Florida's Mike Rogers @grindforlifeorg gets his grind on in Bondi Beach before jetting off to Southern California. Photo by David Sheffield. #globetrotter #skateanddestroycancer
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It's that time again. @grindforlifeorg 15 starting up. #justwannaskate #gfl #skateanddestroycancer
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handsblakesen : I wish it weren't snowing here
eddie_vanwilder : @handsblakesen I wish I was in the snow! Are you snowboarding this year yet?
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1% #stopcancer #fuckcancer #skateanddestroycancer #thankyouskateboarding #thankyousheckler @shecks @shecklerfoundation #haveaniceday
thankyousheckler - stopcancer - skateanddestroycancer - thankyouskateboarding - fuckcancer - haveaniceday -
misterchuck719 : Was wondering if you could share this pic and story this great man battling cancer. This Retired military man built this castle BY HIMSELF. And now hes fighting a new dragon with cancer if you need the pic or link just ask. This one man built that entire castle with all my blood sweat and tears #fuckcancer #cancer #cancersucks #pueblocolorado #puebloco #bishopscastle #fightcancer #colorado #coloradogram #pueblogram #donation #pinkribbon #fightcancer #savethebishop
davimadisson : Wow! I love it! Btw have you already seen @riderschannel? It's sick mobile app for skateboarders. Hope I helped :)
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Throwback jersey hair here #jersey#jerseyhair#smile#face#throwback#hair#crazy
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deliriousroz : Omg that is
karinamatthews : #skateanddestroycancer
dayleeo : The jersey is strong with this one...
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The great Mike Rogers lapped over at Bondi Bowl-A-Rama 2015. Photo by Dean Tirkot. @grindforlifeorg #skateanddestroycancer #bowlarama
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emmitlevonbennett : @tattie27 huh? That eyepatch tho.
tattie27 : @emmitlevonbennett I'm ready
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Looks like I'm back on the @grindforlifeorg series this year, but in another capacity. Find me at the pop-up store this Saturday in Lakeland where I'll be keeping y'all laced & gripped for the contest. Make sure to go register or see you day of! #grindforlife #skateanddestroycancer #thankyouskateboarding
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pariskilby : You'll be seeing me in the one at brandon
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At #indyskatepark ending the #skatesession with this short #lipslide #skateeveryday #skateanddestroycancer #boneswheels #kruxstruck #theyturnandstuff #instagramclip
theyturnandstuff - lipslide - indyskatepark - skateeveryday - kruxstruck - skateanddestroycancer - boneswheels - instagramclip - skatesession -
michaelsabir : #trill
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#skatingatvenice today . Pretty surprised that i did it on #shrooms Hadba fun time with @skateklok #venicebeach #skateeveryday #frontside360 #skateanddestroycancer #boneswheels #kruxtrucks #theyturnandstuff #skateonshrooms
theyturnandstuff - skatingatvenice - boneswheels - kruxtrucks - skateeveryday - shrooms - skateanddestroycancer - skateonshrooms - venicebeach - frontside360 -
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Mike Rogers getting some practice sessions in at the Hurley Beach Bowl Masters event in Manly, NSW, Australia. @grindforlifeorg #australianopenofsurfing #skateanddestroycancer #skate
skate - skateanddestroycancer - australianopenofsurfing -
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That #steez sick spot #diy #skateanddestroycancer #skateeveryday #skateandlurk #weekendwarrior
weekendwarrior - skateanddestroycancer - diy - steez - skateandlurk - skateeveryday -
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Thank you @guppy36 for buying me this board as a Christmas gift . #onemonth of skating it #sausageskateboard #blackoutskateboards #bineswheels #skateanddestroycancer #kruxstruck #turnandstuff #kruxfiveo
onemonth - kruxfiveo - kruxstruck - blackoutskateboards - turnandstuff - skateanddestroycancer - bineswheels - sausageskateboard -
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Quick, post hockey session... because my legs weren't shot enough after not being on the ice for almost 2 months. #skateboarding #skatelife #weirdoskateboards #skateanddestroycancer #itsinmyblood
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i_love_revive_skateboards : Awesome! Skateboarding is my life! I want to make YouTube my job, can you please help a fellow skater and subscribe to my YouTube channel it's my dream and it would mean a lot I make skateboarding videos funny videos and more! I think you would really like it, Link in my bio (profile). I also followed you, Stay rad and keep shredding! πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ™
ragerkevin : Nice bank
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In honor of #worldcancerday I'll post a picture of my favorite cancer survivor @timachille I love you more than anything #fuckcancer #skateanddestroycancer 😘
skateanddestroycancer - fuckcancer - worldcancerday -
passenger1976 : Yeah you know I'm calling mother fucker I'm happy you're alive and well and smiling and I'm stoked that you and Selena are doing well and I'll always love you bro take care of yourself and be cool call me when you're in Philly taste and shave your nuts
kitunes : Popcorn and peanuts!
daleman : My favorite teletubby
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Great story in Florida Today about the always-inspiring Mike Rogers beating cancer twice. You can check it out at @grindforlifeorg #skateanddestroycancer
skateanddestroycancer -
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Best board I've ever had @welcomeskateboards @landyachtzlongboards @krooked #landyachtz #polarbear #welcomeskateboards #kickflip #kicktail #skateboard #skateeverydamnday #skateanddestroycancer
landyachtz - skateeverydamnday - kickflip - kicktail - skateboard - skateanddestroycancer - welcomeskateboards - polarbear -
skatertrainer : nice shot
brettflowersofficial : Follow back?
externalapparel : Cool!
benpaynee : Sick
sk8oclock : Awesommme!
caduconfort : What shape?
samuel_stiff : @caduconfort slappy slap
caduconfort : Just got the same board different color. Super stoked
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It's been a crazy week. I need more of this, skate therapy. #skateboarding #skatelife #weirdoskateboards #skateanddestroycancer #thankyouskateboarding
thankyouskateboarding - skatelife - skateanddestroycancer - weirdoskateboards - skateboarding -
beltran1966 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
devillenunes : rad
randallpinq : πŸ™Œ
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Grind For Life #skate #skateboarding #skateanddestroycancer #grindforlife #cancersucks
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skatepien - ericbritt - stefaninurdingxx - pete_bauer -
Nothing like an FSA in the pocket to get those veins contracting πŸ‘πŸ²πŸ”₯πŸŒ πŸƒ sporting my @grindforlifeorg shirt! #skateanddestroycancer #cancerSucks #skatelife #morningsessions #lovinglife
skatelife - cancersucks - skateanddestroycancer - morningsessions - lovinglife - justdoit -
devillenunes : cool
miki_ramz : Thanks so much! @devillenunes
g_mart92 : Those kicks!
miki_ramz : Haha thanks dude! Best skate shoes I've ever bought #justdoit @g_mart92
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Thank you Tom for letting me come over to clear my mind and find a little peace. #thankyouskateboarding #skateboarding #skatelife #weirdobowl #weirdoskateboards #evergreenskateparks #skateanddestroycancer
skatelife - skateanddestroycancer - skateboarding - thankyouskateboarding - weirdobowl - weirdoskateboards - evergreenskateparks -
bobbydrawsskullz : @xbosco18x stay tuff πŸ™
jojo_heffington : Hope all is well
neilsterryphoto : Sweet!
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Grind for life #grindforlife #skateanddestroycancer
grindforlife - skateanddestroycancer -
stantontroy240 : I see my name
stantontroy240 : In destroy
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#SKATEANDDESTROYCANCER // Welcoming Dec 1st with a session & #planB video premiere @ @officialcharmcityskatepark this evening ! #destroycancer #skateanddestroy
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iheartbootyofficial : @planbofficial @grindforlifeorg πŸ™Œ
s_comer - skatebortt - rudy_f51 - zsuskateshop -
SPASM Team rider @loofetaks putting down! #352 #Gainesville #possumcreekskatepark #skatelife #skatephotofeed #skateanddestroy #skateandcreate #skateeverydamnday #skateanddestroycancer #skateparkoftampa #skate4life #peacefulawareness #peaceawareness #peacealliance #peacedriven #peace #motivation @theevetrucks @rictawheels @mobgrip
skatelife - skateeverydamnday - peacedriven - peacealliance - motivation - skateandcreate - skateparkoftampa - peacefulawareness - skatephotofeed - possumcreekskatepark - skate4life - peaceawareness - skateanddestroy - peace - gainesville - skateanddestroycancer - 352 -
myhippiestyle : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
spasmskateboards : Thank you @myhippiestyle ! :-)
myhippiestyle : No problem!
spasmskateboards : You should check out our YouTube and Facebook page:-) @myhippiestyle
myhippiestyle : Dude I totally would, but I have neither of those things! Sorry
d_idiots : Nice! Follow usπŸ˜„
skatetrade - pretty_shitty_clothing - woahitslilman - myhippiestyle -
Thanks for the shoutout @theboardr ! We appreciate it! Good things y'all are doing and happy to be a part of it! Next year will be even better! Kickin cancers ass! #spasmskate #spasmfamily#spasmskateboards #352 #gainesville #Gainesville #skatelife #skateeverydamnday #skateanddestroycancer
skatelife - skateeverydamnday - spasmfamily - spasmskateboards - gainesville - spasmskate - skateanddestroycancer - 352 -
woahitslilman : Does this mean i'am apart of the team officially?
xxsouleater10xx : Sweet
loofetaks : I saw that
woahitslilman : @spasmskateboards
iheartbootyofficial - arian_grande_the_best - loofetaks - _cnote_givens_ -
Kickflip to fakie #kickflip #kicktail #skateboard #skateeverydamnday #skateanddestroycancer #spitfire #milk_skateboards
skateeverydamnday - skateanddestroycancer - spitfire - kickflip - kicktail - skateboard - milk_skateboards -
penseskate : Sempre skate!
freeman_lucy - hazy_cam - alysiawilding - alicia__woodley -
Herb Neumann R.I.P. #legend #skateanddestroycancer #skatewerks
skatewerks - skateanddestroycancer - legend -
nopaivao : It's a bummer about herb. I just bought some stuff from him and he was awesome.
modeskateboards : I know. I thought he was going to pull through. After some really close calls, his latest health updates seemed promising. I was working with him to make some MODE tail skids. His passion for making things was rad. @nopaivao
partner_projects : Wow, bummed to hear this.
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Grind for life board #skate #board #cancer #skateanddestroycancer
skate - skateanddestroycancer - board - cancer -
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I love these girls!! Such a fun night! #gorgerollergirls #skateanddestroycancer
skateanddestroycancer - gorgerollergirls -
shady_jd - 12rmejia - pstenz91 - gingerootss -
#fbf to yesterday morning when I had the #annarborskatepark to myself. #a2skatepark #skateordie #skateanddestroycancer #gnartography #gnar #sunandsnowsports @a2skatepark @sunandsnowsports #skateeverything
a2skatepark - gnar - skateordie - skateanddestroycancer - fbf - annarborskatepark - skateeverything - gnartography - sunandsnowsports -
mizchangesgram : Must have been nice. I still have yet to be there when nobody is there.
rayycharlesss : Are you ever there on Sundays? @scottlymburner
scottlymburner : Yeah, but if I am it's usually early so it's not crazy busy.
scottlymburner : @rayycharlesss
rayycharlesss : πŸ‘Œfosho!!! We must ride! @scottlymburner
mizchangesgram - hernanjomich - linus_bm - rayycharlesss -
Today would have been my dad's birthday (Oct 22). He was diagnosed in April with leukemia and roughly two weeks later gone... My life was changed forever. I'll never forget the call I received April 11th from my mom that dad was in the emergency room preparing to get a blood transfusion because his blood platelets were dangerously low... My dad had never spent a second in a hospital my entire life. I left work, grabbed my two boys (thanks to their awesome mother for leaving work to grab them from school and meet me) and drove straight to Las Vegas from Salt Lake. On our way home (April 14th) I received the news that it was cancer. Quicker then any of us could of imagined, he passed away April 27th. What did I take from this experience? First off - F#%k cancer! Live life/love life, follow your passion, follow and stay true to your heart and never deny yourself of being truly happy and in love... Work and push hard to reach your goals because they are attainable. Don't live with hate or ill will towards another, don't let animosity drive your ambitions, let go of that grudge... Hold your head high and hope for another day and be damn thankful for it! "Quality of Life" Happy Birthday James R. Anderson #moabjim "Forever Legend" Thank you again to all of you that supported my family throughout this hard time. #muchlove Call your parents right now and tell them thank you and that you love them!
skateanddestroycancer - muchlove - moabjim -
t_burtz : I lost my pops 5 years ago to brain cancer when I was 17. By far the roughest patch I have gone through, but the things I have learned from that experience are things that will drive me forward for the rest of my life. Just gotta keep your head up to see what the future is bringing. Much love brother!
monaparvin : So sorry for your loss. My love to you and your family. Amazing words πŸ™
b_rad_or_die : @in_the_stars2 thanks Jessica!
b_rad_or_die : @aust_anderson1137 πŸ‘Š
b_rad_or_die : @dive3tables sorry for you loss and thank you Jessica<3
b_rad_or_die : @t_burtz gotta keep on keepin' on for sure... Sorry to hear about your loss man and thank you for the support good sir! πŸ‘Š
b_rad_or_die : @monaparvin thank you Mona<3
tatuirovshik : Π”Π΅ΠΉΡΡ‚Π²ΠΈΡ‚Π΅Π»ΡŒΠ½ΠΎ Ρ‚Ρ€ΠΎΠ³Π°Ρ‚Π΅Π»ΡŒΠ½Π°Ρ история. Π‘ΡƒΠ΄ΡŒ ΡΠΈΠ»ΡŒΠ½Ρ‹ΠΌ.
brenda_brite - dedy_art_deco - jmershon1018 - samar.amer007 -
#skateboardsdotcom holding down the tent full of product! Happy to be apart of the event! So many people having a great time! Amazing skating and good vibes all around #GR4R #getradforray #skateanddestroycancer @deliciousskateboardshop @skateboardsdotcom
skateanddestroycancer - skateboardsdotcom - gr4r - getradforray -
iheartbootyofficial - christiandubon - freestyleskateboarder - _wave7 -
Got to meet the legendary @tonyhawk today at the #GR4R event at #marshcreekskatepark Tons of legendary skaters and suck a sick event! Glad to be a part of it. Thanks to @supdudechillin @gnance1 and @stoops_dechesare for all the hard work holding it down at the #skateboardsdotcom #booth #tonyhawkfoundation #rayunderhillfoundations #skateanddestroycancer #legendary
skateboardsdotcom - rayunderhillfoundations - skateanddestroycancer - gr4r - legendary - tonyhawkfoundation - marshcreekskatepark - booth -
money_bagz_warboy : I just want to cry. Im in PA and i missed tony Hawk. Real shit my eyes watering. Miss grayson,Paul, and Kevin
tadskatesforjesus - christiandubon - sonaholidayband - freestyleskateboarder -
A shipment of tables got delivered to @TheRockCV today. With it came some big pieces of cardboard. So I kicked it Old School!!! #Breaking #BreakDanceFreeze #KickinItOldSchool #OldSchool #YouGotServed #GrindForLife #SkateAndDestroyCancer
breakdancefreeze - skateanddestroycancer - yougotserved - kickinitoldschool - grindforlife - oldschool - breaking -
ronistyles : You'd be great at yoga!
seandaigle : !!!!
mauchinator : I think you just fell down like that. Ha..ha.
forevermrs.wright_pdx : It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time it's tricky...tricky (tricky) tricky (tricky) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹βœŒοΈ
lelguera : @salinawright πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The exact song that came to my mind too!!
dawnaelguera : Wow!! Impressed!
ale_birds : Its trick! :-)
chriselguera : @salinawright Perfect!!!
sk8rangerjim - moderatelysizedboss - s_c_r_s - alina.0602 -
New shoe #vans #off #the #wall #vansoffthewall #oldskool #leder #nice #nigga #skate #satan #skatelife #skatepark #skateboard #skateanddestroycancer #skateanddestroy #fun #geil #endlich #hob #i #eam #inderpentent #bones #bluetomato #connysboardshop #real #antihero #austria
real - skatelife - vans - nigga - eam - wall - vansoffthewall - austria - skate - inderpentent - bones - off - endlich - geil - hob - skateanddestroy - leder - i - skatepark - skateboard - oldskool - bluetomato - satan - connysboardshop - fun - skateanddestroycancer - the - antihero - nice -
sk8oclock : Awesommme!
1sk1alketbi : Beautiful ♥
skatetrade -
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