Inspired by @stitchbirdnz , the #scrappytripalong is out again :)
scrappytripalong -
ihaveafabricproblem - muchoxoxo - anna_mountain16 - meredithrussian -
Made all the things today. Finished my #mochifabric charm quilt top (top left). Pieced the backing for my #cottonandsteel #scrappytripalong (top right) - finally. Stitched the binding onto a little baby quilt (bottom right). Seamed the backing for my #powwowquilt (bottom left). Maybe I'll get one of these quilts basted tomorrow. Also. Next project maybe I'll use something other than #cottonandsteel fabric. Maybe. Prolly not.
scrappytripalong - powwowquilt - mochifabric - cottonandsteel -
jenniffier : Wow what a lot of accomplishments and all so pretty too.
quiltnsew - pandore_bitch - jenniffier - sugarwaterbaby83 -
Change of quilts in the spare room for my niece Chloe who is coming to stay with her sister and brother. My #scrappytripalong quilt made with lots of my favourite fabrics :)
scrappytripalong -
rivergirlquilts : Love this quilt
elvirapustovalova : @ilcaloredelleali помнишь я тебе про почтовую марку блок квилт писала, вот от такого я пищу :) @emmajeanjansen very nice👏
ilcaloredelleali : Super! @elvirapustovalova я тоже сегодня на это одеяло обратила внимание. Вот как раз села продолжать шить свое барджелло вишнево-бирюзовое. Будет результат похожий, только у меня квадратики, наверно, побольше, а одеяло само будет меньше 😄
elvirapustovalova : @ilcaloredelleali расцветка у тебя очаровательная :) а размер кому как :)
ilcaloredelleali : @elvirapustovalova а размер - на сколько jelly roll хватит 😂😂😂 спасибо, Элечка! 😘
studiovquilting : Beautiful!
seamswrite : So fresh and springy!
shequiltsalot : Absolutely stunning.
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Unbelievable how many people signed up for #LundensBirthdaySewalong so quickly! I seriously couldn't even find a block that wasn't too tricky for me! I settled on #68- "Postage Stamps" and made it scrappy trippish of course. So fun to be a part of, I can't wait to see it all come together. Happy early birthday to my sweet little distant cousin Lu! #bonnieandcamille #scrappytripalong
68 - scrappytripalong - bonnieandcamille - lundensbirthdaysewalong -
brynnsews : So sweet! And so precise for such a tiny block!
twoblondesandasewingmachine : I love it! Thanks for taking part!
hazelstitches : So pretty and perfect! 😍😍
lindseymneill : Ah! So cute!
notes_of_sincerity : Oh gosh that is so cute!
marquitta_quilts : Thanks ladies! I've never sewn squares so tiny! Can't wait to see the whole quilt and Lunden's face! @notes_of_sincerity @lindseymneill @hazelstitches @brynnsews @cc.quilts @mommy2lu @sweetsueellen @classicquilter
quiltaposy : Fantastic color placement! You've got a great eye!
mommy2lu : I had to come back and peek again! So cute!!!
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I'm sweating like crazy, but I'm finally ready to pin baste this giant dude!! #missionscrappytrip #scrappytripalong #pinbastingisevil. #imallaboutthatbaste #quiltsandwich #biggestquiltsandwichever
scrappytripalong - pinbastingisevil - quiltsandwich - missionscrappytrip - biggestquiltsandwichever - imallaboutthatbaste -
quiltsfromtheattic : Ohh, what's that purple fabric? I used it in the red onion block of my veg patch quilt and I want more!
windingbobbins : Oooh, Chicopee!
stitchmischief : Perfection!
peaceloveandquilts : @quiltsfromtheattic It's from Denyse Schmidt's Chicopee line.👍
nishydoodle : Perfect (as always!) 👌
quiltsfromtheattic : Thank you! Now to source some!
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And, finally, this one is for @craftyprocrastinator. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
laschiefelbein : Love the fabrics and colors.
snapshot2015 : Gorgeous
sarahmgoer : I love this SO MUCH!!!
budsmam : Oh i love this one too
appliqueensal - seabreezeoz - tineke.galvan - crlwilkie -
Sheila, this one's yours! #scrappytripalong @budsmam
scrappytripalong -
snapshot2015 : 😍
budsmam : Oh man! I adore polka dots this is fab thank you xx
budsmam : Just noticed there is Kaffe in there too 😍😍😍😍😍
simplesew - quiltswithpersonality - ohhelloco - hb_patchwork -
This #scrappytripalong block is for Christina, but I'm not sure if she's on IG.
scrappytripalong -
budsmam : Love it, do you know what that fabric with the clamshells is?
megaroon477 : It's from the Elizabeth collection by Tula.
megaroon477 : @budsmam 👆
tineke.galvan : I like this color scheme
appliqueensal - snapshot2015 - hb_patchwork - seabreezeoz -
@appliqueensal Here's your block! Should go out tomorrow. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
sewcutebylindsay : 😍
thatonescrappinplace : Wow! That is gorgeous!
cbsprague : Stunning!
monikadechene : Love this one a ton!
appliqueensal : Oh Megan! Totally totally divine! Can't wait to receive it! Thankyou so much 🌺
janiceee410 - sncaudill - karareber - appliqueensal -
#scrappytriparoundtheworld quilt top done! This thing took forever to iron. Felt like a puzzle ;). Now to start basting a few of these quilt tops around here. So I'm curious.. How many quilt tops do you have right now?
scrappytriparoundtheworld - : Stunning
motifbyhand : Is that one of those personal things like asking one's age?
karlaye : I have four completed tops and one quilted that needs binding! I hate the basting part.
karlaye : This is awesome btw
aqua_paisley : It's gorgeous! I only have 1 top waiting to be quilted at the moment 😃!
hummingbirdthread : Love the fabrics!😍
ericaarndt : Two and a half LOL!
patchworkmaral : Beautiful!!!
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A start to a scrappy trip. I reallllllly needed to just sit down and sew and this was the perfect thing. #scrappytripalong #scrappytrip #modernsewcietyscrappytrip
scrappytrip - scrappytripalong - modernsewcietyscrappytrip -
newlycarlydaniels : gorgeous!
renecreates : Beautiful!!
southerncharmquilts : I have big plans for a scrappy trip soon too!
jpearl05 : LoVe!!!
karenlewistextiles : Love it!! X
anniespatchpix : I'm making one of these as therapy sewing as I can just see a block at a time. Love the ways yours is coming together!
misswarveen - rockallisonroll - fergusonstreetquilts - theresaanncallahan -
#scrappytripalongbee #scrappytripalong #scrappytripalongblocks #beeblocks #quiltingbee #nähenisttoll #nähenmachtglücklich #happymailday Look what I found in my mailbox - a late birthday present 😊 from @evasleisure You made my day 😉
scrappytripalongblocks - beeblocks - nähenmachtglücklich - happymailday - scrappytripalongbee - quiltingbee - scrappytripalong - nähenisttoll -
greatbritten66 : Beautiful! What a great block!
greatbritten66 : Und Glückwunsch nachträglich.
hohenbrunnerquilterin : @greatbritten66 Das ist eigentlich schon verjährt, ich hatte im Dezember 😊 Aber damals hat Eva sich vorgenommen, mir einen Block zu nähen. Herrlich, jetzt ist er da.
greatbritten66 : 😁 das ist doch super, so ein verlängerter Geburtstag.
evasleisure : Haha, ja, tatsächlich, nach nur fast vier Monaten ;-) Hast du schön fotografiert, habe ich leider vergessen ;-)
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My #scrappytripalong block from @budsmam
scrappytripalong -
gmasheila : Love the black and white button fabric!
budsmam : Glad it arrived safe!
quiltswithpersonality : Looking beautiful!!! Can't wait to see this quilt all together! @megaroon477 Beautiful @budsmam
born2knitnpurl - nwest1722 - sncaudill - sportyprincess23 -
My #scrappytripalong block from @appliqueensal
scrappytripalong -
wookieelocks : 🐨💕
budsmam : Oh those koalas are fab!
born2knitnpurl - nwest1722 - monikadechene - sportyprincess23 -
#scrappytripalong block R8H7 made for @cathyewbank
scrappytripalong -
cathyewbank : @blueizca it's beautiful, and looks so lovely next to the other blocks. THANK YOU 😊😊😊
simplesew -
Thank you @cathyewbank for the lovely #scrappytripalongbee #scrappytripalong block! It was waiting for me when I got home today :) The colours are great and the koala fabric is super cute.
scrappytripalong - scrappytripalongbee -
cathyewbank : @blueizca I'm so pleased it arrived safely! 🇬🇧 ✉️📮✈️. I'm pleased you like it ... I love the koalas too ... It's been great getting to know you on this swop 😊
blueizca : Thanks @cathyewbank - it's been nice to get to know u too. Hopefully our paths will cross again in a future swap :)
cathyewbank : I hope so too @blueizca 😊
36 blocks done, 64 to go #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
jollyanddelilah : Love it! Looks like a lot of work. I hope you're enjoying it.
madfabriholic : @jollyanddelilah they're actually really quick blocks
jollyanddelilah : How was the cutting?
madfabriholic : @jollyanddelilah super easy. It's strip pieced. Google scrappy trip blocks
jollyanddelilah : Ahh. Alright. Less fussy than I'd thought. I don't do a lot of strip cutting and feel kind silly for not assuming that's how you did you.
jollyanddelilah : Sorry: did this. Trying to type while having a conversation. Not such a great idea.
madfabriholic : @jollyanddelilah no reason to feel silly! These blocks are fun and satisfying
jollyanddelilah : It looks great. I'm pleased for you that it's not another forever project after the sampler. (And I will restart mine soon).
jollyanddelilah - honeylanepaperie - cathipink - laurajsews -
@tiffblakey Here is your #scrappytripalong block. I'm slowly working through my bees!
scrappytripalong -
tiffblakey : Love it! Thanks!
kimberlyreed - tiffblakey - megmormel - sewgreenm -
A lovely day for some #sundaysewing 🌈 My goal is to get 7 of the 14 rows sewn together on the tiny trip along quilt. #scrappytripalong And yesterday I was thrilled that @quiltville_bonnie left a kind comment about this version of her tutorial. What a supportive community of quilters we have on IG.
scrappytripalong - sundaysewing -
quiltingismyyoga : Your quilt is looking beautiful! Glad your enjoying sewing time!
laurie3.14 : @quiltingismyyoga Thank you Pam! Hope you had a wonderful day too 😃
mummamurfitt : It's just sooo beautiful!!!
keepmeinstitches : Oh wow! That square in the middle just shines! These colors are magical together! Can't wait to see more rows coming together!
southerncharmquilts : Hello beautiful! 😍
laurie3.14 : @mummamurfitt So happy you like it Carolyn!!!
laurie3.14 : @keepmeinstitches Thank you Becky! I was glad this photo more accurately showed the colors in this quilt. I hope to get all the rows sewn together by the end of the week.
laurie3.14 : @southerncharmquilts ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Scrummy #scrappytripalong #patchwork
patchwork - scrappytripalong -
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😍 Just put this up on the wall real quick and kind of pumped about it 😍. I was debating whether to add a row and definitely will since I'm not crazy about square throws. For how many squares this quilt has it really goes together quickly. #scrappytrip tutorial by @quiltville_bonnie. #quilting #quilt #scrappytripalong #scrappytriparoundtheworld #scrappyquilt
scrappyquilt - scrappytriparoundtheworld - quilting - quilt - scrappytrip - scrappytripalong -
livingforquilting : Beautiful!!😍
knitnut07 : Wow it's beautiful.
faithessenburg : Wow that is awesome!
ashleighrosehandmade : Looks so cool!!
lindseymneill : Favorite scrappy trip I've seen yet!
quiltaposy : Very cool!
juliaflint527 : Love ❤️❤️
spoonandspool : AhMAZing!!
peaceloveandquilts - renee_coffey - orangepeelsews - cloverandviolet2 -
#scrappytripalong block for the #a2mqg block lottery at our next meeting!
scrappytripalong - a2mqg -
jaceynotjc : Love!
number_one_emdot : Looks so good!
picnicandstitch : Your color sense is unfailing! So yummy!
thegorillaandthepig - slostudio - hippirhino - amber005 -
This is always my favorite percentage progress report: 100% of the needed 140 blocks are done and on the design (aka living room) floor. Now for some obsessive moving blocks around until it looks just right. #scrappytripalong #postagestampquilt
scrappytripalong - mydesignwallisthefloor - postagestampquilt -
dotirwin : Amazing
laurie3.14 : @dotirwin Thank you so much ❤️
studiojujuquilts : SPEECHLESS!!! And in awe, this is GORGEOUS! 💟💞💟
laurie3.14 : @studiojujuquilts Awww Jenniffer - you are too kind! But I'm glad you like it 😃💗😃
studiojujuquilts : @laurie3.14 This is beyond like, Laurie: this is LOVE! This is absolutely amazing and very inspiring. Woohooo!!!! 💕
quiltville_bonnie : Love it! Thank you for sewing along with my tutorial. It makes me so happy to see everyone's version!
laurie3.14 : @quiltville_bonnie Thank you for your wonderful tutorial! In this version I shrunk it down to postage stamp size (1.5 inch strips). Your pattern has inspired so many beautiful quilts. ❤️❤️
laurie3.14 : #mydesignwallisthefloor
busydebbie - quiltville_bonnie - tensisters_handicraft - eskimojenny -
I think I'll call this quilt Blueberry because that's what it reminds me of. 😄 #scrappytrip's are fun to make! I still need to press these blocks but I'm confused as to which way the seams are supposed to go. Is it better to wait until the end? #quilting #scrappytripalong #quiltblock
scrappytrip - quiltblock - scrappytripalong - quilting -
emily_dennis_ : @thelinenfox sure! So long as they can live at my house 😋. I can't seem to let them go!
diwy0912 : This goes together so fast and looks stunning
aqua_paisley : It is gorgeous! 😍
inovermythread : So yummy!!
tashanoel1 : This will be amazing!
quiltville_bonnie : Thank you so much for using my tutorial for Scrappy Trip! I never imagined it would spread so much scrappiness! Love your colors :)
emily_dennis_ : @quiltville_bonnie It must be neat to see it pop up everywhere! It's a great tutorial!
twomoreseconds : Great colors!
pipersgirls - southerncharmquilts - tashanoel1 - ullabe -
Go to my blog and see the 25% discount code. Its for any of my groups i am in #outlandercraftswap #springminiswap #lowvolumnfat8swap #lowvolumeplusswap #scrappytripalong #Getyourhexieon #Agteamcelestial #cottonandsteelminiquiltswap #aroundthequiltblock
umbrellaprintstrimmingschallenge - lowvolumeplusswap - stashbeehive52015 - outlandercraftswap - cottonandsteelminiquiltswap - getyourhexieon - aroundthequiltblock - scrappytripalong - lowvolumnfat8swap - thesalties - springminiswap - agteamcelestial -
simplesew : #stashbeehive52015
simplesew : #thesalties #umbrellaprintstrimmingschallenge
cherryholmesd : Thank you! Excited to shop!
smileynannn - the_littlest_thistle - bettis_stitches - greatbritten66 -
I have been a little nervous about this quilt gets too wild 🙈, but the more blocks to get to, the more contented I become 🙉. - --- Jeg har været lidt nervøs, om denne quilt bliver for vild 🙈, men jo flere blokke der kommer til, jo mere tilfreds bliver jeg 🙉. #quiltno39agratzer #scrappytripalong #englishpaperpiecing #scrappyquilt #sewmystash2015 #scrappytriparoundtheworld
scrappyquilt - scrappytriparoundtheworld - englishpaperpiecing - sewmystash2015 - quiltno39agratzer - scrappytripalong -
laurie3.14 : You are doing it the "correct" way - and it is beautiful!
annagretheratzer : @poppies_and_polka_dots @thepatchworkpear Thanks! 🌹
quiltville_bonnie : Love it! So happy you made a scrappy trip!
annagretheratzer : @quiltville_bonnie Thanks Bonnie! It is a fun pattern to sew. Someone I follew on IG said that it was you who had invented it, is it correct? In which case thanks. 😍
annekakadu : Hvor er det betagende smukt @annagretheratzer
annagretheratzer : @annekakadu Tak Anne, det er stoffer kun fra mit lager, og det er altid spændenden, hvordan en restequilt kommer til at tage sig ud.
annekakadu : Det er meget smukt sat sammen @annagretheratzer
zhiqie : 👍 @mario_sjr
marfa_rukodelie - rayssewcrafty - darlene.stewart - missssuny -
Just finished the scrappy binding on @brazenlisa #scrappytripalong (quilting done by @sewbeait ) Those ladies know how to make a gorgeous quilt!!! #quilting #quiltbinding
scrappytripalong - quilting - quiltbinding -
brazenlisa : Yayayayayay!!!! We are all awesome!
iquiltalot - selmafreitas12 - patchwork_mama - marelizeries -
Making more progress.
scrappytripalong -
marci_girl : I love this color scheme!
thatmoxiegirl : Oh, wow!
luckycharm93635 : Yes 👆what she said on the color group, beautiful.!!!
quiet__riot : What is this pattern?
breepickles : @quiet__riot it's a hot mess of whatever blocks I felt like stitching when I sat down to sew. No particular pattern, just random pinterest inspiration.
quiet__riot : Wow! Lol you should make it a pattern I'd love to replicate it
breepickles : @quiet__riot aww thanks! I can tell you the big circular blocks are @annamariahorner spinning stars. The granny squares are the blue elephant tutorial... #scrappytripalong in the upper right. The curved pinwheel is corner to corner curves with @julie_pickles acrylic templates.
quiet__riot : Thank you thank you!!
luckycharm93635 - wendysquiltsandmore - sacredrose84 - cozyegg -
There she grows ! This is my #scrappytripalong fabric catalogue , I've been cutting a slice off every FQ I have bought for the last few months :) I'm aiming for super giant size ready for the summer season 👏😜😋
scrappytripalong -
espritpatch : That's a great idea!
misspipilotta : Love it! 💗💗💗
quiltville_bonnie : Sweet! Thanks for using my tutorial! It makes me so happy to see so many beautiful quilts from the same pattern.
stitchawhile : @slushyfairysews So very lovely
slushyfairysews : Thanks all :)
lovenatalieuk - karareber - weekendtextiles - misspipilotta -
One down. A gazillion to go. I'm kind of loving this 😀 #quilts #quilting #scrappytrip #scrappytripalong #scrappytriparoundtheworld #quiltblock
quiltblock - scrappytriparoundtheworld - quilting - scrappytrip - quilts - scrappytripalong -
emily_dennis_ : @longleafquilts me too! I've been scared of this quilt for a long time but it turns out it's easier than I thought!
melodyholz : Just found your feed and LOVE your quilts. What pattern are you using for this one? And can't wait to go get our framed hexi pattern... Gotta wait till naptime!
aqua_paisley : Gorgeous colours!
emily_dennis_ : Well thank you @melodyholz 😊. I'm using the popular Quiltville one that is all over pinterest!
leishakaye : This quilt is going to be beautiful!
karlaye : This is one of my all time faves to make. I've made two and want to make at least two more. Love it. These fabrics are so cute!!
emily_dennis_ : @karlaye I can see how they are addicting! I'm already thinking of the variations I would do next time. Btw..I adore your C&S one! I try to like it every time I come across it. If IG allowed multiple likes it would have at least 20 from me 😉
karlaye : Haha how sweet. Thanks. 😊
misswarveen - kshillow5 - sippingteaquilts - nuinui_tmm -
Today's happy fabric pull. Itching to just sew something! About to start a scrappy trip quilt 😀. #quilting #fabric #fabriclove #scrappytrip #scrappytripalong #scrappytriparoundtheworld
scrappytriparoundtheworld - fabric - scrappytrip - scrappytripalong - fabriclove - quilting -
emily_dennis_ : @anna_lester haha! I totally don't have one 😞. This is probably half of my stash 😂
peaceloveandquilts : Love these colors!!!
neverjustjennifer : oh this will be so fun for a scrappy trip around the world quilt!
rhondaleo : Love love love this color combo!
gottaloveum : Beautiful fabric pull! If that's half your stash you definitely have done a great job of building a very useful collection. I've been working on building a stash too, hope I find I've done as well as you!
emily_dennis_ : @gottaloveum it sure is fun to collect! I'm getting better about the type of fabric to buy. At first I bought stuff I never used so now I really just buy with specific quilts in mind. But you definitely get better at picking stash builders the more you sew😀
sewnsave : Such fun colors. I'm loving green and blue lately.
livingforquilting : Great looking fabrics!!
karlaye - lynnes_stampin_addiction - crispykristin - dee9950 -
Well isnt this a mind blowing #quilt #quilters regram @jmzblond This quilt! Last week I put together a quilt full of HSTs from quilters around the country and it went together smooth as silk. This one , (just straight lines people!) fought me every step of the way 😳🔫 Glad that's over and praying to the quilting gods that the wonk will longarm out. It is gorg-ge-scrumptious though. 😍 #scrappytripalong
quilters - scrappytripalong - quilt -
craftyideascyprus - paulaluczak - livelaughquilt - dontwaittocreate -
Thank You Pat, It's perfect! @simplesew. #scrappytripbee #scrappytripalong #scrappyroundtheworld
scrappyroundtheworld - scrappytripalong - scrappytripbee -
mara_makes : Can't wait to see your finished quilt great colors!
cathyewbank : Thank you @mara_makes ... It's coming together nicely!
aleitch12 - taiwolucas - greatbritten66 - sewingintheannexe -
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