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#tbt #SkatingRinkDays #TheDream
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crys_angel_00 : Wow! Those were the days. #neverforget
crys_angel_00 - akilah_music - trial_47 - lechance1025 -
Throwbackthursday to them #skatingrinkdays 😎♠️
skatingrinkdays -
katiedid_xox - reed_atchley - hayley_christine14 - hollister_maria17 -
I was such a dweeb. Lol thanks @tracyjlantz I miss you and your hydraulics πŸ˜„ #thirteen #skatingrinkdays
thirteen - skatingrinkdays -
tracyjeanl : Hahahah. Good ole days 😘
luciebirmingham - loupiazza2 - snlphotography93 - matthiggins3281 -
#tbt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #SkatingRinkDays
tbt - skatingrinkdays -
nikkkayjones : Aaaaahhhhh @itsjakobb 😍
nicoliedt : Is that Elliott ?
pardon.my.french : 😊😊😊😊😊
pardon.my.french : @nikkkayjones was my girl back then !
itsjakobb : I'm not sure. I thought it was Dewayne Robinson lol @nicoliedt
christa_yvonne : Wat was i wearing we just look a mess @itsjakobb its ok lol
nikkkayjones : 😊😊 hellll yeahhh @pardon.my.french
pardon.my.french : That is Elliott.
malachijeremiah - kmal2020 - thebiggred_07 - christa_yvonne -
So, I had this song in my head ALL day! "Hold up, don't go there cuz I ain't with it... I ain't your hoooooeee" and @y_dlr had no clue what song I was talking about! #skatingrinkdays #respect #oooooohhh πŸ™…
respect - oooooohhh - skatingrinkdays -
Let me jog your memory. #skatingrinkdays #you'rewelcome
you - skatingrinkdays -
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This is happening right now #oldskool#omgee#memories#throwback#skatingrinkdays
omgee - memories - throwback - oldskool - skatingrinkdays -
sstewart8203 - karajs458 - jkatd52 - psallis124 -
Happy birthday to my main girl who's been by my side for 15 years now!!! You and our friendship mean the world to me! I couldn't do life without you! I love you so much!!!! @sara_e_morgan #weregettingold #spilledlemonade #tacobell #skatingrinkdays #dingdong #glitterpuffyheartyou
spilledlemonade - weregettingold - tacobell - skatingrinkdays - glitterpuffyheartyou - dingdong -
sara_e_morgan : I LOVE YOU ❀️
graysonnn654 : Happy birthday big sis 😘😘😘 @sara_e_morgan
leighpo68 : My oldest babies!!!! Love u SARA LOU! Happy happy birthday!
morganpolanski : @sara_e_morgan I love you more ❀️
bettysaint - keridencreech - carlyloftin13 - loviehiser -
#Tbt #BTP #STG #SkatingRinkDays #RanOurError #BabyLocs #FewBeindTheGWall #FewWeLost #BeenThruitAll
stg - btp - fewbeindthegwall - tbt - skatingrinkdays - ranourerror - fewwelost - babylocs - beenthruitall -
modfuccwitable : πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘Œ classic we been them niggaz @boob_103
globoyyflee_ : Yoooooo
pfc_boob : @globoyyflee_ lol yea cuz it's a million stories that go along with this pic
globoyyflee_ : @boob_103 word up bro we was literally smashing shit every weeknd even college night Sunday lol breaking grown ass men ass down
motivation__________ : We definitely been had the keys to the city @boob_103 @globoyyflee_ @modfuccwitable a @bubb__stg u see us ina front
bubb__stg : @motivation_127 ....word up classic pic....
modfuccwitable : @motivation_127 πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
__chrisianna - august_heart - otv_hass - bubb__stg -
#tbt all the way back to the early 2000's that's me and @odiebrooke sportin our new tongue rings! #skatingrinkdays #banditgirlssincebirth my tongue ring is long gone but my love for this gal goes on forever !
banditgirlssincebirth - tbt - skatingrinkdays -
odiebrooke : Omg look at me!!! My face is so skinny! Lol I almost didnt recognize me! Lol!!!!
krt549 : You were beautiful then and even more beautiful now
krt549 : @odiebrooke
odiebrooke : Ur to sweet!!! :-D
krt549 : I speak only the truth
odiebrooke : β™‘ u!
krt549 : ❀️u!!
krt549 - jordo_h_brando_tx - gentleman_attire - emilyroyaltea -
Can't help but feel very nostalgic about this Era I grew up young is . .you gotta understand Momma always had some stevie b playing In the MPV back in the days...basically freestyle is the soundtrack of my early childhood #Freestyle #StevieB #Inoj # LivingInDadeDays #HialeahDays #SkatingRinkDays
freestyle - hialeahdays - skatingrinkdays - inoj - stevieb -
sailorkat_xo995 : Yooo my mom listened to the same music so I know the feels haha
ratchet_hippy : @sailorkat_xo995 The Feelsss overload lol
djsyclone1 - sailorkat_xo995 - ratchet_rican -
concertready - throwbackmusic - skatingrinkdays -
gremy90 - betttieb23 - zoeredd - darrendweaver -
Freestyle concert bound!!! #freestyle #stevieb #lisalisa #oldschool #skatingrinkdays
freestyle - lisalisa - oldschool - skatingrinkdays - stevieb -
specialkay_519 : Omg. Jealous!!! Have fun!
specialkay_519 : Think of our times at the skating rink together lol
dj_christiang_19 - mrsfantabulous31 - loyallady88 - bigeyegyal -
If you don't bump some Freestyle you got no heart, Revoke Your South Florida Card real quick lol #bass #SpeakerKillers #StevieB #Noel #JohnnyO #Inoj #HialeahDays #SkatingRinkDays #Tr808s #Alpine2x12Kickers
bass - johnnyo - hialeahdays - tr808s - alpine2x12kickers - stevieb - speakerkillers - noel - skatingrinkdays - inoj -
djsyclone1 - sailorkat_xo995 - bukezilla - antoine_divine -
Hoes frown when you pass yeah, they mad yeah!! #goodMORNING #HA #thisSTILLmySONG #99&2000 #SKATINGrinkDAYS #JVILLE
99 - jville - skatingrinkdays - ha - thisstillmysong - goodmorning -
im_renitad : Yessss @just_lp501 whenever I hear the intro CASH MONEY RECORDS @arealya I lose my mind!! And that bass drops! πŸ”ŠπŸŽΌ
kissmyredpumps : Lmaaaooooooooo! Ayyyeee!
tallglass02 : Best time of my life
im_renitad : @tallglass02 yess twerking all on the walls, seats, errwhere!!!!! I'm like YEAH MAMA WE SKATING!!!! #HA
tallglass02 : πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ man! We would drive a car that always overheated so we would have to have gallons of water, just to get to jville skating rink! We were determined
im_renitad : Ahhhhhh trill!!! yes ma'am. We were finding our rides at church that morning making sure we were at the meeting!!!! @muchlovejones
latonia_artis : I can't take u serious.......yesssssssss.....honey.......dets it honey.......
im_renitad : The good ol DAYZ!!!! @latonia_artis
shira_j - renee_p11 - muchlovejones - keianahunter -
One of my favorite shirts #TBT #tcsurf #classic #throwback #tlc #skatingrinkdays #goodtimes #hashtag #boom
classic - hashtag - tcsurf - goodtimes - tbt - tlc - boom - skatingrinkdays - throwback -
selectahjace : Classic... Loved that Nintendo game
jheath05 : Wow...that all night skate shirt! Waaaay back brother! #riddellboots #slimeballwheels #hilarious #boom
jenny_lew_hoo - coreyzavala - dj_double_e - jgiv21 -
This Was A True Bestfriend. We have so many Memories #tbt #SkatingRinkDaysπŸ˜‚ I Miss You Kadrianne😒 @katiie_b
tbt - skatingrinkdays -
katiie_b : Lol. I look a mess! I miss you too girl! Those were the days.
taurian_ : Me too lol .. and what's your number?
katiie_b : 5017668980
taurian_ - dcarb1 - katiie_b - _terriaaaa -
#SHS #classof89 #lovethesegirls #skatingrinkdays #memories
lovethesegirls - memories - shs - classof89 - skatingrinkdays -
jonesey033 - amandajoyscates - tcarson01 - baseballwife13 -
Man #tbt for real! R.I.P. JD! I wish I could have one more convo with you to tell you I love you! I got our crazy memories & I'll cherish them forever! #ripJOHNDOE #ortegas #memories #theGOODdieYOUNG
houston - thegooddieyoung - memories - tbt - ripjohndoe - faithfully - 34th - ortegas - skatingrinkdays - fridaynights - tradewinds - northwest -
virimeister : #tradewinds #skatingRINKdays #34th #fridayNIGHTS #faithfully #northwest #houston
irisv_diaz : @virimeister jimmy said he miss his nigga too ...still don't know what really happened to him....
ezmakeup - xoxo_annlaura - chio8614 - tamezpatricia69 -
Come skate with us! #skatingrink #rollwithus #skatingrinkdays #holtmichigan #edru #skatarama
skatarama - skatingrinkdays - edru - rollwithus - holtmichigan - skatingrink -
lucijackson120 - tinathreekids - rdowdinggroup - dcjskate -
#tbt #wesocute #babies #skatingrinkdays
bluejeanoverload - jagbackpack - babies - skatingrinkdays - tbt - wesocute -
savstanmar : Oh my! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
savstanmar : I just want to point out that I have a matching blue jean backpack for my blue jean overalls!
trishadiane93 : Hahahaha isn't this just too presh!!! #wesocute #bluejeanoverload hahaha 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
trishadiane93 : #jagbackpack
savstanmar : Why do we even have backpacks on? Like what could possibly be in them? Lol
trishadiane93 : Hahha who knows?!?
madisondouglas143 - llag3 - marrisa_denae - savstanmar -
Like if you remember this song! #skatingrinkdays
skatingrinkdays -
pagestahl : After I just saw this I had to look it up. Slow dancing in the kitchen and ava's looking at me like mom what are you doing Bahaha #thegoodoledays
klowery45 : I was definitely serenading Jordan to this song haha. I bet you in the kitchen was a sight to see πŸ˜‰ lol @pagestahl
pagestahl : Oh yeah girl haha
americanmade14 : Good ole Rivergate skating rink shit right there!!
ukbbfan12 - pagestahl - modern_courtney - christyperry33 -
Transformation Tuesday! :) #woooaah #wewasratchet #thankGod #hunting #skatingrinkdays #allgrownup #mature #lookwaybetter #lol #goodmemories #bestfriend #loveher
thankgod - bestfriend - hunting - lookwaybetter - woooaah - loveher - goodmemories - lol - mature - skatingrinkdays - wewasratchet - allgrownup -
young_mommy17 - joettacongo - wszyscywiedzazetoja - sdl.bird.41 -
Hahahaha How did I have any friends?! #Tbt #throwbackthursday #skatingrinkdays #rosestreet #mymomsbirthcontrolwastomakemelookridiculous #ilooklikemydadtho #noonelikesmilhouse #thoseglassestho
rosestreet - noonelikesmilhouse - throwbackthursday - mymomsbirthcontrolwastomakemelookridiculous - tbt - thoseglassestho - skatingrinkdays - ilooklikemydadtho -
leah_san5 : It's Wed tho cuz
ash_marie1105 : Aghhhhh dammit! Haha I was seriously thinking tomorrow was Friday!
krislifestyle : Text WUN TO 954 940 2407 if interested on joining money team
nhill3134 - _andreaahill - egarcia24 - kyle_8998 -
What what #80smusic #these5wordsisweartoyou #skatingrinkdays #bonjoviyall πŸ’πŸŽΆ
80smusic - bonjoviyall - these5wordsisweartoyou - skatingrinkdays -
valyn.rose - dbc2010 - raleyblayne - dilynn.robinson -
One of my favorite throwback jams @iamdiddy #ineedagirl #part1 #classic #skatingrinkdays
part1 - skatingrinkdays - ineedagirl - classic -
melaniedana : $20.00... Sorry @dimoskalathakis
dimoskalathakis : @melaniedana you owe me
joeygadah - edburke32 - dollface_86 - michelle_gibson3 -
throwin it wayyyy back. @nicmichellle #throwback #skatingrinkdays
throwback - skatingrinkdays -
nicmichellle : Hahahaha idk what happened to me the past few years but thank god it did, I was horrifying.
nicmichellle : Miss you em, hope all is well ☺️😘
emilyspirito : hahah oh please! you've always been gorgeous! miss you 😘 hope all is well with you also! @nicmichellle
nicmichellle - aaliyah_nelson -
Throwback! #funkycoldmedina #skatingrinkdays #toneloc
funkycoldmedina - toneloc - skatingrinkdays -
Another #ThrowBackThursday #MyNephews @blue_humanoid & @fluffehmario #March2009 #LOVETHEM !! #GrowingUpTooFast #SkatingRinkDays #Family #MyBoys #Brothers #Precious #Love #Follow #TimeFlies #BrotherlyLove
timeflies - love - throwbackthursday - family - mynephews - lovethem - growinguptoofast - myboys - skatingrinkdays - follow - precious - march2009 - brotherlylove - brothers -
smpez - piapunk04 - blue_humanoid - armihocutt -
#tbt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #skatingrinkdays
tbt - skatingrinkdays -
mskajnrig - kaiya.anderson - marieaddison99 - devyndeann -
Happy birthday to my Booger. My very 1st best friend. We have been through so much these last 14 years and im so grateful we have made it through all the bad. You know what to say to make me happy, make me sad, and really piss me off, but NMW you have always had my back. Through the break ups the make ups and the boy dramas we have conquered a lot. Im so glad I still have you and I know I always have you. Its such a great feeling to know I have someone so dependable in my life. I hope you are enjoying your day and you continue to enjoy it and guess what 4 years and your 30!!!! My has the time flown!! I love you so much, thank you for everything. I hope ive been as good a friend to you as you have been to me. @bellezza_0203 #bestfriend #tbt #throwbackthursday #doodoohead #booger #justafriend #whatttttitttiieeee #oohhhbabyyou #skatingrinkdays #cool #sisters #iloveyou #isntshelovely #stephanie #smashbook #notes #lakeview #friendship #frienssinceiwasnine #happybirthday πŸŽ‰πŸ˜™πŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ž
frienssinceiwasnine - smashbook - booger - tbt - oohhhbabyyou - lakeview - sisters - bestfriend - cool - happybirthday - justafriend - throwbackthursday - friendship - notes - iloveyou - isntshelovely - skatingrinkdays - doodoohead - stephanie - whatttttitttiieeee -
_stephanieteresa : I love you!!!!!
ashtonketchum : I love you top @bellezza_0203
ashtonketchum : Oh and you didnt say anything about my 4 yrs away from 30 comment lol @bellezza_0203
theisaacjames - elpoyoloco3120 - _stephanieteresa - manderins -
LOVE FRIDAYS #98.5 #bootybounce #oldskool #skatingrinkdays @gayla79 !!
98 - bootybounce - oldskool - skatingrinkdays -
magnuflow : πŸ‘Œ
nadeeezzy : @magnuflow 😊
jayyfk : I was like "I've seen that screen before... Then I almost died" lmao.
nadeeezzy : @jayyfk lmao. Yea I didn't see that huge truck behind me filling up the screen. I forget I have the camera lol . I mean I didn't back up and hit anything. Thanks to you. Lol. Good looking out!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jayyfk : I think it was flashing my life before my eyes.
rackzzzzzzz - sapo_csrt4 - gayla79 - brodys_12 -
I was 16!.. lol! #SkatingrinkDays #TBT #1999 #BFF
1999 - bff - tbt - skatingrinkdays -
luv_lay - spiffytheog - exedon - queenmetay -
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