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Ready shooting mdl @celialloret photographer @bikriderstar #snowski
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"Dude I'm exhausted." I complained to my friend Antoine on the way down the stairs. We were heading to an awards ceremony for the new super hero movie starting Adam Super. "This is going to be the best party ever!" Jay raved, slapping my hand. I grinned, but really I was there for the speech. ..... "What if he would have changed that one line in the story. The outcome of your character would have been entirely different." The interviewer asked Adam Super. "You can't spend the entire rest of your life fixing one thread." Adam replied. I watched as the author of the book took notes on what Mr Super was saying in response to the questions. At age 74, he still was trying to improve his writing skills. "What's it like experiencing minimal sustenance?" A second interviewer asked. The video camera focused on Adam Super's plate of food. A hamburger, fries and drink. "It's good. You feel happy, content, and calm." Mr Super answered. He wasn't concerned with eating it. ..... "Time to go!" Jay clapped his hands together. "My wife's got a bus waiting out back." The audience cleared, and the interview was over. It was onto the next party for that group. ..... "Minimal sustenance." I thought, sitting alone in the empty room, repeating it to myself.
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πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ Tag your friends pleaseπŸ’¬πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ» @extremesport74 #snowboarding #snowboard #snowboarder #snowboards #snowboarders #ski #snowski #snowboardingseason #snowboarden #extreme #adrenaline #selfie #snow #winter #ice #cold #nature #amazing #video #snowday #snowboardlife #snowy #snowboardingtime #wintertime #snowday #skiing #skins #white #follow #extremesport74
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Look what I came home to tonight. πŸ™†πŸ˜
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Never thought I'd say I want to ski as good as a bird. #snowski #skibum
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I drove my 1989 crimson blue Buick Century out of the grass of my parents homestead. A thunderstorm was approaching and my father would have killed me if I left ruts in their yard. I finished my studies for school in their affectionately doted "big garage". "I'm selling the snowmobile. No one uses it." My father pronounced, motoring in with his electronic wheelchair. "You don't Let us use it." I thought. "What's that growing on the foot wells, agates?" I asked. They were attached to the sides like fungus. Surly he must have figured out a way to produce them. "Hand me that chunk." My father requested. I broke it off and gave it to him. "Look; it's a half meter long, and there's green inside. Yes! That's extremely rare." "Cool. Well, I gotta head to the talent show with my friends." I said. "Friends? You have friends?" He asked. "Yeap, a few. See ya." I hopped in my Buick and parked in the school's parking lot. The first group to perform was good. They had a girl jamming on the keyboard and a guy rapping out lyrics. Our group was a bunch of nerdy misfits. None of us had practiced a lick. "You want me to play the steel guitar or the drums?" I asked Josh. He was a foreign exchange student from Indonesia. "Neither, we've got it covered." "Thank God." I thought. The only instrument I knew how to play was the trumpet. "At least let me do the riffs. I know how to rap. It's easy. Come on, I'm good at it." I whined. "We would, but we're singing a Barbra Streisand song." Alan replied, hanging the bass guitar around his neck. "Barbra Streisand?" I said, looking around at a group of males and me, a female that had no business singing mezzo-soprano. "A-yight." I confessed as the boys started strumming to the melody of Eleanor Rigby. "Guys! This is the Beatles! Not Barbra Streisand." "Whatever." Josh replied. At least I could sing the lyrics.
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"Mother are you sure we need to drive all the way to St Cloud to see the doctor? Brainerd is much closer." Heidi asks. No response from her mother Megan. She coughed frantically into her hands. "Did you suck on those cough drops I gave you?" Heidi wonders. "No, they tickle my throat." Megan replied, looking out the passenger window adding, "These roads are horribly icy, maybe we should go to Brainerd next time." Megan scratches her pearly white head of hair. "Ugh, never mind." Heidi replies, white knuckling the steering wheel. They sit in the waiting room at the clinic for 2 1/2 hours before the nurse admits them into the room. "Now keep that bandage on your eye Mom." Heidi insists as they make their way back into the car. "What are you doing?" Heidi lectures. "Well my eye was itchy." Megan scratches at the eye she just had a cataracts removed. "Will you stop that!" Heidi pushes the patch back down and applies additional tape around her eye socket. On the way home, the winter storm let up. "Donna from coffee was there." Megan said. "Donna was where?" Heidi asked. "Donna was at the clinic. She was sitting right behind us." Megan informed. "You mean to tell me, you sat a foot apart from one another for 2 1/2 hours and neither of you said a word? You went to high school together and have coffee every Tuesday for christ's sake." Heidi exclaimed. "There was nothing to say I guess." Megan looks back out the passenger with with her good eye. "I love you mother, but you are something else." Heidi sighed.
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I sat next to my families dock on Fish Trap Lake and unearthed cash from the sand. "Twenty bucks! It's my lucky day." I dug deeper, drawing the attention of my eight year old daughter. "Look at this!" I said to her. "Canadian money." Showing her the bill. I was exhilarated by the discovery at first, and the deeper I dug, the more currency I unearthed. Before I knew it, I was flushed with cash, and I stumbled upon people's check blanks. "What are those Mom?" Sierra asked me enlivened. "Nothing." I replied dully, studying their names. The checkbooks were worthless to me. I wasn't about to forge their names. Cash lost its luster quickly..... "Nice hair Paul!" I said as he walked by us on the dock. "Thanks! Yeah, I cut it myself." He replied smiling. I followed him into the cabin. "The State is after me because I used my card on a ski trip for this beyatch. I'm only using cash from now on." Paul confided in his friend Dave. "Seems reasonable." Dave replied. "Who does she think she is anyway?" Paul scoffed, referring to the red head hair dresser 30 years his junior. "I've only messed around with one other girl." Paul added. We all knew he was married. Or claimed to be. "I love my daughter, but I should be charging her $800 a month rent." Paul said and stormed out the room. "That's a bit stiff." I thought. It's all about that cash.
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Things are kicking off in NZ! regram @cardronanz This morning. Boom. πŸ“· @joelynds #winter2016 #thisismyrealjob #nzmustdo
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alpsport_australia : #snow #pow #winter #ski #snowski #snowboard #newzealand #newzealand
caretalogue : Marvelous post
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"Liz, I want you to color my hair." Haley hands me a box kit to highlight her hair with. "I don't think that's such a good idea." I replied, knowing I'm the last person she should have asked. "You're a hairstylist, shouldn't you ask one of your co-workers?" I insisted. "Nah, don't have time. You'll do fine. Directions are on the back." Haley said, sitting down on a stool in front of me at my grandparents farm house. I peeled open the highlighting kit, and started out on the back of her long blond hair. "Okay time out, I'm hungry." I walked over to my grandmothers cuboard and pulled out a soft, chewy, double chocolate chip cookie. Distracted by its goodness, I squirted the remainder of the colorant on the floor. "Oh gosh." I ran into the bathroom with a second cookie, hoping she wouldn't notice. I saturated the cookie with hydrogen peroxide and walked back out, smashing the cookie on top of her part line. "What was that? It smells like chocolate." Haley asked. "Nothing, just my secret remedy. Better go wash your hair out." ...... "Liz, I love it! Great job." Haley came out of the bathroom gleaming. "Can I have one of those cookies?" She asked. "Of course." I said, handing her the last one. She left, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. It felt good to be used.
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Finally got my video on Amazon!!! Whoop-whoop! Had to jump through some hoops to get it on there. 😬 check it out! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ»
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#TBT to one of the best ski trips I've been on. Such a great time with great college friends #college #vail #vailcolorado #colorado #ski #snowski #apresski #collegefriends #fraternity #kappaalphaorder #phideltatheta #skicolorado #vailskiresort #rich #richkids #richlife #richlifestyle #lux #luxury #luxurytravel #luxurylifestyle #luxurylife #greek
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"What's that noise?" I asked Dave inside the house. Two large black bears got into the garbage. I ran outside to video tape them, but they didn't like the attention and charged after me. I ran into the house surrounded by a room full of people trying to hold the door shut, but the bears ripped it open. The guys scared them away with noisy clatter. Everyone left in a redneck parade mode. White guys have a fetish of trailer park girls with big boobs wearing tight white shirts. None of which I have, so I never worry about them liking me for anything short of intellect. I pictured giant flames of fire, confederate flags, and Egyptian floats as they drove away. I suppose that was them playing their music. I drove up to North Dakota early the next morning for my ultra-marathon race in a 1994 red Chevy blazer. I was happy to leave those bears behind. "May I have one sir?" I asked the race official, pointing at the orange laying on the table. "Of course." He said. "It's 4pm. Why are we starting so late?" I asked him. "More of a challenge at night. Especially with no headlamps." He replied laughing. The 80 kilometer race started in the late afternoon heat. We ran past small towns filled with teenagers sunbathing and drinking cold beers in hay fields. "Oh how I envy them right now." I licked my lips thinking about drinking something other than watered down Powerade. "40 Kilo food tent." I read the sign. "Thank you lord." I exclaimed. I sat down next to a girl named Madison at a plastic folding table. "Cookies and granola bars, eh?" I unraveled the Quaker Oats bar, sick to death of refined sugars. 10 hours later, the race was over. I befriended one of the volunteers who invited me over to his aunt's farm house and finally, we had a REAL meal! "Take it to go." Aunt Suzy tells me. "Thank you so much." I replied, walking out with a ceramic bowl and plate. Now that's service to go. I picked up three guys hitchhiking on my way home. "Careful of my food." I told them as they hopped in, but it was too late. The second man sat on it, crushing Aunt Suzy's ware and my home cooked meal. "No worries." I sighed. "Sit down in the back. I'll tell you a story about bears..."
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#ontheroad #route66 #vw #artcar #petalumablvd #am #mancave #snowski #stuffedanimals #westcoast #california #cruisin #americashighway #roofing
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#emmegiskiothes #snowski#snow#skiclothes#whitejacket#jacket#consignment #designerclothes#winterjacket #winter#love#kansas#sun #designer#buy#needitnow#musthave #fashion#fashionblogger#fashionable#shoppingonbudget
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#Alaska #Hwy1 #snow #snowboardtime #snowski #topview #topoftheworld #picsoftheday
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#척버디#chuckbuddie#chuckbuddies#snowboard#snowski#wakeboard#waterski#μŠ€λ…Έμš°μ•„μΉ΄λ°λ―Έ#곀지암#가평#청평#μ²­ν˜Έμˆ˜μƒλ ˆμ €#κ³€μ§€μ•”κ°•μŠ΅μ„Όν„° λ‚ μ”¨κ°€λ§Žμ΄ λ”μ›Œμš”πŸ˜€
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#keystone #colorado #skiing #skilodge #altitudesickness #skilessons #view #mountains #lodges #snow #ski #snowski #vacation
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You know just another Wednesday....Absorbing some puppy love and day dreaming about next ski season....πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈπŸΆπŸ’™β„οΈβ›· #onthemend #winter #daydreaming #bringwinterback #ski #snowski #happy #alwayskeepmovingforward #lovemylife #liveinspired #dogs #dogsofinstagram #goldenretriever #goldenretrieversofinstagram #kneesurgery #heal #grateful #life #workhard #recovery #fight #itsallhappening #synchronicity #nurse #health #dognurse βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨
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Filters. Just add green until you look good.
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The #carsonnationalforest welcomes you. One of the most beautiful parks I have visited with a lot of history and beautiful architecture. #newMexico #carson #jeep #jeepwrangler #jeeplife #jeeps #ski #skiamerica #snowski #vacation #lux #richlifestyle #richlife #richkids #rich #luxury #luxurylife #luxurylifestyle #convertible #fancy #exoriccar #mountain #mountainview #mountaintop #angelfire #taos #redriver
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Look what arrived in the mail, today! The long wait for February begins :p #skis #snowski #winterisnotcomingfastenough #armada #armadaskis #edollo
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Conquering whistler with the sister! #whistler #snowski
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"Look at this Mom! Did you know-" my son said, going on excitably about all the new discovers he had made at our local flee market. I listened, but I wasn't involved in the conversation, for I was solely focused on my purpose in life. My Mother and I took my three daughters to school later that day to perform in a community play. I had difficulty being happy. I couldn't stop thinking about my purpose in life. My husband Rick popped in once in a while too to check on the girls performance. But he was also focused on his purpose in life. "Mother, will you watch the girls? I need to chase my dreams." I told her. "Sure." She replied. I found myself on a playground filled with adults. I felt ostracized as I was the single Caucasian in the group. "We must be in Canada." I thought. I wandered around aimlessly until a group of late teens from the Czech Republic approached me. "Finally!" I said, happy to have ethnic comrodery. I eagerly began teaching them everything I knew about making their dreams a reality. "That's too difficult." One of the girls boasted. "Yeah, I can't do that." Another girl agreed. "I bet Steven could do it." She said. "Okay." I said, and showed Steven the strength and stamina it would take. "Yeah, I can't do that." Steven replied. The Czech's left me. I settled next to my closest kin, a man from India. "There's a new tinted compound in the southern part of Columbia that I want to invest in." The man explained to me his plans. "Look." He points at the newspaper. "Even the District of Southern Columbus's government is buying into it." "That's good! There's your answer. They know more than you do." I told him. "Buy it." I suggested. The man cringed and began sobbing. "What's wrong?" I asked him. "I fear something bad has happened to you." I gasped, fearful of what it may be. "My kids!" I shouted as I stormed out of the dream think-tank world. "Sierra!" I saw my eldest daughter, but she was so spiritually lost that she didn't recognize her own name. "It's me, Mom. Where are your sisters?" "They're with Grandma, follow me!" Sierra led the wayback to my Mother holding my two little girls. (Continued below).
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hungarianowl : "Maybe he's still alive honey." My mother consoled me. "Not this time I'm afraid." I replied weeping. Half of my world was gone in a flash.
hungarianowl : #ski#waterski#snowski#snowboard#wakeboard#wakeskate#surf#pnw#powpow#shred#mountains
sabrinalynch_ : Terrific!
hungarianowl : Thank you so much @sabrinalynch_ ! 😊
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I will never forget your kindness #MichaelWaschl & our super #ski time in #Solden #Austria please do thank this lovely #ski store manager too #Dascentral #monika Pl convey my message #latergram #gratitudetime
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therealsam_02 : 😍😍
rashmiudaysingh : @mr_stone_ind_ you really are the sweetest. Thank you. How r u?
mr_stone_ind_ : @rashmiudaysingh m all good and always delighted with the beautiful smile of you .. and always up to explore more of this world and cuisines with your digital eyes ...
rashmiudaysingh : #solden #austria #dascentral #rashmiudaysingh #snow #ski #snowski #travel #travelgram #picoftheday #throwback #lategram
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Take me back to the place where i feel peace and freedom. The mountain is my sanctuary. #laketahoe ❄ #usa❄ #skitrips❄ #snowski ❄ #holidays❄ #sanctuary ❄#peace❄ #freedom❄ #salomonski ❄ #snow ❄#snowbunni ❄ #doubleblackruns ♦♦ #somanykms ❄
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So I have never had to down load until today... #whistler #snowski
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"I think you have too many skis on top of the van. Isn't that unsafe? We should take two rigs." I told Mike. "Nah, they'll fit, hop in!" Mike reassured me. Friends and I were out on a road trip looking for the obvious joys in life. Mountain goats. Mehlung, Canada was our first stop. A poignant red and white checkered feed-mill stole the backdrop hovering above the city park. I snagged a local newspaper resting on a park bench, "15 year old boy murdered near Mehlung Community College." I read aloud to Nancy. "Where is everybody?" I scanned the surroundings. "Hockey tournament, 100 kilometers northeast of here." The farmer appeared out of nowhere, spitting a wad of black chewing tobacco near Nancy's foot. "What's the scoop on the boy?" I asked him. "Can't you read? There's two suspects. Samuel Paul and Tiffany Shamus. Sam's a 65 year old philosophy teacher who had a past history of molesting young boys. He used to babysit me and my brothers when I was little." The farmer pointed at Samuel's picture in the paper. His wild white hair, thick glasses and bizarre grin made him appear to be an obvious case. "Were you molested?" I asked. Nancy burst out laughing. The man cleared his throat and continued on, pointing to the next suspect in the paper who gave off a posed and proper profile. "Tiffany is an English professor at the community college. Tiff threw down cat and mouse play with her students after hours, tying them up at their request. My guess is the boy was "accidentally" shot digging through her files." The farmer concluded. "Well it's quite the case." I replied. "Yeah, our town hasn't seen this much excitement since Waterloo's Jr hockey team beat the Saints in a 4-3 double overtime upset!" The farmer gleamed, handed me back the paper and walked away. "Quite the place." I said to Nancy as I studied the park models guarding the rows of corn planted between segments of old forest growth on the steep mountainsides. "This place creeps me out, let's get out of here." Nancy hopped back in the van with the others. We were off.
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"Hey Carla!" I exclaimed at my friend sitting in the front seat of the watercraft. We were out with a boat full of people on the lake for an afternoon cruise. I nodded at the pontoon full of bikini clad girls and giggled. Carla smiles and shakes her head at me. "Are you a fag?" Steve asks me. "No, I don't call myself that." I replied. "She's a fag!" Steve assumed. "Get her boys. Show her what we do with fags." The man's son and two friends approached me. "I don't want to fight." I tell them as I covered my head. They pushed me to the bottom of the boat. I lay on my back in the fetal position receiving blow after blow, kick after kick into my back and legs. "Stop it!" Carla said, before being forced by the boys to the ground. The other couple in the boat were horrified as they also tried to convince them to stop. "That's enough, throw her in the water." Steve said with a snigger. I doggy paddled in the water. My body was sore from being beaten. The man spun his 6 meter watercraft 15 meters away from me to get a charging start. "Steve stop it! You're going to kill her!" Carla screamed, tugging at his arm, trying to pull him away from the steering wheel. "Get her out of here." Steve said as he pushed Carla away. His crew pinned her down on the seat. I could faintly hear Carla screaming my name as the boat thrust toward me. I took one giant breath and dove as far as I could beneath the surface. A blue mermaid latched onto me, pulling me down even further from the propeller. She breathed oxygen into my mouth 7 meters from the surface. She held me down until Steve drove away, leaving me for dead. Carla weeped in the boat from the surface. The mermaid released me, swimming me quickly to the shoreline. I waved goodbye to her in gratitude, and sat numbingly on the dock. I was changed. I was enlightened. I understood the pain of being gay in a small town. I walked down the road in agony. Home will never be the same. Steve's daughter taped the event on her phone.
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