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Us #sisterinChrist #blessedSunday #instadaily
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#sisterinChrist πŸ˜‡
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safiradjunaedi21 : Kira kayak dipuncak wkwkwkwk
safiradjunaedi21 : *kita
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Sometimes God places people in your life as a guiding light and an advice giver. This girl is not only my best friend but my partner in crime. My dancing road trip buddy but most importantly my sister in Christ. I'm so thankful for her and the unbreakable bond that we share. Hang on to those true friends, they really are hard to find. Together we have laughed, cried, danced, shopped, laughed until we've cried but more importantly grew closer to the Lord. I love you! #bestfriend #sisterinchrist #loveyou πŸ’œπŸ˜‰β­οΈπŸ‘Œ
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Two years of friendship with my Najeebooboo @_najeeeeee . You have been a blessing to me and your growth in and thirst for Christ is inspirational. Love you morerer. #SisterInChrist
sisterinchrist -
myperfectbody11 : I love your hair and your sense of fashion. Do you wear extensions and do you shop online?
_najeeeeee : I love youuuuuu 😘😘😘
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Jesse's baptism #jesusislord #God #family #sisterinchrist
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prayerapp : so nice! do you follow @instapray?
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In January 2013 I had the privilege of going to Cambodia w/ Linda. In January 2015 we will again be on mission together there. In-between these adventures I have been witness to this beautiful lady with a loving heart, becoming more amazing as each day goes by. What a joy to be a part of her life, to hear her sweet voice as she tells her stories of how the Lord is filling her up and to be counted a friend by this woman of God #feelingGrateful #30daysofthanks #simplygivethanks #friends #sisterinChrist #Cambodia #daretolove #peopleDeemeets
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How I loved celebrating this gorgeous, kind, inspiring, God loving friend of mine! Honored to witness and encourage her through her marriage to one lucky but also amazing man. #loveher #sisterinchrist #blessedmarriage @staceface4889
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staceface4889 : Love you @pgordley
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Baby sister#wow# @19akanksha#sisterinchrist#madness#loveyoutothemoonandback#babylove#cutie#😍😍😍😍😍 its js super fun to have you#loveyoupal
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Nov.2014 #dormmate #sisterinchrist #friends
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Coincidental 😏 with this beautiful lady #ootd #floral #denim #party #thanksgiving #SoMuchBlessings #Girlfriends #SisterInChrist πŸŽŠπŸ’•πŸ‘­
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The guest room is ready for the weekend arrival of @kelseycafferky whose family has traveled all the way from Colorado to vist us here in #downtownGreenvilleSC I can't wait to meet the lady that I've blogged with and FaceBooked with for the past 5 years, but have never met!! #craftsmanbungalow #bedroom #antiques #blogging #bloggyfriend #sisterinchrist
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lesliehellohome : @makethishouseahome I am making this house a home :)
lesliehellohome : @golnarb you need to come in April. The South is a gorgeous place not only now, but in Springtime. We will rock on the porch, take the trolley downtown, eat grits, go to Anthropologie, lol!
lesliehellohome : @glamified_decor Thank you, Zandra!
lesliehellohome : @kjrobson thank you :)
makethishouseahome : Yes, you certainly are! 😊
myperfectbody11 : Love your pictures and your so cute. How do you stay in shape do you waist train?
hot_coffee4lisa : Very pretty!
golnarb : Oh girl...don't tempt me!
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A wonderful hang out with these bunch of ladies. I'm enjoyed very much! #sisterinchrist #friendship #hangout
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First Discipleship Coaching with extra special libreng workshop from ate donna .hahaha thank you Team ! β˜†The first key word is "everything." Jesus is supposed to be the center of everything-not just religious and eternal things.Jesus centered, Nothing compares.Nothing competes #Coaching #Leaders #Fun #Faith #Family #SisterinChrist #ENCampus #Discipleship #Relationship #Love
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Stolen from @atalina_kathleen hehe, but we finally all met! Yeah buddy!! #meetatlast #onlyforashorttime #yeahbuddy #thiscallsforacelebration #sisterinchrist
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n_aomixx : Love you too! @thatrandomgirl77 seriously hope ur there tho for Tuesday, u missed the first meeting today ;P
ellierosed : heyyy i'm in Canberra rn! πŸ˜ƒ
n_aomixx : no waay awesome, where abouts @ellierosed :D
ellierosed : we stayed at narrabundah last night, and I am at vision church near the airport right now! :) @n_aomixx
n_aomixx : Awww sweet, how long u here for? You guys shuld come to the Canberra YWAM base :p @ellierosed
ellierosed : A couple of weeks... we might check it out aha! :-) @n_aomixx
n_aomixx : Yesss tell me if ur coming!!! Ill make sure im free then
n_aomixx : @ellierosed
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Happy birthday Michelle! Another powerful servant of God. Lifts you up when you are down, seeing things in a greater picture and higher perspective. A friend, that is sensitive, detailed, down to earth and happy-go-lucky. Very honored to befriend this wonderful lady. Happy birthday to you! Looking forward to friendship many years down the road(maybe i can even witness you wearing black in your wedding!) You are highly favoured and blessed.. lay hands on me please. #sheisgonnakillme #sisterinchrist
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hnyellowpolka : Happy birthday @chellemoments all the best n God bless u
chellemoments : @limeichloe @hnyellowpolka thank uuuu! 10 thank uuuuu too! Hahahahha
chellemoments : Black on my wedding?! 😱😱😱
lee7amelia : Happy birthday mich! @chellemoments have a blessed year ahead! 😘😘😘 i think i will buy u a colourful clothes when u are in bdg πŸ˜„
dorbells : Second that... Happy birthdayπŸ’• @chellemoments ! You've been an amazing friend πŸ™†πŸ™†
chellemoments : @lee7amelia hahahahhaha! Thank u!!! I'm wearing white today! Not black ✌️
chellemoments : @dorbells thank u Dor!!! U've been an awesome Fren too! :)
lee7amelia : @chellemoments ahhh not black or white lah, must be colourful 😁
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Werewolf & Vampire At it Again #Alpha#Masters#bowling#Homie#SisterInChrist#Natives#ChubbyCheeks
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myperfectbody11 : Love your pictures and your so cute. How do you stay in shape do you waist train?
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kisses are always good β™‘ #kissed #sisterinChrist #friend
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My beautiful sister in Christ πŸ’• #sisterinchrist #mjames410photography #james410_ #wedding #throughback #beautiful
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lilivette341 : Awww thanks! ❀️
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My #sisterinChrist @xiongyoga tagged me to #StopDropAndYoga and I wanted to add my day 68/365 #365DaysOfHandstands Thank you for the tag!! I now tag @mrs_knowles @terijo5 and @renny_sito if you all want to play.
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renny_sito : Wil sure play for you sister.. :) thanks for the tag @mrsmiller_time
xiongyoga : ❀️❀️ so beautiful!
asianyogicook : Omg.. I so so so so love this
mrsmiller_time : Thank you! @xiongyoga and @asianyogicook
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My Late present from @tonyacutz πŸŽ‰πŸ’•πŸ˜ŠπŸŒŸπŸ·πŸŽ thank you so so much! Thank you for believing in me, for motivating me, for transferring your love for her hair to me...you have show me that people don't need to be blood related to feel like family. Thank you for everything and for not giving up on me. πŸ’‡ #sisterinChrist #family #bless #manager #salonFamily #bellavita #wine #chocolate πŸ™Š
family - salonfamily - chocolate - bless - manager - sisterinchrist - wine - bellavita -
ada_haydee : Your*
tonyacutz : LUV you!!!!! 😍😍😍you are a talented woman blessed to call you family πŸŽ†πŸ‘―πŸ’‡πŸ’—πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ
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Happy Birthday beautiful πŸ‘­β€οΈπŸ˜˜ think we're really meant to be together in China πŸ˜„ but not in the US lol... Loving you sis 😘 #sisterinchrist #renie #birthdaygirl #friend #love
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denis_myrtaj : f4f?
myperfectbody11 : Love your pictures and your so cute. How do you stay in shape do you waist train?
myperfectbody11 - denis_myrtaj - carl_c5 - jennang10 -
Finally selfie with @crisedjoyce glad that we're doing fine and might get discharged soon :) #selfie #sisterinchrist #GodisGood
sisterinchrist - godisgood - selfie -
bombie_94 : @crisedjoyce hi joyce
myperfectbody11 : I love your hair and your sense of fashion. Do you wear extensions and do you shop online?
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#SisterInChrist #ImmaWifeHer lol #SpongySami @sphiwonxele
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sphiwonxele : Lmao #MyPerfectMistake love you beyond human imagination
candziey : Thanda you a gazillions times more spongyBoo-weey @sphiwonxele ❀️
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..1 of my #NoVeMBeR buddies β™‘ 1 bday down & 1 to go !! :) (not to mention all our kiddos #NoV #bdays) #annie #chani #AnniesAngels #bdaymonth #일월 #NOViscrazyyyy #sisterinChrist #glam #curlyQ #cutiesforChrist #loveher #xOxO
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mrs_redmond_ : Love this pic @faithlovechani
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THANKYOU EUNJI for the surprise early bday present!!!!! Srsly so gamdongs man!!!!! LOVE YA HEAPS <3 #thankyou#sisterinchrist#early21stbdaypresent#감동이야#κ³ λ§ˆμ›Œ
sisterinchrist - thankyou - κ³ λ§ˆμ›Œ - 감동이야 - early21stbdaypresent -
kiddo_onh : short hair looks good on uβ˜ΊοΈγ…Žγ…Ž
smileunji : @glejeo NO WORrIEs;))) LOVE YOU~😘
se0hui : 보고싢당 😒
myperfectbody11 : I love your hair and your sense of fashion. Do you wear extensions and do you shop online?
gracefoool - sstarrr - se0hui - kiddo_onh -
Cannot even begin to explain what a blessing and delight it was to have my precious friend Sheri visit today! She's the owner of @takeheart_nc Take Heart in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. A precious, tiny shop overflowing with so much beauty... right on main street. Please go visit her if you are ever in that area! It's such amazing God story how we met years ago and a reminder yet again that the Lord completely knows what he's doing when he orchestrates the introductions of those who love Him. Her faith radiates through her words and actions and shines just as brightly as those sparkly flowers and gifts she brought today. Thrilled to share that Take Heart will be carrying some of the #multipleblessings prints and licensed products +++ she'll soon be carrying some of the #handmadeequalshope jewelry too! Sheri, thank you for being such a light and for shining God's love through your beautiful heart! #retailer #blowingrock #blowingrocknc #takeheart #sisterinChrist #educationequalshope
educationequalshope - retailer - handmadeequalshope - takeheart - blowingrock - blowingrocknc - sisterinchrist - multipleblessings -
hcgwaltney : Did she bring you those fab handwarmers @carolinesimas because I need some of those in my life!
carolinesimas : Yes @hcgwaltney ... If you have never been to her store @takeheart_nc you should! I bet if you called the store to order she would ship a pair to youπŸ‘
hcgwaltney : Awesome @carolinesimas thanks!
hcgwaltney : @takeheart_nc how can I get my paws on a pair if the handwarmers/fingerless gloves pictured on the lovely Ms Caroline? Please say there is a way!
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@shakinshininkathyroze Im so thankful you're DONE with cancer! Such a strong woman you are in every way, especially in Christ! I love you and thank God you are cancer free! #CancerFree #PraiseGod #Jesus #Healer #Tucson #Arizona #WomanOfGod #mother #wife #SisterInChrist #MissThem #LoveThem #Blessed πŸ™ŒπŸ’™πŸ™ŒπŸ’™πŸ™Œ
cancerfree - arizona - wife - mother - blessed - lovethem - jesus - tucson - praisegod - missthem - womanofgod - sisterinchrist - healer -
shakinshininkathyroze : Wow! πŸ’– Thank you @leann9876 This is so sweet of you!
leann9876 : @shakinshininkathyroze awe you're welcome! I didn't know you were still taking meds for it, so I got so happy & thankful when I saw your post yesterday! πŸ’œ Please tell the girls, Christopher & Terry I said hi!!:) xoxo
tylarpreece - charitynicolexoxo - beardking - bereal216100 -
When Vanessa got baptised last month. So glad she started coming to my church. She's such a blessing and I'm so glad that I've gotten to know her. Blessed to witness her walk with God cultivate. Continue to go in! Love you girl #baptism #sisterinchrist #butwelooklikebloodrelatives #shesnaiijatho πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜„β€οΈ #bestheadwrapgoestoher #neverseenabaptismwrapsofashionable #LSFUndergradforyou πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
neverseenabaptismwrapsofashionable - butwelooklikebloodrelatives - lsfundergradforyou - bestheadwrapgoestoher - sisterinchrist - baptism - shesnaiijatho -
justjumi : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
deemedlegit : Wonderful
mlaing92 : Vanessa dada?
geridine93 : lol yes @mlaing92 ha small world!
mlaing92 : We went secondary school together, aww happy to see her getting baptised and all that
geridine93 : Aw cool! Indeed! :) @mlaing92
joy_grace89 : ️Xxx
adriann_hga - philippamensah - twin_caroline - justjumi -
Catching up with this courageous lady before she embarks on a momentous voyage in her life. Been a long while since I'm envious of a friend not in the materialistic sense, but because he/she has put everything on the line to go adventuring with God- to me that is the best life! Wishing her all the best in her new endearvour! #missions #sisterinChrist #catchupisbestdoneoverchickenwings #celthanksgiving365 #PhotoGrid
sisterinchrist - missions - catchupisbestdoneoverchickenwings - celthanksgiving365 - photogrid -
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Another beautiful picture of Mrs. Shafer. Had the privilege of doing this beauty's hair and makeup for her #weddingday. #bigcurls #supernaturalmakeuplook #roselips #rosycheeks #dallas @artemiza_baeza #sisterinchrist #anotherbeautifulshot #motherdaughtermoment #sisterlove #loftsindallas #postfinallook
postfinallook - roselips - weddingday - anotherbeautifulshot - dallas - supernaturalmakeuplook - bigcurls - sisterlove - sisterinchrist - motherdaughtermoment - rosycheeks - loftsindallas -
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Jadi ceritanya ni ci" yg pake topi ini sng karena kena tepung, nampak ekspresi bahagiany, bruakakka.. #usher #sisterinchrist #latepost
sisterinchrist - latepost - usher -
andre_han_dr : Cici itu siapa ya namanya? Masih ada di youth gak? Wakakaka @dikkiclinkz
dianchenz : Esehhh captionnya.. #sisterinchirst eaaaakkk... eaaakkkm..
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God is the foundation and the cornersthone, the starting line and the finish line . He is the beginning , the middle and the end. HE IS ULTIMATE. NOTHING COMPARES. NOTHING COMPETES. coaching with pretty women. #Supremacy #T-cupzone #100YearsFromNow #secured #sharing #life #Victory #Family #SisterinChrist #sisterlove
life - sharing - family - 100yearsfromnow - secured - supremacy - t - sisterinchrist - sisterlove - victory -
iamjoice - ritter.lil - rhebatxvelve - pureoakland -
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