We're offering a Scrappy Trip Around the World class on February 18th 10-12AM/PM ($20) In this class you'll learn how to make this classic square with a modern twist, made popular by @imagingermonkey Using the speed piecing technique. This is a perfect stash buster project using all those pesky 2" strips, or six fat quarters. Please bring your own machine. #sew #sewersofinstagram #scrappytripalong #scrappytrip
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Finished the binding on this huge Scrappy Trip quilt this morning. Feeling good that is is now 100% done. Now headed out for a swim in the river behind quilt on this scorching hot day. #scrappytripquilt #scrappytripalong #cottonandsteel
scrappytripalong - scrappytripquilt - cottonandsteel -
goneaussiequilting : @coomahelen Had a small crisis at home. Will tell you when I come next week. I will need the day away!
phylliswhite : Love it, beautiful! : Looks lovely quilt and scenery
sewbeait : Wow so gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️
aquilterstable : Lovely! Was wondering if I could include this photo in a blog post about photoshoots I like?! Let me know - thanks for considering.
goneaussiequilting : @aquilterstable Of course! Thank you😊
aquilterstable : Great. Thank you!
mrs_snags : Fabulous Hiedi
mrs_christine_collins - ivory_spring - beezie_textiles - mimico4652 -
#Repost @sugarpinecottage Sharing this amazing, gorgeous quilt by one of our customers! Vytorus, this is stunning! 😍 ・・・ #scrappytripalong is bound and labeled ♥♥ ready to go along with us to a cabin on Diamond Lake today ♥♥ #thimbleblossoms #bonnieandcamillefabrics #useyourscraps2015 #ilovetosew #ilovesnow #bonnieandcamille
thimbleblossoms - ilovesnow - bonnieandcamille - useyourscraps2015 - scrappytripalong - bonnieandcamillefabrics - ilovetosew - repost -
lizziethequilter : It's beautiful
taunjalynn : Beautiful!!!
scherimanson : Oh would I love this quilt 😍
sugarpinecottage : Thanks so much for sharing @fwfabricstudio that was so sweet of you ♥♥♥♥
fwfabricstudio : We just couldn't resist, @sugarpinecottage ! I'm in ❤️❤️❤️❤️ with this one!
chriss1669 : Oh my!!!! I love it too 💖💕
kingmanquilter : Love love love 💜💜💜
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#scrappytripalong is bound and labeled ♥♥ ready to go along with us to a cabin on Diamond Lake today ♥♥ #thimbleblossoms #bonnieandcamillefabrics #useyourscraps2015 #ilovetosew #ilovesnow #bonnieandcamille
scrappytripalong - thimbleblossoms - ilovesnow - bonnieandcamillefabrics - useyourscraps2015 - bonnieandcamille - ilovetosew -
freda_strydom : Absolutely beautiful 👏👏👏👏👏
live2clickpics : 😍
leeleequilts : What a beauty!!!
zeedlebeez : Wow!
heathergirlut : This is beautiful!!! 😍😍😍
rosaechocolat : Wow!!! Beautiful
angelquilts : Oh my goodness! I'm drooling! It's GORGEOUS!!! 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️
cranberryrosedesigns : I'm looking for B&C scraps and willing to pay for them if you have any. TY
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#Repost @canoeridgecreations with @repostapp ・・・ Head on over to the blog (link in profile) for a step-by-step tutorial on how I mock-up a quilt layout in seconds without having to stitch up all the blocks! ✂️⏰✂️⏰✂️ #canoeridgecreations #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - canoeridgecreations - repost -
quiltfusion -
Head on over to the blog (link in profile) for a step-by-step tutorial on how I mock-up a quilt layout in seconds without having to stitch up all the blocks! ✂️⏰✂️⏰✂️ #canoeridgecreations #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - canoeridgecreations -
tinyglutton : Great tip @sew4mysanity
heytavia : Really?? Okay👌🏻
heytavia : Eeeek! Thank you I've been wondering how they do this!! 😘
amylouwhosews : Smart!
beechtreelanehandmade : Clever! I read your post. I will have to check out that app.
pedalsewlightly : Thanks! I'm going to check that out.
trina_peterson : Awesome!! Thanks for the tip. Check this out @wendyfranczak
bltp13 : Clever! Thanks for the tip! You can also do it with the free app called PhotoGrid. It's not obvious that you can create a grid with more than one copy of the same photo, but you just tap on the photo u want to use nine times. I would never have tried to do it if you didn't post your tutorial, though!
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Inspired by @quiltville_bonnie 's blog post today and Surfside Quilters charity quilts, I pulled out my box of 2 1/2" strips and started making a scrappy trip quilt for charity #scrappytripalong #scrappytriparoundtheworld #charityquilt #sewmyscraps
scrappytripalong - sewmyscraps - scrappytriparoundtheworld - charityquilt -
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Bed makeover ✔️ The light mint whole cloth quilt-ish thing (I guess bedspread would be the proper term, but it looks all happily quilted and textury) is so dreamy! My room looks huge and calm with that blank space, esp changing from that #scrappytripalong quilt - though it looks so nice now folded at the foot. (Though I have some ideas for a new quilt in that spot. It is going to have a very pretty purple.) Is it bedtime yet?
scrappytripalong -
laurabarker7 : OH MY GOODNESS!!! Love, Love Love!!!!
breepickles - callmeq_89 - mandacody - renee_waltham -
Another one quilted, bound, washed and crinkly!!! I love this one! 😍😍😍You can't really see the quilting, but I did the cathedral quilting on it. @kelbysews has a great tutorial that I used! #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
sewbettyjane : So pretty!
natbcounts : It's beautiful!!!
emilykimlee : 😍😍
borda : That needs to be in my house 🙌☺️
tennjenny : gorrrrrrgeous
greenletterday : Love!
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#catsonquilts @trina_peterson on quilts #scrappytripalong
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Love, Love, Love using #picframe to play around with block layout. It's a quick & easy way to see what your over all quilt design is going to look like! ✂️❤️✂️❤️✂️ #scrappytripalong #lsmodernbasics #canoeridgecreations #supersewsunday
lsmodernbasics - scrappytripalong - canoeridgecreations - supersewsunday - picframe -
johannamorton23 : Oh goodness, I love this layout!
craftsncoffee : Beautiful.
scrapquilter : Good tip.
karenlewistextiles : I love it too! And you have to make this!
canoeridgecreations : @karenlewistextiles thank you! blocks half done!!!
karenlewistextiles : So speedy!!
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Super Bowl Sunday seemed as good of a time as any to start a new project. ✂️🏉🤗 #supersewsunday #canoeridgecreations Pattern: #scrappytripalong X @quiltville_bonnie Fabric: #lsmodernbasics X @lecien_fabrics
supersewsunday - canoeridgecreations - scrappytripalong - lsmodernbasics -
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Finally! Quilting time! #scrappytripalong #quiltingbyhand #cottonandsteel
scrappytripalong - quiltingbyhand - cottonandsteel -
r.e.yoder : Pretty pretty!
stephgb125 : Beautiful!
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Got this lively scrappytrip block from @illy60610 Thank you so much for your lovely block (btw... did you meanwhile got mine???). #quilt #quiltblock #12inchblock #quiltblockswap #blockswap #scrappytripalong #scrappytriparoundtheworld #scrappytripbee #scrappytripalongbee #scrappytripalong #scrappytriparoundtheworld #scrappytriparoundtheworldbee
scrappytriparoundtheworld - quilt - scrappytripbee - scrappytripalongbee - blockswap - quiltblock - scrappytripalong - scrappytriparoundtheworldbee - quiltblockswap - 12inchblock -
anuxms : So cute
anuxms - wingsofhope75 - fingerhat - nodsukas -
Endnu 4 blokke klar til min scrappytripalong. #scrappytriparoundtheworld #scrappytripalong #scrappyquilt #epp #quiltno1hmhinze #fabric #quilt #quiltblocks
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The #scrappytripalong is growing. 21 blocks down. This is going to be a perfect picnic quilt for the tiny human. #sewmystash2016 #scrapquilt
scrapquilt - sewmystash2016 - scrappytripalong -
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Så lykkedes det at få lukket kanten 💚💙 #langtrundt#færdigttæppe#patchwork#maskinsyet#hurtigognemmaskinquiltning#scrappytripalong#marianneAspatchworktæppe
maskinsyet - hurtigognemmaskinquiltning - scrappytripalong - langtrundt - patchwork - færdigttæppe - marianneaspatchworktæppe -
beritelm : Lækkert tæppe👍🏻😊
puklundemann : Så smukt 🙏🏼
knudsensanne : Hvor er det fint.
tinefuks : Imponerende arbejde!
bente_s_hansen : Whau det er flot 💚💜💙❤️⭐️
frujensensunikum : Smukt 👏♥️
bypehrhart : WAUUUUUV! Hvor er det smukt! 😀 👍 👌 sikke et flot stykke arbejde 😘
mettemarieandreassen : Du er altså fantastisk..✨👌🏻💙💖
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The latest swap block from the Flickr group #scrappytripalongbee2 If you want to join the fun ....current Google form sign- ups for Round 2 .....can be found at Look for "Rules FAQ" and scroll to the bottom. @terakeeler #scrappytrip #scrappytripbee #scrappytripalong Thanks Tera for this lovely block 💟
scrappytrip - scrappytripalong - scrappytripalongbee2 - scrappytripbee - : 😍👌👌👏👏
terakeeler : Thanks for spreading the word! We would love to have more swappers!
shannonebrinkley : Looks gorgeous 💚
rose_patch70 - quilting_bushgirl - lynwotton - pat.killingsworth -
See @trina_peterson I have another one started too! #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
trina_peterson : Cool! I think i'll have some ongoing as well. I love the blocks - and I have sooooo many strips 😕
andrea.glick - gracie.bredeson - patm_777 - undiscoveredoptimist -
Cut up my remaining #carolynfriedlander fabrics to turn into a #scrappytripalong I like where this is headed
scrappytripalong - carolynfriedlander -
shanlowe : Me too!!!!
sarahlidbom : love it.
sashikostyle : Looks really good!
materialgirlquilts : Perfect!!
leannenwcohen : @deideil - I may have to do this ...
blockandborder : Hope to see more of this!💙
diaryofaquilter : I LUV this!!
ashapatel : This has been on my quilty bucket list! Yours is awesome! Love CF!
quiltfusion - cpeicheff - hart_house_creative - dorset_patchworks -
Got a good start on my #scrappytripalong today. 10 blocks done. Barely put a dent in my strips. 😳 #sewmystash2016 #scrapquilt #bonniekhunter
scrapquilt - sewmystash2016 - scrappytripalong - bonniekhunter -
nickyeglinton : Haha know that feeling but well done on those blocks
wendyfranczak : That looks awesome!
rbriggs1120 : Very cool!!
shaw_sue : That is going to be awesome!
trina_peterson : Thank you!! @nickyeglinton @wendyfranczak @rbriggs1120 @shaw_sue
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Last one for my bee-mate!! #beeblocks #scrappytriparoundtheworld #scrappytripalong #sewingparty #sewinglife #janome #scrapquilt #quilt #quilting
scrappytriparoundtheworld - quilting - quilt - beeblocks - scrapquilt - janome - scrappytripalong - sewinglife - sewingparty -
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Working on one of my Resolution Challenge projects for the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild, a Scrappy Trip quilt. #quiltdesmoines #scrappytripalong #dmmqg
quiltdesmoines - dmmqg - scrappytripalong -
yetanotherusername : Your town is on our 10pm news!
erinmyone : @yetanotherusername Interesting, is it because of the Caucus tomorrow or something else?
yetanotherusername : Just that!
erinmyone : @yetanotherusername it's an exciting time to be here, that's for sure!
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Another#beeblock done!!!!! #sewinglife #sundaysewing #weliketosewtogether #sewingparty #scrappytripalong #scrappytriparoundtheworld
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What do you think of this colorful #scrappytripalong quilt by @thestitchingscientist.. What a great way to get rid of your scraps. #southernfabric #southernfabriccolor #quilting
southernfabric - scrappytripalong - southernfabriccolor - quilting -
2flourgirls : ❤️love it!❤️
lillybelledesigns : Amazingly beautiful!!
kentucky_4 : So beautiful!
virgie567 : Like it, I have fabric to make this.
taossunflower : I love it!!!
this_littlepiggy : @colleenallyson Another great place for ideas.
leeleequilts : Yes! Yes! Yes!
sugarpinecottage : Beautiful
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My #scrappytripalong finished!! I love this quilt!! #quiltsofinstagram
scrappytripalong - quiltsofinstagram -
larmat24 - rayssewcrafty - kimberlowe - carolscrafty -
Bright quilt on a dreary day ☀️ #husbandsholdingquilts #scrappytripalong #blueberryparkfabric #konacotton #fabricfromwestwoodacres
fabricfromwestwoodacres - konacotton - blueberryparkfabric - scrappytripalong - husbandsholdingquilts -
quiltinghermit : Gorgeous, truly gorgeous! 💙💚💙 (And hubby looks tall!)
hanabiquilts : @janburgwinkle Ha! He'll be glad to hear that. I think he enjoyed scrolling the hashtag and knowing other husbands of quilters share his pain. "Just one more photo!"
hanabiquilts : @beviego Thanks, Mom!
hanabiquilts : 💠 Thank you! 💠 @janesquilts @rivergirlquilts @spetzie @dmartinmayhem5
hanabiquilts : Thanks so much! 💙💠 @redcoconutshop @kumiko_ma2da @katebasti
hanabiquilts : 💠 Thank you! 💠 @piecedbrain @elinatemmes @keizerquilts @wendysquiltsandmore @southernfabric @kulazzv @quiltinghermit
blromney : This is so beautiful!💙
samgordo : 🙌
donguri_kororo - cclarkepitt - becalmedsewing - m1chele7 -
Next up: #scrappytripalong - a little late to the game, but better late than never. Went stash shopping today for everything I no longer love (or never did). #sewmystash2016
sewmystash2016 - scrappytripalong -
amysewvt : It's going to be awesome!!
franniecody : Love the quilts but it's time for pictures/videos of John.
wendyfranczak : need more progress pics! :D
wendyfranczak : Also, forgive me, but you have some random stuff in your stash! I think I have no idea how large your stash actually is!
trina_peterson : I think I had no idea how large my stash actually is. 😳 @wendyfranczak
wendyfranczak : @trina_peterson I'm jealous!
appliqueensal - corycats - nickelcreekstitches - christaquilts -
Put these orphan #scrappytripalong blocks to good use today and whipped up 3 small quilt tops for charity
scrappytripalong -
jmtuller : I adore scrappy trips.
craktpot : These are cute but this my fave
amystolz1 - helen_sanders_fisher - kath_hintz - pungo2 -
Put these orphan #scrappytripalong blocks to good use today and whipped up 3 small quilt tops for charity
scrappytripalong -
amystolz1 - pungo2 - cosertejercrear - thimblepleasuresch -
Put these orphan #scrappytripalong blocks to good use today and whipped up 3 small quilt tops for charity
scrappytripalong -
amystolz1 - carsonsa - sewsassy25 - mothersneedle -
All my #scrappytripalong blocks so far. This is so pretty! Sign ups for the next round will open on Flickr Feb. 1st. #quilting #tilkkutyö #scrappytripbee @sewgreenm Sign ups next week!
tilkkutyö - scrappytripalong - quilting - scrappytripbee -
emmaroosa24 : Oikeesti. Ei kovin isoo mut semmosen et sen alle mahtuu
anuxms : @emmaroosa24 150 x 180cm?
emmaroosa24 : Ei sano niinku yhtään mitään.....
saija_elina : Looks good!
tilkunviilaaja : Oi ihanaa että tämä on emmaroosalle mieleinen! En ihmettele.
sewgreenm : Thanks. I put it on my calendar ;)
megaroon477 : These look fantastic together!
anuxms : Yes they do! @saija_elina and @megaroon477
knettycraft - saija_elina - kumiko_ma2da - -
Done! 👊🏼 Something like 10,000 #handquilting stitches (about 12 stitches per square, 864 squares). Full photo once it stops raining.
handquilting -
obsessivequilter : The bird!!!! Have that fabric and am coveting it so far 😂. Beautiful!
jenniferjohnston80 : Truly spectacular!
crumbler : Gorgeous
hanabiquilts : 💠 Thank you! 💠 @sandyvandy2 @katebasti @jenniferjohnston80
hanabiquilts : @crumbler Thanks, Casey 👐🏼
hanabiquilts : @obsessivequilter Thanks! Love the weight of this Echino.
kulazzv : Well done! Beautiful! You finished it very fast 💨😃 @hanabiquilts
hanabiquilts : @kulazzv Thanks, Zehrina!
donguri_kororo - notthebears - naehzimmerplaudereien - atelier_klasse -
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