These are the bruises I've acquired so far. It doesn't look as bad as it feels. Big shout out to my wife @elizabeth.carroll for taking care of me. She's up all hours of the night then goes to work just to come home and take care of me some more. Marrying her was the best decision j could've made for my life. Started putting pressure on my foot today... We're getting closer! #bullfight #takethebullbythehorns #jersey #dairylife #cantwinemall #couldvebeenworse #bestwifeever #shelikesmeforme
dairylife - cantwinemall - shelikesmeforme - bestwifeever - takethebullbythehorns - bullfight - couldvebeenworse - jersey -
b_swanson23 : Omg dude hope you heal up soon!! Miss you guys
soaresmom : I think your ready for your own dairy now!!!!
lindafromoz : Ouch!! That looks brutal.. 😳
ali.twitty : We love you and are still praying for a speedy recovery! πŸ™πŸΌ
tiffyboo16 - lisa.foster - stacy_schoolen - shesmywynonna -
Pope shcmope. I'd take the glorious hammer-wielding God over the Pope any day of the week, but also specifically this day, the one named after my boi, Thor. The current Pope seems like a pretty chill bro as far as Popes go, but his peaceful subservience to the Nailed God is unbecoming of one trying to enter the gates of Valhalla and bask in the glory of ever lasting battle. Once the pope gets his own day of the week perhaps I'll reconsider, but until then I'll be chilling on Yggdrasil with my homies. #throwbackthorsday #thorpope2015 #livemàs #shelikesmeforme #shakespeareinlove #tbt #popenewyork
throwbackthorsday - livemΓ s - shelikesmeforme - thorpope2015 - shakespeareinlove - popenewyork - tbt -
bboyle64 : I am awaited in Valhalla!!!!!!
palmersloanharck : Mayyoustaysafeheavenlywrath. #freya.aka.Frigg.and her pals Idun,Siff,&Hel. Blessedtobeamongmortals
palmersloanharck - bakibawa - francescasmith1 - schmeisto -
shelikesmeforme - insertcaption -
yo_gilly : #theone
mattypfunk : @yo_gilly #shelikesmeforme
cpcunningham : @mattypfunk #butterface
donnieostrander - tera4567 - niceguystevehale - jillian_luv -
And she don't care that I can fly her To places she ain't never been But if she really wants to go I think deep down she knows that All she has to say is when #SheLikesMeForMe #heyLeonardo #FourYearsTenMonthsEighteenDays #ThreeKidsLater #loveyou @partymadmos #PDA #SorryNotSorry
heyleonardo - fouryearstenmonthseighteendays - sorrynotsorry - threekidslater - shelikesmeforme - pda - loveyou -
katesinclair82 : Beautiful!!!!
teresaac83 - hermes_loverss - _hayyddeenn_ - gingercat_87 -
For real though! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #keepemguessing #shefineaf #andigother #shelikesmeforme #notmylooks #holdup #okimdone πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜
okimdone - notmylooks - shefineaf - shelikesmeforme - holdup - andigother - keepemguessing -
qc.33 : Damn dood. Lol
alexkez : Hey @instavaperz
_stephanie_alison_ : πŸ™‹πŸΌ
mollylinnane - hannah.pinter - mr_james70 - missbrookejurgens -
Afterparty pic. #ohithinktheylikeus #shelikesmeforme #iactuallylookgood
shelikesmeforme - iactuallylookgood - ohithinktheylikeus -
fit_vs_diva : aaawww!!! love u guys! @reconscout79
fit_vs_diva - jtaylorcomedy -
Sometimes, I just can't help myself! #ilovethisgirl #shesmine #forever #shemakesmelaugh #steakandshake #womancrusheveryday #myoneandonly #latenightshenanigans #shelikesmeforme #may2016
forever - shesmine - may2016 - steakandshake - shelikesmeforme - myoneandonly - latenightshenanigans - ilovethisgirl - shemakesmelaugh - womancrusheveryday -
loujerve : @amberketihi
skglover7 : You two ❀️❀️❀️😍😍😍😘😘
amberketihi : @loujerve correction, #ILOVEyouforyou :)
blairquesenb : This should be framed!!
emmabe1 - skinnerce75 - mrskristaj - kelcybolt -
The only time she likes me is when I'm sleeping or I'm with the lil man :) #shelikesmeforme #gainz #shesjustafriend
shelikesmeforme - shesjustafriend - gainz -
jenny_wenny10 : Darn. 😞 It was worth a shot. If you ever have a change of heart you know where I'll be... 😜 Maybe we could just work out together since becoming a doctor is pretty stressful. πŸ’ͺ But seriously you're amazing! Keep doing you gorgeous. Whoever you end up with will be a very lucky individual! πŸ’˜β˜ΊοΈ @n_zanattamtv
jetta02 : @n_zanattamtv I love that you actually reply - this is why you were my favorite - so real πŸ’‹
nmm0319 : @n_zanattamtv is this really you??
rarrrr.___.kiko : Are You An Jason TalkingπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™†
queenoftheclouds.sh : :D -imaginative hug-*
jasipen : 😘😘😘
n_zanattamtv : Love you babe can't wait to see you @jasipen
angelictownsend : I love you Nicole! Your so beautiful and true to yourself.
haley.may16 - _kay_45 - lovelyyystef - emilihahaha -
Sometimes slacker just gets me #shelikesmeforme #porchstatus #notbecause. . .
shelikesmeforme - porchstatus - notbecause -
allieb319 - skinnymajestic -
This makes my drive home way more awesome #90son9 #heyleonardo #shelikesmeforme #ilikeherforher
90son9 - heyleonardo - ilikeherforher - shelikesmeforme -
ldhirsh - blamesanti - carmelacupcake - rachelblackbourn -
So I picked up #KatVonDmother and put it on my mother πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹#weareadorable #shelikesmeforme #katvond @jamaicababy88
shelikesmeforme - weareadorable - katvond - katvondmother -
racheldanychuk : Love you bitches 😍😘
cahlla : She's HOT! πŸ”₯ Nice choice for her skin tone too!
jamaicababy88 : I love it!
siobhanhn : Your mum has not aged at all
shawnmichelledanychuk : Looks great! I want one
achurchh - ryriesarah - briannalavis - shawnmichelledanychuk -
😏It was never about what kind of car I drive or what kind of clothes I wear or who I be with or what I get into.. she cared more about the good conversation,how good I make her feel and how much we stay laughing.. #SheLikesMeForMe #NotWhoIPerceiveToBe
shelikesmeforme - notwhoiperceivetobe -
diddy_4500 : πŸ’―πŸ’―
artifact_of_class : Dope love!
biggduke : The poet
learlife_kyia : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― real love
hop11 : @biggduke 😏The Poet thou lol
9thsttosh : SaluteπŸ’―
prettymidge_ : πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
immabeauty23 : Love is beautiful
my_hands_full_2_girls - 23_diamond_st - mspowell215 - rah1272 -
I got ready, put on my favorite lips and had nothing to actually do. I got narcissistic and started taking photos of myself until I realized I like me just the way I ams. Half ass rubbed off red lips and all. #nofilterjyall #shelikesmeforme
shelikesmeforme - csbabe - nofilterjyall -
4tarpin : You have amazing eyes!!!!!
bigmitty : Beauty queen teenage dream
nikikangas : I like you that way cause you are that one of a kind shit can't nobody compete with. Alexis Wilson. You amazing lady you.
getlow : But the πŸ‘€ and the πŸ‘‚πŸ»tho. They are always true.
loocious : Thanks for always supporting the Wilson Ears of mine @getlow
dammithannah : You are a mega babe !
loocious : Let's hang soon. You still at copperfields? @dammithannah
dammithannah : I'm not! Ima text u
bb_marks - djetty101 - nowwerestrange - caseylindstrom_ -
Find friends or lovers who except you for who you are. Even if you're the weirdest mother fucker in the world ! #ownit #shelikesmeforme #mondayspirit πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸŽΆ
shelikesmeforme - ownit - mondayspirit -
__x.md : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’•
templvr__ : πŸ˜˜πŸ‘― @md.x__
raisymay : πŸ˜‚
mmmmela_ : Haha I love you ❀️❀️
templvr__ : I love you more bby xxxx @mmmmela_
shan.kath - madebyciroc - zoey_sknd - legolasbean -
Missin this girl right here today. I'm out on the road and she's on vacation. Fun night out the @nashvillesounds #baseball game the other night #wemakeourownfun #shelikesmeforme #ViciousLove
wemakeourownfun - shelikesmeforme - baseball - viciouslove -
britt.pitcher - katiefoutz - hydesmusic - nashvillesounds -
Diamonds are forever , she my bitch forever . You fuck wit her , you fuck wit me & if you fuck with both of us bitch you better pray . GO BESTFRIEND THATS MY BESTFRIEND YASSS πŸ™ŒπŸΎ People let me tell you bout my #bestfriend πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’• this #FREAKHOE yall @xoxo_bendito_xoxo since 08 we been thuggin πŸ”«πŸ’‹ #myshooter . #weregay #wehaveadaughter #shelikesmeforme #shescratchedmyback #lastnight #thenwemadeababy
lastnight - bestfriend - freakhoe - shelikesmeforme - shescratchedmyback - weregay - wehaveadaughter - thenwemadeababy - myshooter -
istokes_ - __layiahsworld - j.c.j.chavez - aluxesantana -
This is why.... πŸ‘―πŸ’• @chellybabeyyy1 #wcw #senselessconversations #sistersister #shegetsit #mykindofcrazy #shelikesmeforme #primeisland #2dayshipping #pluto
wcw - shelikesmeforme - shegetsit - pluto - primeisland - sistersister - senselessconversations - mykindofcrazy - 2dayshipping -
chellybabeyyy1 : Isn't it even more hilarious that as we were talking about this last night I thought "if people could see our conversations they would think wow" πŸ˜‚πŸ‘― #ispeakpluto #asaplanetorforaplanet #igotyou #wce #notbecauseihangwithLeonardo
nicolegoodloe - 13obby_mfj - ryan_patrick86 - blake__who -
She just lets me be me πŸ˜‹ #textstomum #textsfrommum #shelikesmeforme @jamaicababy88
textstomum - shelikesmeforme - textsfrommum -
lulaxmae - billaaayyy - alysgeli - shawnmichelledanychuk -
πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #twentysomething #shelikesmeforme #life #illsendyouapostcard #wellsaid #sorrynotsorry
life - sorrynotsorry - wellsaid - shelikesmeforme - illsendyouapostcard - twentysomething -
live_lavida : This is perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
publishdan - mrjones_and_me - jesse_worn - natalie_summer19 -
#drunk #cats #singing #songsforcats #love #90s #shelikesmeforme #what #heyleonardo #blessidunionofsouls #nailedit
90s - what - love - drunk - shelikesmeforme - nailedit - heyleonardo - cats - blessidunionofsouls - songsforcats - singing - calico -
mell_s : #calico
travisyeehaw : Good job!
leonreverse - geekychristian1989 - andrewasmit - drunkrichwhitegirls -
The face she makes when I turn on T.Swift and belt out ALL 81 songs! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹πŸ˜– @taylorswift #whoknewshehad81 #shelikesmeforme #myfavoriteroadtrippartner
shelikesmeforme - myfavoriteroadtrippartner - whoknewshehad81 -
anniedau : Hahahaha that's great
becauseimprettylikedrugs : So cute!
chasealexander01 : Love!!
christieseperis - carolinecream.cone - chasealexander01 - chemistrygeekjade -
Episode 6 (or as I like to call it #SheLikesMeforMe) is live! Thank you so much to @frankiest_22 for being a guest on #ComediansarePeopleToo! Link is on my profile! #podcast #bayarea #comedy #relationships #sanfrancisco #sanjose #checkitout #followus #subscribe #soundcloud #listen #like #jokes #standup #honda #chevy #16 #tinder #dating
comediansarepeopletoo - followus - honda - sanjose - subscribe - standup - podcast - soundcloud - checkitout - relationships - chevy - comedy - sanfrancisco - like - 16 - shelikesmeforme - bayarea - jokes - tinder - dating - listen -
probrandmarketing - tntsjca - we_do_promotion -
Kisses for Momma #NightlyRituals #GoodNight #Tiny #SheLikesMeForMe #SnuggleCat #CatsOfInstagram #SheLoveMe #BedTime #WaitingOnDaddy #SheLikesHimEvenBetter #HesAlwaysLastInBed
waitingondaddy - shelikesmeforme - catsofinstagram - tiny - nightlyrituals - goodnight - shelikeshimevenbetter - bedtime - sheloveme - snugglecat - hesalwayslastinbed -
_stephanie.lynn_ - two_fat_cats_on_instagram - frankjm_fit - ivanacruz89 -
Having so much fun with @mklurstein #SheLikesMeForMe
shelikesmeforme -
mklurstein : Yer not wrong !
whitneyn93 - mrmullah - forever_kam - hallebunn0616 -
This is being a mom... Lol god give me the desire to want to look decent one day #excusesexcuses #shelikesmeforme
shelikesmeforme - excusesexcuses -
joeymichellel - leon_torre18 - a.jassmin - elijahk21 -
She don't' care about my car She don't care about my money And that's real good because I ain't got a lot to spend And if I did, it wouldn't mean nothin' #SheLikesMeForMe #WCW @priachang #LoveYouBikBikBik
shelikesmeforme - loveyoubikbikbik - wcw -
gigiboetto : I'm obsessed with all the cuteness you guys have!! πŸ™†πŸΌπŸ™†πŸΌ
priachang : Awwwww I love you bee! 😚 #ILikeYouForYou #OrCuzYouFeedMe #RealityCheck πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ˜™
only1barney - fadedinc - beef_loyd - priachang -
This face belongs to @briyanez #shelikesmeforme ain't that right boo? Bahaha
shelikesmeforme -
briyanez : #ipleadthefifth πŸ˜‰
mdwinb01 - mnpreston819 - briyanez - klacy0712 -
That moment when a band who sings one of your favorite 90s songs starts following you on Instagram #unreal #blessidunionofsouls #shelikesmeforme #90smusic
shelikesmeforme - unreal - 90smusic - blessidunionofsouls -
vallyvalw - rt_osborne - allenad3 - kiplingallen -
Love this girl so much, don't know what I'd do without her πŸ’‹ #bestfran #myescape #shelikesmeforme #lyrics #lovelife
shelikesmeforme - bestfran - lovelife - lyrics - myescape -
tamara_ivy - jordangurdler - tomohowell - peterpoopypants -
My workout just got turnt the fuck up! @blessidunionofsouls #heyleonardo #90s #blessidunionofsouls #noshameinmygame #shelikesmeforme
shelikesmeforme - heyleonardo - blessidunionofsouls - noshameinmygame - 90s -
jnparso2 : 🎢 not because I hang with Leonardo, or that guy who played in Fargo.. I think his name is Steve 🎢 #myJAMtho lol!
trentubben - c_wrightdowrong - kernya - jnparso2 -
#MyNewGirlfriend #LoveThisLittleHottie #Mariah #SheLikesMeForMe #LOVE
mariah - mynewgirlfriend - love - lovethislittlehottie - shelikesmeforme -
mariahcoppage - hop11 - bebe14386 - elizabeth__5678 -
Even Leo found the time to take his mom out today, what's your excuse?! #SheLikesMeForMe #MothersDay
shelikesmeforme - mothersday -
missgrangerr - alsoutfits - callmeyshmael - saa0804 -
#shelikesmeforme #famousinbushwick
shelikesmeforme - famousinbushwick -
famousinbushwick : πŸ™Œ
matthewdeliso - yeahkateblack - haleymia - moshimao -
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