Oh my gosh! My life has been made! Sean Lowe responded to my #tweet! :) #thebachelor #seanlowe #twitter
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#seanlowe# #favoritebachelor#
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narahlawson : Mine tooooo
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Please excuse my small rant, I promise I rarely do this, but this recent blog post by The Bachelor's @seanloweksu regarding fitness and social media has me really irritated. Now don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of The Bachelor, and of Sean and his wife, however I feel compelled to give my two cents on this.
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carlieskribka : Sean made a post regarding being known as "The Shirtless Bachelor" during his season, and surprisingly he wasn't too fond of the name. He went on to say that he avoided being "that guy" in real life situations. But who is "that guy"? Well according to Sean, "that guy" refers to those who post shirtless selfies on social media, discuss their fitness lifestyle with friends and family, who are "consumed" with their fitness lifestyle, and who take videos of themselves working out. He considers these acts to be "douchey". As a fitness advocate, I'm sure you can see my frustration.
carlieskribka : Those who have worked their asses off sculpting their bodies HAVE EVERY SINGLE RIGHT to post their success. There is nothing "douchey" about being confident and showing off your gains to the world. You are not being "that guy" for being proud of your accomplishments. I for one consider that to be motivation. When I see someone with incredible gains, it motivates me to work even harder to attain what they have.
carlieskribka : Discussing a fitness lifestyle with family and friends, I compare that to those who discuss their babies with family and friends. They have just created new life and are happy about that, and they want to share that happiness with the world. Well I have just created new gains and I'm happy about that. And I certainly want to share my happiness with the world. My friends and family are my support system. If you can't count on your support system, then who can you count on? As for being "consumed" with the fitness lifestyle, I call bull shit on that. I see nothing wrong with someone who chooses celery with peanut butter over a chocolate bar. In no way does that make you a douche. You are not being "that guy" for choosing to be healthy. Whether it be one day a week or six days a week, anyone who has the dedication to better their health is in no way a douche. Fitness is a lifestyle and requires sacrifices and 24/7 dedication.
carlieskribka : And lastly, there is nothing wrong with taking and posting videos of workouts. Actually, many of those videos help people correct their form so they can better their chances at reaching their fitness goals. Take @jhop01 and @kilbnation, they help thousands on the daily with their videos and motivation. They both have incredible physique and they use that physique to help others. If you're proud of yourself and you want to help others feel the way you do, then all power to you! You are not being a douche for posting videos. You are not being "that guy" for being physically fit and wanting to share your gains with the world. Yeah sure I get it, there are some in the fitness community who believe that they are better than the rest of the world (big muscles mean nothing without a big heart), but don't stereotype everyone who posts their gains as being a douche. We are not all arrogant.
carlieskribka : Dedication is nothing to fear. You are not being a douche for being committed to something. You are not being "that guy" for loving the accomplishments you have made. It's a hard lifestyle, but it's an amazing one. And I'm proud of anyone who has the dedication to better their health. #fit #fitness #fitfam #workout #health #healthy #bodybuilding #muscle #gains #dedication #motivation #determination #muscle #weights #TheBachelor #SeanLowe #rant #ImSorry #IHadToDoThis #jhop01 #kilbnation #lifestyle
kilbnation : πŸ‘Š much respect
erinncarey : Meh I kinda hate when people post like bragging but it's fine to post about fitness and what not! Just my opinion thoughπŸ™Š
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My heart is so full! πŸ’œThank you to all who nominated me. I've said I would do this a million times.. So... It's time I jump in! Haha #FindMeJuanPablo #thebachelor
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ejchartier : @angieleehealth You're my favorite
angieleehealth : #seanlowe #bachelornation
jhinton_ : I'll be your #JuanMarco #JonMark ;-)
jhinton_ : @angieleehealth
tavisv : Nice! If you ever need a photographer or video guy pick me!
angieleehealth : @tavisv where are you located?
tavisv : Chicago, in Lakeview
tavisv : http://www.octavioveliz.virb.com
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|| I love this picture! || @sharnaburgess @petamurgatroyd || #dwts #dwtspro #dwtsseason18 #dwtsseason16 #sharnaburgess #petamurgatroyd #seanlowe #magic ||
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dwtsforever_ : I edited that picture . So if you could give me credit next time that would be great. I always add a slight change to the pictures . But it's fine that you didn't because you prob didn't think it was edited
sharnaburgfans : Oh I'm so sorry! I didn't know! I will definitely give you credit you next time!x @dwtsforever_
dwtsforever_ : No problem ❀️ @sharnaburgfans
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Sean Lowe from the bachelor at IYC!!!!!! #iyc2014 #seanlowe
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o_w_e_n : Txt me !!
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Went to the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago and look what I saw! This picture looks like @seanloweksu ... #seanlowe #hot #spicy #mcm #pll #fosters #lol #funny #tumblr #tumblrgirls #tumblrboys #thuglife #onedirection #cute #1d #justinbieber #askfm #true #tfios #selfie #bachelore #bachelorette #museum #lookalike #chicago #followback
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katy_bells : @seanloweksu
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πŸ’‘ #thebachelor #thebachelorette #seanandcatherine #bachelornation #seanlowe #catherinelowe #truelove -Melanie
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The Hubby and I Vacation with Famous People // Cancun Adventures // Honeymoon // #CatherineGiudici #SeanLowe #TheBachelor
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emmaleighphoto : That's so rad!!!!
veebooo : 😍
kaitlynan : AH!
raderem : WHAAAAAA geeking out right now!!
caitlybait : Jealous!!!!!
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Okay... This billboard totally cracks me up!! I see it every time I drive east on the 202 fwy coming home from Hubby's job! @seanloweksu has been happily married for how long now to cute little @catherinegiudici ???? #lovethebachelor #timeforanewbillboard #seanistaken #thebachelor
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shannavineyard : #seanlowe
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This picture of sean and Catherine is so cute!πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ˜» #seanlowe#perfectpropasal#cute. #bachelorwedding#follow4follow @chrisbharrison
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MTV Movie Awards w @seanlowe09 @andydick #swag #blingisthenewblack
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blingisthenewblack : #thebachelor #seanlowe #andydick #mtv #mtvmovieawards #bling #celebrity #gifting #blingisthenewblack
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@magsbattags & I are enjoying #BacheloretteMonday with our handsome dates. #bachelorette #moscatomonday #ariejr #seanlowe
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justdav12 : @magsbattags why do you have a pic of john travolta from Grease?
gracefulames : How did you get a pic of
gracefulames : @weldonic
weldonic : What did you just drag me into @gracefulames?
linerglttrgloss : Bahaha @gracefulames @weldonic I see it now. Must have been some sneaky paparazzi shots at Eatalia.
gracefulames : @weldonic someone said John Travolta so naturally I thought of you.
magsbattags : Hahahahahahaha oh wow
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So I met #Catherine #Lowe today! I was so #starstruck! A #beautiful woman on television, am even more #gorgeous woman in person! #favoritebachelorseason thank you for taking a photo with me @catherinegiudici #airport #seattle #dallas #seanandcatherine #seanlowe #catherinegiudici #grownsexy #greattrip #mademyday
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All-Star Softball Classic for Homeless youth game #danwilson #seanlowe
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A bit of a #latergram for my fellow #Bachelor fans. So exited to be the in-house publicist for @seanloweksu's first book -- #FortheRightReasons: America's Favorite Bachelor on Faith, Love, Marriage, and Why Nice Guys Finish First. On sale 1/27/15. Pre-order now! πŸ‘±πŸŒΉπŸ“– #bachelornation #bachelorette #seanlowe #nelsonbooks @thomasnelson
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debwright14 : Cannot wait for this book to come out. Is this the actual cover or will there be a different one?
shabak1rc : So excited about this book, I have already ordered my copy
tntsawyer : @debwright14 Not quite the final cover... Will post when we have the updated version ready!
anggii_lestari : Where i can order this book?
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Throwback with the OG dust #tbt #seanlowe #throwback #dust @mooreinstagrams πŸ’¨πŸ’―πŸ˜
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cjay_eames : Babes πŸ’›πŸ’š
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Cody is definitely the less hot version of #seanlowe. πŸ™ŽπŸ™Š#codysattler #thebachelorette
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lyn_dsey2 : He reminds me of Macklemore πŸ˜‚
kjohnson2414 : @kjbennefield
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Such a fun night at the @scarletandgoldshop#cbylowe launch party! Huge thank you to @seanloweksu & @catherinegiudici for being SO incredibly sweet.
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charleebeasmama : Eeeeeee my friend Emily met them too. So jealous! Wanted to go but wasn't possible with baby. Maybe next time!!
s_a_i_d_y : #clowebysg #ironcity #birmingham #seanlowe #catherinelowe #ootd #vscocam
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Found this picture, season 16 latin night!
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dwtsmargaux : #dwts #dancingwiththestars #alyraisman #markballas #valchmerkovskiy #zendaya #petamurgatroyd #seanlowe
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Really though..can't get over it haha @taygoodrich @danamapili
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_astephan : it's so true
jordynbehan : @ashlleyzelaya
aashleyzelaya : @jordynbehan I TOLD U!!
taygoodrich : @cadybabyyy lol Sean is so much cuter!!
krissiewhite : OMG!! 😳😩 Now this is what I'm gonna think of every time I watch!! Lol
chasenfun : What were they thinking.
shorttnsexii24 : Damn ...crazy
joyceeejoy30 : Funny hah
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Im so thrilled to be able to plan their event πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š#seanandcatherine #thebachelor #bachelornation #winnipeg #canada #love #seanlowe
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hollev : #thebachelorette #thebachelor
hollev : Date change to sat July 12th. #TheBachelorette #SeanandCatherine
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mcm #seanlowe #bachelor
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#Bachelorette @daniellamcbride loving her #Corpo #Kini! How cute is she!? πŸŒ€||Email Brianna@corpobonitowear.com to get your #Bikini today! #Thebachelor #Season17 #Seanlowe #Finalrose #Brazilian #Swimwear
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#flashbackfriday #thebachelor #seanlowe
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#tbt to last week when I met this lovely lady @catherinegiudici, who along with @seanloweksu, came out to graciously support @candiesorg. What a pleasure to meet such a down to earth and loving couple! #catherinegiudici #seanlowe #candiesorg P. S. How beautiful does Catherine look in her @badgleymischka ??!! #badgleymischka
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siobhanklee : Love the blonde!!!!!
jasonmurillohair : Loving your blondness @darimarder
darimarder : Thx @siobhanklee @jasonmurillohair but I didn't mean to get so blond...can't get used to it. #BrunetteAtHeartπŸ‘©
jasonmurillohair : @darimarder im opening up shop in two months you will have to come get your haircut or blown out and tell are your girlfriends ... Will give more deets when it's done:-)
darimarder : Will do. Congrats!!
xosamirazar : πŸ’žπŸ’•
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lucky boyy got to sit near us at DFW 😍 #dfw #seanlowe #bachelor
dfw - bachelor - seanlowe -
ticktick_bloom : OMG I love him!!!! 😱😱😱
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Ex bachelor #seanlowe and wife @catherinegiudici pick up some new spring duds at sohos new shopping haunt #artisandeluxe @amnewyork
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@seanloweksu and @catherinegiudici visit Charisma in NYC! #newlyweds #bachelor #love
thebachelor - love - newlyweds - seanlowe - bachelor - wedding - seanandcatherine - catherinegiudici -
charismahome : #seanlowe #catherinegiudici #thebachelor #seanandcatherine #wedding
clevernolia : @darimarder brilliant
darimarder : @clevernolia it was Natalie, of course! πŸ‘
cjsadv : Love this couple!
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Honoring the Bachelor's @seanloweksu for his vow of pre-marital celibacy, and his support of the Candie's Foundation! [pictured with his gorgeous bride @catherinegiudici] #noteenpreg
nd14 - bachelor - noteenpreg - seanlowe - seanandcatherine - celibacy - catherinegiudici -
andreachuk : Oh yeah! Because promoting abstinence definitely works! Nice work! .... Not.
mdlt21 : Amazing!!! 😘
ariana2014mad1 : the girl has demi lovatos smile n lookz like her from the camp rock days
maxhy_ : He's a grown man - his call of celibacy doesn't really relate if he's not closer to teen years.
georgiarant : Oh I love them
chibii.makerr : @ariana2014mad1 yeah!!
jtownsley54 : I love how celibacy is encouraged rather than focusing on birth control alone. There is so much strength in disciplining ones self.
biancajacklyn : @caaristaw LOVE πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
5hfabfive - hopee_greene - queenelizabeth11 - biancajacklyn -
#Regram @candiesorg honors @macideshanebookout @seanloweksu and @vanessahudgens for helping our efforts to combat teen pregnancy. #RoleModels #ambassadors #GimmeShelter #ND14 #NoTeenPreg #macibookout #seanlowe #vanessahudgens
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diyahn0631 : @seanloweksu looking great in @buffalojeans !
darimarder : @diyahn0631 #inthebuff! 😘
onemichelle__ : Her smile *.*
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Today we are honoring @macideshanebookout @seanloweksu and @vanessahudgens for their courageous efforts to educate teens on the consequences of teen pregnancy! #noteenpreg #nd14
nd14 - teenmom - macibookout - seanlowe - vanessahudgens - bachelor - noteenpreg - givemeshelter - gimmeshelter -
candiesorg : #gimmeshelter
dianicole81 : @benjack21
sellitts : @ctoppin
benjack21 : @dianicole81 what the heck?? Where did THIS come from??? Lol.
kiracostello1 : Maci!!!
christinei67 : @ptebs @jennai91
smilybby : this is amazing☺️
cassy__mae : I find this so insulting to Bentley that Maci thinks it was a consequence to have him instead of a blessing! I admire @katiebyeager for her stance on #noteenshame @macideshanebookout
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