skin test T.T
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alynawong : #tuberculosis #scoliosis #skintest
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I performed the skin test, and i was like "whoah". Look at her reaction. So cute ♡ this was my first time tho. Labyu ate Batoy. #nursing #skintest
skintest - nursing -
pikahinckley : Ohmygosh!!!!!
supergraxiang : #ScreamAsMuchAsYouCan.🙅🙅🙅
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Dahil bagong gupit at ahit ako!!! Hayaan nyo na ako mag #selfie. . #3rdPhaseBALADIYA #SkinTest #Vaccine #OOTD 😆✂💉💃😦
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Appreciated for sticking needles into your skin. 👍
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im_erika : #Guam #GCC #ASC #AganaShoppingCenter #nursinglife #studentlife #nursingstudent #certificate #instagood #instablessed #blessed #TBTesting #skintest #healthfair #mwahahaha #needles
im_erika : #volunteer #go #proactive
senselessjean : -But covering that second name tho..😂😂😂
im_erika : @senselessjean DONT DO ITTTTT?!!!??? IM GOING TO ASK ERIC WHERE YOU LIVE JEANTOT?!!!?!!! 😠😠😠 Lololol.
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I'm finally getting an allergy test! Why is it so fascinating? #allergies #skintest #fascinating #imustbeanerd
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mama_amaya : Is that a blue CVD shirt!?
jpoehls10 : Yes, ma'am!
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Having my anti-tetanus injection with our Avenue guyz private nurse Val and Ikai. 👷💉👍 thank you dong and kai for always being there. ❤️👍😊 Feeling loved ❤️😘💉👷😊🏥👍 #antitetanus #deformedbar #kabilyasabisaya #cut #Tetanustoxoid #antitetanusserum #skintest #rightarm #leftarm #InstaFrame#YourMoments
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wawusha : @shamaracasepe @gforce_sherwin
shamaracasepe : Ewww! Whut happened exactly? 😳
wawusha : Nadiagrasya sa kabilya day @shamaracasepe 😔
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Thanks to our lovely #instaglower #instaglowfeedback For inquiries/orders 📱♈️-09055916518 Wechat: charm_030521 FOLLOW @instaglow.makati @instaglow.makati @instaglow.makati #skincare #skintest #skincareph #skintone #skinlightening #instaglower #instaglow #onlineshop #instaglowmakati
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Laughed my LUNGS out hahaha with these gentlemen haahaha! With @AngeloEstrada and @ricobernal #pogiproblems #skintest hahahah! #groupie
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#Awwwwtttsss.. #SkinTest
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tojuelle07 -
#skintest done!!!tusok here tusok there tusok everywhere..kaloookkaaa daming bawal kmusta namn yun pati rice bawal for 6mos. Huhuhu bigti na to doctor said"ito uung mga sakit sa mga sosyal mga mayayaman..sabi ko namn,"doc namn bakit ako nasali di namn ako mayaman :( haaaaiissstttt #allergens #skinallergytesting
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DAY 11: Tattoo done! #SkinTest @jennybernales
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Skin test this morning...kinda thinking I may be allergic to pets after the nurse's response: "Do you have pets?" Me: "Yes, two cats. Am I allergic to them?" Nurse: "You'll have to speak to the doctor about your results." But she was later quick to say that I am allergic to dust... #skintest #allergy #hives #allergic
hives - skintest - allergy - allergic -
chriskyle : Omg Liz hope u are okay
khara_bou : DAAMMN!
kyriaf : Omg Liz hope you are okay!
aluciel286 : I get hives from my mother in law's dog. Only her dog. No others. Not sure if it's the dog or some shampoo she uses or what, but it's no fun. This looks awful, hope they figure it out this time so you don't have to do this again!
ashleyohyess : :(
roxyjewelrylove : @liz_ortega 😲😲😲 ouch !!
audie__ : Oh no! :(
sundaesvip : I have the same issues like u right now. Its very itchy. Really bad. 3 days ago ive been go to doctor. They said im allergic but didnt know with what. The doctor gave me medicine to drink and to apply all of my body. But its didnt work :(
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What I have to go through cause of my stupid allergies😩😫😪 #allergist #eczema #asthma #skintest
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aleyda0323 : wow what do they do?
welcometostorybr00ke : @aleyda0323 just some allergy tests. One of them was a lot of needles but they gave me a cream to numb the area so I won't feel the pinch
welcometostorybr00ke : @lil_valdroni I hate this 😪
welcometostorybr00ke : @chilingurl yup
aleyda0323 : looks interesting jumm I would like to know what am allergic too
welcometostorybr00ke : @aleyda0323 I have a lot if allergies plus eczema. They said I should do the every week shot
aleyda0323 : poor thing :/ but its controlled right?
welcometostorybr00ke : @aleyda0323 yeah, I put on my creams and drink my medication so I have to think about it first
sincerelysheyy - maggie0930 - lil_valdroni - aleyda0323 -
We did it horray! #Venipuncture #SkinTest #Ouch #Brave
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lovelyn152 : Congrats! haha. Sakit nyan
jiiinmiii : Whaha.. may kasunod pa i.v. tas yung mas masakit na i.m. hahaha
janieceramp - bookardkecia - shammaustria - renettahomza -
Bc she only had 34 and I had 84. 😭😭😭😪😪😪 #unfair #skintest
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pupa0110 : Dm!!
lykaangon : Para sa anu ina? HAHAHA.
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Venipuncture Subject
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Fed up. Annoyed. Irritated. Disappointed. Angry. Just no. Not happy. 😒😠😡😤 #skintest #skintestfail #hair #hairdressing #hairdresser #juniorhairdresser #apprenticehairdresser #hairdressingapprentice #reflectionstrainingacademy #reflections #reflectionshair
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nicolagrant1986 : 😔 Doh! When will you have the chance to do it again?
emmieoddsocks : Not til next Monday now which I'm gutted about😔 just wanna hurry it all up I wanna qualify ASAP, and as soon as you've done all the assessments you've qualified, it's just up to you how long it takes if ygm? @nicolagrant1986
nicolagrant1986 - jennayy_617 -
This is how it feels like in a hospital. #dextrose #injection #skintest
injection - skintest - dextrose -
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終於看到了#5.26 violet brown 在頭頂!(one & only one! 因為不會launch) 人的眼睛有5.76億像素 但卻終究看不懂人心。
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tiaras : #newhaircolor #violetbrown #magicring
tiaras : #nofilter #skintest
sherryyyi : Omg, i tried this at SKII before ! Got a so so scary result !!!!!!
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Swing on down to Sephora at Ion for a free skin age analysis by SK2 consultants, you get freebies for participating and if your skin age is younger than your real age, you get a free facial mask and your photo taken. Plus a sweet red rose. 🌹 Hurry down to SK2 at Sephora Ion now! 😘
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af_inc_ : @mairsyad
af_inc_ : #sk2 #skintest #singapore
af_inc_ : #rose #thursday
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#sk-ii #sk2 #magicring #skintest #神仙水
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#Antibiotic #SkinTest #sick #flu #fever
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lodya_7 : سلامتك
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Getting an allergy skin test...I wonder what I'm allergic to...😭 #allergy #allergies #doctor #doctors #atthedoctor #skintest #test #needles #ouch #itchy #hive #hives #pain #makeitstop #soitchy #redshoes #bluejeans #skinnyjeans #doctorsoffice #
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ashleyp.g : Just a tid bit, the second one from the bottom right is the cat one @__lana.rml__
theinvinciblepurplegingerninja : darn. well, i tried. = D @ashleyp.g
lael_da : Woah :(
ashleyp.g : @lael_da allergies are so fun ;P
lael_da : Yuck lol
sergeyvzenkin : @ashleyp.g cats? Nooooo(( I avoid oranges only because of allergy)
ashleyp.g : @lael_da absolutely
ashleyp.g : @sergeyvzenkin just a little but not enough to make me get rid of my cat ;) aw that sucks I love oranges!
__lana.rml__ - katy_bug_19 - collinsemily116 - theinvinciblepurplegingerninja -
ALLERGIC sa HIPON! #iwasan #layuan #confirmed #skintest and to many more! #allergens
allergens - confirmed - skintest - layuan - iwasan -
trajangalerius : Hindi ka na pwede maggym! Alam mo yan! Lol
zaneta_sitko : You see that why I didn't eat meat on Bocaray!
ajnaquino : @zaneta_sitko hi dear! Yes
zaneta_sitko : Can u eat meat???
ajnaquino : @zaneta_sitko yes i can :)
zaneta_sitko : Uffff good for u! :)
mrguese : oo nga, dapat layuan ang mga hipon. walang mukhang maipakita :)
ajnaquino : @mrguese pag maraming hipon, ukoy na ang tawag doon!
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My #skintest #redskin
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Monday ... Back to hospital sighhhh got 10 positives from 32 needles. I am allergic to most of things in the air and food. Should I consider being a vegetarian as my mom? Those positive gave me a swollen body and a fever as the first impression gift. #skintest #allergy #hospital #sick #lovemylife #everythingisgonnabealright #monday
everythingisgonnabealright - skintest - sick - monday - hospital - allergy - lovemylife -
hirokixyuki : Oh no. I hope you're doing well. It sucks being allergic to things :( take care.
namziiberry : Omygod
oomlette : @lanla_lobster ปลาทะเล, น้ำปลา, ซีอิ้ว, แมลงสาบ, ไรฝุ่น, เชื้อราในอากาศ, ปลาหมึก, หอย, วัชพืช, ดอกหญ้า, etc. 😭
oomlette : @hirokixyuki thank you Bee 😚
oomlette : @namziiberry 😢
pimentelgators : I hope you get better
oomlette : @pimentelgators Thank you Danny 😊
adrianadreyer : Ohhhhh you are alergycal many thinks
namziiberry - grisellnb - jessivette_24 - lanla_lobster -
Just ordered my @younglivingoils to use with my #diffuser and as #alternativemedicine !!! I LOVE the benefits of natural oils!!! #ditchTheDrugstore
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whitneyntaylor : @visualhealth I love tammyfender I'll check her diffuser out! All her products are beyond delicious!
visualhealth : @whitneyntaylor you would love going there for a organic facial. Her products are amazing. I'm going to post them when I return in the fall.
whitneyntaylor : @visualhealth I've been twice! I've been using someone in PGA that is pretty amazing! I'll have to go back soon!
visualhealth : @whitneyntaylor I've had it FOR YEARS. It keeps on going ( maybe 8 yrs?)
bizarre1nc : I have the starter kit but have a hard time understanding how to use, do you wear them? Ingest them or put them in diffuser? My massage therapist introduced me to them years ago but then she moved away, so here I sit with all these and no idea! I have used the peace and calming, and I have blended it. Help?
visualhealth : I DO NOT ingest them. I mainly use in defuser or dilute with coconut oil or water on skin. It's SOmuch to write. I think google each oil and uses or go on whatever brand you use website. They should be able to help you. So many different uses that I cannot begin to explain. I hope this helps @bizarre1nc ;-)
joietavernise : Iove young loving @JTavClinicakSkinCare
stef__any : @stephanielizarazo
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#skintest lovely ladies!😊 Follow @instaglow.makati @instaglow.makati @instaglow.makati For inquiries/order Sms/viber:09055916518 Thank you!😊👍👌
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#dramatic #illness #5days #checkupAgain #skinTest #HelpMeGod
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Prep day for TV show. #skintest #modelling #workingintightschedule #nomoredoublepedal
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Tuberculin skin test for college... Weirdest thing ever #injection #skintest #gross #college
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quefeo : if you're interested in making an extra source of income contact me, or text me 516-655-7130
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Skin test din pag may time! :) #skintest #intradermal
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princealli13 - jazomichelle - kriziapingke - urimontederamos -
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