Soft Tower A #transmissiontower #reflected in #seventyacreslake and reversed. #pylon #lake #nofilter #soft #ripples #calm
transmissiontower - lake - ripples - reflected - pylon - nofilter - soft - seventyacreslake - calm -
smarshallphoto : Nice Dali reference. :)
msquizzical2 : @smarshallphoto For you. :-)
smarshallphoto : Well aren't I the lucky one? ;)
sazzys2000 : We both did reflections :)
msquizzical2 : @sazzys2000 We're both suckers for a cliché. :-) Yours was more exotic than mine.
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Black On Black This #coot swam under the #SeventyAcresLake #bridge in its #shadow making its white #beak and #baldpatch stand out. A #whitefeather stands out too. #baldasacoot #nofilter
bridge - baldpatch - baldasacoot - coot - whitefeather - beak - shadow - nofilter - seventyacreslake -
msquizzical2 : @nurburgstretch :-)
msquizzical2 : @nurburgstretch I just use the basic sliders on my PC. Luckily I don't often shoot women of a certain age. When I do I have to call on my mate @smarshallphoto ' s shopping skills. :-)
smarshallphoto : Age doesn't matter. All women like to be gently caressed with Photoshop. :) @nurburgstretch
tygerleigh : Wow beautiful!
msquizzical2 : @tygerleigh There are loads of coots at Fishers Green and I don't usually bother to shoot them, not finding them particularly attractive, but sometimes a different angle can transform a subject. :-)
tygerleigh : Yeah I find coots unattractive as well, but the black on black and ripple from him swimming - beautiful!
shankey1968 : Great! @msquizzical2
msquizzical2 : @shankey1968 Glad you like it. :-)
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Darling Duck #duck #IndianRunner #lake #seventyacreslake #FishersGreen #nofilter
nofilter - fishersgreen - duck - indianrunner - lake - seventyacreslake -
dettie_daisie : Superb!
msquizzical2 : @dettie_daisie :-) I <3 this duck!
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Bouncy Bridge #bridge #bouncybridge Troops would definitely have to break their stride on this bridge at #FishersGreen #eveningsun #seventyacreslake #perspective #nofilter
bridge - fishersgreen - perspective - nofilter - eveningsun - seventyacreslake - bouncybridge -
smarshallphoto : Lovely.
zuhairqambar - lineunittv - sabinecha - mintcakes -
Boo! #goose #silhouette #bird #birdinflight #BIF #lines #powerlines #seventyacreslake #FishersGreen #evening
minimalist - fishersgreen - silhouette - blackandwhite - bif - mono - powerlines - lines - seventyacreslake - goose - evening - birdinflight - bird -
msquizzical2 : #minimalist
msquizzical2 : #blackandwhite #mono
msquizzical2 : @tildas2000 You still up?! I'm going to bed as we're hitting the shops tomorrow. :-)
tildarhoda : Same :) xxx
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Birder Collie #dog #BorderCollie #Collie #birder Gorgeous Skye visited the #hide at #SeventyAcresLake this afternoon and broke with #etiquette by #barking. :-)
etiquette - collie - hide - barking - bordercollie - dog - seventyacreslake - birder -
mufra - bettylawless - blue_monster - samkhf -
Hello, Mummy Bunting #bunting #reedbunting #Emberizaschoeniclus #female #bird, reeds. Looks a bit sparrow-like, beautifully #camouflaged in the #reedbed. #SeventyAcresLake #FishersGreen #naturereserve #nofilter
bunting - camouflaged - reeds - reedbunting - seventyacreslake - fishersgreen - emberizaschoeniclus - female - reedbed - nofilter - naturereserve - bird -
msquizzical2 : #reeds
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Plane Of Promise #plane #aeroplane #jet #737400? #BritishAirways #flytheflag #powerlines #bluesky #cloudlesssky I was hiking around #SeventyAcresLake when this jet flew over. Thought I would post it to make people in the UK think of their hols when many are struggling with snow and ice. #nofilter
737400 - jet - powerlines - cloudlesssky - plane - flytheflag - aeroplane - britishairways - nofilter - bluesky - seventyacreslake -
kolinski64 : @msquizzical2 snug as a bug in a rug or a narrowboat. Always warm wen the stove is lit. Having said that ive come back from work to find ice inside the kettle on a few occasions. Weather looks good at yrs, where in the world are u located pls ?
msquizzical2 : @kolinski64 Good. :-) My friend has just started living on a Dutch barge on the Deben. She has a log-burner. I am in north-west Essex.
kolinski64 : @msquizzical2 i like Dutch barges, we have a couple round Audlem cheshire, they r called liquorice fields , strawberry fields and cheddington. Hek nth west essex, for some reason i thort u were in the states. Where is the Deben,
msquizzical2 : @kolinski64 Hers was too big for the mooring on the Deben in Suffolk. They had a big chunk cut out of the middle and are living on it while they are fitting it out. Got a pic of narrow boats today. Might post it for you later. :-)
kolinski64 : @msquizzical2 that would be great thanks. Cut a chunk out of the middle, i presume that would be from the top. Im not familiar with the Deben, is the boat a narrow or wide beam. Spent the day servicing my vessel in readiness for my cruise on saturday to llangollen. Linear heaven ;-)
msquizzical2 : @kolinski64 No the length. It was over a hundred feet long I think. It is now around sixty with a twenty foot beam if I have remembered correctly. It's not going anywhere. Enjoy you trip. Lots of pics please.
kolinski64 : @msquizzical2 100 ft? Thats monstrous, i didntknow they were that long but if its got a 20 ft beam its very probable. What happened to the severed 40ft? Yes will post pictures for you (quality signal or any signal permitting). It gets a tad sketchy in Wales.
qeaf : Boeing 777
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Sunset Swanning #swan #ducks #settingsun #sunset #lake #SeventyAcresLake # FishersGreen #ripples #silhouette #nofilter #goldenhour #magichour
fishersgreen - silhouette - magichour - ducks - swan - settingsun - lake - ripples - goldenhour - sunset - nofilter - seventyacreslake -
msquizzical2 : #FishersGreen
sazzys2000 : Did you find the bearded tits you were looking for?
msquizzical2 : @sazzys2000 No, they had gone by the time I got there. Saw my lovely goose though. :-)
sazzys2000 : #heart This is gorgeous btw :)
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Coming In To Land #swan #muteswan #Cygnusolor #bird #BIF #birdinflight #flying #lake #reeds #reedbed #island #SeventyAcresLake #FishersGreen #naturereserve
flying - reeds - bif - island - cygnusolor - lake - seventyacreslake - swan - fishersgreen - birdinflight - muteswan - reedbed - naturereserve - bird -
biff17 : Great shot well done ✨✨👌
dettie_daisie : One of my favourite sights!
msquizzical2 : @dettie_daisie Mine too. I have shot another today. :-)
qeaf : Wonderful
msquizzical2 : @qeaf Flight is wonderful :-) Hope you fulfil your dream of becoming an aerobatic pilot. It takes dedication. I am following the fortunes of @egroovy_nut a talented young female aerobatic pilot. Glad you like so many of my pics. :-)
qeaf : @msquizzical2 Thank you so much for your great words my friend.. I really appreciate your kindness.. You have a great photostream :)
msquizzical2 : @qeaf Oops. I meant @groovy_nut :-)
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Hooks Marsh Mosaic #mosaic #HooksMarsh #SeventyAcresLake #fish #water #fishing #fins #scales
scales - fish - water - fins - fishing - hooksmarsh - seventyacreslake - mosaic - fishingline -
msquizzical2 : #fishingline?
kolinski64 - jefftroiano - tildarhoda -
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