@whiskeytee thanks for supporting @davetuckmemorialpoolparty #skateanddestroycancer #arvadaarmy #tuckarmy #tucklove #skateanddestroycancer #skatecolorado #ftds www.whiskeyteedistribution.com #raggatucka
arvadaarmy - raggatucka - ftds - tuckarmy - skateanddestroycancer - skatecolorado - tucklove -
shralp - birdnoise - free__mason - nschott -
So stoked that @andymac720 and @grindforlifeorg will be at @a2skatepark on August 30 for @davetuckmemorialpoolparty ! Gonna be a good one! #tucklove #tucklovea2 #skateanddestroycancer #tuckarmy
tuckarmy - skateanddestroycancer - tucklovea2 - tucklove -
davetuckmemorialpoolparty : Plus special guest of honor @tuckdowork2!
chrisconway63 : if you build it,..they will come....
eitoyasutoko - dtew_ - ahmad_alhabash - upgteam -
Check out this amazing pic captured by @mrzzz of @andymac720 and @grindforlifeorg!! #187Killerpads #GrindForLife #doubles #OverUnder #ClashAtClairemont #SkateAndDestroyCancer
doubles - skateanddestroycancer - clashatclairemont - 187killerpads - grindforlife - overunder -
evald_m_h : NineπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜
1geartolife : So sikkkkkkkkkk @grindforlifeorg
xyz.clothing : πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ”¨
mikesmithsliberty : Can I pad up fresh. # ??
benjaminyodog - 3sk8kids - coraima0508 - zuluemenda -
Shout out to @juicemagazine for supporting @davetuckmemorialpoolparty @grindforlifeorg @strapinforlife August 30th at @a2skatepark #tuckarmy #tucklove #tucklovea2 #skateanddestroycancer
tuckarmy - skateanddestroycancer - tucklovea2 - tucklove -
bklynskaterat : #andykessler
andymac720 - gabe_est83 - relax_sideride - bklynskaterat -
Thanks to @thrashermag for supporting @davetuckmemorialpoolparty #skateanddestroycancer #tuckarmy #tucklove #tucklovea2
tuckarmy - tucklovea2 - skateanddestroycancer - tucklove -
idcarmen - sophloaf0 - red_boy631 - gustavotordin -
Some heavy doubles goin' on in the deep end #pooldoubles #skateeverydamnday #clashatclairemont8 #rollgreen #bambooskateboards #grindforlife #skateanddestroycancer
skateeverydamnday - bambooskateboards - rollgreen - clashatclairemont8 - grindforlife - pooldoubles - skateanddestroycancer -
crispyco14 : Awesome shot
mason823823 - _iam_hannah - lemurhead - oseikey -
August 30, Ann Arbor Skate Park, contests for all ages in the kidney and clover bowls, raffles and give always, auction, pro demo, all to benefit @strapinforlife and @grindforlifeorg #tucklove #tuckarmy #skateanddestroycancer http://Facebook.com/tuckjam2014
tuckarmy - skateanddestroycancer - tucklove -
mtpoolz : πŸ’šπŸ’›β€οΈ
dogtownskate : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€ΌοΈ
dogtownskate - birdnoise - nicdrago - nabilachery -
@clashatclairemont was a blast yesterday! Here's a clip of @dyoueda @tonyhawk & @andymac720 doing triples! @grindforlifeorg #skateboarding #skateanddestroycancer @rockstarenergy
fuckcancer - clashatclairemont - skateanddestroycancer - skateboarding -
mayerinated : #clashatclairemont
mayerinated : #fuckcancer
artvideophoto : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
skatear : πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ultraskate : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
sauterkp : Just got done with my last Chemo treatment, so excited to get back to living and skating! #findacure
mayerinated : @sauterkp Good to hear bro! Hope you're doing alright.
joaojeremias - drasdj - skater_boy2001 - a_el_x -
Was great to be part of the @clashatclairemont #8 at @clairemontskatepark - Thank you all for coming out and supporting @grindforlifeorg πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ - Foi muito legal participar do Clash at Clairemont, muito obrigado Γ  todos que compareceram e ajudaram na luta contra o cΓ’ncer / πŸ“·: @marksweetser #olloclip #mikerogers #grindforlife #skateanddestroycancer #skateboarding
mikerogers - skateanddestroycancer - 8 - skateboarding - olloclip - grindforlife -
leechase : @jlchase9
califorfun : Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!
andybialk : So great to see this in person & support a good cause!
rubenssunab : Vixi...por cima do Birdman!!!
fabionei : Ueda monstro
skateboard_kid : Du u give tips
ianlandi : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
rickyflipsk8 : Epic!!! @grindforlifeorg @marksweetser
sofiya_denisova - bufflone - benburton_ - anndread -
Lots of fun yesterday Skating and drumming at the eighth annual #clashatclairemont, followed by more jamming with @simontabron and @vincebyron ! Good vibes and lots of people out to #skateanddestroycancer . #gflarmy #satellitesons
gflarmy - satellitesons - skateanddestroycancer - clashatclairemont -
chrisconway63 : thanks again Paul Luc!
wawa_ms_styles - dallas_duzya - _free_souls_ - bruno1hatamoto -
Everyone was killing it today at the #clashatclairemont! Here is a quick clip of @joshnelsonsk8 and @sparagram getting in a little doubles action during the bowl jam! Thanks to @grindforlifeorg for putting on a great event and raising money to help fight cancer! #187killerpads #SkateAndDestroyCancer #skateboarding #clairemontskatepark #mikerogers
mikerogers - skateanddestroycancer - clashatclairemont - 187killerpads - skateboarding - clairemontskatepark -
xyz.clothing : πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ”¨
transitionphotography : Sick one @187killerpads πŸ’£πŸ’₯
sparagram : Thanks @187killerpads for the video, you were killing it today, such a fun day!!
mikemcgill : Yes
benjaminmyer : Do you know where I can find pads near la Mirada ?
nina_arensoe - hollayymorse - jjk3201 - jordanwestie -
Getting to fulfill some childhood dreams and hang with @tonyhawk @andymac720 @dannyway @plgsk8 and watch them boost airs in my face while helping out at @clashatclairemont @clairemontskatepark #skatenerd #skateboarding #skateanddestroycancer #grindforlife
grindforlife - skateanddestroycancer - skatenerd - skateboarding -
annahelise : I love you so much
jamcd : Dude
jamcd : Awesome
lifeofroo : πŸ‘
surf4105 : Did u play goldfinger "superman" over and over? Because it is literally playing in my head looking at this picture.
dangerouscasale : @surf4105 you know this!
lifeofroo - mdbona7 - wgalyean - jamcd -
The #vert demo was sick! Hi @tonyhawk !!! #clashatclairemont @grindforlifeorg #skateanddestroycancer #skateboarding #skatelife
skatelife - skateboarding - skateanddestroycancer - vert - clashatclairemont -
christiancox32 : πŸ˜‚
christiancox32 : 😎
orion_casas : @christiancox32😁😁😁
___lurk : sickk
happy.sav : So cute 😍❀️😘
ja_know_wha_salsa - chuucat - jennazau - darthsaac -
#clashatclairemont #skateanddestroycancer #bambooskatebaords #grindforlife #bulltaco #91x #gopro #mixmastermike #goskate
goskate - bambooskatebaords - clashatclairemont - grindforlife - gopro - bulltaco - 91x - mixmastermike - skateanddestroycancer -
skate_life808 - imaskater11 - riversports - andy_tech -
Leonard is down in San Diego at "Clash at Clairemont", helping out our buddy Mike and @grindforlifeorg! #SkateAndDestroyCancer Why is @finaulongboards in there? #LeonardAndThoseGuys!
leonardandthoseguys - skateanddestroycancer -
chris_be11 : Yesss skate or die!
mermaid_96 : 91X!
roxannewright - puagirl - inventive_ - arm_562 -
Yay, got to meet @andymac720 today! Can't wait to see the pros skate! #clashatclairemont @grindforlifeorg #skateanddestroycancer #skateboarding #skatelife
skatelife - skateboarding - skateanddestroycancer - clashatclairemont -
ymot_apparel : That's sick!!!!
clintnail : Legend status.
orion_casas : @ymot_apparel I'm luckyπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
happy.sav : Nice so sick ❀️
unitedactionapparel - jennazau - taygnar - kcalfredphoto -
Please come out to the #clashatclairemont tomorrow! Watch some amazing skating and support a great cause! @grindforlifeorg #187killerpads #skateanddestroycancer
187killerpads - skateanddestroycancer - clashatclairemont -
joel_goddard : Where?
mumblesocks : Clash AT Clairemont @joel_goddard
187killerpads : At the Clairemont Mission Valley YMCA Skatepark @joel_goddard
joel_goddard : Thanks
muirskate : See you there shredding!! Stoked!!
orion_casas : Yes! I'm gonna be there! So excited!
parkerweuve - jaden_lachman - lewisboarder - tonyfuckincampos -
Setting up for #clashatclairemont Come support @grindforlifeorg and help us #destroycancer #grindforlife #mixmastermike #bambooskateboards #skateeverydamnday #91x #movietickets #gopro #skateanddestroycancer
skateeverydamnday - bambooskateboards - clashatclairemont - grindforlife - destroycancer - gopro - skateanddestroycancer - 91x - mixmastermike - movietickets -
vivochon - m_fushimi - reefsdad - kiiimshyyy -
Here's a sneak peek at our #bambooskateboards X #grindforlife Vinyl collab. We will be selling them at #clashatclairemont this weekend but will be officially dropping it Monday! #crushcancer #rollgreen #mixmastermike #vynal #skateanddestroycancer
bambooskateboards - crushcancer - clashatclairemont - grindforlife - mixmastermike - skateanddestroycancer - rollgreen - vynal -
geoffrey_la : Great new graphic team!!
nick_martin_93 - spiritofabear - chrondonway - matty_barton00 -
Check out our booth this weekend at #clashatclairemont and help @grindforlifeorg crush cancer! #bambooskateboards #rollgreen #grindforlife #skateanddestroycancer
grindforlife - rollgreen - bambooskateboards - skateanddestroycancer - clashatclairemont -
wildflowerana : See you there! So stoked!
sketchydave777 : One of these days I'll stop out
isaac2bennett - steamrollerjoe - jaysonsk8s - skate_hunter -
The 8th annual @clashatclairemont is this Saturday at the @clairemontskatepark ! Come out and help support @grindforlifeorg #SkateAndDestroyCancer #ClashAtClairemont #ClairemontSkatepark
clairemontskatepark - skateanddestroycancer - clashatclairemont -
wildflowerana : @lisaabdelhalem
anthonyfurlong : Good thing they spelled your name right
grindforlifeorg : Thank You Elliot . You Rock My Friend
dopey__123 - maxiking1612 - eli22slim - melvaughn9 -
The 8th Annual @clashatclairemont is this Saturday at the Mission Valley YMCA, come down and enjoy skateboarding, bmx and music that benefits @grindforlifeorg! #skateboarding @rockstarenergy @mixmastermike #skateanddestroycancer
skateanddestroycancer - skateboarding -
wantedrecords : @tis1971
dyoueda - adamsagee - gerrardx - broby_gummeson -
Congrats to #vans team rider @reecoss for taking out #ballsiesttrick at the #belcoballjam #shredforshoota and Vans long term friend mate all round ripper @steve_shoota_kelly getting #lordoftheball big props to @vagabond2617 and the Boys of ACT for #makeithappen support for Steve and his fight against cancer #skateanddestroycancer #livingoffthewall
vans - ballsiesttrick - livingoffthewall - belcoballjam - makeithappen - shredforshoota - skateanddestroycancer - lordoftheball -
vagabond2617 : Thanks heaps! @vansaustralia good to support a brother!πŸ‘
steve_shoota_kelly : Thanks legends, β€οΈπŸ‘βœŒοΈ
finn.morley : Dully brah
sonnnnny_ : That's my local
icemagic89 - rileyjaen - si_parkour - anarchy_riggs_66 -
Save the date for this amazing event and all about helping people with Cancer!!!! July 19th, I promisse that you will have a lot of fun and your time will help a lot of people that really needs You! Best Skateboarders in the world will be there putting a show together for everyone. So don't miss it and see You there!!! Let's skate and destroy Cancer!!! We can do it together!! Thank You @grindforlifeorg @clairemontskatepark @clashatclairemont @andymac720 #skateboarding #grindforlife #clashatcairemont #helpingothers #skateanddestroycancer
clashatcairemont - grindforlife - helpingothers - skateanddestroycancer - skateboarding -
ritamamdouh : Lord bless your job ,, God with you @danielcuervo413
cabesot - phonyalva - sierrakerr - hellpatrol_ -
Happy raffle winners! @woody_m15f17 @steelefamilydeathmachine @shedrico thanks for all the support everyone! #skateanddestroycancer #belcoballjam #shredforshoota @steve_shoota_kelly
belcoballjam - shredforshoota - skateanddestroycancer -
shedrico : Felt like Xmas πŸŽ…! Feeling like hell today πŸ’€! Well done again boyz πŸ’―
conz_creeper : Steelos new door stop and dust collectors.. @steelefamilydeathmachine
reverseburnout : Yeah woody!
nickmauughan - kotterz - rhischipper - scotley_crue -
@azzalovelock #HonouraBallmention @reecoss #Ballsiesttrick @steve_shoota_kelly #LordoftheBall #belcoballjam #shredforshoota Thanks sincerely for all your support everyone. With your help we raised $1,900 to help Shoota #skateanddestroycancer Thanks to @jimsfathead for doing most of the organising. @azzalovelock For the trophies @butcher_of_belco for the BBQ and @conz_creeper for MC. Cheers @skateboardcomau @volcom_oz @lushproductions @creaturefiends @independenttrucks @goliathskate @foundationskateboards @modusbearings @shiftyscbr
shredforshoota - skateanddestroycancer - lordoftheball - ballsiesttrick - honouraballmention - belcoballjam -
raddada : Fuck yeah!
shedrico : Great day @vagabond2617 @jimsfathead ! Thx for the "meat tray"! Awesome to see the legend @steve_shoota_kelly ! πŸ»πŸ‘
paddlefruit : Spot the dude who's spent too much time up north @azzalovelock
miss_bake_and_destroy - ethan_sk8 - skatefox - imgne_ -
Wheel game is a hit! #belcoballjam #shredforshoota #skateanddestroycancer
skateanddestroycancer - shredforshoota - belcoballjam -
nickmauughan : Have a good day blokes
salvadorgnarly : Look at those aggot trophies. Amazing.
bigrig666 - floydos - old_bugger - phc_nz -
Come down to Belco skatepark and share in the fun! Help out a brother @steve_shoota_kelly #shredforshoota #skateanddestroycancer #belcoballjam
belcoballjam - shredforshoota - skateanddestroycancer -
atdawnrodsleeps - butcher_of_belco - ethan_sk8 - ajfowlie -
Some framed ones on offer for tomorrow #belcoballjam #vagabondart #shredforshoota #skateanddestroycancer
vagabondart - shredforshoota - belcoballjam - skateanddestroycancer -
fishermanskateboards : Luke this is awesome!
meggiemay80 - andrewcurrie - melbournebitter - dickheaddan -
Get down to Belco Tomorrow at 2pm and help raise funds for cancer. #belcoballjam #SkateandDestroyCancer
skateanddestroycancer - belcoballjam -
thecream_ - bukkakeme103 - sammmmperry - __lucasbray -
#clashatclairemont8 2014 on Saturday, July 19th. Plenty of skateboarding, Bmx, live music and good fun.. all for a great cause! πŸ‘#skateanddestroycancer
clashatclairemont8 - skateanddestroycancer -
noobish_skater420 : @mr_mikhailidis @mynameisdeanpaul @lukester4 @seanslaysall @savage_skater420 @skate_guru420 @steezy_nando @golden_poop anyone???
californiarole - codymartinez8 - simontabron - dustinnelson_ -
Hey Canberrans! This Saturday 12th of July, a Fundraiser for @steve_shoota_kelly is on at #Belco at 2pm. Make your way down to help raise money for Shoota's Fight against Cancer. Heaps of good times and good vibes! #belcoballjam #fishermanskateboards #shredforshoota #skateanddestroycancer #belcobowl Poster: @vagabond2617
fishermanskateboards - shredforshoota - skateanddestroycancer - belcobowl - belcoballjam - belco -
vagabond2617 - miss_bake_and_destroy - annjay62 - fucks.he -
@azzalovelock @jimsfathead plaques ready #belcoballjam #skateanddestroycancer #LordoftheBall #belcoballjam #honouraBallmention @steve_shoota_kelly @blue_consar_saint @monkztagram @steelefamilydeathmachine @boura33 @woody_m15f17 @shiftyscbr @goliathskate @modusbearings @shaneazar @nikeem @lushproductions @the_grim_creepers @cuntoxman @coburg_creeper @ween_mc_sweetpea @theduncombe @salvadorgnarly @miss_bake_and_destroy @papararchy @clemclemington @tomothy151 @b_u_t_c_h_a @skateboardcomau @butcher_of_belco @dune_pirate @bukkakeme103 @matdarat @itsqualitynotconsity @dadcam @floydos @reecoss @natedogphotog @pirateheshcrew @barnacle_b @csprob @ratcorpse @dedbeet @scottandpop @stevegourlay @nuthinbutshortshit @slamskateboarding @theskateboardersjournal @sparkessydney
ballsiesttrick - skateanddestroycancer - belcoballjam - lordoftheball - honouraballmention -
vagabond2617 : #ballsiesttrick
saint_bradrick : Hahaha sweet
azzalovelock : Rad!
joshtreestuff2 : #holyshitmosttagseverinthehistoryoftagging
shedrico - samuelmalcolm - miss_bake_and_destroy - tomothy151 -
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