Now Playing: Wussy (self titled) "I finally got your letter and your punctuation hit me like a truck... " - Little Paper Birds
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brentneedscoffee : #morningmusic #nowplaying #wussy #wussyband #shakeitrecords @wussy_official @shakeitrecords #cincinnati #ohio #ListenToWussy
brentneedscoffee : And the fact that one of the lyrics to 'Magic Words' is, "Catalog the birds, that are living near your house, this year", makes that one of the greatest songs ever written.
brentneedscoffee : You should probably just go ahead to Shake It Records website and order this and every other Wussy release, you know, just to cover your bases. Best to just play it safe.
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brentneedscoffee : I got my first test pressing today and it's going to hold a dear spot in my record collection for a couple of reasons. It's one of five tests pressings of an album I love and listen to often from a great local band that I have the pleasure of knowing the lead guitarist of, @ffnrockandroll. Second, I received it as a gift from @shakeitrecords. The folks at Shake It are truly the best. This means alot to me.
brentneedscoffee : #shakeitrecords #frontierfolknebraska #testpressing #recordstores
shakeitrecords : You put good out you get good back.
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Picked up these at the show last night to give away. Gotta spread the good word. #wussyband #wussy #attica #shakeitrecords
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shakeitrecords : Too kind....
brentneedscoffee : @shakeitrecords They're too damned hard to describe, which is a good thing. This way, if I think someone will dig them, I can just hand them a cd.
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My first set list, I'm glad it's from Wussy. @wussy_official #wussyband #wussy #cincinnati #ohio #shakeitrecords
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Another great Wussy show tonight. Even with some weird fashion show getting shoehorned in a screwing with the schedule. @wussy_official #wussyband #wussy #cincinnati #ohio #shakeitrecords #fountainsquare
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πŸ‡§πŸ‡΄πŸ‡©πŸ‡Ύ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡³πŸ‡Ή One of my favorite albums ever. #bodycount #IcemuthafuckinT #IceT
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mfeldkamp789 : Badass cut right there!
shakeitrecords : @cultofdoom BUDGIE!
cultofdoom : Hell yeah I've been looking up all that..Awesome stuff. Thx for the tip. #shakeitrecords #nortside #queencity
revengeonsociety : I'm still waiting for a repress that has cop killer on it.
cultofdoom : Not happening he lost that in court. @revengeonsociety to be honest it's a badass song but there is about 5 better.
this_triflin_ass : New record is badass
revengeonsociety : I was just hoping for some sort of luck in it happeningπŸ˜”. Yeah there are some great songs on there. I might grab the reissue.
cultofdoom : I was the same I wanted cop killer version and wasn't spending $500 on the original..Looked forever wasn't happing. I want Power also. @revengeonsociety
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Now Playing: Wussy - Strawberry. These guys are playing a free show tonight on Fountain Square in Cincinnati. If you're in town, you should not miss it. @wussy_official #wussyband #wussy #cincinnati #ohio #shakeitrecords #supportlocalmusic
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brentneedscoffee : #fountainsquare
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My treasures from @shakeitrecords yesterday! Thanks @oliviajeanmusic for spelling my name right :) awesome show πŸŽΆπŸ‘ŒπŸ’œπŸŽΆ #cincinnati #shakeitrecords #oliviajean
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purplewatcher : 😍
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In love with Shake It! Records in Cincinnati, OH. Great record shop. @thirdmanrecordsofficial #thirdmanrecords #oliviajean #bathtublovekillings #shakeitrecords
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motokomt3 : Thanks for coming! It was rocking fun! Best wishes as you promote your new album!
ozzie_moto : I spy an extra head in the background. Lol
purplewatcher : Check my draaaawing #bathtublovekillings xx
malbongolf : @ozzie_moto haha
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Fun afternoon chatting with other music fans, listening to some live music, and some loot to boot (including a pick 😊). I wanted to make it in time, I went right from work with my scrubs still on. Olivia Jean was really sweet as well! #shakeitrecords #northside #oliviajean #thirdmanrecords #tmr #cincinnati #cincygram #guitar #keyboards #drums #vinyl #recordstore
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kendrasummerr : So awesome!!
followiller : πŸ‘
amber_rene : Awe. I sensed that she was a doll (sweet).
gniknus999 : So awesome!!!!
motokomt3 : It was a fun evening, I'm glad I was able to go. I admire @thirdmanrecordsofficial for going out on the road to help promote artists. And I finally got to see the RRS! @kendrasummerr @followiller @amber_rene @gniknus999
gniknus999 : Third Man Records are so awesome! I love everything they do. TMR have a lot of talented music artists. I got to see and buy records from the #RRS two years ago outside Amoeba Records in Hollywood.. Awesome experience!
motokomt3 : That's really cool, @gniknus999 we all have these special moments.
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What a treat to have the #rollingrecordstore visit Cincinnati today! Cam and Angelina were the best! And then I got to take home a bag of goodies... ☺️😍🎸🎢 #thirdmanrecords #tmr #jackwhite #cincinnati #cincygram #northside #shakeitrecords #rollinandchooglin #vinyl #rocknroll
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m3ohmy : Happy for you!
followiller : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
gniknus999 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Hanging with @oliviajeanmusic after her show at @shakeitrecords in Cincinnati. Definitely cool people. Thanks to @scionav for the free show! #ScionAV #ScionxOliviaJean #ThirdmanRecords #RollingRecordStore #ShakeItRecords #Cincinnati
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hello gorgeous #rollingrecordstore #chooglin @thirdmanrecordsofficial #shakeitrecords @shakeitrecords
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Niiiiiiice #shakeitrecords #thirdmanrecords
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clfournier : White stripes πŸ‘
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#thirdmanrrs #thirdmanrecords #shakeitrecords #myroommateisaboss #oliviajean #bathtublovekillings
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aprilwillis : Ohhhhhh shittttt
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#low #thecurtainhitsthecast #shakeitrecords #ehplp
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#thenewpornographers #twincinema #ehplp #shakeitrecords
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Found this gem at #shakeitrecords #henryandglennforever #henryandglennforeverandever
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Just a little haul of goodies I picked up on my cross country drive - (And Justice For All First Press!) Here are some great stores I hit- #shakeitrecords #everybodys #myopicbooks #rushmorRecords #wormholecafe
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We Were Promised Jetpacks & The Twilight Sad are coming to @bogartsshows October 23rd. Want FREE tix?! Hit me up, come to Bogart's box office, or go to @shakeitrecords to get your tix.
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farygrey : #wewerepromisedjetpacks #wwpj #thetwilightsad #bogartsshows #shakeitrecords #free #freelife #concerts #cincinnati #livemusic #cincy
blackdenimband : so good!
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I'm sure everyone's been missing my music posts! 😏 Well have no fear. My new #stylus came in yesterday. πŸ˜‹ Now I can listen to the stuff I picked up at #shakeitrecords this weekend. I'm not sure why I've waited so long to start picking up these #archersofloaf reissues, but I need the rest asap! Sooo good!
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johnnydicfore : Such a good album
dtbenzing : One of the greatest of all time!
jamesporter : @dtbenzing no doubt about it! You got to see them on their reunion tour didn't you?!?
dtbenzing : Yeah. They were my favorite band for years. I went to Chicago for that tour.
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Today is awesome. Thank you #shakeitrecords for providing said awesomeness. #electricwizard #saintvitus #earth
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jdstevens562 : Yes!
darkriver1111 : @doominationism Nice!
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Mike from #PearlJam wearing a #shakeitrecords tee at the bands REALLY BIG SHOW. That is a fine gent. #recordstores #cincinnati #northside #travis
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barrydean : I was so stoked for you guys when I saw him wearing it last night!!
brentneedscoffee : That's fucking rad!
kreativekontrol : That LP tho! 🎸πŸ”₯
ktg.666 : Very cool!
rndyjns : Did any of the PJ guys stop in while they were in town ?
iamthejer : Good people connect!
shakeitrecords : @mdyjns yup. gave him tee
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In-store show today @shakeitrecords with @joanshelley and @jonathanglenwood. New 7" w/ Shelley and Joe Manning in stores and online now at our @bigcartel shop. @ancientinfant debut full-length LP w/ free download still available. #cincinnati #shakeitrecords #rsd365 #joanshelley #joemanning #vinyl
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Today's purchase at #shakeitrecords in #northside ... #vinyl #seriouslywondering
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Repost from @shakeitrecords my favorite spot get your New Electric Wizard and some big ass drapes for your smoking pleasures. #shakeitrecords #northside
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mmollyjane : @krisghol !!!
electrichaze666 : Dude add me on facebook i need to talk. Haha link is on my page.
cultofdoom : I don't do Facebook but you can PM me on here. @electrichaze666
electrichaze666 : 10/4
mightydoomsower : ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
mightydoomsower : sent me one of those
davross2 : @orbathox
warpigs666 : @___rowen___ I need some!!!
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#offday #vscocam #vinyl #records #cincinnati #ohio #retailtherapy #shakeitrecords #northside #oh #dof #iphone
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eurcuh : 😍
jocelynmeyer : Heaven!
mahan25 : ⚑️⚫️⚑️
perspectivegrooming : Could spend hours in that place
gabearagon : Love that place
fiithen : 😍😍😍 where is this??
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Hanging out at papaws today. #peg+cat #shakeitrecords #guitarsfordays @danothered
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monieb0715 : Loving papaws decor! His place looks awesome!
tawneee : @monieb76 he is pretty stylish.
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A ray of golden light on a Northside favorite spot. #northside #cincynorthside #cincinnati #shakeitrecords #ohio
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The side of this cabinet is almost completely covered now. #jfac #converge #theylive #frightrags #notld90 #votnut #ayr #yaitw #ac13 #ofmontreal #motherstattoos #horrormerchdotcom #theakasareeverywhere #cattledecapitation #calabrese666 #tubring #shakeitrecords #sagefrancis #alk3 #waxworkrecords #freddyvsjason #decibelmagazine #misfits #tbs #thetaint #troma #anoes #reggieandthefulleffect #reggieandthefuckingfulleffect
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Wussy at the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati today. They fucking blew it away!
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brentneedscoffee : @wussy_official #wussyband #wussy #cincinnati #ohio #shakeitrecords #supportlocalmusic
brentneedscoffee : @tvspy Did you come to the show?
tvspy : Wasn't time enough to get home and back.
brentneedscoffee : @tvspy that sucks man. Great show. It's alot different when they have the full band backing. Completely different set list from the last two Duo shows as well.
tvspy : Alas, another day.
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"The birds along the power lines have taken to the air The cat up in the window looks but doesn't seem to care There wasn't any warning and she didn't pack her bags But I still miss her singing when the conversation lags" Wussy - Funeral Dress II - Conversation Lags #morningmusic
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brentneedscoffee : This album is an all acoustic version of Funeral Dress. Already listened to it about three times this morning. It tears my heart apart every time. #wussyband #wussy #cincinnati #ohio #shakeitrecords #supportlocalmusic #funeraldressii
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I love this place. #shakeitrecords #Cincinnati
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