This beautiful woman is getting married in less than a month! So excited to share today with you @marcelletpretorius πŸ’•
sisterinchrist -
marcelletpretorius : Aw, was so lovely to share today with you! You're such a loving and kindhearted person. Thank you for making me feel so special. πŸ’ž @jemjem87
jemjem87 : πŸ’•πŸ’• #sisterinchrist πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ @marcelletpretorius
amorepretorius - inspector_rex89 - kiri_mia - b0nny_rose -
Just want to wish my best friend a very happy birthday! I love this girl to death and she has really been there for me through everything life has thrown at me. It's safe to say I would so lost without her! I love you baby Sarah and you are a huge blessing to me! #sisterinchrist πŸ‘­πŸ’™πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ@siivanainen
sisterinchrist -
fressiosa - purplepandahj - siivanainen - csturks4 -
How about I make today a shout out Saturday?! Big shout out to God for bringing @blue_eyedmermaid into my life. We can geeeeeek out over A LOT of things together, like having purses that match. I love the heart that she has to serve The Lord. You're beautiful inside & out. love you Betsy! // #SisterInChrist
sisterinchrist -
thesteverussell : Dat photo cred doe
vmsheridan : Oh my bad! πŸ“·: @thesteverussell
blue_eyedmermaid : Aw I love this and you! Literally you are such a Godly and strong woman and I'm so blessed to have met you! "Iron sharpens iron" I'm so blessed for our present and thankful for our future! You are gorgeous inside and out thank you for all that you do for Gods people! #sistersinChrist
blue_eyedmermaid : And thank you Steven! You rock @thesteverussell
p_ogara - iemmek1 - servingothers17 - jaysr21 -
#ootd ladies at Dream Encounter Seminar with Dr. Barbie Breathitt - Navy Blue Sweater! πŸ‘­ πŸ‘― Hits sehati tanpa janjian #TeamMusikKesayangan #YHOP #SisterinChrist
sisterinchrist - yhop - teammusikkesayangan - ootd -
thelookscout : @aboutalook @tarekhijazi
refilo : @myansens haduh...
tepzhunizawa - cutefashblog - albertyonathan - rlaowady -
@kvtes, thank you for being a true blessing in my life. Go out and spread the Gospel! #SisterInChrist #NetMinistries
sisterinchrist - netministries -
genachristine : My cup runneth over for you and this journey you're on!
fmaffei - andynlizzy - amandeez - jessicaadelle10 -
Good bye and see you soon! (: #sisterinchrist #studyabroad
sisterinchrist - studyabroad -
fyre_fyre - aprimamatondang - sophiawong0225 - alysia_kxw -
Happy 18th birthday @kikyyykurniawan !! Have a blessed bday and I hope that you'll grow more mature in Christ :) #yesitsnother19thbday #weboughtthewrongbaloon #sisterinchrist #kikywahiakiky #billybelly
sisterinchrist - kikywahiakiky - weboughtthewrongbaloon - billybelly - yesitsnother19thbday -
kikyyykurniawan : Thankyou! @briandasawarsa amin amin amin hahahhaa
briandasawarsa : @kikyyykurniawan and langgeng with honeybelly too yaa :)
cindyrellala : Happy bday @kikyyykurniawan
kikyyykurniawan : Thankyou @cindyrellala 😊
wu_smalls : Happy bday @kikyyykurniawan
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"Hmmm... tastes like chicken" // #Things #targetteeshirts #twins #periwinkle #gamenight #greatmindsthinkalike @sophiachristin
twins - gamenight - vino - periwinkle - sisterinchrist - things - greatmindsthinkalike - targetteeshirts - friends - community -
gessieboy : #vino #friends #community #sisterinchrist
meaghan_wottrich - e.tobi - jbrunicardi - katherinegillenn -
This girl right here...Jules I don't even have the words to tell you how much it means to me to call you my best friend. You're always there for me through the hardest times and can talk me off a ledge when I'm feeling broken. You are truly a gift from God. I don't know how I'd make it through all these tough times without my neighbor in crime. You have such a sweet spirit, and I adore seeing the light of Jesus in you. You push me every day to be a better me and to always look to God for strength. I love you Julia Goraj! #bestfriendforalways #neighbor #sisterinchrist #othercheesythings
sisterinchrist - bestfriendforalways - neighbor - othercheesythings -
sc_dancer - kananienlow - jillleighan - tcaspi59 -
You know girls night 😊❀️ #disciplelife #sisterinchrist
sisterinchrist - disciplelife -
randy_perezz - kategeorgia - mrslhawkins - maya_morales -
My all time favorite photo of this #olympia2014 taken by Bobby Black Photography. @jamieeasonmiddleton you made my day! #fitnessfriends #sisterinchrist #heartofgold #cancercrusader #childrenscancercrusader #jamieeason is one special lady and is #cuteasabutton
cancercrusader - olympia2014 - heartofgold - childrenscancercrusader - cuteasabutton - sisterinchrist - jamieeason - fitnessfriends -
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Also got to watch homegirl cheer! She did an awesome job! Even though I didn't get to witness too much once I started recording haha. Great job out there Nat #SisterInChrist #AgainWithMyEyes #OhWell ☺️
sisterinchrist - againwithmyeyes - ohwell - acts - alwayshomegirl -
frankiej_suckaa : #ACTS
thatsthebeesknees : #reppintheYL
frankiej_suckaa : #AlwaysHomegirl @thatsthebeesknees πŸ˜„πŸ˜‹πŸ‘Œ
cgarz7 - _lysssflo - thatsthebeesknees - missjuleeandrea -
Happy birthday to this amazing girl! Love and miss you so much! Hope you have an amazing rest of your day. Wish you lived in Washington! #HappyBirthday #WorkCrew #SisterInChrist
happybirthday - workcrew - sisterinchrist -
sarahblack_16 : I love you!! Thank you so much! Miss you like crazy!!!
sdelvecchio : ❀️❀️
ashaylasingh - josephallenj - madipraino - nicola_laguardia -
Had fun with the beautiful @mbstollings #SisterInChrist
sisterinchrist -
jessssss_icaaa : ah miss u both!!
morgieboo32 : Miss you too @jessssss_icaaa
mrschike - t_kells - lynzeychanel - rachelmierzwa -
Two of my favs ❀️ #generaltsoschicken and @saynh 😘 #imsoblessed #sisterinchrist
sisterinchrist - generaltsoschicken - imsoblessed - letsgoweekend -
thechristinacheon : #stillgottatakemethere 😒
carmaryae : #letsgoweekend !!!!
carmaryae : @thechristinacheon ❀️😘😘
rachelyli - m3agan_s - rayymoo_ - justinlee3000 -
My Favorite Freshie by far....besides Timmy. :) #sisterinChrist #loverher #kisses @cassidy201817
sisterinchrist - kisses - loverher -
cassidy201817 : Love ya too! #myfavsenior @haejintheasian
olyvia_danielle - chocolatethunder_50 - cassidy201817 - dailydisciples -
When you are having the absolute worse day and get a text like this. Only God would know to do this today. Made my day better. #sister #sisterinchrist #texts #badday #goodmoments #onlyGod #loveher #shesthebest #mytwin ❀️😘
sister - onlygod - loveher - texts - mytwin - badday - goodmoments - shesthebest - sisterinchrist -
thee_outsider : Your Most welcome! I'm truly blessed to have u in my life! Your sooo Amazing and I thought I should remind u of it! I Love u Baby sis! 😍😚
butterfly_rose21 - thee_outsider - swaggy_chola - carlos69ortiz -
#sisterinchrist <3 grateful to have shared this moment with a beautiful friend
sisterinchrist -
dailydisciples -
Sometimes horribly long fridays are brightened by happy sticky notes from special friends. (I wonder who?) #lovethisgirl #happynotes #stickynotes #sisterinchrist
sisterinchrist - happynotes - lovethisgirl - stickynotes -
hayhay_swan - brookegastfield - dmn7k - phoebeescobar -
One of the greatest person in my life-such an encourager, listens when I needed to vent about the issues of life, and watch out for me. #sisterinChrist #love
sisterinchrist - love -
katiepoint21 : Ahhh I miss you guys😭😭😭😭😭
lkostner1120 - katiepoint21 - makaka12 - anikeevn -
Awwww #God sure has been blessing I was suprised with these brought to me from one of my #besties @lcavazos142003 @leonela2006_ @lcavazos301 #iloveyou #sisterinChrist so glad I was finally able to see you I missed you girlie! #flowersinavase #beautiful #mademyday #GodBlessYou
beautiful - flowersinavase - besties - godblessyou - god - iloveyou - sisterinchrist - mademyday -
norapesin - sharing1234 - lucababboni - badgirlchri -
Fun times with this cool chick. #silly #friendship #moments #sisterinchrist #fun #crazy #joy #church
crazy - moments - joy - sisterinchrist - silly - church - fun - friendship -
kaylizman - danii3lla - dailydisciples -
just receive a line, and surprisingly its a doodle of me. ahhh love it! made by talented girl @josiewidia you can check her IG.. she has a golden voice. I believe that someday you'll gonne be a profesional singer. keep maximize your skill Wid! πŸ‘§πŸŽ€πŸŽ¨πŸ˜˜
sisterinchrist -
achasinaga : #sisterinChrist
tambah_tinggi_badan_209k : Nice
deviifarah : Kak @achasinaga tadi aktingnya keren di salah satu film di trans tv...:)
achasinaga : makasih yaa :) @deviifarah
davyna_mamahit - anglmaria - wandhawandha - linacantik -
Thank you girls for sparing your time to meet me. It is greatly appreciated, surely gonna miss you two #sisterinChrist #ilovemyfruity #fruity πŸ»πŸ‘­πŸ‘―
sisterinchrist - ilovemyfruity - fruity -
amadeusadi - adhonymartin - m.maynard - carlysley -
agape//sacrificial love for God #NetMinistries #SisterInChrist
sisterinchrist - netministries -
jmandalynn : @mariahbutcher3
dancing_gipsy : YAASS!
vnessab333 - 4myyaya - daisyfeldman - smm18 -
Very proud of you 😘 #proud #miami #akpsi #sisterinchrist #thankful #goodfood #goodtimes #grove #worldchangers #bigplans #takeover #swag #son&daughtersoftheking #blessed #dale #headbob
dale - waitingonthelord - goodfood - worldchangers - blessed - goodtimes - akpsi - thankful - takeover - headbob - son - swag - miami - proud - grove - sisterinchrist - bigplans -
chris_a_sims : Nice pic
yami_instagrams : #beefy
daniel305 : @ireneyyy it will happenπŸ˜‰
daniel305 : @yami_instagrams ya tu sabes
daniel305 : @chris_a_sims thanks man we have to catch up again. Excited for Dallas!!!
chris_a_sims : Yes bro. Can't wait for Dallas!
npuentesolis : Best brother/mentor everrrrrr😘 will miss you like crazy when you leave us again😭 lol @daniel305
daniel305 : @npuentesolis won't be for long!
ippyg - chrisalessi - drudonlala - flavaflavee -
My quiet late night work session listening to old school slow jams. 16 more Days till wedding day Geli!! @geli_27 #cantWait #soonToBeMrsTaylor #sisterInChrist #joy #blessed #wedding #weddingflowers #weddingbsckdrops #floridaweddings
weddingflowers - cantwait - weddingbsckdrops - joy - soontobemrstaylor - blessed - weddingbackdrops - wedding - sisterinchrist - floridaweddings -
jackee_bencon : #weddingbackdrops
fab_u_lista : Can't wait to see it!
jackee_bencon : @fab_u_lista I know! I've been working on this for a few those last little excited :)
laurenkinsey1 : ❀️
geli_27 : I LOVE ME SOME Brian McKnight!!!!!!!!!!!! .... I love all the previews πŸ˜‰ ... Looking forward to seeing everything flow together 😁 ... 15 more days 😳😳😳 ...
vicen737 - jcolon1221 - ac_35 - fab_u_lista -
This made my day!!!! @peyton_not_manning thank you so much for thinking of me. I love it so much. Blessed to be your friend. :) #blessed #Penpal #Mickymouse #snailmail #friendship #SisterInChrist
mickymouse - penpal - sisterinchrist - friendship - blessed - snailmail -
peyton_not_manning : So blessed to be your friend! I honestly love writing to you! #SistersForever
alove94 - becca_in_nz - encourageroftheking80 - thingsfallapart08 -
You will never fully succeed unless you are willing to fail over and over again, gaining strength and wisdom each time. This was a fun challenge to do some type of pushup variation. I found some #strengths that I didn't know I had and some #weaknesses to work on. #God has definitely #blessed me to be able to continue living in the #fitness world that I love, the job I love, and #amazingclients. My body has suffered more trauma and accidents then I can list in one post, but #Godisgreat and keeps me moving! No matter your situation or condition you have a choice to #pushlimits and #liveinthepresent each day. #badjointscantstopheart #SuperHeroSeptember #pushups #clapifyouarehappy #afw #cantsnotanoption #adaptivefitnesswarehouse @sarah_thebeautyhunter @superhumanyogi
fitsista - adaptivefitnesswarehouse - weaknesses - blessed - pushlimits - cantsnotanoption - superheroseptember - liveinthepresent - believinginyourself - afw - clapifyouarehappy - realfamily - god - pushups - badjointscantstopheart - fitness - sisterinchrist - godisgreat - strengths - amazingclients -
sarah_thebeautyhunter : Love this song SO much! Beautiful and strong inside and out sister! πŸ’ͺ😍
blessedassurancedoula : I'm over here like, "Wow. I can't even do a normal push up." And you're over there like, "Hey. Let me make these look easy." You go girl. What an inspiration.
adaptivefitnessbybrittney : @sarah_thebeautyhunter I β™‘ you a lot! you are definitely a blessing in my circle! #fitsista' #sisterinChrist #realfamily :-)
adaptivefitnessbybrittney : @blessedassurancedoula you could totally do a real pushup as much as you carry those kiddos around. Come and try it :-) its all about #BelievingInYourself
shophelpsy - carolisa34 - allieeegrace - jenneralcfitness -
First Day OFF. :") with Ateng @clara1029 Thank you ate for spending time with me. I appreciate the act. May God bless you more and I pray that what He wills you to do be done and be revealed. I love you beyond words even to our differences, I am thankful for the Common Denominator.. GOD HIMSELF! #SisterInChrist #leisuretime #starbucks #greentea #NuAsia #NoodleNight #Vermicelli #UdonWithBeef #foodlover #weightGainingForMe #dietPlanforAte #totallyOpposite #happy #blessed #TYL β™‘♥β™‘
weightgainingforme - tyl - totallyopposite - udonwithbeef - vermicelli - blessed - dietplanforate - leisuretime - nuasia - starbucks - noodlenight - sisterinchrist - greentea - foodlover - happy -
clara1029 : @honeylevite aaaaaw......😘❀
green_tea_pics : Very best!
angela_shayne - slipknot767 - chefricardobertolin - clara1029 -
Happy 20th Birthday Ading Gwen!! :) Love you much! #fellowvirgo #happybirthday #sisterhood #SisterInChrist #blessedwiththebest #goodvibes #goodtimes
happybirthday - goodvibes - sisterinchrist - fellowvirgo - blessedwiththebest - sisterhood - goodtimes -
norbertmjr91 : Happy birfdAy Gwen
ohsnapitsgwen : Thank you so much Ate Kar! Love ya! Thank you @norbertmjr91
alysiababy - forgetmenot_xo - mslee95 - natecfcyams -
"But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, my close friend, with whom I once enjoyed sweet fellowship at the house of God, as we walked about among the worshippers." Psalm 55:13-14πŸ’˜ #throwbackthursday with my favorite person in my favorite placeπŸ—»πŸ“· #sigmasister #sigma #bestfriend #sisterinchrist #comebacktotx #likenow #sigmathursday?
sigmasister - bestfriend - throwbackthursday - likenow - sigmathursday - sisterinchrist - comebacktotx - sigma -
austyncarter : Love this 😍
annadowling11 : @austyncarter LOVE YOU!😍 OMG I MISS YOUR FACEπŸ’”
austyncarter : I MISS YOU TOO ANNA! πŸ’”
carolion95 : I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SIS
amysandlin : y'all are awesome!!
annadowling11 : AMY!!! πŸ’˜ YOU ARE MORE AWESOME OMG MISS YOU! @amysandlin
annadowling11 : Love you sis!! @carolion95
elizajoy_cook - natirishrunner - littlebody_bigheart - claudiadowling -
Love this girl! She's so precious ❀️ #bestgirl #love #friend #sisterinchrist #beautiful
bestgirl - sisterinchrist - beautiful - love - friend -
bonge5star - obi_gabriel76 - bassaw - nayisims -
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