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Chapter 83: - Narrator's POV: - "It's been a tough week of competition, but after tonight only three couples will remain. That means that next week will be our finale and one of those three will become the new dancing with the stars champion and walk away with the mirror ball trophy." Tom says and the crowd cheers. "Who will be in the finale? That's up to you! Will your favorite be one of them? Cast your vote now!" -/- you heard Tom, vote vote vote!!! (You are voting 2 people out!) Chloe, Paige, Lucas, Nolan, and Kendall are the ones who are left! #dwts #dancemoms #dwtsfanfics #dancemomsfanfics #aldc #aldcfanfics #aldccffanfics #story #season20 #read #follow #fanfics
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Chapter 82: - Maddie's POV: - My journey on dancing with the stars may have ended, but my partnership with Tony hasn't. Shortly after I was eliminated, Sia contacted me. She wanted me AND Tony to be in one of her music videos. It's called 'Elastic Heart'. It's really cool and I'm happy that Tony is in it too! On DWTS, we had great chemistry when we danced and now we have even more opportunities to dance together again! -/- haha Shia, you've been REPLACED! πŸ˜‚ #dwts #dancemoms #dwtsfanfics #dancemomsfanfics #aldc #aldcfanfics #aldccffanfics #story #season20 #follow #fanfics #read
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Chapter 81: - Paige's POV: - Dancing with Val last week has made me miss Mark. Not just him, but his choreography too. It just fits me so well. It's like he knows what tricks and steps I can do perfectly and which ones I can't do so well. His choreography shows off my talents and strengths, not my weaknesses. However, I want Mark to know me too, not just my dancer side. I think I'm going to invite him to dinner tonight. We will see where it goes.. - Scores: 10,10,10 Total: 30/30 -/- I make more covers then I know what to do with πŸ˜‚ I'm making fanfic comics too!! Stay tuned 😏😏😏 #dwts #dancemoms #dwtsfanfics #dancemomsfanfics #aldc #aldcfanfics #aldccffanfics #story #season20 #read #follow #fanfics
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Chapter 80: - Nia's POV: - The producers wouldn't help me so now I'm sneaking into the production trailer. It's about 1:37am so I don't think anyone will be here. I climb the trailer and crawl to the scuttle hole. I begin taking out the screws and removing the panel. I can see inside the trailer. There are tv monitors and camera footage everywhere. I spot a white leather four seat couch and make a daring leap for it. I just barely make it, landing on the side of the fourth cushion. I sit up and adjust myself before darting to the main computer. I push the 'power on' button and come to a 'enter your password' screen. Dang it. I type 1234 and hit enter. It logs me on. Morons. I click through hundreds of files until I find one labeled 'Keo ~ BTS'. I click it and search for the video clip of the dreaded kiss. After about twenty minutes of searching, I FINALLY find it. I nervously click play and my jaw drops when I see Kenzie enter the room. However, that's all I see as my vision goes black. -/- DUN DUN DUNNNN! ANY PREDICATIONS?!?! #dwts #dancemoms #dwtsfanfics #dancemomsfanfics #aldc #aldcfanfics #aldccffanfics #story #season20 #follow #fanfics #story #season20 #read
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Chapter 79: - Nolan's POV: - I'm shocked but so happy to still be in the competition. I never thought I would make it this far and now I'm almost at finals. I'm not worried about the double elimination. If I go home, so be it. I'm proud of myself for making it this far and for completing the things I've done. I hope young people struggling with weight issues can look up to me and believe in themselves. If I've helped one person through this experience, then it's all been worth it. - Scores: 10,10,10 Total: 30/30 -/- I've got 2 rounds of chapters to go and that's it!! :) #dwts #dancemoms #dwtsfanfics #dancemomsfanfics #aldc #aldcfanfics #aldccffanfics #story #season20 #read #follow #fanfics
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Chapter 78: - Kendall's POV: - Everyone loved the dance I did with Sasha last week! Although it's kinda pushed Val to outdo Sasha. It worries me because Val wants to do all these crazy tricks and I'm just not sure I'll be able to do them. I don't want to let Val down and I don't want to let America down. I just hope I can make it through double elimination and compete at the finals! That would be amazing! - Scores: 10,9,10 Total: 29/30 -/- #dwts #dancemoms #dwtsfanfics #dancemomsfanfics #aldc #aldcfanfics #aldccffanfics #follow #fanfics #story #season20 #read
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don't get burned twice by the same flame
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In less than a month Witney and Chris will be dancing together and seeing all of their fans πŸ’ƒπŸ“·πŸ˜ @witneycarson @souleschris Witney's face ! Love her ❀️
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dwts.witney : When and where😱
witneycarson1 : 10th anniversary of dwts and they went together @dwts.witney
dwts.witney : No I meant when and where will they be dancing together again?😁
wit_carson : @witneycarson and @souleschris
witneycarson1 : O sorry. Mohegan sun August 14th on a Friday free event starts at eight you get to ask questions but no pictures and see them dance @dwts.witney
dwts.witney : Ok thanks😊
witneycarson1 : No problem @dwts.witney
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When God created man in his own image he sure knew what he was doing! #JeremySisto #LawAndOrder #CyrusLupo #Season20
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Good morning sweethearts πŸ’–πŸ’– Just woke up and saw I have 100 followers (not to mention Nastia's like) yaaayyy! Thank you so so so much my cutie pies πŸŽ‰ this means so much to me! In the beginning I wasn't sure if I was doing good, I thought nobody would like or comment my pictures or even follow! I'm really happy I was wrong, thanks to you here I am now!! Anyways... Have a nice day everyone. ILYSM & TYSM πŸ’šπŸ˜‹πŸŒŸPhoto credits to @heyjoheyyo I keep stealing your pictures but they slayy! Again I congratulate my babes @juleshough @derekhough for the well deserved #emmynomination #outstandingchoreography #choicedancer #julianne #jules #juliannehough #derek #derekhough #dwts #dwts20 #season20 #lovethem #abcchannel #blackandwhite #move #moveliveontour #dancing #stars #dancers #elasticheart #sia
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_julianne_hough : Congratulations !!!!!! You deserve it with that AMAZING feed of yours πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’™
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Friendship goals πŸ™ŒπŸ’– @nastialiukin @derekhough love you two!! And I miss you guys so much!! Still watching every single episode of #dwts you two were in! All of them are awesome!! Nastia, I love you sweetheart!!! Once again, #congrats on your #engagement 😘 Thanks for being amazing!! Keep shining ⭐️ #Nastia #nastialiukin #gymnastics #derek #derekhough #season20 #teamhoughkin #champions #teamhoughkinforever #championsinmyheart #dancingwiththestars #lovethem #favouritedancingcouple #derekismychoicedancer #houghs #olimpicgoldmedal #nastiasfan Guys πŸ‘ I can't believe it! There's 4 more followers I need to hit 100!! Seriously, a huge fat thank you! Hopefully tomorrow I reach my goal!! For some fan pages it may not be that much but for me it's something I can't even explain! πŸ’– help me share my account with other people so I can get more 😝 my big dream! Goodnight everyone πŸŽ‰
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allthingsdancingabc : THAT WAS LITERALLY SO QUICK I REMEMBER WHEN U THANKED US FOR LIKE 50 FOLLOWERS πŸ˜‚ but dayum girl congrats!! πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸ‘ you'll def get it tomorrow!! ❀
houghobsession : When was the last time I told you I loved you my dear friend?? @allthingsdancingabc well...I LOVE YOU HUN thanks so much again!!! You're awesome πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
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down to just 6!! #thebachelor #season20 #nashville #willconklinfindlove #🌹
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This week only: we have a ticket sale for shows in our Classical Series! #season20
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Chapter 77: - Kenzie's POV: - I'm going home? Me? Kenzie? Are you sure the votes don't say Kendall? The one armed freak who should've been sent home WEEKS ago! I knew SS would ruin this for me. At least I got to dance with Derek. It's not fair Chloe gets to have him! Why did she get picked for him? Worse, why does she get to date him? Why? Why? Why? Derek should be mine! No, Derek WILL be mine! -/- who's happy she's gone?! #dwts #dancemoms #dwtsfanfics #dancemomsfanfics #aldc #aldcfanfics #aldccffanfics #season20 #follow #fanfics #read #story
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Chapter 76: - Brooke's POV: - I check my Instagram (@bestnewsreportereverbrookehylandduhhhhhh) feed and try to ignore the hate. There's a lot of it, but I just try to look at the good stuff. There's not much, but there's some. A few fan pages that freak out when I follow and a few personal accounts that just stick up for me. One personal account sticks out to me. It's this guy @heyyimbrodyandilovebrookehyland telling me to check my dm. I do so and see a request from him. I accept it and the picture is of a beautiful boy who I assume is Brody. He writes "hey Brooke. I'm sorry people are being so mean to you. I think you are awesome and I would love to hang out with you. Please open this dm! (This pic is me btw)" BRODY IS THE SWEETEST EVER AND WANTS TO HANG OUT WITH ME!!! OMG!!! IM SO EXCITED! - Is this going to be good or bad?!? Comment which below!!! Comment to be tagged!! :) #dwts #dancemoms #dwtsfanfics #dancemomsfanfics #aldc #aldcfanfics #aldccffanfics #season20 #follow #fanfics #read
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Wtf is this!!!! I'm scared #sheneedhelp #imnotgoingtosleep #rumerwillis #riggedseason #season20
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Getting #ripped !!! #season20 #plyometrics #rippedplanet #srfitness #brickhousecrew
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Love this picture πŸ˜πŸ˜„ @witneycarson @sharnaburgess
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witneycarson1 : #WitneyCarson #petamurgatroyd #perfect10tour #alanbersten #sharnaburgess #SASHAfarber #dancingwiththestars #DWTSPerfect10Tour #dwtslivetour #DWTS #season20 #JennaJohnson #Valchmerkovskiy #emmaslater
shakairaskie : Can't wait for DWTS live tour this Tuesday in Parkcity Ks! #3rdrowseats 2ndtimeatDWTSlivetour #soexcited @kellyperalta
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Chapter 75: - Chloe's POV: - I'm so happy to be dancing with Derek again. Mark is amazing and I had fun, but I missed my boyfriend. I'm a little nervous about the double elimination, but not too nervous. I'm super confident in our dance this week. We are doing a super cool Charleston on a subway set. We are dancing to the song "Honey I'm Good" by Andy Grammer. It's very upbeat and I absolutely love it. - Scores: 10,10,10 Total: 30/30 -/- who loves #chelerk as much as I do?!?! πŸ™ˆπŸ™‹ #dwts #dancemoms #dwtsfanfics #dancemomsfanfics #aldc #aldcfanfics #aldccffanfics #season20 #follow #fanfics #read
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xo.coshfanfics : YES☺️❀️❀️I have to catch up on this I missed so much πŸ˜‚
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[OFFICIAL] 150716 SBS twitter update #LawOftheJungle #Season20
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I'm gonna say goodbye for today with this collage I have just made for the three talented @derekhough @sashafarber1 @nastialiukin Guys I miss to see you perform hitting the stage, getting perfect marks and being together! I really miss you three! Love you so much! I hope you like what I did for you! #dwts #nastialiukin #gymnastics #dancer #sashafarber #amazing #lovethem #derekhough #teamhoughkin #forever #season20 #missthem #awesome #dance #nyss
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the.dancing.houghs : @derekhough @nastialiukin @sashafarber1
houghobsession : @the.dancing.houghs thank youu so much!!! I can't tag in the picture! Did this happen to you before?
the.dancing.houghs : It hasn't happened to me before actually. Maybe try to turn your phone off then back on?
houghobsession : @nastialiukin @derekhough @sashafarber1
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Team Work πŸ‘« #TeamMarkingJay #DancingWithTheStars#Season20#WillowandMark#WillowShields#MarkBallas
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sadie_mark : PC: @brittanyybotelho : Spam for spam
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Chapter 74: - Josh's POV: - I walk on the dancing with the stars set holding a plate full of cupcakes. I look in many rooms before finally finding Peta's dressing room. It's been awhile since I've been here. "Hey Peta!" I say in the nicest voice I can muster. "Hi Josh! What are you doing here?" She asks. "I just wanted to say how sorry I am for my behavior and actions on the show and behind the scenes." I barely get out. I hate apologies and I hate being nice. "I brought you these cupcakes!" I say holding the cupcakes in her direction. "Oh, Josh! That's so nice of you. I accept your apology. I know how much pressure is put on you guys! What flavor are these?" She says taking one off the plate. "Chocolate." I lie. She takes a bite and sets it on the plate. "Well, I'll just leave these here for you. I've got somewhere to be." I say and walk out. I better get out of here before she realizes that they are actually peanut butter flavored. I laugh maliciously. -/- UH OHHHHH. WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN NOW?!?!? #dwts #dancemoms #dwtsfanfics #dancemomsfanfics #aldc #aldcfanfics #aldccffanfics #season20 #follow #fanfics #read
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You need to pick me because my home town date is going to rock #bachelor #season20 #iacceptyourrose #benhiggins
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Alice and The Rabbit πŸ‘§πŸΌπŸ° #MissThem #AliceInWonderland#WillowandMark#DancingWithTheStars#Season20#WillowShields#MarkBallas#AliceandTheRabbit#Scary
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