My dad is too much lol #family #funny #mexicans #movebitch #shittingonmyself #mydad #squeezethemcheeks
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lftunechii : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
latino21com : Nice!
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I should just make my Instagram a vinyl-exclusive one at the rate I'm spending money. Fuck. BUT. Anyway. MY NO SLEEP RECORDS VINYLS CAME IN. YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA HOW STOKED I AM ON THIS SHIT. Especially the first two. You have no. i. dea.
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cannibalcrusades : #pianosbecometheteeth #ladispute #formerthieves #statefaults #koji #intoitoverit #nosleeprecords #vinyls #shittingonmyself
hybrid_reality : NIIIICE! Is Wildlife the black/brown starburst?
cannibalcrusades : @hybrid_reality Yeahhhp.
hybrid_reality : Sweeeeeeeeet. Yeah, I pretty much turned my IG into a vinyl IG, hah.
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mzz_benjaminzz : πŸ˜‚
caring_karing83 : Stupid lol
caring_karing83 : @junior_159
junior_rabia_159 : Lml am dying out here I ain't #shittingonmyself like I use too #2chains
babysweet71 : Lol lol lol
_tayler_made_ : Lol for real tho !!! @junior_159
junior_rabia_159 : Lol @fred_159
d.a.n.i.e.l.i.t.a : Lmao
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Here goes nothing!!!! #shittingonmyself
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boss_lady_318 : Waaa happened
j_tatiana : Yayyyyyy!!!! Would it be weird for ask for a pic! Haha🍳
hey_its_b : Nope ill send it to u once I get home lol @j_tatiana
carolinamusssay : Lol whatd you get pierced πŸ‘€
hey_its_b : Lol the nipps @carolinamusssay
carolinamusssay : Haha i thought so!!
jayb_lovely : How was it
boss_lady_318 : Boh i just remembered lol
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#tbt @buckieru #nodreads #no1safe WAAMF #hello
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buckieru : Lol
theoutlawed1 : Lmao haaaaa young @buckieru
nikkienichelle : @theoutlawed1 with his #messy ass WAAB
nikkienichelle : I think @buckieru was in Mr. Douglas class when he took this pic πŸ˜‚ #shittingonmyself
buckieru : Lol aite u forgot I got a big ass box of pics if that's wat u want lol
nikkienichelle : @buckieru so!!! Nigga #imhome I got access to a trunk full #hello #lego lol
buckieru : Not like the ones I got u fucked
fyrecracker83 : And this is whyi stole all my pictures back from that box grandma had...no one told me back then not to smile or take off them big damn glasses on picture day...and grandma had everyone of my Snaggle tooth pics
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And I thought Chicago drivers were psychos.. #nyc #taxi #shittingonmyself
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ettymendoza : You're still here?
vidriomio : @ettymendoza no I left yesterday πŸ˜”
vidriomio : #afterlight @afterlightapp
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#textgram #stillSmacked #shittingonmyself #hangoverpart3
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mskleemusic : @fat_magic everything is great, how r u?
fat_magic : Getting better radio show bout to jump back on air and I'm on my way to shut the Bronx parade down def wanna Colman and talk some things with u @gblancomusicdotcom
mr_emoney106 : Ummm yoi might wanna drink a beer
mskleemusic : @fat_magic just hit me when u get on air, I can come play a few records for u.
nlopezdesigns_ : A sandwich, vitamin water and Advil 😊 you will thank me later.
mfeliciano75 : Apple
mfeliciano75 : There's something in apples the supposed to help heard it on the news the other day @fat_magic
ms_silva212 : 😝Lmao
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#ahem #shittingonmyself #happyfriday!
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