Lmfao omfg talk about throwback
hesloyal - simping - ulyloyal -
yababyjess : We drugs because we are addicting @frayenco
yababyjess : It's the truth
frayenco : Right ...
alondraflowers : mine ❀️
yababyjess : It's just funny cause besides everything I never really stopped talking to you it's all you haha #simping... Trying to make you feel like shit but can't @frayenco
frayenco : I was caught up with little things in life . @yababyjess
anniiee_xo : 😍😍😍
yababyjess : Those little things made you forget about me ? @frayenco
moraleeesss_ - moshing.withsatan_ - serenalove73 - anaahit -
anekarasa - jadoelfood - simping -
arum manis #arum #manis #simping #djadoel
manis - arum - djadoel - simping -
night #simping #food #korean #text #Astri
food - text - korean - astri - simping -
luiselshelby - nabilaridwan_ - illanur_ - fatayasyailla -
Smh even the old men out here SIMPing to the fullest smh the thirst is real my people. I don't like posting these type of picture but what kind of fuckery is this smh. #smh #Simpping #Simp #Simping #oldmen #blackandwhite #blackmen #shootyourself #thirst #unbelievable
unbelievable - simp - blackandwhite - shootyourself - simping - oldmen - thirst - smh - blackmen - simpping -
tulip_white : Smh!! He's Nasty!!
africanlilmama : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
killerdusty121 : hahahahahahaha damn
markbob917 : What the actual fuck
ancientphotography : @markbob917 am still asking that question?
juliano91m2mm : LMFAO!! Ohhh The Fuckery Of It All!! 😫From his bio to the Katt Williams vibe he's giving off? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
markbob917 : He looks like a haggard Katt Williams! Like a bum version of money mike
ancientphotography : @markbob917 @juliano91m2mm lmao so true
kendro___ - toy_spot - africanlilmama - _ss_cris -
My sister was really my role model growing up. Although we turned out to be completely different in our own brilliant ways she taught me a lot and I will forever admire and look up to her.
weddingthrowback - sista - corny - simping -
brendaabeans : #WeddingThrowback #Sista #Simping #Corny
theecelinabee : πŸ˜πŸ’•
tamydcastro : I love this picture!πŸ’πŸ˜Š
darlene_nc : Gorgeous! 😍
priscillita7 : Aww! Love you! This picture was one of my favorites!
ver0nicaat : How cautee πŸ’•
marcellus_wallace_ - kariigv - gold.sea - vanelicious_11 -
First Ever Beach Trip With My Babe. πŸ’Ÿ A Friend Told Me That You Always Look Happy In Pictures But You Never Post A Picture Of Yourself Crying Saying That Your Relationship Is In A Rough Patch. We Have Them, We Are In One.. Some More Than Others, But As Long As We Have Two Trying People, That's All It Takes To Keep The Wheels Moving. πŸ’‘ I Love You & Thank You For Everything That You Do For Me. #Tbt #Babe #Simping #IDontEvenSimpLikeThis #Ugh #Thursday
ugh - babe - thursday - tbt - simping - idontevensimplikethis -
versacepineapples : Y'all give me life πŸ˜©πŸ™Œ
im_just_blessedd : Thanks babe 😘 this meant a lot to me and I love you so much for it. You're welcome, I'll do anything I have to AND more to keep you happy πŸ˜˜πŸ’.
may_lushishh : @im_just_blessedd 😍😘😘❀️😘❀️❀️😘 See You When You Get Off Work Love!
may_lushishh : @versacepineapples 😍😘😘😘😘
amberp45 - dianna_lince - janetinpink - therealjaeremy -
πŸ’©πŸ™Š #relaxing #thinking #simping and #shitting
thinking - shitting - simping - relaxing -
Extrano a mi amigo. Brent is such a smart and funny kid you'd never be bored around him lol (x #lovemylittlecousins #missthemall #simping lol
missthemall - lovemylittlecousins - simping -
risamiranda : ❀️❀️❀️
kaaateee - anaaabecerra - jeseniacee - kirstenn_hart -
I love you, with all of my heart❀️ You are the love of my life. Sometimes I can't believe God blessed me with this amazing man. πŸ’ #love #boyfriend #mylove #myheart #soulmate #simping #gayasspost #idgaf #ilovehim #muah
love - muah - gayasspost - idgaf - mylove - simping - ilovehim - soulmate - myheart - boyfriend -
theevirtuous : πŸ‘Œ
andria_33 : 😘
valerie_vixxen_ : @theevirtuous 😁😁
valerie_vixxen_ : @andria_33 ☺️😘
grumpee_pants - deloonerockscuts - ericgvnggreen - yahaira_von -
Happy nine month anniversary. I wish you were here so we can spend it together but ill make it up to you when you get back. I miss you and love you so much. I love that I met you over a year ago. I love that you thought I adorable and cute and I was totally clueless. I love that you were still interested in me after all those months after we met even though we never saw each other til seven months later. I love that you accepted my weirdness and accepted me. I love that you said yes to me when I asked you to be my girlfriend nine months ago after your first concert. I love that I first said the words "I love you" February 27, 2014. I love that you challenge me, yet encourage, and inspire me to becoming a better person. I love that you make me into the best possible man I can be. I love that you're not embarrassed by me. I love that you accept all of me my entire past and everything. I love that our love has overcome so many obstacles already within these nine months and that we got past them together, when some other ordinary couples would have ended it. I love that our love can and will conquer anything. I love that not only are we in a relationship with each other but also with god. I love the way everything turned out. I love that our story although just starting would make a really cute and cheesy movie. I love you Marisa Lucia Montoya, for forever til eternity. @thinnmintt #NineMonths #LittleCupcakeOtter #TotesAdorbs #10/21/13 #LoveNeverFeltSoGood #MichaelJackson #JustinTimberlake #Simping #SimpGameTooStrong
ninemonths - 10 - littlecupcakeotter - totesadorbs - simping - michaeljackson - simpgametoostrong - justintimberlake - loveneverfeltsogood -
grantleegoodman : 😍😍😍😍😍 SO CUTE
bigdaddynicknasty : Happy for y'all bro!
iamelita1 : you guys make me so happy with your cuteness
kristakakaface : Awww πŸ’•
earamon9 : Aww my brotha all in love πŸ˜†πŸ˜† congratulations on making 9 months
veronicaahdzz : Aww this is adorable !!
carolinasfatt : Simp
thinnmintt : AJ IM SO SORRY IM NOT IN THE COUNTRY RIGHT NOW. But I miss you so much. And this post made me teary eyed. I love you. I really do. #LolWeGay #Whatevs
_acev - camillii_ - salinarosee - brandrizzzy -
#RNS #Simping
rns - simping -
bigr704 - tharealmzparker - atownboogie -
#lmhao #reallytho #everybodyapimpnow #lies #simping #dboy #atlanticcity #awful
lmhao - atlanticcity - exactly - simping - lies - dboy - everybodyapimpnow - awful - reallytho -
nothingggspecial : @saltyhighroller
saltyhighroller : @nothingggspecial lmao the fact ur on this page tho
ferrariiam : @monae_idp repost I just laugh at this one nigga right now wit his broke ass
monae_idp : Giirrrrlllll these new age "Ps" are a trip. I just keep it moving like I'm suppose to..in Atlantic city they're the worse. Every black boy swears there pimping. I be running by my folks what they say he laughing like that ain't no real P. @ferrariiam
ferrariiam : @monae_idp the niggaz in Cali are the same way water down bums these lil game Goofy hoes be giving these muthafuckas a couple of dollers and they swear they donsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚the thirst is real
monae_idp : #exactly
ferrariiam - reese_tha_foreign_dilf - better_cuffhim_tight2014 - hanaloren -
Nothing like them nights when you can just lay up with your woman, let her hold you, take all stress off your back, and make you feel like a kid again 😍 #simping #trapping #AllThat
allthat - trapping - simping -
jnasty2ns_ : Real nigga shit ain't nothnn wrong wit it
mr_nevks : #Fact
tynax2 - lex_imarie - theechristinahill - johnnybeenfresh -
The smallest island in the world! #simping #singkawang #holiday
singkawang - holiday - simping -
mayamuliawatii - fransiscasilvia - edithhendra - ameliathiominar -
#SMH this #Simping business has got to stop bro
simping - smh -
marcosmoreno1029 : WTF
tastiieecakesz - bigcheleplus2 - thugnificentyo - g.dilla -
#TransformationTuesday From only dating for a month to dating for eight months(in the photo). Who would have known we'd still be together after all our arguments, disagreements and all the obstacles set in front of us to test our love and each other and we overcame all of them and we're still together and going strong. I know there are going to be more challenges ahead of us and that god will test us and our love but we'll get past them and overcome them cause like you always say god doesn't test us on something we can't overcome(or something like that lol) And I know that a lot of people may think it's puppy love but all that matters is that this is love and that I love you Marisa L. Montoya and I can't wait for what the future holds for you and I. #10/21/13 #TransformationTuesday #OneMonth #EightMonths #WereCute #TotesAdorbs #LittleCupcakeOtter #IPostAboutMyGirlfriendAllTheTime #BetYallAreTiredOfIt #Well #IDGAF #ForForeverTilEternity #Simping #LongHashtags #Hashtag
transformationtuesday - werecute - littlecupcakeotter - longhashtags - onemonth - 10 - ipostaboutmygirlfriendallthetime - well - idgaf - eightmonths - simping - hashtag - betyallaretiredofit - totesadorbs - forforevertileternity -
mariorojasmusic : Ah man this has a grown man crying. Haha. Just messing. But that's sweet man. You've always been a nice dude. Best of wishes to you two. Your relationship is admirable.
mikeyymike_ : Dang bro congrats she seems like a good girl
justinceezy : Qts
carolinasfatt : Siiiiiiiimp game TOO strong πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
josh_flores_21 : Noice πŸ™πŸ‘
alexanderjustin : @mikeyymike_ why you think I haven't brought her around klan nip
youngkim_ : Can I meet her
thinnmintt : Oh my goodness. You are amazing AJ. Really. I love you. πŸ’ž
leeeners_ - serrraphina - lovelysheryl16 - richmoand -
whenever i see #dumbshit or #simping, #cooning, or anything worthy of being posted by @spsinsta @zachwilliamson #whoSANCTIONEDthis??
trvp - trvpmusic - bass - turnup - whosanctionedthis - edm - eatsleepraverepeat - glitch - turnt - rave - astateoftrance - upyourbattlelevel - upliftingtrance - dumbshit - raver - damnson - ministryofsound - turntup - asot - simping - chaos13 - ibiza - electronicdancemusic - drumnbass - damn - plur - cooning - electro - buckeyecity -
wearenottobeloved : #plur #trvp #rave #raver #turnt #trvpmusic #damn #damnson #edm #buckeyecity #bass #drumnbass #electro #glitch #upliftingtrance #asot #astateoftrance #ministryofsound #ibiza #eatsleepraverepeat #turnup #turntup #electronicdancemusic #chaos13 #upyourbattlelevel
back2rave : <3
springweekend : Superb!
mattrage : ;)
antifeminist : Que?
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Ugh I want my baby to stop growing-.- if only he could go back to being this small. #mommylife#bigboy#mybaby#simping#benjamin#yanggang#asians#romero
benjamin - mommylife - asians - romero - simping - mybaby - bigboy - yanggang -
topshelfkush : awww haha he looks all small
lenaguzmann : AWWW he's so cute
nene_marlene - sodenice - scenemantha - jeanette_9 -
Everysong is about paula I bey she sitting back watching his music videos which is about her and laughing at this man while she with her new man #imjustpetty #robinthicke #paula #movethefuckon #hoodcomedy #hoodmemes #simps #simping #instajokes #instalaughs #instajokin #ctfu
hoodmemes - ctfu - movethefuckon - imjustpetty - instajokes - robinthicke - hoodcomedy - simping - instajokin - simps - instalaughs - paula -
trugood : Looooool
chauntelle143 : He need to stop give her time damn no woman want a thirsty ass man that's begging like tf just let her chill
cherokeeprince__montana : @chauntelle143 πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ take this w I like that comment
chauntelle143 : Huh
cherokeeprince__montana : @chauntelle143 I agree with your comment
chauntelle143 : Oh but yeah that's prob why she hasn't taken him back #thirsty
realist_100 - __thug_wife__ - lil_kelley21_ - chauntelle143 -
Its loyal steve loyal thats why she was sweating stephon ....#instagood #simping #familymatters #urkel #funny #lol #facts #picoftheday #tv
funny - tv - urkel - sucka4luv - simping - instagood - lol - facts - familymatters - picoftheday -
galdemsugar : #sucka4luv
king_sixty9 - tryfedolla - hazel_chic - liv3lykouture -
I love how she makes me feel, like anything's possible, or like life is worth it. She's so great in every single way and I'm glad I get to spend time with her πŸ’•πŸ˜ I love my beautiful girlfriend πŸ’πŸ” #wcw #Simping again lol
simping - wcw -
sarajacobbo : Muah muah muah! β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
visual_aspectz : @sarajacobbo muah! πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ˜˜
_chinkyturtle : Same
angie_vel027 - ownerofbensslong - tona_lolxd - smashsplat -
#me #at #pulau #simping #sedau #latepost #likethis #likeforlikes #followme #follback
me - likeforlikes - sedau - pulau - latepost - simping - likethis - follback - followme - at -
popyseprianiii : Cantek πŸ˜„ @vonnnyvorensiaa
evi_susantii - sudat_thaam - mohdbadlyshah - yunitacris -
#Pulau #simping #pontianak #singkawang 3 jam #kalbar tercatat sbg pulau terkecil mnr pbb
pulau - singkawang - pontianak - simping - kalbar -
radenmasbendhol -
Without this woman right there... I wouldn't have the motivational strength to keep moving forward and striving for success. She puts up with my dumbass and my annoying ass; but in the of the day,I know she still loves me. I tell people how much I love you and how a great girlfriend you are but when I'm alone just sitting thinking about you... I just never doubted for a second that your the woman that I wanna spend the rest of my life with and I am blessed that I found the one. I can't wait what the future has stored for us and see where that leads us πŸ’™ I love you so much baby! πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’— #Simping #moment πŸ˜‰
moment - simping -
cheeseits05 : ^ tru
visual_aspectz : @_swaggturtle @cheeseits05 aww thanks girls! Means a lot ☺️
sarajacobbo : This is gay
sarajacobbo : Hahaha Justkidding baby you're so sweet β™‘β™‘β™‘ awwww! Can't stop reading this tbh :)
visual_aspectz : @sarajacobbo just for you baby! πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ˜˜ I'll see you in two hours baby πŸ˜™πŸ’—
ha_apathy : Gay^
jaaasmineb : Ilygsm πŸ˜©πŸ™Œ
visual_aspectz : @jaaasmineb we love you too jasmine 😊
believe__20 - sweetiepie_elmo - arturo_562 - reginageorge7232 -
In love with the way he looks at me. Here's to man crush Mondays and everyday after that. #simping #repost
simping - repost -
d_ahhh : #swoon
_monmonmon : #simp #simp #slytherin #simp
katlucelly : Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
ayyjello - yungleeen - isisis_ - kristiiinahf -
Even this is not as beautiful as you are. #nofilter #youknowwhoyouare #simping #wishyouwerehere #whyisnatetanadasoamazing #oomf#you#are#beautiful PC: @dylantomita
beautiful - youknowwhoyouare - whyisnatetanadasoamazing - oomf - wishyouwerehere - simping - are - you - nofilter -
trinidadnate : At least you both see the same moon at night πŸ’˜
kellisabeast - steph_s_gee - meloames - kristinkogaa -
#boxbraids #simping
simping - boxbraids -
yeaitsme_bthang : Wea the hell u been. ..n Wats your number? ?! @_only1nik
_only1nik : School and working all the time. Gotta stay hustling out here.
_only1nik : Kik? Fb? @yeaitsme_bthang
yeaitsme_bthang : I dnt have fb or kik. @_only1nik
_only1nik : 9092947674 that's a message number hmu @yeaitsme_bthang
mrandmrslewis11 - stevogotkush - armystrongd100 - mayak28 -
#lobster #simping #ikan #udang #cumi #kangkung #karyabahari #pantaiikan #pangandaran πŸ™πŸšπŸ πŸƒπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜
cumi - pangandaran - karyabahari - kangkung - lobster - simping - udang - ikan - pantaiikan -
lucianajuicy : wooo ga ketemu ya @michaellufti
michaellufti : @lucianajuicy Td kyknya liat... haha
lucianajuicy : wooo.. knp atu ga panggil? gw sih kaga liat @michaellufti
michaellufti : @lucianajuicy G jauh... d dpn bl es podeng... l mkn d dlm kan? hahaha
lucianajuicy : ya iya atu makan di dalem, masa makan di jalanan heuheuheu @michaellufti
michaellufti : @lucianajuicy wkwkwk... g bbm coy... gk d bls... somse
lucianajuicy : sos semua @michaellufti
michaellufti : @lucianajuicy wkwkwk
anesinda - jrf_998 - ongkasky - randysebastianlim -
I'm still with those butterflies you gave me, still remain with the smile you made appear that fails to leave still feel for you the same as if it's been forever you have my heart whether you want it or not it's yours, it's you πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜”#truestory #simping #selfie #womp
selfie - simping - truestory - womp -
itsdestineelove - msjanett_ - haay_sunshine - alomor -
#Simping#Rp2000#dapat#banyak#jajanan #langka
langka - rp2000 - banyak - jajanan - dapat - simping -
bayusooman - arinditaaa -
Alright night tonight. #thechill #withthepurevaporcrew #teambuilding #stilldepressingtho #ruinedmynight #simping #purevapor #handsomevape #vapeporn #vapeunity #vapemail #ecig #ejuice #vapetricks #instavape #vapestagram #vapelove #worldwidevapers #vapefamous #vaperevolution #improof #vapehard #westcoastvapers #vapefamily #vapefam #vapepics #VGod #medang
vgod - ejuice - instavape - ecig - vapestagram - teambuilding - vaperevolution - westcoastvapers - improof - vapeporn - handsomevape - purevapor - withthepurevaporcrew - vapefamily - vapehard - vapefam - vapetricks - vapeunity - worldwidevapers - vapelove - medang - thechill - ruinedmynight - vapefamous - simping - vapepics - vapemail - stilldepressingtho -
9fouur : Aha well my girl ruined it kinda, but other than that pretty good night besides the stupid white girl handling the check @_monky_d_luffy_
ohhmisslady_ : Hey I was there today lol
squaresmoke : haha i like this @94ohms :P
squidcam : nice!
itsforsaken : Awesome!
_envymzd - rps_smoketricks - chris_topher94 - _primevapeshop -
Duh & Mfs Need To Know The Diff. Between The 2. Bitches Need To Stop Condoning To This Type Of Fuckery 🚫 #STOP #SIMPING 🚫 THATS EXACTLY Y ITS SO MANY FAGS OUT HERE THAT THINK THEY CERTIFIED HOIN & DONT EVEN BE KNOWIN THEY FAGS
stop - simping -
pretti_fukn_paid : Thank u!
allsmileyfaces - poodyxxx - the_chosen_10toes - teampaid_ -
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