I couldn't pick just one fabric (or color) for my #scrappytripalong quilt. So I chose 20. As you do. (Which will make 500 different visible fabrics from the front!) #pinkmakesquilts #ilovestuffineverycolor
pinkmakesquilts - scrappytripalong - ilovestuffineverycolor - 4 -
thatswhatlindseymade : I definitely need to make another #scrappytripalong!
sarahmscholz : I made the same decision yesterdayπŸ˜‰good choices @pinksuedeshoe
pinksuedeshoe : @thatswhatlindseymade this is #4 for me. And I still have one more up my sleeve. I think. At least one more. :)
giucy_giuce : Awesome pull!
pinksuedeshoe : Uh, the binding. I should have mentioned that... This is the binding. :)
honeyhillretreat - barbossas_wench - nattyface - melindacrapo -
"Dis is not Christmas enough. Make one with Santas" he declares as he steals it and puts it on his bed anyway #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
flourishingpalms : @breepickles Glad he came through for you in the end!
seaschellquilts : Lol! I'd be equally amused and aggravated if I were in your shoes. I'm working on a Christmas scrappy trip too! β€οΈπŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’š
breepickles : @seaschellquilts oh he's not getting another one, punk! Hell sucker me into pillowcases with Santa at some point. He already has a mini tree with tree skirt. @flourishingpalms ha, at least he makes the bed and leaves it be πŸ˜‰
marci_girl : Ha!
auntiepami : @breepickles didn't he already take your Halloween one ?
breepickles : @auntiepami he did but then he convinced me Santa doesn't like spiders and he NEEDED a Christmas one too.
debpotteringabout - glitterjenni4 - craftypancakes - sewrad -
Plotting... starting this will be my reward for finishing my assignment... Which is due in exactly a week. #fabricfromwestwoodacres #planningaquiltforthebed #needtofindmorefabrictoo #scrappytripalong #heatherbailey
planningaquiltforthebed - scrappytripalong - heatherbailey - fabricfromwestwoodacres - needtofindmorefabrictoo -
jennaappleton : What are you looking for? I have a stack of Bijou/Pop Garden somewhere.
jennaappleton : *bijoux, dyac!
chainofdaisies : @jennaappleton I'm not really sure yet are you looking to destash those?
jennaappleton : There's a lot in my destash box, just let me know when you know :D
chainofdaisies : Oh sounds awesome Jenna, how big are the pieces in your destash box? I looked up that line and I love all the colours.. don't love her lines that have too much purple in them
chainofdaisies : Oops forgot to tag you above @jennaappleton
jennaappleton : @chainofdaisies I'll go through in the morning but most are FQ or larger, maybe some yardage. I have some Freshcut somewhere too.
chainofdaisies : @jennaappleton sounds good, I'd just need fqs :)
poppypoochie - deborah_shawx - thedukesau - sarahwattsjustice -
My Scrappy Trip along quilt with no cat :) #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
themackayway : A rare sighting! Beautiful!
txdesigngal : Gorgeous!
sewtara : What size are those squares! It's beautiful.
rivergirlquilts : Just love this quilt!!!
falleninlovewithquilting : It is gorgeous!
scrapbag : @sewtara they are 2" :)
fraeulein_mona : Wow perfectly! β™₯ β™₯
payleyknits : Mind turned out awful, but I love yours!!
jmm_crafts - tylerjoesmom - pascale8262 - kerrynpe -
Had fun trying to get a photo of my scrappy trip along quilt this morning in the sun with Miss Buffy's help :) #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
scrapbag : @twomoreseconds it's takes ages but it is so worth it, looks awesome :)
scrapbag : @grooverthedog hahahahahaha :)
jennyrennell : She is just gorgeous! Looks like she's giving you kisses while she's posing!
wanderingt : So pretty!!
pjhampton81 : Made one of these and had so much fun doing it.
dragonflystitch : A pleasant enjoyment! 😊
queenbeefabrics : It's gorgeous!!!
kajujean : Gorgeous!
herkyhawk907 - fraeulein_mona - two2cats - mbubloni -
Table basting this morning before everyone wakes up
scrappytripalong -
weshallsew : Very pretty!
alkbg : How do you baste?
breepickles : @alkbg I prefer spray but I'm out so straight pins with pinmoors so I don't get stuck. @weshallsew thanks!
breepickles : @alkbg I'm a dork. you know about the pinmoors lol.
breepickles : #scrappytripalong
alkbg : is it clipped to a table top or counter? Sorry I should have been more specific with my question =) I need to baste a king size and have no where possible to do it. =/
breepickles : @alkbg my cutting table. I use ordinarily office binding clips. I used to be able to do it on the dining table but we got a new table and it's too thick. I like the table to be as wide as the quilt so only length drapes off. Baste the top part, up clip, move down, reclip, baste. Repeat til at bottom. But it's a pain if your table is skinnier than the quilt.
breepickles : And the last king I basted, I had to pile up my living room furniture in the dining room to do.
purpleheartorijennals - christaquilts - studiojujuquilts - solarthreads -
Pile o' quilt ready to bind. But first, the lawn needs mowed.
scrappytripalong -
sqragan : You make me want to make another scrappy trip!!
breepickles : @sqragan dooo it!! @craftyjennifer it's Sunday! Work isn't in the way!
sharonb54 : Where are the instructions for scrappy trip? I've seen so many photos on IG but don't know where to find pattern or instructions. Thank you.
breepickles : @sharonb54 they are @quiltville_bonnie instructions. This link might work but if not google scrappy trip around the world and click on the link that says quiltville 😊
breepickles : #scrappytripalong
sharonb54 : Thank you @breepickles .
alisquiltsncakes : Goodness, you are speedy! It looks lovely!
quiltville_bonnie : @breepickles nice! @sharonb54 the free pattern for Scrappy Trips is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog :)
gnomeangel - theredheadedmermaid - quiltville_bonnie - pintoleia -
12 #scrappytripalong blocks!! They are like potato chips!! You can't have just one!!! #iamaquilter #blissfullife
blissfullife - scrappytripalong - iamaquilter -
likequilting - titavickrey - makemodernmagazine - alisquiltsncakes -
It has begun!!! #scrappytripalong #hmqg #iamaquilter
hmqg - scrappytripalong - iamaquilter -
gogokim : Those are addictive! I hope you do not plan on cooking for a few daysπŸ˜‚
sallykeller814 : @gogokim my fam doesn't really like food anyway! Lol!!!
gogokim : Lol!!!!!!
gogokim : Throw Cheerios on the floor😜
bowlingunashamed - jennaquilts - cre8tivecat - mychaosandcoffee -
30 #scrappytripalong blocks done... But only 24 fit on the wall. Finished up a scrappy backing and arbitrarily added orange. Why the heck not, I say!
scrappytripalong -
josieann86 : Why are yours always so cute?? I didn't even sew my blocks together because I Hated it :(
breepickles : @josieann86 I always make sure the center of each block is the same fabric or same color at least. I think it helps tie them together. Sew your blocks up, lady! If you still hate it, give it away 😊
surfmclean5 : Now I want to make a Christmas one 😊@breepickles
azramom : Looks great!! And love the orange pop πŸ‘πŸ‘
laughterinquilts : Love the white centers!
this_littlepiggy : Love this! After seeing the @poppyprint 's last year it's on my list but have two other Christmas quilts in the works already.
poppyprint : Love the white diagonals!
shad83 - poppyprint - mistyspringfish - sew_into_my_20s -
I'm excited about my#scrappytripalongbee #scrappytripalong blocks! I've received 3 of 5 so far and think they all look great together. Can't wait for the next round ;)
scrappytripalong - scrappytripalongbee -
traeflesher : 😍
greatbritten66 : Looks so great Lee! Wonderful colour choice!
quiltmom4131 - quiltersdream - sarahhuechteman - hohenbrunnerquilterin -
My twin size fmf #scrappytripalong is finally done! I've had the to sitting around for months and I finally got up the nerve to quilt it. I did all over swirls and I'm really proud of he they turned out. The quilting is by no means perfect but it's the best I've done. I love this quilt but I have no idea what to do with it. It'd be the perfect little girls bed quilt. Alas, I'll never have a girl.
scrappytripalong - madewithfabricfromwestwoodacres -
sarahoviatt : I have another one cut. Super scrappy next time. @creativequiltgirl it's the perfect traveling project.
sarahoviatt : #madewithfabricfromwestwoodacres
sarahwattsjustice : Love!
sarahoviatt : Thanks! @sarahwattsjustice
sewnomadic : Great job!!! πŸ‘ this look awesome! I hope my scrappy trip turns out half this good!
sarahoviatt : Thanks! @sewnomadic
annmariesoel : This is great! I really like the border!
sarahoviatt : Thanks! @annmariesoel I'm glad I decided to border it.
breepickles - hidemi.k - flyjamiemoserfly - crazyoldladies -
A little progress on the kid's request #scrappytripalong . I swear this is the last one I'm making! I do sew other patterns sometimes 😳
scrappytripalong -
mrssnippyb : Keep making them @breepickles I love seeing your work!!
kajujean : Yeehaw! Love it! I had to cut more strips for my Halloween #scrappytripalong My math was off by 50 strips! #mentalmathfail
purplepoppydesigns : I love this! Such a great scrappy trip. I love the white placement.
threequilts : I've only made one and it won't be the last !! Love it !!
alisquiltsncakes : But they are so fun to make!
toddlerwithscissors : I'm waiting for the butts.
breepickles : @toddlerwithscissors lol. I found them in a set but they're not a block yet. They were less centered somehow.
yardgrl60 : Pretty!
quiltnutcreations - pitterputterstitch - ktb8293 - jennlee1374 -
It's finally cool enough to sit and sew the binding in my #scrappytripalong but I don't think it will be finished before the guests arrive tomorrow
scrappytripalong -
cnytz51 - megfishc - hb_patchwork - creandidesign -
Lazy day at the park. #scrappytripalong #quilt
scrappytripalong - quilt -
breepickles - petrandaaa -
#scrappytripalong block for R5H2 #scrappytripbee
scrappytripalong - scrappytripbee -
agalinsweden : These are great Crystal!
agalinsweden - evildemondevildog -
#scrappytripalong block for R5H2 #scrappytripbee
scrappytripalong - scrappytripbee -
seelifemarvels : I think this must be mine!!! So soft and soothing.
clynn_brown : Yep - this one is for you! I am glad the colours fit with your other blocks! @seelifemarvels
seelifemarvels : It does, definitely. I'd mentioned to Lizzie, @agalinsweden, that I really like everyone's interpretation of water and sand and how my blocks are reflecting the part of the world of the person who made them.
agalinsweden : I love that too. It's really neat to see the influence of the seasons too, as when swapping with the gals in Australia, where it's winter now.
seelifemarvels - agalinsweden -
#scrappytripalong block for R5H2 being sent out today! I thought the send date was July 31 but see that I think it was supposed to be the 15! And I already received my block all the way from Sweden
scrappytripalong - scrappytripbee -
clynn_brown : #scrappytripbee
agalinsweden - evildemondevildog -
I did a little bit of sewing last night - blocks are completed for #scrappytripbee R5H2. Now it's time to ship them to their rightful owners. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - scrappytripbee -
agalinsweden : Twas a chatty start. I just hope the blocks all go out/arrive. But summer can be tricky. Time sneaks up!
agalinsweden : Love my beachy wildflower one ❀
ml_wilkie : Love them!!
seelifemarvels : @clynn_brown one of these is yours. Can you tell which one?
kim_brackett : Love this!
clynn_brown : @seelifemarvels I love it! Thank you!
clynn_brown : @agalinsweden I received your block already - thank you so much! I am getting yours in the post today and will post a pic!
agalinsweden : @clynn_brown Yay! So glad!
clynn_brown - thislittlebirdshop - kim_brackett - isabelcarjim -
I have to say, i keep falling in love with this quilt. I backed it with a #vintagesheet and love every bits of it. Will be backing my upcoming quilt with vintage sheet too.. πŸ’
patchwork - scrappytripalong - vintagesheet - quilting - quilt -
flourishingpalms : @amira_littlemushroomcap Funny. I remember the days when quilters were told to never back a quilt with a sheet! 😊
amira_littlemushroomcap : I have heard that too when I began quilting but I found no reason yet why not to use. I have washed this quilt so many time and it is still fine and suoer soft!. I guess it depends on type of sheets too. This one is cotton not poly cotton @flourishingpalms..
lorihdesigns : That's a beautiful vintage sheet! And the quilt is awesome too. πŸ˜„
flourishingpalms : @amira_littlemushroomcap Def fiber content makes a difference. Quilters I knew who used sheets were using poly-cotton blend. Yik.
jolovestoquilt : So pretty. I may have to find me some vintage sheets
suedukehayman : Oh how I love vintage sheets! I have been on a quest lately to buy them. I love to use them and love the color!
amira_littlemushroomcap : You should get some..@jolovestoquilt I have a few in stash and woyld love to find more too @suedukehayman
farahlin_ : Love it!
solovetheday - pinkkandy - thepincushion - pattern_jam -
I'm sorry but... That is the most perfect accidental fussy cut ever! Those faces are awesome and it was a complete accident. I stack my #scrappytripalong tubes to cut and this was on the bottom and came out perfect!
htwipit - scrappytripalong -
craftyjennifer : Omg, that's awesome!
urun2bfit : πŸ‘
solarthreads : Looks totally planned! Love it!
auntiepami : Put them on the outer edges, no one will notice there.
purplequiltapotamus : Oh how I love scrappy trip alongs! Your accidental faces are a total win!
josieann86 : Absolutely amazing!!
kim_brackett : Perfect!
fluffysheepquilting : Accidental!?! I'm well impressed!
azramom - keepmeinstitches - annaorduna - thatswhatlindseymade -
Feeling a little better today. So aclittle #utilityquilting is happening here. Slow and steady right. #readytobehealed #scrappytriparoundtheworld #scrappytrip #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - readytobehealed - bigstitchquilting - scrappytrip - utilityquilting - scrappytriparoundtheworld -
keschypoo : #bigstitchquilting
chestnutz63 : Wow, I love colors
beanandt - itsme_papa - pipelotta - rashnupil8 -
Thunderstorms are perfect for quilting! Working on a #scrappytripalong thanks to some adorable scraps I got FFS! #payleysews #pinkandgreen #thunderstorm #sew #quilt #wahm
pinkandgreen - sew - scrappytripalong - wahm - quilt - payleysews - thunderstorm -
payleyknits : Thanks @breepickles And @pinksuedeshoe for inspiring me with your gorgeous quilts!!
breepickles : Love scrappy trips! Pink and green is a great combo too!
payleyknits : @breepickles I thought I was following you on here before but I guess I was just on my personal account! (Josieann86) Can't wait to see your Christmas one!
breepickles : I don't know how you keep up with two accounts!
jessmakes : We are having thunder storms too, but our power is out... No sewing!
payleyknits : Oh no @jessmakes ! I hope it comes back on quick!
jessmakes : @payleyknits it's been out for almost 2 hours - Pizza Hut for dinner!
courtmattoon : So tiny!
breepickles - joyinthestitches - janithom - thewrapgirlnextdoor -
The quilted back of my #scrappytripalong quilt - measuring for the binding now
scrappytripalong -
madeleineroberg - henrys_shed - 4eliz - laurajsews -
Happiness is five Birds of a feather blocks sewn together #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
morrlezlie : I love this fabric!!!
morrlezlie : My Avery just did a hex with the yellow feathers
giveahootnz : So many gorgeous pieces of fabric!!
radishblossoms : Inspiring!
mudbird_ceramics : Feathers!! πŸ™Œ
auntiepami : What fabric is this? It's really nice @debpotteringabout thank you
amira_littlemushroomcap - patchnplay - debs_clark - christa_liz -
Happy happy mail! Thank you @tralyn, @riain, @allisonsews for these magical blocks! All arrived safe and sound today! #pojagiinspired #stashfabulousbee #scrappytripalong #scrappytripbeeblocks
stashfabulousbee - scrappytripalong - scrappytripbeeblocks - pojagiinspired -
lifesrichpattern : Beautiful blocks
riain : Yay!!!! Sorry mine was so late!! 😘
agalinsweden : @riain Not late! Just right! Sorry you got slammed for postage though......
qui1t - bearzbyrozzie - hb_patchwork - lifesrichpattern -
Pressing party later #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
tvanderpol : This will be adorable!
megaroon477 : I love those kids!
breepickles : @megaroon477 me too! I can't remember the line but I got it at I know it came in blue and pink background too. I have some fussy cut for a house quilt later. @tvanderpol thanks!
kim_brackett : This is going to be super cute.
sewbettyjane - sew_into_my_20s - lizmcbrady - kim_brackett -
alright...5 jelly rolls equals almost 5 inches of #scrappytripalong strips! 😜 this should make an 8x8 quilt with two extra blocks! (If my math is right!) πŸ˜†
scrappytripalong -
julze11 : Wow! I can't wait!
mignonnecg : 😱 that's a big stack! I'm excited to see this come together.
goobadesigns : That is awesome, can't wait to see!!!
brodysews - rlhb71 - aagolden84 - jennclayton1 -
this is about to happen! #scrappytripalong #christmasinjulyalong #stophoardingstartusing #katespain @katespain πŸŒ²πŸŒ²πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽπŸŽβ„οΈβ„οΈβ›„οΈβ›„οΈ
stophoardingstartusing - katespain - scrappytripalong - christmasinjulyalong -
hazelstitches : This will be awesome!!
jackiepadeskyquilts : Thanks @hazelstitches ! I'm excited! I've wanted to make one with all these lines together for awhile...I'm finally getting brave! Haha
julze11 : Wow! I can't wait to see this!
alatimer : Haha. My son says epic all the time. It's my new go to.
jackiepadeskyquilts : @alatimer I say it too...probably too drives my hubby crazy 😜
classicquilter : Can't wait to see!!!
nicolajdodd : It's always a Kate Spain Christmas at our house: this is going to be wonderful! x
katespain : Yeahhhh!!!! Go for it girl!!! Can't wait to see!!
amira_littlemushroomcap - msadventure77 - quilterq8 - nicolajdodd -
Making the last four blocks for my #scrappytripalong and watching #harrypotter Fine day Sunday!
scrappytripalong - harrypotter -
deniserumbolz - shellis29 - born2knitnpurl - marelizeries -
Start from weekend quilt retreat #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
bct101213 : Love this one!
breepickles - bct101213 - sophiestitches - jocelynmwood -
Sunday FUNDAY! // all I really want to do today is baste & quilt my #scrappytripalong quilt, but there's too many things on the TO-DO list ahead of this guy. // #canoeridgecreations #finishit2014
scrappytripalong - finishit2014 - canoeridgecreations -
moneikquilts : Love it. I'm slowly working on a batik one
selahmel : Beautiful!! β€οΈβœ‚οΈβ€οΈβœ‚οΈβ€οΈ
aagolden84 : That is a gorgeous scrappy trip!
gingersnapsquilts : Beautiful!!
colourdujour : I love this!
traeflesher : ❀️
hathaleighcottage : So pretty
junkladyvikki : @spermedette1 LOVE this!
micca99 - sapphirememories - maripenquilts - thequiltedvalkyrie -
All five of my #scrappytripalong blocks together.
scrappytripalong -
kellerko : Ohhhhh, love the b&w with a pop
oliversfancy - sjoprice - kellerko - nwest1722 -
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