Ain't no cone gonna slow me down 😝😜 #coneofshame
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_meow_meow_woof : So cute
justtorothepug : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
pugofasgard : #pug #puglet #puppy #pugs #pugsrequest #pugsofinstagram #mops #carlin #cute #cutepug #pet #happy #dog #dogsandpals #pugaday #thetomcoteshow #speakpug #pugstagram #petbox #barkbox #iphoneonly #potd #picoftheday #pugsnotdrugs #dailydogfeatures #dogaday #ulcer #sickpuppy
edthepug_hay : @pugofasgard am getting mine on Monday 😱😱😱🐾
aubergdesigns : @ddmckendrick
finicprint - dustythepug - hg_graffix - susucucla -
Whispering sweet nothings to Mudge to calm her down this morning. #sickpuppy #mudge #dogsofinstagram #pupperdog #love
pupperdog - mudge - love - dogsofinstagram - sickpuppy -
dogfordog - classexic - magdalenaeatsbrains - remixthedog -
Spent the day with this little girl πŸΆπŸ’‰πŸ’ŠπŸ˜· #sickpuppy #shehasacough #firstvetvisit #doggymeds #lovehertopieces
ugh - shehasacough - firstvetvisit - doggymeds - lovehertopieces - likehavinganotherbaby - sickpuppy -
avajadesmommy : New puppy??
merxndx : @avajadesmommy yes ma'am. She's been with us since Saturday.
avajadesmommy : Aww she's the cutest!
joe.m.t : Oh no I hope she's not all loud and annoying for you. And small dogs are mean
merxndx : @joe.m.t lol she's not at all. She's so sweet and calm. She hardly even barks, just wants to be held all the time. She has a nasty cough the vet thought was kennel cough or bronchitis so I'm on puppy medicine duty. #likehavinganotherbaby #ugh
joe.m.t : Good stuff. Is it getting any bigger than that?
merxndx : @joe.m.t vet said she shouldn't gain more than 2 pounds. She's currently 8oz.
joe.m.t : Oh wow
linzlewis - avajadesmommy - bonniejessy - ms.rico86 -
Poor Luna's neck is infected 😩 good thing we went to the vet and got medicine! She will be feeling better soon! πŸ‘ #ThortonAnimalHospital #lunaandiggy #vet #sickpuppy #oes #oldenglishsheepdog #bordercollie #bestdogs #instadogs #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #puppylove #getwellsoon
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pennylane429 - lilbuggers_nyc - gidgetthewonderdog - vet_rozay_ -
#sickpuppy my poor baby😒
sickpuppy -
msiluvchocolate : Awwww
msiluvchocolate - dreadlockedninja -
Something is wrong with my baby 😞 she doesn't have any energy, she won't get up to eat. This isn't like her and it's really scaring me. My heart is breaking for her, I don't want her to be in pain. #Chelsea #chelly #chellywiththebigbelly #sickpuppy #pitbull #pits #pitbulllove #pitsofinsta #pitsofinstagram #pitbullsofinsta #pitbullsofinstagram #lovernotafighter #dontbullymybreed
pitbulllove - pitsofinsta - dontbullymybreed - pits - pitbullsofinstagram - sickpuppy - lovernotafighter - pitbullsofinsta - pitbull - pitsofinstagram - chellywiththebigbelly - chelsea - chelly -
josephine18181 : So sorry 😞
becksamillion : Oh no! 😯
beach_peach89 : Sorry to hear hope she's back to herself soon
thewhitestpupsyouknow - metelitsa_furs - chelonline - _wikkedchild_ -
My very sick boy, eventually sleeping in my arm. Hate it when my pups are poorly, so wish i could help him feel better! Completely breaks my heart!! 😒😒 #rescuedlove #dogs #sickbaby #sickpuppy #mommycuddles #mommysboy #sleep #exhausted #diesel
mommysboy - exhausted - diesel - sickpuppy - sickbaby - mommycuddles - sleep - rescuedlove - dogs -
findingmeggan : Awwwwww look at that tongue 😍
susangilbertson : @findingmeggan Poor boy has had a terrible day, think he is in pain from the arthritis. God him a new supplement today and pray it helps. For the first time in hours, he has eventually fallen asleep in my arm. I'll endure his bad breath, crusty nose and body heat just so that he gets a good, painfree sleep tonight! :-(
Feeling sick the past few days. Having a hard time keeping any food down. Going to the vet tomorrow morning. Hoping to feel better really soon ❀️ #pickles #picklesthepug #mrpickles #pug #puggie #instapug #pugstagram #pugsofinstagram #sickpuppy #naptime #tummy
mrpickles - naptime - pug - sickpuppy - pugstagram - tummy - picklesthepug - pugsofinstagram - pickles - instapug - puggie -
snpsleuth : @mr.picklesthepug I know you will feel better soon. Keep us posted.
cachorromaravilhoso : sou um sharpei .. vem me ver.. au au au @cachorromaravilhoso
grizzlybeartheamstaff : Hope you feel better
pooey_louis_pug_and_co : Aww, poor Mr Pickles πŸ˜”. Our Betty Boo was poorly a couple of weeks ago da same as you but she's all better now, hope ur feelin better real soon Dude ☺️ x
strizzlecanes - itssalison - gumor123 - nena_fariass -
Sick supplies think i am finally on the way out. I thought I'd get a more exciting death than tonsillitis though πŸ˜£πŸ‘Ž #sickpuppy #prayforniamh #tonsillitis #pictureofgoodhealth #someonehelpme #pureemotional
pureemotional - prayforniamh - pictureofgoodhealth - sickpuppy - someonehelpme - tonsillitis -
ciararachelx - isabelbrowne - siobhan_gibbons -
I had to go to the doggy hospital last night #dovelewisanimalhospital because my bladder stones came back. This is me after I've been sedated and I'm a real #pileoftowels. I couldnt even walk but I am feeling much better today ☺️ #cocker #dailycocker #cockeroftheday #sickpuppy #englishcockerspaniel #bagofbones #floppybones #floppyjones #dailypuppy #instapuppy #instacute #dailycute #ilovemycocker #olliebeans
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lucy_ricky_boo : 🐢Hope you feel better soon! β˜€οΈβœ¨πŸ˜˜πŸΆπŸ’š
bertieandbeau - marbaba - howard_the_spaniel - lucy_ricky_boo -
🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫 THIS IS JUST A LITTLE INFORMATION PHOTO!!! sorry if it grosses anybody out! I do want to share some facts and things with you guys! In the upper left hand corner is a picture from kahlua's stool the other day. She was having diarrhea for about 2-3 days before, she hadn't been able to hold it in and woke me up many times during the night. Up until then did I notice that the last time I had to clean up her mess in the house (due to her not being able to hold it as she normally does before I can get to the door to let her out) that she had a little bit of red stuff in her poop. Believe me, it freaked me out. I remembered my dad telling me about the BRAT diet for dogs. The BRAT diet is just supposed to be temporary unless directed by a vet to do otherwise. B is for bananas, R is for rice, A is for applesauce, and T is for toast. The diet is normally for dogs who keep throwing up and have really upset stomachs. So I went straight to feeding her bananas and toast aka what I had available in the house. I then looked up what it could possibly be and when I saw the results I called and took her to the doggy doctor immediately. They told me it could be parasites so they instructed me to do a stool sample and bring it back in asap which was the next morning. They called me back the next day to let me know what she had going on and they said she came up negative for parasites. They instructed that I give her her puppy meds and sprinkle a packet of forti flora (which contains a probiotic for dogs) on her food every time that she eats. And I must say that it has all helped tremendously. The bottom picture on the left is of her stool after I had fed her bananas and rice a few hours after she had digested it. Her poop is now back to normal and she hopes that you guys can learn something from her experiences. I just want you all to be aware of your dogs and their poop. I know it's gross but it can save their lives to pay a little bit of extra attention to them! So just keep your eyes peeled for any inconsistency! πŸ‘€πŸΆ I'll be posting a video for how I give Kahlua her pills because she hates them. From one doggy mom to another 😘😘😘 -ryry xo
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kahluathepibble : #pitbull #pitbullpuppy #qt #sickpuppy #weloveher #rednosepitbull #rednosegotti #iloveher #americanpitbull #sweetpitbull #doggydoctor #doggymeds #kahluathepibble #loveher #mylife #mylove
proudpitbull : Nice, what are you think about my pitbull t-shirts? Please check out the link in my bio. πŸ’œπŸ•
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When you're sick grandma comes by to take care of you. #sickpuppy #buldog #sickday
sickday - sickpuppy - buldog -
makovs08 - sarcowan - cathybremer - dcapraconboy -
19 day old Sprinkle needs all the healing vibes you can send her. #sickpuppy #austindogrescue
austindogrescue - sickpuppy -
j_emmons6813 - jervin1996 - cookiemomster42 -
Well this is the face of a puppy with an upper respiratory infection and now on 10 days of antibiotics 😞 #atari #bernedoodle #sickpuppy
bernedoodle - sickpuppy - atari -
calvinthemaltipoo : Hope you feel better soon!!!
adventuresofdoodles : Poor baby feel better soon
murphy.doodledog : Awww feel better
atari_thekuhldog : Thank you @calvinthemaltipoo @adventuresofdoodles & @murphy.doodledog we appreciate it
spking1280 : Feel better!
murphy.doodledog - daninoog - adventuresofdoodles - sparkle_and_glow_ -
Little bit dead. πŸ‘½ at least I'm wearing my favourite stolen tshirt. #ironmaiden #sickpuppy
ironmaiden - sickpuppy -
cristianrock54 : \m/
cristianrock54 - amylouisehamilton - amydodd93 -
Really need to get home to Al, dying sick and need someone to mind me #sickpuppy #dying #boyfriend #love #takemehome
takemehome - love - sickpuppy - dying - boyfriend -
katiefogarty1998 : Know how you feel hun x
rachelomeara_ - caoimhenmurray - lisagillman1 - jacqui_coughlan -
http://www.gofundme.com/p8o9x4 Gir has #Intervertebraldiskdisease and can't currently walk. We are trying to raise as much as possible to get her #spinalsurgery. If you can help, please share her link and video to help her chances of walking again. If you can donate a dollar or two it would be appreciated. #dachshund #dachshundproblems #spinesurgery #dogsofinstagram #weinerdog #dogswithIVDD #IVDD #helpdogs #ilovemydog #doglovers #sickpuppy
helpdogs - dogsofinstagram - ivdd - intervertebraldiskdisease - sickpuppy - weinerdog - spinesurgery - ilovemydog - dachshundproblems - doglovers - dogswithivdd - dachshund - spinalsurgery -
ii_am_pomona__ : Awww poor thing. Thats super sad
devenheartbreak : @ii_am_pomona__ I know.. That's my first baby.. It kills me. ): she doesn't deserve this.
katasstrophytriv : Sending you love and your baby all the healing. My basset is currently in the same position, I wish I could spare money to help, until then I will pray for your baby!
nkofanova - _mrssosa - onlydachshunds - nathelloweena -
I like to drink ALL of the water outside and now I have a bacterial infection πŸ˜–πŸ˜· Please send up your doodle prayers for me to get better fast! #doodleprayers #prayers #sickpuppy #poorbaby #scoutdoodle #labradoodlesofinstagram #chocolatelabradoodle #puppy #puppylyfe #chien
puppy - prayers - puppylyfe - doodleprayers - sickpuppy - scoutdoodle - poorbaby - chien - chocolatelabradoodle - labradoodlesofinstagram -
rj.doodle : Getbetter soon @the_tail_of_scout πŸ’™
buddyandrio : Oh no, get better little guy! πŸ™
lola_labdoodle : πŸ˜” hope you feel better soon!
emilyshingleton - vkaymwink - pets_planet_be - harrybdoodle -
Mah poor, sweet, fluffy bro haz kidney stones again 😞. Mom's gonna have to show him some tough love and make him eat hiz prescription food again so he doesn't have to have another surgery. #sickpuppy
sickpuppy -
milo_the_brussels : Oh no! 😘😘😘
trixled : Poor fella. :(
missmoo_minipig : Get better pup
cheeky_chis : 😟
hannahbone76 : Get well soon sweetie
san_mrl - beinqmarley - radar_bubby - alexal3o -
Of course the little prince gets his lunch served to him on a china plate. Hey Kingston, will you share with Mommy?? #pupface #sickpuppy #mommasboy
pupface - sickpuppy - mommasboy -
george_kazakos_official_ - tiu_ahw06 - jmedina86 - rachelfarley3 -
Mommy my tummy hurts and I don't feel good πŸ˜’ Ima lay with my Sock πŸ’.. #SickPuppy #IDontFeelGood #SockMonkey #PoodleProblems #Poodle101 #PoodleMania #PetsCorner #Cutie #MiniPoodle #InstaCutie #MyBaby #igDogs
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rexminipoodle : @shihtzu_emma thanks friendπŸ˜˜πŸ’™
rexminipoodle : @sophiemcevoy91 thanks😘😘❀️
bailey_bean_moss : I'm sorry you don't feel well, I hate upset tummies! ξ€’ ξ€’
teddy_little_dude : Feel better soon❀😘
buffy317 : Be well friend!
lord_theodore312 : Feel better Rex! πŸΎπŸΆπŸ‘
venning7 : Oh Rex I'm so sorry feel better soon little manπŸ‘πŸ˜˜
pattycake1billyboy1 : Aww I hope you're better by now RexπŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
tuffyalert - ellatheyorkie1 - luisxorea - efkari.firar -
"Stella hasn't been feeling good the last two days... She doesn't seem to like going to the Vet either." #Stella #Banfield #SickPuppy 😷🐢
stella - sickpuppy - banfield -
maria_vald - d0nnat3lla -
One sick little weim-a-moose. #willowmissmina #sickpuppy
willowmissmina - sickpuppy -
k_a_wentz - jrdiddy007 - stephh_price - jsevast -
Getting more energy by the minute. Appetite is coming back too 🐢❀️😍#happymom #sickpuppy #stomachbug #woof #love #goldendoodles #goldendoodlesofinstagram #dog #doodlelove #doodleselfie #doodlesofinstagram #instagrampuppy #instagram #doodle #HappyHappyHappy
love - instagram - woof - doodle - goldendoodles - doodleselfie - goldendoodlesofinstagram - sickpuppy - dog - stomachbug - doodlesofinstagram - happymom - instagrampuppy - doodlelove - happyhappyhappy -
mryaksich : She looks like my Toby
mrs_doodle : Handsome doodle.
hunterbgolden : Aww, feel better
sweeney.tracey - icethegoldendoodle - ollie_cavapoo - etu0502ko -
Feeling better today. #sickpuppy #love #lovemystella #lovemystellabella #selfie #stella #doodle #goldendoodles #goldendoodlesofinstagram #instagrampuppy #instagram #woof #dog
selfie - lovemystellabella - love - instagram - woof - doodle - goldendoodles - goldendoodlesofinstagram - sickpuppy - dog - stella - instagrampuppy - lovemystella -
instabassethounds : We love you!
banzzzzzzzzzzzzi - ru_doodle - panthersis_36 - ollie_cavapoo -
he changed his shirt when we left just to match me, lol but thank you for the chocolate cake. #sickpuppy
sickpuppy -
chelsearobelloo - alohakatielady - dallas_aulii - datboi_lolo -
102 fever. Whyyyyy 😷😷😷😷 #sickpuppy ... Errrr I mean Alpaca. Where does one good chicken soup delivered at this hour in LES Chinatown
sickpuppy -
boznutz : Agua
amber_star : Feel better soon! Xoxo
ash_ley_s : Feel better dear! X
lululucas - amber_star - jengmvl_ - oumaima_maimouta -
Ooh poor puppy is sick sad day ... she's been pooping all over the place ....#sickpuppy #cluddlemonster #sadpanda #jacksonhole
cluddlemonster - sadpanda - sickpuppy - jacksonhole -
mdgo101 - ekaterina_ronami - jem_touchdown - y_mariia -
Somebody has kept mommy up allll night! Just happy he's finally sleeping & not crying/shaking anymore. #sickpuppy #justneededhismommy #mommasboy πŸ˜ΏπŸ’š
justneededhismommy - sickpuppy - mommasboy -
startnover2012 : Hope he is better today ❀️
daniellexchristine : @startnover2012 much better today!! :)
ninalily2000 -
Can anyone tell I have a very sick puppy? #germanshepherd #germanshepherddog #dog #sick #sore #needsmedicine #sickpuppy
germanshepherd - needsmedicine - sick - sore - germanshepherddog - sickpuppy - dog -
abandonedbox - dieselzeus14 - hedgiehenry - protectpets -
My sick baby dog today! #sickpuppy #veterinarymedicine #pomeranian #hairymess #stinkydog #sadday #vettechlife #pomswag
stinkydog - pomeranian - sickpuppy - vettechlife - pomswag - veterinarymedicine - hairymess - sadday -
toriskip : Poor little guy 😷
janiceann21 : Poor baby hope your feeling better soon πŸ’•
osandalove6 - rachh_mass - kingnickn - _frazao_ -
My poor Rocky is not feeling well and he won't eat unless I feed him 😞😞😞 #longnight #sickpuppy #cuddletime #poorbaby #pet #dog
cuddletime - poorbaby - pet - longnight - sickpuppy - dog -
cvina14 : 😞😞😞
km_g12 : Poor baby πŸ˜”
loveplanet - citydogpacknyc - groovysmoothiescafe - _amandaa25 -
New favorite tumblr page. #wheresthelie Took some nyquil. Hopefully ill be able to get some sleep #sickpuppy
wheresthelie - sickpuppy -
outfitsforoddballs - alexsoupcup - m.shae97 - peyton.behnke -
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