#scars #scoliosis #hatemine
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Syukur masih nyimpen ni rongten, ternyata masih dipake. Moga obatnya manjur untuk tulang belakangku 🙏🙏🙏 #skoliosis #scoliosis #scoliosisfighter #rongten #medicine
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Crazy!😱 #scoliosis
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memegreenwood : Looks amazing!!
georginacrosby : I know!so happy with it!
limmertron : Is that how it is now or a before n after?
georginacrosby : The left is after and the right is before @limmertron
limmertron : That is insane!😱
georginacrosby : I know!!😬
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done☆ #classedipinta#great#karmaloop#nice#cute#cool#swag#sweet#beauty#scoliosis#directioner#instagrammer#instadaily#picoftheday#photo#bestoftheday#italy#likeforlike#likeforfollow#happy#girl#boy#family#couple#love#stop#SquareInstaPic
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Look for us in Chicago Special Parent! Read about our high-tech gate analysis for kids, and how we support our scoliosis families. @chicagoparent #chicagoparent #chicagoparenting #gaitanalysis #scoliosis #science #cerebralpalsy #shrinerschicago
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I love this old photo of my mom and grandma picking wild berries together in Sinnemahoning. I'm thankful for everything my family has done for me while going through this ordeal. It's been just as hard on them and they've helped me to stay positive through it all and focus on the endpoint. ⭐✨
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lindsaylalalalou : #lifeofadventure #choosemountains #letsexplore #keepitwild #livefolk #35mm #vsco #letsexplore #sinnemahoning #liveauthentic #spinalfusion #scoliosis
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да стихнет боль и будет сон.. #tramadol #narcotics #scoliosis #pain
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mehriban24 : Господи,Родя.Ты скоро нариком станешь.
harry_zepam : @mehriban24 так я же в лечебным целяэ..к тому же он ведь не считается наркотиком.
mehriban24 : @harry_zepam rry_zepam тебя до сих пор боли мучают?Или же ты ,как всегда самолечением занят?:D
baleri.chernenkaya : Выздоравливай давай 😘❤
harry_zepam : @mehriban24 бывает болит,все-таки только год прошел и чтобы забыть про это-принимаю.редко и по острой необходимости;) самолечением здесь никак не займешься,это же препарат строгого учета:)
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Okay.. so I see theres alot of confusion with who im dating, so imma clear it up.. No, I didnt dump my girlfriend for a boyfriend right after I came out to everyone im gay. Yes, My Boyfriend is a trans.. He has all the lady parts, but hes a boy. (I mean come on, if yall couldnt tell he technically he was a girl, He FUCKING PASSES) I wouldnt want him anyother way, if he does dicided to do the full transformation in the future, I wouldnt care... some loves are stronger than the power of gender and if anyone is gay, lezbain, or knows someone who is, you should know that. This is a really touchè subjects for him but its NOT for me! Im proud to say Hes my boyfriend. I couldnt wish for anyone better bc hes beyond a shooting star. I love you, Arryn!
transgirls - lungs - help - gay - arthritis - cf - socialanxiety - 65roses - f508 - cfsucks - love - ihavecf - depression - diabetes - anxiety - cysticfibrosis - gender - transboys - cflife - scoliosis - hella - thisisme - trans - whitneyhas65roses -
whitneyhas65roses : #CF #cysticfibrosis #65roses #Lungs #CFLife #IHaveCF #F508 #Diabetes #Depression #Scoliosis #Arthritis #Anxiety #Hella #Gay #Help #ThisIsMe #SocialAnxiety #WhitneyHas65Roses #CFsucks
grieving_gx : Good job.
whitneyhas65roses : #transboys #Transgirls #Trans #Love #Gender
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Exercises.... #scoliosis #exercise
exercise - scoliosis -
ginga_goalie : Hey ca u draw mr. Incredible fighting batman with swords? Ur a good drawer and i was hoping u might be able to do that. That would be awesome!!!
sketch_dragon : @ginga_goalie i dm the picture
ginga_goalie : Ok so u will draw it and DM it to me? Ur da best
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Picture creds to @thatscoliosispage 💕
chronicpain - ana - insecure - scoligirls - spoonielife - spinalfusion - chronicallyill - battle - chronicillness - anorexic - depression - hospitallife - chronicfatiguesyndrome - anxiety - spoonie - depressed - scoliosisfighter - scoliosis - chronicfatigue -
xo_emilyrachel : Liking because I can relate ❤️❤️
scoliosis.fighter.xx : Same ^^
paige_hoffman1 : Yes😭
scoliosis_katie : #spoonie #spoonielife #chronicpain #chronicfatiguesyndrome #chronicillness #scoliosis #battle #scoliosisfighter #scoligirls #spinalfusion #hospitallife #depression #depressed #ana #anorexic #anxiety #chronicfatigue #chronicallyill #insecure #spoonielife
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🙌 // so basically i think my bipap pressure really needs upping, im having far more headaches and being alot more drowsy/sleepy - the sleepiness can be to do with my fatigue as well but the cluster of headaches show its directing to the fact the pressure of air might now be too low. The week of the sleep study i had thst chest infection. Really hope we can get the study done and see my doctor, vot a feeling itll be weeks tho😔to top everything off college is stressful, and i havr english exams soon, i have this assingment where i missed loads so i dont have all the notes to so it and urghh😣 i never get a break it feels like, cant wait till May half term where i finally get away from the UK and go to brussels for a proper break😂 // its ny spinal injury 4 Year Anniversary on the 2nd March😱 its gone so fast// how are you? Sorry for the moan guys💞
chronicpain - chronicfatiguesyndrome - tired - scoliosis - chronicallyill - chronicfatigue - chronicillness - cfs -
shadayariley : I really hope that everything works out and get better eventually <3 xxx
lollies_fight_xx : I really hope that everything improves soon ❤️ sending you massive hugs ❤️
scoliosis_katie : Thank you💞 @lollies_fight_xx
scoliosis_katie : @shadayariley thank you💞
scoliosis_katie : #cfs #chronicfatiguesyndrome #chronicfatigue #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronicallyill #tired #scoliosis
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SORRY guys I've been so inactive! But yeah I'm 4 weeks post-op now and I'm feeling great! I'm doing so great it actually scares me because I feel like I'm doig something wrong. I can move again and don't take medication anymore because I don't really have any backpain anymore. I read stories from other people who still have a lot of pain like 5 weeks post-op so idk if I should be worried I'm doing something wrong.. But yeah I'm gonna try to go to school for a few hours next week, does anyone have any tips for going back to school? Oh , and this is my scar btw, I think it loos great so far. For anyone who's gonna have this surgery : I'm telling you it's so worth it! Getting this surgery was my biggest nightmare and I've never been more scared in my life but I made it through! Before the surgery I had a lot of back pain and trouble breathing and that's all gone now and I'm so happy. If I can do it, anyone can 💪💪 #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisscar
scoliosissurgery - scoliosisscar - scoliosis -
kiaradheeya : Oh my gosh this looks great. I'm getting mine in June. I'm so scared though x
chronically_scoliosis : @emilys_22 this post explains a lot of the questions you had.
scoliosis_is_for_stars : Congrats xx
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Ive never been a very big or muscular guy and I never got to have a full six pack, With scoliosis there is an indention in my left torso(tattoo is on left side.) Which has resulted in a belly roll on just that are whenever seated. Not many people notice it since i usually have a shirt on but it still can weigh on my mind that it happens. #scoliosis #scoliosisproblems
scoliosisproblems - scoliosis -
sketch_dragon - st.tajh -
You can see where the spine disappears off to the left also creating an indention(you could eat a bowl of cereal out of my spine.) You may also notice the left torso indention coming around from the abdomen as well as how offset my shoulder blades are, the right sticks out farther. #scoliosisproblems #scoliosis
scoliosisproblems - scoliosis -
st.tajh -
Maritza Correia born December 23, 1981 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. At the suggestion of her doctor, Correia started swimming when she was just 7 years old. She had scoliosis, and swimming helped mitigate the effects of her disorder. Initially therapeutic, swimming soon became Correia's passion. Correia is the First Black female swimmer to break an American record, setting new records in both the 50- and 100-yard freestyle events at the Women's NCAA Championships in 2002. Two years later, Correia became the First black woman to earn a place on the U.S. Olympic swim team. #First #PuertoRico #MaritzaCorreia #Determination #BlackHistoryMonth #BePolished #Scoliosis #BlackGirlsRock #Swimmer #USOlympicSwimTeam
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#scoliosis #scoliosisunited #scoliosiswarrior #spine #back #twisted #wings #fly #angelic #angels #survivor
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mllvd_ : Great @VinesBeLike
nanan68 : @diqueen69 I have scoliosis, too. If you want to see my scoliosis, my backbrace and my other pictures here on Instagram, then please add me.
diqueen69 : I already have @nanan68
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The difference though... Standing straight with 2 curves makes all of this worth it... #scoliosis #surgery #spinalfusion #recovery #straight #happy #scar #curves
recovery - straight - curves - scoliosis - spinalfusion - surgery - scar - happy -
lauriemaylaw : This is absolutely amazing ! I hope you're well ! 💞😘
shona_keane : @lauriemaylaw I know I'm amazed! Thank you babe I'm doing great xxx
sssnail_ : congrats! I'm happy it worked great for you! 💕
nanan68 : @shona_keane I have scoliosis, too. If you want to see my scoliosis, my backbrace and my other pictures here on Instagram, then please add me.
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Hi, I'm patrick, at the age of 13, and 3 months after a near fatal drowning, i was dignosed with scoliosis. I went from a 12 to a 25 degree curve in 6 months while growing 6 inches as well. I wore a backbrace for 3 years, 23 hours a day the first 2 years and 6 months. The last 6 months was night time only but my curve which had gone down to a 21 degree worsened to a 25. I was 16 at this point and chose to not wear the brace any longer. my curve worsened and by 18 i had a 45-47 degree curve. It has been 5 going on 6 years since my last doctors visit but i finally had enough of the constant pain and misery of the last few years and have my first appointment March 3rd at 1:30p.m. to discuss surgery. #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery
scoliosissurgery - scoliosis -
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Thanks @happyasflynn Darcy arrived home from camp this afternoon and has just opened her parcel from you. Custom clutch - she loves it! Thanks so much for the lovely and generous gift. #handmadesuperstar we are finding ourselves surrounded by generosity and people who value a little trooper like Darcy's spirit and attitude to chronic and difficult health conditions. We are really blessed. #bentnotbroken #scoliosis #scoliosiswarrior #restrictivelungdisease #tubie
handmadesuperstar - bentnotbroken - tubie - scoliosiswarrior - restrictivelungdisease - scoliosis -
happyasflynn : She is so adorable and brave I'm really happy she loves it ☺️☺️😚 ✖️✖️✖️
annestagram303 - sookiedixon - katefreethy - haylesc7 -
He gives every thing his all! Every fight, every breath, every little thing that he does, is a challenge for him, since he is missing all of his brain cells, except for the brain stem (Yes, that's possible, I get asked that way too much, Google it if you want to learn more!) However you will rarely ever catch him without his adorable sideways smile on his face. 😍👊💪💚
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113girl : 👏👏👏👏 good job!
kelseyauri : My son has vigorous PT and he's doing great. Your son will too. Be blessed 😘
mhansen21 : @113girl Aww thank you! 😍🙈🙈💪
mhansen21 : @kelseyauri Aww we are truly blessed with some amazing little warriors! Bless you! 😘
mhansen21 : #wheeliesforlife #wheelchair #brodoyouevenroll #dystonia #seizures #severepvl #hydrocephalus #spastic #qaudriplegic #cerebralpalsy #DystonicCerebralpalsy #traumaticbraininjury #brainstem #braindamage #blind #vpshunt #visuallyimpaired #chronicpain #blessing #thankful #happy #scoliosis
walkingbyfaith4 : Awe. When can I meet him? I'll fly up there asap
theparkerleeproject : Love it! 💛💛💚💛💛
kenzyrae42 : I love the #brodoyouevenroll 😂👍 you have such a great attitude! He is so extremely lucky to have such a wonderful mother! ❤
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#Winter #lactosefree #tired #yoga #awesome #food #healthyfood #sweden #scoliosis #snow #cookies #foodporn #shapeup #banana #blogilates #healthycookies #fitspo #fit #fitness #gym #wargpower #healthy #love #life #bananacookies #delicious #yummie #glutenfree #whatieatinaday #delicious #eatclean
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lamrolo : @rejwin, want fоllоws? Just chеckоut sitе in my biо. Hurry up!Works only for а limitеd time #day #tree #kitty #follownow #liking
rejwin : Eat more cookies! This is healthy banana cookies. Ingrediens: 1 banana, 1 cup fiber oats, a pinch of salt, raisina for garnish :-) Blend all the ingrediens except raisins. Roll the mixture into small balls and press out at the plate. Put it in the oven at 175 degrees for like 10 minutes :-)
bittersweetbyv : Lovely!
fodmapfactory : hey lovely Have you seen our website? We are launching some exciting new stuff soon:)
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😘😘 #picsArt #photogrid #vsco #vscocam #atklinik #backbone #slipdisc #scoliosis #spondylosis #specializedbackbone #nerve
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Forever fighting the war of my life. 😔 #spinalfusion #scoliosis #chronicpain #scars
chronicpain - scars - spinalfusion - scoliosis -
benmullen97 : @joeybuzzeo stay strong Joey, God has a plan for you. You'll be in my prayers
rnboss_922 - fistpumpalex - jay_hutchinson - deprimii -
Love this Dr Suess poem! 💞 Your situation may not be ideal, but it is better than most. 🌸 #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery #spinesurgery #severescoliosis #scoliosisstory #spinalfusion #chronicpain #complexchiarimalformation #klippelfeilsyndrome #drsuess
chronicpain - complexchiarimalformation - klippelfeilsyndrome - severescoliosis - drsuess - scoliosis - spinalfusion - scoliosisstory - spinesurgery - scoliosissurgery -
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Just had an awesome arms session. And clearly WAY too happy about this new Batman beater. I found I was plateauing in some of my lifts for arms, so I scaled it back a bit, and worked my way back up and surpassed my previous lifts. Sometimes you just need to take a step back in order to move forward. #health #fitness #weightloss #fitspo #fitspiration #bodybuilding #cancer #scoliosis #inspiration #muscle #abs #gym #diet #instafitness #fit #workout #cardio #exercise #train #strong #motivation #active #determination #getfit #cleaneating
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lisatarasenko : Love it - excellent wisdom here! Cool batman top.
champion_aesthetics : Drop us an email for info on how to get featured 🔱
coltonboreen : @lisatarasenko Thanks!
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#scoliosis #klippelfeildeformity #finally #icanrelate
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Get it? Get it? 😉 well I've had quite a night, I won't bore you with the details though 😜 hope you're all doing well!! #scoliosis #scoliosisbrace #backbrace #pain
scoliosisbrace - backbrace - pain - scoliosis -
mai_mai_16 - scoliosis.xoxo - kelceeoates - korsisisters -
Almost been a year!❤️❤️ #scoliosis #spinalfusion #me
me - spinalfusion - scoliosis -
nanan68 : @abbismiile I have scoliosis, too. If you want to see my scoliosis, my backbrace and my other pictures here on Instagram, then please add me.
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OKAY! I need to do something really cute for my boyfriend tomorrow at school.. only me and him can see it! PLEASE COMMENT ANY IDEAS, ANYONE!!!!!!! #Cute #Boyfriend #HELP #CF #cysticfibrosis #65roses #Lungs #CFLife #IHaveCF #F508 #Diabetes #Depression #Scoliosis #Arthritis #Anxiety #Hella #Gay #Help #ThisIsMe #SocialAnxiety #WhitneyHas65Roses #CFsucks
cute - lungs - help - cysticfibrosis - arthritis - cf - socialanxiety - 65roses - f508 - cfsucks - ihavecf - depression - boyfriend - anxiety - gay - cflife - scoliosis - hella - thisisme - diabetes - whitneyhas65roses -
explosivebrona : I'm a bit confused, what happened your girlfriend?
whitneyhas65roses : Well, okay he's a trans-ish.. he has all the lady parts but is a boy, and prefers to be called a boy... and I wouldn't want it any other way @explosivebrona so any ideas???!!
explosivebrona : I'm not sure what you could do. Could you make him something? Do you have loom bands or friendship bracelet sets? Make one in his favourite colours?
panda._.822 : Leave him a note in his locker!
heidi._.renee : Oh ok thank you! I get it now hahah
heidi._.renee : Um maybe buy some donuts or cupcakes and surprise him? Or fill his locker with little notes of what you love about him? I'm also bad at these things
whitneyhas65roses : Same, but those weren't a bad idea... heeheee Thank you! @heidi._.renee
heidi._.renee : Kinda a last minute idea but you could tape little strips of paper onto his locker that have inside jokes you share with him, puckup lines or puns anyways dont mention it lol I hope he likes whatever you decide to do for him
whitneyhas65roses - nadiagiorgi17 - cf_awareness - ixixi_ixi_ixixi -
اخشا ان يتشوه ظهري بان لا يكون مستقيم كرهت طول قامتي لو ان البعض يتمنوه اتلمس فقراات ظهري قبل ان انام انا ضعيغفه اخاف بلا عمل بلا اي شي الاقدار حولي لم تسخر علاج لحالتي اثق برببي لكني اخشا المستقبل هل استطيع ان اتزوج كغيري انا انادا بامي ! هل هناك من يقبلني! اريد ان افهمم لما حينما اغصب اعصاببي ظهري كتفي مع قلبي يولموني ساتحمل الالم لا يهم لكن لا اريد ظاهري متشوهه ويشفق علي القريب والبعيد انا ارجو الله ان يريحنني ان يدلني للطريق الصحيح ان يرزقني من يعونني ع علاجي ان اكون واثقةة من نفسي اكثر يالله عافنني - قلمي.
مكه - تقوس - الجنف - الجنف_حياة - معاقة - التقوس - scoliosis -
rajet_alferdos : @scoliosis100 يا رب فرجك علينا😫💔
__amoorii : ع الجرح يا قلبي 💔 بس مهما كان هالمرض هو ابتلاء من رب العالمين يزيد اجرج ،، والله انا احمد ربي اني اصبت بهالمرض عشان خلاني اتعرف ع شي جديد واتثقف وحببني في الطب ❤❤ خلي هالمرض يترك انطباع ايجابي عليج ولا يهمج كلام الناس ،، اخر فتره قبل العمليه كنت البس الحزام وعادي عندي الناس تعرف اني لابسه شي ع ظهري وعادي كنت استحمل لما الناس تسآل ليش جسمج كذا ،، والى الان احب اعرف الناس عن هالمرض واحاول قد ما اقدر اني اوعيهم لعل وعسى تتثقف الناس شوي 💗❤
mjrade7sas : @scoliosis100 المرض ووخزات الابر واحساس الالم دائماً من المفترض والافضل ان يتحدث بالامل والتفاؤل لانها تقلب النتائج دوماً والاهم ساترك لك حل يسمو بالارتفاع يزدهي بروانق عده لايستطيع احداً ان يعددها في وقت واحد فالله سبحانه ماأنزل من داء الاوله دواء فلاتفكري عكس اتجاه الامل فتتعبي اكثر دائماً كوني ايجابية اشغلي وقتك بذكرالله جددي نيتك واحسني ظنك بالله كوني سباقة للخير لاتياسي او تقفي الحي بالدعاء فو الله انه اقدر واكرم وارحم من والديك عليك واما العمليه فهي مجرد تجميل وقد قالها الطبيب لي ولكن اوصيك باللجوء الى الله واعكسي جهة الميلان للاستقامة حتى وان تألمتي واكثري من الاستغفار بنية الشفاء واستقبلي يومك ببهجة وسرور قد عملت ابنة اخي رحمه الله عملية الانحناء وعاد كما هو الحمدلله رب العالمين وليس الكل سواسية ولكننا لاندري اين الخير وسأقول لك قصتين باختصار اتت امرأه للنبي موسى عليه السلام تطلب منه ان يدعي لها الله يرزقها الذرية فنزل جل جلاله على نبيه موسى يخبره انه كتبها عقيم وبعد مده اتت المراه واخبرها موسى ماقال ربها وذهبت بعد فتره راها موسى عليه السلام تحمل طفل بين احشائها فتعجب فدهب يسال ربه فقال اني كل ماكتبتها عقيم نادت يارحيم فسبقت رحمتي عذابي واما الثانية فولداً ربي اشل جسده كاملاً 25 سنة لايرى ولايتكلم ولااي شي بعد فتره تحركت يده وبعدها قدمه وبعدها عاد وكان شيء لم يكن فساله كيف قال بالدعاء لذلك اعلمي وتيقني ان الله كريم لايرد احد ولايخيب ولايخذل فقط احسني ظنك به وجددي نيتك لا تشغل وقتك بالأوجاع فالبلايا مهما كثرت فميزان النعم يغلبها وحين نكتب أو نردد" يا رب " لا يعني ذلك أننا نصارع جرحا أو يمتلكنا حزنا لكن هي كلمة كالأوكسجين ..تعيد إلى صدورنا هدوء أنفاسها. #من#فلسفةِ#كاتبة#معاقة#و#افتخر #@mjrade7sas
majnony15 : @scoliosis100 يا عمري انا نفس حالتك ، كنت متحطمة بس اللحين حيل تقبلت شكلي #الحمد_لله لأن الله سبحانه يختبر صبرنا بعدين الله اذا حب عبد ابتلاه والصبر زين وبالنسبه للألم ، لا تجهدي نفسك ولا تشيلي حاجة ثقيله ولا تجلسي ع الارض وحاولي دايم تخلي ظهرك مستقيم حتى لو يألمك… وان شاء الله ربي يكتب الشفاء لك ولي ولجميع مرضى الجنف ،
mjrade7sas : @scoliosis100 تذكري هذا دائماً وثقي ان غداً أجمل وكل يوم قومي بزرع الامل في حظيرة اليأس والاحباط والتفكير بالمستقبل وكلام الناس الذي لايساوي ظفراً من قدمك الا اذا كان مفيد رناصح وان كان كلامهم سيجرحك فغيريه ع النحو الايجابي لتثبتي انك الافضل دائماً وانه مهما اعتلاك الالم ستظلين متفائله ومتيقنة ان الفرج قد اقترب منك كثيرا ولاتننسي انها ستاتيك بشاره بعد صبرك وفرحة لاتعد ولاتحصى ‏فتاكدي انه اذا أوجعتك الظروف وظننتي أنك تستحقين أفضل مما حدث، تذكّري أن الله أختار لك الأفضل وأنكِ لو علمت كيف يُسيّر الله أمرك لذاب قلبك من فرط رحمته بك اجعلي ابتسامتك تغير الناس حولك ولا تجعلي من حولك يغيرون ابتسامتك. #كاتبة#معاقة#و#افتخر #@mjrade7sas
scoliosis100 : @__amoorii @mjrade7sas @majnony15 الله يسععععدكم يارب كلامكم تفاووول بشكل الله لايذيقني فراقكم
scoliosis100 : #مكه #تقوس #معاقة #الجنف_حياة #الجنف #التقوس #scoliosis
mjrade7sas : @scoliosis100 آمين وياك يارب . يارب فى يوم الجمعة خير الأيام عندك : اللهم نسألك ان تغفر لنا ما فات .. وتقبل منا ما هو آت .. اللهم اشف من عجز الاطباء عن علاجه .. وارحم من دق الحزن على بابه .. اللهم عوضنا خيراً عن ما فقدنا وبارك لنا فيما ترزقنا..#@mjrade7sas
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#tbt I don't always talk about my physical issues, or the fact that I was on prescription pain medication for a decade. I was really angry for a long time that life gave me a bad deck of cards. I was always mad that I was different or "disabled." Being in a back brace for 5 years of adolescence can be trying, kids can be mean. I was like Forrest Gump, crooked as a question mark. I spent my life worrying about the things that I couldn't do, or would never do and I was in constant pain. I used it as a crutch, out of fear. Fear of doing hard things, fear of failing, fear of not being accepted. I was visiting a pain management doctor monthly, just to get by. I didn't workout, I didn't put good food into my body. I numbed it, and felt sorry for myself. One day something clicked, I started working out...I stopped fearing that I would get hurt. I worked and pushed, and I did exercises I thought I would never be able to do. Then one day I noticed, I wasn't in pain anymore. I didn't hurt because I had built a strong core to support me. My back didn't ache, and I didn't cry myself to sleep at night. I heeled my hurt by taking care of what my body, no matter my limitations. Sometimes what you are afraid of, is the exact thing you need. I'm so thankful to not live in fear or pain anymore. We can do hard things :)
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jmejking : #strength #fitlife #scoliosis #nofear #fitmom
karriewood : Awesome!
sadowney : Proud of you.
nanan68 : @jmejking I have scoliosis and must wear a backbrace. If you want to see my scoliosis, my backbrace and my other pictures here on Instagram, then please add me.
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Our relationship in a picture. But anyways, today marked the one year anniversary of this little girls spinal fusion surgery. An 8 hour surgery. She's down a whole kitty sassier and a bit taller than me but anyways, I just wanted to say congrats to my beautiful little sister on this big day! I love you Mads. 😘😍😜 #sister #beautiful #scoliosis #spinalfusion #surgery #followher #goofballs #mybestfriendinthewholewideworld
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madison.reneee : love you and the picture 😂😘💜
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