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Det är totalt kaos i lägenheten. Så här en bild på hur det ser ut utanför den.
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jlowenfeldt : Ibland känns det som att jag inte gör annat än städar och tömmer diskmaskinen. #levalife
jlowenfeldt : Och jagar en 1,5-årig slumpgenerator. #socialrealism
sbliljegren : Diskmaskinsurplockning. Inte visste jag att det var livet
jlowenfeldt : Mycket tyder på att det är det @sbliljegren
sbliljegren : Ja. Utifrån mina erfarenheter också. Det och av- och påklädning
jlowenfeldt : Att plocka undan frukost @sbliljegren
sbliljegren : Plocka fram frukost...
jlowenfeldt : Mindfulness @sbliljegren
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Фрагмент картины И.В. Евстигнеева "Праздник авиации", 1937 г. Собрание ГМВЦ "РОСИЗО". Картину целиком ищите в Самарском художественном музее! #росизо #самара #соцреализм #социалистическийреализм #ссср #rosizo #samara #Museum #socialrealism #kudago
самара - rosizo - соцреализм - museum - samara - ссср - socialrealism - социалистическийреализм - росизо - kudago -
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Вот как выглядела Спасская башня в далеком 1947 г. Фрагмент картины В.П. Ефанова "Портрет В.М. Молотова", 1947г. Собрание ГМВЦ "РОСИЗО". Картину целиком ищите в Самаре! #росизо #самара #музей #кудапойти #соцреализм #социалистическийреализм #инвентаризацияархива #афишасамара #ссср #краснаяплощадь #кремль #rosizo #socialrealism #samara #Museum #kudago #ussr #redsquare #kremlin
афишасамара - rosizo - samara - ссср - socialrealism - redsquare - кудапойти - kudago - краснаяплощадь - самара - кремль - соцреализм - museum - ussr - инвентаризацияархива - музей - социалистическийреализм - росизо - kremlin -
ak_iskysstvo : Вы замечательный фотограф. Наверняка сможете по достоинству оценить картины, написанные мной. Приглашаю познакомиться с моим стилем.
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Фрагмент картины М.Л. Тиховой "Скульптурная лаборатория Ленинградского фарфорового завода", 1936-1937 гг. собрание ГМВЦ"РОСИЗО" #росизо #самара #соцреализм #социалистическийреализм #инвентаризацияархива #афишасамара #кудапойти #музей #ссср #rosizo #socialrealism #kudago #ussr #samara #welcome #Museum
афишасамара - welcome - samara - ссср - socialrealism - кудапойти - kudago - самара - rosizo - соцреализм - museum - ussr - инвентаризацияархива - музей - социалистическийреализм - росизо -
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We saw this lovely NY street scene by David Burliuk, 1933, while on a trip upstate NY. Burliuk was a central figure in the history of the Russian avant-garde, a primary proponent of Futurism. He settled in the US after WWI and the Russian Rwvolution and spent most of the rest of his career on Eastern Long Island. A prolific painter, he was known for his neo- primitive and colorful depictions of peasants, among other subjects. #davidburliuk #russianartists #russian #futurism #neoprimitive #artwelike #artoftheday #paintingswelike #paintingoftheday #socialrealism
neoprimitive - artwelike - paintingswelike - russianartists - futurism - artoftheday - socialrealism - russian - paintingoftheday - davidburliuk -
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A glass of beaujolais and "This is England" the movie. Ahhhhh! #christmasiscoming #foillard #beaujolais #morgon #instawine #socialrealism #movienight #thisisengland
thisisengland - beaujolais - morgon - instawine - socialrealism - movienight - foillard - christmasiscoming -
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and so begins the #holidayparty season. #nftc #theoffice #itstheholidayseason #artdeco #longlunch #theperks #illtakeoneofeverything #mural #markmcintosh #wheatfields #hops #thestruggle #newsfromthecube #socialrealism #brewhouse #fieldhandrealness #wpa #martinwebb #bjsbrewhouse
martinwebb - wheatfields - newsfromthecube - illtakeoneofeverything - brewhouse - socialrealism - markmcintosh - mural - theperks - wpa - bjsbrewhouse - longlunch - hops - artdeco - theoffice - itstheholidayseason - thestruggle - holidayparty - nftc - fieldhandrealness -
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But when all else fails, when circumstances tear us from our fleeting happiness, joy is comes in the morning. | #VSCOcam
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tsampierce : #socialrealism #exploring #liveauthentic #musicbed #makeportraits #chasingsoftlight #VSCO #vscogood #igersnashville #instagood #igers
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ewleal : Socialdesperatio
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(I wasn't nominated, but I am allllll about transparency & that's why I'm jumping on board with #theimperfecttribe.) • I love photographing people & places, but have this deep well of insecurity about having my own picture taken. Even selfies make me feel vulnerable. • I am a major stresser; "go with the flow" is not something I know how to do. If there is a burden on my heart, I won't even be able to sleep until it is addressed and overcome. • I just might be one of the most sensitive people you ever meet. I don't take sarcasm well, and rude words absolutely wreck me. • I love people quickly and deeply, which I often feel is more of a curse than a blessing. In fact, I feel EVERYTHING deeply. Right down to my core, every second of every day. So, naturally, I struggle immensely with releasing things/people/circumstances to the Lord. • I try so hard to be in control of my life, when I am actually in control 0% of the time. • I want people to love me and love spending time with me and it crushes me when they don't. • But, the beauty of every little bit of this is that my God is bigger than my flesh. He is greater than my multitudes of insecurities. He is the only One worthy of my comparison. He is better than the things I try to place my trust in. He feels things so much more deeply than I do and sees me. Knows me. Understands me. He takes burdens away from my strong-willed hands and says, "This was never supposed to be yours." He is better, He is enough, and He is mine. And that's just so great. // again, transparency? Kinda my thang (which you can see more of in my blog; link in bio). So, I nominate @godblessumerika & @maddiepattin to share with us the ins and outs of their imperfections. Let's break down the facades, & tear away the masks. Don't be afraid of vulnerability, babies.
socality - vscocam - selfie - vsco - socialrealism - grandmacude - theimperfecttribe -
anotherporcelainheart : Love this!
apitapiiri : i love this and i love you and it feels funny but good that im not alone with these things i really related so much with this like really. almost everything you said i felt like "EXACTLY" and i realized se things and im glad and i think that if i wouldn't have read this text i maybe wouldn't have realized some things of myself or this world and i dunno. you're the best! also: im the rahkakettu from twitter (just wanted you to know) and im still so happy that we're friends now and i really should win my shyness and send you a message..! c: and when you said that you don't see friends and it hurts i realized that im not alone and i always thought that you see people very often and i just really felt whew im not alone. i just would want to say so many things but i don't have words you're the lovliest madison in the world 💝✨
annarossiter_ : This absolutely explained me! You are an inspiration and I'm so glad God had me find you on social networking sites. You're a blessing! It would be absolutely lovely to even meet you & @alexandriawoodhouse in the flesh. True woman of God.
alexisokoro : You're precious
meagan_sessler : Amazing. You have such a special and sweet soul. Never let anyone tell you differently. You're a light in so many different places❤️
kallieshirley : I am so touched by this Mads. I love you & your boldness to share. You're wonderful.
caitlynbrynne : Yessss. You're beautiful all the way through! Thanks for your transparency!
creating.kelsi : You're very pretty!! 😊
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PAPELMISMO, the sequel to Papelismo by Social Realists Torrado-Cabrera et al. Exhibit runs from Dec. 11-26, 2014 at Galerie Anna, SM Megamall Arts Hall. #paperart #socialrealism #galerieanna #artsysunday
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Da ne ispadne da samo slikam đubar po Konjarniku #konjarnik #belgrade #beograd #morning #sky #bluesky #building #suburban #suburbia #socialrealism #socrealizam
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I was inspired by @meganbalentine to post under the influence of social realism and join #theimperfecttribe. so hi, I'm caitie. I'm unorganized and complain about not being able to find anything. I'm indecisive, moody, & can't sing worth shit. sometimes I try too hard and stick around too long, but I'm working on it. I have a bad habit of judging others, even when I don't mean to. I forgive too easily. and more often than not, I am my own worst enemy. but at the end of the day, I remind myself that no one is perfect; we're all just trying our hardest to be the best versions of ourselves. and I'm a big believer that we're all pretty darn awesome already. I wish and encourage everyone to post yourself in the real and raw under the idea of #socialrealism
socialrealism - theimperfecttribe -
dianalyssa : @caitiejean why can't I be as gorgeous as you 😩
krystalin_thompson : @dianalyssa agreed!
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Ben Shahn signed framed print. #benshahn #20thcenturyart #originalart #vintage #midcentury #art #interiordesign #homedecor #socialrealism #modernart #forsale
interiordesign - art - homedecor - 20thcenturyart - benshahn - originalart - midcentury - socialrealism - vintage - forsale - modernart -
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Reading #SocialRealism is like reopening a #TimeCapsule, where you unleash an imploded #RantsAndRaves of a specific culture in a specific time period. This book is one, the language may be a blah, but it exactly reflects the student life in Manila, with or without the #HormonalOverdrive. If the author captured a blah timeframe, am I also a blah being? #blahblah #NowReading #ErosAtalia #PRPB #bookdiscussion @pinoyreads
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#TalleraSiqueiros #DavidAlfaroSiqueiros #SocialRealism #Muralist #Cuernavaca #Morelos
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3 days until "the real world" Speaking of the real world, I'm helping my sweet @meganbalentine launch a movement of #socialrealism, most affectionately titled #theimperfecttribe. So let's get real-- there is nothing more bold and more beautiful than to be yourself. Do you realize the truth in that? There is also nothing more important that you can contribute to any one or any art. I guess it is, that we all want the same basic things- To be loved To be recognized To have purpose To give love As different as we all are, it all comes down to the same basic needs. And I am reminded how easy it is to give what is needed And how easy it is to take it Away. I hope I look to give myself to the right people. And I hope that people feel as though they can get these basic needs from me. I also hope that I can slow down and accept the love that is so freely given to me. The love I choose to reject day by day. Grace by grace. Mercy by mercy. Because I feel as though I don't deserve it. I want to feel what "home" feels like, and I believe I'm fairly close to that. I am beautifully broken, and divinely chosen. I challenge you. Be real and tag it with #theimperfecttribe
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andrwjams : Yeah!
meganbalentine : i love you, sweet girl. thank you for this. ❤️
heartcore1985 : Beautiful <3
aubreyyrenee : ❤️❤️
tsampierce : This is AWESOME. I love the variety and all the truth that's coming from this whole thing. It's fantastic. This photo is fantastic.
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Room in New York ~ Edward Hopper #EdwardHopper #hopper #NewYork #art #painting #SocialRealism #NewRealism #nyc
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paintingmax : Hopper super New-York
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"Central Park, Night " by renowned Austrian-American-Jewish artist Edith Kramer. Born in Vienna in 1916 and died 2014. A last living link to the Jewish intelligentsia of pre-war Austria that made Vienna the cosmopolitan capital of the world. She fled Austria for the US and founded the Art Therapy program at New York University. Returned to Austria many years after the war and much honored there for her work. Painted in social realist style. #edithkramer #austria #vienna #jewish #jewishartists #socialrealism #centralpark #austrianartists #artwelike #artforsale #artoftheday #paintingforsale #paintingswelike #paintingoftheday #easthampton #arttherapy
jewishartists - centralpark - artwelike - jewish - easthampton - austrianartists - austria - edithkramer - paintingoftheday - arttherapy - paintingforsale - paintingswelike - artoftheday - socialrealism - artforsale - vienna -
darriusnyc : Very cool!
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A n g B a t a s a D a a n a n Mixed media on watercolor paper 10x15 in #art #watercolor #penandink #socialrealism
watercolor - penandink - socialrealism - art -
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Happy birthday to Mexican muralist/ social realist artist Diego Rivera #diegorivera #artist #mexicanmuralist #socialrealism #arthistory #artnerd #artlife #mylife
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rsnows : Did u draw this
beautifullybroken417 : @rsnows no... It's Diego Rivera
rsnows : Dope. But I know u r on this level
beautifullybroken417 : @rsnows thanks...
inspiredbyancientrome : Beautiful!
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Working on a large landscape painting celebrating light pollution. #artstudio #painting #landscapepainting #art #douglasalvarez #prettypollution #palmtrees #moon #polltion #socialrealism #citylights #contemporaryart
art - douglasalvarez - contemporaryart - artstudio - prettypollution - polltion - moon - citylights - palmtrees - socialrealism - landscapepainting - painting -
happy_in_gordaland : Please post on FB so I can share
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🌾 Nude with Calla Lilies 🌾 Diego Rivera (1944) Social realist & Mexican muralist. Although he had his shortcomings as a person and lover, there is much genius to appreciate in the insanity of a mad man bringing the realities of social injustices to faces of Americans one mural at a time. #HBD #DigeoRivera #FridaKahlo #arthistory #mural #socialrealism #mexicannationalist
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#InstaSize #propaganda
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puuk6 : 디진다
youkim : #socialrealism
nahpark : ㅎ...
jae_lee_ : 대한민국 공공미술 만세!
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"Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit," opening March 15, 2015! I'm so excited to see a Rivera exhibition, we are going!!!! @hmelisa23 @oidumazs @a_gabriela_nav @louivas
art - postimpressionism - modern - dia - detroit - fridakahlo - mexicanmuralist - socialrealism - diegorivera -
olivexoxo : I cannot wait!!
bettyv25 : I have been counting down the days!!
_nks : Yesssss @selenenav
foreveryung93 : Omg can i come!!!!!
selenenav : @olivexoxo @bettyv25 I know me either! I missed the Picasso exhibition last year and I will always regret it.
selenenav : @_nks 😜😜😜
selenenav : @foreveryung93 Of course you can!!!! Probably getting tickets for March/April.
hmelisa23 : When do the tickets go on sale @selenenav #ladydatetime
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#norway #oslo #socialistrealism
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#socialistrealism #norway
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Forever is a celebration of graffiti on cactus. #tagging #cactus #graffiti #mixmedia #painting #art #socialrealism #contemporaryart #nature #plants #garden #pricklypear #poppy #losangeles #love #douglasalvarez
losangeles - love - garden - douglasalvarez - contemporaryart - mixmedia - socialrealism - graffiti - art - cactus - tagging - plants - nature - poppy - painting - pricklypear -
ruzenazatko : 👌👌👌💜
happy_in_gordaland : Oh My God sooooooo incredibly beautiful!! Can u post of FB?
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ainainternet : #socialrealism
ainainternet : Tar tag i misären en annan dag
microcutz : Min favo<3
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Daddy <3 Daughter ~ Her Future ~ #Chicago #DaleyPlaza #WestLoop #Urban #socialrealism #candid #emotion #protest #Syria #Government #Syrian #war #peace #daddy #family #love #nikon #Urban #streetphotography #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography by #VisuaLStimuluS
emotion - urban - love - family - government - blackandwhitephotography - nikon - protest - socialrealism - westloop - syrian - daleyplaza - streetphotography - blackandwhite - chicago - peace - visualstimulus - candid - syria - daddy - war -
deville_infrared_photo : Cooool
visualstimulusdesign : Thanks @deville_infrared_photo ~ This is one of my personal favs of all time :)) <3 Taken with old Nikon D50 heh
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I love this city <3 #PeopleWatching #Starbucks #random #candid #streetphotography #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #nikon #nikonphotography #D7000 #street #socialrealism #everyday #citystreets #Chicago #VisuaLStimuluS #people #Urban
urban - blackandwhite - people - d7000 - random - blackandwhitephotography - nikon - street - starbucks - citystreets - everyday - nikonphotography - streetphotography - peoplewatching - chicago - socialrealism - visualstimulus - candid -
rhiadavies80 - vingt_cigarettes - dynamisphotography - p.eyman -
#King#Kong#urban#jungle#Warsaw#is#great#city#architecture#Poland#scars#Surrealism#SocialRealism#uważaj# to# nie#chmury#to#Pałac#kultury#Warszawa#ciekawahistoria#miasto#dżungla
urban - co - dżungla - king - is - kong - pałac - surrealism - chmury - socialrealism - kultury - miasto - kingkong - warsaw - uważaj - city - great - polska - poland - scars - gitary - elektryczne - kto - to - ciekawahistoria - jungle - warszawa - chce - wolność - architecture -
martaannaurbanska : #KingKong #Elektryczne#gitary#co#kto#chce#Polska#wolność...
ivancasanovarivas : You have a great gallery!
martaannaurbanska : @ivancasanovarivas Too kind! I may have some wit, perhaps. V glad, thank you!
martaannaurbanska : @szymonskoczylas To specjalnie dla Mamy, Szymon
martaannaurbanska : @warszawawola W miejskiej dżungli, patrzy w stronę Woli i pozdrawia M.
warszawawola : Dzięki, pozdrowienia również dla Ciebie! @martaannaurbanska (:
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#Diegorivera and #Fridakhalo #muralist #socialrealism #mexicanart #panzon
mexicanart - panzon - socialrealism - diegorivera - fridakhalo - muralist -
ziziwatanabe - alliereyzan - laninadeltintan - jaquelinecaballeroo -
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