My woman crush goes to the talented, the be-a-u-ti-ful, Miss Micaela Bone. #bff #neighbor #sisterinchrist
sisterinchrist - bff - neighbor -
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God's One-Sided Covenant (Genesis 15:1-18) Have you doubted God's promises? Have you doubted His goodness? It's not about how loud is our voice but how loud is this promise in our heart. Genesis 15:1 To test your faith we can simply see from hope. When there's hope it means we lived in faith. God knows that living by faith is not as easy as we reckon; doubt is like a shadow of faith; always ready to speak whenever we see or experience something against our faith. God knows that our faith needs assurance from Him. God never ask human to promise to Him because He knows human' promise never work. That's why human and God is under one-sided covenant. (Hebrew 6:19-20) Just like in Genesis 15:17-21, God promised Abraham that his descendant will be as much as the stars in the sky. When Abraham told God that it sounds impossible (he and Sarah are getting old and up until that point the promise hasn't been fulfilled yet), God ask him to prepare animals to be cut in halves to imply a covenant made between the two. In verse17, only God walked between the animals (through fire) because God knows that Abraham will come to a point where he doubt God's promise and unable to fulfill the covenant but God words are always true so He bound Himself to the covenant. When Abraham failed Him in Genesis 16, God still show Abraham mercies and then He fulfilled the promise through the birth of Isaac. What make us doubt with God's promise? We often measure how good we are to receive God's promise. The truth is we never worthy enough to receive God's promise but His mercies pour out on us. Whenever you doubt or question God's promise and goodness, look upon the cross of Jesus because behind the cross God sealed His promise. @genesia22 blessed to know you cii who constantly support and remind me every night with your sharing ❤️❤️❤️ #Godspromise #sisterinChrist
sisterinchrist - godspromise -
premiumsnack : ♡
alvin_f88 : Folback ? @karinastefani
genesia22 : Blessed to know you too kar 😊😊😊 your love to Jesus is absolutely amazing 😊😊
saaarjess - xchristie - genesia22 - yoshemelyana -
Sent to me by my sister!! ☀️💖 #loveher #sisterlove #sisterinChrist #friend #encourager #Loveit
loveher - friend - loveit - sisterinchrist - encourager - sisterlove -
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Happy #JumpDay & #WCW! Yes, I know it's #humpday but I like the idea of posting cool, athletic, inspiring, jumping photos over the soft-porn selfies some post and justify as appropriate to share with he world just because it's Wednesday...(Come on, Ladies! You're worth so much more than that!). So today, in honor of both WCW and JUMPDAY, I'm posting my incredibly inspirational sis, and fellow natural athlete/fitness model, @amberdodzweit! If you don't know already, she is one of my original inspirations for starting in the talent side of the fitness industry, and due to that fact, I can't thank her enough for staying true to her convictions and herself. I'm blessed to know you, Amber! #SetApart #GodsGirl #sisterinchrist #naturalathlete #causefitness #clutch #unedited #fitfam #fitnessmodel #foxy Photo Credit: @lhgfxphoto
naturalathlete - fitnessmodel - jumpday - wcw - clutch - unedited - foxy - setapart - causefitness - sisterinchrist - humpday - fitfam - godsgirl -
krislenntaylor : And so are YOU!! 😘
livelifedreamin : You are both my inspiration🙌
haleya_fit_happens : She is for sure a crush😍❤️😍 one of my favorites
aliciamariebody : Haha dying! We share a freaking BRAIN @rachelizabethm -- I was just about to make @amberdodzweit my #WCW !!!!!! #greatmindsthinkexactlyalike #FitSisters #fitspo #LOVE
amberdodzweit : I love you girl:) thank you so much- I'll never ever get used to be anyone's #wcw 😊 And you TOO @aliciamariebody LOVE YOUR baby girl
amberdodzweit : Your?? YOU!! Lol @aliciamariebody
theresa_jenn : Love @amberdodzweit @rachelizabethm She was my #wcw a few weeks ago #empoweringwoman #keepitreal
rachelizabethm : @aliciamariebody @amberdodzweit ummm, I believe this calls for a reunion.... It's a must. Can we please just do something in person (no phones allowed 'cept for photo documentation) already? 😁🙏
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One of my ALL-TIME favorite verses... Imagine if all women lived by this standard instead of the worlds standards of beauty... We could change the world alone! I challenge you this week to #beyou and measure attractiveness by the fruit that a heart produces! 👼❤️😍💁
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kristenrafajko : #godisgood #gorgeous #beautiful #style #faith #beauty #aqueenhasworth #queensworth #daughteroftheking #teamjesus #teamsingle #teamcrossfit #teamyoga #teamfit #instagood #instajesus #instafit #fitfam #fitspo #love #unashamed #jesussaves #bible #christian #shereadstruth #influencenetwork #sisterinchrist
insta_fame_cheap : i love your instagram
kristinschmucker : ❤️
charles_medina_ : Amen!
chubbydachshund : Same thing goes for men. Great post Kristen
lovegodgreatly : 💛
redeemedjewelry : Love this ❤️
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Coffee craving satisfied. :) #McCafe #SisterInChrist #Coffee #Dash #Mcdonalds
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WCW!! You already know, black nurses unite! #roomie\bestie #sister #friendtiltheend #idontreallycare #sisterinchrist @bella_nina__ @bella_nina__ 😂😂😷😘👌🍩🍧🍐❄🏥💍💒
friendtiltheend - sisterinchrist - sister - roomie - idontreallycare -
bella_nina__ : 😩😫😁😘💙 awwwwweeee this is so nice!!!! gotta be turnt for the black people lol ✊⚫️
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Simply beautiful #sisterinchrist #prettywoman #beautiful #potd #tataciciwedding #nicemoment #lovely #girls
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thegodfada : Nice pic!
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Monkey is as monkey does... "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" #sisterinChrist #besties #tripod #love #latergram
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thandorabean : Woops @tendertronics deleted ur comment by mistake.. But we have time machine. this pic was taken in the future! Jokes, we jus so futuristic!
katli_89 : 😊😊😊❤️it #Friendship
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#wcw #imissher #sisterinchrist @critter610
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Such a #powerful #event last night spoken by Allison Allen 🙌 There was no denying God's presence ❤️ so #thankful to have this girl as my #friend and #sisterinchrist 👯 What has The Lord #repurposed your #pain (physical or emotional) for? ◽️▫️◽️◽️▫️◽️▫️◽️◽️▫️◽️ #faith #love #letgoletgod #believe #understanding #journey
faith - pain - repurposed - powerful - understanding - thankful - journey - letgoletgod - sisterinchrist - love - believe - event - friend -
kaleighmclark : Printing this! Love you Viv! Blessed to have you as my friend as well @vmuilenberg
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#Wcw 🙊 @french_friesss #awesomefriend #beautiful #sisterinchrist
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Look who I bumped into earlier.. @sammfajardo kaps, nakatingin siya sa kawalan kanina hehehe.. #Kidding #SisterInChrist #Vibe #Karen @fern2nine #Fieldwork
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Shout out for amie ann. :) Ganda ohh :) #SisterinChrist :)
sisterinchrist -
This women right here is an amazing, funny, strong, Beautiful, intelligent, Loyal, Christian. That does nothing but inspire me to be as better Christian and be a better man. #wcw #Beauty #crush #friend #sisterinchrist #inspiration
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sheadoresjesus : Awe thanks :) ! See you soon !!
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Hanging out with my best-friend and little sister in Christ Tamara from Aljaba Orphanage in Leticia, Colombia at Orphanos in Memphis, TN! I LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCHHHH AND I AM VERY THANKFUL THAT GOD HAS BLESSED ME WITH THIS FRIENDSHIP!!! #SisterInChrist #MySecondFamily #ColombianFamily
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katie_davis71 : Awww this is so so sweet
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My roomie never fails to be amazing 😊#love #caribou #chocolate #sisterinchrist
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Walk by FAITH- not by Sight... my life is in the hands of the creator of heaven- I will trust him with all of my days (2 Corinthians 5:7) ❤️💁🙏
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kristenrafajko : #tattoo #tatsforjesus #jesussaves #godisgood #teamjesus #teamyoga #teamfit #teamsingle #teamcrossfit #instafit #workout #fitfam #fitspo #instagood #instajesus #christianwoman #christianblogger #christian #blogger #style #Stilettos #shoes #shereadstruth #influencenetwork #unashamed #telltheworld #savedandpretty #saved #blessed #sisterinchrist
prayapp : Hi! follow me on the Instapray app! :)
lareenoelle : Love this pic!!
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Amanda has been so encouraging to me, esp when i put myself down, she encourages me and reminds me that I can do this! My Grandma and her have been my two main supporters when it comes to school. Instead of putting me down and saying negative stuff cuz of the times i failed, they say positive! I finally understand the saying "God knows what you need and when" #school #college #baker #friends #friendship #God #know #sisterinchrist #influence
friendship - school - god - baker - influence - college - know - sisterinchrist - friends -
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He sees these beautiful & amazing women of God sporting their @daughterotking #godissodopeshirts !! I get to call these woman my sisters in Christ! I'm so grateful to God for them! Each of them has had a great part in growing closer to God & becoming a better woman of God! They've offered #encouragement, #inspiration, #unconditional #love, #nojudgement, a shoulder to cry on, #accountability, #laughter & #smiles, #grace, & they shine bright for #Jesus & show me how unfailing & infinite His love for us is! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘 #sisterinchrist #daughtersoftheking #godsgifts #community #growth
godissodopeshirts - smiles - love - nojudgement - encouragement - jesus - daughtersoftheking - godsgifts - community - besties - grace - inspiration - accountability - growth - sisterinchrist - laughter - unconditional -
lisabel0908 : @gstylo extra special s/o to one of my #besties 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
gstylo : Hey thats so awesome. Praise God. #bffs #allforhisglory #sisters
missduque : 😘😘
gstylo : Love you
aishavictoria1 : @lisabel0908 OMG THIS MADE ME CRY ! I love you and you have been the same for I'm sure all of us ! We will always be bonded as sisters in Christ !! #daughtersofaKING
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Dinner with bb's 👰😹😺 #sisterinChrist #qualitytime
sisterinchrist - qualitytime -
imjhen07 -
best sister ever 2007 until now.... love my sister @jelliapurnama thanks my beloved sister for everything.. deket cci itu rasanya dapat kasih sayang kaya dri cci sndiri... ({}) ({}) ({}) :* :*:* #sister #sisterhood #sisterinchrist #loveher #hug #kiss #thanks #instapic
sister - hug - instapic - loveher - thanks - kiss - sisterinchrist - sisterhood -
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Oh cullen! Cullen: S.I.C (Sister in christ) me: B.I.C (Brother in christ) whhhaattt #brotherinchrist #sisterinchrist #friends #what
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I am so full of love right now for my dear friend and success partner @liz_edwards11. This girl has such a gift of working with fellow moms who have kids, husbands, businesses, health, housework, and everything else to balance. She just launched #momstability and I'm so excited to watch it play out and change lives! She's starting a new accountability group just for moms for the month of october that I know is going to be awesome. Go check out her profile for info! I love this picture of hers- it totally portrays her balance of priorities. Also, go check out @momstability for some extra encouragement for your day!!
momlife - momofboys - priorities - christfollower - fitmom - ironsharpensiron - momof2 - fitness - sisterinchrist - balance - momstability -
hanbartlett : #sisterinchrist #ironsharpensiron #fitness #fitmom #priorities #christfollower #momofboys #momof2 #momlife #momstability #balance
liz_edwards11 : Love you!
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#Friendship #sisterinChrist
sisterinchrist - friendship -
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Wherever you go, there are times in life that we feel alone, and that no one else can relate. Trials come our way and sometimes there is nothing anyone can do to help the situation. Read this part again: do not be afraid or discouraged. God brings seasons in life to sharpen you for your own good. God walks WITH you THROUGH this hardship. He is with you; gain your strength from Him♡
morningprayer - youareenough - coffeeforyourheart - patienceisavirtue - heknows - lampandlight - morningblessing - godiswithyou - sisterinchrist - godlovesyou - trust - godsdaughter - morninginspiration -
veronicahealth : #godiswithyou #godlovesyou #youareenough #godsdaughter #sisterinchrist #patienceisavirtue #trust #heknows #morninginspiration #morningprayer #morningblessing #lampandlight #coffeeforyourheart
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Silly faces with my dear sista in Christ Febry#sisterinChrist#event#singing#fun#silliness#happy#icoc#gkdi#hope
silliness - fun - icoc - gkdi - sisterinchrist - singing - event - hope - happy -
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Ohhh your turn le!! HEHE~😆😆 Is Today , Happy Blessing Birthday to this September baby SAMANTHA😘 HAHAHAH..😎😎 May God blessed you day by day , year after year💞💞 and your family,your future,your studies,your spiritual,your relationship,your serving,and everything in your life...[Blessed are Those who find wisdom,Those who gain understanding.]👼👼 I'm Glad to know You when we was a kid and until now..Friendship still counting although now we not same Church..[Distance is Nothing xD.] HEHEHE!! 😏😏 Jesus Love You and I Love You Too!!! 😗😗 HAHAHAHHA..[For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.Jeremiah 29:11] 😉😉 #Happybirthday🎈🎊🎉🎈#babegirl#SAMANTHA#love#sisterinChrist#friend#Godblessed#Thankgod#wish#blessing#prettyalways#healthyalways HAHAHAH!!🎊🎈🎂☺😊😏👧👼😇💙💞
happybirthday - thankgod - love - godblessed - samantha - blessing - prettyalways - healthyalways - babegirl - wish - sisterinchrist - friend -
kate69_loves_you : Good shot!
s_samantha96 : Wootzzz! Thank babee! So shocked me to see this! XD Btw.. when we took this picha d? Haha Hope to meet u again laa woiii 😚
missjanice_________y : @s_samantha96 A long time ago on Saturday! HAHA...😎
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Our best friends and sister/brother wedding @jezzelizabeth #wedding #sanctusvilla #friends #sisterinchrist #brotherinchrist #blessedmomentinlife
wedding - sisterinchrist - sanctusvilla - brotherinchrist - friends - blessedmomentinlife -
florentiapuspitasari : @fifi_puspitasari tanganmu mantaps!
fonny_margareta : @fifi_puspitasari ce fifi banty like foto anakku please... @babyface_photocontest no 54 ya.. thx bgt
fifi_puspitasari : Udah fon.. 😊😉
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Thank you for blessing everyone with your kind, loving and caring spirit. Now it's your time to fly high with the angels. #RestInPeace #SisterInChrist #Friend
restinpeace - sisterinchrist - friend -
jayaumua : A very shocking and sad news..but for what's best is she's in a better place with God..love to sis @_tennypio and family. .faamafanafana le Atua I mafatiaga uma..alofa atu
____sinatietie : so saddd stay strong @_tennypio love you sis
_tennypio : Thnks Jay n Sina still cant bliv it hey Toa buddy xx
tee_man_yo : Im so sorry for your loss sis I can't imagine what your feeling. Stay strong 😭 love to you and family xox @_tennypio
davey_stowers23 : Thanks for the follow. God bless @tee_man_yo
tee_man_yo : No worries :)
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Such a fun night!! @djellis_1 @tishflo @kelkelw4 @lifewith_christ #sisterinChrist#fun the rightway👍❤️
sisterinchrist - fun -
tishflo : That's a good picture of y'all!!!
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Nobody can deny that this picture is adorable #modelstatus #sisterinChrist
sisterinchrist - modelstatus -
thekaitlyncalhoun : ✨✨✨us
sherrylee86 : Both are beautiful inside and out 😘
_abigailtaylor : @sherrylee86 thanks, Mrs. Sherry. Love you!
alexiscarroway : 😍😍 @_abigailtaylor
_abigailtaylor : 😊💃 @alexiscarroway
sherrylee86 : Love you too!
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8 years later and she's still my very best human. Tshego Maakoe you are my person. Happy birthday and just THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Thank you for showing me unpredictable love when I most need it... Thank you for being annoying and loving at the same time. #complainttaker #burbentaker #lovegiver #bigmouth #mygiftfromHighSchool #sisterinChrist #sisterinlove #sisterinResilience #she'llnevergetinsta #happybirthdaybestiiii
mygiftfromhighschool - burbentaker - lovegiver - bigmouth - sisterinresilience - she - sisterinchrist - sisterinlove - happybirthdaybestiiii - complainttaker -
mervi_merv : Happy BirthdayTsheggie!!
msamandla : Lovely girl that!
mandycandydandy - ntombimaduna - thomas_kabwit - gracia_kal -
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