Casually parked outside of a hotel #sittingduck
sittingduck -
#delayed #stuckontheplane #sittingduck #hotasfuck #arizona #takemehome
takemehome - arizona - stuckontheplane - sittingduck - hotasfuck - delayed -
hard_core_passion : #travelingchick
rachell72 - swirlybaby - alwyz_bedran - red_jewel -
3.5 ton paper weight 300 miles from home until I get the balls to fix it myself or get the money to pay someone. #sittingduck #blownheadgasket #nomoneymoreproblems #mightneedtosell
sittingduck - mightneedtosell - blownheadgasket - nomoneymoreproblems -
handerson55 : Yup. Based on my research on fixing it, it happens to quite a few of these lly Duramaxes.
tlapdance : I have lb7 with 155,500 and all i had to so far was take out the smog pump.. But that sucks, i wanna replace my studs and gaskets soon
handerson55 : Only major thing I had to do is y bridge because I deleted my egr and blew my elbow out towing but that was easy compared to 35 hours or work I have never done. Its 5k to pay a shop but i cant afford that. I just gotta figure out how to get it home. @tlapdance
handerson55 : Also 155k and no injector and hg work yet!?!? Impressive. @tlapdance
tlapdance : Yah been lucky, got my injectors checked and were fine, def wanna do egr delete but def wanna do some upgrades
handerson55 : I would do a tranny and a delete pipe If your injectors are still intact. @tlapdance
wmcgreevy : #ShouldaBoughtAFord
blairmjohnson : #redslut
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#peaceful #sittingduck #charlesriver
sittingduck - charlesriver - peaceful -
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๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ„๐ŸŒŠ #sittingduck #myrtle #sunrise
sittingduck - myrtle - sunrise -
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Lmao false. I just ate half the almond butter and about 4 scoops of the peanutbutter. Not to mention this coconut milk icecream @cavemancara got. Today's ruined. #temptations #sittingduck #nochance #legionofboom #1stphorm #strugglesofdieting
sittingduck - legionofboom - strugglesofdieting - 1stphorm - nochance - temptations -
sammytklu : @konradbczuba you know it's true lol don't lie lil nigga
konradbczuba : U are pretty shredded for not doing shit, u got some good ass genes @sammytklu I'll still lift way more than u ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’ช
alphamale93 : @sammytklu that's why your weak as hell though. With a little ass chest. Flex those lats dawg lol
sammytklu : @alphamale93 last time I seen you my abs were better, my back is better annnnnnd fuck you ahha
konradbczuba : Lmao love u niggas @sammytklu @alphamale93
alphamale93 : @sammytklu see that's the problem though while your over there eating gushers staying the same. I'm over here eating glass getting shredded as fuck. Improving with my big ass cock hangin between my legs. Aha and @konradbczuba u needa come back so we could workout and take insti's aha lets all 3 get on a workout!! Wtf
sammytklu : Lmaoooo @alphamale93 bro your hilarious!!! G I work out one day I'm good for the week, suck on my cock! @konradbczuba yuahhhh
konradbczuba : I'm down. Ur gonna have to give me like a week or two to get back to shredded mode. Can't be taking pictures of myself with this big ass fupa
theliftingbuddies - therickster7 - konradbczuba - jobrecki -
I think I broke it. Lol. #borderlands #Xbox #360 #glitch #airborne #sittingduck #freeXP
glitch - freexp - 360 - borderlands - sittingduck - airborne - xbox -
lovelyduckgamer : Lol~Video game fans Follow me~~plz~~~โ˜บ๏ธ
brookehbooo - lovelyduckgamer - papi_vita - kmokev -
This picture is not a representation of my personal preference for candidates however I cannot wait #2016Elections #USA #waragainstterror #hanginthere #wakeupobama #absinteepresident #whyallthefundraisersobama? #sittingduck
wakeupobama - absinteepresident - usa - whyallthefundraisersobama - 2016elections - hanginthere - waragainstterror - sittingduck -
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Battle scars for jack! #sittingduck #nevergotowarwithhim
sittingduck - nevergotowarwithhim -
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Settled in for a longggg night of watching people gamble away their children's inheritance #casino #jupiters #happybirthdaytoreneeeeee #plsmayibedrunk #drinkdrankdrunk #fucklyf #sopoornow #gamblerlyf #sittingduck
jupiters - sopoornow - casino - gamblerlyf - happybirthdaytoreneeeeee - plsmayibedrunk - fucklyf - sittingduck - drinkdrankdrunk -
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Buddy got too comfortable with me around and fell asleep... Woke up to a camera in its face lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚ #sleeping #sittingduck #ducks #wildlife #nature #chinguacousytrail
wildlife - nature - sittingduck - sleeping - chinguacousytrail - ducks -
jakobkuehne94 : good one!
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'We're going duck hunting' #sittingduck
sittingduck -
emily.lewis.581 -
SITTING DUCK by Max Lucado If you go to the grocery store on an empty stomach, youโ€™re a sitting duck! You buy everything you donโ€™t need. Doesnโ€™t matter if itโ€™s good for you, you just want to fill your tummy. When youโ€™re lonelyโ€”you do the same, pulling stuff off the shelf, not because you need it, but because youโ€™re hungry for love. For fear of not fitting in, we take drugs. For fear of appearing small, we go into debt and buy the house. For fear of going unnoticed, we dress to impress. But all that changes when we discover Godโ€™s perfect love. The perfect love that 1 John 4:18 says โ€œcasts out fear.โ€ Loneliness. Could it be one of Godโ€™s finest gifts? If a season of solitude is His way to teach you to know His love, donโ€™t you think itโ€™s worth it? So do I. From Traveling Light #maxlucado #sittingduck #dailydevotion #lifelessons #life #love #perfectlove #castsoutfear #nofear #Godislove
dailydevotion - perfectlove - life - love - nofear - godislove - castsoutfear - maxlucado - sittingduck - lifelessons -
_letty8 - dows1933418 - _sweet_andy_ - judypleau -
Lucky duck
sittingduck - rottweiler - duck -
alisonf2405 : #rottweiler #duck #sittingduck
mydogiscutest - evelyn2724 - rottweilervideos - benleyden -
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lashaunkatsch - chloebsl - sukhii_grewaall - odessitkaa -
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memothecutie : Help with my car lol ask u know who @ama760
ama760 : That is you know who @memothecutie, I'll ask him. Lol. I dunno how to describe what's wrong with your car. Lol. It might actually be your transmission. But what do I know about cars. Lol. I once took my Rav4 to the Toyota dealership to ask how to open the hood!
ama760 : I'm just a #SittingDuck right now.. lol
memothecutie : Lol @ama760 that sucks
ama760 : OMG, and I'm I the break room. Gustavo came in and was like, you can punch in if you'd like an work on inventory stuff.
memothecutie : Hahaha @ama760 he would haha
yuriy1083 -
Trying some new things:) #wakesurfing #kneedown #sittingduck #superman #arizona #saguarolake #nautique #lakedays
arizona - saguarolake - soulcraft - nautique - sittingduck - kneedown - boardersmag - wakesurfing - lakedays - superman -
wakemeawave : I had a good driver ๐Ÿ˜› @collin_808
gkapri : Aww yeah girl! Love this!
wakemeawave : Thanks!! @gkapri
wakemeawave : #boardersmag #SoulCraft
kaleymcnay : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
wakemeawave : Thanks!! @susiebaker7 @kaleymcnay
abiggs3007 : You go girl!!! Awesome job! ๐Ÿ‘
wakemeawave : Thanks Allegra!! @abiggs3007
marcelohab43 - koryu91 - bentyrrell95 - justride_clothing -
Sitting duck #dontask #why #grappig #ship #shipping #sittingduck
dontask - sittingduck - ship - why - shipping - grappig -
martyboy234 : Do you have Rosie and Jim on the old rag doll in your country? :P
pilotbuijk : @martyboy234 no, but found it on you tube :-)
klaasken : Long distance duck!๐Ÿ˜Š
martyboy234 : Same duck, just moved on to bigger ships :P
peetoetneel - npilot46 - mjplug - hotzenplotz78 -
#sittingduck โ˜๏ธ
sittingduck -
clarkwallabe : PLS ADD ME ON FB PLS MAN
clarkwallabe : Nice ink #XL
meganncummings - mein_kush - bourassholes - sifi23 -
Shit Dad look they're like sitting ducks. Can I have them.....? #sittingduck #dogswillbedogs #hunting #hunter #ducks #edinburgh #canallife
dogswillbedogs - hunting - edinburgh - sittingduck - hunter - canallife - ducks -
assieoldingcdac - kat155 - joettacongo - wuleese -
I should have turned the sprinkler back on. #magpie #justchillin #inthegrass #birds #sittingduck
sittingduck - justchillin - magpie - inthegrass - birds -
wakannaro : You should have...those birds are a menace...
cohdyy : Super!
taylormaximus : @cohdyy thank you!
joneseygurl : That would be funny! Lol!
teus0 - lead_anchor_for_mishua_news - teggypants - ag_moosetracker -
#sittingduck #naptime
sittingduck - naptime -
ashdmark -
Disneyland, here we come . #donaldduck #sittingduck @mara8u
sittingduck - donaldduck -
anthjmon209 : D:
thesyddster : XD
mara8u : Did u bring the sitting duck hat?
lowpez_angel - jenny.keiko - _nick12099_ - geezlouiise -
Feeding the ducks #ducks#duckduckgoose#pond#lake#stream#water#waves#jellyfish#fish#quack#cute#feedthebirds#sittingduck#nature#tranquill#landscape#animal_lover#irishlife#ireland#bantry#bantrybay#seacreature
cute - stream - nature - bantry - fish - irishlife - ducks - water - tranquill - waves - sittingduck - pond - bantrybay - duckduckgoose - landscape - jellyfish - quack - seacreature - animal_lover - lake - ireland - feedthebirds -
mich3ll3._ - kolking - boo_rad_ley - kiramariehurst -
My #bedard #sittingduck poster framed and now going to a new home it will be miss.
sittingduck - bedard -
rl2000 - randombydaydreamer - ralfyrevolver_ - carlosenrique1955 -
Get On Board with @jacobvldz for an Epic story time! Photo we got in this weeks issue of @wakejournal #sittingduck #conwaychain #wakejournal #olliphotography
sittingduck - olliphotography - conwaychain - wakejournal -
gunner_daft : #fridaynightlightsmarathon
rodrigosnaps : Nice Tyler!!
samfernsell - elevatedwakepark - fadhuooimages - carlos.varela.123276 -
Work hard, play harder. ๐Ÿ‘Œ #ootd #workflow #thehustle
sittingduck - thehustle - ootd - workflow -
fe_lee_syah : Quit playing around and get to work!
fe_lee_syah : ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
jonangelcolon : @fe_lee_syah Just as soon as there's work to be done! #sittingduck
kayvald : Jonathaaaaan, why did you leave us
younglegacybuilder - ellenbell9 - njtica - mr.mdina -
@xoallisonxo If you love me you'll buy me this duck c: #duck#sittingduck
sittingduck - duck -
__manduh - rainbowr0ses - caroline3189 - mackenzie_delisi -
#IWantOne #TooCute #Duckling #SittingDuck in the #Literal sense.
toocute - cute - literal - sittingduck - duckling - iwantone -
marelinep : #Cute
laoshi103 : Very cute. Have a blessed week! ๐Ÿ’ž
charleneeee09 : Awww.. the duckling is so cute :)
so_great_a_salvation : Lol
marelinep : Thank you @laoshi103. Have a blessed week too. I hope your weekend was amazing ๐Ÿ˜†
marelinep : Thank you my friend @chaylen09. Don't you just want one? I'm adament. Lol
marelinep : Lol @so_great_a_salvation I just want to hug and kiss it and squeeze it tight... ๐Ÿ˜
so_great_a_salvation : @marelinep Awwww ๐Ÿ˜Š
gloknos - jessicalynadi - clintongram - deannab106 -
#work #busynotreally #sittingduck #bored #cantcomplain
sittingduck - bored - cantcomplain - work - busynotreally -
amandaarromain - mol_and_sons_motors - nazardrobot - yazfazz -
Now we are just patiently waiting for your arrival baby boy ๐Ÿ’™ #AlmostTime #Fewmoreweeks #ChristiansBuddies #Anxious #Excited #Impatient #SittingDuck #Happy #Family #Love #MyPrince
fewmoreweeks - anxious - love - myprince - family - christiansbuddies - impatient - almosttime - sittingduck - excited - happy -
missvissx0 : Yeah one of his cousins got it for us ! He's pretty awesome you should meet him ๐Ÿ˜œ @dizthamiz
dizthamiz : That came with all that stuff
hjbond : Awwww! So pretty. Love you
missvissx0 : Thank you Tia !!!! :) I love you and miss you :(
missvissx0 : @hjbond
teee_ay : I think we have the same crib !!
missvissx0 : @teee_ay baby cache Monaco crib ? Lol
freespritt : Awww my son has the same set up
maryannw619 - mellaaa1210 - hjbond - ash_olive1217 -
#sittingduck #totalcombat #paintball
sittingduck - totalcombat - paintball -
ashleetor - 7_rebecca - - javierpntbl15 -
Hey @chirpyk1w1 - we're coming for you. #nerf #sittingduck
sittingduck - nerf -
chirpyk1w1 : Haha so good! It's on tomorrow!
gshocknz - annastevo - gubbcity - chirpyk1w1 -
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