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aliya_kalypso : Love it.
bellebautista : What is up with you and scoobs? D:
natepunzalan6 : @bellebautista oh haha i rounded up a crewgang named scoobs here in the states
natepunzalan6 : @aliya_kalypso Thanks!
matthewmag : $c00&$ 4 £¥F
pahina_ : So talented nathan punzalan!
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Scrapbooking with friends ❤️ #manly #waystosaygoodbye #scoobsnation #Follow4Follow
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janina.vela : first
pahina_ : #waystosaygoodbye #toavoidcrying 💔
matthewmag : #45th like.... #rulebreaker #rebel
matthewmag : Dr. Brand: Do not go gentle into that good night; Old age should burn and rave at close of day. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
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janina.vela : first like
janina.vela : but sure post the photo when @pahina_ and I aren't wearing makeup anymore hahah
matthewmag : ⚠ WE 'ARE MOVì'NG To OUR NEW FUNNY PAGE➡ Just Funny Vine Videos ❗❗ : Awwww ang saya!
paulomacalino : ig worthy talaga
crystelgaming : #idontlikewhippedcream2
natepunzalan6 : @PrisonRadio: RT @TalibKweli Demand @MumiaAbuJamal gets more than 1 hospital visit per family member per week! 570-773-2158 x8102 #defendmumiaslife
gigiosartori : Love it!
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SCOOBS #urbanart #detroit #scoobsnation
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pahina_ : FIRST @natepunzalan6
natepunzalan6 : @pahina_ Actually i was first but I didn't like or comment lang. Because I'm cool
matthewmag : @natepunzalan6 @pahina_ the first will be last and the last will be first
natepunzalan6 : Are you good looking? Do you wanna BUILD? Then BUILD with CHEAP, COLORFUL LEGOS CHEAP,!!! DM me for price 👈👈👈🔥@janina.vela
nikicabral_ : Hi doctor love misses kuya matthew
natepunzalan6 : when are you gonna post something new please???...your feed iz ❤️
matthewmag : @natepunzalan6 I haven't been inspired lately, but I will try my best. 4 d scoobs. #scoobs4lyf
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SCOOBS GANG OR DIE #scoobsnation #urbanart #Detroit
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matthewmag : @natepunzalan6 NATHAN PUNZALAN SO SLOW
paulomacalino : third
matthewmag : PHOTOGRAPHER
janina.vela : hi sis.. selling PRELOVED and BRAND NEW CLOTHES here 👚👗🎽👖... visit our page.... ‼️‼️‼️
wealthydropout : Cool insta
janina.vela : #10thliker
christinadimusic : BMO!!!!
natepunzalan6 : A strong woman is one who is able to smile this morning like she wasn't crying last nigh😎💃💃💃😎
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#urbanart #Detroit #scoobsnation
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natepunzalan6 : FIRST
pahina_ : FOURTH
matthewmag : OWNER
paulomacalino : ninth
janina.vela : hi sis.. selling PRELOVED and BRAND NEW CLOTHES here 👚👗🎽👖... visit our page.... ‼️‼️‼️
natepunzalan6 : I once was a metals groupie and followed the devil worshipping metal addicts on tour. I believed listening to the dangerous heavy metals music would make me more attractive to that blonde bronzes God of metals - Kirk Conan. I even had fornicated to heavy metals with him backstage as he made me read from the black bibles. But Jesus saved me and I now only listen to good Christian music and stay after church with my pastor. Hallelujah!!!! I am metals clean!!!
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kaitlynblair_ : #arizonatea #hotmess
marcsalot : #needssbcrpf-1s 😊
scoobs17 : @kaitlynblair_ is so #gangster#thuglife
scoobs17 : @marcsalot I told you it's impossible to find any wider then 7.5 with 5x100 pattern...😭
jake___the_snake____ : I found some 17x9 in a few minutes of looking
scoobs17 : #wagoniswhereitsat
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