"When people grow up they realize its less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones" #goodfriends #sisterinChrist @jogie_ace
sisterinchrist - goodfriends -
My Sister Mary Jo @maryjosieb last night going to her Senior prom, so proud of you sister Look look beautiful. .. Makeup by me.. @kuttinzone_presents_ladyzone still booking prom appointments at the Kuttin Zone @kuttinzone @kuttinzoneunisex call 609-261-9663 #ladyzone #teamzone #kuttinzone #makeup #promseason #prom #beauty #natural #sisterinchrist
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Typical Saturday in Northern Michigan. #SisterinChrist #sistersinChrist #love #family #blessed #JIFE #Jesusfreak #JesusIsForEverybody #Michigan #TraverseCity #Godfirst #Godisgood #goofball
godisgood - jesusfreak - love - family - jesusisforeverybody - jife - michigan - blessed - goofball - sisterinchrist - godfirst - sistersinchrist - traversecity -
summermaddness - arnoldcampos21 - rollin4christ - football_freak_4_jesus -
#lovelytimeswithlovelypeople #ariesbabies #sisterinchrist #ny #newyorkskyline
sisterinchrist - ny - newyorkskyline - ariesbabies - lovelytimeswithlovelypeople -
_divine_connection : ♡♡♡♡♡♡ Love Youuu Rhoooo!!!!!!
rebuildme : I looovveeee u too xoxoxo @_divine_connection
d3vin3sunshin3 - angelt7988 - garret_adrian - cakes1118 -
👭 #friendship #friends #friendsforlife #sisterinchrist
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bahagia itu sederhana... bisa main sama kalian.. @tathaagatha @shallynatalia @vaniavirginiaa thanks for being my bestie 😘😘😘😘 kalian is the best.. #sister #sisterinchrist #siserhood #kaa #ootd #justforfun #happiness #hug #kiss #girl #girldaysout #hangout #qualitytime #bandung #asiaafrika #gedungmerdeka
kaa - hug - kiss - asiaafrika - girldaysout - qualitytime - ootd - girl - happiness - gedungmerdeka - sister - justforfun - bandung - sisterinchrist - siserhood - hangout -
vani_panci : maapkan atas insiden hari ini 😭😭😭
tathaagatha : hahhahaa gpp van..cepet sembuh ya 😘 bsk kudu ke gereja 😉
vani_panci : iya.. thx tata 😘 amin bsk bsa k grj.. @tathaagatha
vaniavirginiaa : Cpet smbuh yahhh paniii 😊😊❤️
vani_panci - shallynatalia - tathaagatha - ph3xz -
Oh my sister had a new name, please call her Nino Ni. 即日起生效😝😚😉😏😆 #弟弟說的 #sister #sisterhood #love #family #lovefamily #youngheart #Christianity #girl #sisterinchrist #igsister #instacolour #igart #crazy
sister - 弟弟說的 - family - youngheart - igsister - lovefamily - crazy - christianity - igart - sisterinchrist - love - girl - sisterhood - instacolour -
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Joyful #sisterinchrist
sisterinchrist -
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May be it's too too too late to introduce you as my leader but here's everyone, she's my leader 😏😌😄👆🏻A well spent day. #bukancgout #SisterInChrist
sisterinchrist - bukancgout -
selwaraja : Waaaahhhh....cantiik sekaliii😍😍😍
fenny13_ : @selwaraja gila di hack ya ko hahahha
selwaraja : Wkakakaakakakka....kgaaa inii bneran gw -_-"....😂😂😂
fenny13_ : @selwaraja masih ga percaya sbnernya.. Tapi makasihhh ko, makin ngefans deh sm suaranya HAHAHA
sinta_25 - cindycarissa__ - hendsunhs - calvin.vin7 -
Friday. April, 24, 2015 11:40pm. My friend accept God into her life. After about 2 months of talking to her about God, she finally accepted!! Woohoo~ Thank you everyone who prayed for me. I was super scared to share but through Him I was able to. Praise God for opening up her heart and continuing to work in her. Its my first time directly sharing to a friend. Wow! There is so much joy witnessing to someone and seeing them start this new journey. Thank you Lord for always having your hand in everything and thank you for allowing us to now walk to together as sisters in Christ. God is good!!! PTL!!! I know God is up there cheering with all the angels. Haha. Im so excited and proud of you, Elizabeth for taking this step of faith and God has big plans for you. Lets continue to grow together and find true joy and freedom in Him. "God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life."😍 #ggtg #eternallife #sisterinChrist #newadventure #thankyouLord #Godisgood #4laws #herfirstbible #yeeeeeeeeeeeee #sohappyyyyyyyalmostcried #freedomreignsinthisplace #REJOICEEEEEEE #AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
godisgood - sohappyyyyyyyalmostcried - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - ggtg - herfirstbible - newadventure - rejoiceeeeeee - 4laws - yeeeeeeeeeeeee - sisterinchrist - freedomreignsinthisplace - thankyoulord - eternallife -
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3-14-15 The day that i was baptize i was so happy and blessed :) and i had a chance to take a pic with ate Sandra Seifert and im here little sandra ;) such a humble person, a good example to us #SisterinChrist, and sana someday magkaroon din ako ng mga designs mong sabbath dress cause its simple but elegant. #siscollection #modesty #LittleSandra hehe ^_^ #SisterSandra God Bless you #HappySabbath
siscollection - happysabbath - sisterinchrist - littlesandra - sistersandra - modesty -
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Take me to the king! #church #Vigilia #sisterinchrist
sisterinchrist - vigilia - church -
notsofamous - yo_manny - chris_lowe83 - justunmee -
Last nite #latepost #isharvesttime #nevergiveup #communitycell #sisterinchrist
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carolinekarta : Wah komsel baru ni, Mar?
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happy b'day the beautiful sist 🎂🎉🎊 ... all the best in everything 🙏 .. Gbu ☺☺ .. #sista #brother #sisterinchrist #instalike
sisterinchrist - instalike - sista - brother -
michelia_1094 - alpondlible10 - avelinenatasha - dominquercnerio -
How cute are we? So lucky that I've gotten to get to know this girl better! Whether we are teaching some stinky fifth graders or chasing after a handful of little nuggets, we never fail to get the chance to talk about our life and our faith. I truly cherish the time we get to spend together @lexibchap9 ! You're a pretty amazing friend ❤️ #SisterInChrist
sisterinchrist -
lexibchap9 : OH my I love this!!! You're too sweet. I love how close we have become in the last year and I can't wait to see what our futures have in store for us!! I really enjoy our weekly talks on life and our faith. It means a lot that I can always count on you being there for me whenever I have something I need to get off of my chest. 💘#SisterInChrist #Forever&Ever
ashleirae7 : Thank you @lexibchap9 💕 😊
baileybauer3 - meganb_138 - tammiraeb - lexibchap9 -
Miwa's #nails #manicure #sisterinCHRIST #sistertime #chocolate #polish 💅🏼 #bonding #pretty #seeZeeForFree
sistertime - nails - chocolate - bonding - manicure - sisterinchrist - polish - pretty - seezeeforfree -
alex_lavadores : Love that color!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍👌🏼💅🏼🙋🏼
erin.morici : I'll take that color!!
zpruneda : Lol!!! Come see me. I will do your nails :)
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Mis hermanita! :) #sisterinChrist #love #amistad
sisterinchrist - love - amistad -
steph_torres96 - marcoduarte1 - princippessa - estrellitaaaa -
Megan working her hand-made dress 👗 #SisterInChrist #SuchFun #GirlyNight #BelatedBirthdayCelebrations
sisterinchrist - suchfun - girlynight - belatedbirthdaycelebrations -
believe74350 - blondeandhyper - papi_anthony - lydiamthom -
So today is a pretty special day. Today is the BIRTHday of one of my #favorite people. We have been through a lot together. We have been through good and bad, mad happy fighting loving and all around best times. I know I can be a lil pushy sometimes but it's only because I love you and want the best for you. I hope your day is magical and don't let anyone get in your way. #happybirthday#lovie your the best #sisterinlaw#sisterinchrist#sisterinlove a girl can have. #iloveyou
happybirthday - sisterinlaw - iloveyou - lovie - sisterinchrist - sisterinlove - favorite -
allisonanne87 : Aww Happy Birthday Lindsey!!!
days_of_future_craft - candylarrye - espyme - tfavarella -
Happy birthday @agneslorita salah satu anak komsel the light of life senyum, tawa dan canda yang akan terus membuat orang lain tersenyum dan penuh semangat melihat kamu.. Dipakai diusia muda sesuai apa yg menjadi mau Tuhan dalam hidupmu . Berjalan dan berharap penuh sama Tuhan..keep growing & shining in Jesus.. #familyofGod #sisterinchrist #komselTheLightOflife #latepost
familyofgod - sisterinchrist - latepost - komselthelightoflife -
agneslorita : Makasihhh ko ren :D
albert_hineni - agneslorita - elsaanggrean - shantinovia -
This pretty lady surprised me at work today! Starbucks and lunch date. #April #spring #friends #besties #sisters #prettylady #starbucks #lime #Pines #Pineslife #Soflo #sisterinChrist
prettylady - besties - pines - spring - soflo - sisterinchrist - april - starbucks - pineslife - sisters - friends - lime -
butterfly_face - thedailychat - ajfm88 - daniell18117608 -
My heart is so full right now! For Christmas, I sent Yendi, the little girl that I'm sponsoring in Honduras, $100 on top of the monthly $40ish I usually send. It takes several months for the gifts/letters to reach one another, so this sponsorship does get a little discouraging when we don't hear from her. Apparently the $100 transferred to $2,144.14 (in lempiras). She was able to buy school supplies, a uniform for school, and new shoes. She was also able to buy new clothes. She stated in her letter that she now has a "very pretty dress" to wear to church. The money I send every month pays for her education and food for her and her family, so she was able to splurge a little! Life is good! God is good! #WorldVision #MySponsorship #LookAtGod #SisterInChrist
sisterinchrist - lookatgod - mysponsorship - worldvision -
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that face though..wanna pinch her 😠😠😘 #just_had_to_post_it #francesnalada #sisterinchrist
sisterinchrist - just_had_to_post_it - francesnalada -
_phaena : @lilywaimanu cute eh? 😊😇
_phaena : 😂😂😂
di_tagi : Au rere.😜😜
_phaena : 😈😂😂😂😂
zoroeps - di_tagi - tamari.marie - _phaena -
One of the best gift i've ever had. Thankyouu sis.Gab 😄☆😘 Godbless you always. ♥ #SisterInChrist.
sisterinchrist -
gambizzzle : Love you sis I'm glad you liked it! 😘☺️
gladslabsyou : I really like it. I'll keep it promise. When you comeback again you going to see it in my hand. ♥😄 iloveyouu sis.
iammayeeeng - lucilleleal - tricia.sevilla - elicieenne -
@jamiecuc Thank you for all your hard work and planning for my special day. I appreciate your friendship so much. Love you Doll! #latepost #April #wednesdaynight #RA #birthday #birthdaydinner #sisterinChrist
april - birthday - ra - wednesdaynight - latepost - birthdaydinner - sisterinchrist -
vale_723 : Love you girl happy birthday again sorry I missed it, but @jamiecuc did awesome planning it for you
jamiecuc : Love you I'm glad you enjoyed your special day ♥
josegarcia051 - 24fit_beast - brittanyrouse2 - vale_723 -
Glad to see my dear friend again..miss those days when we go to victory pioneer together watching each other as we grow in our walk with God..oh well she literally grew..😅 #sisterinchrist #friendsforkeeps #annualvacay2015 #itsmorefuninthephilippines
sisterinchrist - friendsforkeeps - annualvacay2015 - itsmorefuninthephilippines -
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I like to kiss random statues. #statue #Lansing #Michigan #SisterinChrist #Jesusfreak #JesusIsForEverybody #kiss #Godisgood #Godfirst #blessed
godisgood - jesusfreak - kiss - jesusisforeverybody - michigan - blessed - lansing - statue - sisterinchrist - godfirst -
detroitrespect - cruzflavia - arnoldcampos21 - rollin4christ -
Yey! 😘❤️beb @missycelvelonza just continue to do things God's way and trust Him with the outcome 😊 always remember that He has perfect will for you. 😘❤️ stay victorious in Christ Jesus our Lord! ❤️ I love you! God loves you more ❤️❤️❤️ #victoryweekend #sisterinChrist #trustGod
sisterinchrist - victoryweekend - trustgod -
missycelvelonza : Aaaaawww... thank you for the prayers sis! Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for being my 'yokebuddy' yay! :)) hahaha! Puro gratitude :D basta alam mo na yun ;) will be praying for you always. Iloveyou! God loves you more. :*
iam__judy : Thank you beb! mwaah @missycelvelonza 😘 let's continue praying for each other ❤️
marelthejoy - nikka_devera - iam_adcel - missycelvelonza -
#reading #LetMeBeAWoman #LadyinWaiting thanks #sisterinChrist @selvirangan @ivannarumbiak for these books ♥♥
sisterinchrist - letmebeawoman - reading - ladyinwaiting -
maryskyyy - 4nc3_ - fhyniie - selvirangan -
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage - We love because he first loved us #LoveYou #Beautiful #SisterInChrist
beautiful - sisterinchrist - loveyou -
skylar.taylor : @james__mundell oh my gosh😭 james you make my life✋ i love you big brother❤❤❤
garethsteyn - itsmeshano - carla_dore - ethannaude -
Masih serupa lah yaa sama anak SMA 😋👯😁✌️ #likes #igers #iphonesia #pictoftheday #girls #instapic #instagood #instanesia #Asian #Indonesia #friendship #SHS #SisterInChrist
shs - indonesia - girls - iphonesia - instagood - instapic - igers - sisterinchrist - instanesia - friendship - asian - pictoftheday - likes -
gbxrl - almadmhodder - kristinnoeretha - shellyjohanita -
Cerita nya, kita 1 angkatan kan gituuu 👯👯😁😁 #likes #igers #iphonesia #selfie #wefie #groufie #instapic #pictoftheday #girls #instagood #instanesia #Asian #friendship #SisterInChrist
groufie - selfie - instapic - girls - iphonesia - instagood - wefie - igers - sisterinchrist - instanesia - friendship - asian - pictoftheday - likes -
nadyonad - earl_diaz - nicolas.gamaliel - angleapgfaler -
Happy Birthday, Selni Maya Rani Damanik yang ke 21.. Semakin penuh hikmat, sukacita, bijaksana, dewasa dalam Iman juga perilaku, semakin bertanggungjawab, setia dan semangat mengerjakan apa yg telah Tuhan percayakan padamu (Peranan dalam keluarga, studi dan juga pelayanan), semakin mencintai proses yang Tuhan telah sediakan bagimu. Semoga jadi anak yang baik buat Bapa tongah & inang tongah, adik yang baik buat bang andre dan ade (anw, buat kami yang di kontrakan juga), jadi kakak yg baik AKKmu, jadi terbaik buat sekitar dan paling utama jadi yang terbaik Buat Tuhan. Maaf belum ucapin langsung, you know lah ya. Kami turut berdoa bersamamu untuk semua harapan2 mu di masa depan.. Tuhan memberkatimu semakin berlimpah dek! #SquareInstaPic #birthday #familyislove #FamilyinChrist #sisterinchrist #blessed #grateful #potd #vsco #vscocam #vscogood
potd - familyislove - vscogood - squareinstapic - blessed - vsco - birthday - grateful - sisterinchrist - vscocam - familyinchrist -
boykesimbolon : Selamat ulang tahun mayaaa... Semakin makmur di impian, bukan berat badan wkwkwk pisss 👌👌👌
adesaragih : Selamat ulang tahun pak..tetap menjadi berkat buat ornng2 sekitarnya ya 😇😇😈
dedeariani : @selni_damanik May, dengar isi hati mereka may. Ucaplah syukur. Hahah 👆
selni_damanik : Pak??? Makasih semuanya... semoga doa yg baik dari anda anda sekalian di dengar yang maha kuasa
sigobbol : Selamat ulang tahun mba, semoga makin T O P dahhh
dedeariani : @sigobbol May ngga usah percaya sama yg komen diatas ku ini. Huuuuu 👆
sigobbol : Hahaha ada2 aja bahh
septy.riayanti : Salamat ulang tahun bah @selni_damanik. Doa dan harapan idem lh sama tmn2 yg lain tmbahan nya kapan kita makan2? :-D
elyevenshi_manurung - olindamanik - arinne.christin - quinjayanti -
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