#SouthernClassic #BreakfastBoutique #KingDaveChef I'M GOING IN TODAY FLOODING Y'ALL TL #Chicken&WAFFLES
southernclassic - chicken - kingdavechef - breakfastboutique -
mir_lv : I need some of that
_kingdave_chef : Come thru lil bro right on Broad street @mir_lv
mir_lv : Broad and what
_kingdave_chef : Call my Jack 2679129461 @mir_lv
tanayakeepshergoodiesinthejar : That looks delicious. .@_kingdave_chef ..
fancy_face_pumpkin - justshay_beinshay - unique_kim - livelove_dot215 -
GOOD MORNING INSTAFAM!!! LET'S GET IT THIS MORNING #KingDaveChef #WorkFlow #BreakfastBoutique #SouthernClassic #Fish&Grits W/side of Scrambled Eggs
breakfastboutique - fish - southernclassic - kingdavechef - workflow -
heri_maisha : Every Saturday Morning! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
boss_lady130 : β˜†
_kingdave_chef : U already know @heri_maisha
_kingdave_chef : Thanks Nu @boss_lady130
_kingdave_chef : What's up where's breakfast @missin_momx2
missin_momx2 : Lol I'm looking for brunch
_kingdave_chef : Ok I.got u @missin_momx2
crazyswag82 - chefmikeshinholster - aramis_sanders - missmusings -
I just #paleo-ized this #southernClassic Chicken dipped in seasoned tapioca flour, I used my go to's lately: Basil, kosher salt, pepper, praprika. My "mashed potatoes" are cauliflower. You just boil it up with salt and pepper and use an emulsifier once to mash it when it's soft. A basic tomato salad, with a super easy vinaigrette and there you have it. To make the vinaigrette: 1tbsp EVOO, 1 tsp red wine vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. Add lemon or like to spruce it up. #yummo #homemadegoodness!
paleo - southernclassic - homemadegoodness - yummo -
tammythornhill : Yum!!!!!
mzmeme1981 - teambianke - jennpenn76 - deniece30 -
#ahhhhhh #southernclassic
southernclassic - ahhhhhh -
lettagal22 : I miss Wewa....always can get you a cold NeHi at the IGA
cambeauxdeen : @lettagal22 that's where I got it at!!!!
lettagal22 : Lol I found an IGA here in Orlando and was so excited ....
cambeauxdeen : Nice!!!!!!
jlane1317 - calfsu - lettagal22 - lsmilton -
Would ya look at what I got in the mail today! Can't wait!!! Gonna pick up my Pete tomorrow and polish the shit out of her this weekend!!! Hope to see some of y'all thereπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸš›πŸššπŸšœπŸš’ #aths #southernclassic #truckshow #lincolntonNC
aths - lincolntonnc - southernclassic - truckshow -
knewdat619 - cubanlu88 - farmerholt - sleonard506 -
First attempt at a Southern Caramel Cake!... Not entirely pleased, but still thankful this sugary mound is headed to Jason's office tomorrow! #happyfridayyall #homemade #pttesttofollow #bettycrockeraintgotnothingonme #southernclassic
happyfridayyall - southernclassic - pttesttofollow - homemade - bettycrockeraintgotnothingonme -
jessielmsmith : It looks quite perfect to me!
ccheek87 : The cake (new recipe I wanted to try) wasn't quite as moist as I was hoping. It almost baked up as dense as a pound cake, just not moist enough for my liking. ...You never know to 'til try it though. Thank you though :) Better luck next time!
amberp27 : That looks scrumptious! I also love your kitchen and that delicious aqua KA mixer!
ccheek87 : Thanks, @amberp27! I love my mixer too! Lol.
alexissimonsen - christinereel - danajo44 - jessielmsmith -
#shrimpandgrits #southernclassic
shrimpandgrits - southernclassic -
joelswife93 : Jackson would love the shrimp, I would live the rest! πŸ˜ƒ
crispier56 : Next time we're together I'll make the shrimp for Jackson and the rest for you.
joelswife93 : Gotta "love" auto correct... that sounds great! Love you!!
jlblakley - joelswife93 - nobarbrooklyn - littlelindsayy -
Niggas talm bout mommas nd popeyes or churches dis nd dat ....nigga What u kno bout #SouthernClassic tho‼️ ....nigga was so hungry i rememba to take the pic afta i ate the drum ...ish so gud πŸ˜‹πŸ΄
southernclassic -
cheyenne_ox - underrated_drummajor - _thug.passion - 4ever_jonell -
See u next month Memphis #southernclassic ✌️
southernclassic -
myluvbugkg : @thatguy_bear
aliza.henson : Book mine too!
thatguy_bear : @myluvbugkg booking.com
thatguy_bear : @aliza.henson I'm n my car now.
cameraluvs_tee : Take me
f.tahlar : About to do the same!
ilakadanyel : You're taking me too right?
thatguy_bear : @ilakadanyel lol sure.
f.tahlar - keevskhloe - __stormy__xoxo -
Manee 😏 had to get me some before I left today 😁 #southernclassic #goodasf #louisiana
louisiana - southernclassic - goodasf -
myuhh__ : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
g0lden_bree : 😭😭yeen tell me you was here
cravetootie : 😩 sorryy I was only down there fa 2 days @g0lden_bree
cozmic_kat_cx : Cx
durango_133 - qveen.genny - jaszyy321 - x_pimpdaddy_x -
Normally, I am on my health kick. But, me oh my... I miss this chicken!!! Perhaps it's for the best Nola doesn't have a Southern Classic. Low key better than #popeyes πŸ˜’πŸ˜‹ #southernclassic #bestchickenever Don't forget the #jalapeΓ±o 😩
bestchickenever - southernclassic - popeyes - jalapeΓ±o -
gregwash2002 : Are you in the shreve yet?
pinkporter : @gregwash2002 I turned down 'I Saw The Light' and took 'Our Brand Is Crisis... Catch you on the next one ☺️
coty_brooke : 😩😩😩😩😩 send me some
gregwash2002 : Right on
alwaysjazzyy - manologonzalezvergara - gregwash2002 - stephenivey_1 -
#homemade #ranchdressing yum yum!! #southernclassic #betterthanhiddenvalley #freshherbs #buttermilk
buttermilk - homemade - betterthanhiddenvalley - freshherbs - southernclassic - ranchdressing -
emma_fitz96 : Yummmmm. Just need to raise some chickens and cut off their delectable wings, fry them up and dip in that ranch πŸ˜πŸ΄πŸ”
madfitz316 : We had wings for lunch and got extra so'z I got an inspiration, dinner will be leftover wings and homemade ranch 😏 @emma_fitz96
rachelcaste : I made some ranch the other day, or as Alfonso calls it "salsa ranchera" @emma_fitz96 @madfitz316
madfitz316 : Salsa...? @rachelcaste
emma_fitz96 - crzysxyjeremy - rachelcaste - asofialouisem -
never get tired of seeking these beauties. #southernclassic
okraplant - eaglepassokra - southernproduce - okra - okraflower - containergarden - southernclassic - americansouth - southerngarden - vscocam - urbangarden - garden -
eloise.bean : #okra #okraplant #okraflower #eaglepassokra #garden #urbangarden #containergarden #americansouth #southernproduce #southerngarden #vscocam
toteslove1 : You take the most beautiful pictures
eloise.bean : Why thank you ☺️ @toteslove1
janetsfamily - kcshazam - ameyfm - jimney00 -
OBSESSED with these adorable boxes from Willa's shortbread in Tenessee! They make such pretty little gifts for those you love most (or yourself!) #cafebrunelle #sweettreat #yummmmm #southernclassic
yummmmm - southernclassic - cafebrunelle - sweettreat -
brookevbuckner - hologram26 - abigailemills - kelleyrodriguez -
potatoe - pork - countrygirl - foodgasm - foodporn - highbloodpressure - goodeats - pig - homecooked - goodstuff - hoodfabulous - freshseasonings - onions - igotthis - roots - creoleseasoning - instafood - zesta - chittlins - chitterlings - southerncooking - southernclassic - celery - keeblercrackers - slavedays - louisianahotsauce - soulfood - louisiana - noodor - bellpeppers -
juliethetemptress2k15 : hey do you want 600 free followers? @dillanthickathenoatmealmetz @ferdhiebarca @federicoboa
young_buddha_christ : Ugh I just lost my appetite
stil_d_baddezt : @young_buddha_christ ... U don't know nothing bout that gud eating❗️ 😐😐😐
waynejackson504 : That look like a body
stil_d_baddezt : @waynejackson504 ... Yeah.... Yours πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
bronzecutie : Next time MAIL me bowl please....lol
stil_d_baddezt : @bronzecutie ... Girl I got tired of going 2 the corner store paying $11.00 for a damn cup... But πŸ‘€ got u though... 🍜🍲🍜🍲
bronzecutie : Cool!!!@stil_d_baddezt
waynejackson504 - bronzecutie - belindad5153 - jamye_simply -
But it's a classic combo and strawberry soda in two wine glasses... #SouthernClassic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜
southernclassic -
litebrite_85 : I'ma kill it! It's ppl over seas starving fuck being pettyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
superwoman4eva : I'm gonna enjoy it! I love Southern Classic! He tried! Lol
91hippie : Canes?! Who's saying the blessing me or you ?! Ima eatπŸ˜‚
itslexworld_25 : Bae did you get a pepper πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚?
sexy_carmack : Imma eat it
trameme : Slaughter
allsmilzs : So where the ketchup and hot sauce... 😁
champ400blk : And the fact most of these woman said yea... "Priceless"!!! Fellas we got a chance... Haha
taderiab - minniemontoya - queenbreezy09 - lokey87 -
@chef_vaughn Awesome foodie pic! We're going to feature you on our instagram & website as an Insta-Foodie whooooeee! #thebesty #foodie #restaurant #foodporn #food #recipe www.TheBesty.com β€” Atl restaurant week Glenns kitchen. Shrimp and grits w/duck sausage#shrimpandgrit#atlrestaurantweek#cheflife#foodporn#southernclassic
foodie - foodporn - food - shrimpandgrit - cheflife - southernclassic - recipe - atlrestaurantweek - thebesty - restaurant -
carmanrei - gracepang33 - dannyb_17 - cristy_recetas -
Atl restaurant week Glenns kitchen. Shrimp and grits w/duck sausage#shrimpandgrit#atlrestaurantweek#cheflife#foodporn#southernclassic
shrimpandgrit - cheflife - southernclassic - foodporn - atlrestaurantweek -
craycray2413 - xtnsv - lajollasaltco - alyssa_w87 -
My cheeseburger po' boy from #JohnnysPoBoys πŸ’£.com! #poboy #burger #sandwich #sandwichporn #food #foodporn #foodie #myfav5 #bestfoodsneworleans #neworleans #nola #thebigeasy #crescentcity #louisiana #southernclassic
bestfoodsneworleans - sandwich - foodie - neworleans - foodporn - food - johnnyspoboys - sandwichporn - burger - thebigeasy - poboy - southernclassic - nola - myfav5 - crescentcity - louisiana -
kelsciepie08 : How early did you get to airport!? Lol @_itsjustaphase
mariaonmymind : @sita143 @riaa783 @alfredomed @alexandernajera @jennadyanez
_itsjustaphase : @kelsciepie08 haha we just got here 2hrs before our flight. We are 2 hrs ahead of the west coast
kelsciepie08 - smelleemichellee - tmguillermo - shellakaboblaw -
The remains of my boiling rab the other day...super late post #ieatstho #fatniggashit #southernclassic #crawfish #shrimp #la #
ieatstho - la - crawfish - southernclassic - fatniggashit - shrimp -
zunigaah26 : πŸ™Œ
obeyizzy5060 - masee28 - zunigaah26 - prettyyungt -
Finished product πŸ·πŸ’― #Chitterlings #SouthernClassic #ChefTr33 #ROOTS
southernclassic - cheftr33 - roots - chitterlings -
luvxoxo22 : I need his in my life do you deliver ?!!
luvxoxo22 : I need greens sweet potatoes, Mac... CALL IT FAT GIRL SPECIAL! Lol
_r_o_o_t_s_ : @luvxoxo22 no plates today but I will def keep yu updated on the nxt 1
chrissy_t1 - kaymarley_ - milliondollar_ackright - ronica_linnae -
We stop here everytime we pass thru Louisiana, better than #Rudys && everything else in Dallas #SouthernClassic
southernclassic - rudys -
___fancyass : You stay flexin jasmine
aramisdixon -
AUGUST 23rd!!!! OKC SUMMER JAM 2014 will be the hottest event of the Summer. 44 artist I believe!!! HMU or @_larissacupcake @iamapeks @parkerb005 To get tickets!! Gonna be one hell of a show.. One hell of a day/night. Can't wait. #jhorne #FnE #southernclassic
jhorne - fne - southernclassic -
ashley_javon : Lets get it!!!
britnicoledunn7 : Time and price?
jhorne25 : @britnicoledunn7 $10 from 4pm to 10pm
britnicoledunn7 : Dang i think i work 2-10!
jhorne25 : @britnicoledunn7 take off.. 2 week notice
britnicoledunn7 : Im already off this weekend
nateleetheboss : Damn...do I nees to come back?
nateleetheboss : Lol...naw do ur thang nephew. Let me know if u need me.
red_head_bombshell - johnvetu - krissy_kouture - nateleetheboss -
Great night to start this baby! #gonewiththewind #classicbook #southernclassic
southernclassic - classicbook - gonewiththewind -
youniquebykatelynd : My favorite! If you've never read it before, you won't be disappointed!
ay_its_mckenzie - katievickery2 - mrs_chip21 - youniquebykatelynd -
Went to Louisiana n got completely off my regiment smh......sorry cousins I had to give yall a taste of home cooking lol n madeas bread pudding. ..lol now back to the workout. .. .#foodporn #southernmaid#southernclassic#peach#nehi#homemade#breadpudding#lousiana#itis#toogood#LIVELOVELIFE
nehi - southernmaid - peach - foodporn - southernclassic - livelovelife - toogood - lousiana - homemade - itis - breadpudding -
mvb_fadetastic : Don't fall off smh
untamedgemini : @mvb_fadetastic had to have one cheat day smh
mvb_fadetastic : Fa sho lol
amber_diane_23 - sizza86 - bootyndabeat56 - mvb_fadetastic -
Finger licking good! #southernclassic #louisianachick
louisianachick - southernclassic -
damnkris_ - noof9097 - prettiblack_21 -
#southernclassic #chicken #LA #louisiana best fried chicken I've ever had!
chicken - southernclassic - louisiana - la -
xyaitsbrittx - haley_michelle_95 -
It doesn't get much better than this! #southernclassic #itbringsyouback @keleighdanielle
southernclassic - itbringsyouback -
keleighdanielle : so jealous! hope you are plenty for the both of us! Maybe even brought some home for me? #roomie #jealous
cortneyharvey - morgant830 - elisabethpepper - ashton_johnson91 -
θ¦ΊεΎ—η‰Ήεˆ₯ #southernclassic #chicken'nwaffles #NOLAkitchen
chicken - southernclassic - nolakitchen -
seven01101 : ι¬†ι€…ι…η‚Έι›žγ€‚ε₯½ε¦™γ€‚
misshsushuting : @seven01101 ι‚„θ »ε₯½εƒηš„οΌŒη”œη”œιΉΉιΉΉοΌŒε₯½εƒ
out_mavis - g5125 - tingwu636363 - louisyang -
#redhead #ohlord #happygirl #lovemylife #robe #selfie #inbed #causeican #carolinagirl #southernclassic #allsmiles #byeblondie #blueeyes #feelingpretty #instalove #sassy #doubletap #rightmeow
happygirl - selfie - rightmeow - instalove - causeican - byeblondie - feelingpretty - lovemylife - sassy - ohlord - doubletap - southernclassic - allsmiles - carolinagirl - blueeyes - inbed - redhead - robe -
sweetdegeneration : <3
_bethanyannnn : YessπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
chevyrider91 - chuckhelms13 - lambreloaded - mik_g_haz -
β€’ No, I don't think I will kiss you. Although you need kissing, badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how. β€’ #rhettbutler #gonewiththewind #southernclassic #newwallart πŸ™ŠπŸ˜
newwallart - southernclassic - rhettbutler - gonewiththewind -
abigail_grace_archer - kavans1670 - nblack0803 - lindsayford -
My big boy eatn chicken and fries #SouthernClassic
southernclassic -
anica2cute - loveee_breshia - robin_ford - bandanna_max -
#KingDaveChef #WorkFlow #BreakfastBoutique #Chicken&Waffles #SouthernClassic
breakfastboutique - chicken - southernclassic - kingdavechef - workflow -
_kingdave_chef : Thank u @hismain__attraction
_kingdave_chef : U know how I.do @her_moo
_kingdave_chef : Thanks @shaheerah__
aramis_sanders : I gain weight just by looking at these pics! Delish! 😍😍😍
nikkiwoods_ : I am!
_kingdave_chef : U always say that @aramis_sanders
_kingdave_chef : Ok @nikkiwoods_ I'm bout to get off
aramis_sanders : It's tru hell! Lol
mslisadionne - simply_trying_2makit - cheftmack - chef_a_rific -
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