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Today for Throwback Thursday we take you back to November 2009 when we shot this beautiful '55 Chevy we called 'Barn to Beauty'. This was one of the cleanest cars we have ever photographed. Pristine from top to bottom! It doesn't hurt that our Model Emm Jay made it look even better as well as showing off our Pinstriped Shirts designed and printed by @GraphicDisorderο»Ώ We will have more products on our website coming from them for 2015! #tbt #55chevy #socalcustoms #features #graphicdisorder #shirts #newyearnewgear
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morrbjorn : @affe_ryd
jensen0266 - tikiguy13 - thee_55chevy - layedgmc_93 -
@_its_izzy_snacks_ and I having a discussion about how cracked out I was on redbull that day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #tuckin6s #lowlife #dub #4doorsformorewhores #socalcustoms #crutches #someoneshurt #izzysnacks #mikereedgetsbitches
crutches - dub - lowlife - mikereedgetsbitches - 4doorsformorewhores - izzysnacks - tuckin6s - someoneshurt - socalcustoms -
_its_izzy_snacks_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #someoneshurt...that's funny @juan__aldean
r1_roland : Haha, the crutches just posted πŸ˜‚ @juan__aldean
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It's Throwback Thursday and today we bring you a collection of Cool Cars and Hot Models... all in Black & White! #tbt #socalcustoms #features #models #blackandwhite @miss_courtney_day @tiffanytothxoxo @imzzelite
models - socalcustoms - tbt - blackandwhite - features -
imzzelite : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
tiffanytothxoxo : Omg I look terrible now when I see old photos πŸ™ˆeww
socalcustoms : @tiffanytothxoxo It's time for us to do a new shoot then!
justinbrknnks - rustymixer - ludikrskustomz - boozehounds -
Some SICK Mini Trucks shot with our #gopro at #SeveredInTheSouthwest last weekend. #socalcustoms #shows #minitrucks #custom
gopro - minitrucks - severedinthesouthwest - socalcustoms - shows - custom -
dante81_98 : @socalcustoms i am digging the addition of the go pro to your arsenal. where would one find the go pro pictures?
socalcustoms : @dante81_98 Thanks! I am thinking that a GoPro gallery is needed when the site is redone. Maybe a space that can be randomly updated with new pictures, videos and time lapse...? I'll have to add this to chat with @onemanrevolution about on a much needed phone discussion regarding major changes!
eturnalminiz760 - advance_design_era - lockdownking96 - ihakkisatir -
Best of Show Truck at #Severedinthesouthwest #C10 #bagged hanging out with #switchsuspension #Socalcustoms
bagged - socalcustoms - c10 - severedinthesouthwest - switchsuspension -
mcastleman3 : @ed_bramel is owner @severed_joe
severed_joe : Thank you @mcastleman3 my account you let me tag people. @ed_bramel you have a killer ride
sundayfundaybrand : @bobgrant69 this one was sick!
ya__boy_mikeyd : That was a bad bitch !!
dquintanilla1 : @markilo63_wdw
ed_bramel : Thanks for everything brotha great time and great show
local720 : This build was so clean. Loved it
poised_ernie - whiteheadcycle1122 - ronloving92 - ozucaruu -
Sick ass pic of my obs's guts taken by #socalcustoms.com at the #severedinthesouthwest2014 show... #CHIHUAS #LaTarahumara #TruckinLifestyleAz
chihuas - socalcustoms - latarahumara - severedinthesouthwest2014 - truckinlifestyleaz -
isaac_obs95 : Sickk puro chihuas primo @nahum_chihuas_tl
everg10 : One day😍😍
allin1cc : Sickkk asss truck πŸ‘ @nahum_el_chihuas_tl
nt93lv : @_dlayneeo
lvsflyest : Sick ass steering wheel
jay_r408 : What brand steering wheel is that? I have the same one but dont know the brand
eddie2089 : @nahum_el_chihuas_tl ese es mi primo! Bad ass bro!
nahum_el_chihuas_tl : Thanks primo πŸ‘Š @eddie2089
jp_savaqe26 - carlos_ppt - projectruck - kirkkido -
We still have some more images to share from #SeveredInTheSouthwest shot with our #gopro Check out this hot rod that grabbed our attention! #socalcustoms #shows #roadtrip
gopro - roadtrip - severedinthesouthwest - socalcustoms - shows -
matttheginge : πŸ‘
tylerdgreen : @riahlynn_greyy
mrfermec : SICK!
anna_classysexxy : @dmartinez9905 😊
justinpalmer57j : @rynothepope
asatryan.nuri - rabbaabdullah - _donpuma - ncrickyg -
www.Socalcustoms.com for the best coverage of #Severedinthesouthwest 2014 online #socalcustoms thank you for the continued support @Socalcustoms
socalcustoms - severedinthesouthwest -
ed_bramel : Great show #severedinthesouthwest THANKS @severed_joe
_j_silva_ - antismsteve - ed_bramel - khkustoms -
Arizona sunrise behind me as I head back to SoCal. Good trip here to Phoenix with the show, a feature shoot and some fun. Thanks to: @severed_joe @lowboymsports @laceyloveinktattoo @heathermoss313 as well as a few others that know who they are... #SeveredInTheSouthwest #shows #socalcustoms #sunrise #arizona #phoenix #roadtrip
arizona - severedinthesouthwest - phoenix - socalcustoms - shows - sunrise - roadtrip -
laceyloveinktattoo : Thank you so much again:) drive safe!!
dante81_98 : It was good to see you man. Drive safe and we will see ya soon.
severed_joe : Thanks for coming out! I still owe you mashed potatoes or ice cream
jillakalski - roadwireleatherinteriors - airbrushzonellc - tasmania1998 -
Thanks for the love @socalcustoms and thanks for the great show coverage. If you ladies and gents haven't been to socalcustoms.com and checked out the show coverage and awesome features you are missing out. #socalcustoms #worldslowest #theoriginalnegativecamber #severedties #nc #lowboymotorsports #severedinthesouthwest
theoriginalnegativecamber - severedinthesouthwest - lowboymotorsports - socalcustoms - nc - severedties - worldslowest -
whiskeybentleather - 1demented1 - lonestarthrowdown - abners7 -
@severed_joe says: If you haven't seen the #SeveredInTheSouthwest coverage on www.socalcustoms.com yet, Go look. NOW! He works hard to coordinate this great show and needs a virtual pat on the back. Even better, if you see him around... Give him a long, awkward hug and tell him @socalcustoms sent you! #socalcustoms #lol #gopro #goodtimes #severedties #shows
severedties - gopro - severedinthesouthwest - socalcustoms - goodtimes - lol - shows -
innovationbydesign : Look at that cute face!
severed_joe : Haha this is my I slept 2 hours face. Thank you for always supporting us #Socalcustoms
socalcustoms : @severed_joe 2 hours isn't sleep, it's a nap! lol
severed_joe : That's true a nap
buickchuy : The headband guy in the back was telling me he just arrived from Honduras to check out #SeveredInTheSouthwest @severed_joe @socalcustoms
_j_silva_ - izzysrodshop - khkustoms - buickchuy -
Full coverage ifrom #SeveredInTheSouthwest is now online at http://www.socalcustoms.com #socalcustoms #gopro #shows #longday #timetochill
gopro - longday - severedinthesouthwest - timetochill - socalcustoms - shows -
gkkustom : @dave_rob_can
hydroholics : Awesome pic of the wife's car! Thanks guys!
theaccessorypro : Good shot!
t_takayukiiiiiiiiii - bruninhofelipep - jdlugop - johnny_sodope_63 -
@nice @radrod #socalcustoms @shows
socalcustoms -
erochel23 -
@ed_bramel's clean C10 at #SeveredInTheSouthWest | via @socalcustoms
severedinthesouthwest -
cbalabanoff : @im_ace303 @t_w_o_j those lights!
wade_mehaffey : @aaccee99
bradc85 : @corey335xi
ru_django : @roccrolla
ashhhleyy_d : @blane_saeler44
weld_that_shit : @b_raad21
b_raad21 : This one looks harder @weld_that_shit
massoter : @fc.gil
jaydenn.joziah - albertogalvez7 - seanymac128 - yusupinusov -
As we work tonight to upload the full show coverage to the website, here's another sick Chevy C-10 from #SeveredInTheSouthwest #socalcustoms #shows #c10 #iphone6plus @c10crew @cdimetrucks @chevyonlydino @switchsuspension #chevrolet
iphone6plus - severedinthesouthwest - chevrolet - socalcustoms - c10 - shows -
luckysumbich : @ed_bramel
antismsteve : #connections @jeffjames21
pony420 : @trend_setterz08 could see you Rollin this
low1947 : @41buick
kccorb : @bryanpino
uhaeha - wallacefrom1984 - carlosebeta.507 - z.kei -
A C-10 assortment at #severedinthesouthwest #socalcustoms #shows #gopro @c10crew @cdimetrucks @switchsuspension
severedinthesouthwest - socalcustoms - gopro - shows -
switchsuspension : @ed_bramel @chevyonlydino @gkkustom
bd94s10 : @socalcustoms sicc. Wish I could have made it this year. Had a blast last year.
xb2onair : Can't wait for the coverage to be up!
eddie_sandovalhd : @808bagger_
samhopkins : @j_delgadillo04
808bagger_ : @eddie_sandovalhd #sik
eddie_sandovalhd : @808bagger_ saw that I thought i would tag u in it
goengmanxcmx - takabronesto - butter325 - rick.walker.754 -
Sick 89-95 Toyota... More pictures coming soon! #socalcustoms #shows #severedinthesouthwest #gopro
severedinthesouthwest - socalcustoms - gopro - shows -
nralvey : @jmynat
mikeyd29 : @osoanaheim @rayr13 @topher82
ls6k5 : Take pics of any cool caprices/impala
mindofmacias : #noregretscc
krazy_dude_00 - spacecadetkj - b_lee_customs - blzebob -
We are at Severed in the Southwest getting tons of photos for the website and hanging it with good people. Here's a preview. We'll be updating for the next few hours and much more coming online later tonight! #socalcustoms #shows #severedinthesouthwest #gopro
severedinthesouthwest - socalcustoms - gopro - shows -
noborugome - johnny_sodope_63 - artofnoize_cl - javier_x_ruiz -
A collection of cool old trucks from that roadside lot in Quartzsite, AZ earlier today. #roadtrip #socalcustoms #thethingsisee #gopro #oldschool
thethingsisee - oldschool - gopro - socalcustoms - roadtrip -
goprogoals : Wow!!! Follow us to be featured!
luckysumbich : @seth_stick @samcastronova @_broey_ there looks to be some interesting stuff at this place
cstsuspension : That S-10!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜œ
_broey_ : @luckysumbich yeah I've always wanted to stop by when I drive through but it's always closed.
samcastronova : Its mostly junk.. Hate to spoil it for you @_broey_
javier_x_ruiz - super_rost123 - tanner_merkle - allen.yates.505 -
Nice Impala from the stop in Quartzsite, Arizona earlier today on the way to Phoenix. Shot with #gopro #socalcustoms #roadtrip #thethingsisee #64impala
64impala - gopro - thethingsisee - socalcustoms - roadtrip -
empire_customs520 : That guy has barrett jackson prices over there lol
javier_x_ruiz - vargas_86 - blzebob - guinn_iaf -
Another #gopro shot from the quick stop in Quartzsite Arizona. Who wants one? #socalcustoms #roadtrip #thethingsisee
gopro - thethingsisee - socalcustoms - roadtrip -
lowjack2002 : I think @deviouscustoms should bag it.
benklo13 - artofnoize_cl - studderzfon - 525kingvaoki -
Got off the highway in Quartzsite Arizona to stretch and found this lot that sells everything from cars to mobile homes and even a few old aircraft. Pulled out the #gopro and did a quick walk-through! #socalcustoms #roadtrip #thethingsisee
gopro - thethingsisee - socalcustoms - roadtrip -
itsaubs_ : @davenwilson
7chevy2 : That's one badass place to stop πŸ‘
renderingsbytristan : Wicked man, send me a text at 778-232-2914. I do automotive renderings.
gangster_mechanic_ - wellman_fam - discoverireland - derekbaier -
On the road to Phoenix for Severed in the Southwest in a rental VW Passat TSI. Saves on gas cost and it's a quick little car... I'm not planning on getting any tickets though lol #socalcustoms #severedinthesouthwest #roadtrip #shows #middleofnowhere
socalcustoms - shows - severedinthesouthwest - middleofnowhere - roadtrip -
tikitod : Try out a Nissan Altima!those things are crazy awesome on gas mileage
kdef808 : We're doing dinner around 6:30/7 tonight if ur available come by. Will be a group of us at Native Grill and wings right by the show :)
antismsteve - severedinthelbc - coonassjeremy - melismoehring -
#FBF #flashback #friday #toyota #tacoma #tacofel #indy #itb2004 #2004 #socalcustoms #wannabe #amateur #model #justhavinfun #borrowedshirt #clearheels #legs #beforeplastics #10yearsago #minitruck #custom #bagged #goodtimes #blondie
bagged - tacofel - amateur - indy - socalcustoms - friday - goodtimes - 10yearsago - blondie - fbf - itb2004 - flashback - tacoma - minitruck - toyota - clearheels - custom - justhavinfun - 2004 - beforeplastics - wannabe - model - legs - borrowedshirt -
___donjon : @rivasssss in my Chevy low-rider πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
mehdiajabi410 - rhendry90 - pupuhed - jjs3991 -
As we pack up today to leave for Phoenix tomorrow morning and head to the Severed in the Southwest Car Showο»Ώ Saturday, we bring you a Throwback Thursday from a couple of past trips we made to this great event. #tbt #socalcustoms #severedinthesouthwest #phoenix #arizona #shows #cars #trucks #models #customs #goodtimes @heathermoss313 @severed_joe @garagegearclothing @camberdually @lowboymsports @ya__boy_mikeyd @negativecamber
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66chevy : Safe travels!!
socalcustoms : @66chevy Thanks!
sinekeljared : @hogieshine
crowds75 - ragozin.yaroslav - westside_trucks - running_bear1234 -
Who's going to be there on Saturday in Phoenix? We will be out there shooting tons of pictures! #severedinthesouthwest #socalcustoms #shows @severed_joe
socalcustoms - severedinthesouthwest - shows -
belltechsporttrucks : πŸ‘πŸ‘
coltvercelli : @stuntwomanerin I will have to check this out. I didn't even knw :) thank you for the heads up πŸ‘πŸ‘
stuntwomanerin : @coltvercelli it's a great crew! You'll have a blast!
coltvercelli : @m_tthew.g let's go on Saturday
thecraka : @nchollywood @dante81_98 #NC #WorldsLowest
nchollywood : Nice !!!
baggedandboosted426 : I'll be out there @socalcustoms with @baggedandboosted426 !!
thecraka : @negativecamber #theoriginalnegativecamber
javier_x_ruiz - tanner_merkle - 2014_stang_cps - crowds75 -
Happy Thanksgiving! Who is ready?! Visit www.Grinder-TV.com to watch the full trailer & pre order your copy today!! #airlift #audisonhertz #grindertv #custom #hotrod #bagged #airride #socalcustoms #carnut #slammed #fitment #stance #customcars #c10 #chevy #bodydropped #turbo #carswithoutlimits #minitrucking #custombuilt #happythanksgiving #automotive
bagged - custombuilt - stance - hotrod - turbo - automotive - socalcustoms - airlift - audisonhertz - happythanksgiving - customcars - bodydropped - fitment - grindertv - airride - custom - chevy - carswithoutlimits - slammed - c10 - carnut - minitrucking -
mk4leo : Whoa
bitchnstitchn : @qbn_10w @gasautotrim @elbaratomojo
59rip : Waiting for sema 2014 covered by @grinder_tv 😍😍
boosiemchugh : dope!
nr_sergio : @bad_bones_photography check that trailer
joenar_dte : @suspensionking check this out bro!
ryzart : @rpadilla74
_puremedia : @hugonava11 tsss shitting.
alwlui.j - georgedomys - johnnyophoto - mr.lets_build_something -
Haven't posted anything in awhile, here's a set of rims I did today came out good! #SocalPlastiDip #SCPD #socalcustoms #plastidip #dipyourcar #companycar #alliedfenceco #fencing #805 #lompoc #santamaria #santabarbara #pismo #slo #ag
socalplastidip - pismo - ag - fencing - socalcustoms - slo - dipyourcar - santabarbara - alliedfenceco - plastidip - santamaria - scpd - lompoc - 805 - companycar -
socalplastidip : @enticknapracing
just_dipn : Super!
deejay161 : Hahaha atta boy Adam
austin_scpd : #pruisnation @deejay161
derricktguggia - allllyssssaxo - austin_scpd - just_dipn -
SEMA vehicle running HE8 bags on all corners. Be sure to follow @westcottbbqgrills for more photos. Photo cred: @socalcustoms #semashow #slamspecialties #he8 #socalcustoms #trucks #ryanwestcott #slambags #slamproducts @semashow
slamspecialties - slamproducts - trucks - ryanwestcott - socalcustoms - he8 - semashow - slambags -
nr_panda_az_built : And also the team from @konceptdsigns for painting it lol
westcottbbqgrills : And @robcho79 lol thanks Trevor!
shaynecsmith : @melloyello3518
noiseboysgarage : I built the custom ipad air indash in this truck.
lance_the_blacksmith - lodown369 - j_garza90 - x_sjb -
Taking you back 8 years for Throwback Thursday... This 1981 Chevrolet C-10 was Featured as "YA LOW" as it says on the license plates. This was a beautiful truck we shot with Playboyο»Ώ Magazines "Girls of OC" Nicole Albright! Let us know what you think! #tbt #socalcustoms #c10 #chevrolet #throwbackthursday
chevrolet - socalcustoms - c10 - tbt - throwbackthursday -
rheaschevys : Yes sir.. I remember that truck.... Still got the magazine @socalcustoms @truckinmagazine
gaylordskustomtruck : Rad!
garagethirty3 : Nice!
mx_anton_00 - rustymixer - kyle_tha_king - carlosebeta.507 -
It's #werefromtexasbitchwednesday and what better way to celebrate that than share with yall #dfw chapter member Sean Hendricks' sick ass #s10. #bodydropped? βœ”οΈ custom paint? βœ”οΈ #tuckin #billets? βœ”οΈ big motor stuffed in a little truck!? βœ”οΈ now that...is a recipe for awesome! #WFTBW #damageincclub #werefromtexasbitch #thisiswhatcustomlookslike #chevy #bagged #battledrag #socalcustoms
bagged - chevy - bodydropped - battledrag - tuckin - dfw - s10 - wftbw - socalcustoms - billets - werefromtexasbitchwednesday - werefromtexasbitch - damageincclub - thisiswhatcustomlookslike -
broseffhebert - montanatammy - el_duderino06 - gaylordskustomtruck -
It must be #SoCal when it's Mid-November, 72 Degrees outside and there's a 60's Caddy out cruisin' at lunch time! There's a Late 70's/Early 80's Dodge up there in the distance as well. #socalcustoms #oldschool #cruisin #perfectweather #cadillac
cadillac - socalcustoms - perfectweather - oldschool - cruisin - socal -
working_customs : @firehouse_fabrication
mrcatalino - westside_trucks - os64os - deuce_athletics -
Does anyone know what happened to this badass #lexus???? #gs300 #bagged #socalcustoms #photocredit #bodykit #lexusgs #vip #stanced #stocksucks #sema2002build #aristo
bagged - photocredit - stanced - bodykit - socalcustoms - gs300 - vip - sema2002build - stocksucks - lexus - lexusgs - aristo -
antismsteve : I remember we used to stare at pictures of that car forever!!
poised_ernie : @antismsteve hell yeah we did! I still do... Lol!
antismsteve : It was the best one till yours!
poised_ernie : @antismsteve 😊☺️ thanks homie!
socalcustoms : @vegaswes Any idea what happened to Paul's Lexus?
vegaswes : Well before it got repo'd we tore it apart, then it went out to auction and supposedly went to the midwest and the guy claimed to build it. I have no idea what happened to it after that. I put him on blast on streetsource. @socalcustoms @poised_ernie
vegaswes : That car was fuckin bad, we used to roll the shit out of it. It had chains for limiting straps, had 3/4" valves and used to hop about 2'-3' off the ground
vegaswes : @poised_ernie it was quite the spectical when everything was opened up. Had monitors everywhere and motorized everything
s.m.0420 - rrules78 - kompaivan -
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