Xiumin long imagine "I hate you...... You monster you killed him and you expect me to forgive you" I yelled at the guy who is in front of me and he's no other than Kim MinSeok "I'm so sorry you gotta understand it was an accident" he said calmly grabbing my hands since I was crying while hitting his chest and he pulled towards him hugging me "An accident your an idiot you didn't see him cross the road your blind as fuck" I yelled/sob into his chest and hugged him back "Its alright (y/n) everything will be fine I'm here with you" he said rubbing circles in my back trying to calm me down
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annieng828 : i know how i feel. i love it when people write imagines that i can relate to. as on personality wise. shes like a lot like me. ha. hehe :)
exoimagine978 : @annieng828 I'm glad you like it and I write it as realistic as I can I made the girl stand for them self not like some that the girl is all girly I don't like that and I'm not girly girly lol
kpopisgreat : Aniii don be n tnx alot
annieng828 : ayyyyyyyyyy high five for not wanting to be girly girls. but i do admit sometimes i can be but never personality wise.
exoimagine978 : @annieng828 me two I van look girly sometimes like I have my moments that I want to look pretty an all but in personality I am not even close to girly at all
exoimagine978 : @kpopisgreat no problem love
annieng828 : ayyyyyyyy. we have alot in common. hehe :)
exoimagine978 : @annieng828 hahahaha yeah I see we do that's cool 😊😄
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Chanyeol long imagine "You and only you" by mystery admin 'Aah, the weather is so nice today!' I thought to myself. I've been in Korea for... 3 months probably? Yes. 3 months. I moved here to study. I have a few friends here and there in college but i'm most of the time alone. Sometimes is just better that way. I entered the restaurant where i work after i finish my clases. Once again, there they were, a group of three girls that always stare at me with disgust. I don't get it, what have i ever done to them? I don't even talk to them. Well i just try to ignore them, since i don't even have to give them my service because they always order a glass of water and sit there still looking at something or someone like there's no tomorrow. I don't know what or who they are looking at but i don't really care. I just need to work in order to pay my studies. Chanyeol's POV I was distracted doing some suff in my phone when I heard it. That beautiful voice of hers greeting everyone in the restaurant. The sigh of her left me mesmerized. I always found amazing how she could wear anything and she would look beautiful with it. She didn't had a single style. Today she was wearing some skinny jeans, a black and gray sweater that made her look cute but as soon as you saw the combat boots she was wearing it turned into a punk bad girl style. Her long, wavy brown hair was down falling just above her waist. Every part of her was just perfection. Today, like every other day, the group of three girls were staring bad at her, the same girls that keep on staring at me, they are true stalkers... Wait, who am I to say that? They keep on trying to get my attention but for me it was her and only her, but something was wrong they seemed to be planning something.
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exoimagine978 : I don't know what took over me but I just stood up and walked towards them. In that moment she lost her balance and was about to fall but I caught her just in time. I didn't expect this to happen in this situation but I don't care, it was perfect finally she was in my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck in surprise and fear at the moment. Her eyes, they were so big and beautiful, it almost seemed like a love song, like they were telling you a story. Her perfect sculpted nose and finally her lips, those lips I've been wanting to kiss for so long. But I didn't wanted her to feel uncomfortable, she didn't even know me. So i just helped her up. "Are you ok?" I asked. "Yes I am, thanks to you." There it is, her beautiful voice but she seems kind of confused. She kept staring to the group of girls on the table next to us. Those girls. And then I understood. She didn't lost her balance, those girls made her fall on purpose. This is enough. I didn't wanted to be rude but this is enough.
exoimagine978 : Your POV Where did this boy came from? I just know that I was about to fall and a second later I was in his embrace. His strong arms supporting my back and I instantly wrapped my arms around his neck. We were staring into each others eyes and i got butterflies in my stomach. His stare was full of.. love? How can that be possible? He helped me up and asked "Are you ok?" His voice is so deep for his appearance, I could listen to it all day long. "Yes I am, thanks to you" I kept glancing at those girls embarrassed of what just happened and mad at the same time. The tall cute boy smiled at me but then frowned and turned around. I think he noticed. Chanyeol's POV "Oppa! What are you doing with that thing!? Come sit with us! You're so handsome!" They said. "Don't you dare talk about (Y/N) that way. She is not 'a thing'. She's a beautiful human being and you have to respect her." I told them in a cold voice, I didn't wanted them to feel comfortable while speaking to me. "But Oppa! Why do you care about her?! We've been working hard to get your attention!" One of them said. So, they were jealous because I was always staring at her and not at them? "Just because you're jealous doesn't mean you can treat her bad. You have to accept other people's feelings. So stop being childish and grow up! I like her! And nothing will change my mind." I grabbed (Y/N)'s hand while I said I like her. At this point my voice could be heard in the whole restaurant. The girls stood up and leaved the restaurant feeling embarrassed. I turned back to (Y/N) and she was pretty surprised.
exoimagine978 : Your POV His voice was getting louder with every word he said. In that moment I studied him better and he was really handsome His beautiful plump lips waiting to be kissed. I blushed at the image of kissing him. I have to admit it, I want to be the one to be able to kiss him. Suddenly the girls leaved and the boy turned around to face me. He looked towards a little girl who was my boss' daughter and she just nodded her head. What was happening? "Chanyeol oppa, fighting!" The girl said. So that was his name. Then the boy- or Chanyeol should I say- grabbed a rose from the nearest table and got on his knee. He grabbed my hand and started to speak, the whole restaurant's attention was towards us. "(Y/N), I have never been to this restaurant so often but, since the moment I saw you and knew that you worked here, I just had to see you every day, if I didn't, my day felt incomplete. The truth is, I've never been so excited to come to a restaurant before." He smiled shyly and I just found it so cute! Everyone in the restaurant was smiling and the little girl was nodding her head excitedly. "I know we don't even know each other but, I really like you. Would you please give me a chance and be my girlfriend?"
exoimagine978 : At this point I was mesmerized. I was blushing so hard! This boy is amazing, he made me fall for him in just minutes. Of course I'm going to say... "Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend Chanyeol." He stood up with a smile from ear to ear, he gave me the rose which I gladly accepted and hugged me. I felt so safe in his embrace, I inhaled his scent enjoying the moment. Then he pulled away and started to slowly lean towards me, his eyes looking at mine and glancing at my lips and finally, he kissed me. It was the sweetest kiss ever, his lips tasted minty and sweet at the same time. It was perfect. When we pulled away from the kiss, that little cute girl started clapping and so did the whole restaurant. "How did you know my name?" I asked. I know that was random but I just wanted to know. "That little friend helped me a lot." He said pointing at the little girl who waved at me. "Aww, how cute." I said caressing his cheek. "I promise, I will make you happy." He said. I just smiled and hugged him again. How can I be so lucky to have such a sweet boy all for me?.
exoimagine978 : Hope you guys like it sorry for the typos #chanyeol #imagine #exok #exo #kpop #exoimagine #sexychanyeol #happuvirus #kpopimagine #sexyasians #hotasians #hotkoreans #exosexymen #chanyeolimagine
annagarcia1000 : You'll like this @camperclan!
emilyexo : @3tcenter so you worked in restaurant huh?!
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The back Of her head is #ridiculous #sexyasians
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keba_x3 : I wanna be just like you when I grow up. So beautiful !
alexandra_00949 : Lol @keba_x3 thank you!!! 😘😘😘
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Girls with tattoos 👌 @elizabethtran626
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ammasohappy : That's hot♥
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Xiumin Imagine. I saw this pic and I had two he is the reason why I think this things he is so sexy and I love him ~Tania #xiumin #xiuminimagine #sexyxiumin #kpopimagine #kpop #exom #exo #exoimagine #hotasians #hotkoreans #sexyasians #exosexymen #imagine #pervertedmind #sexybaozi
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exoimagine978 : @annieng828 haha I know
kpopisgreat : Aigooo
exooxm90 : Wow just... wow
exooxm90 : @xiuminight...... .___.
xiuminight : Shit!!! Dear God!!!
exoimagine978 : @exooxm90 @xiuminight hope your enjoying this lol
exooxm90 : @exoimagine978 XD yeah
exoimagine978 : @exooxm90 I'm glad 😊
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Baekhyun long imagine for @mykkaebsongprince sorry it took long hope you like it. "(Y/n) we need to talk" my boyfriend Baekhyun said while walking inside the house "yeah what is it?" I said a bit scared of his words "we need to brake up" he said shocking me "what?? Why??" I asked with tears already forming in my eyes "Because your ruining my reputation like I'm rich and famous and what are you? You are a nobody" he said coldly "Just cause I'm poor you want to brake up?? The fuck Baekhyun I thought you were a better person" I yelled at him with my tears falling from my eyes, he came closer and pinned me to the wall "I am a better person (y/n) I just feel disgusted by being around you the faces I get when they see I have a girlfriend that is poor the house you lived in why don't you think I bought you this one trying to change your image but I can never change a nobody into a somebody" he growled with his face closer to mines and it took me all my strength to push him off, once I pushed him off he tried over his own foot and fell "What the fuck bitch" he yelled "You know what I'm glad you broke up with me, why would I want a controlling asshole who wants to change me into something so cruel and heartless so you know what go with your rich whores because let me tell you, you will never find someone who was loyal to you and loves you and cares for you like I did"
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sexwithlay : Yes!! Keep it coming :)
exoimagine978 : @sexwithlay thank you that means a lot to me 😊 and I will
annieng828 : wtf is this. baekie nooooooo. hes so cruel. she, i mean im so brave. i think im going to cry.
exoimagine978 : @annieng828 aww its ok don't cry I'm here for you
kimkaisoo96 : F4f?^^
exoimagine978 : @kimkaisoo96 sure 😊
mykkaebsongprince : Wah kamsahamida
exoimagine978 : @mykkaebsongprince no problem 😊
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In all #ratchetness I turn a quarter of century! Had to do it big and with a bang! #sexyasians #datbootytho #birthday #julybabies #swag #snapbacks #ratchet #wild #party
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Hehe the sexy T.O.P and SeungRi ♥♡ #seungri #TOP #BigBang #twosexyguys #sexykoreans #sexyasians #VI
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G-Dragon is so sexy!!! #sexygd #gdragon #gd #kpop #bigbang #hotkoreans #hotasians #sexyassmotherfucker #sexyasians #asians #koreans #kwonjiyong
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This is a preview of what I'm working on. Lay imagine long "The L Words" "Love, Lust, Lies, Laughter, Lesbian, Loyalty, Loathing, Lowlife," Does are the L words of things that happen in my life being me isn't easy. I'm (y/n) and my life isn't easy everyone treats me horrible and I been traumatized by one of the boys in my school, I hate going there but I have to my dad makes me he wants me to have an education and have a good job that makes good money to sustain myself, but he doesn't know what I go through in school just so I can get a stupid education. Love= Lay likes you but you don't know his feelings are mutual as yours Lies= in school everyone is always spreading lies about you Lust= D.O being a man wants someone to have sex with and tries pressuring you into it and that drives him onto raping you.
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exoimagine978 : Laughter= Under all that misery Lay always finds a way to make you laugh by sometimes being the class clown and putting the attention on him when people are about to bother you. Lesbian= what people call you for rejecting one of the most popular boys in school (D.O) when he asked you out and since then D.O and his friends bully you. Loyalty= When you and Lay are secretly dating because you don't anyone in school to hurt him he stays loyal to you even when in school they are richer and prettier girls he could be with. Loathing= in your school every girl hates you because D.O wants you and ignores every other girl that trows themselves at him only to try to be with you but he isn't to nice to you anyways. Lowlife= what everyone calls you for being poor and not having the latest fashion in clothing like everyone does.
exoimagine978 : So that's it for now something I'm working on so I hope you guys like it when in post it #lay #imagine #layimagine #exom #exo #kpop #kpopimagine #exoimagine #sexylay #sexyasians #hotchinese #hotasians #exosexymen
bts.xo : ♡ᴄᴀɴ ʏᴏᴜ ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ᴍᴇ?♡
annieng828 : thabks for tagging me
annieng828 : hehe:)
annieng828 : wow. just wow. this imagine is a little depressing.
annieng828 : but loyal lay though.
exoimagine978 : @annieng828 I know but hey it would have a happy ending so no worries
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kkkkkkkeiko : メンズダンサーに興奮する女子達最高でした!その内の1人私。
shoko_kgyhm : @kkkkkkkeiko やはり需要はあるね!笑 けーちゃん楽しそうで嬉しかった♡
kkkkkkkeiko : ご馳走様でした♥♥
tsujimu_ : 👍👍
shoko_kgyhm : @kkkkkkkeiko また食べに来ておくんなんし♡
shoko_kgyhm : @tsujimu_ v(。・ω・。)v
aaronplacyjr : Anata wa Omoshiroi desu. Nihon jin desu ka? ( ψ ')
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Chen imagine I wish..... 😆 #chenimagine #chen #imagine #exom #exo #kpop #kpopimagine #sexyasians #sexychen #hotasians #hotkoreans #exosexymen #sexytroll
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Lay imagine #lay #exom #exo #kpopimagine #imagine #layimagine #exoimagine #kpop #sexylay #exosexymen #hotchinese #hotasians #sexyasians
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annieng828 : his dimples
annieng828 : awwwww
exoimagine978 : @annieng828 oh I'm sorry I forgot she Lay's forgetfulness is rubbing on me now hahaha
annieng828 : i know. i feel ya.
lea_jaclyn22 : @michelle_spaulding
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Xiumin imagine #xiumin #kpop #exom #exo #imagine #hotasians #hotkoreans #sexyxiumin #sexyasians #exoimagine #kpopimagine #xiuminimagine
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"Perto de ti, perto do maior amor que existe".
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I love this song and Jungkook 2 he is so ugh!!!!! #jungkook #bts #kpop #hotkoreans #hotasians #sexyjungkook #sexyassmotherfucker #sexyasians #btsjustonedayvideo #justoneday
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Momma & I again #filipina #Chinese #Asian #black #Blasian #CapeCod #Pool #Beach #Summertime #Summerbody #SexyAsians #igotitfrommymama #letsbefrank
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xmorris91 : @theblasiangoddess I see where your beauty comes from. Beautiful ladies and hope y'all are doing well
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Oh my god that was so funny and sad haha #leehongki #jeremy #yourbeautiful #loveme #bemine #why #swag #iloveyou #fangirling #yehet #gapsong #kpop #sexyasians #iloveit #koreansarehot #korea #foreveralone #cute #adorable #lol #futureboyfriend #hilarious #hatersgonnahate #haha
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Chanyeol looks so cute and adorableee for me in here!! <3 #chanyeol #Exo #Exok #sexykorean #sexyasians #happyvirus #happyboy #sexyboy #asians #asianboys
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Heeey guys sorry I haven't been posting these 3days my phone was disconnected and I didn't have wifi but now I got it back so I am backkk bitcheees xD lmaoo ||| what I am happy about thoe I thought I was going to loose followers but instead I gain some thanksss guuuys :D <3 #rapmonster #BTS #bangtanboys #sexykorean #sexyasians #asianboys
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finally rememberin to do a #WCW these hotties @karrueche and @claudialnelson #sexyasians #asianbaddies #mixedbreeds #yasss
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Sexy lee min ho oen of my favorite actors <33 #leeminho #awesomeactor #oneofmyfavoriteactors #sexyguy #sexykorean #sexyasians #asianboys
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Fuck yeah Asians with tattoos! Thanks for the DM @joelyadig!!! Keep submitting your DMs to us! #hotasiansweekly #hotmodelweekly #sexyasians
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Another perfect group of boys Beast <3 || ♥♡ #beast #beauties #gikwang #yoseob #DJ #sexykoreans #sexyasians #asianboys #kpop
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Saw these cuties tonight. I freqking love them. So happy that they are in LA. You see that blond one, his name is Rap Monster and he is mine lol. Can't wait to see them again. #bts #bangtanboys #kpop #sexyasians
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nocturnal_67 : BEAST
nocturnal_67 : Have u heard of the BEAST!!!
toeneesha : Yeah. I know all the kpop groups @nocturnal_67
emmarlu : Jungkook!♥♥♥ @toeneesha your lucky..where did they took that photo?
toeneesha : I really don't know since I got it off their Twitter account @emmarlu
emmarlu : @toeneesha ahh...but your lucky to meet them.. ^-^ anyway are you an author in AFF?keke cuz i think your username is familiar to me...(one of the most authors i like.)
toeneesha : Yes I am from AFF @emmarlu
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Jin my other husband I know I have a lot of husbands lol #jin #bts #sexyjin #sexyassmotherfucker #sexyasians #hotkoreans #hotasians #marryme #kpop #sexybts
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Another husband of mine J-Hope #jhope #sexyjhope #sexyasians #sexyassmotherfucker #hotkoreans #hotasians #bts #kpop #bangstanboys #marryme
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My other husband #jungkook #bts #sexyassmotherfucker #sexyasians #hotasians #hotkoreans #kpop #sexyjungkook
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My husband Xiumin #xiumin #sexyxiumin #kpop #exom #exo #hotkoreans #hotasians #sexyasians #sexyassmotherfucker #marryme #exosexymen
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_kpop__mv_ : can you plss like my posts
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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no words for this sexy ass mother fucker I'll do things to him no one would ever imagine, hay dios mio ayudame *dead* #exom #xiumin #exo #sexyxiumin #kpop #exosexymen #sexybaouzi #sexyassmotherfucker #sexyasians #hotkoreans #hotasians #marryme
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tinywasheree : F4f and ex 8 likes? (Recent posts please)
xin_xiumin : @tinywasheree sure :)
xin_xiumin : @exonarissaaa of course :)
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Can I be there between those 4 sexy guys!! ^.* ♥♡ #baekhyun #luhan #tao #lay #Exo #Exom #Exok #sexykorean #sexychineseguys #sexyasians #asianboys
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