Gunther's first bath. #traumatizedforlife #puppy #pitbull #australianshepherd #labrador #loveshimsomuch #babywithbubbles #tookitlikeachamp #shakinglikecrazy #smellslikeoatmeal
labrador - traumatizedforlife - australianshepherd - shakinglikecrazy - babywithbubbles - tookitlikeachamp - smellslikeoatmeal - pitbull - puppy - loveshimsomuch -
matzo.thedog : omg I love this!
remythegold : 😍❀️😍
ohemgee_becky : @pawsofhawaii
pawsofhawaii : Aww
pawsofhawaii - nsvelarde - tayla_labrador - agirlandheraussie -
#theproposalvideo #shakinglikecrazy #nerves
nerves - theproposalvideo - shakinglikecrazy -
amyhaldane : Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 😍
_melanderson : CUTIES! 😍
laurenjury : Congratulations Jeremy!!!
_naiz : CONGRATS !!!!! so happy for u dude!
hxcmikey - selympearson - glittterrrr - rory.leahy -
This cutie is on her way home to me !!! Im so excited. Cant even sleep. I cant wait to see her & just be with her. She's been gone for tooooooo long. #sleepy #fewmorehours #shakinglikecrazy #home #missyou@karissa_thompson
home - missyou - sleepy - shakinglikecrazy - fewmorehours -
jacksons_girl1815 : She literally just went to bed. It's currently 4 am x')
marissalee01 - becka_xoxo_ - forgotten_lost_angels - paiiigelynnn -
Surf dayπŸ„ #freezingwater #shakinglikecrazy
freezingwater - shakinglikecrazy -
rrba94 - vegagimeno - melissa_ercoli - nay_demoraes -
πŸ˜–πŸ˜– Sky Screamer G- Max Bungy!! #skyscreamer #auckland #shakinglikecrazy #adrenalineflowingthroughmyveins
shakinglikecrazy - adrenalineflowingthroughmyveins - skyscreamer - auckland -
_yaraaaa_13 - salmazb24 - nabiha.m -
Boof putting on a brave face. He hates storms and is trying to hide. #shakinglikecrazy #staffy #poorthing #summerstormshavestarted
staffy - summerstormshavestarted - shakinglikecrazy - poorthing -
lkaaaa : Go to the chemist and get rescue remedy. It's completely safe for dogs and works amazingly.
lkaaaa : It calms them down btw. I totally forgot to say that part haha. We've given it too all our dogs for various reasons.
keiley21 - ancsaforpresident - libbiintheskywithdiamonds - jameswright29 -
Crazy Phamily #pharmacylab #emulsion #shakinglikecrazy
shakinglikecrazy - emulsion - pharmacylab -
_sombath_ : @taylor_h95
rickieely : That's punny.
_sagephoto : Awsome work
elektrek - clint0nnn - _lemon126_ - aililangford -
#dobey #shakinglikecrazy #bigears #bigeyes
dobey - bigears - bigeyes - shakinglikecrazy -
pgjessica - jjshaver1519 - tori.peck -
Muscles burning, sweat dripping and out of breath. Wouldn't have it any other way πŸ’ͺπŸ™Œ #loveit #fit #legday #shakinglikecrazy #fitgirls #happy
legday - fitgirls - fit - loveit - shakinglikecrazy - happy -
fit_motivation264 : NiceπŸ‘
fitxbeauties : Nice. @fitxbeauties
forgedmen : Great shot! Follow us for more motivation for achieving goals! @forgedmen
teamprotein : #RUNSWEATBEAST
rippedrats : πŸ™‹πŸ™‹
dylburns09 - nadevdb - kiimsiinghh - warren_lu_k -
Me right now. #shakinglikecrazy lol
shakinglikecrazy -
_lovely_lisa___ : Lolol
supermom0208 : Lol
_lovely_lisa___ - vnessbay - _kvngbbns - tyronegibbons23 -
Front row,autographs,and getting to meet this perfect Australian cutie was absolutely amazing! #itcantbereal #shakinglikecrazy #heisperfection #codysimpson 😍😍😍😭😭😭 @codysimpson
heisperfection - itcantbereal - shakinglikecrazy - codysimpson -
trentmylie : Welcome for coming πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‹ @stylesgirl21
stylesgirl21 : Hehe thank youπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ @trentmylie
trentmylie : Anytime 😘 @stylesgirl21
suruhhhhh : I went too!!
stylesgirl21 : You did!?! @suruhhhhh
suruhhhhh : Yeah!! Only for a little while tho. I πŸ’œ him
stylesgirl21 : Oh ok! And yeah Ikr me too! @suruhhhhh
_sarahcassie - dylanmarblee - mihooo1311 -
Getting a small #pedicure. Old dead skin on my poor broken foot. Nothing close to the toes pin is still in. My love @lynnsddoll is #supernervous #shakinglikecrazy #panicattack #laughingourbuttsoff #uglyassfoot #scarredforlife #scarfootnotface #myfootisruinedforever #poorpata #poornapa #skinnyfootproblems #imisswalking #iusuallystayonmytoes
supernervous - poornapa - pedicure - poorpata - myfootisruinedforever - laughingourbuttsoff - shakinglikecrazy - scarfootnotface - uglyassfoot - iusuallystayonmytoes - imisswalking - panicattack - scarredforlife - skinnyfootproblems -
youngpapi_thats_allme : Whyyy!!? Your little foots
handsome_cocky_n_confident : @youngpapi_thats_allme nervous.. lol nd cause the cuts were I had my stitches removed nd my foots real sensitive, feels hella weird my boy first day out the cast, all skinny nd ish.. lol been stuck in one angle for quite a while. Feels funny to move it bro
youngpapi_thats_allme : I bet gee! That shit looks trippy
space.e9 : Do the Spanky leg. #SeeWhatiDidThere lol
_3mi5_ - useerrnameee - youngpapi_thats_allme - ogunos_ca2az -
Hy vọng Δ‘iều tα»‘t Δ‘αΊΉp nhαΊ₯t sαΊ½ Δ‘αΊΏn #shakinglikecrazy #hope #everythinggonnabealright #RIGHT??? #yds
everythinggonnabealright - right - shakinglikecrazy - hope - yds -
caroline_artist7 : ❀❀
huonguyeen - ryna_zz - botheram - instaxhcmc -
I was so not ready!! #shakinglikecrazy 😩#aventuravivirasiempre #losreyesdelabachata πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ #4yrslater #couldntbelieveit πŸ™ˆπŸ˜β€οΈ
couldntbelieveit - losreyesdelabachata - 4yrslater - shakinglikecrazy - aventuravivirasiempre -
veegru : I just got goosebumps all over again
eli0306 : I started to cry! It was too much!
carely3 : 😩 me too, I was shaking so bad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ didn't know what to do @eli0306
gdazzle5 : Nice πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
carely3 : @tesha261993 😁😭😭
kaylitap_ - yamiilka_ - annyurena - dpe_x -
About to go to the #emergencyroom in a hell of a lot of #pain #shakinglikecrazy #justkeepsmiling #Justme #selfie #imatroopet
justme - pain - imatroopet - selfie - emergencyroom - shakinglikecrazy - justkeepsmiling -
kaleefoster335 : You instagram yet don't text ME lol
m.c._mintie_ : Why?
whts.nxt - jakeryannnnnn - dprincessbelle_ - tcrossau -
Someone is not into fireworks! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #poorthing #shakinglikecrazy
poorthing - shakinglikecrazy -
lynzip - pj_goodtimes - holly_rabbit -
Teaching myself how to play Colorblind... Probably should've skipped the coffee. #noob #shakinglikecrazy #stoked #frustrated
frustrated - shakinglikecrazy - stoked - noob -
broooklynwilson - lexiibrookss - n_kita - kaitlynnhayter -
The sun peeking through the rain nd clouds. #rainy #cloudy #sunpeekinthru #cold #caliweather #gotmetrippin #freezinmybuttoff #nojacket #loosingwarmth #shakinglikecrazy
rainy - nojacket - sunpeekinthru - caliweather - shakinglikecrazy - cloudy - freezinmybuttoff - gotmetrippin - loosingwarmth - cold -
e_munyx - racebabe_14 -
My dog shakes like crazy when you leave him haha. #jd #dog #beagle #shakinglikecrazy #haha
jd - beagle - haha - dog - shakinglikecrazy -
irenesanzm : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
annamariedemarco : He's the cutest.
haber_93 : Pretty much lol :) @annamariedemarco
devmoney_ : Beagles are amazing, I plan on getting one soon.
haber_93 : Just beware @devmoney_ they are complete nuts haha
isaiasisabe - thelovelygod - tommy_hyde91 - kamerdegirmen -
It's Monday! You know what that means...HEADSTANDS....finally got my HEAD in one! β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰ yes I am that annoying person by the diag that is doing yoga, nope I don't give any... #headlessmondays #nolongerheadless #weakcore #shakinglikecrazy #improvingeveryday #yoga #loveit
yoga - weakcore - nolongerheadless - loveit - headlessmondays - shakinglikecrazy - improvingeveryday -
abbey_lewis : THE SONG
joelle_emery : Look at those printed wunder unders
jsell19 - selfappointedleaderoftheworld - nnovaria - awilliams1025 -
#shakinglikecrazy #legday
legday - shakinglikecrazy -
alison_grace_14 : Wow that looks. Creepy
jaenottingham - desireesierras - _hannah.sims_ - annmarie3204 -
You could say she gets a little frantic at the vetπŸ˜… #shakinglikecrazy #bella
shakinglikecrazy - bella -
julianneschreiber - brook_fayella - katrinayaerrr - summertfox -
Actually went zip lining!! #shakinglikecrazy @chloe_farawr @peyton_houston_ya @jennaaa013
shakinglikecrazy -
erik_willy_romero - ana_grace_ - nerd12345678 - _independent_hooper_ -
So I never ever got to see my routine on video or how ridiculous I looked as I felt ... Until this morning when my friend Tesha sent me the footage I never knew she had! I about died in laughter. I mean... Anyone who knows me knows I can't walk in heels to save my life and just dancing to music period.. Not me .. Let alone in a bikini on stage !! But it is what it is. I don't remember much from that night .. All a blur.. But I remember freaking out because they said our routine would be cut to 60 seconds instead of 90 ( which I had practiced to ) and thinking it was THE BIGGEST DEAL EVER. I was sooo freak in nervous !! Thanks to @rapunzelthemermaid for keeping me calm and watching me practice 1000 times like a crazy woman! Oh man... First time jitters is an understatement . Posing ... We have some work to do !! But I had a blast! All that matters! #yourbody #twalk #posing #figurecompetitor #shakinglikecrazy and look at that gorgeous girl @itsjustsuzi looking all fine 😘 she's@gonna be on stage in May!! Watch out !!
yourbody - twalk - posing - shakinglikecrazy - figurecompetitor -
robbinsanity : AMAZING
ashfit2014 : Lol too cute ! Great work ❀️
itsjustsuzi : Wow.....that body is amazing! @kardiokarleyk
bodybydanica : It is a blur I know right?! Some of my first show I can't remember probably due to stupid dehydration! Lol u look amazing
havunen_heavy : You were amazing!
paintsmile : Hahaha!! You look hot but I get what you're saying!!
katiemartin_figuremom - fit4evolution - chadhavunen - brifit413 -
Excited yet nervous for today. #singing #nationalanthem #statewrestling #curledmyhair #shakinglikecrazy
nationalanthem - singing - curledmyhair - statewrestling - shakinglikecrazy -
roselehman14 : You are so PRETTY!!!!! @kenzers33
roselehman14 : Good luck today!
roselehman14 : @kenzers33
mckenziedurr : Haha thanks an it must run in the family @roselehman14
roselehman14 : You bet! @kenzers33
valkochiu : Tbh i met you in Fit For Life and your super nice and pretty cool! We dont talk that much though. Hmu sometime! (715)-212-6919. Rate:9.5/10
jessikrause11 - chelee21 -
Freezing My Ass Off While Waiting For My Mom To Pick Me Up. #CantFeelMyHands #ShakingLikeCrazy #ThoughtTodayWasGunnaBeWarm#IWasWrong #ArizonaIsBipolar #FuckingCold #INeedHotChocolate #MomPleaseHurry #ImmaFreezeToDeath #Wah
ineedhotchocolate - fuckingcold - wah - mompleasehurry - shakinglikecrazy - cantfeelmyhands - iwaswrong - immafreezetodeath - arizonaisbipolar - thoughttodaywasgunnabewarm -
Snuggling with my baby! #shecanthandlethecold #shakinglikecrazy #loveher #mommasbaby
mommasbaby - loveher - shecanthandlethecold - shakinglikecrazy -
fortheloveoffirstgrade : It's freakin freezing!! I had recess duty...burr!
asanderson08 : You went outside?! You're brave!! None of our kids did. Too cold!
asanderson08 : @fortheloveoffirstgrade
fortheloveoffirstgrade : We figured we would brave the cold today since it's supposed to rain all day tmrw!
sophieunderly - taylorhensel - 3mamamartin - beccaparo -
That don't pass out while getting up wait period.... Ughh to blood work!! #didntpassout #prettyproud #shakinglikecrazy #justfindoutwhyiminpainalready #ineedahug #lol
prettyproud - ineedahug - didntpassout - justfindoutwhyiminpainalready - shakinglikecrazy - lol -
kidtwist : ❀️😘
ecourtz : #sittight #getyourheadright
jaseb1981 : Were you at my hospital again @kelseycdw ?!?
takeahint_idgaf - druskii_jefe_papi - i_walcott13 - jaseb1981 -
This is why I hate taking her to the groomer! She's usually fine in the car and I don't even tell her she's getting her haircut she just KNOWS. My poor baby! πŸ’” #lucy #puppy #dog #cockerspaniel #scaredpuppy #shakinglikecrazy
scaredpuppy - shakinglikecrazy - cockerspaniel - puppy - lucy - dog -
katienavroo - danielleirwinsteiner64 - nikks_marie - crosecalleja -
My poor little Sadie has been diagnosed with Shaker dog syndrome :( hopefully she is on the mend! #braindisease #onthemeds #shakinglikecrazy
braindisease - onthemeds - shakinglikecrazy -
renayyjade : Oh no poor little baby. Hope she gets better soon
cookstakristy : πŸ˜” ohhh hope she gets better soon x
signehowardholst : Shake and dog ok jokes aside let's hope she can live with the simple shakes forever and it not develop into anything serious xxxx
sheenaanna : 😒 poor little Sadie
fizzle259 - hannah_searl - human_guy_ - tunafisheggs -
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