What a day for posting orders! Items headed off to the New Delhi, Bristol, Bucks, Alaska, California, Indiana, Tennessee, Takapuna, Kingsland, and Cambridge - just to name a few! #scotchexpressions #3mGetCreative #toodlesnoodles #smallbusiness
toodlesnoodles - 3mgetcreative - smallbusiness - scotchexpressions -
idearpapergoods : Woohoo! World domination! 👊
tootsnoots : @idearpapergoods four continents in one day ain't bad 😉
mel_chesneau - josie_skipper - jasonholdaway - essjaychal -
since I'm stuck with my tablet of a phone til who knows when because my family's been overspending and picking up the iphone6, i got bored so i cleaned up an old case, might as well make the best of the situation :3 #diy #scotchexpressions #phonecase #brokelyfe #bored
brokelyfe - phonecase - bored - diy - scotchexpressions -
marielleeegc : You just had you debut! Don't complain
svntia : :)
imagineerqk : @marielle you just had you
benitezcandy - matthewceballer - kriskris28 - melanieburaga -
Having fun with #neons (week#29) #filofax #planner #organiser #plannerlove #filofaxaddict #filofaxjunkie #filocuteness #plannernerds #planneraddict #filofaxing #stickabilities #washi #scotchexpressions #officesupplies #michaels
planneraddict - scotchexpressions - organiser - washi - filofaxing - plannerlove - plannernerds - planner - filofaxjunkie - filofaxaddict - 29 - neons - filocuteness - stickabilities - michaels - filofax - officesupplies -
berceliafilo - missgirlwithcap - mission_filofaxing - genevive -
Want to update your bedroom on a low budget? Learn how to make this fun garland on our blog (kitty not included). #3mGetCreative #scotchexpressions #linkinprofile
3mgetcreative - linkinprofile - scotchexpressions -
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Al fin!!! #novedosa #washitape
novedosa - scotchexpressions - washitape -
chikidolls : Donde las compraste están 😍😍
yamjolie : En sams de miguel alemàn bella @chikidolls , son de la marca #scotchexpressions
chikidolls : Acabo de ir fui a comprar pañales jajaja que padre están mañana voy
yamjolie : Ví otras en office max pero me gustaron más estas y están más bara @chikidolls
adikto_3k - jera_suarez - mggghk - 2berrycreative -
On the blog tomorrow... #3mGetCreative #scotchexpressions
3mgetcreative - scotchexpressions -
anyas_bedlam - meganmousehouse - dannielle - littlemoscowandco -
Our market schedule is looking fantastic for the upcoming months! #scotchexpressions
scotchexpressions -
anyas_bedlam : Busy busy busy @tootsnoots!
tootsnoots : @anyas_bedlam go hard or go home 😉
cupcakecutieone : Love that deer print. ♡♥♡
tootsnoots : @cupcakecutieone it's from @endemicworld :)
thelittlelot - idearpapergoods - cupcakecutieone - essjaychal -
Qué se me ocurrirá decorar hoy? 🎨 colores venid a mí!!
scotchexpressions -
andre_sin_a : #scotchexpressions
Simple #lifehack for a simple me :) #goodmorning #paperclip #scotchexpressions #cellphonecable #diy
diy - cellphonecable - lifehack - goodmorning - scotchexpressions - paperclip -
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my #halloween #washitape from @targetstyle! SO excited for the fall season... and my #eclifeplanner14!!! { #scotchexpressions #planner #plannernerds #planneraddicts #organizing #erincondren #eclifeplanner }
plannernerds - erincondren - planner - weloveec - washitape - eclifeplanner14 - halloween - scotchexpressions - planneraddicts - eclifeplanner - organizing -
carolineplans : #weloveec
livelyf_noregrets : i got the striped one. didnt see the others :/
carolineplans : they were in a pack together! it was $7.99 tho, which i think is kind of lame... i can't wait to see how you use it!! @_melissacasimiro
livelyf_noregrets : i got the striped one for .88 and i got these big halloween stickers for one dollar.
imichelley - lamore218 - teamfilofax - ohappydaye -
Recent #target haul - 3 on end were $1. -- 3 decorative were .88 each #scotchexpressions I found on a whim- helps to scan all the tapes you like just in case they re marked down. SCORE! #washitape #washi #organiser #plannerlove #planner #filofaxing #filofax #maskingtape #plannernerds #planneraddict #washimyworld
plannernerds - planneraddict - planner - washimyworld - target - washitape - maskingtape - scotchexpressions - organiser - washi - filofaxing - filofax - plannerlove -
sayaka2854 - miichelle94 - lauraa_greene - brandi5810 -
Loving this cute flower vase from @recycled_interiors using #ScotchExpressions Tape! Check out our FB page for your chance to get creative and WIN great prizes! #3MGetCreative #Craft #WashiTape
3mgetcreative - craft - scotchexpressions - washitape -
recycled_interiors : Thanks for sharing!
fuzzybunni90 - florencepas - lovefromjasmine - 2berrycreative -
A few spots in my room were just lacking a little washi tape. #washi #washitape #bedroom #rentaldecor #dormdecor #scotchexpressions
rentaldecor - washi - washitape - dormdecor - bedroom - scotchexpressions -
2berrycreative - abigailduerksen - ben.godwaldt - marisalcraft -
#MartinayYo más #papá hoy nos pusimos creativos con #lonuevo de #3M #cintasdecolores #scotchexpressions #cintasadhesivas ¿Las conocen?
cintasadhesivas - haul - 3m - cintasdecolores - martinayyo - instahaul - lonuevo - papá - instachile - scotchexpressions -
paolasabat : Mira @tammyfischman que lindo!!
paztovioleta : Que lindas! Dónde las conseguiste?
estilaestilo : Están en supermercados librerías y 3M store @paztovioleta 😘
estilaestilo : #instahaul #haul #instachile
crescena7 : Donde hay un 3m store??? Pliss necesito para mi scrapbook
jenixcat - flyforthesky - javhbeauty - lacotono -
Stopped by Target to look for some $0.88 Scotch washi tape, but they all (even the 20 yard ones) rang up at $2.00 except for this beauty. It came out to only $0.25! So go check out your local Target and price check each design to see if any are priced differently. Happy treasure hunting 😊 • #target #scotchexpressions #washitape #stationery #starioneryaddict #stationerylove
stationerylove - target - washitape - stationery - starioneryaddict - scotchexpressions - guiltypleasure -
glory_ocd : I need a Target here!!! If we ever move to the states on my must have for a house there will be a checlist for stores!! Super awesome find!
cupofteawithmel : @glory_ocd Oh yes, Target is a #guiltypleasure haha. What else is on this checklist? 😉
glory_ocd : Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Staples.... @cupofteawithmel lol
kawaiimails - spiderstorm1 - kmcstylo - liveloveplanit -
Made myself a new cork board with cork tiles and my decorative masking tape! #scotchexpressions #schoolcounselor #corktiles
schoolcounselor - scotchexpressions - corktiles -
mswn02 : And I see the calendar is already flipped to September. Thinking ahead! P.S., don't forget to text be your address.
iamsimplytia - talishapope - ndstwinrn - brownshanita -
Crafting up a storm this afternoon. Whatever could it be... #crafting #washitape #scotchexpressions
crafting - scotchexpressions - washitape -
olgametz - my_mom_madethat - cmmay14 - callykg -
Regram of @scotchproducts corrugated deer decorated with #scotchexpressions #tape that one of our PE's made!
tape - scotchexpressions -
scotchproducts - scasby1 - msumap - duchofasho -
Epic #Walgreens haul last week! Mega Blok Barbie play set $2.99 on #clearance Playright bath pals $6.99 (this should've rung up as clearance but didn't, and I didn't even realize it until now...whoops!) Soho school box $0.39 each with ad #coupon Crayola 24ct crayons $0.49 on sale #Elmers glue stick 2pk and jumbo glue stick $0.99 each with ad coupon #Wexford pencil sharpeners $0.39 each with ad coupon 3x5 index cards 100ct $0.39 each with ad coupon Temporary tattoos 50ct $1.49 on clearance Construction paper 96ct $0.99 each with ad coupon #Haribo gold bears $0.79 with $0.30 mfr #coupons - $0.49 each Mini highlighters $0.19 each with ad coupon Dry erase markers 4pk $0.99 each with ad coupon Crayola marker 10pk and Crayola colored pencils 12pk $0.99 each with ad coupon #Orbit for kids gum $0.79 each on #sale #Matchbox car $0.59 on clearance #Scotch washi tape 2/$5 with $5 off $10 mfr coupon - $1.25 each #SallyHansen pacific blue $2.89 with $1 mfr coupon - $1.89 #wetnwild 3 pan palette $2.29 on sale Mini composition books 6/$1 with ad coupon #Bic Cristal pens 8pk and 10pk $0.99 each on sale with $1/2 mfr coupons - $0.49 each Sofia the First amulet & earrings $4.99 #Babyganics eczema cream $2.79 on clearance Generic aquaphor travel size 2pk $1.19 on clearance I redeemed 40,000 #BalanceRewards points ($50) and paid $9.61 out of pocket for everything.
haribo - coupon - walgreens - makeup - bic - elmers - orbit - wexford - scotchexpressions - crayola - toys - babyganics - originalpacificblue - coupons - sofiathefirst - sallyhansen - nailpolish - megablok - barbie - sale - wagshaul - matchbox - schoolsupplies - wags - wetnwild - clearance - scotch - balancerewards -
klund13 : @_umm_what_ you can do it!! And if you ever have questions, I'll always try to help if I can. 😊
klund13 : @yiotakal 😄👍
klund13 : @gingerelfie haha, I wish I could do that for everyone and get paid for dream job LOL
klund13 : @liquidsquidnails come on over lol 😉 Of course I had to do a lot of deals to earn the points first before I could spend them, but it's always fun to do!
_umm_what_ : Awe you're so sweet 😘😄
klund13 : @_umm_what_ 😘😘
crutenberg : 👏👍
klund13 : @crutenberg 😄
ellaolivia98 - blessed_granmama - pruplekush14 - beastiegram -
One of packaging engineers went wild with cardboard and #ScotchExpressions #tape. #diy #crafts
tape - diy - scotchexpressions - crafts -
craftedsparrow : Perfect!
kmcollins : I would so buy this
cre8tiv_grl - tlaier01 - nmdray - mattpturner -
Found 2 rolls of washi that I received as samples. Yay! Office Max. #filofax #planner #plannerlove #filofaxaddict #organiser # filofaxing #washitape #scotchexpressions #maskingtape
planner - washitape - maskingtape - scotchexpressions - filofaxaddict - organiser - filofax - plannerlove -
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Trouble keeping track of chores? Use this #ScotchExpressions cookie sheet idea to improve #organization! #diy #Scotchtape
scotchtape - organization - diy - scotchexpressions -
ashla30 - ztniels - sophia6photo - brunchpants -
Doing a little #journaling I'm hoping #writing things down will help me process them better #journal #write #sharpie #scotchexpressions #washitape #stickers #scissors #glue #markers #uniball #pen #pens #invisibleillness #depression #depressed
uniball - washitape - youdontlooksick - journal - scotchexpressions - sharpie - spoonies - scissors - migraines - glue - stickers - depression - journaling - migraine - pens - spoonie - invisibleillness - depressed - fibro - markers - writing - write - fibromyalgia - pen - butyoudontlooksick -
msmirandasmakeup : Have you heard the song "who u r" I think it's by Jessie j.. You might like it!
dianemamaof2 : #spoonies #spoonie #fibro #fibromyalgia #butyoudontlooksick #youdontlooksick #migraines #migraine
amee2 : I use to journal all the time. This reminds me I need to start back! :)
wimommandy - manicbrain - melaniephilippens - peacelovenhap -
1 porta branca. 1,5 spray preto fosco. Alguns prendedores de roupa. 1 kit de fita mágica expressions. Fita banana, giz e muito amô!!! #laboratoriodedexter #apê441 #agoravai #relicário #suvinil #scotchexpressions #portagiz #muraldefotos
laboratoriodedexter - muraldefotos - apê441 - portagiz - scotchexpressions - agoravai - relicário - suvinil -
lorenaegyed : Não entendi pra que os prendedores, a fita mágica e a fita banana...
ahadig : Looores. Jaja posto como ficou ai tu vai entender! Hahahaha @lorenaegyed
ahadig : Fita magica pra colorir os prendedorea e banana pra colar os prededores na porta @lorenaegyed
josafaneto - tiaatania - marcelalisboa - miolocd -
How to make ugly boring binder clips to pretty ones! #create2educate #classroomdecor #Scotchexpressions
scotchexpressions - create2educate - classroomdecor -
michaelsstores : This is such a fun way to jazz up your school supplies! Don't forget to tag all of your #Create2Educate projects with #Sweepstakes to be eligible for the daily gift card giveaway.
happygj - fostertheclassroom - ebonye76 - peaceloveapples -
Some #scotch #washitape I picked up at #Walgreens a couple weeks ago. The top too were 2 for $5, that's the regular price!! I forgot how much the bottom one was. #scotchexpressions #scotchexpressionswashitape
walgreens - scotch - scotchexpressionswashitape - scotchexpressions - washitape -
beautifulluv27 : Those are cute!
shapenpals : Thank you😋 @beautifulluv27
janettelaneblog : I have the middle one! I BARELY bought my first roll of washi tape last week. Where have I been!??!!
shapenpals : It's a very addicting thing!! Once you start you can never stop!!!! @janettelaneblog
janettelaneblog : I know!! Now I'm keeping an eye out when I go to the store! haha!
prettypinkcrowns : I have all three❤️
beautifulluv27 - yvetteace - meganleigh121 - nahnita -
All jazzed up! I did this in two seconds so I may peel it off and do it a different way... But probably not.
teachersfollowteachers - teachersofinstagram - scotchexpressions -
peaceloveapples : Come do all my crafts for me @kteachertiff123!!!
proudtobeprimary : I need you to spray paint some things for me ;)
kteachertiff123 : @peaceloveapples @proudtobeprimary the tape is totally crooked I'm ripping it off! It's more obvious in the picture lol... I'll try again later :)... I'm out of spray paint I think I need to get some more! ;)
peaceloveapples : I have 4 cans!! How long will it take you to get to Florida @kteachertiff123 @proudtobeprimary?!
kteachertiff123 : Haha @peaceloveapples it's a mere 14 hour drive from here! I'll be right over!
esmoore67 : Did you tape the back too? The tape on the front is liable to be covered when you clip things on your clipboard
kteachertiff123 : @esmoore67 I did tape the back too, but I've ripped it off already. I was just messing around minutes before leaving my house. When I redo it I will use a ruler!
kteachertiff123 : And I'll probably add more as well
kindergartengarden - schoolteacherone - misskatiesteachingtrek - elisalovesjim -
Left frame is the before; right frame is the after. Sunday morning project with a 3 year old helper. #scotchexpressions
scotchexpressions -
tbear07 - pamcarroll - shannonaikin - erandicruz_53 -
This is what happens when your boyfriend plays golf... You start #back2school projects. 📌✂️✏️ Check out my dismissal #clipboard. #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #pinterestinreallife #washitape #scotchexpressions #crafty
back2school - b2s14 - washitape - teachersfollowteachers - pinterestinreallife - clipboard - scotchexpressions - crafty - teachersofinstagram -
jaclynvee14 : #b2s14
louied86 : Sure, blame it on me
teachingfashionista : 💛cute
healthy_happy_teacher - washitapes - chycutie17 - msdwluvsfirst -
I'm getting this party started! LOL!! @scotch #scotchexpressions #showmeyourplanner #teachersloveplanners @3rdgrthoughts @seusstastic
teachersloveplanners - showmeyourplanner - scotchexpressions -
jname86 : Lord help me!
talesofafirstgradeteacher : @jname86 lol!
mskindergartenland - teaching_from_beyond_thedesk - createeducateinspire - anndraiuh -
This is me being crafty. A regular black document file box decorated with scotch tape expressions. #crafty #blackbox #scotchexpressions #beforeandafter
beforeandafter - blackbox - crafty - scotchexpressions -
dvargassalinas - jordainlewis - victoriatrevino17 - naybri2428 -
Finally able to reveal my bridesmaid invites! After some hand lettering for the invitations I used scotch expressions tape to customize the chalkboards for each of my maids. I wrapped each one in some chevron gold fabric and ripped it with some hand made scotch expressions tape flowers. #MakeAmazingContest #MakerMasterpieces #scotchexpressions #diy #bridesmaids #wedding #craft
makermasterpieces - makeamazingcontest - diy - bridesmaids - wedding - craft - scotchexpressions -
akilwin : @britandco
xkuwarix - chockywoky - laurhedenkamp - britandco -
Regram from @lovenestdesign and her beautiful gallery wall decorated with #ScotchExpressions #Tape. #diy #decorate #home #homedecor
diy - tape - homedecor - home - scotchexpressions - decorate -
jaxied : Where can I find the scotch tape designs?
lovenestdesign : Visit OR the Love Nest Design Blog for more designs
andrealukac - inmyownstyle - thethirdschnabel - dinaarapovic -
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