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What my Friday night looks like-the last of my Christmas sewing. Almost done...and then the wrapping begins. 😳😬
scrappytripalong -
weenchaweena : That's beautiful! Make sure you tag your sewing this weekend #stitchessleepover . you could win some prizes.
redrainbootshandmade : Is this a scrappy trip?! I love it. And am kinda amazed at you being able to give something like this away!
purplepoppyquilts : @redrainbootshandmade thanks! This is my third scrappy trip. I kept the first one I made, put the second one on one of the beds at our family cabin in central Oregon and this is the latest. #scrappytripalong
redrainbootshandmade : Wow!! I still want to make my very first one! What size are you making these (or how many blocks?). I bet that family cabin bed is pretty perfect with one on it. ❀️
saracecilquilts : Wow!!!!!
aqua_paisley : That looks gorgeous! Who wants to wrap gifts when you could be sewing instead πŸ˜‰!
shequiltsalot : Love!
muru_nyyti - shequiltsalot - morrlezlie - stitchandcloth -
Quilted!!! #scrappytripalong #scrapquilt
scrapquilt - scrappytripalong -
bluebeehive : It's stunning! So calming too!
sippingteaquilts : @bluebeehive I'm loving this one so much that if I end up selling or gifting it I will make another for me.
strawberryswingstudio :   
ktbugdesigns : Love this scrappy quilt! ❀️
nickyeglinton : Ooh it looks lovely ! I never seem to manage to make LV quilts but I do love looking at them
belloquacity : Yummy!!
winstonlittle : @makeupmel
makeupmel : Can't wait to finish mine @winstonlittle
livingforquilting - winstonlittle - annagretheratzer - crazyquiltlena -
Round 7, hive 5 #scrappytripalong blocks done! On their way next week! @budsmam Sheila, yours is bottom left--hope you like it!
scrappytripalong -
budsmam : Its gorgeous!!!
quiltswithpersonality : Gorgeous blocks Megan!! 😘 @megaroon477
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Love this #scrappytripalong block from Julianne! So fun!
scrappytripalong -
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I've been helping my mum out tonight by quilting some of my sister's Christmas present. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - catsonquilts -
juicyredbee : What a stunning and cheerful quilt! ❀️❀️
artandstole : This is one outstanding scrappy trip-along! You are so sweet to help.😊
coomahelen : I love this quilt, on my todo list
nonstopquilter : L O V E❀️!
quiltville_bonnie : You did a fab job on it! So fun to look at!
amparodequintero : Hermoso
cidneebear : Beautiful quilt, and cute kitty!!
bernbea : Beautiful 😍
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Yup. A micro #scrappytripalong for the #igminiswap #merrygroup #cottonandsteel #somanyhashtags
scrappytripalong - merrygroup - somanyhashtags - igminiswap - cottonandsteel -
amseckman : Best seam ripper ever!
kristastitched : @amseckman @rhodygrl13 my only complaint it that the cap doesn't really stay on the back end very well!
kristastitched : @sarahmgoer they'll be 3/4" squares in the finished quilt! I've done 1/2" before so this isn't quite as bad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
kristastitched : @karlaye oh that will be so awesome! Can't wait to see how yours turns out.
kristastitched : @fairlymerry It took me an hour to unpick five blocks worth... Mostly because I'm an idiot who forgot to up the stitch length, but also because I need glasses 😭
kristastitched : @lorihartmandesigns I sure hope so!
fairlymerry : @kristastitched I hate when I forget to change the stitch length for something. Or I moved the needle position for a zipper and then don't move it back before sewing again
poppyprint : Can't wait to see it!
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Top and backing ready to become a quilt Tuesday. What should I use for binding? Forgot about that part. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
missemilytaylor : Red something!
pdxannie - tusherau - merickson718 - oldredbarnco -
Trying a new binding technique on my #cherrychristmas #scrappytripalong quilt - I like it!
scrappytripalong - cherrychristmas -
triostitch : That's awesome!
robotmomsews : Omg!!! I love it!! I may have to copy u later! 😻
daisycottagequilting : I love that!!
sewpsychd : Love love love !!
janemonkstudio : It is a wonderful way to bind with big stitching I did a table topper this way earlier this year, I love the look of it
annoriginal265 : Love this.
rebthack : I love it! I may go back and add a running stitch to the binding I'm doing now!
rebthack : Thanks for the inspiration!
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Give #handmade. This one is for a special girl! #robertkaufman #scrappytripalong #noodlehead
scrappytripalong - handmade - noodlehead - robertkaufman -
wonderwool.it : Wow like it!
threegr8kids - quiltnwife - laurabcaleffi - jenn_lambkin -
@loveoldhouses the 4 FINISHED ones I am not bringing for showntell #stlmqgwow
stlmqgwow - tulapink - scrappytripalong - spellitwithmoda - summersamplerseries -
xomadewithlove : #spellitwithmoda #summersamplerseries #tulapink #scrappytripalong
glshelley : Cookin' with gas, girl!
erinmclaury : 😍 you are brilliant.
rea_jen : I love the 2 alphabet ones!
lakeikalei - erinmclaury - blueskycrafter - reneselt -
Basted! My least favorite part. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
sewbettyjane : Agreed! It's a beautiful quilt!
katiegilleysews : Gorgeous! Great job @honeyguide !!
kittyblk : Ack! That was fast! Love. Love. Love. 😍😍
honeyguide : Thank you! 😘😘😘 @willowwispcottage @partyofeightourstory @katiegilleysews @kittyblk @sewbettyjane
honeyguide : Hilarious. @iamkateyz
laurigro : Beautiful quilt! Basting. Is. Hard. 😯
quiltbliss : Fantastic.
belloquacity : Love it!
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Yippee! It looks so vintage! Now to put them together. @thepatzke hopefully be ready to ship next week. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
nickyeglinton : Looks so pretty
happyfunalyssa : I love it!
thehohnstreiterohana : Yes it does give off a vintage vibe...love it!
cyclingjanes : Thank you! @nickyeglinton @thehohnstreiterohana
cyclingjanes : Thanks Alyssa! Looking forward to the event Saturday. @happyfunalyssa
mlnoland1 : β€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’—πŸ’—
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Unusually grey LA day. Storms are on the way! Perfect weather to bind this huge flannel backed/wool batting filled #scrappy tripling
scrappy - scrappytripalong -
lesbontemps : #scrappytripalong
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Scrappy trip finished and ready to be gifted.
scrappytriparoundtheworld - finishit2014 - rebeccasrags2014projects - scrappytripalong -
rebeccasrags : #scrappytriparoundtheworld #scrappytripalong #finishit2014
rebeccasrags : #rebeccasrags2014projects
sunnyincal : Love the colors!
wanderingt : Love!
leilagt : I want one!
rotor_bolt : I'll pay you for it.
rebeccasrags : @rotor_bolt you won't have to, but you may have to fight someone for it. Just don't tell her it's a surprise :-)
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Getting close to the toe snuggled under my lovely quilt #knitting #improvsocks #knitpicks #felici #scrappytripalong
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trollkoenigin - lileab17 - concrete.sheep - minnehahafiberworks -
So after all the cattle pictures I decided I needed to show you a finish. I finished quilting the first of two #scrappytripalong last night. My two nephews never received a quilt when they graduated HS as I didn't quilt at the time. Binding and label is on, just need to hand stitch it. #dreamorient #handiquiltersweetsixteen @quiltersdream #sweetsixteen
dreamorient - scrappytripalong - sweetsixteen - handiquiltersweetsixteen -
sewbeait : Fabulous job!!! ❀️
hrckal_thequiltedpineapple : Love! You need to show a pic of the whole quilt so people can see how cool it looks!!!
corfekelly : I agree with Linda ... the quilter pineapple lady!
crossstitchruth : They will be so pretty.
quiltersdream : Awesome! What a fun quilt!
naniquilts_julie - basima71 - phylliswhite - hrckal_thequiltedpineapple -
It's growing. Just 9 more blocks. #scrappytripalong #hadleyfabric
scrappytripalong - hadleyfabric -
kjarchows : Looks great!
selfsewn : Lovely colours!
karlymariemc : SO pretty!!!
fun_with_fibers : How cool.
hoosiertoni : So pretty! I really want to make one of these quilts but I admit that I'm not the biggest fan of making the blocks. Yours is great!
cyclingjanes : Yes the blocks are pretty boring to put together. @hoosiertoni I get distracted about every 30 min
sandycass156 - windingbobbins - olivesgrove - quiltersdream -
She's back! Lol. Maybe this will be the year that I finally finish my Christmas themed #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
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I'm trying to get my #scrappytripalong quilted but Emmalee has other ideas. #catsonquilts #lilacpointsiamese
scrappytripalong - lilacpointsiamese - catsonquilts -
melciescraftyhands -
Still quilting away - more than halfway done now πŸŽ„ #cherrychristmas #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - cherrychristmas -
chainofdaisies : this looks so good!
robotmomsews : ❀️❀️❀️
jujuspatch : Beautiful!
adrianneonthewindyside : @chainofdaisies @robotmomsews @jujuspatch thank you!
kel_jh : Gorgeous!!
coasttocoastquilting : Looks georgous xxx
rivergirlquilts : Looks lovely. Colors are perfect
toonie2 : So pretty and colorfulπŸ’•
spike_niederhauser - handarbeitmagic - mbsherbon - rejaneportobastos -
#Repost from @emmajeanjansen! Loving her Scrappy Trips! Free pattern found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog. http://quiltville.blogspot.com #quilt #quilting #patchwork #quiltville #bonniekhunter ・・・ Buffy testing out the new scrappy trip along quilt top that mum finished yesterday. Mum isn't impressed but she will leave it on a bed! #catsonquilts #scrappytripalong
quilting - quilt - patchwork - bonniekhunter - scrappytripalong - quiltville - catsonquilts - repost -
emmajeanjansen : Scrappy trip alongs are my favourite!!
cbowers101 : Love it! I'm working on a scrappy trip right now. I almost typed trippy scrap. πŸ˜‹
redandgreenquilts : I need to make one of these
quiltville_bonnie : @cbowers101 that's better than typing Scrappy Crap which I've done a time of two! Ha!
quiltville_bonnie : @redandgreenquilts yes you do!
cbowers101 : @quiltville_bonnie I guess depending on the fabric used it could be any one of the three.πŸ˜‚
pbquilting - theresaanncallahan - craftypinkcreations - patchworkbypaula -
#scrappytripalong #hadleyfabric it's taking longer than I thought! Maybe Eli will take a nap today?! #wishfulthinking
wishfulthinking - scrappytripalong - hadleyfabric -
lcleekball - tennjenny - taracceleste - sfredett -
Back to this fun little project. Almost forgot I had started it πŸ˜… #scrappytripalong #sweet #swell #beeinmybonnet
beeinmybonnet - sweet - scrappytripalong - swell - scrappycrossroads -
marquittashop : 😍
hazelstitches : Gorgeous! ❀️❀️
elletaylor7 : Darling!!!
gigglequilt : Love it @idaroellchen @sassimo70
sassimo70 : Me too @idaroellchen @gigglequilt
auntieselby : @eatcakegraphics
kivascout : Love this!
rjrfabrics : Awesome design
kikimatzi - emily_dennis_ - cutiepinwheel - trout1010 -
Hello old friend, I still have this love/hate relationship with you, perhaps a wash, basking in the sunshine and a finish in the tumble dryer will help. #quilt4ofthedayforthewash #scrappytripalong #lovethefabrics #toobusymakesmyheadhurt
quilt4ofthedayforthewash - scrappytripalong - toobusymakesmyheadhurt - lovethefabrics -
9patchnurse : It's lovely!
indiannadreams : Wrap yourself up in it when it's freshly washed and hopefully you will feel better about this beauty 🌸
tizerandtings : I know what you mean--try 😎! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
tizerandtings : By which I mean I've made a couple eye-wateringly busy quilts so I get you 😁
sewcharmed : It's beautiful πŸ’•
willowbeckdesigns : It is pretty but not your normal style ;)
kel_jh : Oh its just beautiful!!! πŸ˜πŸ’“πŸ‘
quiltnutcreations : πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ
nostalgiaquilter - shop.crmade - gingerscribble - rivergirlquilts -
I don't feel like messing around with the Christmas tree this year, but i can at least still be a little festive with my Christmas quilt i made from bee blocks last year! #threadbias #triparoundtheworld #christmas
scrappytripalong - triparoundtheworld - threadbias - showmeyourchristmasquilts - christmas -
riddlingwhimsy : #scrappytripalong
riddlingwhimsy : #showmeyourchristmasquilts
cmclemmons68 - devotedquilter - dreamclouds_and_palmtrees - silber_wolke -
Almost done sewing all of my #scrappytripalong blocks together but I got burned out towards the end. Just 4 more to go. I think it's going to be pretty cool.
scrappytripalong -
kittyblk : The next step will get you motivated again. Keep going! It's going to be very cool.
honeyguide : @kittyblk Thanks babe! I think I can finish the top this week, it's just a matter of when my backing fabric will get here. I ordered it last night.
m_albertson : One of my favorite patterns even tho it's simple to make. It's so addicting to see what every square will look like!
honeyguide : @m_albertson It is addicting! I am having to exercise patience though. Some blocks I don't love as much as other. Just keep reminding myselfs it doesn't have to be perfect, it's supposed to be scrappy.
honeyguide : Lol. The "s" on myself ended up in the wrong place. I was trying to add it to "other". @m_albertson
honeycombdesignco : Love this. I have never done a scrappy trip along. Maybe after the other 9 quilts on my list are done (so it may be a few years). Ha ha
traceyjayquilts - quiltstorymeg - krlovestoots - m_albertson -
Here we go. Time to chain piece the heck outta these. #itsgoingtobesopretty #scrappytripalong #hadleyfabric
itsgoingtobesopretty - hadleyfabric - scrappytripalong -
tennjenny : you are quick!!!
keptforeverquilting - pdxannie - withakquilting - nestedinstitches -
Buffy testing out the new scrappy trip along quilt top that mum finished yesterday. Mum isn't impressed but she will leave it on a bed! #catsonquilts #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - catsonquilts -
mmboss2014 : Lovely!
fignutmum : Love it
rebeccarodgersnc : Why, oh why do cats feel the need to spread their hair on ALL their subjects - I mean owners - things? Lovely quilt!
littleredhen08 : Good morning, Buffy - I think your presence on the new quilt can be regarded as the official seal of approval!
wonderbunniedesigns : Omg adorable, lookit that liddle face
emmajeanjansen : @cats_of_instagram
robyninthestix : Chrissy approves most of my makes. I have to keep her from softies though - she tries to murder them and put a hole in one of them
quiltville_bonnie : Great Scrappy Trips! Thank you for posting!
juttashomeart - debo_slater_bug - barbarawasr - penguins_n_squirrels -
"What do you mean, you don't need my help?" It never fails, put a quilt down to baste and at least one kitty will decide it's a good place to have a sit. #catsonquilts #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - catsonquilts -
melciescraftyhands -
Went down to throw in a load of laundry and I may have "had" to sew this #scrappytripalong block together.
scrappytripalong -
kittyblk : Yay! Keep going. U r gonna love it.
honeyguide : @kittyblk I made 4 more! I am loving it. 😊
kittyblk : Highly addictive. And one of my favorites.
honeyguide : @kittyblk I just thought it would go faster. Silly Christmas deadlines. I am liking it though. The whole thing is low volume and pastels.
kwhits13 - pinprickedfingers - krlovestoots - honeycombdesignco -
In my next video tutorial, I will teach you how to quilt with the assistance of your cat #justkidding #ivycat #catsonquilts #scrappytripalong #cherrychristmas
justkidding - scrappytripalong - ivycat - cherrychristmas - catsonquilts -
adrianneonthewindyside : @jaffaquilts yeah you can tell she's only just tolerating my rudeness in moving her quilt around!
adrianneonthewindyside : @mhunters_ you know that's what she's thinking!
adrianneonthewindyside : @liketosew there's just something about cats and quilts!
adrianneonthewindyside : @littlebluecottage always! 😼
retiredtoquilt : This could be one of my cats too!
yenlogirl : Like the "project manager"! Mine job share between the 4 of them.=^.,.^=
notes_of_sincerity : Oh my goodness! This is so cute!!
robotmomsews : Buwaha! That is some serious talent!
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Time for some Christmassy quilting! #scrappytripalong #cherrychristmas
scrappytripalong - cherrychristmas -
adrianneonthewindyside : @cloverandviolet2 thanks! I hope so too!
elletaylor7 : πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’š
quiltcrazy : Aaaa this is so dreamy!!!
robotmomsews : ❀️❀️❀️!
jenschultzfamily : Aneela fabric? It reminds me of her work
adrianneonthewindyside : @elletaylor7 @quiltcrazy @robotmomsews thank you!
adrianneonthewindyside : @jenschultzfamily yes it is!
jenschultzfamily : Awwww. And it's such a lovely project also. :)
yulia_hand_made - pbquilting - gingerscribble - ashleighrosehandmade -
Getting so excited for these colorful fabrics to become a quilt! It's somewhat slow going with my current schedule, but I'm giving myself the time to work on this project here and there to avoid holiday burnout. #HolidaySanity #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - holidaysanity -
haylsknits - fiberandfabric - laraneel - willowrose0816 -
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