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My two sexy husbands being all anahhtgh, why are they so handsome and perfect!! ♥♡ #sehun #kai #Exo #Exok #sexyboys #sexykoreans #myhusbands #mysexydancemachine #yehet #sexyasians #asianboys
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well, wassup selfie scarf! #asianboy #asianguy #asianswag #asianshoutout #asian #filipinopride #filipino #pilipinasshoutout #pinoyako #ilokanoigers #instapinoy #likesforfollow #photoofthday #getthere #runninthetable #recommend #me #badhairday #swag #sexyasians #travel #navydude #sailor #USN #sunglasses #instapinoy #summer #fashionista #scarf
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kpoplover123_456 : ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️
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I left the best two guys for last my two husbands Luhan and Kris <3 in sexy bad ass form, the two oerfect boys from EXO ♥♡ ^.* ||| @empress.of.fandoms here is the one of kris ^^ #EXO #Exo #EXOM #Exom #kris #Luhan #krisexo #sexychineseboys #sexychinese #sexyboys #sexybadassform #perfectguys #perfection #chineseboys #sexyasians #myhusbands
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luhannie_kpop : Lmao why? But yeah they are kinda weird but yeah they look good @empress.of.fandoms
empress.of.fandoms : @luhannie_kpop idk just all that ink on their skin is scaring me. It's awesome though.
empress.of.fandoms : 😂
luhannie_kpop : Haha yeah true what you say I am not a big fans of tatoos anyway lol @empress.of.fandoms
empress.of.fandoms : Me neither. It makes them look dangerous and not exactly in the hot way. But I mean they still look good but they'd look better w/o the tats
luhannie_kpop : Yess that's what I think too but because I know they are fake they look hot but if they were real I would have been disappointed lol even thoe kris does have a tattoo actually two but the one in the arm looks hot the other one I don't remember where it was @empress.of.fandoms
empress.of.fandoms : Yeah true and I mean i guess it's ok as long as it isn't huge and showing all over his body--not that he'd ever do that obv since he's a celebrity and he needs to keep his skin clear 😂
luhannie_kpop : Yeah exactly I like them when they are small or in some certain places and what is it about but a lot everywhere in their bodies I don't like it...yeah your right, he can't @empress.of.fandoms
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Just feeling good about my hair today so I had to do it for the new profile pic lol. #forthefanz #spikeslashcombover #sexyasians #betterthancalvinklein
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itsmichelleeee : Triple date soon!!!! @maryohsofly @therandypandy @deetraaan
maryohsofly : Bye Felicia 😒💁
phamtastic_hien : Lol.... sexy ha ha
itzyaboikdo : @phamtastic_hien I am lol
xavierkingg : ✌️😘
jeromeswierczek : Bitch ass
danny_thanh_tran : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
danny_thanh_tran : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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I think this picture of D.O and Xiumin is so cute #kpop #kyungsoo #exom #exok #exo #hotkoreans #hotasians #sexyasians #sexyassmotherfucker #exosexymen #xiumin #sexydo #sexyxiumin
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throwback somewhere around mid 2013! #asianboy #asianguy #asianswag #asianshoutout #asian #filipinopride #filipino #pilipinasshoutout #pinoyako #ilokanoigers #instapinoy #likesforfollow #photoofthday #getthere #runninthetable #recommend #me #badhairday #swag #sexyasians #travel #navydude #sailor #USN #sunglasses #instapinoy
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Jin looking sexy as fuck OMG does lips are so sexy #jin #bts #sexyassmotherfucker #sexyjin #hotasians #hotkoreans #sexyasians #kpop #sexybts
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kris.hannah.wu : Tbh : ily like omfg one of my fave fan accs tbfh like odndhj does that make sense lol
xin_xiumin : @kris.hannah.wu OMG really I am one of your fave accounts OMG that made my night thank you so much and I love your account as well because you love one of my bias Kris and because I get to see who is behind the ig a beautiful girl like you so thank you so much 😄😃😘😊
kris.hannah.wu : Awhh no problem 😊 thank youu😘
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🔥 have a good day 💋✌️ #sunday #weekend #style #fashion #me #bellissimanatty #booklook #chic #trend #outfit #sexyasians #thaigirls #FotoRus #hotthaigirls #happy #yolo #swag #beauty #raybrand #tan #summer #iphone5s
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💋 Beautiful in every single way... #fashion #instagood #photooftheday #pinaybeauty #instadaily #pinoyakogram #models #beautiful #chinitas #sexyasians #sexyasian #ignationsf #ignations #tweegram #iphonesia #beauty #pinaypride #tagsforlikes #instalike #igerspinoy #styles #instafashion #pinoyigers #instafriends
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jecnookie : @imkatxx ganda :) ❤️
sahirkarim : Very best!
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WHAT IS UP FOLLOWERS!?!?! Sorry about the hiatus. Here's to one of our first follower submitted posts! Keep bringing in the DMs. #hotasiansweekly #hotmodelweekly #sexyasians
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dang, been a while selfie #asianboy #asianguy #asianswag #asianshoutout #asian #filipinopride #filipino #pilipinasshoutout #pinoyako #ilokanoigers #instapinoy #likesforfollow #photoofthday #getthere #runninthetable #recommend #me #badhairday #swag #sexyasians #travel #navydude #sailor #sunglasses #summer
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Caption This Lol 😜😋😉 #AsianGirls #Meow #SexyAsians #BadAsians #AsianFreak #Igers #GoodAfternoon #Mouth #TagsForLikes #FollowMe #Follow #Like4follow #LikeForFollow #Follow4follow
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the_ripper187 : Unbelievable, lol
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You are beautiful. 💋 #fashion #instagood #photooftheday #pinaybeauty #instadaily #pinoyakogram #models #beautiful #chinitas #sexyasians #sexyasian #ignationsf #ignations #tweegram #iphonesia #beauty #pinaypride #tagsforlikes #instalike #igerspinoy #styles #instafashion #pinoyigers #instafriends
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My two beautiful husbands ♥♡ they are both just so sexy ughh! :$$ #luhan #kai #Exo #Exom #Exok #sexyboys #sexykorean #sexychinese #mytwohusbands #sexyasians #asianboys #lulu #sexydancingmachine
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luhannie_kpop : I know right, he really is the least girly guy ever and mostly in exo, haha yeah it happens friends jealous because we pay attention to out husbands xD Oh you do? What's your personal's user? And yeah I got one too!...... haha yeah suho its hot but the other memebers are hotter I go with that and I agree kris its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than suho that's why he is one of my main bias @empress.of.fandoms
empress.of.fandoms : @anchitak is my personal. And yeah suho is ok
luhannie_kpop : Ok cool mine is @farrukaah_exo_x3 i ma follow you on my account if your okay with it and yeah he is @empress.of.fandoms
empress.of.fandoms : Yeah sorry I'm just really depressed and shell shocked rn so I can't really enthusiastically discuss them atm
luhannie_kpop : Is okay love no worries i understand do you want to talk about it? @empress.of.fandoms
empress.of.fandoms : Can you read my last post? It explains everything @luhannie_kpop ty
empress.of.fandoms : My last two posts @luhannie_kpop
luhannie_kpop : Ok i will @empress.of.fandoms
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Pool party on a hot day #summer #taipei #taiwan #chilling #pool #oasispoolparty #sexyasians #taiwanesegirlsaresuperprettyicanteven #lycheevodkatoogood #whyiseveryonespeakingenglish
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bettyincc : damn so kewl KT
carolineshone : 😍😍😍
lindsleashh : I spot white ppl
ritapitachips : 😘
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Kris Imagine #krisimagine #kris #kpop #kpopimagine #sexykoreans #sexychinese #sexykris #hotchinese #hotkoreans #hotasians #sexyasians #exom #ex #exoimagine #exosexymen #exomsexyleader #imagine
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kpop1993line : F4F? ^_^
exoimagine978 : @kpop1993line sure 😊
exoimagines422 : Follow back?(:
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Kris Imagine Why do I listen to Baby Don't Cry by EXO when I feel like crying? #kris #imagine #exom #exo #kpop #kpopimagine #sexykris #sexyasians #hotkorean #hotchinese #hotasians #sexychinese #exoimagine #krisimagine
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D.O long imagine for @kpopisgreat hope you like it "Senses telling me you're looking I can feel it on my skin (Whoa) Boy I wonder what would happen If I trip and let you in Don't get shook by my aggression I just might be the one Let's skip this conversation Just whine your body up" I was sitting on the couch singing to one of my favorite a songs, when suddenly I heard the door and saw the guys from EXO K walk in and my boyfriend Suho walked towards me looking at me coldly "Can you shut it I have a headache I been singing all day" he said rudely and I looked up at him with a raised eyebrow "Cause I'm feeling your vibing I'm riding high is exotic And I want you, I want you here Pull me closer and closer and Hold me tight to your body I wanna feel you, I wanna feel you near" I keep singing louder and he just groan and went to the room
kpop - cute - doimagine - sexysuho - sexyasians - exok - dokyungsoo - imagine - sexykoreans - hotasians - exo - hotkoreans - suho - sexydo - kpopimagine - exoimagine -
exoimagine978 : "Hey (y/n) don't let him get to you and you sing lovely in english" he said with his heart shape smile that could make any girl melt "Thank you I studied English for 4 years" I said "Ohh that's nice maybe you can teach me my English is a little rusty" he said winking at me and I laughed a bit which he joined me "Why are you guys laughing?" Suho asked glaring at D.O "oh nothing we were just talking that's all" D.O said standing up and walking to his room like the others did as soon as they came back "Hey (y/n) we should take a break" Suho said shocking me a bit "Why?" I asked rather calm "Its just that I been stressed and I don't want to get it out on you" he said sitting next to me "oh ok its fine, I'll guess I'll go home then" I said standing up but he hold me down "No its already really late just stay I'll sleep in the couch if you want" he said fixing one of the cushions and put it in his head so now he was laying down with his feet on my lap "Nah its ok I don't live so far from here and I don't want you giving up your comfy bed for this hard sofa when you need to rest" I said removing his feet from my lap and standing up "(y/n) no its dangerous outside at this time and I don't care just sleep in my bed" he said gabbing me by my wrist and taking me to his room "Sleep in my bed please" he said pleadingly "ok fine you win Suho" I whispered and headed to his bed, he smiled at me from the door way and closed the door walking back to the sofa "aish this kid" I whispered to myself since he shares a room with D.O I didn't want to wake him
exoimagine978 : "(y/n) is that you?" D.O asked with a hoarse voice which sent shivers down my spine "yeah sorry I woke you up" I said and I felt the bed move and I knew he was sitting at the right side of the bed "Its fine but are you ok? I mean I heard Suho asking for a break" D.O asked with concern in his voice "can I be honest with you?" I asked and all I got for an answer was "mmhm" "Well Suho has been distant from me for a while now, like he wouldn't hug me when I needed it or kiss me not even look at me he would only come home take a shower and go to sleep so let's just say that during that time my feelings for him banished, I mean I love him but not as a boyfriend more as a friend or brother who always looks out for me because even if he wouldn't talk to me much he some how manage to tell me to be careful out there when I would go back home he would stay on the phone with me until I reached my home save and sound but I don't love him like that no more" I said and D.O sighed "That's good news" he whispers more to himself but I heard it "what?" I asked and I don't got an answer because seconds later he crashed his lips on mine, me being shock was an understatement, but what shocked me more is that I kissed back, I wrapped my hands around his neck making the kiss go deeper and he wrapped his arms around me waist landing on top of me so now we were laying down and the thing is I knew that I was kissing D.O but I didn't mind I kinda liked it he kissed me with so much passion that I never felt before not even with Suho after a couple of more hours of kissing we both pulled away needing oxigen and he rested his forehead on mine
exoimagine978 : "I love you ( y/n) I always had I never said anything because you were with Suho and it hurt me seeing you with him I always wanted to be the one that made you laugh or smile but I wasn't going to get in your relationship with Suho I couldn't do something like that to one of my brothers, but since he asked you for a break I want to make you fall for me its not cheating since you guys are not together what do you say will you let me make you fall in love with me?" He asked leaving me shocked I don't know he loved me like that, man I don't know what to say, but he makes me feel so alive just by a kiss imagine being with him omg I'm going crazy "its ok if you don't accept me" D.O said bringing me back to earth "I accept your proposal you got two weeks to make me fall for you and if you achieve it we are both talking to Suho about it I want him to be ok with it and I want him to be the first to approve of us arraso?" I asked and even in the dark I could see him smile "arraso I will make you fall in love with me before we reached the two weeks" he said and peck my lips "we start tomorrow" I said and he stood up from the bed and went to his, 'If only he knew I already fell in love with him, but hey let's have a little bit of fun with this' I thought to myself "Goodnight D.O" I said "Goodnight love" he said and I let sleep consume me, tomorrow is going to be a long day.
exoimagine978 : Sorry for any typos and hope you like it #dokyungsoo #exok #exo #kpopimagine #kpop #imagine #exoimagine #sexydo #hotasians #hotkoreans #sexyasians #sexykoreans #cute #doimagine #suho #sexysuho
emilyexo : @3tcenter ajab avaziyi bodam man…baz az man avazitar d.o bode…
3tcenter : :| ... Bemiram vase suho ... @emilyexo
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Most of EXO In sexy bad ass form :$$ jiji but Taemin is in there too because he is one of my husband :3 ^^♥♥♡♡ #EXO ##Exom #Exok #SHINee #taemin #chanyeol #lay #kai #tao #D.O #sexybadassform #sexyboys #sexychinese #sexykoreans #koreans #chinese #asianboys #sexyasians
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meaedalnazy : Love too #EXOKM 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😙💋💋💋
luhannie_kpop : Yess they are the best!! @meaedalnazy
empress.of.fandoms : Where's Kris? And this is beautiful
memeclinic : Great!
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Kai long smut imagine {Rated M} for @angry_galaxy_bird "Jongin Como the fue en practica hoy?" I whispered in his ear sitting on Kai's lap facing him on the sofa "I have no clue what you just said" Kai said leaning closer, I smirked and started playing with his hair "tu no tienes que saver todo lo que you digo" I said leaning closer pecking his lips "I find it so sexy when you talk in Spanish to me" he whispered leaning closer and biting my lower lip making it swollen "and what I find even sexier is when you talk dirty to me in Spanish" he said and licked my lips I wrapped my hands around his neck and I peck his lips I was about to pull away but he grabbed me and pulled me for a passionate kiss and pulled away, he gabbed my waist and moved me a bit closer "this is what you do to me when you speak like that" when he said that he placed me on top of his boner "yo te puedo hacer mas que eso" I said and started grinding on him earning a loud moan from him "Fuck (y/n) stop teasing and fuck me already" he said in pants and then started kissing my neck, I grabbed a fist full of his hair and pulled him back roughly making him groan, I leaned closer to his ear and whispered "yo estoy en control hoy y te voy hacer sentir cosas que nunca sentistes en tu vida"
kpop - sexykai - exo - kai - imagine - kaismut - sexyasians - exok - exoimagine - kpopimagine - hotkorean - sexykoreans - hotasians -
exoimagine978 : I said and bit his earlobe causing him to groan in pleasure, he started to move his hands and put them under my shirt grabbing my breast in them squeezing my now hard nipples causing me to moan, 'he thinks he will be in control well not today' I thought to myself and I grabbed his hands and pulled them out and shoved them above his head and started grinding on him faster "Shit!! (Y/n) that feels so good" Kai moaned "si te portas bien te doy lo que quieres" I said and licked his neck "behave for me and I'll give you a reward" I said with my accent knowing how much he likes it "Fuck the things you do to me (y/n)" Kai said putting his hands behind his back knowing that if he touches me I'll stop, I took the hem of his shirt and he put his hands up and I took his shirt off revealing his abs I started kissing his neck moving down to his chest and I licked him from his chest down to his abs and his body stiffen under me and I unboton his pants and put his ziper down "Take them off" I whisper in his ear and licked it I was going to stand up to allow him to take it off but he pulled me back down
exoimagine978 : "stay I can take them off" he said and I did as he said and he took the pants off while I was on him, once he took them off he put his hands behind his back once again, I grabbed him by the hair and brought him in for a rough kiss, I bit his lip asking for entrance which he gladly accept and I explored his mouth with my tongue making him moan in my mouth "Te estas portando muy bien sigue asi" I said once I pulled away, we both connected eyes and you could see his eyes completely filled with lust, I put my hands over his eyes "Deja tus ojos serados, Don't peek" i said and I got off from him and got on my knees I pulled his boxers off and threw them on the coffee table and his member stood tall and proud, I looked up at him and saw he still had his eyes closed and I smirk knowing I had him under my spell now, I grabbed his member with my hand and licked the tip "ahhh!! Fuck (y/n) that feels so good"
exoimagine978 : he moaned loudly making me even more wetter than I already was and I couldn't hold it any longer I took my pants and underwear off and sat on his member without putting it in I started grinding on it making us both moan "Fuck (y/n) please just fuck me already!!!" He said grabbing my waist at this point on I gave into him the lust was way to strong to keep on teasing him so I lifted myself up and he position his member on my entrance and I sat on it making us groan at how I took it all in at once, I started to move up and down "Fuck!!! Your so tight" Kai said in between pants and I was just moaning mess, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me closer and kissed me roughly it was sloppy but passionate he then pushed me down on the sofa and landed on top of me and he started to thrust faster and deeper each time hitting my sensitive spot causing me to scream his name "You feel so dam good (y/n)" he said breathing heavily, after a couple more thrust we both came screaming each others names, he landed on top of me and we both stayed like that trying to catch our breaths "Your such a fucking tease (y/n), but I love it" he said and kissed me once more, he stood up and carried me bridal style "where are you taking me?" I asked "to the room because we are having round 2 but this time I'm in charge" he said taking me to the room were we had a wild and rough round 2.
exoimagine978 : Sorry for the typos and hope you guys like it #kai #imagine #exok #exo #kpop #kpopimagine #exoimagine #sexyasians #sexykoreans #hotasians #hotkorean #sexykai #kaismut
ig.exo : Kindly pls follow me?
exoimagine978 : @ig.exo of course 😊
ig.exo : Thnxxx
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Xiumin long imagine "I hate you...... You monster you killed him and you expect me to forgive you" I yelled at the guy who is in front of me and he's no other than Kim MinSeok "I'm so sorry you gotta understand it was an accident" he said calmly grabbing my hands since I was crying while hitting his chest and he pulled towards him hugging me "An accident your an idiot you didn't see him cross the road your blind as fuck" I yelled/sob into his chest and hugged him back "Its alright (y/n) everything will be fine I'm here with you" he said rubbing circles in my back trying to calm me down
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annieng828 : i know how i feel. i love it when people write imagines that i can relate to. as on personality wise. shes like a lot like me. ha. hehe :)
exoimagine978 : @annieng828 I'm glad you like it and I write it as realistic as I can I made the girl stand for them self not like some that the girl is all girly I don't like that and I'm not girly girly lol
kpopisgreat : Aniii don be n tnx alot
annieng828 : ayyyyyyyyyy high five for not wanting to be girly girls. but i do admit sometimes i can be but never personality wise.
exoimagine978 : @annieng828 me two I van look girly sometimes like I have my moments that I want to look pretty an all but in personality I am not even close to girly at all
exoimagine978 : @kpopisgreat no problem love
annieng828 : ayyyyyyyy. we have alot in common. hehe :)
exoimagine978 : @annieng828 hahahaha yeah I see we do that's cool 😊😄
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Chanyeol long imagine "You and only you" by mystery admin 'Aah, the weather is so nice today!' I thought to myself. I've been in Korea for... 3 months probably? Yes. 3 months. I moved here to study. I have a few friends here and there in college but i'm most of the time alone. Sometimes is just better that way. I entered the restaurant where i work after i finish my clases. Once again, there they were, a group of three girls that always stare at me with disgust. I don't get it, what have i ever done to them? I don't even talk to them. Well i just try to ignore them, since i don't even have to give them my service because they always order a glass of water and sit there still looking at something or someone like there's no tomorrow. I don't know what or who they are looking at but i don't really care. I just need to work in order to pay my studies. Chanyeol's POV I was distracted doing some suff in my phone when I heard it. That beautiful voice of hers greeting everyone in the restaurant. The sigh of her left me mesmerized. I always found amazing how she could wear anything and she would look beautiful with it. She didn't had a single style. Today she was wearing some skinny jeans, a black and gray sweater that made her look cute but as soon as you saw the combat boots she was wearing it turned into a punk bad girl style. Her long, wavy brown hair was down falling just above her waist. Every part of her was just perfection. Today, like every other day, the group of three girls were staring bad at her, the same girls that keep on staring at me, they are true stalkers... Wait, who am I to say that? They keep on trying to get my attention but for me it was her and only her, but something was wrong they seemed to be planning something.
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exoimagine978 : I don't know what took over me but I just stood up and walked towards them. In that moment she lost her balance and was about to fall but I caught her just in time. I didn't expect this to happen in this situation but I don't care, it was perfect finally she was in my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck in surprise and fear at the moment. Her eyes, they were so big and beautiful, it almost seemed like a love song, like they were telling you a story. Her perfect sculpted nose and finally her lips, those lips I've been wanting to kiss for so long. But I didn't wanted her to feel uncomfortable, she didn't even know me. So i just helped her up. "Are you ok?" I asked. "Yes I am, thanks to you." There it is, her beautiful voice but she seems kind of confused. She kept staring to the group of girls on the table next to us. Those girls. And then I understood. She didn't lost her balance, those girls made her fall on purpose. This is enough. I didn't wanted to be rude but this is enough.
exoimagine978 : Your POV Where did this boy came from? I just know that I was about to fall and a second later I was in his embrace. His strong arms supporting my back and I instantly wrapped my arms around his neck. We were staring into each others eyes and i got butterflies in my stomach. His stare was full of.. love? How can that be possible? He helped me up and asked "Are you ok?" His voice is so deep for his appearance, I could listen to it all day long. "Yes I am, thanks to you" I kept glancing at those girls embarrassed of what just happened and mad at the same time. The tall cute boy smiled at me but then frowned and turned around. I think he noticed. Chanyeol's POV "Oppa! What are you doing with that thing!? Come sit with us! You're so handsome!" They said. "Don't you dare talk about (Y/N) that way. She is not 'a thing'. She's a beautiful human being and you have to respect her." I told them in a cold voice, I didn't wanted them to feel comfortable while speaking to me. "But Oppa! Why do you care about her?! We've been working hard to get your attention!" One of them said. So, they were jealous because I was always staring at her and not at them? "Just because you're jealous doesn't mean you can treat her bad. You have to accept other people's feelings. So stop being childish and grow up! I like her! And nothing will change my mind." I grabbed (Y/N)'s hand while I said I like her. At this point my voice could be heard in the whole restaurant. The girls stood up and leaved the restaurant feeling embarrassed. I turned back to (Y/N) and she was pretty surprised.
exoimagine978 : Your POV His voice was getting louder with every word he said. In that moment I studied him better and he was really handsome His beautiful plump lips waiting to be kissed. I blushed at the image of kissing him. I have to admit it, I want to be the one to be able to kiss him. Suddenly the girls leaved and the boy turned around to face me. He looked towards a little girl who was my boss' daughter and she just nodded her head. What was happening? "Chanyeol oppa, fighting!" The girl said. So that was his name. Then the boy- or Chanyeol should I say- grabbed a rose from the nearest table and got on his knee. He grabbed my hand and started to speak, the whole restaurant's attention was towards us. "(Y/N), I have never been to this restaurant so often but, since the moment I saw you and knew that you worked here, I just had to see you every day, if I didn't, my day felt incomplete. The truth is, I've never been so excited to come to a restaurant before." He smiled shyly and I just found it so cute! Everyone in the restaurant was smiling and the little girl was nodding her head excitedly. "I know we don't even know each other but, I really like you. Would you please give me a chance and be my girlfriend?"
exoimagine978 : At this point I was mesmerized. I was blushing so hard! This boy is amazing, he made me fall for him in just minutes. Of course I'm going to say... "Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend Chanyeol." He stood up with a smile from ear to ear, he gave me the rose which I gladly accepted and hugged me. I felt so safe in his embrace, I inhaled his scent enjoying the moment. Then he pulled away and started to slowly lean towards me, his eyes looking at mine and glancing at my lips and finally, he kissed me. It was the sweetest kiss ever, his lips tasted minty and sweet at the same time. It was perfect. When we pulled away from the kiss, that little cute girl started clapping and so did the whole restaurant. "How did you know my name?" I asked. I know that was random but I just wanted to know. "That little friend helped me a lot." He said pointing at the little girl who waved at me. "Aww, how cute." I said caressing his cheek. "I promise, I will make you happy." He said. I just smiled and hugged him again. How can I be so lucky to have such a sweet boy all for me?.
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The back Of her head is #ridiculous #sexyasians
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Girls with tattoos 👌 @elizabethtran626
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Xiumin Imagine. I saw this pic and I had two he is the reason why I think this things he is so sexy and I love him ~Tania #xiumin #xiuminimagine #sexyxiumin #kpopimagine #kpop #exom #exo #exoimagine #hotasians #hotkoreans #sexyasians #exosexymen #imagine #pervertedmind #sexybaozi
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exoimagine978 : @exooxm90 hahaha I know he is just so sexy and perfect!!!
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Baekhyun long imagine for @mykkaebsongprince sorry it took long hope you like it. "(Y/n) we need to talk" my boyfriend Baekhyun said while walking inside the house "yeah what is it?" I said a bit scared of his words "we need to brake up" he said shocking me "what?? Why??" I asked with tears already forming in my eyes "Because your ruining my reputation like I'm rich and famous and what are you? You are a nobody" he said coldly "Just cause I'm poor you want to brake up?? The fuck Baekhyun I thought you were a better person" I yelled at him with my tears falling from my eyes, he came closer and pinned me to the wall "I am a better person (y/n) I just feel disgusted by being around you the faces I get when they see I have a girlfriend that is poor the house you lived in why don't you think I bought you this one trying to change your image but I can never change a nobody into a somebody" he growled with his face closer to mines and it took me all my strength to push him off, once I pushed him off he tried over his own foot and fell "What the fuck bitch" he yelled "You know what I'm glad you broke up with me, why would I want a controlling asshole who wants to change me into something so cruel and heartless so you know what go with your rich whores because let me tell you, you will never find someone who was loyal to you and loves you and cares for you like I did"
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sexwithlay : Yes!! Keep it coming :)
exoimagine978 : @sexwithlay thank you that means a lot to me 😊 and I will
annieng828 : wtf is this. baekie nooooooo. hes so cruel. she, i mean im so brave. i think im going to cry.
exoimagine978 : @annieng828 aww its ok don't cry I'm here for you
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