after binge sewing my scrappy Norway quilt...I think it's time to get back to my final two, long neglected, WIP's. I'm determined to finish this @katespain epic Christmas #scrappytripalong, even if it is almost February! I used one jelly roll from all of her Christmas lines, and it's going to be massive!
scrappytripalong -
samanthaleeolsen : Ok this is the best idea ever. I'm thinking of doing something similar with my b and c jelly rolls. I die for my scrumptious trip quilt.
jackiepadeskyquilts : @samanthaleeolsen that would be amazing!!!!! Great idea!
elletaylor7 : It'll be huge. And pretty.
crosshatchquilts : So pretty! Anytime is a good time for Christmas sewing!
sari.perry : it's so festive!!
amira_littlemushroomcap - quilterseden - t_j_oliver - hazelstitches -
#Scrappytripalong for mary
scrappytripalong -
katiegore5 - melciescraftyhands - sewfluffincute - little_mama_d -
@moyersminions #widn: The poor sickies went to bed early and I am plugging away on these two while my husband reads in Spanish and Portuguese out loud. We just learned the word "timon" (rudder) and now I have "Hakuna Matata" in my headπŸ˜… I'm about halfway on my #scrappytripalong and my #norwayquiltalong, both are so fun, I'll be sad when it's over!
norwayquiltalong - widn - scrappytripalong -
wendybzquilting : ❀️❀️❀️
tashanoel1 : Love love the scrappy trip!! I've always wanted to do a second and this is inspiration for sure!
nosillaj : You are so much more productive than me once my kids are asleep. I just clean up.... If I'm lucky. :)
marquitta_quilts : Haha @nosillaj your house is probably a lot cleaner than mine! Although yesterday it actually was clean. Very rare! It's easier to keep clean when they are sick and sleepy.
nosillaj : Well I guess I would have been more truth if I said I THINK about cleaning up once they're asleep. Haha. Anyhow I love seeing what you create
gretters_h : These are both looking great! Thanks for stitching along with us on the Norway Quilt Along
marquitta_quilts : Thanks for hosting @gretters_h! I LOVE a good quilt along!
quiltaposy : Both are really, *really* beautiful!
donnam121 - craftroom_designs - cakal_melike - berite.se -
Block 2 for @quiltova πŸ˜ƒ #stitchteasebee #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - stitchteasebee -
kamahaodesigns : Love it!
coopcrafts - jessiemthoward - kamahaodesigns - ylmommyx4 -
Block 1 for @quiltova ! #scrappytripalong #stitchteasebee
scrappytripalong - stitchteasebee -
ylmommyx4 : Nice
kamahaodesigns : Beautiful!!!
shirleyrvw : Pretty.
quiltmom167 - caroadms - kamahaodesigns - oldredbarnco -
Not so scrappy Scrappy Trip Along #Scrappytripalong @quiltville_bonnie
scrappytripalong -
frustratedquilter : Love it!!
studiovquilting : Love scrappy trips!!
moogiequilter : Me too @studiovquilting this is my third one. Thanks @frustratedquilter
needlepeaces - lalaslovelys - ays_quilt34 - crazyquiltlena -
Remember this craze ... 2 years ago i think? #scrappytripalong i may actually put these together next month.
scrappytripalong -
cheryl0227 : I love my Scrappy Trip quilt!! Every time I use a new fabric I cut a strip. I have a huge pile! I want to make another one!
megmormel : Oh, thank goodness mine isn't the only one not done.
breepickles : Ha, this craze still hasn't left my house! Scrappy trip all the scraps!!
amylouwhosews : I need to finish mine too!! It's been in my mind lately!
quiltville_bonnie : Yay!
pugsandneedles : Well you're one step closer than me. Mine is still at the 'one day I must' stage
pugsandneedles - vildanilarslan - cifquilter - quiltville_bonnie -
Little baby quilt in process. Scrappy trip around the world blocks. Silly monkeys + stash + fabric gift from C-man. #Quilt #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - quilt -
mommab12 - heidi.parkes - sheliwood - in2themodernworld -
Finally finished the binding on my #scrappytripalong quilt. Rita is a fan! Made the blocks in 2013, pieced the top and had it quilted in 2014. Maybe next year I'll get it outside and take real photos of it. πŸ˜‚ #ittybittyrita
ittybittyrita - scrappytripalong -
kristastitched : Thanks! πŸ‘Ά @sewbettyjane @sewsocosy @holly_inez
patgoodchild : Happy baby, happy quilt, happy picture.
laurigro : Ohhh! Makes my day! She loves the quilt πŸ’Ÿ
windingbobbins : Happy baby + Chicopee = ❀️
occasionalpiece : I'm a fan of Rita!!
lucyandnorman : Both are beautiful!
quirkygranolagirl : I want to smooch her belly.
quiltluv : I made quilt top 2001 and finished 2010 lol that's the most favorite oneπŸ˜‰
aaquade - emilykimlee - paquimx - marilynkb1 -
It's coming along slowly but surely! #scrappytripalong #toomanypieces #quilt #bonniecamille #aprilshowers #misskate #squares #sewing #quilting #pieces #staytuned #piecing #scraps #lovefabric #fabric
bonniecamille - quilting - quilt - piecing - aprilshowers - sewing - staytuned - pieces - toomanypieces - scrappytripalong - lovefabric - scraps - squares - misskate - fabric -
karlaye : Love it!!
thestitchingscientist : @karlaye thank you!
siegelmariam - spanfellnerwillia - mle_sorensen - amakangige -
Tried something a bit different for this quilt, curved corners and a new label. #finishitfriday #babyquilt #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - finishitfriday - babyquilt -
katelkeith : Love it! Perfect binding choice too!
bethbet13 : Binding is incredible
mandasorisrex : I love that striped fabric!!
lifeinonechord : I love the binding too. Is it spotty fabric or white stitching?
browndogjunior : It's gorgeous!
rainy_day_girl : It's spotty fabric @lifeinonechord , I was going to do a visible hand-stitch on the binding, but thought the spots were enough, I'll save that idea for next time :)
rainy_day_girl : Thanks @katelkeith @bethbet13 @mandasorisrex & @browndogjunior xx
lifeinonechord - worthos4corners - greta_131 - amieweekes -
Progress is slow in this department, but it's progress! Anyone know when Daysail yardage comes out? #scrappytripalong #marquittascrappytrip
scrappytripalong - marquittascrappytrip -
marquitta_quilts : Awesome! Thanks @tillalili I doubt I'll be done by then but it's motivational😊
marquitta_quilts : Thank you sweet ladies! @ullabe @kimberly_knickerbocker @jfeddema1 @everydaycelebrations @craftycop @redrainbootshandmade @quiltaposy @sweetsueellen @pineneedlesutah
studiovquilting : We are expecting it here in February:)
aqua_paisley : This quilt is going to be amazing! 😍
hazelstitches : I love this quilt already!!!
tillalili : @marquitta_quilts I have a feeling Daysail is going to be flying off the shelves!!
abraley : This is pretty
cjnid : 😍
karlaye - tenseturtle861 - lisa_moeshelley_sexsmith - mariushygge -
I've always thought it was romantic to carve initials into a tree, but I've never done it before. So when I made my #scrappytripalong in 2013, I "carved" them into my quilt. Not quite the same thing- but kinda romantic, right? πŸ˜‚
scrappytripalong - mommybydaycrafterbynight -
nanabecca : Much more cool. Love the idea.
spetzie : I'm a sucker for personalization!!! πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ’›
quirkygranolagirl : Very nice and doesn't hurt a tree.
loveplaid1720 : What a great idea. Loving the mix of prints and the sweet embroidery!
kamiemurdock : So sweet.
ashleyjswenson : Such a cute idea
familyeverafter : Super cute.
mkmoore318 : Love this!
mkmoore318 - jillian_sisson24 - sewsowinlove - ms_suzij3 -
Fabric is last Christmas's present from C-man + stash + some silly monkeys #scrappytripalong #quilt
scrappytripalong - quilt -
megaltizer16 - kamasi - mommab12 -
It's my new goal to finish at least 4 WIPs before I start a new project. First up, my 2-yr-old #scrappytripalong πŸ‘Š I'm not in love though. Maybe it needs more mustard?
scrappytripalong -
quiltaposy : Great goal! If you're not feeling it, just make it baby-sized and call it a day! πŸ˜‰
ullasquiltworld : Lovely!
donnaslavendernest : Love this.πŸ’œ πŸ’œ
bethanndodd : You are funny...looks perfect to me!
vickyroeger : I love this quilt!!
krazeycrafter : So lush
adornit : Love this!!!
donnaslavendernest : Wow!
krazeycrafter - adornit - tenseturtle861 - dodiefields -
And so it starts! My #scrappytripalong #block1 #bonniecamille #misskate #aprilshowers #squares #quilt #sew #staytuned
sew - block1 - quilt - misskate - bonniecamille - staytuned - scrappytripalong - aprilshowers - squares -
simplybekah : Too funny!! I was just pulling out scraps to start my own b&c scrappy trip along and saw this in the search feed! Love it!
thestitchingscientist : @simplybekah that is funny! Post it when you start. This is going to take me a long time ;-)
jessica_seamssewwright_wright : Oh!! 😍
izzqdesigns : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
ktbugdesigns : This is going to be great!!
thestitchingscientist : @ktbugdesigns thank you! I hope so too:-)
nineteenohsix - joannatown_for - yettamulliniks - lauresmyre -
Finished my fun project #patchworkpillow #quiltedpillow #lightheartedfabric #kokkafabric #kokkafabrics #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - kokkafabric - quiltedpillow - lightheartedfabric - patchworkpillow - kokkafabrics -
ayumills : Absolutely beautiful Kim!!
misskiiwi : Thanks @ayumills 😍
marzipanchenberlin : So pretty! 😍
misskiiwi : Thanks @marzipanchenberlin
suzistyles - katetherate - ayumills - eibrab_yumi -
4 blocks this week #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
sewnsomethings - needleworknettiebee - greenamberdawn - amazonbetty -
50 - 2.5" batik strips. The batiks are not of highest quilt shop quality, but are still nice. There are 2 strips of each fabric in this roll. $23 includes US shipping. #thegreatfabricdestash #fabricforsale #withakquiltdesigns
fabricforsale - jellyroll - withakquiltdesigns - thegreatfabricdestash - scrappytripalong -
withakquilting : Approximately 3.5 yards. Would be great to add your stash for #scrappytripalong or for any number of #jellyroll patterns.
highcottoncraft - farmquilter - mom212345 - devin.pickens -
#scrappytripalong all quilted now to work on the binding. .....tomorrow headed to hilo now to see @amydunn
scrappytripalong -
amydunn : Yay!!!!!! I can't wait to meet you in person Lisa!!!!
amydunn : It was so much fun meeting you today!!! 😘
ktstevo87 : I LOVE this!!!! Xx
withakquilting - thestitchingscientist - halehooluana - seelifemarvels -
Finally drank the #scrappytripalong Kool-aid, thanks to @jmzblond (you still up for a trade?!) #tulatroops #tulapink
tulapink - tulascrappytrip - scrappytripalong - tulatroops -
jmzblond : #tulascrappytrip πŸ‘ˆπŸ™Œ
fiberofallsorts : Like I need anything else but if it's this + tula @jmzblond and @solarthreads I'm SO in!!
solarthreads : #tulascrappytrip
solarthreads : Sounds like fun! I just sent you a DM. Just saw @fiberofallsorts comment! She's a pro at these things maybe she can help me/us organize it! πŸ˜‰
jmzblond : @fiberofallsorts yes! That's exactly what we're thinking. A Tula Pink Scrappy Trip Swap!!
jmzblond : @solarthreads πŸ‘
amyjoquilts : Tula, rainbow, scrappy trip! 😍
solarthreads : @amyjoquilts I knew you'd approve! πŸ˜‰
honeybunnyanddoll - nancyoakeson - krzyqltr - neicybee -
Great, vibrant block received from @sewlongsanity Thanks Tiffany! #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
solarthreads - sewbeait - beachbabyc - studiovquilting -
Finally got around to starting a scrappy trip around the world...love it....so fun!! #scrappytrips #scrappytripalong #usingupmyscraps #quilting ##quilt #omeeomy
scrappytrips - scrappytripalong - omeeomy - quilting - quilt - usingupmyscraps -
quiltingfinesse : Looks so good!❀️
quilter21 - joannatown_for - quiltingwithkaren - loumilton -
First finished quilt top of 2015. Need to settle on a #cottonandsteel print for the back... Mustangs? Arrows? Or do I wait for the new prints and go with the Jacks? Hmmm. I wants them all. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - cottonandsteel -
steffanikburton : This is gorgeous!!!
karlaye : @steffanikburton thank you! ☺️
kristastitched : The jacks! The jacks would be awesome!
karlaye : I think so too @kristastitched πŸ˜‰ thnx!
leilagt : Definitely one of the new prints!
leilagt : AND HAVE YOU SEEN that there will be c&s halloween and christmas prints!
karlaye : @leilagt oh yes. I may as well just give those ladies my debit card and PIN. πŸ˜ƒ
leilagt : Riiiiiight? πŸ˜‚
jillongong - cometgirl63 - rayssewcrafty - melmarilyn -
Emmmmmmmm it's a little bananas but I remember thinking the same about my first scrappytrip and I ended up loving that one so... Full steam ahead. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
arench86 : Whoa. I feel high when I look at this. It's so cool!
karlaye : @arench86 Amanda - maybe you're just high...😜
kristastitched : Love it! Can't wait to see it quilted and bound!
karlaye : Thanks @kristastitched! Trying to settle on a C+S baking... Hmmm...
kristastitched : One from your stash or one to order? If ordering... I say one of the super cool larger scale prints!
kristastitched - miss_booradley - juliehirt - leilagt -
Took a look in my scraps for #instascrapqal! I'm planning a #scrappytripalong and a #scrappypostagestampqal for sure. Possibly a #scrappylogcabinqal. :)
scrappytripalong - scrappylogcabinqal - scrappypostagestampqal - instascrapqal -
mommysew - thequiltingcats - mishamakes - jmhard -
My first block of #scrappytripalong #scrappytriparoundtheworld
scrappytripalong - scrappytriparoundtheworld -
kaceyphotos : I bet you're loving that 1/4 inch foot!
mallorymoore31 - allirheinecker23 - lake_ruth - melportz -
Getting my scrappy trip up on the wall! #yearofmaking #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - yearofmaking -
v_mahmoud1 : ❀️
littlesclothing : Love!
little.stitches - littlesclothing - katysu22 - barbarachainey -
Yes it's so 2013, but I love the #scrappytripalong, it's simple and I'm in a K.I.S.S mood! Plus it's for eBear who was, herself, made and born in 2013, so she is herself #so2013! #happytobesewingagain #eBearsScrappyTripAlong
ebearsscrappytripalong - scrappytripalong - so2013 - happytobesewingagain -
victoriaastevens : Just sent a message to you about this fabric too.
sewcosy : Thanks V! 😘 @victoriaastevens
ibmomof2 - pearlartanddesign - brittonnash - victoriaastevens -
Keeping myself busy with my #worn vignette for this weeks #fjnine @flots_n_jets @aprilsloves Of course vintage sheets feature, but also my childhood Strawberry Shortcake thermos, a favourite Esky, my love of Johnson crockery and my eldest's first 'real shoes' still going strong ten years later on my littlest's feet.. Oh and of course my ever trusty Bernina!
esky - vintageesky - quilting - upcycling - johnsonaustralia - bernina830 - crochet - retrothermos - retrokid - vintagesheet - vintagethermos - fjnine - vintagekid - thermos - upcycle - scrappyquilt - retrochild - vintage - vintagesheetquilt - worn - bernina - patchwork - scrappytripalong - strawberryshortcake - retro - vintagechild - retroesky -
vintageglorybox : #vintage #retro #vintagesheet #vintagesheetquilt #johnsonaustralia #retrokid #vintagekid #retrochild #vintagechild #esky #vintageesky #retroesky #bernina #bernina830 #thermos #vintagethermos #retrothermos #strawberryshortcake #scrappyquilt #quilting #patchwork #scrappytripalong #crochet #upcycle #upcycling
flots_n_jets : Love your nine, that thermos is so cute.
recycledsociety : Esky cool!
ruthrowe : I had that thermos!! Brings back memories of hot soup and milo #notatthesametime Wish I still had it to pass into my daughter!
aprilsloves : What a great 9!! love the thread pulling it together too.. Ops, no pun intended lol. πŸ‘β€οΈ
vintageglorybox : Thanks @flots_n_jets and @ruthrowe!! I used my for chicken noodle soup on cold winter mornings.. My daughter loves noodle soup in hers too Ruth!
vintageglorybox : I love it @recycledsociety and it's in amazing condition.. The kids keep their sewing supplies stored in it!
vintageglorybox : Thanks @aprilsloves.. It's the thread that holds me together some days too!!
ecolovedesign - jussyj69 - nancygomezchambers - pauline.c.morgan -
Look what I found. I think I'll make 3-4 blocks a week until I feel done. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
vickidjl : Yeah, @lauracapello you should make one too. :)
amylouwhosews : I need to pull mine out!
ashlileifson : I love this!
harrisemilymay : Is that "trip around the world?" I was just thinking of making one. I love it.
vickidjl : @harrisemilymay yes, it's called Scrappy trip around the world and the tutorial is on the quiltville website.
undertheeveningstar : I came across mine recently and it's all pieced but I'm thinking I need to make it bigger.
vickidjl : I'm feeling like "go big" for mine. Maybe I have enough lap quilts, or something. @undertheeveningstar
annie.rocks : Love it!
krisallenrunner - sheistherefore - tisheli - kamiemurdock -
#scrappytripalong top βœ”οΈdone πŸ˜€ Thank you @pinkkrystal for the rad layout idea!
scrappytripalong -
pinkkrystal : Looks so great!!
teaginny : Cool effect from the use of value!
kkquilts : Thank you @teaginny! I thank @pinkkrystal for that πŸ˜€
pinkkrystal - oldredbarnco - frustratedquilter - hrckal_thequiltedpineapple -
I am thrilled with this so far! Every time I finish a block of another, say, less desirable project, I make a block for this quilt! It's pretty motivating, I must say! #scrappytripalong #scrappytripquilt
scrappytripalong - scrappytripquilt -
slcquilter : Great reward! Looking good
jacquelynnesteves - mcindoodle - sewdrea - scrappynhappy -
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