Sometimes we say we forgive someone then turn right around and bring up the same thing when an argument takes place. Forgiveness is a powerful thing. It's not a sign of weakness, It's a sign of strengthen. Forgiveness will set you free from the hurt and pain of the situation. Don't hold grudges,acts of hate for others inside because in the end it will only hurt you. Forgive and move on.It's the only way to be free. #Trust #Forgiveness #setfree #Godfirst #strength
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<3 "Trees there will be/ Apples, fruits maybe/ You know what I fear/ End is always near" <3
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jane1doe : Def the second option hahahaha πŸ’— when you back?
brooksiie : Hell yeah the second one! 😍 I'm back Thursday! I want to do bikram yoga Thursday night- you keen?? @jane1doe I'm going to msg Jezza too!
jane1doe : Hmm depends what time I get out of work! If it's early count me in! Msg Rach too! @brooksiie
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kayla_silva1 : @ilovejoshsturm you're probably never going to see this... But your music has saved me from myself so many times thank you for saving my life and reminding me of how big god is when I'm feeling so small... Thank you mrs Sturm I love you 😊 @ilovejoshsturm
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_414ismycity_ : @breezybae__ FaceTime ?
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livelife4christ : @jovenesdejehova
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sophiepenikett123 : πŸ’žAmen
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sophiepenikett123 : God bless xπŸ’žπŸ’œ
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