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This stuff is so good. Maybe a little early for wine, but.. It's good for your heart, right? #wine #zombiezin #zombiezinfandel #zinfandel #redwine #shittingonmyself
zombiezinfandel - zombiezin - shittingonmyself - zinfandel - redwine - wine -
zengyichong : Sweet!
brownbagbordeaux - zengyichong - bodencliff -
NU UH #holyshit #shittingonmyself #thatsabigass #spider #lookathisnastyass #glowing #eyes #whyyyyyy #straight #kaboomedhisass
eyes - kaboomedhisass - thatsabigass - lookathisnastyass - straight - spider - glowing - whyyyyyy - holyshit - shittingonmyself -
autumnbottom -
I was one cut up MF when I first started lifting, but I'm trying to get them 22's. This shit consumes all my time trying to bodybuild naturally with the frame of a 135 pound kid is rough #ShittingOnMyself
shittingonmyself -
arianajanae : Omggg you got big lol
ibetoorelevant_ : Where was this Broly strength at in 2 a days during football season? Lol
jet.life_travi : Not my fault I took long to develop lol @djmarz_ Don't gas me, I'm still the little guy in the gym @_arianajay
_michman86 : Lmao broly strength @djmarz_
dye.hard - yani_poonanii - karinashantexo -
Flashback to 1950 as I slave away in the kitchen preparing a Sunday dinner👸 Recipe: 1 diced hard boiled egg, shrimp, whole grain brown rice, diced pepper and onion, peas, olive oil, light margarine, garlic powder, pepper, and topped with feta cheese. Came up with this concoction all on my own! Lolz #creative #healthy #domestic #shittingonmyself
healthy - shittingonmyself - domestic - creative -
fivedimples : Go lollaaaaa💪
mclaughatmyself : @fivedimples hehe thanks gurl...I was bored😁
rayad350 - gretchendeforest - cirstencornetta - adrianaafazioo -
#tbt @buckieru #nodreads #no1safe WAAMF #hello
lego - imhome - nodreads - no1safe - tbt - hello -
buckieru : Lol aite u forgot I got a big ass box of pics if that's wat u want lol
nikkienichelle : @buckieru so!!! Nigga #imhome I got access to a trunk full #hello #lego lol
buckieru : Not like the ones I got u fucked
fyrecracker83 : And this is whyi stole all my pictures back from that box grandma one told me back then not to smile or take off them big damn glasses on picture day...and grandma had everyone of my Snaggle tooth pics
e_kodak - nikkienichelle - theoutlawed1 - buckieru -
And I thought Chicago drivers were psychos.. #nyc #taxi #shittingonmyself
taxi - nyc - afterlight - shittingonmyself -
ettymendoza : You're still here?
vidriomio : @ettymendoza no I left yesterday 😔
vidriomio : #afterlight @afterlightapp
lkkhoury - shawnashea - adrianaviscosi - greenreligion -
#textgram #stillSmacked #shittingonmyself #hangoverpart3
textgram - shittingonmyself - hangoverpart3 - stillsmacked -
n1colelopez : A sandwich, vitamin water and Advil 😊 you will thank me later.
mfeliciano75 : Apple
mfeliciano75 : There's something in apples the supposed to help heard it on the news the other day @fat_magic
ms_silva212 : 😝Lmao
mr_emoney106 - mznewyork1 - j_boogee -
Say whatttt!!!! Please bring it to CALIFORNIA! If anything we'll fly there!!! Super excited!!! #TomorrowLand#tomorrowlandcomingtotheunitedstates#superstoked#myravers#ravers#edm#plurvibes#whosexcited#shittingonmyself
plurvibes - ravers - tomorrowlandcomingtotheunitedstates - superstoked - edm - myravers - whosexcited - shittingonmyself - tomorrowland -
moka420_ : A rave!!!!
official_9_3quarterz : No fuckin way really where did u find this ??
moka420_ : GenXGlow facebook page
moka420_ : @like_mike_27
aautumnrayn - wndr_festival - marchwonder - davidhopar -
#ahem #shittingonmyself #happyfriday!
shittingonmyself - happyfriday - ahem -
elle_c9 - laruca3 -
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