My anniversary gift from Alan. I love it! Can't wait to display this in our home! #firstanniversarygift #besthusband #sothoughtful
besthusband - firstanniversarygift - sothoughtful -
kimmie_eubanks_photog - exteeenah - julzd1119 - bree_j13 -
@sbandli got me LASIK eye surgery as an early birthday present this past Tuesday and this is how I feel....not sure what to do with my favorite pair of glasses. But super thankful I can see without them or my contacts now. πŸ‘€πŸ™β€οΈ#BestPresentEver #IwasBlindButNowISee #BestHusbandEver #SoThoughtful #FunnyCat #Glasses #Selfie
besthusbandever - funnycat - selfie - iwasblindbutnowisee - bestpresentever - sothoughtful - glasses -
s_cavazos - prolificleisure - holahachi - tammyle -
Got an amazing Care Package in the mail from my Amazing Mom... She definitely knows how to put a smile on my face! #SoThoughtful #ItsTheLittleThings #CarePackage #BestMomEver #IMissYou #LoveHer
loveher - bestmomever - sothoughtful - itsthelittlethings - imissyou - carepackage -
runningcoach_jr : #lovethis
andrea_stratford : She is so amazing. 😍😍😍
precisecutz - runningcoach_jr - oleary4 - ascension_codes -
How completely amazing are these florals @lisa_e_markey sent me for my bday?!!!!! #loveyousis #youknowmewell #love #flowers #sothoughtful 😘😘😘
loveyousis - youknowmewell - love - flowers - sothoughtful -
vmontano2012 : Omg happy birthday!!!! Xx
me_shell70 : They are beautiful. Happy birthday gorgeous, hope you have a fab day!! xx @joearl
me_shell70 - sophiecarroll13 - danibani11 - dreamingofparis -
My roommate is DA BEST!!!! @ahbeeboo #sosweet #sothoughtful #bestroomie #BOSS #PRESENTS
presents - sosweet - bestroomie - sothoughtful - boss -
tsrahman - corredorallie - malloryledwards - sammy_baybeh -
This man right here is gonna make me cry he knows I needed diapers and wipes for my baby since her dad dont do shit!!!! and he just dropped that off to my house. It's soooo sad that another man cares more than her own father.... but is what it is.... im greatful to have met someone like him so kind hearted #thankyou#udontknowhowmuchthatmeantome#sweetestmanalive#sothoughtful
thankyou - udontknowhowmuchthatmeantome - sothoughtful - sweetestmanalive -
divadoll119 : Bc their pathetic and more worried about their hoes than their kids......fuck them u see how a real man treats a woman learn from me and move on girl @nikkimarie91786
seximomma3 : I hear the same thing...that's why I pay child support...God forbid they go above and beyond for their kids. They can make them but never take care of them or see them!!
divadoll119 : Amen to that !!!!! @seximomma3
_c33z_mula : Thats dope :) #proof all men aint da same.. #respect to dat man @divadoll119
divadoll119 : Right !!!! So true there are a few good men out here still!!! restores my hope in mankind and vice versa..... there are good women out here too :) @_c33z_mula
_c33z_mula : #real_niggaz_do_real_shit
divadoll119 : Wordddddddd u aint never tell no lie !!!! Lol
_c33z_mula : Lol @divadoll119
seximomma3 - _italiarican_87 - bella_love2324 - argentalian_muneca -
Hubby has insisted on taking me out for dinner and drinks. Soooo dinner and drinks it is😊😊 #PatientlyWaiting #HeKnowsINeededIt #SoThoughtful🍴🍷🍴🍷
patientlywaiting - heknowsineededit - sothoughtful -
lisaellisha : @mrsdacosta1 Enjoy!!
mrsdacosta1 : @lisaellisha thanks cuz I am. I needed these Mojitos in my life right about now:) lol
wraptoretire - glenna2415 - lisaellisha - ddane36 -
Amazing gift from the love of my life @jayedge25 ! A lock to put in the bridge in Paris! And it had it etched with our own handwriting! #sothoughtful #lovelock
lovelock - sothoughtful -
astronauss : Le pont des arts!!!! I put a lock there and kept the keys. I'm going to make it into a necklace when I find the one (it will most likely be to a cat)
astronauss : Be careful on that bridge. Many pickpockets
mmkmck : Awwww. NiceπŸ˜€
katethegreat619 : @jayedge25 awwwwwwhhhhh
sberardi5 - dfalcione - umaine2001 - dfinerty -
Thanks @atcarr3 they are delicious :) made my bad day yesterday a lot better! #sothoughtful #amazingman #chocolate #delicious #yummy
amazingman - yummy - delicious - sothoughtful - chocolate -
domismadeofwax - apesmarie31 - tannerjsisson - ashleyybabyycakess -
I'm a lucky girl, after a very long week my sweetie picked me up at work today with a surprise...a new mom charm for my bracelet!!! Thank you @prouddaddy9 I love it β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ #ilovesurprises #mybabylovesme #pandorabracelet #immom #sothoughtful #sothankful
pandorabracelet - sothoughtful - mybabylovesme - sothankful - ilovesurprises - immom -
prouddaddy9 : You're welcome sweetie β™‘
flyboicocegang - roslynpadilla - johannaglenn - lexidejuliannie -
Javien used his own money to have this made for me, he knows I love basketball, and had his name written on rice and another rice saying I love you! #MadeMyDay #Perfect #MySonIsSoSweet #SoThoughtful πŸ’™
perfect - mademyday - sothoughtful - mysonissosweet -
meganmiod : I love it!! Can't wait for landen to do things like this!!! πŸ’™ how friggin cute!!
meli_ssa978 : @meganmiod he had his own money to spend today and he used it on me just the fact that he was thinking about me made my friggen day lol, your guna love when Landen does these things for you!!! Us Mamas are so special to our little boys, ain't nothing like it :) πŸ’™
meganmiod : Seriously my son makes my world! When he tells me mommy what ever you need I got it for you..πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ’š a mother's bond is like no other!! And I know it's not even the gift it's the thought and love you get out of itπŸ˜ŠπŸ’žπŸ’Ž
carlos_416 - iliketocuthair1 - moneymaking_clint - jennifer080887 -
Brody's dad and stepmom are the best β˜ΊοΈπŸ’• #carepackage #sothoughtful #cute
cute - sothoughtful - carepackage -
emilymadelinexo - haleywaugh29 - jamesparks12 - clairemflood -
Treats to cheer me up! 😍 #disney #dumbo #slippers #minion #haribo #sweets #sothoughtful #loveyou
haribo - minion - sweets - loveyou - disney - dumbo - sothoughtful - slippers -
jamesss14g - disneyenthusiasts_ - leishaykevin - charlottie_1 -
Perfume I have wanted since I was 15 years old.... Ryan surprised me. #birthday #missdior #sothoughtful
missdior - birthday - sothoughtful -
sammmmss : #hey #girl #happy #birthday #Godblessu
lauren_renschler : You lucky girl! That was so sweet of him.
susannah_webb - sheldock - alexispsizemore - lauren_renschler -
My bracelet Gracie made me! <3 #niece #gracie #bracelet #love #beads #shoelace #sothoughtful
beads - love - niece - shoelace - bracelet - sothoughtful - gracie -
beadsandbasics - mikalahspanke - missnaseem - snazzybunny123 -
The beautiful bracelet, I got as a gift today! #loveit #sothoughtful #red #charms ☺️
charms - loveit - red - sothoughtful -
kalikazina - aylenmayor - jenn23nurse - shaysitarz -
One of the best gifts I ever received. M for Michael and the diamond for his birthstone. #alexandani #sothoughtful #momscoworkers #ripbigbro #missyaloveya
missyaloveya - alexandani - momscoworkers - sothoughtful - ripbigbro -
mariax0cristinaa : That's beautiful! Let me know when you're free missy! 😘❀️
leahvb10 : thank you! i'm free tomorrow.. are you?!
mwrossman : So awesome. Me and michael have te same initial and birthstone. 😘😍 love you girl
mamaserafini : Beautiful!
jderuscio - mikey_fredds - molly_stratton - nategiovannone -
I received some happy mail today!! The only thing more excited than getting a Starbucks gift card from an awesome lady is one that matches your favorite purse!!!! #lovingit #starbucks #stellaanddot #stellaanddotstylist #stelladotstyle #tiacrossbodybag #happymail #happymail #sothoughtful #actsofkindness
stellaanddot - tiacrossbodybag - stellaanddotstylist - starbucks - happymail - stelladotstyle - lovingit - actsofkindness - sothoughtful -
sd_ashlencotterman - devinnmp - scrapmebaby - elena.ilina.s -
Check out this super rad card I got yesterday!! Totally me and totally cool. Thanks, Denise!! #greetingcard #filmcamera #sothoughtful #grateful #thankyou #iloveit
thankyou - filmcamera - grateful - iloveit - sothoughtful - greetingcard -
cody_rasavage - thesteele -
@barbiebowscouture we love our designers! #watercolors #lggirls #sothoughtful @lggirl_k @lggirl_beyonce @lg_ashley @lg_court @hairbykay13 @sarah_d_at_lg
lggirls - sothoughtful - watercolors -
barbiebowscouture : πŸ’•πŸ˜˜
lilappleblossm - velvetrevolution - lg_court - trashybowcouture -
#pandora #charms #firstjobgift #sothoughtful #rn #love 😍 @shetal24 thank you! 😘
love - pandora - charms - rn - firstjobgift - sothoughtful -
shetal24 : Glad you liked it!
mireyaviou - flaviiai - malloryx329 - novack_jennifer -
Oh so chuffed and happy with my lovely surprise before maternity leave #sothoughtful #maternitygift #work #cupcakes #homemade #Beautiful #blue #goodfriends #mademyday #happymummy
beautiful - blue - cupcakes - happymummy - work - sothoughtful - homemade - mademyday - maternitygift - goodfriends -
mcgeelisa : Have these cum from next door?? Lol. @lisaboyle1 We had a frozen one yesterday which was d yummiest thing ever! !
lisaboyle1 : From Leanne yea. They are amazing so tasty. You getting all the treats living next door :) @mcgeelisa
hectorptb - paradisefood - lisac2912 - nickyrod83 -
It's the little things.....when I got home last night I found something special hanging in my bathroom......hubby made this with a plasma cutter and welder #metaliloveyousign #sothoughtful #specialman ❀️ thank you @jrbconcrete 😘 very #creative !!!
metaliloveyousign - specialman - sothoughtful - creative -
angiebrown11 : I will hang out by the pool or in yard somewhere πŸ‘ it is heavy !!
thetamtam1 : @jrbconcrete you are the bomb
angiebrown11 : I agree @thetamtam1 sweetest man ever......when I got home Heather and Joe was helping me decorate, (you know me buy, try and take back) she noticed it first hanging from bathroom light. She then whispered to her dad...."Did you make that for mom?!" and smiled and that made me look πŸ˜‰
cameragurl4u : So stinking sweet!!!! @angiebrown11
angiebrown11 : Thanks @cameragurl4u he is crafty like you. β€οΈπŸ‘ very thoughtful !!
ido_hair_ : So sweet
melpage215 : So sweet! 😊
angiebrown11 : Thank you @ido_hair_ & @melpage215 😘
nattrue012 - whitelorig - madmills22 - mert_breezy -
Thank you to beautiful client Mandy for this cute souvenir all the way from #Hawaii I love it 😍😍😍 might have to test it out this weekend... #thankyougift #shotglass #cute #love #malinitaformakeup #sothoughtful
cute - love - malinitaformakeup - thankyougift - hawaii - sothoughtful - shotglass -
liltahaafewilliams - itsonlyreeyah_ - sofia_viliami - pakimoetoi_ -
Romantic men still exist! ;) #specialdelivery #secretadmirer #thankyou #sothoughtful #mademyday #roses #chocolates #flowers #surprised #happy #feelingloved #instagramqatar
thankyou - chocolates - feelingloved - specialdelivery - roses - surprised - secretadmirer - flowers - mademyday - instagramqatar - sothoughtful - happy -
maiisarisa - sroorrustom - ksfongmichael - nalsowaidi91 -
Just because <3 #sothoughtful #flowers
flowers - sothoughtful -
tamalazyvq - sashaautumnrose - brookeetrackk - jucjwlxo -
This is a little late but oh well! So when Jason and I were saying our goodbyes at the airport for 15 minutes, an older woman and her grandchild and great grand child were saying goodbye as well. When she was done she came over to me and Jason and said "I know how you both feel. Saying goodbye isn't easy. Over there is my grandchild and great grandchild. But no matter the distance I will always love them." Then she gave me this four leaf clover and said "good luck to both of you...and just call me grandma." At that point both Jason and I were in tears with grandma #thankyou #fourleafclover #grandma #thisisntgoodbye #sothoughtful #mademyday
thisisntgoodbye - thankyou - grandma - mademyday - fourleafclover - sothoughtful -
foodforwolves : This is such a heart warming story!!!! Miss you two lots! Can't wait to see the cute couple 😊
jba_71095 : I was really moved by what she did 😊i miss you too!!
cesaravila57 - paigebee03 - shelbytruax22 - foodforwolves -
I am so glad to have such a thoughtful person in my life. Thank you for giving me the strength to push forward❀️ #bestfriend #sothoughtful #loveya
loveya - bestfriend - sothoughtful -
alahna_kessler : Love ya! :)
chelschelss - ariel0216 - cookiesforcurves - kdel_ -
Thanks for taking me to an all vegan place baby! πŸ„πŸƒ the baked tart is fuuucking delicious 😘 #sothoughtful #bombflavors #mushroomseverywhere #myfavorite #elf #LAeats #vegan #foodie
foodie - elf - bombflavors - vegan - mushroomseverywhere - laeats - myfavorite - sothoughtful -
ashleyklew : This looks bomb!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
hkalliopi23 : Looks delicious!!
andybui24 - staceyk_ - jeffreyco - kvnlm -
The Chef was niece enough to make me a special "to-go" cup with a very special concoction of Baileys and that slow drip VERRRY strong coffee. I was instructed to add ice and have this as my morning coffee before the hot air balloon ride for a wake up (since we have to be there at 5am) and to ease nerves. I was warned that I may be glittery all day... So u are all warned as well @orlandoworldcenter #thisiswork #traveleditor #wholenewworld @orlandoworldcenter #sothoughtful #coffeeaddict
thisiswork - traveleditor - coffeeaddict - sothoughtful - wholenewworld -
mfview - erinbranscom - nicholasandriani - martica609 -
This is one of the kindest gestures! Behind that shield is a Japanese worker weed whacking. To keep the grass from flying all over the cars, 2 additional workers block the cars. #sothoughtful
sothoughtful -
thompsons_n_okinawa : Isn't it great!!! I was over in Shields when they were painting a building and they covered my car in a tarp so it wouldn't get any paint splatter on it!!
rachelrobinette - courtney_1507 - thompsons_n_okinawa - alilogue27 -
This might look like an odd collection of items. However it came from my favorite four year old named Brynlee cuz she missed me on my long work day. #sweetie #myfavorite #sothoughtful #only4 @coloradohiker
myfavorite - only4 - sweetie - sothoughtful -
shionpritchard : So cute!
sonja4_12 - mjsavenok - destinystamps - mackenzieguliak -
What a nice surprise to come home to! #sothoughtful #lovemynieces
lovemynieces - juicing - margaritas - theyknowuswell - sothoughtful -
nae1007 : @alexandani #margaritas #juicing #theyknowuswell
lspero690 : Aww
chansen4919 : β™‘β™‘ @nae1007
lspero690 - chansen4919 - drunkrecipes - mwholey -
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