My poor baby is sick and can't eat anything because his stomach is completely full with unknown substances. So far we've found a wood chip. #stryker #germanshepard #sickpuppy
sickpuppy - germanshepard - stryker -
gsdmalinoislove - rogerthat_87 -
Poor little Krymson... #breaksmyheart #sickpuppy
breaksmyheart - sickpuppy -
bfreeemb -
My poor little buddy :( #sickpuppy
sickpuppy -
lin_ogletree : looks so sad :(
My most compassionate St. Francis look down on this special pup Sandy who needs so much and send your strength and guidance for recovery, your power for pain relief and healing, most of all compassionate understanding and love for her and her wonderful master who cherishes her so....Amen @flygemini08 Please accept Portiathepug prayers. #puglife #blackpug #instapug #livershuntpup #pugbabies #livershuntawareness #pugsandkisses #pugsnotdrugs #pugfriends #pugselfie #pugs #pug #pugoftheday #puglovers #pugmom #ilovemypug #puppy #puppies #puppysisters #pugsisters #squishyface #sickpuppy #pugnation #happypug #cleanpug #ihave2moms #puppypride #gaypride #speakpug #pugofinstagram
pugbabies - livershuntpup - pugofinstagram - cleanpug - puppypride - puglife - pug - speakpug - pugsisters - livershuntawareness - gaypride - puppies - pugsnotdrugs - pugmom - happypug - instapug - puglovers - pugfriends - sickpuppy - pugs - squishyface - blackpug - ilovemypug - puppysisters - pugnation - ihave2moms - puppy - pugoftheday - pugselfie - pugsandkisses -
portiathepug : Everyone please pray for Sandy who is going to have surgery tomorrow.
jaxandjeff : In my prayers πŸ™
wppugs23 - christathompson - voice4dogs - oliverbuckmeister -
My [very first] #WCW goes out to my sweet mommas, Roxi. She had to have a bath today after she vomited in my front seat during our trip home from Houston.πŸ˜• Now there are two sick bitches in the house lol
labshepherdmix - germanshepherd - dontshopadopt - wcw - sickpuppy - bathtime - blacklab -
jamiel0ve : #WCW #dontshopadopt #labshepherdmix #germanshepherd #blacklab #bathtime #sickpuppy
donnyhollis - idratherbewithmydog - bitcheslovepuppies - adambrunson -
Still feeling rough 😒 #Lincolnlogthedog #sickpuppy #dogsofinstagram #corgimix #corgisofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuepup #rescuepetsofinstagram #ilovemydog #mydogiscutest #poorpuppy #sickbaby
rescuedogsofinstagram - rescuepup - corgisofinstagram - lincolnlogthedog - ilovemydog - poorpuppy - sickpuppy - sickbaby - rescuepetsofinstagram - corgimix - mydogiscutest - dogsofinstagram -
kcourt88 : I'm finding out ours has horrid gas! 😝 Hope your little ones feels better :(.
lindsaylou_and_lincolnlog : @kcourt88 oh no! Hopefully its just a result of all the new excitement and change. I think a lot of dogs have that anxiety gas the first few days in a new home. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the well wishes. Hopefully tomorrow he'll be much better. He stinks terribly right now too from being sick. But I don't want to bathe him after everything else tonight so I'll breathe through my mouth til morning. πŸ˜•
kimmi_3 : @lindsaylou_and_lincolnlog so hard having a sick pup since they can't tell you what's wrong. Makes for a rough nights sleep from the worrying and checking! I hope he feels better soon!!!
muttworthy - beneaththechandelier - loki_dixie_poodles - rienutsgoose -
My poor #shihtzu #puppy is not feeling well. I was told she had an allergy and to put her on liquid benedryl for a couple days - I stopped after a day and a half because she was so out of it and I was told to... Now she has been throwing up all day- I try to keep her hydrated by giving her water in a syringe because she doesn't want to drink... Is there a dog cold going around? Any suggestions are welcomed #pleasehelp #shihtzunation #couponcommunity #shihtzusofinstagram #dogsofinstagram
pleasehelp - shihtzusofinstagram - dogsofinstagram - couponcommunity - shihtzu - puppy - shihtzunation - sickpuppy -
comesaveaway : #sickpuppy
clipazoncoupons : Try regular white rice boiled and boiled chicken breast @comesaveaway my vet always suggest this when they don't feel well. Not sure why, but I always see results :-)
comesaveaway : @clipazoncoupons thank you so much!!
radcliff_corgis - thosedamnwolves - itsallaboutmycanines - starglazed -
So tired after being boarded at doggie daycare last night that in falling asleep sitting up!! #sleepyhead #sickpuppy #whwt #westie #westiesofinstagram #doggiedaycare #dogsofinstagram
whwt - sleepyhead - dogsofinstagram - doggiedaycare - westie - sickpuppy - westiesofinstagram -
kris10lee83 - nachoftmoy - nerradonline - emma_the_westie -
At the vet with kash, poor guy isn't feelin so hot. πŸ˜” #Getbetter #bae #germanshepherd #k9 #Vet #sickpuppy #gsd #mykid
germanshepherd - vet - bae - sickpuppy - mykid - getbetter - gsd - k9 -
mollll_s : πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
cl61477 : No one likes going to the hospital. πŸ‘Ž
austytexas : @cl61477 $150 just for our first visit. Got along way to go still. πŸ˜•
cl61477 : Where did you take him? VCA in Union City has a coupon on their website for the first visit being free.
austytexas : @cl61477 we went to tricity on fremont blvd. the visit was only $30 but all the meds and shit was the rest
cl61477 : Yeah they're good too. That's where I got Kona's pet insurance.
austytexas : @cl61477 I wanted that for kash but people tell me only when they are puppies
lindsey.la_dew : @austytexas Haha. For real? When? I wonder if our boys would get along!! I'd imagine they would.
wardwilliams1 - niterunner669 - nateberry1 - gordiis760 -
Poor dude has had a pretty rough afternoon. Sick tummy, vet visit, shot, yucky pill, and a new special limited diet for the Log. #lincolnlogthedog #dogsofinstagram #sickpuppy #sickdog #corgimix #corgisofinstagram #instacorgi #ilovemydog #vet
vet - corgisofinstagram - lincolnlogthedog - ilovemydog - sickdog - sickpuppy - corgimix - instacorgi - dogsofinstagram -
instacorgies : Hey @insta_dogs check out this profile
lindsaylou_and_lincolnlog : Thanks @instacorgies! We love your account and are looking forward to seeing more and more pics on your profile!
angelandroxy : GET WELL SOON BUDDY😊
lindsaylou_and_lincolnlog : Thanks @angelandroxy. He seems to be resting and hasn't gotten sick in almost 3 hours.
gorjess1227 - kcourt88 - scoutguidecharlotte - angelandroxy -
Aladdin's "get better soon" dinner! #sickpuppy #chickenandrice #getbetter
chickenandrice - getbetter - sickpuppy -
katiadavies - septbaby96 - angelika_2025 - madiglaser -
πŸ˜πŸ˜• my baby is feeling sick #sickpuppy #poorbaby
poorbaby - sickpuppy -
monicavillanu12 : Awwww poor thing I hope coco feels better he needs to rest 😴@dramamich
monicavillanu12 - raquel.rivas.792 - paperroute - osito07 -
Tell the birds to chase themselves, I'm taking a #sickday. #LaineyPants #LoveMyGirl #poorpuppy #sickpuppy #bichon #BichonFrise
sickday - bichonfrise - bichon - laineypants - poorpuppy - sickpuppy - lovemygirl -
teddythecircusdog : Feel better! ❀️
williamslainey : Thanks @teddythecircusdog I'll show her this when we wakes ☺
darlingbailey - little_arctic_fox - teddythecircusdog - archereliff -
Poor Daisy is under the weather. #sickpuppy #addisonsdog
addisonsdog - sickpuppy -
catcherdiva26 : I miss you guys ! I hope she is alright !!!
raab3 : @catcherdiva26 her blood work came back clean, of course. Maybe she just needs a massage and pedicure like her mom.
yooanniee : I need a massage and a pedi too. Take care of me. Let me be your pet.
catcherdiva26 : @raab3 good ! Take her to a nice doggy day spa she probably misses her BFF lil dog ,
leathal_led - fawlotheleader - yooanniee - countrysbbq -
Sometimes I miss my dark hair... #blonded #playingwithscissors #sickpuppy
playingwithscissors - sickpuppy - blonded -
showmeurteeth - goingghost666 - _alerose - kev_thebarber1 -
My little chubby was throwing up all last night. A little lazy this morning but looks like shes doing better! 😊😊😊
bulldog - englishbulldog - sickpuppy -
dparra137 : #Englishbulldog #bulldog #sickpuppy
audreytigre - pirate_ships - sdwade88 - davidca24 -
These my Rainy Jays β˜”οΈ #Doctorsoffice #sickpuppy #wdywt #jays #idonotownrainboots #tomboyshit lol πŸ˜„
tomboyshit - wdywt - jays - sickpuppy - idonotownrainboots - doctorsoffice -
pleasure_b : Size 1.5 shoes
_veda : Lml πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
introverted.extrovert : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
_veda : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ @introverted.extrovert
beautifulppldntjushappen - aerial.ace - _fashionwhorexo - x.sincerely.shey -
He wants out of the vet's office so bad, he is crying so much. #sheltie #dogsofinstagram #sickpuppy
sheltie - dogsofinstagram - sickpuppy -
rockyswalkers : Beautiful!
tokpets - dogflavinho -
FORZA AMORE πŸ’ͺ #love #loveyou #staffy #staffylove #staffygram #staffordshirebullterrier #piccolo #cucciolo #malato #sickpuppy #Sick #puppy #rimettiti πŸ’˜πŸ•
rimettiti - love - cucciolo - malato - staffylove - piccolo - sickpuppy - staffordshirebullterrier - staffygram - staffy - sick - puppy - loveyou -
beckkro : Hi baby boo ❀️
emmadonnelly : Poor baby!
samanthaa_d - staffestorm - thomas.rita - rossellaaa1 -
Today #Monte is not feeling well. So he gets to lay up on the chair all day where annoying little brother #Ollie cant get him.
instadog - monte - mutt - sleepy - cuddles - ollie - sickpuppy -
wolfchild_mn : #sickpuppy #sleepy #cuddles #instadog #mutt
lbush59 : He even got your new blanket πŸ˜ƒ
houseofmutts - canibalnaranjo - tallwaves - wangmot -
He kinda is so important to me#love #mypuppy #staystrong #sickpuppy πŸ’•
staystrong - love - sickpuppy - mypuppy -
sethraspo - devinbablitz23 - maloukieb - lissaauxoxo -
Keep lil Humphrey in your thoughts today while we wait until he can come home ❀️ #sickpuppy
cute - puppyporn - trickortreat - festive - sickdog - halloween - cauldron - dog - instadog - puppiesofinstagram - dogtags - pup - er - halloweendog - hospital - instapuppy - sickpuppy - candy - trick - puppydaily - treat - sick - puppy - adorable - cuteface - ears -
sirhumphreythedog : @sweet_yorkie_life thank you! He really needs it right now
austintoney : What's wrong with el chapo?
julielogann : @austintoney he's in the humane society hospital for pneumonia 😭
mitch_dunn : Poor little guy
corgi_dash : 🐾❀️
evy_the_mutt : ♥♥♥
dirty_bobs_ft._johnnycakes : Adorable! Thanks for the follow β€οΈπŸ’œπŸΆ
_____jagger_____ : Get better soon!
chefrojan - dogwalkingla - brennylog - dirty_bobs_ft._johnnycakes -
Plotting her getaway at the vet. #sickpuppy #roxilla #puppyproblems #pomeranian
pomeranian - sickpuppy - roxilla - puppyproblems -
black_mariah : Awww feel better Roxi
mynameisrayrays - missfrankieeleanor - immonicalynne - jonnytwotone85 -
Poor puppy has an eye infection 😩 #sickpuppy #getbetter #eyedrops #baby
baby - getbetter - sickpuppy - eyedrops -
meagansarahh - lauramelnyk - trinaburdeny -
My poor baby... 😒 #sickpuppy #doglover
doglover - sickpuppy -
gabrielaarbaiza : Que le pasó???
gabrielaarbaiza - taylorblakeward -
#sickpuppy #:(
sickpuppy -
Hate feeling poorly. πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜”πŸ―πŸ #sickpuppy #bringmehoney
bringmehoney - sickpuppy -
anna.reading : @aemeliafox I miss honey tea!!! β˜•οΈ
grav3s - gastonrider - stevieleedee - master_valo -
It might be 4:45 am, but look who I FINALLY got to eat and drink?!?Yayyy! #postOp #sickpuppy
postop - sickpuppy -
pruettk - ikatsui - rebeccaroanoke - kbjagoda -
More sleepy sleepies. Tiring day at the vet today because I threw up again! Everything looking okay. Hopefully stays that way! #sickpuppy #poorbaby #labsofinsta #labsoftheukis #labsofmelbourne #labradorretriever #labradorsofinstagram #dudleylab #yellowlab #aussielabs #englishlab #dog_features #petstagram
petstagram - dog_features - labradorretriever - sickpuppy - labsoftheukis - aussielabs - labsofmelbourne - labradorsofinstagram - englishlab - poorbaby - dudleylab - labsofinsta - yellowlab -
sammytheyellowlabrador : @rocksy_star_labrador I've been coughing, gagging and vomiting after having some rawhide. I had lots of scans and some blood tests but they didn't find anything! No obstruction, no infection, nothing.
rocksy_star_labrador : Are you on a monthly heart worm preventive?? Did they test for heart worms? Do you have the πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©too?? xoxo
sammytheyellowlabrador : @rocksy_star_labrador I've had a yearly heartworm injection and I'm on a 3 month cycle of other worming medication. They don't think it's worms because I'm up to date and it started straight after I had the rawhide so I didn't have a poo test
rocksy_star_labrador : Okay! That's all good then... & no diarrhea? Cuz, heart worms can be sneaky creatures! Need special blood test for that... We're in the USA & our vet has always said, NO rawhide made in China... Are you eating small meals? Able to keep any food down? Drinking normal amounts of water?? 😘 xoxo
sammytheyellowlabrador : @rocksy_star_labrador, no diarrhoea, and have been drinking and eating well (small meals of bland food) and I had a Schmackos chop n chew and it was made in Australia.
rocksy_star_labrador : All sounds like you're on the road to recovery! Keep me posted & know we're thinking of you everyday! 🐾😊😘 xoxo
sammytheyellowlabrador : @rocksy_star_labrador thanks for you love!!!!
sammytheyellowlabrador : Your
miss_qn - kaktalusis - ally_putvin - ellie_the_yellowlab -
Get well soon potchi,,,we miss you!!! I love u so much!!!muwah,,,sana for discharge kna bukas:) #sickpuppy #bestrong #potchi #puppylove
bestrong - puppylove - sickpuppy - potchi -
rachael.graham.n -
🐢🐾Heart sick our sweet Maui has been under the weather. πŸ˜’πŸ˜”Praying the Dr. finds out what's wrong soon & she feels better. #lablove #bestfriend #sickpuppy #sad #praying #feelbetter #ourgirl
bestfriend - lablove - ourgirl - feelbetter - praying - sickpuppy - sad -
elizabethhpeace : I'll keep her in my prayers!:/ Hope she gets well soon!!πŸ’•
curlyshoegirlshan : @elizabethhpeace Thank you so much Elizabeth. 😘
marcmarie11 : Oh no. I pray she gets well soon. Sweet baby doggie. πŸ’•
elizabethhpeace : @curlyshoegirlshan anytime!😏 Maui is too adorable!πŸ’
missrachiepoo : πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜ž
curlyshoegirlshan : @marcmarie11 Thank you soooo much. 🐾🐢😘
curlyshoegirlshan : @missrachiepoo No kidding:(:(
elizabethhpeace - marcmarie11 - lizsmakeupbag - vns97 -
I'm still sick and am in ultimate cozy mode wahh. #cozy #sickpuppy #australianshepherd #aussie #dogsofinstagram #dog #redmerle #sick
dogsofinstagram - australianshepherd - sickpuppy - dog - redmerle - sick - aussie - cozy -
bingleytheaussie - alicia_and_furbabies - isabella_the_aussie - lewistheaussie -
Why do I worry when I have my momma to do that for me? Don't worry mom, I'll just give the cat bleu cheese. :-) #instacollage #sickpuppy #kennelcough
instacollage - kennelcough - sickpuppy -
jen_klares : Lol coral is a kisser. I'd catch something from her in a heartbeat...
tyler.sparrow - jen_klares -
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