I've been bust making blocks for my #scrappytripalong the last week. I can't decide if I like it or not. My scraps are too random. I'm afraid it's turning into a scrap vomit quilt. #toorandom #scrappytrip Opinions???
scrappytrip - scrappytripalong - toorandom -
gigisthimble : Looks good from here! Keep going! I felt the same way but now I like mine.
mrsjbarclay : I think you need a plan. Like making sure the darkest print is the diagonal line so that when you put them together it carries it. The right two do that but the left one not so much. Just keep seeing!
mrsjbarclay : *sewing
kim.catacutan : I'm sure it will turn out great! Scrap quilts are awesome. You could always add a thin white border around each block.
misnettamarie : @quiltbliss alternate darks and lights
kwilter100 : I agree with @mrsjbarclay I don't think it will look like scrap vomit if you consistently keep your darks in the same row! I think it's looking great!
josiegriff - andreatemp - jillmiskin - oldredbarnco -
I figured out how to make the #scrappytripalong block make a repeating pattern with 3 colors in the quilt. This is going to happen before the end of the year, I hope. And I really need EQ7 or something like that. πŸ˜‰
scrappytripalong -
stitchoutsidetheditch : I have an old copy of EQ 7 for windows you can have. I use a Mac now. I have loaded it onto 1 computer but I think it comes with 3 licenses.
thequiltingmill : Really @stitchoutsidetheditch Elisa? That would be amazing!
sarahjwheelwright : For anyone looking for an alternative, I like inkscape, which is more like illustrator but freeware. It was pretty intuitive to learn, though I still only know basics
thequiltingmill : Thanks @sarahjwheelwright that's good to know!
cherrytreecottage5 : You could use mine!
thequiltingmill : @cherrytreecottage5 thanks for the offer, but it's a bit of a drive!
mischief_unmanaged - myquiltdiet - bentetove - strange_stitches -
@emileemasson I'll get these sent out today #havendgs #dogoodstitches #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - havendgs - dogoodstitches -
emileemasson : So pretty! Thanks!
swayinglightss - nestedinstitches - jaceynotjc - xxnicke -
That's more like it. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
kimberlyreed - janiceee410 - lovelylefae - kevinputz -
That is not what a #scrappytripalong block is supposed to look like.
scrappytripalong -
megmormel : Kinda close.
breepickles - laurel_langworthy - rayssewcrafty - ispeakmellorian -
Almost finished quilting my #scrappytripalong Freddy Mercury has been singing "I want to break free" in my head for the last 10 minutes.
scrappytripalong -
msbrite : It's gorgeous!
lesbontemps : Thx!😘 @msbrite
elizakenan - elisabew - natalieleppard - orangeknits -
I'm finished. And I LOVE IT!!! Like love love love.
quilter - finished - quilting - quilt - scrapquilt - iloveit - triparoundtheworld - scrappytripalong -
therealdianagrimmer : #finished #quilt #quilter #quilting #scrapquilt #iloveit #triparoundtheworld
mrpeterjacob : I love it!
andyssister : It came out great!
kristen_hassell : Awesome!
therealdianagrimmer : #scrappytripalong
lauren8888 - legs_benedict - dolcequilts - ambsimon -
Trippy Around the World quilt is finished. I did a orange binding because really when else us a orange binding appropriate?
quilting - quilt - trippyaroundtheworld - triparoundtheworld - scrappytripalong - trippy - quilter - finished - orange - trippyaroundtheworls -
therealdianagrimmer : #quilt #quilter #quilting #triparoundtheworld #trippy #finished #orange #trippyaroundtheworls
therealdianagrimmer : #trippyaroundtheworld
therealdianagrimmer : @sewshabbyquilting
debihen : Really looks nice
therealdianagrimmer : #scrappytripalong
trippy_views - missyxoxo13 - howe_ashley - andyssister -
Taking a Sunday drive to the apple orchard in Wisconsin with the family πŸŽπŸ‘§πŸŽπŸ‘¦πŸŽ & hand stitching the binding on my #scrappytripalong, too! βœ‚οΈπŸ’›βœ‚οΈπŸ’›βœ‚οΈ
scrappytripalong -
karianneholt : Beautiful quilt😊
kholland : Stunning!!!!
sewgoclimbing : Gorgeous πŸ’œ
swimbikequilt : Excellent
melind24 : Sounds like a perfect day.
jacklynngt : Beautiful! I cut a strip of every fabric in my stash....didn't like the mix. Seeing yours makes me want to start over.
kimberlyjohnson789 : Working on this as well. How many blocks did you use?
wannabequilter : Looks fantastic!
nostalgiaquilter - ktbugdesigns - rashnupil8 - mariushygge -
Playing around and checking out color values. I added a few more really dark ones, after this pic. I've got a lot of cutting to do, people!πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚Good thing I just bought rotary blades!πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ#denyseschmidt #fabriclove #missionscrappytrip #scrappytripalong #scrappytrip #scrappytriparoundtheworld #blackandwhite #colorvalue #fabric
scrappytriparoundtheworld - missionscrappytrip - fabric - blackandwhite - scrappytrip - denyseschmidt - fabriclove - scrappytripalong - colorvalue -
peaceloveandquilts : @rainbowkelf Workin with these dreamy fabrics is EXCELLENT motivation!πŸ˜‰
peaceloveandquilts : @buttonsandbutterflies Um, yesss!!
rainbowkelf : I bet! Can't wait to see your quilt. Please take lots of progress shots for all us DS fangirls. πŸ˜‰
peaceloveandquilts : @samanthaleeolsen Can't go wrong with these fabrics, right?!?
rainbowkelf : LOOK @bluebeehive!!! 😍😍😍
bluebeehive : @rainbowkelf I just died and went to DS heaven!!!
rainbowkelf : LOL @bluebeehive. πŸ˜‚
craft_addict : A DS scrappy trip? Awesome!
alexouq - threadedquilting - solovetheday - gingersnapsquilts -
Sewing for fun, I forgot how good that feels. βœ‚οΈπŸ’›βœ‚οΈπŸ’›βœ‚οΈ
scrappytripalong - finishit2014 - canoeridgecreations -
nanaofck : Love the color in this. Would like to create my own in this same bright style.
kim_thegirl : Gorgeous!
spetzie : I so need to make one of these....looks amazing!!
tifray : Scrappy trip has been my most favorite quilt to make! Love it!
diaryofaquilter : Seriously! My goal is to do more sewing for fun this year. πŸ˜‰
212sews : That came out great!
shequiltsalot : This is so pretty ❀️
mmboss2014 : So pretty
porcupinestew - feitocroche - elizabethmarypoole - ponpondaisy -
I honestly can't remember the last time I sewed JUST FOR FUN. So today I'm giving myself a couple hours to do just that...then it's back to work. βœ‚οΈπŸ’›βœ‚οΈπŸ’›βœ‚οΈ // #canoeridgecreations #berninausa #finishit2014 #scrappytripalong
berninausa - finishit2014 - canoeridgecreations - scrappytripalong -
ml_wilkie : Love it!!
twomoreseconds : Yay! Scrappy trip along finish's all around!! Mines getting the binding hand sewn on right now!
colourmehappy88 : Taking time to sew just for fun, will be rejuvenating for you. πŸ‘
mylifeisfull7 : I had an etsy store once and it took all the fun out of making stuff for my girls. Too stressful filling orders in time. Thinking about making stuff for fun and then Selling it as in stock ready to ship.
stitchsew - moetion66 - ingunn56 - quirkygranolagirl -
Last two borders on my #scrappytripalong making it 80 x 80 #gettingthingsdone #lowvolume #scrappytriparoundtheworld
scrappytripalong - gettingthingsdone - scrappytriparoundtheworld - lowvolume -
colourmehappy88 : So pretty
poppypoochie : Lovely!
cloverandviolet : I put similar borders on mine, I love how it turned out! Love the low volume too!
fabricandflowersuk : Beautiful!
fun_with_fibers : Very cool. .love all the low volumes.
nickyeglinton : Subtly beautiful!
malmesburyjen : So lovely. Can't wait to see it finished.
alisquiltsncakes : I'm so looking foreword to seeing the finished product!
littlemix4321 - sallyannie74 - vivvo11 - sew_into_my_20s -
Put out my Fall colored #scrappytripalong 😍
scrappytripalong -
bearzbyrozzie : Gorgeous
siemsstress : I keep staring at this quilt. I just love it!
sarahkrothe : Love the teal/green in this.
hexiekat : Beautiful!
crazymomquilts : Oh, goodness, that's pretty!
kittyblk : Ahh. These just don't get old😍😍
crispykristin : Beautiful! Love the crinkles.
jesschendry : I really like the quilting!
artfulife - krotheye - kamiemurdock - belsiemckay -
Look what came back from the quilter today!!! #scrappytripalong This quilt is so beautiful!!
scrappytripalong -
yohelton : Wow!
sarahkrothe : Beautiful!
yardgrl60 : Uh oh!!! Love love love!!!
mylifeisfull7 : Thank you! I looked it up! Sounds amazing and a great way to use my latest amy butler jelly roll!
aqua_paisley : Love it!! 😍
saunderschronicles : It sure is! Beautiful!
kindercompanie : So pretty!!
yleosabrina : So so so so so pretty!
kaliebridgel - sewmelove - sara.oe - sarahwattsjustice -
The good thing about a scrappy quilt is when you lay it all out, notice two flipped blocks and think... Mehhhh. Doesn't matter in the least!
scrappytriparoundtheworld - retrosheets - modernquilt - shabbychic - vintage - retrosheet - vintagesheetquilt - vintagefabric - vintagefloral - vintagequilt - vintagehome - retro - modernquilting - scrappytripalong - vintagesheet - vintagesheets -
vintageglorybox : Thank you @nattygai! Can't wait to see what you create!
vintageglorybox : Thanks @poppysnest!! They finish at 2" each square :)
poppysnest : Wow, quite small then! Great for scraps indeed.
revampedglamour : πŸ’πŸ’™πŸ’πŸ’™πŸ’πŸ’™πŸ’πŸ˜
vintageglorybox : It's a #scrappytriparoundtheworld block @poppysnest so uses 2.5" strips if about 16" from memory..
vintageglorybox : Thank you so much @revampedglamour!
kaylott : Beautiful! πŸ‘
vintageglorybox : Thank you so much @kaylott!! You'll have to try one :)
revampedglamour - giucy_giuce - moetion66 - fullsuitcase -
#scrappytripalong #lookwhatimade #quilt #quilting #sewing
scrappytripalong - sewing - lookwhatimade - quilt - quilting -
krzyqltr : Nice
marieklink : @krzyqltr Thank you
__roob__ - kerochan96669 - lisa_moeshelley_sexsmith - madeleineroberg -
#fmsphotoaday #faveword #quilt #scrappytripalong #lookwhatimade #sewing
faveword - scrappytripalong - quilt - fmsphotoaday - lookwhatimade - sewing -
jonie123 - ellenklink110 - krzyqltr - dr__al -
This a whole new experience for me...... It's the first time I've used an unpicker and it doesn't mean that I've stitched something incorrectly! #scrappytripalong #flowersugar #lecien #30srepros #prettyfabrics #sundaysewing #patchwork
lecien - flowersugar - prettyfabrics - patchwork - scrappytripalong - sundaysewing - 30srepros -
grooverthedog : Lovely soft colours x
benningsarah : Gorgeous colours!
sarahedgarprettyfabrics : Thank you @grooverthedog and @benningsarah xo
vintagegreyhandmade : Lovely fabrics!!
sarahedgarprettyfabrics : Thank you @vintagegreyhandmade xo
tan4962 - origamiartes - thesweetviolet - joanschnig -
#Scrappytripalong baby size backed in cosy orange dot flannel
scrappytripalong -
annie.8 : Love the orange dot flannel
gamza321 : Lucky recipient πŸ’›
ceccyc - kazagram - gamza321 - sewandsews -
Lots of #scrappytripalong blocks to play with tonight!!
vintagesheet - quilting - vintagehome - retrochildren - vintage - vintagesheetquilt - vintagefabric - vintagefloral - retrosheetquilt - vintagequilt - scrappytripalong - retro - modernquilting - retrosheet - vintagesheets - makeitsewcial -
revampedglamour : πŸ’™πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
vintageglorybox : Oh thank you @embaandscouty! They are all ironed now and ready to lay out and pin pin pin...
vintageglorybox : Thank you so much Ms. Deborah @revampedglamour!!
vintageglorybox : Ohhhh and I've been making these too @allison_sadler_ #makeitsewcial..
amira_littlemushroomcap : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
sewist53 : These are so pretty!!!β€οΈπŸ’•πŸŒΉ
vintageglorybox : Thanks @amira_littlemushroomcap! I seem to be enjoying a lot of purple so far this spring..
vintageglorybox : Awwww thank you so much @sewist53! I'm pretty happy wih how they are coming together!
ecegoktay - foundvintagehomewares - sewist53 - thisislullaby -
Omg‼️The #sewing 🐝🐝 has bitten me...#scrappytripalong #quilt #quilting #fabric #create #handmade #pslife
quilting - quilt - create - sewing - handmade - scrappytripalong - pslife - fabric -
lusciouslaurene : @blkjackroxy I wish it would bite me!
blkjackroxy : @lusciouslaurene lol you want to get stung 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝
sadeghilily - quiltingwithkaren - pattern_jam - amygann -
We've actually been using this #scrappytripalong on the bed only 75% quilted and unbound for about a year as a "back up" on colder nights. Matt who never complains has asked multiple times for me to finish it because "the safety pins are cold and make me nervous" #finishit2014
scrappytripalong - finishit2014 -
waterpenny : Anyway its done Matt is safe from safety pins!
alli518 : I just laughed out loud ;)
ramonarose : My hubs is terrified of safety pins on quilts too!!!
northjacolina : That is the best quilt story! Too funny.
jomamasews : This is amazing :) I love you, Dana!
jomamasews : Pregnancy is making you so motivated!
tmason1116 - ramonarose - alli518 - northjacolina -
First of my Halloween #scrappytripalong blocks. I'm going with a black print through the middle of all the blocks! #leadersenders #halloweenquilt
purgequilt - scrappytripalong - halloweenquilt - leadersenders -
gekko22 : Love it!
piecefulkwilter : πŸ‘ nice!!
kajujean : Thx @gekko22 @piecefulkwilter having fun!
kajujean : #purgequilt
kritta22 - piecefulkwilter - nat2005 - beanniequilts -
You know you must be sick, when in the middle of the never ending HK summer, you find yourself shivering under a #homemade #quilt. And you are still cold. I don't have time to be sick πŸ˜”
quilt - homemade -
raspberryrainbow : Yes! The quilt was making me smile. And also making me want to sew more quilts @kympiezphotographydesign 😝
raspberryrainbow : Thanks lovely @cat_beloverly. Still working on it 😁
raspberryrainbow : Thank you for all your lovely get better wishes @_measuretwice, @dandelyne, @zippyzippy, @jessicaquilter and @orangelady 😘
raspberryrainbow : Thank you for the well wishes @jillaaay and @hathaleighcottage 😘
geekamour : Aw honey. :( Steps don't matter when you are poorly! If I were sick I'd be in bed alllllll daaaaaay loooooong! ((Hugs)) xx
raspberryrainbow : I know. I know. But the internet reception in my bedroom is rubbish 😜. So I've been lounging on the couch. But I can't sit still. Not got at sitting down. @geekamour
raspberryrainbow : What are you doing up so late Miss? Go to bed! @geekamour 😘
geekamour : I'm in bed hehe!
josomerville - weebumpy - pattern_jam - annabelwoolcott -
Faye sharing her wild and whimsical #scrappytripalong Scrappy Trips top! Free pattern found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog http://quiltville.com #quilt #quilting #patchwork #quiltville #bonniekhunter #ontheroad
bonniekhunter - scrappytripalong - quiltville - quilting - quilt - patchwork - ontheroad -
southernquilter : Love her expression !! And the quilt top!!
traceyquilts : My #1 favorite of all your patterns @quiltville_bonnie ! Fabulous for using up everything.
synnove75 : I love the scrappy trip quilt! I've made it twice! This one is very very cool😍
knitquilts : Love it! I have two tops with this pattern and need to make one more, so all my children have one.
susanc269 : Yet to do mine but it's sitting there on the back burner waiting patiently
slcquilter : Love scrappy trip!
cmmcbride - laugaritio - selmafreitas12 - eyecandyquilts -
Taking a little time to sew for myself today. #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
shawnharrel - abugator - husar - husar71 -
Finally piecing the quilt top together, I love this part!! #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
lissy80 : @vermillionbeth 2", but there's a cool method to piece them together using strips 2 1/2 by 16"
vermillionbeth : @lissy80 amazing! Love it Liss! :)
sscook1 : Wow! I love it!
lasticht : Amazing! You are so talented!
kellimarieg : This looks amazing!! I LOVE quilting, but this looks too time consuming for me;)
brookemillar10 : You're amazing! It is beautiful!
caseyclips : You go girl!
andreasummerhays : Wow! That is a work of art! Gorgeous!
smills1 - whitneynorman - jenkohler89 - kellimarieg -
Just 4 more little lines to quilt! This thing is SO heavy with all the thread and seams and fabric! Remind me to never quilt 1.5" apart again on a scrappy trip! #tmssews #scrappytripalong #scrappytrip #quilt
scrappytrip - scrappytripalong - tmssews - quilt -
pinksuedeshoe : I did the same thing. But once I finished going one way I decided that was good enough and stopped. :)
leedledeedle : But it's lovely! You have the binding, right?
vchristenson : This is really beautiful :)
karareber : But it will all be worth it when you're done!
laurigro : Beautiful!
emiline246 : Love it
epitworth : It's so beautiful!
vintageglorybox : Looks just stunning so all worth it!!
duskie13 - hiromiquilt - azbukakhimki - brendadelea -
Hope I can finish it this weekend #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
mollyjackdfers : Looks fabulous. Scrappy quilts are my favourite. Alas I gave my machine packed away ATM as my 2 year can't be trusted anywhere near it!
iquiltalot : Awesome!
livingforquilting : Wow!!
katheleenbaker : Gorgeous!
ankater : Wow
pbquilting - livingforquilting - rayssewcrafty - curlyquesue -
Spending my Sunday evening working on Christmas Wheels embroidery snuggled under my #scrappytripalong. Why must the weekend come to an end?
scrappytripalong - bunnyhilldesigns -
christinedoiron : #bunnyhilldesigns
kaliebridgel : So way cute.
anutscrap : That looks very fun!
susansantistevan - kaliebridgel - quiltsforthemaking - maggiecoloradomakes -
Quilting this beautiful client quilt today makes me want to make another Scrappy Trip quilt.
scrappytripalong - quiltville -
lorena_in_syd : Is this your one @sancurls ? Fabrics look familiar ;-)
sancurls : @lorena_in_syd yes indeed, good spotting, and to think I'm at work πŸ˜‰
lorena_in_syd : @sancurls wow you're like a ventriloquist a quiltriloquist?
goneaussiequilting : @sancurls @lorena_in_syd :). I would like to follow you Sandra, but IG isn't letting me for some reason??? Nearly ready to send back to you!
sancurls : Oh how exciting, I don't know how I didn't see this post, lucky for @lorena_in_syd and her snooping lol no idea why ig isn't letting you ...
goneaussiequilting : It wouldn't let the follow button come up, just kept spinning around but now it works! :).
goneaussiequilting : @sancurls πŸ‘†
sancurls : We are now IG friends yay us πŸ˜‰
jennab124 - misstaziarae - arniep77 - jujuferrdf -
What quilt do I need to make to hang on the back of the chair at the desk in #wecallthisourlibrary ?? I have some charms squares that would work well in here for a throw size.
scrappytripalong - wecallthisourlibrary -
jrm0501 : I'm in love with the #floweringsnowball pattern right now. You make one since my right foot is out of commission, okay? πŸ‘
auntiepami : Love the doors
buttonsandbutterflies : @simplyhappierthanabird the room is literally an octagon. Three sets of French doors with only one that opens. Arches. Little windows and above each set of French doors are windows to let light into the foyer. A decorating NIGHTMARE.
buttonsandbutterflies : @jrm0501 ohhhhh. Good choice friend!!!
partyofeightourstory : I think your chair needs a Liberty throw quilt! Beautiful space you have.
meringuedesigns : Where's the quilt rack from? Love!
buttonsandbutterflies : @partyofeightourstory ohhhhh. Maybe!
coasttocoastquilting : Beautiful room what rocks your boat re psttern ? Sure it will be lovely xx
tillwequiltagain - loristangler - niniquilts - kais_nana -
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