#scrappytripalong. #cottonandsteel
scrappytripalong - cottonandsteel -
traeflesher : ❀️
mimitexan : Wow! I just gave you those yesterday!
nightowlquilts : 😍I couldn't wait to cut into them! Thought I needed a new throw pillow! @mimitexan
pamcakesandwaffles - windingbobbins - 5spotdesigns - aericksmom_kamsauntie -
My favorite ❀️#scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
mackenzie.covey - kellyacarroll - spencer_houghton_3 - sherryhops -
Test block! I love it! Thx to @a_2_w and @kelbysews for suggesting adding solids. @imagingermonkey did I do something wrong? Pressed all seams same direction, but they don't nest, they're all the same. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
breepickles : You've got to iron every other row in opposite directions for them to nest right. So first seam up, next seam down, then up, etc. 😊
materialgirlquilts : This looks great!
ylmommyx4 : Such pretty colors
imagingermonkey : Yep @breepickles is right.
nelysongbird - safieh - lottentott70 - megfishc -
Scrappy trip around the world quilt top finally done! Used mostly Bonnie and Camille fabrics from stash. #scrappytripalong #bonnieandcamille #thimbleblossoms
scrappytripalong - thimbleblossoms - bonnieandcamille -
maggiegarza1986 : Do u sell them when ur done?
sweetjasminequilts : No, I just make them for fun. :) I've never thought of that actually! @maggiegarza1986
maggiegarza1986 - winstonlittle - alisquiltsncakes -
#mybooqal I'm going to do a #scrappytripalong with all of my Halloween fabrics! By might take me to Christmas to finish. #onemoreprojectonthelist
mybooqal - scrappytripalong - onemoreprojectonthelist -
tennjenny : cuuuute crosshatch there
blueblossomgirl : Mmmm yes. What is that black crosshatch?
cyclingjanes : It's from boo crew, fly trap! @tennjenny @blueblossomgirl
tennjenny : thx!
courtiepie - likequilting - karlaye - quirkygranolagirl -
Today is the day to finish these blocks (she hopes) #shirtquilt #scrappytripalong
shirtquilt - scrappytripalong -
xxnickifxx : Loving this project of yours! X
nicolajdodd : It's looking fab! xx
urbanpolyester : Oh how lovely!
lynnyfay : DeliciousπŸ’™πŸ’™
vinera23 - angela_annie_ - jacki_nash - lalolana -
Have you guys seen @buttonsandbutterflies #finishtheflimsy giveaway yet? She's giving away LONGARM QUILTING. Like- hugenormously awesome prize!! Heidi quilted my #scrappytripalong with #baptistfanquilting a little while ago and I seriously am still over the moon with it!
scrappytripalong - finishtheflimsy - baptistfanquilting -
flourishingpalms - schnitzelandboo - bellacoconut - karie_twokwikquilters -
Washed and dried crinkle love (sorry for overgramming but I love this so much πŸ’•) #scrappytripalong #scrappytriaroundtheworld #urbanchiks
scrappytriaroundtheworld - scrappytripalong - urbanchiks -
quilting_sanity : πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’—
erin_jensen : This looks faaaaaaantastic!
greydogwoodstudio : ❀️❀ it's fun to take a new quilt out of the dryer for the first time!
ullabe : ❀️❀️❀️
marquittashop : What @nicolajdodd said. I think we might need a couple more!
strawberryswingstudio : ❀️😍❀️
donnaslavendernest : I love quilts after they have been washed. Yours is gorgeous.
euphoria_jessica : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
donnaslavendernest - emirates_jewels - sarahe_gregg - y2k961122 -
This pretty thing is quilted and bound. I did wavy lines because they come out so pretty after washing and drying. #scrappytripalong #scrappytriparoundtheworld #urbanchiks #sweet #swell
sweet - swell - scrappytripalong - scrappytriparoundtheworld - urbanchiks -
thehomemakery : So so pretty!
happylittlecottage1 : Gorgeous!
corinna_mob : It's so stunning!!!
pippinstitch : BeautifulπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
hazelstitches : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
sarahe_gregg : This is gorgeous!!
corina1208 : πŸ’“πŸ’•
euphoria_jessica : This is one if the bestest quilts EVVVERR!!!
nengdina - l33tquilter - quiltcrazy - pretty0fitty -
@buttonsandbutterflies is doing an amazing giveaway. @npollard13 you should check it out and follow the rules. Repost etc. I'd sure love to have my next quilt a #scrappytripalong quilted
scrappytripalong -
elisabeth._.anne_ - nyarkusa - cidneebear - buttonsandbutterflies -
My most gigantic quilt back ever. 125"x108". For my #scrappytripalong quilt. Also, I love rainbows. #ilovestuffineverycolor #pinkmakesquilts
pinkmakesquilts - scrappytripalong - ilovestuffineverycolor -
grannakristin : That ROYGBIV stripe coupled with the Britten Nummers just about gave me goosies! I love it so good @pinksuedeshoe !!!
pinksuedeshoe : @blueblossomgirl 5.25. Then the rainbow strip in the middle is 16" wide. :)
karareber : Swooon...
talaisarae : That is so so pretty.
creatifiny : Epic in so many ways
bellacoconut : Awesome!!
abrightcorner : Stunning!
liveacolorfullife : @pinksuedeshoe this is amazingly gorgeous!!!
babygotbobbin - sashawestberg - sew_into_my_20s - fromblankpages -
Woo hoo I did it, 36 blocks! Unfortunately we are off to my mil's tomorrow after work so no more machine sewing till Sunday 😒 but will put it together then, I think I'll add a lv border then scrappy border. #scrappytripalong #scrappytriparoundtheworld #lowvolume #fabricfromwestwoodacres
scrappytripalong - scrappytriparoundtheworld - fabricfromwestwoodacres - lowvolume -
poppyprint : So absolutely lovely!!
72derwents : Love it!
trudi_wood : Beautiful! 😍
robynfoxlane : You are so quick & clever & it is so beautiful @madewithlovebymandy !
sewmesarah : This is really beautiful!
yvonnenelliesniceties : It's fabulous!!
jorobexeter : Looks fab
monashobby : Beautiful!
cyclingjanes - toodumbdogs - aquiltingchick - urbanpolyester -
32 of 36 only four to go! Got to go out for a bit but hopefully tonight! #scrappytripalong #lowvolume
scrappytripalong - lowvolume -
myteaandbrie : What a great idea to do this low-volume! Can't wait to see it all together!
72derwents - chrisquilter - jennaquilts - jobettney -
Finally finished this WIP and pieced the blocks of my #scrappytriparoundtheworld #scrappytripalong . Super cute 😍 #urbanchiks #sweet #swell
sweet - scrappytripalong - swell - scrappytriparoundtheworld - urbanchiks -
greydogwoodstudio : Beautiful!
grammiecrew : Pretty!!!
katheleenbaker : Absolutely stunning!
annedease : some of my favorite fabrics...LOVE
strawberryswingstudio : One of my favs I've seen!!😍❀️😍
sharonkyeager : Love!!!!
heytavia : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ it's definitely a favorite!!! I ❀️ swell.
mdeedy3 : Beautiful! @idaroellchen
pinksuedeshoe - jblibgirl - donnacake58 - winstonlittle -
☺️ baby boy #quilt finished! #scrappytripalong #sew Ready to gift I did a strip of minky on the back!! #softness
sew - softness - scrappytripalong - quilt -
kraftykuka : It looks gorgeous!
alywillard : Better luck with minky this time?? It looks great!
laurigro : @kraftykuka thanks!! @alywillard much better- I just did a strip across the back with some fun boy fabric too.
hathaleighcottage : Lucky little boy!
ceciliaannmartin : Yay!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
nomadic60 - lisalisaquiltjam - quiltedbyheather - rabilii -
28 of 36 only managed four tonight 😞 at work and then out this evening, must get last eight done tomorrow! #scrappytripalong #lowvolume #oneshoeoffandtheothershoeon
insidevoices - scrappytripalong - lowvolume - fabricfromwestwoodacres - oneshoeoffandtheothershoeon -
nickyeglinton : Good idea!
acraftyfox_amanda : And some more !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I love this so much!
devotedquilter : Do you take your shoe off to sew? I can't sew with mine on.
madewithlovebymandy : @acraftyfox_amanda made with #fabricfromwestwoodacres #insidevoices xxxxx
madewithlovebymandy : @devotedquilter yes! Then I end up with one shoe in my sewing room and the other somewhere else!
lululollylegs : Gorgeous!!
sairzey : Lovely
jorobexeter : Looking great. The block not the odd shoes!
mamaisquilting - purlverde - michellequilter - heytavia -
Looking good so far. I love #scrappytripalong :)
scrappytripalong -
petievn : @scrapbag Is these a method in putting fabric together when doing scrapytripalong, or do you just put the fabric (colors) together as you go?
tashanoel1 : I want to make another!
olgakolgan : So bright!
agelessone : Looking great!
donnalc2 : The more I see this quilt the more I love it. I'm going to use up my scraps to do that.
darlingdi : Bravo πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
rosenutira : My favourite quilt too!
robyninthestix : Love it. :)
windingbobbins - melkusova - retalesdecolores - bnbdesigns -
24 of 36 getting there but stopping for the night, really have got work tomorrow 😘
insidevoices - scrappytripalong - lowvolume - fabricfromwestwoodacres -
scissorsthread : Beautiful
willowbeckdesigns : Work??? Are you sure?πŸ˜‰
cottilello : Did you cut 2.5" strips?
madewithlovebymandy : @cottilello yep lots and lots!!
madewithlovebymandy : @willowbeckdesigns unfortunately yes!
needlepeaces : This is lovely!
hathaleighcottage : Love it
sarahedgarprettyfabrics : Wow you are so quick
klandine - littlemix4321 - hibbelmaus - vivvo11 -
Calling it a day - thanks to the all day rain (!) made quite good progress on the #shirtquilt #scrappytripalong
shirtquilt - scrappytripalong -
hathaleighcottage : Looking fabulous
stitchandcloth : I love it!
hotginger67 : Looking brilliant! I may just have to try this with my hubby's old shirts ...
diblackwood : Love it
wissreh : πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜
cottilello : @wissreh finally on IG! What have you been sewing? New phone yet?
cottilello : This quilt is lovely if I may say so! It will be hand quilted with perle cotton so it may take a while...
cottilello : @wissreh ⬆️
gwynwil - joinsay - trinelob - emcully -
18 of 36 halfway!! #scrappytripalong #lowvolume #fabricfromwestwoodacres
scrappytripalong - lowvolume - fabricfromwestwoodacres -
thelinenfox : I love this! Keep posting pictures!!
yardgrl60 : Yup, still crazzzzzzy about this!
verykerryberry : You are so speedy! Gorgeous
trudi_wood : Gorgeous!
colourmehappy88 : So pretty! Glad you got a free day from work. πŸ˜‰
lolablueocean : I love love love it
lilysquilts : Love love love
embroiderlee - judpow - ekquilt - topsygirl -
#shirtquilt progress #scrappytripalong pattern πŸ’•
shirtquilt - scrappytripalong -
keptforeverquilting : Pretty
cottilello : @synnove75 oh, it's my beloved Finnish EVA, over 30 years old now and works like dream. Only ever been serviced by me and has stitched millions of miles! This is a Japanese made machine that has a different name in each country, Frister Rossman in the UK, Jaguar in the US, Sewtech in Singapore. Not sure what it is called in Norway. I would warmly recommend this machine if you can find a second hand one. My model is called midinette 85 super. In the UK the cub7 is similar.
cottilello : @krousegirl2 @lucyedson thank you😘
cottilello : @synnove75 forgot to say I had to take it out for the shirt quilt as the Featherweight refused to stitch - it doesn't like the finer shirting...
synnove75 : Thank you so much for the info! I'll keep my eyes open for one. I think I've seen "Eva" machines here, maybe they have the same badge in all the Nordic countries.
sotakhandmade : This quit is going to be stunning
everyday_quilts : You're so quick!
cottilello : @sotakhandmade thank you 😘
jacki_nash - carollesleyquilts - uilijay - nicolajdodd -
12 of 36 totally loving this! #scrappytripalong #lowvolume #fabricfromwestwoodacres #insidevoices
insidevoices - scrappytripalong - lowvolume - fabricfromwestwoodacres -
blueberryathome : Beautiful Mandy!
kristastitched : Loving it!! Yay for an unexpected sew day 😊
fabricandflowersuk : Gorgeous!
robynfoxlane : Very beautiful @madewithlovebymandy !
18mandalin : ohhhhhhh yessssss!
petitselefants : Aren't you glad you're not at work today?! 😜
madewithlovebymandy : @petitselefants oh yes!!!
euphoria_jessica : This is gonna be rad!!
chrisquilter - sew_stephanie - kviltstina - rashnupil8 -
It's just a little thing, all 90x100 inches of it. Now to piece the backing and figure out an economical way to have it quilted. #scrappytriparound
scrappytriparound - scrappytripalong -
greydogwoodstudio : Oooooh! Love it.
becs_fab_larder : That's a lot of work..fantastic , very inspiring :-) x
mmuratal : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈπŸŒΊ
groovymoonchild77 : @melissaaverinos do you have any ideas for something like this that is really busy? And a price range? I'd have to save up a bit. Think about it and message me and let me know? Thanks!!!!
melissaaverinos : Email me ! Melissa @ yummygoods . Com.
melissaaverinos : Ps this quilt is amazing.
melissaaverinos : Can I have it?
groovymoonchild77 : @melissaaverinos - you know, I'm not overly attached to it :-)
madewithlovebymandy - nspiredliza - madbury13 - jenniferjohnston80 -
All ready to sew together, #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
melbrewin : Beautiful. Love the bright colours.
robyninthestix : This is going to be an awesome quilt. :)
obsessivequilter : Showing some ignorance here but what's a scrappy trip along pattern?
rosenutira : I just love making these so easy so effective!
grooverthedog : I loved making mine. Such good fun x
scrapbag : @obsessivequilter it was a quilt along that was original run over Christmas 2 years ago. If you google Scrappy Trip Along the tutorial should come up. If you have a look at the #scrappytripalong you will see all the quilts that have been made :)
obsessivequilter : Thanks! This is a new one for me but I love the look! Will check it out !
apatamadrinha : Beautiful colors
millykitschener - handmadecraftersaust - naptimestitching - susanakakaquilter -
#shirtquilt in #scrappytripalong pattern. It's a start, but my seam allowance was off 😑😱one side is half an inch longer! Will have to start all over...
shirtquilt - scrappytripalong -
cottilello : @madewithlovebymandy thank you - new day tomorrow, will give it another go...
cottilello : @messyjesse1 thank you dear - just wish I hadn't spent too much time stitching loads of strips with a too small seam allowance!
cottilello : @messyjesse1 double comment - not sure how that happened! Tx
xxnickifxx : Oh but it looks so lovely!
janesquilts : Oh gorgeous
jacki_nash : 😏frustrating but the fabrics look fab!!!
chainofdaisies : Looks awesome! I'm cutting strips for a scrappy trip at the moment, hope I can manage to keep the seam allowance right
diblackwood : Quilting covers sins don't worry
vinera23 - gingerscribble - nuxi_nuxi - mumma_fost -
6 of 36 #scrappytripalong #lowvolume
scrappytripalong - lowvolume -
salamanda001 : This is fab
cottilello : You are at it too! I started a shirt version today, but almost gave up already...Looking nice!
trudi_wood : I think I can love with a low volume one, maybe when I don't have any deadlines I can make a start 😊
madewithlovebymandy : @trudi_wood still don't know why you don't love yours!
trudi_wood : @madewithlovebymandy I love it, just can't have it on the bed, it's just too busy!
alisquiltsncakes : Ooh, I'd love to make a low volume one! It's looking lovely!
wombatquilts : Wow. Love the idea of a low volume scrappy trip. Love.
hathaleighcottage : Looking gorgeous
hathaleighcottage - mylyons86 - stitchandcloth - wombatquilts -
4 of 36 #scrappytripalong #lowvolume
scrappytripalong - lowvolume -
emmavtate : Yes yes yes!
kkquilts : So cool - I'm anxiously awaiting the finish on this one ~ I haven't seen the scrappy trip done in low volume!
sewingschool : So pretty!
yardgrl60 : And it will make me gasp every time I see it!!
honeyguide : I've been thinking about doing a low volume scrappy trip. This is lovely.
quiltingbee - hathaleighcottage - vivvo11 - stitchandcloth -
36 piles #scrappytripalong #lowvolume #readytosew
scrappytripalong - lowvolume - readytosew -
jenkingwell : So organized!! Impressive
mamaisquilting - sewpsychd - fun_with_fibers - siobhan_c -
Oops seem to be starting another #scrappytripalong #lowvolume
scrappytripalong - lowvolume -
rosanneduk : I'm on one too for charity but I need to find/cut more strips
laurajane7789 : I wanna do this!!! With a bright coloured stripe running down the centre of each block!
madewithlovebymandy : @laurajane7789 do it!!!
kittyblk : πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
quiltsfromtheattic - jaceynotjc - skyzyt - ksharonk -
My scrappy trip along is finally finished! #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
sewpsychd : Beauty!!!
lisamwild : @sewpsychd Thankyou!
cottilello : Beautiful!
lisamwild : @cottilello Thankyou 😊
madewithlovebymandy - sewpsychd - quiltdesignatelier - craftymainemom -
Cutting strips for a #scrappytripalong :)
scrappytripalong -
gretchenakinyi : That sure says happy scrappy
theresachilds : I love this collection. It's going to be gorgeous.
alexouq - purlverde - nyc_christopher - sarahwattsjustice -
My new favourite #scrappytripalong block! Totally enjoying just doing some simple sewing that I don't have to think about too much :)
scrappytripalong -
terireymann : I see an #alien πŸ˜€
josomerville : WOW! I love this one!
_____rachael____ : Yes @scrapbag! New favourite!
conker63 : Lovely colours πŸ˜πŸ’œ
steffanikburton : Perfection!
sewnbyleanne : Love the colours
kellymx56 : Awesome colors!!!!
mmboss2014 : Love it!
morganquilting - _theacook - beaniesgalore - kirstiblogger -
#scrappytripalong baby version is done!
scrappytripalong -
redcurlscrafts : Pretty! Nice job
slcquilter : Very nice Mary!!
houseofduke1 : That turned out great!!!
rubythread : Wow! This is beautiful!
sewtogetherphyliss : Great!
madewithlovebymandy : ❀️❀️❀️
sqragan - labyrinthhijau - idolinina - mariushygge -
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