmayda - umabrasamohra - devillenunes -
Showing our love today for our great city of Long Beach. Love Beach Festival 2014. #lovelongbeachfest #badfishrollerderby #LongBeach #southernscum #rollerskate #lbrollersport
lovelongbeachfest - rollerskate - southernscum - badfishrollerderby - longbeach - lbrollersport -
bloureirophotography : @southernscum
street_punk77 - joesnowrocks - romospinelli - wildflower313 -
southernscum - longbeach -
street_punk77 : @southernscum
street_punk77 : #longbeach
southernscum : βœ‹πŸ‘Š solid photo dood! @street_punk77
dani3ls0n23 - ___keso___ - skeric17 - hooliano -
Watching some bladers killin' it at the Long Beach Festival with @brokenpanda310 and @martymcsuperfly #southernscum #bladeordie
southernscum - bladeordie -
street_punk77 - purebray - martymcsuperfly - justbobbyjo -
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