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#SnakChats send from Cali!!! Thank you to our SnakChatter that sent us this awesome photo!!!! Thanks @ready_to_saddle_up!! Seems like you had a great time Snak'n at @valenciasaddlery!!! #Snaks5thAvenchew
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heather.eq : I got mine from them this past weekend ❤️
valenciasaddlery : @just.heatherr @ready_to_saddle_up Thank You for visiting VSS and picking up some @snaks5thavenchew! Which did you choose? 🍦🍭😎🍉
ready_to_saddle_up : Haha I just a lovely saddle pad @valenciasaddlery
heather.eq : I got the cinnamon toast crunch crunch cups @valenciasaddlery
ellatrotz - jacey129 - heather.eq -
When you share a kiddie pool w/ your pony because it was that hot out this past weekend😂😂😂 Your #SnakChats are hysterical! They just keep getting better & better!! Keep'em coming! (Snap credit: @bella_royal)
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snaks5thavenchew : Thanks @jaclyn.mcghee! We loved this!
jaclyn.mcghee : Thanks for sharing!
ava_girdusky_ : If u are ever looking for an ambassador please let me know :))
_allly.gator_ : @seth_maurer
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