Unfortunately, Sam had to visit the hospital multiple times these past two weeks for surgery and poison treatment. Please pray for the little guy, he's pretty banged up right now #dachshund #sickpuppy #getbetterlittleman 7•29•14
getbetterlittleman - dachshund - sickpuppy -
Feeling a little under the weather today. Mom thinks I ate something I shouldn't have...again. #westie #whwt #westitude #westhighlandwhiteterrier #napping #undertheweather #sickpuppy
whwt - westhighlandwhiteterrier - undertheweather - westitude - westie - napping - sickpuppy -
alisonjrumbles -
Afternoon nap selfie! Wassup Bro! #Gunner #NapTime #Benadryl #SickPuppy
naptime - benadryl - sickpuppy - gunner -
savannnnnaahh -
Someone has been throwing up for the past hour. He just now settled down. Poor guy :( #theadventuresofzorro #yorkie #poodle #yorkiepoo #sickpuppy
yorkiepoo - yorkie - sickpuppy - poodle - theadventuresofzorro -
karlastarryoung - juliaanne98 - lindygale - jfutrell26 -
Jonas has an upset tummy today. My poor baby looks miserable :( #doodle #goldendoodle #sickpuppy #lookatthatface
goldendoodle - doodle - lookatthatface - sickpuppy -
cassirv - cliffthedoodle - brl54 - olaf_the_doodle -
This explains me perfectly. #welcometomylife #gotaroominhellbooked #sickpuppy
gotaroominhellbooked - welcometomylife - sickpuppy -
maysidotes -
Little guy had a rough night last night. Upset tummy.... And yuck. Feelin better today but takin it easy. #sickpuppy #poopedpuppy #tiredmommy #sleepybasset #sleepy #basset #bassetbaby #bassetgram #bassetlife #bassetlove #bassethound #bassethoundsofinstagram #bassetsofinstagram #ilovemypoochie #ilovemybassethound
basset - bassetbaby - ilovemypoochie - bassethound - sleepy - sickpuppy - bassetsofinstagram - bassetlife - bassetlove - bassetgram - poopedpuppy - ilovemybassethound - sleepybasset - tiredmommy - bassethoundsofinstagram -
fixu911 : Beautiful
fixu911 : ❤️❤️
mrfredthebasset : Feel better!
pkbarts : Feel better Dudley. Travelling can mess up your system.
lforiole : Poor little guy, feel better
jhives - pickles_the_bassethound - cupojo10 - thebeagle_leo -
#tbt to when I was sick and my mom cuddled with me all day and carried me everywhere we went. #husky #huskyprobs #huskypuppy #sickpuppy #sickhusky #lazy #cuddles
lazy - sickhusky - cuddles - sickpuppy - huskyprobs - tbt - huskypuppy - husky -
lorenlloris - kotathehuskay - - gonetotheanimalz -
Poor baby has been asleep basically all morning...his first visit to the vet yesterday made him sick. #sickpuppy
sickpuppy -
neonkacie - where_the_light_1s98 - somethings_never_change1999 - hannahkat3lynn -
#sickpuppy my little baby is sick :( I've come to the realization they are my fur babies. I love them as much as parents love their kids.
sickpuppy -
bebrian - mommytipi -
Guess who had to go to the vet again?! #millymonster #funtimes #sickpuppy #uti #catahoula #letskickthisinfection #lovemypuppy #peeproblems
lovemypuppy - letskickthisinfection - uti - peeproblems - sickpuppy - funtimes - millymonster - catahoula -
ivisbenve -
This little guy kept me up all night w his upset tummy. Love to cuddle w him but I didn't get much sleep. #dogsofinstagram #instadog #puppy #sickpuppy
instadog - puppy - dogsofinstagram - sickpuppy -
jenngreenstein : Oh no!! Did he eat something he was not suppose to eat?
familyspice : @jenngreenstein he must have. He's always snooping around the house finding hidden treats.
jenngreenstein : Poor lil guy! Feel better Simon and get some rest today Laura!!
familyspice : @jenngreenstein I'm doing the San Diego Living show on channel 6 in a bit. Keeping my head clear as long as possible!then crash at home!
kimlivlife : Hope he's on the mend...! And I hope the tv slot went well!!! My girl is better a finally resting peacefully. What a night, huh? I'll be grabbing a nap today too. Feel better pup!!
mydogiscutest - taneshahfz - olive___oyl - mariesaba -
#sickpuppy #misshome #missmom #missgranns #missmybed
missgranns - missmom - missmybed - misshome - sickpuppy -
bontlemothibeli : Get better soon dear
dollydjm - enisot_ - auniicorn_namedscott -
Alex found my four day old brand new chapstick chewed up and completely eaten by our lovely fur baby. I don't get why she is all of a sudden choosing to chew up the most bizarre things instead of chewing on one of her thousand of toys. Hoping we don't have a sick girl tonight 😑👎🐶 #mollythedog #furbaby #eos #chewedup #sickpuppy # chapstick
eos - chewedup - furbaby - sickpuppy - mollythedog -
esthervilla0422 - outletlivinha - taylermbee - prettylittle_life -
Please feel better by morning my little princess Bella 🐾🐶🐶 #jackrussell #furbaby #sickpuppy #sleepy #loveher #belladog
loveher - furbaby - belladog - sleepy - sickpuppy - jackrussell -
thierry38 - overtheway11 - alaxitoo - yakubouskaya -
Thank you everyone for your prayers! Stan is back home. He has a collapsed trachea and bronchitis. 😔 #sickpuppy #shihtzu #prayers
shihtzu - sickpuppy - prayers -
apetrie33 : Aww poor babe, hope he's feeling better soon!!
anmuzgub : OMG!! That is so scary!! Poor stan...hoping for a speedy recovery
clairea7x : Omg poor puppy 🐶
wkellis0630 : Aww, hope he is feeling better soon.
miss_amandasantos : Oh my. Poor puppy! Hoping for a fast recovery!
dankaytz : Poor baby 💔
mariegagne87 : Im so sorry :(
lisa_marconi : Get well soon Stan 💙
thompson_146 - kfong888 - celichef - dankaytz -
Please visit Luka on go fund me and read his story. #sickpuppy #needsurgery #frenchie #squishyfacecrew #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchiesofig #dogoftheday #smalldog #frogdog #cystinuria #love #helpme #lovemuffin
needsurgery - squishyfacecrew - love - lovemuffin - frenchiesofinstagram - helpme - sickpuppy - smalldog - frogdog - frenchiesofig - cystinuria - frenchie - dogoftheday -
pmstish : This campaign is raising money for "Help Luka"
dorisofgondor : 💕
bellalovesbeau : omg this is sooooo cute!!!
wycleft_the_frenchie : Love it!
loisola - suggetsmence516 - crazy.frenchie.lovers - hoseverve4451 -
Sorry foe the graphic picture #furfriends ... however the past three days jagger has been fighting a bit of a battle. Around 4pm friday evening we noticed his face was swollen . Within a few hours his entire face was bloody, blisteres, and losing hair rapidly... we didnt understand why when i had been with him all day and he didnt do anything out of the ordinary. We took him to the vet and she said it was the food he was eating. We recently switched to #nutro and the vet said it is the worst possible food to give your pets . Jaggers infection is getting worse to a point he has lost 10lbs in three days and his eyes are swollen shut. I am so worried about my baby :'( anyways just a warning to those who use nutro natural choice... these are the ``benefits...`` #poorguy #mybaby #nutrosucks #sickpuppy #thanksfortryingtokillmydog #Jagger #bordercollie #husky #mixx #bordercolliesofinstagram #huskiesofinstagram #mixedbreedsofinstagram #dontshopadopt #adoptdontshop #whoadoptedwho #whorescuedwho #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #petstagram #petsofinstagram #yyc #calgary
petstagram - dontshopadopt - dogsofinstagram - nutrosucks - poorguy - huskiesofinstagram - bordercollie - whoadoptedwho - nutro - bordercolliesofinstagram - adoptdontshop - yyc - mixedbreedsofinstagram - whorescuedwho - dogstagram - mixx - petsofinstagram - sickpuppy - thanksfortryingtokillmydog - husky - furfriends - calgary - mybaby - jagger -
krissiehudson : Awwww poor guy ): Hope he gets better fast!!
ajtrites : So what is in the food that he's allergic to?
lilmcjagger : Thank you @krissiehudson. And @ajtrites the vet said it isnt allergies actually she said there is something wrong with the food
krissiehudson : Welcome!
husky_jomyut - kobe.and.keisha - katzutheshiba - border.collie.lovers -
Our new little fluffbaby we saved from some horrible people! I cannot believe the conditions this puppy was kept in makes me sick to see him suffer. He shall suffer no more though because he's in good hands! Now he needs a badass name! 🐶❤️ #sleepypuppy #pomchi #sickpuppy
pomchi - sickpuppy - sleepypuppy -
elleautumn : Name him Simba! Simba Lyons. Or Rafiki. He kinda looks like a fluffy monkey. @andrew_lyons can be King Mufasa. 💁 and you shall be queen. 👑
colby_eblen87 : It's sooo fluffyyy 😂
tiffanienoelle : Name him chance you guys gave him a second chance
asiarene : That's cute! @tiffanienoelle
kkkoda - dayne_dusyk - mayalynne15 - lalapoloza -
My July vet bill is out of control #yellowlab #sickpuppy 😢
yellowlab - sickpuppy -
starspazzz : Awwwww 😢 poor baby pup
volnikv - colosurfgirl -
Visiting@our sweet boy at the hospital! #sickpuppy #getbettersoonboy #canwetakehimhomeyet #puppylove #lovethisdogmorethanlife #hurley boy
lovethisdogmorethanlife - getbettersoonboy - canwetakehimhomeyet - hurley - sickpuppy - puppylove -
megandallvechia : Oh no! What happened??
apoore24 - samanthastitt - shlay777 - april_toth -
Bringing cool to the vet. #husband #tolkienussery #theyposse #sickpuppy
theyposse - tolkienussery - sickpuppy - husband -
jrkayla : Handsome!
oh_kao : @jrkayla I know! .. And Bran too! Lol!
magdaaguirreee - givegracias - wonderfulmoments - aliciabrianne -
This wasn't the weekend I was working for. I kind of made a mess all around the house and even on my fav bed. Anyways I was at the doctors getting my tummy worked on and somehow came home with a brother who looks like me but makes sounds like my sister....weird....more on that later. #cansomeonecleanmybed #sickpuppy #pomblems #pomlife #pommitedalloverthehouse
cansomeonecleanmybed - pomlife - pommitedalloverthehouse - sickpuppy - pomblems -
janae_day2day : Lol @alyjsworld
vvelezy2u : Ayy poor skunky poo
msannechristine : Poor lil skunkaroo! Feel better
dee_anna_21 : Look at the bright side ....Could have come home with a cone of shame
stephlikestorun : Feel better skunky! 😘💕
tiulaurabella : Poor cutie skunk
callenthedog : @hiimskunk oh Skunky!! my mama @unrehearsed says to feed you some rice and extra lean hamburger. that will make your tummy better. will you update us on what the Vet says? don't try and sneak extra treats with your cuteness and stay away from chewing things that aren't toys. love you so much! 🐶😘🍁💕
tiupetra : Aaww, you poor thing! Hope you feel better sooooooooooon. 😘
mamma_janie - creelskitty - jessiejilek - avroskitchen -
Lazy Mondays with this guy, I hate when he doesn't feel good 🐶🐾 #kiko #sickpuppy #yorkieshitzulhasa
kiko - sickpuppy - yorkieshitzulhasa -
mz_janett007 : Shall I bring Jack Jack there to cheer him up?
ericant : @mz_janett007 they are long overdue for a visit!
tartarz - cl3mi3 - ness_santiago - rawrjurk -
He's so sick:( taking care of my baby instead of working now. #babytuck #myboy #sickpuppy #lovehim #scared #daddyprobs
daddyprobs - babytuck - myboy - scared - sickpuppy - lovehim -
briannnnuhhh : Pooor pup :(
sarahpoto : Awww poor baby :(
maddylillie : Feel better, baby Tuck!
nicoleeeelocin : Aw pup pup get better soon!!
sydnee_montoure : 😩😭😩😭
maddylillie - raythenerd - shanonconway - brianaheimark -
#sickpuppy #sickdog #sickbirdie #undertheweather #poorbird #lovemydog
lovemydog - undertheweather - poorbird - sickdog - sickpuppy - sickbirdie -
paws_n_claws11 - tones_on_tones - dani_dogma - blackqueen_of_hearts -
Get better little monster #sickpuppy #inthehospital #princesspeeka
princesspeeka - sickpuppy - inthehospital -
laytonpearson_ -
"Mom what exactly is *the vet*?" #vet #germanshepherd #sickpuppy #loveher #thisface #killsme #puppylove
germanshepherd - vet - puppylove - sickpuppy - loveher - killsme - thisface -
officiallysavannahraeee : @lyssamonea
lyssamonea : 😔😔 nooo. Is surgery the only option?
officiallysavannahraeee : Pretty much. It's not curable or anything so basically she's stuck with it now. So were just gonna take it as it comes and try to help her not be in pain as best as we can.
lyssamonea : Ahh. Makes me sad. 😔 invest in a good bed. I heard they work wonders for dogs with arthritis and joint pain. I hope she feels better.
lyssamonea : And you can get her some fancy shoes!
officiallysavannahraeee : How's Marley doing btw?? @lyssamonea
lyssamonea : She got these gnarly fleas when she was recovering from parvo cuz her immune system was shot. And lost a bunch of patches of hair. She's getting better now. And she just ate a fly. Other than that she's doing good lol.
officiallysavannahraeee : Well it's good she's finally getting better then
savannahpaigeferguson - d_abra - chuygram - sinaamirisina -
Update on this snuggle bug. She seems to be doing a lot better. She perked up after eating last night. She's walking faster, able to jump on and off the bed and couch,turning her head more, and walking up and down the stairs faster. She still yelps when trying to wiggle out of her own bed, but I'm hoping she'll be good as new soon! Feeling extremely relieved! #bellagram #sickpuppy #teacuppoodle #cuteness
bellagram - cuteness - sickpuppy - teacuppoodle -
darlinglittlelife : Glad to hear 😊
harkerbeauty - doroteabeauty - josie_thomas09 - missuzy_74_ -
We're feeling a bit under the weather. A change of scenery while we wait for our appointment with the vet. #dog #puppy #sickpuppy
puppy - dog - sickpuppy -
takarajewels : How is Nemo? :(
levibatty : Heading to the vet in a few, hope to get some antibiotics to help him. I've been trying to help keep him hydrated with pedialyte.
vaneresendes -
#livinglifeinthefastlane #dontdrinkanddrive #itsgonnahurttomorrow #valentinorossi #hellmoppers #silfverbielke #sickpuppy
hellmoppers - dontdrinkanddrive - livinglifeinthefastlane - silfverbielke - valentinorossi - itsgonnahurttomorrow - sickpuppy - barcelona - getdown -
erikhog : @johnsilfverbielke som dragit omkull?
silfverbielke_deluxe : Tydligen så mkt ligga i #barcelona att han inte hinner ställa sig upp...
silfverbielke_deluxe : #getdown
erikhog : Med den lilla hehe okda#knytnäven
drivingalliance - johanhw -
You're gonna stick that thermometer WHERE!!??!
bulldog - lovehim - vet - dogs - sickpuppy -
wanderlust_cp : #dogs #bulldog #vet #sickpuppy #lovehim
marialeigh89 - jeskapits - jeanh2217 - taytayru -
Poor baby #sickpuppy
sickpuppy -
vanniecao : My baby booboo. Love him
vanniecao -
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