Yes it's different! And I've just made 10 blocks 😀 Flickr group Scrappy Trip R1H3 Coming your way @scraps125 @quiltingwithcalicos This lot not fans of IG #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
thequiltinghand - nichole_meister - blacktulipquilts - dachshundbrigitte -
Flickr Scrappy Trip R1H2 Coming your way @anuxms @terakeeler @cosertejercrear @mslynn83 @myraculbertson #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
countrymum3 : They all look fantastic @appliqueensal
appliqueensal : Thankyou @countrymum3 Post date is end of Jan but I thought if I did them early I could get Xmas postage ! 😈
cosertejercrear : Amazing Salley! They look great! 😍😍😍😍
appliqueensal : Thanks Mariana yr requested AMH fabrics are lower right. @cosertejercrear 😍
cosertejercrear : Yayyyyyy I was hoping they were mine!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
nichole_meister - blacktulipquilts - cosertejercrear - hohenbrunnerquilterin -
Almost there....#scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
quiltingwithmydog - sarah.abell - hanne.norum.buraas - harthollow -
#lowvolume #scrappytripalong #babyquilt
scrappytripalong - lowvolume - babyquilt -
msadventure77 - janesquilts - ktquilts_ - quiltblossom -
Ready for the wash. A roomy cot size low volume #scrappytripalong for a baby shower gift.
scrappytripalong -
katetherate : Oh that's so beautiful! What a special present, I'm sure it will be treasured.
ktquilts_ : So beautiful!!
ktquilts_ : Isn't this gorgeous @janesquilts !!
annagretheratzer : πŸ‘ŒπŸ» beautiful ✨✨✨
janesquilts : Agreed @ktquilts_ It's stunning @alisquiltsncakes ♥♥
alisquiltsncakes : Oh, thank you @katetherate, @ktquilts_ , @annagretheratzer, and @janesquilts!! I've wanted to make a low volume scrappy trip for a while. It's for a baby that has long awaited and much longed for ❀️
randomlypieced : Such a beautiful quilt!
katetherate - janesquilts - ktquilts_ - janetbryden -
#scrappytripalong bee block for @tiffblakey
scrappytripalong -
shad83 - myfabricobsession - tiffblakey - sewgreenm -
#scrappytripalong bee blocks for @anuxms @brownnoseinc @sewgreenm @budsmam
scrappytripalong -
budsmam : Ooohhh gorgeous!
anuxms : So pretty! And it's fun to wait for happy mail. Thanks!
shad83 - myfabricobsession - candiweinrick - craftyjennifer -
#quilt #quilting #handmade #bonnieandcamille #thimbleblossoms #scrappytripalong #showmethemoda #changzhou #china #modafabrics #silkquilt
thimbleblossoms - quilting - quilt - handmade - bonnieandcamille - modafabrics - scrappytripalong - changzhou - china - silkquilt - showmethemoda -
yuna_v1 : Super cool
x_gggggg : Flawless
amissy_k - backjo0324 - craftybruna - elena_.ignatieva -
I used my quilt for the first time last night, right after sewing the last stitch in the binding. It looks like another freezing day today. #changzhou #china #winter #quilt #scrappytripalong #showmethemoda #modafabrics #bonnieandcamille #thimbleblossoms #handmade
thimbleblossoms - winter - quilt - handmade - bonnieandcamille - modafabrics - scrappytripalong - china - changzhou - showmethemoda -
dalheimn : It looks beautiful Ann
sewlamb - whimsickalcreations - evelynyapwk - lemonteaisland -
I finished my second #scrappytripalong quilt. This one is oh-so-pink. More pictures are on my blog today. #quilt #quilting #SAMQG #quiltalong #quilting #pinkquilt #quiltville #bonniehunter
quilting - quilt - quiltalong - scrappytripalong - samqg - bonniehunter - quiltville - pinkquilt -
lemonjelliestitches : Love this quilt!
reannalilydesigns_jen : Awe, thanks @lemonjelliestitches
lemonjelliestitches - lizardquilts - wonderfilspecialtythread - homemadeemilyjane -
#basicgrey Christmas #scrappytripalong finished! #modafabrics #sewmystash2015
scrappytripalong - sewmystash2015 - basicgrey - modafabrics -
flipflopflapper : Beautiful!!
selahmel : Gorgeous! ✨
rayssewcrafty - strawberryswingstudio - qualityquiltsbytamara - daphne.johnson -
The final stages - hand sewing down the binding on my Scrappy Tripalong Quilt. #quilt #quilting #handquilting #handmade #scrappytripalong #patchwork #thimbleblossoms #bonnieandcamille #modafabrics #showmethemoda #china #changzhou
thimbleblossoms - quilting - quilt - patchwork - handmade - bonnieandcamille - modafabrics - scrappytripalong - china - showmethemoda - changzhou - handquilting -
samanthalhz : Perfect one!
confetticards_ - sonicstitches - pleasanthomepinbowls - sewmariana -
Started a Christmas #scrappytripalong. #showmethemoda #aspenfrost #basicgrey
scrappytripalong - basicgrey - showmethemoda - aspenfrost -
countrymum3 - msadventure77 - windyrisepatchwork - fabricdiva54 -
Basted! I'd like to hand quilt it, so check back in a year. 😜
fabricfromwestwoodacres - blueberryparkfabric - scrappytripalong -
laurie3.14 : If you estimate one year to hand quilt this you will be very pleasantly surprised. I would guess 2 months.
kulazzv : It looks so beautiful and it deserves to be hand quilted βž–βž–βž–πŸ˜‰
hanabiquilts : Thank you! It was a fun way to close out the weekend. πŸ’™ @katebasti @rivergirlquilts @missluella1 @serialquilter
hanabiquilts : @kivascout Thanks for the encouragement! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
hanabiquilts : @laurie3.14 I would be very happy with two months!
hanabiquilts : @kulazzv @bind_quilts @altmears Thanks for the encouraging words! πŸ’™ Hand quilting it is.
nevynevster : Well seems appropriate given you are in Japan! they love hand quilting
beviego : ❣
quiltinghermit - nevynevster - studiosuijker - thecraftyfarmer -
Arranging and rearranging πŸ”²β–ͺοΈπŸ”²β–ͺ️ πŸ”²
buttoncounter : I love this!
itzbyo : I have a feeling you are going to be second guessing yourself even after you are done. I give myself a limit on projects like that. Only 5 try's and then that's how it stays. Deep breath and let it be.
hanabiquilts : @buttoncounter Thanks!
hanabiquilts : @itzbyo I'm not sweating it! Just had fun playing with different options.
nevynevster : Wow. It is truly lovely
hanabiquilts : @nevynevster Thanks!
karenlewistextiles : Just love this!
hanabiquilts : @karenlewistextiles Thank you!
nevynevster - viviquilts - pennylanequilts - tkhiggins6 -
I'm unpacking from the sewing retreat. This is what I achieved in six days along with a secret project (Christmas is coming!) and a bit of teaching. I feel as if I had a fun and quite productive week. The small blocks weren't on my to do list but were inspired by a quilt in a shop visited on the way to Cornwall. #sewingretreat #libertyfabric #libertylawn #useallthescraps #Aurifil #scrappytripalong #farmgirlvintage #doubleweddingringquilt #sewmystash2015
aurifil - farmgirlvintage - doubleweddingringquilt - sewmystash2015 - sewingretreat - scrappytripalong - libertyfabric - libertylawn - useallthescraps -
dahill15b : Very productive!
rabbitquilter : Beautiful!
laurie3.14 : Gorgeous and productive! Most of all it is wonderful that you had fun!
quiltingfinesse : Great combination fun & achieving some great sewing! πŸ’—
buttoncounter : I think I am ready for that secret now...
anniespatchpix : @buttoncounter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It might not be age appropriate........
buttoncounter : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
studiosuijker - fabric_finder - bxh03577 - simonekraling -
Love quilt season! #saynotodoonas #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - saynotodoonas -
jencowell65 : Wow, love it!
michellethequilter : @jencowell65 thanks! It's not my favourite quilt as its really not my style, but I love the fabrics so much - years of collecting Japanese fabrics, and each one has a story and place I bought it! So go figure!
kulazzv - mcmillanjoanne - debbiecarraro - sumoscreativelife -
hey @jennthurston!! look what I finally finished piecing!! πŸ˜‚ and as a side note...exactly how many Christmas quilts out of @katespain's Joy line is too many?! πŸ€”πŸ˜œπŸŽ„β„οΈ #disappearingfourpatch
scrappytripalong - disappearingfourpatch -
jennthurston : My pleasure! Glad the scraps got used for this gorgeous quilt! We are tied, I've made four disappearing four patch quilts as well ☺️
jackiepadeskyquilts : @jennthurston haha! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘―
happyvalleymercantile : 10? πŸ˜‰πŸ£
jackiepadeskyquilts : @happyvalleymercantile haha! Have you made 10, or is 10 the max allowable?! πŸ˜‚
christina.louisa.margarita : There is no such thing as too many! Love that line so much!!
rivergirlquilts : This is lovely
mrs.baas : I LOVE @katespain s Christmas lines. There can never be too many!
katespain : 😍 beautiful!!!
quiltinstitches - litseadreams - keshelaw - ivanarama_28 -
And then there were eight! #sstaquilt #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - sstaquilt -
tina.wright827 : You are quite the zippy one! You've done a lot!
stitcherysewistshop : Procrastinator Super Powers Tina @tina.wright827, there's no end to what I can get done when I'm avoiding washing the dishes. πŸ˜‰
penguinfeats : Me too...i have been doing way too many dishes this week....time to sew first wash later!!
penguinfeats : Love how this quilt is turning out...just the inspiration I need to stop doing dishes!!
stitcherysewistshop : Happy to help Trinia @penguinfeats!
moyersminions - josephm4105 - bethriddick - marymargarettexas -
So I *should* be working on the purple triangle quilt (known as Oblio) since he's a Christmas gift, however I bought some fabrics in @knotted_thread most recent destash. They arrived today and I decided to start a #scrappytripalong because well just because I've always wanted to make one. So here is block 1. #sstaquilt
scrappytripalong - sstaquilt -
tina.wright827 : Lurv! I concur with your reasoning 100% πŸ‘
annettezee : What @tina.wright827 said!
stitcherysewistshop : I'm glad, Tina @tina.wright827 it seemed like sound reasoning at the time!
tina.wright827 : Absolutely. At any time!
stitcherysewistshop : @annettezee great minds!
sairzey : What @tina.wright827 said too! πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘
annettezee - rlchandmade - tennye - solarthreads -
I quilted my #scrappytripalong ! Swirly feathers & variegated thread. I'm so happy it is done. Lots more pictures on my blog {linked in profile}. #coatsandclark #longarm #machinequilting #freemotionquilting #fmq #quilting #feathers #quilt #bonniehunter #quiltville #samqg #sewalong
quilting - quilt - coatsandclark - sewalong - freemotionquilting - feathers - fmq - scrappytripalong - bonniehunter - samqg - machinequilting - quiltville - longarm -
pdc_quilting - thequiltingmill - ccpquilt - dressy_talk -
This wall of fabric is actually the back of my #scrappytripalong! The longest six seams of my life. I think I will call this one Life Ruiner. #modquilting #stitchinnotbitchin #samqg
samqg - scrappytripalong - stitchinnotbitchin - modquilting -
kustomkwilts - ciao2t - cozybychristine - fzr23 -
Stitching up more #scrappytripalong blocks. #singerfeatherweight #paperbandana #cottonandsteel #aurifil
aurifil - scrappytripalong - cottonandsteel - singerfeatherweight - paperbandana -
takellejanae : @bijoulovely what pattern is this??
bijoulovely : @takellejanae it's very similar to the Scrappy Trip Around the World pattern from Quiltville (Google and it should come up!).
josypetite : I love.
andy_la_follette - mishinata - texastripleh - anat_onn -
Finished up this fun #scrappytripalong. Check one Christmas gift off the list. #givehandmade
scrappytripalong - givehandmade -
annmariesoel : Oh it's so amazing!!!!!!
therealbrookebellows : It's beautiful! I love it!
sarahoviatt : Thanks! @annmariesoel @therealbrookebellows
aquilterstable : I'd love to share this photo in my upcoming newsletter. Let me know if you'd be ok with that. Thanks!
sarahoviatt : Sure, you can share it. @aquilterstable
aquilterstable : Great. Thank you! I'll link back to you here...
anuxms - thequiltingmill - precioussweet_p - -
Productive day! I managed to get all the blocks done for another baby quilt ... #scrappytripalong #30srepros #loonlakequilters2015
loonlakequilters2015 - scrappytripalong - 30srepros -
handstitch - needleworknettiebee - sandiannhill - littleandfree -
Pretty sure I'm going to get crushed by the weight of this thing before I finish it. #samqg #scrappytripalong #stitchinnotbitchin
samqg - scrappytripalong - stitchinnotbitchin -
daniellewilkes : You can do it!!
shpyron : @daniellewilkes I am gonna do it! The hard part is over, putting the top together. Just the need to get a back together and then the fun part- quilting! My graffiti skillz will be tested.
daniellewilkes : I did an edge to edge on mine because I wasn't sure fancy quilting would show. You go, though!!
daniellewilkes - toadstoolcrafter - siestasaurus - kustomkwilts -
Coloring party in the sun. #heyenplay
scrappytripalong - heyenplay -
susanlorettasquirrel : What a sweet photo! And LOVE the quilt! Such a peaceful family scene
dheyen : @susanlorettasquirrel Thank you! I try to spend as much time as possible outside because we can't go outside in the summer. It was in the mid-80s today. Perfect for a little sand play and coloring!!
dheyen : @susanlorettasquirrel And the quilt is a #scrappytripalong Scrappy Trip Around the World by @quiltville_bonnie! It's one of my favorites and gets lots of love!
stitcherlw - starryskystitches - owensolivia - y2k961122 -
Another one of these ... 4 of 9 blocks for a baby quilt for my coworker ... #scrappytripalong #30srepros #loonlakequilters2015
loonlakequilters2015 - scrappytripalong - 30srepros -
hathaleighcottage : Really cute
machenundtun : So lovely Paula!
rayssewcrafty - arquilters - felicityquilts - carrie_ellens -
Oh WOW! ❀️ Sums up this beautiful quilt by the mighty talented @euphoria_jessica made with Milk, Sugar & Flower! #love #Repost @euphoria_jessica with @repostapp. ・・・ I finished something!!! I can officially say I was productive at #sewtopiapdx #sewtopia #scrappytripalong #milksugarflower #pennyrosefabrics
sewtopiapdx - scrappytripalong - milksugarflower - love - sewtopia - pennyrosefabrics - repost -
euphoria_jessica : AWWWWW, thank you!! I love it so much, can't wait to quilt it!
sewbittersweetdesigns : Crazy beautiful @euphoria_jessica
quilttaffy : Love!
ellisandhiggs : it's amazing!
farmgirlpearls : oh geez, I love this scrappy quilt.
beckyparzy : How beautiful! Love the colors!
kyh_9107 - awayupnorth - margaretvchappell - hazelandvis_quilts -
Sewing at Quilt Camp with @conniedegroot and @angela.marie.b. ❀️ #scrappytripalong #paperbanana #cottonandsteel
scrappytripalong - paperbanana - cottonandsteel -
noodlehead531 : 😍😍😍 quilt camp!!!
noodlehead531 : And this is going to make an epic scrappy trip!!
jaceynotjc : Fun!!!
rivergirlquilts : So lovely
emily_dennis_ : Have fun! Great fabric choices for a scrappy trip:)
heykatielou - petalsandpins - a_craftycleverness - oldsoulhomemade -
I finished something!!! I can officially say I was productive at #sewtopiapdx #sewtopia #scrappytripalong #milksugarflower #pennyrosefabrics
sewtopiapdx - sewtopia - milksugarflower - scrappytripalong - pennyrosefabrics -
jaybirdquilts : Nice!!! I remember you working on this at my house!
euphoria_jessica : @jaybirdquilts miss your face!
elealutz : Oh my gosh, Jessica!! I melt! This is so awesome! xx ❀️
kelleybrooks : I l😻😻😻😻😻😻VE this one!!!
heytavia : Seriously fabulous 😘
jjmikkel : Your quilt is stunning!! Would you mind sharing what pattern you used?
sewbettyjane : You were so productive, woman! Loved sewing with you all weekend!
magpiestitches : Gorgeous! Love those colors and that setting!
cumbrianlongarmer - emimamy - tilkunviilaaja - mss.gulucuk -
I want to redistribute the yellowy greens on the right, but you get the idea. Quick fun. #fabricfromwestwoodacres #blueberryparkfabric #scrappytripalong
fabricfromwestwoodacres - blueberryparkfabric - scrappytripalong -
laurie3.14 : This pattern is very addictive πŸ˜ƒ
hanabiquilts : @katebasti @kumiko_ma2da @kulazzv Thanks, ladies!
hanabiquilts : @elsabean Oh good, that makes me feel better. They were just kind of screaming at me. πŸ˜„
hanabiquilts : @laurie3.14 I can totally see why everyone (but me) made one a few years ago.
elsabean : I made 4 ~ it was sort of insane of me.
hanabiquilts : @elsabean Wow!
rivergirlquilts : Not sure how I missed this. I love it. It is so gorgeous 😍😍😍 Beautiful Meg
hanabiquilts : @rivergirlquilts Thanks! You are going to love these fabrics.
quiltinghermit - kanakofukatani - honeyhoneyrose - masaro_55 -
Yeah, that will do. #fabricfromwestwoodacres #blueberryparkfabric #scrappytripalong
fabricfromwestwoodacres - blueberryparkfabric - scrappytripalong -
hanabiquilts : @laurie3.14 Thanks! I've never done a trip along. I scrolled back to your recent one when deciding whether to make white diamonds throughout but I think alternating saturated/unsaturated is all the order I can manage.
hanabiquilts : @spetzie Thanks! Another project for my WIP pile, couldn't resist.
laurie3.14 : That is a great plan!
sewfreshquilts : Looking good! ❀️
rivergirlquilts : This is gorgeous Meg. Such a great use of these amazing fabrics πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
hanabiquilts : @sewfreshquilts Thanks Lorna!
hanabiquilts : @rivergirlquilts Thanks Debbie!
squeeze_cuddles : Gorgeous colours
kanakofukatani - honeyhoneyrose - thimblesandneedles - quilts_in_texas -
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