@seanloweksu πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ like this post 😱 he actually acknowledge his tags ! We love him and @catherinegiudici πŸŽ©πŸ‘°
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undertheveilartistry : #Seanlowe #welovelikes #thebachelor #theknot #makeupartist #hairstylist #bridalmakeup #bridalhair
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Thank you @seanloweksu & @catherinegiudici for coming to @cornerstoneonline! I enjoyed your message and love the way you both live your lives entirely for Christ. Nice meeting you!! #seanlowe #seanandcatherine #thebachelor #cornerstone #arizona #missarizona #chrisharrison
thebachelor - arizona - chrisharrison - missarizona - seanandcatherine - cornerstone - seanlowe -
smontaguejr : God is good!
brennaheater : I was there at the 5pm service! What a great testimony.
_lshmsfoaidmt._ : You're so pret
megandunnigan : Ahhhhh I'm so jealous!!
jennifersmestad : @brennaheater aww wish I would've seen you! They are amazing and I loved his testimony. Incredible man
reagan_todd13 : Babe 😍
hailstagram : The outfitπŸ‘Œ
benjaminstagrm : πŸ‘
beccabrisiel - iced_thy94 - we_love_u_chris_harrison - sean_lowe_ -
Cornerstone church Chandler Az., Amazing service, so refreshing to hear from such a Godly man.#SeanLowe
seanlowe -
sherridjones1978 - lilbill_109 - srm215 - shabak1rc -
#thebachelor #csseanlowe #seanlowe
thebachelor - csseanlowe - seanlowe -
kennnkenn : He changed lol
natalie8688 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
unendinglovedesigns : His testimony was so inspiring and full of Jesus & grace !
amyd819 - wendylittley - natalie8688 - susanyuannolan -
With @cattherinesarah at Cornerstone listening to Sean Lowe from The Bachelor!!!!!! :D #seanlowe
seanlowe -
laurenrodrick - cattherinesarah - livelikecrazy28 - caelennoelle -
I totally geeked out on these two this morning. More details on my blog. {Link in profile.} @seanloweksu @catherinegiudici @cornerstoneonline #christianlife
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stephaniejcross : #seanlowe
stephaniejcross : #ontheblog
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Was invited to church. Met #seanlowe. You could say my Sunday has been perfect.
seanlowe -
taraann9 : Oh my goodness 😍 tell them to come to sprinkles and you come with them so I can see you too!!
kelseylorbeck : I saw you win! Congrats @Natalie_davis
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This guy lives his life boldly for Christ. Thank you Sean Lowe for sharing your heart and your story today and for bringing the truth about love, relationships and The Lord. #TheBachelor #SeanLowe @seanloweksu
thebachelor - seanlowe -
mmjonovich : So jealous.
cara_clancy : @mmjonovich you should have come! 😘
cara_clancy : @cornerstoneonline
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Met @seanloweksu & @catherinegiudici at @cornerstoneonline today 🌹 Someone asked if I was one of Catherine's sisters πŸ™ˆ lmao! #thebachelor #seanlowe #cornerstoneonline
thebachelor - cornerstoneonline - seanlowe -
andreacristinaa : Ahhh I love them!
sher0xx : @andreacristinaa omg they're even better looking in person! Sean had a really great sorry too
mskanaicupcake : Omggg love them! What were u doin to meet them lolsss
sher0xx : @mskanaicupcake volunteering at my church lol
mskanaicupcake : Omgg theyree so gorg in ur pic hahahaha
panie420 - shabak1rc - sisast - belleyboop -
Just finished Friend Day at church. Staff got to take pictures with Sean and Katherine at the end! I love the events team! Sean and Katherine are so cute and really genuinely sweet. The big cheesy smile on my face says it all! #cornerstone #friendday #seanlowe #thebachelor #marriednow #iwantkatherinesskirt
thebachelor - marriednow - iwantkatherinesskirt - cornerstone - seanlowe - friendday -
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This just happened... @seanloweksu @catherinegiudici #thebachelor #SeanLowe #meetandgreet
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humphreysh : You did meet him! Hooray!
e_money_ : What?! 😳😍
kellibethh : Omg!
rachbrugs : So jealous
amontezxo : That's awesome!
breeka1 : @e_money_ he was a guest speaker at a church here in az and we won the drawing for the meet & greet. Ari was there too but we didn't get to meet him unfortunately! #iwouldsomarryari lol
e_money_ : That is so perfect!! Did you follow air out after the service? I hope you did made me proud :)
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🌹❀️ #thebachelor #seanlowe #catherinelowe #hesmuchhotterinperson #meetandgreet #winning
thebachelor - hesmuchhotterinperson - catherinelowe - meetandgreet - seanlowe - winning -
amontezxo : Awesome!!
jessdubrock - augie1976 - nwynning - shelbymaldo -
#Seanlowe #church #amazingtestimony #Christianlife
christianlife - amazingtestimony - seanlowe - church -
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#seanlowe from #thebachelor spoke at our church today. He was very honest on his insights on "reality" TV. Great conversation.
thebachelor - seanlowe -
maddarilke - nicksays_summer - such_a_syn - cassandra_valentine -
Although I didn't meet Sean and Katherine, I'm happy to hear and learn from Sean, good experience and message! # Cornerstone #SeanLowe
seanlowe -
ftb.melanie : We were there too!
marcgarcia_ - jennyhotch - loganlederhos - mariaheldridge -
At church behind the scenes for friend day. Our guest is Sean Lowe from the ABC reality TV show The Bachelor! OMG he and his wife are super cute in person! Sean is really genuine, funny, wise, personable and really cute. Loved his story! You should see the ladies...so cute how excited they are. I had the pleasure of being paparazzi after the last service for the photo opp. Interesting job being behind the camera. His wife is really sweet and I loved her outfit. His friend Ary from the Bachelorette showed up and was in the background. #cornerstone #paparazzi #thebachelor #marriednow #seanlowe #realitytv #happysunday
thebachelor - cornerstone - seanlowe - realitytv - paparazzi - marriednow - happysunday -
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We made an impromptu trip to Arizona this weekend, and I ended up winning a drawing to meet the church's guest speaker. 🌹 #seanlowe #thebachelor #lifeisTRULYanadventure @cornerstoneonline
thebachelor - lifeistrulyanadventure - seanlowe -
marissaardron : Oh my gosh! I love them!!!
emilyjean89 : @seanloweksu @catherinegiudici so fun mom!!!!!! πŸ’—πŸŒΉ
margeauxjojo_yvette : So cool!!!
rhondaram : How fun!
pameeboo : FUN!!
patty_marker : See, and you thought all those hours you wasted watching The Bachelor were for nothing. Lol.
deedeeanderson : My friend Brad drove him around
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Oh you know just at church with @heavenlyphotocouture and the BACHELOR Sean Lowe and BACHELOR Arie! #backelor #seanlowe #love
love - backelor - seanlowe -
bkbreinholt - heathermitton - jesss1023 - luckysolestyling -
Church @ Cornerstone w/ my favorites πŸ’•πŸ’• #seanlowe #guestspeaker #thebachelor
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mennenga - thomazingfritz - mekaylamehrara - sisast -
Madi, Kenz and Sophie here to see Sean Lowe from The Bachelor at Cornerstone.
thebachelor - seanlowe -
joyfulgesturesphotography : #thebachelor #seanlowe
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So Sean Lowe is coming to my church which is a pretty big deal... #cornerstonechurch #seanlowe #thebachleor #season4 #meetinghim
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peek_an_aj : I just realized that you have a beautiful smile :)
kalihill13 : @peek_an_aj when it's not fake it can be but usually not
peek_an_aj : Ohh come on, u know its beautiful. U should always be smilin, you are perfect!
dupri15 : 😍😍
joshmorgan44 - eggstaff - stonerkid_justis - gusmen33 -
Awesome service today! Sean Lowe from the Bachelor came and shared his testimony and his experience. One important thing I took away from his story was the idea of not having to stand on a soap box to let people see Jesus inside of you! Just live by the principles God has given us and it will be evident! #seanlowe #cornerstone #thebachelor #cornerstone #God #Jesus
thebachelor - god - cornerstone - seanlowe - jesus -
ftb.melanie : So cool that you got to meet them! Such an encouraging message!
mr_aspire4awesome : @ftb.melanie yeah I didn't know anything about them before today. His story was pretty awesome!
ftb.melanie : @mr_aspire4awesome ya!!! I appreciate his faithless.
haveeydee - ftb.melanie - kdgav - kris10erin -
I always look forward to church on Sunday, but a little extra excited about tomorrow πŸ˜€ My favorite Bachelor couple. Still recovering but that won't stop me, I've got my trusty knee scooter. Jeff can't wait!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜³ #SeanLowe
seanlowe -
amanest - ftb.melanie - sean_lowe_ -
No big deal... Sean and Catherine Lowe are on my flight!!! #thebachelor #seanlowe #theyaresocute ❀️
thebachelor - theyaresocute - seanlowe -
sav_pow : So jealous! I love them!
itsjessfrancis : @sav_pow they are soooo cute! They are my favorite!!! 😊
sav_pow : It was the only season I watched and I'm so glad I did! Totally love them together!
ftb.melanie : So fun!!!
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This is funny how some couples can be similar . With out knowing each other 😱 I follow @catharinegiudici @calichristabelle , Andrew @seanloweksu and they had the classic traditional Wedding " grown sexy " and both couples can be funny... Too cute ! #twin#cuples#seanlowe#Christabelle&Andrew
christabelle - twin - cuples - seanlowe -
undertheveilartistry : @catherinegiudici @seanloweksu
rawan_om : @joj_54 Ψ΅Ψ¨Ψ±Ω†ΩŠ يارب
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Nerium has an Amazing anti-aging product! Just ask Bachelorette Catherine Giudici. #SeanLowe #ChrisHarrison #TheBachelorette #FinalRose #TheBachelor
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Total babe Tuesday!❀️❀️ #zacefron #seanlowe
zacefron - seanlowe -
erin2_griffith - morgankate1014 - portelly1 -
Oh my gosh! My life has been made! Sean Lowe responded to my #tweet! :) #thebachelor #seanlowe #twitter
thebachelor - tweet - twitter - seanlowe -
god__daughter_loves__him - superman1938dc - evieschultz - cassafras_23 -
#seanlowe# #favoritebachelor#
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narahlawson : Mine tooooo
ceejay4211 - sskfarrell - debonairness - maylinglin -
Please excuse my small rant, I promise I rarely do this, but this recent blog post by The Bachelor's @seanloweksu regarding fitness and social media has me really irritated. Now don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of The Bachelor, and of Sean and his wife, however I feel compelled to give my two cents on this.
motivation - fitfam - jhop01 - kilbnation - workout - seanlowe - rant - determination - bodybuilding - lifestyle - imsorry - gains - thebachelor - ihadtodothis - fit - healthy - health - fitness - weights - muscle - dedication -
carlieskribka : Sean made a post regarding being known as "The Shirtless Bachelor" during his season, and surprisingly he wasn't too fond of the name. He went on to say that he avoided being "that guy" in real life situations. But who is "that guy"? Well according to Sean, "that guy" refers to those who post shirtless selfies on social media, discuss their fitness lifestyle with friends and family, who are "consumed" with their fitness lifestyle, and who take videos of themselves working out. He considers these acts to be "douchey". As a fitness advocate, I'm sure you can see my frustration.
carlieskribka : Those who have worked their asses off sculpting their bodies HAVE EVERY SINGLE RIGHT to post their success. There is nothing "douchey" about being confident and showing off your gains to the world. You are not being "that guy" for being proud of your accomplishments. I for one consider that to be motivation. When I see someone with incredible gains, it motivates me to work even harder to attain what they have.
carlieskribka : Discussing a fitness lifestyle with family and friends, I compare that to those who discuss their babies with family and friends. They have just created new life and are happy about that, and they want to share that happiness with the world. Well I have just created new gains and I'm happy about that. And I certainly want to share my happiness with the world. My friends and family are my support system. If you can't count on your support system, then who can you count on? As for being "consumed" with the fitness lifestyle, I call bull shit on that. I see nothing wrong with someone who chooses celery with peanut butter over a chocolate bar. In no way does that make you a douche. You are not being "that guy" for choosing to be healthy. Whether it be one day a week or six days a week, anyone who has the dedication to better their health is in no way a douche. Fitness is a lifestyle and requires sacrifices and 24/7 dedication.
carlieskribka : And lastly, there is nothing wrong with taking and posting videos of workouts. Actually, many of those videos help people correct their form so they can better their chances at reaching their fitness goals. Take @jhop01 and @kilbnation, they help thousands on the daily with their videos and motivation. They both have incredible physique and they use that physique to help others. If you're proud of yourself and you want to help others feel the way you do, then all power to you! You are not being a douche for posting videos. You are not being "that guy" for being physically fit and wanting to share your gains with the world. Yeah sure I get it, there are some in the fitness community who believe that they are better than the rest of the world (big muscles mean nothing without a big heart), but don't stereotype everyone who posts their gains as being a douche. We are not all arrogant.
carlieskribka : Dedication is nothing to fear. You are not being a douche for being committed to something. You are not being "that guy" for loving the accomplishments you have made. It's a hard lifestyle, but it's an amazing one. And I'm proud of anyone who has the dedication to better their health. #fit #fitness #fitfam #workout #health #healthy #bodybuilding #muscle #gains #dedication #motivation #determination #muscle #weights #TheBachelor #SeanLowe #rant #ImSorry #IHadToDoThis #jhop01 #kilbnation #lifestyle
kilbnation : πŸ‘Š much respect
erinncarey : Meh I kinda hate when people post like bragging but it's fine to post about fitness and what not! Just my opinion thoughπŸ™Š
adnanu_ahmad - abenavides_850 - arielcaylen - grass_aye -
I spy a #molleev tee on Catherine Lowe! Who else sees it? #likewise Get one at www.molleev.com πŸ’™ P.S: Have you all checked out @catherinegiudici's F A B new line of stationery? I love the notebooks! πŸ’Œ @c.lowebysgπŸ‘ˆ Checkkk it out. I hope she makes some post-its soon! #imobsessed #clowe #catherinelowe #seanlowe
clowe - catherinelowe - likewise - imobsessed - seanlowe - molleev -
catherinegiudici : Been wearing it aaaall day! So comfy!
molleev : @catherinegiudici love! i picked these tees because of that super "comfy" factor! Glad you love. 😊
rosiegurl7 - madisonnn_landis - eloisaabigail - bethgod28 -
My heart is so full! πŸ’œThank you to all who nominated me. I've said I would do this a million times.. So... It's time I jump in! Haha #FindMeJuanPablo #thebachelor
thebachelor - bachelornation - bachelorettecasting - bachelorcasting - chicagoauditions - findmejuanpablo - chicagocasting - seanlowe -
angieleehealth : #seanlowe #bachelornation
jhinton_ : I'll be your #JuanMarco #JonMark ;-)
jhinton_ : @angieleehealth
tavisv : Nice! If you ever need a photographer or video guy pick me!
angieleehealth : @tavisv where are you located?
tavisv : Chicago, in Lakeview
tavisv : http://www.octavioveliz.virb.com
angieleehealth : @joshmurray11 ☺️
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|| I love this picture! || @sharnaburgess @petamurgatroyd || #dwts #dwtspro #dwtsseason18 #dwtsseason16 #sharnaburgess #petamurgatroyd #seanlowe #magic ||
magic - petamurgatroyd - dwtsseason16 - seanlowe - dwtspro - dwts - dwtsseason18 - sharnaburgess -
dwtsforever_ : I edited that picture . So if you could give me credit next time that would be great. I always add a slight change to the pictures . But it's fine that you didn't because you prob didn't think it was edited
sharnaburgfans : Oh I'm so sorry! I didn't know! I will definitely give you credit you next time!x @dwtsforever_
dwtsforever_ : No problem ❀️ @sharnaburgfans
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