This is the 10th and last round (that I'll be hosting). Sign ups are in the Flickr Group! #scrappytripbee #scrappytriparoundtheworld #scrappytripalong
scrappytriparoundtheworld - scrappytripalong - scrappytripbee -
corinnea - elianazerbinatti - ronyatamiko - hohenbrunnerquilterin -
Finished an old wip. Finally actually having a quilt of my own, gifts for others always have higher priority #scrappytripalong #scrappytriparoundtheworld
scrappytripalong - scrappytriparoundtheworld -
nillefunch : Hvor er det bare mega flot!
kimfrymoyer - thatkanegirl - nillefunch -
Finished Hello Darling #scrappytripalong! I followed @kelbysews instructions for 8x8 blocks from a jelly roll, for 20 total blocks. I'm completely in love with this one and can't wait to send it off to @onconnorshill for quilting! #bonnieandcamille PS--yup, that's totally an outhouse shed in the background. Because I'm in Alabama and a renter (if I owned, that thing would be long gone!)...
scrappytripalong - bonnieandcamille -
strawberryswingstudio : Love that quilt!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I live in Georgia and had a shed just like that growing up👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼
kelbysews : So pretty! I still need to see my blocks together!
jaceynotjc : It's lovely!
onconnorshill : I can't wait to see this person!
classicquilter : Love it! And an outhouse?! 😂😂😂
marquitta_quilts : I stand by my previous statement. BEST QUILT EVER!
ymk0327 - fergusonstreetquilts - patchcreatures - marquitta_quilts -
#scrappytripalong getting ready to put these beauties together ♥♥ #bonnieandcamille #thimbleblossoms #useyourscraps2015 #bonnieandcamillefabric
bonnieandcamillefabric - scrappytripalong - thimbleblossoms - bonnieandcamille - useyourscraps2015 -
threadsonmysocks : Love it! Beautiful fabrics going to make a gorgeous quilt!
joycelyn.anderson : Have you seen the cathedral windows blocks. I wonder where you can get the checkered buttons
snowangel16 : @joycelyn.anderson no I haven't but I can look it up? You could try googling checkered buttons ♥♥
snowangel16 : @hobodogquilts @ceciliaannmartin @sklambrix thanks so much!! I have wanted to make this quilt for awhile now ♥♥
snowangel16 : @blingnmorebling yes working interferes with my sewing time lol and I will see you in the morning ♥♥
snowangel16 : @melloyellows1 the mini quilt is looking soooooo cute!! You are going to love the look ♥♥
snowangel16 : @aqua_paisley and @threadsonmysocks thank you!! I am going crazy over these blocks ♥♥
mommy2lu : I've gotta make one of these quilts!
evanskc7 - mlsewingblog - kaemkasa - sterlingquiltco -
FINAL LAYOUT! Now to sew it up... Tomorrow... #scrappytripalong #bonnieandcamille
scrappytripalong - bonnieandcamille -
quiltnutcreations : This makes me want to do another
classicquilter : Love it!!!
elizabeth_chriviaduncan : This is one of my all time favorites!
sixlittleducks : @sewsabrina look at this beautiful quilt!
sewsabrina : @sixlittleducks Love it! I've been wanting to make a scrappy trip along forever!
sunshinequiltstudio - fabric_woman - sopa_de_telas - quilty_carlie -
All of my blocks are finished! Anything stand out in a bad way? #scrappytripalong #bonnieandcamille
scrappytripalong - bonnieandcamille -
hibiscusblossomquilts : Love this! The only thing I notice is more red towards the bottom than at the top.
thequiltranch : Looks awesome
onconnorshill : Looks perfect!
lotusgirl76 : @shutterbugmal looks fantastic 👍🏼 how big are your squares?
shutterbugmal : They are cut from a jelly roll, so 2" finished @lotusgirl76
classicquilter : Looks great! I would move the block that is 3rd row down, 3rd from the left more towards the top to spread out more of the bold red... But it looks amazing regardless!
strawberryswingstudio : It's fantastic ❤️❤️❤️
strawberryswingstudio - mylyons86 - xarissajardine94 - misserincrafts -
Ta Dah!!! Bound, washed and ready to be gifted!!! My first #finishedquilt2015 - the #scrappytripalong quilt measures at 72" x 60", a generous lap sized quilt and I can't wait to present it to my dearest sister tomorrow 💝. Have a lovely weekend everyone! 😊
scrappytripalong - finishedquilt2015 -
barabra : Amazing! 👏
sandraprout : Stunning
finallysewing : Just stunning!
michellemeames : So beautiful! Great job😀
jenniferhoes1973 : WoW awesome!!
hathaleighcottage : Gorgeous quilt
mybearpaw : What a beautiful quilt!! Such happy colours!
nickyeglinton : Lucky sister ! Her quilt is a beauty
tejidosdecolombia - z.siamaknezhad - mano0olawwad - intambo_yarn -
Don't these blocks look great together? Sadly I didn't win the block of the month at #capitalquilters today. @adrianneonthewindyside comes up with the ideas each month, and everyone who makes one goes into the draw to win them all. I might have have to make my own version of this one day. #capitalquiltersblockofthemonth #capitalquiltersbom
capitalquiltersblockofthemonth - scrappytripalong - capitalquiltersbom - capitalquilters -
rivergirlquilts : Gorgeous
grannymaudsgirl : They look amazing!
claire.nomura : Beautiful😊
stephiepeterson : We do that, too bits fun, isn't it. I have never won either.
wendysquiltsandmore : @annette__california_stitcher you sew strips together and then cut them across and arrange them correctly. You unpick the end pieces and move them to the front. It's not as fiddly as it looks.
design_goddess : Looks fantastic, gutted that I did not win it
wendysquiltsandmore : @design_goddess it did go to someone who wasn't there, but it wasn't you sorry.
llordshea : Gorgeous!
karenthediyaddict - creativefuse - lilaumstead - mariacmakeit -
Just got this back from my lady in town who free motioned this with little flowers. It's so hard to photograph these colors accurately. They are vibrant but the sun is trying to wash them away. #konacotton #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - konacotton -
red_eyed_studio : Awesome! I just started one of these. How big is your quilt?
imagingermonkey : Yup. Still want to come and steal this
leeannjperry : @red_eyed_studio These are 2x2 inch squares, this pic only shows about the top half of the quilt. It's grossly 108x 96".
red_eyed_studio : It's beautiful!
atooz : Amazing!
kalynrenae : So in love with this!! Beautiful!!
acoates16 - klaveritt - cmm1004 - carefreegorgeous -
Having so much fun making this quilt! But why is it when you make a scrap busting quilt the fabric pile does not disappear?!! 😳😎😀 #SAMQG #scrappyquilt #scrappytripalong
samqg - scrappyquilt - scrappytripalong -
lesliejenison : Fabric reproduces when you aren't looking. I'm sure of it
lesliejenison : This is gorgeous BTW
debra.lou : @lesliejenison I am convinced this theory is true! 😂
teachyoungkids : So beautiful!!
annagretheratzer - teachyoungkids - earlymorningquilter -
In love! 60 to go! #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong -
pianoprof - saykayquilts - downtownquilter_allie - prettylittlequilts -
SO CLOSE!!!! Four more blocks and I can finish this!!!! @onconnorshill any interest in quilting this? Backing won't be here 'til early next week, but I know I want the double loops... #scrappytripalong #bonnieandcamille
scrappytripalong - bonnieandcamille -
onconnorshill : Ummmm....let me think about it.........YES!!!! 😂😂
amarillosun4 : I love it!! It's really coming along beautiful!!
fabric_woman : Gorgeous!
eroomkb : So pretty!
reithahall : Awesome 😍
classicquilter : Love this!!!
nonisloves : ❤️❤️❤️BEAUTIFUL!!!
masaro_55 - fabric_woman - roojapayam - littlesewitall -
A variation of #scrappytripalong or #triparoundtheworldquilt. These are 4 of 16 diamonds to make a queen/king size. #quilt #addicted #konacotton
addicted - scrappytripalong - konacotton - quilt - triparoundtheworldquilt -
red_eyed_studio : So pretty!!
red_eyed_studio - vine2 - raynedays - coryalyse -
I'm pleased to say that the #scrappytriparoundtheworld quilt made it from Moncton to its new home on Skeleton Lake in #muskoka where it will hopefully keep family and friends warm for years to come #cottagelife #scrappytripalong #scrappyquilt #modernquilt
muskoka - scrappyquilt - scrappytriparoundtheworld - cottagelife - modernquilt - scrappytripalong -
dstilesphoto : @barthy222
buffbill23 - haileyindallas - ilcaloredelleali - the_hens_boutique -
Woooo the hand piecing is finally done. #teamshoppershaz #handpiecedminiquiltswap. Saturday my mum is taking the babe out for the day so I can sew. This one will be quilted and bound and #bbcmasterpieceswap will be quilted and bound and @cathyewbank I will be finishing off my #scrappytripalong blocks too. Sorry to everyone for the delays. #superherominiquiltswap and #onehourbasketswap @my_crafty_corner was posted on Tuesday. By Monday I will be caught up on all the things that need posting.
superherominiquiltswap - onehourbasketswap - scrappytripalong - bbcmasterpieceswap - handpiecedminiquiltswap - teamshoppershaz -
patchyroses : Lovely!
cathyewbank : This is lovely 👏👏
cosmoscami : That is completely amazing! I can't even…
sew_much_havoc : WOW! I don't know where you find the time or energy with a full time job and a toddler to look after. You go girl 👏👏👏
donnamselwood : Thank you @erinlynnphoto @cathyewbank @soshesews @patchyroses @cvitron @cosmoscami and @sew_much_havoc. Amie I literally utilise every minute Xander is asleep to sew and having a cleaner frees up so much of my time meaning Xander and my sewing machine get more mummy time Lol!
shoppershaz : It is beautiful 😍. Let me know when it gets in the post.
sew4sanity : It's amazing!
mojoeret4 : Wow!
mariposaquilts - cathyewbank - nerdymcstitcherson - katrinahodgson1969 -
My first #scrappytripalong . Fun! #redeyedstudio #quilt #quilts
scrappytripalong - redeyedstudio - quilts - quilt -
leeannjperry : They are addictive. I started a second king size recently. They only take me 3-4 weeks bc I get so obsessed!
soapstone_quilts - nichole_meister - brooklynquiltingco - kurlytp -
Half way through #handsewing the #binding to the back... #scrappytripalong
handsewing - scrappytripalong - binding -
laurie3.14 : Such a beauty! Congratulations!
rivergirlquilts : This is such a beautiful quilt. I love all the amazing colors and fabrics. Great job on completing this on schedule 😍😍 Your sister will love it
beanniequilts : Fabulous
farahlin_ : Thanks so much @niniquilts and @bind_quilts - sorry but I can't remember but it's definitely not from the two designers you've mentioned...I got it abt 3 years ago and failed to make note of the designer nor manufacturer!!! 😐 I got some remnant but the label was already cut off during it's basting stage thus I have no recollection what line it's from.
three_owls : Moving right along!
niniquilts : I'm the same @farahlin I don't even know what my all time favourite fabric is called 😏
bind_quilts : No worries @farahlin_ :-)
woncynti : My favourite part of the process 😀
morino.kira - jungae.kim0202 - sara_jaehyang - eacox24 -
Someday, this will be king sized... Anyone wanna swap some blocks with me? #scrappytrip #scrappytripbee #scrappytripalong #scrappytriparoundtheworld
scrappytrip - scrappytripalong - scrappytriparoundtheworld - scrappytripbee -
tiffblakey : @mamamoto9903 Absolutely!
fbell1 : This is gorgeous. Have to make another one. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
fbell1 : @mj_inparadise this is what I was talking about ages ago with the scrappy trip quilt. This is perfect.
caligirl_78 : Love it!
juliehirt : Have I sent you one yet? I'll send another!
tiffblakey : @juliehirt I don't think we've ever actually been in the same hive!
juliehirt : I have your address, any color preference for the center!?
tiffblakey : Sweet! I need more yellows and greens. @juliehirt
jeanaschaaf - ktstitches - cosertejercrear - julieschloemer -
Remember the #scrappytripalong quilt top I shared sometime last year!?! I finally got it quilted!!! I wanted a stippling design on this and since I have no experience in fmq, I sent it to my LQS about a month ago to get it done! This came home with me this afternoon and I'm so pleased with the end result... binding next! 😊
scrappytripalong -
sewsocrazy : Stunning!
farahlin_ : Thanks so much @marysdugan and @sewsocrazy! I've machine attached the binding last night and my goal for today is to stitch the binding to the back by hand. ☺️
three_owls : Gorgeous. Love the saturated color.
janesfabrics : It's a gift! Oh she will love and treasure it always! 😍
nieza_ali : So colourful.. nice
tab128 : I'm sure she will love it every bit as much as you 😘
finallysewing : Looks beautiful!
fionitta : Gorgeous 💗
fefo8890 - emmadamay14crochet - mano0olawwad - betty_chobi -
#scrappytripalong This one has a bit too much pink... But what are ya gonna do? 6 of 20 blocks, each one is 18" sq. #quiltville #bonniehunter #samqg #pink #quilt #cottoncandy #barbie #pepto #sewalong #quiltalong
pink - pepto - quilt - barbie - quiltalong - sewalong - scrappytripalong - cottoncandy - samqg - bonniehunter - quiltville -
q0lden.0re0s : @aeropostvle
colleeneskridge : I love it jen...but the first one has my heart. :-)
reannalilydesigns_jen : @colleeneskridge I like the brown one better too. Maybe this pink-machine will grow on me.
colleeneskridge - quiltmom4131 - patternsbyannie - pattern_jam -
Middle layer of the #scrappytripalong #libertylawn blue quilt is silk. I use two layers of pure silk, because one isn't quite enough. When you're working with Liberty- only the best will do. Also - its like quilting into cloud! Lots of smoothing and pinning in my immediate future
scrappytripalong - libertylawn -
bearsville50 : Wow. Impressive! 👏👏😀
kay_haydon : I would love to try the silk, where can I purchase it please😍
katejacksontextiles : @kay_haydon there is a website called silk route - and I first met them at the Festival of Quilts two years ago - I buy it mail order now because I have never worked with anything so beautiful- it's a bit thin for a big quilt like this, so I use two layers - fine for cot quilts to use just one, but that extra over a huge piece is worth doing I think
katejacksontextiles : @kay_haydon -tell them I sent you!! 😊
kay_haydon : Thank you, will let you know how I get on😊
llordshea : Think I need to try this, too!
katejacksontextiles : @llordshea it is very lovely to work with, has a fabulous drape and is light as a feather. ☺️
ruthc2607 - miyako_sante - bluehexagons - buttonaday -
I have acres of this Hera #libertylawn for the back of the #scrappytripalong blue quilt. It is so lovely - a real treat to work with such sumptuous fabric. #handquilting
scrappytripalong - libertylawn - handquilting -
kay_haydon : Lucky you! Liberty or voile is definitely the way to go for hand quilting.
dittanym : Great choice!
jet.blaq.designs - izy_sewbusy - gatiyatovagn - bluehexagons -
Morning all, my week is going to be full of BLUE as progress continues on this #libertylawn #scrappytripalong #handquilting wait till you see what I got for the back!!
scrappytripalong - libertylawn - handquilting -
laurie3.14 : This is so beautiful 💙💙💙
zedlesley - patchaesthetic - miyako_sante - bluehexagons -
#scrappytripalong day two. Had a hellacious day at work. Found solace in sewing. Life is slightly better now. Yay, pretty fabrics! #bonnieandcamille
scrappytripalong - bonnieandcamille -
marquitta_quilts : This is possibly my favorite quilt ever.
sew_joselyn : I love this! Did you use a jelly roll to make this beauty
shutterbugmal : @sew_joselyn i used two! With @kelbysews minimal waste technique, it should end up being about 64" x 80"
haileyindallas : How long are you cutting your strips then since this is different from the original? I really like this and have 2 jelly rolls ready to go!
shutterbugmal : @haileyindallas I'm cutting the jelly roll strips in half (2.5 x 22). I piece 8 of them together, attaching all of the pieces down the long side to make a tube. Then, I cut the tube into 2.5 inch segments (8 total). The blocks come out at 16.5 inches square, and the tube is left with about an inch on each end leftover.
shutterbugmal : Hope that helps, @haileyindallas
haileyindallas : That helps a ton @shutterbugmal! Before this convo I was going to either have to get a 3rd roll or have a small quilt with a bunch of spare. I really appreciate your time ☺️
colourmehappy2 : This is gorgeous!
ozzyhound - afsaneh_sey - mwzeh - marquitta_quilts -
On my way home from my brother's I called by #standfastbarrack (I hope that's a tag) to get the #libertylawn for the back of my blue Liberty #scrappytripalong - what absolutely lovely staff! This is manager Mark who pinned my quilt top up for everyone to see while I chose more fabric. What a great place - it's a factory shop on the edge of Lancaster. One of my favourite places #happy #monday #ineedahaircut
standfastbarrack - scrappytripalong - libertylawn - monday - ineedahaircut - happy -
llordshea : Your quilt is beautiful!
katejacksontextiles : Thank you @llordshea - this one Is a whopper - about nine foot square! I can't get far enough away to take a pic of all of it!!!
piaaasdegn : This is so Beautiful <3
katejacksontextiles : Thank you @piaaasdegn - I think Mark the shop manager blends in beautifully!!
bevdau : Lancaster, PA ?
piaaasdegn : He sure does :0)) @katejacksontextiles
katejacksontextiles : @bevdau Lancaster, Lancashire, England!!! 🇬🇧 you need one of these ✈️!!!
bordertart : Great pic of all three of you!
carole_knits - patchaesthetic - evaullrich - zachraphhair -
Progress thus far. I'm apparently at the point of drink where my hubby is yelling, "you better not play with the rotary cutter!" Silly hubby--I have much experience with the rotary cutter after drinks. #scrappytripalong #bonnieandcamille
scrappytripalong - bonnieandcamille -
thecursivequilter : Oh wow!!!
mischief_unmanaged : Awesome
kelbysews : 😂😂😂🍷
shutterbugmal : @kelbysews 🍸🍹🍶🍹🍸
fabric_woman : Love your fabric choices! 💟 💟 💟
amarillosun4 : This will be fun to watch! I have all that same fabric and I'm waiting to see if a scrappy trip is in the future for me! Keep us posted on the progress! Looking awesome so far!
classicquilter : 😂😂 loving this!!
grameex2 - emily_dennis_ - pearlsandprim - susanrikin -
I blame @kelbysews... #scrappytripalong #bonnieandcamille
scrappytripalong - bonnieandcamille -
elizabeth_chriviaduncan : Wow. That is very pretty.
kelbysews : I'll take the blame!
elizabeth_chriviaduncan : Vivi needs a bigger quilt...........
bernadette_27 - strawberryswingstudio - elizabeth_chriviaduncan - marygoffin1 -
I've added my asymmetrical borders to my #scrappytripalong quilt. It turned out 64"x80"- much bigger than I anticipated with the strips I had. #samqg #sewalong #quiltalong #stashbuster #fabricscraps #quiltville #bonniehunter
fabricscraps - quiltalong - sewalong - stashbuster - scrappytripalong - samqg - bonniehunter - quiltville -
kimberlyotts67 : Beautiful
reannalilydesigns_jen : @kimberlyotts67 Thanks!
suziequilts - colleeneskridge - sew_joselyn - earlymorningquilter -
Change of plans, I like this better. #scrappytripbee I think this will be my favorite quilt since the blocks are literally from around the world. #scrappytriparoundtheworld #scrappytripalong
scrappytriparoundtheworld - scrappytripalong - scrappytripbee -
fabricnotions : Love it..great organization of colors😀
anuxms : It looks great!
appliqueensal : Gorgeous ! (So hard to find a floor big enough in our house !)
sewlamb - charisgriffin - scherimanson - joycekeebler -
Blocks from @sewgreenm and @nmommy02 #scrappytripbee. Thank you!! #scrappytripalong
scrappytripalong - scrappytripbee -
cathyewbank : Great blocks 😊
sewgreenm : Yay!!!
shad83 - myfabricobsession - sewgreenm - crkientzy -
It only took 2.5years but I finally finished my #scrappytripalong quilt! It's featured in the #newpost on my #blog! Check it out on the link in my profile :) #blogger #quilt #quilting #quiltingfabric #babyquilt #blogpost #quiltingblog #ahandstitchedlife
quilting - quilt - blogger - blogpost - blog - ahandstitchedlife - scrappytripalong - quiltingfabric - babyquilt - newpost - quiltingblog -
thegoldmoustache - caligalinoklahoma - lilly_wildhibiscus - jeanettelgraham -
Here are all #scrappytripalong blocks I received. They look so good together 💕. Thank you @juliehirt, @megaroon477, @emilybuck04, @snifflicious and Charlotte!
scrappytripalong -
mei_mar - muru_nyyti - latisserande - mummis_house -
And this is my final #scrappytripbee block from Charlotte. I love fabric she used 💕. It was so much fun to both sew blocks for the members of my hive and receive blocks from them. #scrappytripalong #quilting
scrappytripalong - quilting - scrappytripbee -
megaroon477 : Yay! Glad they all arrived safely!
appliqueensal - latisserande - hohenbrunnerquilterin - mummis_house -
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