Look who is ready to hit the office pantry! #BoxGreen #pantry #office #snacks #snack #healthy #banana #chips #singleserve #hungryatwork.
boxgreen - snack - office - snacks - healthy - pantry - hungryatwork - singleserve - chips - banana -
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It's as good as @adamhanson64 says it is! #haagendazs #singleserve #artisan
haagendazs - artisan - singleserve -
thecoophaus : πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
khodgman : Crunchy molassessssy goodness
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A cup of @caffeborsa #coffee is a must in the morning! #campingcoffee #camping #singleserve #singleorigin
campingcoffee - coffee - singleorigin - singleserve - camping -
johnebel - clemaroundthecorner - kurenai_sakura8 - azibharry01811 -
#caffeborsa Premium #ColombiaSupremo Hand Drip #coffee #pourover #singleserve #camping #hiking #outdoor
coffee - outdoor - pourover - camping - hiking - caffeborsa - singleserve - colombiasupremo -
bigislandcoffeeroasters : We Love it :)
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If anyone knows anything about me, they know I like a good cup of coffee. After wanting a Keurig for an eternity and not being able to get one, then finding out they were recalled, I received an email alerting me about this single cup coffee maker. It uses pods instead of K-Cups, so there's no plastic/less waste. I care, because I've been a recycler since elementary school. I ordered this for a little less than $12, tax included. It is an almost $60 item. It arrived super fast. When I opened the box it arrived in, I noticed the coffee maker box was also open. At any rate, I called Amazon, and they credited me IMMEDIATELY for my purchase. They are the absolute best re: customer service. The coffee maker also comes with 8 pods, which is great, because I can try it immediately. My new mugs should arrive tomorrow. 😊 β˜• #HamiltonBeach #CoffeeMaker #Coffee #SingleServe #MugLife
coffee - amazonprime - muglife - amazon - freebie - singleserve - hamiltonbeach - couponing - coffeemaker -
go_to_elle : #Amazon #Couponing #Freebie #AmazonPrime
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Oh @princessviolet, this is just what we needed on a snow-flurried spring day here in the heart of Indiana. Thank you, and #happyfriday, everyone! #yogurt #singleserve #grassfed #grassinglass #chasingsun
chasingsun - happyfriday - grassinglass - singleserve - yogurt - grassfed -
freedomrunfarm : Love the spoon!!!
princessviolet : Thanks for sharing. It's been hot in California. The yogurt was delicious!
princessviolet : @freedomrunfarm thanks, I found it at a thrift store. ☺️
kbdisk - wildling89 - lvkwoof - lizzieloves -
Spring calls for new blooms and fresh tea. Have a lovely weekend! #spring #love #keepingwarm #tea #lavica #singleserve #Lavica_Capsules #beverages #relax #teacapsules #coffee #summer #flowers
summer - coffee - love - relax - lavica - spring - beverages - lavica_capsules - teacapsules - singleserve - tea - flowers - keepingwarm -
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Cool new #singleserve #coffee I saw on set yesterday. #newdiscovery #lifeofanactor
coffee - newdiscovery - lifeofanactor - singleserve -
jpdanh - genadores - itsvincet - imsohungee -
Cafés of the not so distant future #coffee #keurig #café #singleserve #pods
coffee - cafΓ© - pods - singleserve - keurig -
jackiebloom22 : Ahhhhhhhhh, bed bath <3
cor_cor6 - bvollms - nick_parco - namiwanko -
Snackalakin' on this baeπŸ˜› Single Serve S'mores cake topped with peanut butter and wf choc and pancake syrup🍯😍 let me know if you want the recipe!πŸ˜‰
strongisthenewskinny - fitfam - foodporn - fitspiration - girlsthatlift - recipe - fitchicks - gainz - bodybuilding - flexibledieting - fitspo - cellucor - girlswholift - gains - snack - edrecovery - strongnotskinny - reversedieting - iifym - teambrittanydawn - singleserve - edwarrior - edsoldier - fitfluential - iifymgirls -
hausertn : This looks incredible! Would love to have the recipe 😊
mxnique.__ : Yes! Please!!
jena_fit : UMMMM YES PLZ
lose_5pounds_5days : Lose 5 pounds in 5 days by just drinking a delicious tea.. Iaso tea has 26 other benefits than weight loss as it is an all herbal detox tea.. Clean out you body with Iaso tea.. Check my page out..
healthncraves : -33 grams Flour (I used Whole Wheat) -8 grams protein powder (I used @cellucor in S'mores) -Dash of baking powder and stevia Add water until you get a battery consistency, then microwave for 40 seconds. Top with whatever your ❀️ desires! *It's super easy to adjust to your own macros! (More/less carbs or protein, get creative!😊) @lalasqueakygirl @hausertn @mxnique.__ @jena_fit
jena_fit : Thaaaank you beautifulπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
mxnique.__ : Thank you! 😁
hausertn : Awesome, thanks! These were great πŸ˜€
if_it_fits_your_macros - abstractcoffee - siiimonkaa - livewithlegacy -
Whenever I make this, it feels like Christmas morning 🎁 Actually I should say Thanksgiving πŸ— Single serve #eggfree version of @pbeechie's pumpkin turkey meatloaf alongside @friedasproduce purple sweet taters and green beans πŸ™Œ All lined up because I have ZERO forms of OCD πŸ“πŸ™… BRB going to arrange my spice rack... #healthydinner #healthy #pumpkin #meatloaf #mealprep #purplesweetpotato #cleaneating #healthyeating #sweetpotato #healthyfood #healthyfoodporn #foodporn #singleserve #glutenfree #eatclean #eatforabs #eattogrow #postworkout #fitfood #fitfam #fitfoodie #foodisfuel
healthyfood - fitfam - eggfree - foodporn - eattogrow - cleaneating - postworkout - healthyfoodporn - eatforabs - sweetpotato - foodisfuel - meatloaf - mealprep - healthydinner - singleserve - glutenfree - healthy - healthyeating - eatclean - fitfoodie - fitfood - purplesweetpotato - pumpkin -
clap4fit : Man oh man I need to make that meatloaf again! So glad I have you to remind me on how to get my protein! Because cooking dinners and such is not my fortee. 😳 basic beeyotch over here πŸ™‹ and the purps πŸ’œ
heyhay9 : Yess this din din isss so perf!!
meresnuttykitchen : @clap4fit this meatloaf is my FAVE!! Good thing I have it packed for lunch today ☺️ is it noon yet!? And come on everything is your forte! You make the craziest wraps and pizzas known to man πŸ™Œ or just throw some hot sauce on anything and we have ourselves a meal 😏 with a side of sweets.. Obviously πŸ’
meresnuttykitchen : @heyhay9 that awkward moment when yesterday's dinner post OF COURSE had people asking why Guac was on my sweet potato.. Why do people not "get" us!? πŸ˜‚πŸ‘―
friedasproduce : Looks so delicious and healthy...the best combo! πŸ’œ
laurajflan : How do you cook your purple and Japanese sweet taters they always look perfect!
meresnuttykitchen : @friedasproduce YES!! But we all know that anything combined with purple stokes is the best combo πŸ˜‰ someone the other day asked me why I always post "beets".. Uhh HELLOOOOO πŸ™ˆ
meresnuttykitchen : @laurajflan ahh I wish I had a concrete answer for you since depending on the size they all take different amounts of time, but I prick it with a knife, and bake at 400 degrees, directly on the rack, in the oven till I can insert a knife rather easily 😊 not TOO soft but also not still solid!
bergolioglobal - mostlychicken - sabrinaliu614 - megs_healthyymeals -
Our new Merlot-Rose wine 🍷 !!! A seductive tender pink colour ● Subtle grenadine and rasberry aromas ● Fresh, elegant and lively on the palate, a perfect balance between fruit and acidity. --> Facebook winner was Torsten Meyer --> enter the Facebook competition now, there are 3 more new sets of wine to win πŸ˜ŠπŸ·πŸ’ƒ #merlot #rose #premium #winetogo #singleserve #gewinnspiel #facebook
facebook - winetogo - premium - singleserve - rose - gewinnspiel - merlot -
artriomarketingdigital : :)
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The money shot! Find the recipe for this #singleserve #vegan #nobake #chocolate #layercake on @veganricha ❀️
whatvegansmake - veganfoodshare - vegansofig - nobake - layercake - slcvegan - vegan - chocolate - food - whatveganseat - veganfood - singleserve - veganchocolate - chocolatecake -
unconventionalbaker : @somermccowan @veganricha I'll take a bowl or two of that please 😍
anunrefinedvegan : That is a stunner!!
somermccowan : @anunrefinedvegan I aim to please 😜
veganricha : Yuhmmmmmmm!!!!!!
veganricha : Thanks for making and sharing Somer!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ˜›
somermccowan : @veganricha always babe!!! 😚❀️
somermccowan : @veganricha so good!
besolful_vegan : 😍😍😍😍😍
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The Line up for your #coffee and #watercooler needs. From brewing a pot of #hotcoffee or getting a #singleserve #tentallcoffee cup of coffee. Not a coffee drinker, then #quench your #thirst with a #refreshing drink of #purifiedwater. #aquariuswaterde can take care of all your water and coffee needs! #kcup #coffeebrew #coffeecoffee #aquariuswatercoffee #coffeedelivery
tentallcoffee - coffee - refreshing - purifiedwater - quench - watercooler - aquariuswaterde - aquariuswatercoffee - hotcoffee - kcup - thirst - singleserve - coffeebrew - coffeedelivery - coffeecoffee -
samanthaneyman : Hey question about this lol does this hook to the water line or we just refill it ourselves? @waterboy32d
waterboy32d : You can do both @samanthaneyman
samanthaneyman : Oh I so think we need this at my store lol @waterboy32d
waterboy32d : Cool. Gives us a call to set it up. @samanthaneyman
samanthaneyman : Gotta pass it threw the big boss then if she approves we will get it in the works :)
waterboy32d : No problem, just let us know. Thanks!
merose20 : Nice pic!
jwfarrell3 - spoolin302 - merose20 - debra.bruner.z -
#singleserve #tasty #muffin #meatloaf topped w/#mashedpotatoes #food #foodporn #homemade #dinner #yourhumblebaker
yourhumblebaker - homemade - foodporn - food - muffin - mashedpotatoes - dinner - tasty - singleserve - meatloaf -
katpuhl : @ctwiced
__christine_s__ - yummysf - alexadarinka -
Freezing in Melbourne today means the blender says put. How to combat a smoothie craving? {single serve} Banana Smoothie Breakfast Bites! The taste of smoothie in bite form. Do it. Link in profile!
findingvegan - f52grams - tastespotting - dairyfree - thebigmansworld - vegan - chocolate - buzzfeedfood - cleaneating - foodgawker - fitfluential - glutenfree - smoothie - wholearman - proteinpowder - wholefoodies - feedfeed - highprotein - singleserve - banana - huffposttaste -
femmefitaleblog : Just read a recent blog post! Where/when are you moving?? Very exciting and so happy for you!
natvianaturalsweetener : These look fantastic! πŸ˜†
livingthegourmet : Great idea!
thebigmansworld : @sarafit_nf truth!
thebigmansworld : @init4thelongrunblog I'll bring you some 😊
thebigmansworld : @femmefitaleblog thank you!
thebigmansworld : @natvianaturalsweetener thanks guys!
thebigmansworld : @livingthegourmet thank you Catherine :)
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Single serve oatmeal chocolate chip pumpkin muffin recipe 😜😜 #pumpkin #singleserve #darkchococlate #homemade #yummy
darkchococlate - yummy - homemade - singleserve - pumpkin -
kaciiiiiiii -
#regram from @niccirens with their single serve wine at Sowing the Seeds in JHB this past weekend! Stunning photo ladies! Cc @seedexperiences #sts2015 #wineanywhere #singleserve #concert #outdoor #battalionbars
regram - battalionbars - outdoor - concert - singleserve - wineanywhere - sts2015 -
rbrokensha - zeldavstaden - chanicoetzee -
Sweet spaghetti topped with garlic bread crumbs and parmesan cheese #singleserve #fingerfood #bakecups
bakecups - fingerfood - singleserve -
betsy99 - lol_giselle81 -
What y'all know bout this?!? Japan know what's up!πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Single cup of coffee. πŸ™†β˜•οΈThanks to my sis @saopea2 for bringing me goodies! ❀️ #SaturdayMorning #Coffee #JapanKnows #SingleServe #SoGood #GetWithTheProgramAmerica #Genius #ThanksSis
coffee - getwiththeprogramamerica - japanknows - sogood - genius - singleserve - saturdaymorning - thankssis -
_cj_selfmade - gingerpuff1 - whey8s - super_shans -
Single serves #thecookiedoughcafe #cookiedoughcafe #ediblecookiedough #sharktank #cookiedough #eatitdontbakeit #kosher #peanutfree #singleserve #meatheads #macros #iifiym #meatheadsburgersandfries #chocolatechip
ediblecookiedough - eatitdontbakeit - macros - cookiedoughcafe - kosher - thecookiedoughcafe - meatheads - cookiedough - chocolatechip - singleserve - meatheadsburgersandfries - sharktank - peanutfree - iifiym -
mtannnn : @tim_szup those single serves doe
tim_szup : @mtannnn this needs to be more of a thing
zoweexoxo : @celinezeawesum OMG YAZ I SAW THIS ON TWITTER
_be_anna_ : Just this little one!!πŸ™ @alexx.grace
alexx.grace : Tempting but no @_be_anna_
alexx.grace : IF ONLY THEY WERE GLUTEN FREE 😭 @_be_anna_
jmkrol3 : @maddykrol
jalazainal : It looks like pudding compared to the jars of cookie dough... is it the same or not?
juliaffs - ponyerne_og_caro - thaipinnen - rachbrookesxx -
Enjoy the #singleserve experience today at Sowing the Seeds at Emmarentia dam. Beautiful setting and awesome live music. Just ask for your wine at the bar. #wineanywhere Photo by Cindy Hawley
wineanywhere - singleserve -
zeldavstaden - flrsi -
OMG! Best protein shake I've ever had to date! Chocolate, peanut butter, and marshmellow! All gluten free too! Here's to my new adventure! #health #fitness #fit #train #training #photooftheday #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #cleaneating #eatclean #protein #shake #fitfam #mybellalife #singleserve #glutenfree #gluten #shakes #nogluten #chocolate
motivation - shakes - fitfam - fitness - instahealth - cleaneating - chocolate - healthychoices - determination - diet - shake - active - protein - strong - mybellalife - gluten - training - lifestyle - fit - glutenfree - healthy - instagood - train - health - eatclean - singleserve - getfit - nogluten - photooftheday -
twinzndacity : I want some
stephanie_babyy2004 : @twinzndacity it's legit the best one I've made so far, it's a close call with the tropical one I make!
taa2_beautiful_porter - loverboy012001 - ross_optimumphysiques - detoxlunch -
Homemade Vanilla Bean Birthday Cake Oreo custard 😍🍦 Turned out better than I had hoped!! Took almost 24 hours to make but man was it worth it... I would make ice cream when it's snowing.. #singleserve #tuboicecream #oreoheaven #iscreamyouscream #icecream
oreoheaven - tuboicecream - iscreamyouscream - singleserve - icecream -
challengeischange : @casey_tie I will make you whatever flavor you want after your show bae πŸ’• I know your affinity for Ice Cream.
casey_tie : Oh my 😍 that looks delicious. You're an ice cream artisan. I would love to have some of that waiting for me after my show.
alh5116 : @challengeischange we were both on each other accts at the same time haha
challengeischange : @alh5116 we are in-sync stalkers
megmo7 : I need dis
alh5116 : @challengeischange haha yes! Your food was making me drool!!!
msweenz83 : You're killing me!!! Lol
priyap2 - lisa_eatsleepfit - bronc787 - lifeof_ra -
Wanted something fancy for dessert so I whipped up a high protein, single-serve, microwave blueberry cobbler! ❀️ Topped a handful of blueberries with my protein mug cake recipe and a dollop of greek yogurt πŸ‘ Having a peanut butter hot chocolate too, because peanut butter hot chocolate πŸ’ #duh #dessert #blueberrycobbler #proteinmugcake #microwaverecipes #peanutbutterhotchocolate #mugcake #microwavecobbler #iifym #highprotein #healthy #healthyeating #healthyselves #healthylifestyle #fit #fitness #fooddiary #singleserve
healthyselves - fooddiary - dessert - mugcake - fitness - proteinmugcake - peanutbutterhotchocolate - healthylifestyle - healthyeating - duh - fit - healthy - microwaverecipes - microwavecobbler - highprotein - iifym - singleserve - blueberrycobbler -
missgrundy89 : What's your protein mug cake recipe? X
emgetshappy : @missgrundy89 12g protein powder, 12g flour, 10g apple sauce, 30ml milk, 1/2 tsp baking powder, then microwave for a minute! ☺️
missgrundy89 : Thanks xx
geosfitness - sonya_recovery - fighting.4happiness - rediscoveringshan -
Chai latte protein slab for one 😁 This was soooo good & filling, could easily be 2 serves that is for sure. Wanted something for afternoon tea that will give me all I need to fuel my leg PT session tonight, combo of protein & complex & simple carbs. 1 scoop @pranaon #phytofire #chailatte protein powder 1/2tbls coconut flour 1tsp coconut flour nectar 1tbls coconut butter 2 medjool dates (40g) 2 1/2tbls water (Blend in mini food processor til it is a nice dough consistency, slowly add in the water) Pop in a tin lined with cling wrap & press down firm Top with 1 piece naked ginger diced (5g) 10g caramelised buckinis Cover & pop in fridge. I made last night to have today. Stats aprox 485cal, 34g P, 54g C, 13g F If you make as 2 squares instead on a single bar, 243cal, 17g P, 27g C, 7g F #preworkout #fuelthebody #energy #nourish #pranaon #protein #carbs #buckinis #dates #coconut #cleaneating #recipe #supplementmartathlete #figurecompetitor #offseason #singleserve
preworkout - nourish - energy - recipe - dates - cleaneating - phytofire - offseason - protein - coconut - carbs - chailatte - buckinis - fuelthebody - pranaon - singleserve - figurecompetitor - supplementmartathlete -
innercitiyogi : @domgrinter
pranaon : Oh. My. Gosh- this look like a slab sent from heaven! Will be testing this out in the #Pranaon kitchen tomorrow ! You are seriously one creative woman @cleaneatsjodunn πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺ❀️
dancar1106 : Yum!!! I must get some buckini to try!! Oh and make this!
cleaneatsjodunn : Thanks @pranaon & @dancar1106 let me know what you think if you do make it :). I also tossed up kneading the ginger & buckini into the mix & then making balls
alicecousins_athlete - aseedtostartfrom - naturally_nina_ - jones_strength -
I'm digging your wine 🍷 #guiliana #wine #singleserve
guiliana - singleserve - wine -
pcc_decanted : πŸ‘Œ
megpro3 : Oooh and its red! πŸ˜„πŸ‘
kkarryn - jlickteig - maxpallen - pcc_decanted -
A look back at our booth this weekend at the NCA Show in Charleston! Thanks to ABCD USA for the help working the booth and to a great show! #proline #upshotsolution #singleserve #abcdusa #automatic #brewers #coffee #devices #killthekcup #recyclablepackaging #privatelabel #roasters
recyclablepackaging - coffee - proline - privatelabel - abcdusa - automatic - roasters - devices - singleserve - brewers - upshotsolution - killthekcup -
wendypeffercorn24 - sierrafern - pacificgreencoffee - jesswach -
#tacotuesday #starkissed #mexican #tuna #minute #brownrice #singleserve #delicious #wellness #glute #ab #gains 🐟🐟🐟🐟πŸ’ͺ
brownrice - ab - mexican - gains - wellness - glute - delicious - singleserve - starkissed - tuna - minute - tacotuesday -
michael_angeles562 - oilforthat - lastreetfoodfest -
Last minute #NespressoMoment with the new #GrandCru #Carmelizio before I leave for #Switzerland
notthebasketballkind - coffee - carmelizio - worldtraveller - travel - trustme - nespressomoment - globetrotter - amazing - surlatable - baselworld2015 - singleserve - switzerland - grandcru - nespresso - bestthingever -
thepaulerhardt : #nespresso #coffee #singleserve #amazing #bestthingever #surlatable #travel #baselworld2015 #worldtraveller #globetrotter #notthebasketballkind
sur_la_table : Love it!!
thepaulerhardt : Not as much as I do @sur_la_table #TrustMe
nespressousa : We hope you enjoyed your #NespressoMoment with our new #Caramelizio #GrandCru, @thepaulerhardt. Safe travels!
alexasuter : :)
nikp2003 : #Photooftheday
thepaulerhardt : @nespressousa totally enjoyed it! Keep the #grandcru coming @sur_la_table it was the best purchase I've made in the last 6 months
vengia - matt_blackwill_photo - jimschatz - reinasmiles21 -
A recipe for 2 rich chocolate cupcakes that takes 2 minutes to prepare and 2 minutes to cook, without an oven? Yes please! Recipe for this magical treat is up on the blog now πŸ™Œ
foodblogger - cupcakes - baking - recipe - microwave - chocolate - yum - singleserve - sprinkles -
bakeplaysmile : Such a brilliant idea!!
loveswah : #baking #cupcakes #chocolate #microwave #yum #singleserve #foodblogger #recipe #sprinkles
sweetpuffcandy - sydneyfooddirectory - eatsnaturally - poulomi.d -
Aeropress, HarioV60, kettles and filters arrived today! #bestcoffee #singleserve #freshroasted #freshbrew #coffeelovers @theodorescoffee
freshroasted - freshbrew - bestcoffee - coffeelovers - singleserve -
grassrootscoffee - papakdogyo -
#singleserve #jcups
jcups - singleserve -
ajcbigbri : Custom roasted love in a go green aware cup! #limitedtimeonly$7.50 #boom #coffee @aromajoescoffee
amelle.moore - mselfridgexo - dum8455 - hannah110804 -
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