Not sure how many people know about this guy...but his nose is pointed at downtown Salt Lake City. #slcers #cominghome #2015 @ycaputo @jjcrawm @caputosmarket
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crawm1 : @joakeson you're up on your catholic superstitions! Yea, we're moving back to the city...our house is on the market now
rikkimb22 : Love city life!
joakeson : Congrats. Good luck with the house. It should go quick.
crawm1 : @joakeson thanks man! I hope so. Keeping the house show ready is not easy with two kids under 3.
crawm1 : @rikkimb22 we are on the same train. ;)
ycaputo : @jjcrawm @crawm1 Well? Did it work? 😝
fishhaas : @crawm1 YES!!!
crawm1 : Not yet @ycaputo. Apparently we need to turn him upside down.
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Bestevriendjes #mijngomos #slcers
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sariedegraeve : niemand raakt gregoire aan
jakobevanassche : @sariedegraeve ik zag het ook en ik vind het zo zielig
marthevanneste : We moeten z'n persoonlijke ruimte nu eenmaal respecteren @jakobevanassche @sariedegraeve
juliagaik : Ik ken geen gregoire, die jongen wou met ons op de foto @sariedegraeve @jakobevanassche
marthevanneste : Nice try @juliagaik
juliagaik : Gomo @marthevanneste
marthevanneste : Leshbi @juliagaik
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It's Hannah's BIG 2-0 everybodyyy!!! Muh gosh I am so happy that I get to see her everyday because she truly brightens my day with her jokes and wonderfully clever puns! I love her so much and one could even say....our friendship has been the start of something new... 😏 HAPPPYYY BIRFFDAYY #slcers #DDD #frenzfoeva
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hannahrush12 : Oh my gosh Macie!! I LOVE this! Haha but I love you more!! Thank you so much and thanks for being the bestest there is!! ☺️
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An old friend and I looking at the view above the Capitol #slc #slclife #slcers #iloveslc
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