Honey jack, O Farrell street album playing, candles, peace ....heaven #shoshanabean #bubblebath #metime #jackdaniels
bubblebath - jackdaniels - metime - shoshanabean -
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It's not as easy as it seems. @shobean #shoshanabean
shoshanabean -
Sometimes u have to b #wendy and place ur cigarette all the way behind u. Its a #gin n #cigarettes kinda of morning #wendywilliamsshow #wendywilliamsshow #wendywilliams #womenofacertainage #ginandcigarettes #shoshanabean @sashay__infiniti69
wendywilliamsshow - ginandcigarettes - cigarettes - wendywilliams - wendy - shoshanabean - gin - womenofacertainage -
henryresto7 : I have really nice lips i just noticed haha
henryresto7 : @cowsweardresses txt me
cowsweardresses : Texted ❀
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That moment your inner #theatregeek freaks out! (Video is on the website link in my bio) #wicked #hairspray #beaches #shoshanabean @shobean
theatregeek - shoshanabean - hairspray - beaches - wicked -
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oH mY gOd bless you Megan Hilty for your amazing comedy and Shoshana Bean for your adorable expressions i love you πŸ’— . I was meant to be going to the beach today but I don't think that it's going to happen GODDAMN YOU UGLY STUPID SCOTTISH FREAKING WEATHER 😬 . I hope you all have a better day than me πŸ’ . #meganhilty #shoshanabean #wicked #wickedthemusical #elphabathropp #galindaupland #sassy #fierce #elphie #glinda #elphaba #itsallaboutpopular #theatre #broadway #gelphie
wickedthemusical - elphabathropp - theatre - elphaba - itsallaboutpopular - gelphie - meganhilty - galindaupland - glinda - elphie - shoshanabean - fierce - broadway - sassy - wicked -
west.end.shows : I'm in Scotland at the moment so I shan't be having a better day than you!
wickedmenzel_ : @west.end.shows Haha the weather's pretty terrible
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NOPE CANT HANDLE IT THEY ARE LITERALLY BEST FRIEND GOALS AF #shedan #shoshanaandeden #shoshanabean #edenespinosa
shedan - edenespinosa - shoshanaandeden - shoshanabean -
helenaism - lifeafterlove83 - fallenangelofmusic - mollyminone -
lately I've been so in love with watching videos of Shoshana especially with Eden and Megan like the Meg an' Sho show is the greatest thing ever especially when they do the wicked medley and then switch back to their normal parts for For Good that song gets me every time😭😭😭😭😭😭 and shoshana's cover of girl crush was amazing she's just amazing #shoshanabean #meganhilty #edenespinosa #wicked #gelphie #meganshoshow #elphabathropp #elphaba #glinda #glindathegood #galindaupland #galinda #broadway #chicago #newyork #beaches #friendshipgoals
elphabathropp - galinda - newyork - gelphie - meganhilty - galindaupland - glinda - shoshanabean - broadway - meganshoshow - beaches - chicago - elphaba - edenespinosa - friendshipgoals - glindathegood - wicked -
shattered.chandelier : I LOVE UR USERNAME
measureyourlifeinlove : @shattered.chandelier AW THANK YOU SO MUCH YOURE THE FIRST PERSON WHO HAS SAID THAT it's also the first tattoo I'm getting😊😏 - o.itam - selfie.elphie - tbh.carriestlouis -
Casual bit of @shobean with my babies!! #shoshanabean #smokeandmirrors #gay #diva #dog #dogs #puppies #love #ofarrellstreet #music #soul
love - gay - ofarrellstreet - puppies - dog - diva - soul - music - shoshanabean - smokeandmirrors - dogs -
shobean : Omg I love!!!!!!
johnny_sanders : Awww I'm glad @shobean truly is a great album
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I feel like Shoshana, Lindsay, Eden and Idina would give the best hugs ever and tbh I need one πŸ˜“ #shoshanabean #lindsaymendez #edenespinosa #idinamenzel #wicked #elphabathropp #elphaba #broadway
elphabathropp - idinamenzel - elphaba - edenespinosa - shoshanabean - broadway - lindsaymendez - wicked -
littlelottesscarf : I mean, I'm not as fabulous as any of them, but here's a virtual hug from me ❀️
measureyourlifeinlove : @littlelottesscarf you're pretty fabulous thoughπŸ’— love you
littlelottesscarf : Well you're fabulous as well πŸ’œ love you too
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this happened twice. TWICE!!!! my life is looking up #shoshanabean
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Listening to @shobean in the rain earlier today (while I was charging my phone in the car bc the power went outπŸ˜‚) πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’• #ShoshanaBean #ShoBean #rainyday #love
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Chicago fun! #beaches #drurylane #shoshana #shoshanabean
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Seeing Shoshana Bean in Beaches!! #Drurylanetheatre #beaches #shoshanabean #extraordinary #windbeneathmywings #❀️
❀️ - drurylanetheatre - extraordinary - windbeneathmywings - shoshanabean - beaches -
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tbh I'm in love with Eden too and her relationship with Shoshana is the epitome of best friend goals #shoshanabean #edenespinosa #goals #bestfriendgoals #wicked #broadway #queen #love #music #newyork #newyorkcity #rent #beaches #elphabathropl #elphaba did sho seriously just like my picture bc I don't know if that actually happened or not tbh
love - newyorkcity - newyork - bestfriendgoals - edenespinosa - queen - elphaba - music - goals - shoshanabean - rent - broadway - elphabathropl - beaches - wicked -
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@shobean today was so rough for me and now I'm so completely happy I can't stop smiling I love you so so much you're incredible and I so admire how strong you are.❀️❀️❀️ IM SO NOT OKAY DID THIS REALLY JUST HAPPEN (have I actually understood) SHOSHANA JUST LIKED MY PICTURE HOLY FUCKING SHIT IM NOT OKAY SOMEONE TELL ME THIS ACTUALLY JUST HAPPENED IVE BEEN SO OBSESSED WITH HER LATELY she's so kind and not to mention beautiful and she has such a big heart and her voice is so incredible I don't understand how someone can sound like that and she was the second elphaba after Idina and was completely amazing at it and I am so not okay. this is not real. #shoshanabean #HOLYSHIT #FUCK
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tbh I might be in love with Shoshana 😍😍 #shoshanabean
shoshanabean -
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IM SEEING SHOSHANA TODAY AND IM SO EXCITED!!!!!! #shoshanabean #edenespinosa #forgood #wicked #elphie #elphaba
elphie - shoshanabean - elphaba - edenespinosa - forgood - wicked -
shobeanfans : Woohoo πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
measureyourlifeinlove : NO WAY THATS AWESOME
thetoteproject : Love!
loveoflea : sfs?πŸ’•
mefergason : πŸ’–
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random pic but can we talk about their face expressions? πŸ˜‚ anyways, I'm at my summerhouse and the wifi here is pretty slow etc. so idk how much I'll be able to update πŸ˜” #mitchgrassi #scotthoying #shoshanabean #superfruit #ptx #pentatonix #pentaholic πŸ’•πŸ’•
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jymlr_ : Mitch haha
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I'm no @shobean, but here's a #15secondcover of one my favorite songs of hers "I Am Not Unchanged". This song always takes me to a better place. A longer version can be found on my YouTube channel and the website link in my bio. #shoshanabean #ofarrellstreet #iamnotunchanged #wicked #learningguitar #singersofinstagram #acousticguitar #riff
learningguitar - acousticguitar - ofarrellstreet - 15secondcover - iamnotunchanged - riff - singersofinstagram - shoshanabean - wicked -
shobean : Sing!!!!
jamesroberts96 : Thanks so much @shobean!
demajik : πŸ‘Œ
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HAVE TO GET READY FOR BAND BUT I DONT WANT TO || I've recently become obsessed with Shoshana and it's so great that there are so many videos of her on YouTube yay πŸ’• #wicked #broadway #elphabathropp #shoshanabean #shobean
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If you know anyone or have kids or adults interested in some amazing theatre training, from song selection, acting, pop rock, business and much more I highly recommend this intensive! Each intensive offers something new! Keep your eyes open for the next intensive here in Cleveland! Lots of exciting things are being planned!! #Repost @makingitonbroadway with @repostapp. ・・・ What a fabulous week in Cleveland! Master Classes with some of Broadway's Finest! #miob #cleveland #theatreintensive #theatretraining #shoshanabean #aliceripley #paigefaure #justinhuff #jodielangel and many many more! Check for the next intensive! #Broadway
justinhuff - theatreintensive - aliceripley - miob - paigefaure - cleveland - jodielangel - shoshanabean - theatretraining - broadway - repost -
_mikefromkrush_ - jessiekgill - chrisinkyung - _deborahrenee -
What a fabulous week in Cleveland! Master Classes with some of Broadway's Finest! #miob #cleveland #theatreintensive #theatretraining #shoshanabean #aliceripley #paigefaure #justinhuff #jodielangel and many many more! Check for the next intensive! #Broadway
justinhuff - aliceripley - theatreintensive - miob - paigefaure - cleveland - jodielangel - shoshanabean - theatretraining - broadway -
idkchristian : alice ripley touched my back πŸ˜πŸ’•
broadway_or_no_way - c.m.ciofani - shmavidp11 - mv_broadway -
Had the pleasure of working on Beaches the musical this week- @shobean @bashorw @brooklynshuck you are all such talented, wonderful ladies and I loved working with you! 'Til we meet again 😊 #beaches #musical #theatre #shoshanabean #whitneybashor
theatre - musical - whitneybashor - beaches - shoshanabean -
gget.fr33.f0ll0wrrzz.4insta - christinaduris - thoughshebebutliddle - lyndimoot -
I'm so not ready for band camp to start tomorrow :( it's like 104°F here everyday and it's so humid and difficult and my drum is heavy and I haven't practiced and we run a lot and I'm out of shape and drummers are mean and I'm not ready :( my summer can't end yet it's not fair. I'll keep everyone posted on my band camp adventures because it's gonna be a wild ride... so tonight I'm gonna post a lot and of my favorite because they make me happy☺️ #shoshanabean #shobean #edenespinosa #idinamenzel #wicked #elphaba #elphabathropp #broadway
elphabathropp - idinamenzel - elphaba - edenespinosa - shobean - shoshanabean - broadway - wicked -
ashley.fowler : band camp starts for me tomorrow too rip
measureyourlifeinlove : @ashley.fowler aw man :( do you live in Texas too???
ashley.fowler : Noooope Mississippi, sadly. πŸ’€
measureyourlifeinlove : @ashley.fowler ohhhh okay still cool(: well good luck with your show and everything!! I'm so not ready
ashley.fowler : same to you! and I'm actually only going for 3 days because i'm seeing idina menzel on the 30th...whoops πŸ˜‚
ashley.fowler : And i've been waiting like 3 years to see her so I wasn't gonna pass up on the opportunity πŸ˜‚
measureyourlifeinlove : @ashley.fowler HOLY CRAP WOW LUCKY YOU MISSING CANP AND SEEING IDINA but how long is your band camp?
ashley.fowler : 5 days! Buuut theres a chance I won't be in the show buuut I mean there are gonna be 2 other shows (not counting this years) in my life, and only 1 idina concert sOoo πŸ˜‚
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#beaches #Shoshanabean
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duneman1976 - skinandco - jess_fanzel_broadway14 - beast_de_durden -
DO YOU EVER JUST FIND PICTURES LIKE THIS AND CRY BC THEY WERE IN WICKED TOGETHER TEN YEARS AGO AND THEYRE STILL BEST FRIENDS AND HANG OUT BC I KNOW IT MAKES ME WANT TO #wicked #edenespinosa #meganhilty #shoshanabean #broadway #elphabathropp #elphaba #glinda #galinda #glindathegood #galindaupland #shobean
elphabathropp - galinda - elphaba - edenespinosa - meganhilty - galindaupland - glinda - shobean - shoshanabean - broadway - glindathegood - wicked -
measureyourlifeinlove : @shobean @meganhilty @edenespinosa
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Happiness is Starbucks and amazing music πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ’• #Starbucks #music #ShoshanaBean #ShoBean #obsessed #loveher
loveher - music - shobean - obsessed - shoshanabean - starbucks -
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😍😍😍 #shoshanabean
shoshanabean -
inplainsight131 : I'm dead now
iiimrina : nice😸nice.
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I had to repost I miss this so much take me back! #shoshanabean #shoshanalondon #hippodrome #deanlee #choreography
deanlee - shoshanalondon - choreography - hippodrome - shoshanabean -
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Jammin #yoga #flow #yogasequence #water #shoshanabean #play #float #yogadance #toronto
toronto - play - yogasequence - yoga - float - flow - water - shoshanabean - yogadance -
lfrae : Making it look easy!
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BELT ME INTO MY 23RD YEAR, SHOSHANA #beaches #shoshanabean #mtbdays #thejordanyear #windbeneathmywings #hijosh @wwilhelm @jkkohane
hijosh - beaches - shoshanabean - thejordanyear - mtbdays - windbeneathmywings -
mallylove - alyssa_sarnoff - ashleyyeater - noahrubida -
damn you, #ShoshanaBean! your performance of "wind beneath my wings" in #Beaches almost resulted in tears upon my cheeks. in fact, the whole show left me feeling pretty choked up. you're an amazing performer, the cast is marvelous, and the show is just beautiful. thank you for your artistry!
beaches - shoshanabean -
ecitine - dr_toya2u - johnny_sanders - majtrbl -
I miss this. #ShoshanaBean #ShoshanaLondon #Love
love - shoshanalondon - shoshanabean -
danceconnection1 : ❀️❀️ Your girls were CLASSY ❀️❀️
essiedance : Totally love this😍
lena_1.9.99 - nmzxx - miszcraziis3xiico0l - lois_brookes -
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