Today we did Game Day and Overtime. I didn't have much energy today after my blood test but my ego told me to workout anyways. Haha and of course I ended up exhausted. Doesn't help that I have Lupus and the heat was killer today. For breakfast I had chocolate Shakeology with some frozen berries. For lunch I went for Mongolian BBQ and had a 21 day fix approved meal; veggies and meat! I will definitely be sleeping early today as I'm super exhausted even after I took a few naps. :P #lupuswarrior #autoimmune #scoliosis #teamchnarjohn #insanitytheasylum #21dayfix #almostpaleo #fitcouple
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Spoonie love! They say everything happens for a reason and the non spoonies can make fun if u want but the sisters and brothers I have gained through this journey is a blessing! I suffered for along time in silence. Ashamed as a sick kid I never told anyone, nit even close friends. And I knew not one person going through the same. The only kids that even kind of related to me were my pieds kids room friends at st Mary's. I remember carnivals and the athletes and actors etc. I have an autograph book at my house. I just did not get at the tine why? But I spent alit if time there. St Mary's was my second home, but I still had no one to relate to. I thought I was the only kid in the world that was sick like this and why and why did they keep saying I would grow out of it. I wish I could have researched and connected with others like me. If nothing else I would not been so alone. So it sucks I had to get sick again to relate it to my back to find out EDS may be the cause of it all but I am so happy for the journey and my spoonies I have met. Even if we don't go through the exact same things we get each other, I just wish I had someone to get me before! Love my spoonies (I can't tag all but u know u) #gastroparesis #Dysautomina #scoliosis #degenerative disc #eds #stomach sucks
eds - stomach - dysautomina - degenerative - gastroparesis - scoliosis -
cmbelz73 : @stoneylane71 @melissunshine71 @peacelovenhap
stoneylane71 : one love gpsispoonie
stoneylane71 : @cmbelz73 @melissunshine71 One Love
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They told me my feet were too flat, my shoulders too big, and my legs don't straighten. But...I have pushed through a car accident, scoliosis, 2 times dealing with metal poisoning, and countless naysayers to pursue my career. You really have no clue what struggles people deal with so withhold judgement. If you want to dance, DANCE! If I can make it, so can you. A true artist knows highs and lows but continues. Never give up! So do what you love no matter the opposition. :) #dance #dancer #ballerina #pointe #model #artist #human #nevergiveup #fearless #determined #motivation #scoliosis #hope
ballerina - motivation - pointe - artist - dance - nevergiveup - scoliosis - dancer - human - fearless - model - determined - hope -
milanareynolds : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
emilyfaught : 😍😍😍
chobbs1994 : So true!! God blesses us with our gifts before we know what they are!! You have a true gift from God ....keep sharing it with others! Love you! @rhemajoy
rhemajoy : @chobbs1994 thank you so much and love you too! :D
lilgrlsrock : I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! : You are so perfect. 😍😍
rebeccailstock - encircled_ - chobbs1994 - lilgrlsrock -
scoliosis -
deedotjaydot_ : This is my spine. 😝 #scoliosis.. Can't let anything hold you back out here.. I heard 'God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers' or something like that.
jennyy_renee : Love you Deej!
kayla_m_walters : I have that too πŸ’ but not quite this bad! We were just meant to be unique!
tateboy : Still got a mean #kickflip
markymark1231 - leo_g_23 - martian79 - jls32914 -
Stolen from @msandrea So turns out, nerve damaged skin + really bad sun burn = super painful. I think I'm also sore from those cartwheels, and I'm fighting a bit of a cold. I am exhausted and moving hurts. And I haven't worked out in like a week and I've been eating so much junk last few days and I am still losing weight?
scoliosisstory - ouchie - inspiration - scoliosisawareness - quote - sunburn - scoliosissupport - scoliosis -
that_scoliosis_life : #scoliosis #scoliosisstory #scoliosissupport #scoliosisawareness #sunburn #ouchie
that_scoliosis_life : #quote #inspiration
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Hi guys swimming right now ☺️❀️ what are you guys up to? #scoliosis #ScoliosisSurgery #surgery #spine #curve #BentNotBroken #love #scoliosiscurves #followme #ScoliosisKills #pain #help #ScoliosisMakesMeStrong #StayStrong #strong #ScoliosisProbs #recovery #scars #braces #scolifam #StayPositive #YourPerfect #ILYSM #scoliosismonth #july #ScolioSupport #Support
scars - love - help - bentnotbroken - staystrong - scoliosiscurves - scoliosisprobs - scolifam - pain - surgery - strong - july - braces - yourperfect - recovery - spine - scoliosupport - support - scoliosiskills - curve - ilysm - staypositive - scoliosis - scoliosismonth - scoliosismakesmestrong - scoliosissurgery - followme -
gmixer99 : About to put my brace on and go to bed. 😴
serofinalove - martian79 - scoliosis_overcomer - sadie_rose_15 -
Pour les Français de passage : je m'appelle Melody j'ai 23 ans et je me suis enfin décidé à créer une page afin de partager mon "expérience" de la scoliose enfin, surtout de l'opération. J'étais un peu sceptique a l'idée de créer une page puis je me suis dit si ça peux aider d'autres personnes, si ça peux répondre au questions que certains se posent alors pourquoi pas. Donc me voilà ! Je ne sais pas trop par ou commencer mais je vais vite trouvé et je vais essayer de poster rapidement. Alors si vous avez ou vous connaissez quelqu'un qui a une scoliose si vous vous posez des questions ou si vous passez simplement par la, n'hésitez pas a me suivre !! 😁✌️ #scoliosis #scoliose #skoliose #backpain #surgery #scolifam #scoliwarriors #scoliproject #spinalfusion #bentnotbroken
scoliose - bentnotbroken - scoliproject - skoliose - scoliosis - scoliwarriors - spinalfusion - scolifam - surgery - backpain -
project__s - scoliosis_overcomer -
Haha hey guysπŸ’ž I told pretty much most of my friends about this but I've decided to tell others who don't know much about me. Ok, so here it goes. I have scoliosis. If it wasn't for my dumb ass pediatrician, we could've found the curve in my spine and fixed it sooner. I have a 36 degree curve in my upper back and a 21 degree in my lower back. So of course, because of these curves I had to see an orthopedic who told me I was gonna need to wear a back brace. So I got this back brace in the end of June and it gives so much excruciating pain and is really uncomfortable and takes a while to get used to. To prevent my curve from getting worse, which leads to worse things like surgery, I was assigned to wear the brace (once I get used to it) for 18 hours a day. Sucks doesn't it. I haven't worn it to school but I will this year once I enter Algonquin. The brace makes me look lumpy and makes me have no figure and I look like a box with limbs. I look pretty weird and I'm terrified of going to high school looking really awkward. And I don't mind if people ask me questions about my scoliosis and stuff.. Just the one thing I am begging of you is to not make fun of me without knowing the truth why I look like a box and why my abs seem like they are made of steel when I bang my stomach against my desk lol. I will be wearing this brace for about 1.5 years as an estimation but is could even be for 2 Years. I don't take it off until I stop growing so... πŸ’ž I hope we can have another great school year together πŸ‘ and like what pink said "we're not broken just bent"πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ ❀️❀️ #scoliosis
scoliosis -
alex.ziada : omg! it's nothing to be ashamed of, your perf no matter what. I wish you the best of luck with your back brace and I hope everything works out! stay strong❀️
r.fain : πŸ’ž thanks Alex!!! Means so much! ily!! @alex.ziada
alex.ziada : no problem! ily too!
pablo_the_artist : I wept as I read this. your honesty and drive are so powerful, you make me proud to be human. I support you in everything that you do. I curse anyone who would mock you, or anyone else fighting a fight with this life we have been given. You are my champion, you give me hope and i fight for you.
elissa_gorman - dodolski - gremkinz07 - kickass2700 -
my scoliosis story: back in early march I went to get a hair cut when my hair dresser said so,etching about my shoulder blade and how it abnormally sticks out. my mom decided to get it checked out at the orthopedics center down in grand strand after I got X-rays, the doctor diagnosed me with scoliosis with a 50% curve. I didn't take it very easily? I was scared because he said I was going to have to get surgery. my mom helped calm me down and said everything was going to be okay. the doctor called MUSC to make an appointment for surgery and more X-rays. when we got down to MUSC, i went in for more X-rays and ended up actually with a 73% spinal curve? after X-rays we went to talk to my surgeon and his resident (a medical intern) and talked about everything that was going to happen when I get surgery and in the hospital and stuff like that. we made the date May 14th since my surgeon primarily operates on Tuesdays and Wednesdays & so I wouldn't miss the start of school for the new year. On the day of the surgery, I was scared but the anthesia doctor gave me medicine to calm me down. I was put under anthesia and put in for surgery. it was only a 4 hour surgery when it was supposed to be a 6 hour surgery. I got a lot of my chest moved around during surgery so I'm still having trouble breathing a lot. I was in the PICU for one night and it felt like I got hit by a mf bus when I woke up. the next day I was transferred to a normal ward. all I did was sleep and get woken up every four hours so they nurses could check my vitals. it wasn't fun at all. before I left the hospital I had to go through physical therapy and It felt so weird walking. every time I would get up (including now) I get dizzy and lose balance because I was not given a blood transfusion after surgery, so I lost a lot of blood (IM SO PALE BECAUSE OF IT OHMFG). now I'm almost two months post-op and I still experience pain and breathing problems, but over that I, recovering very well and I'm very happy I got the surgery instead of dealing with back pain for the rest of my life lol + I grew a few inches πŸ˜‚ if anyone wants to know more you can dm me or if you're going through the this I'll be here to talk
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chandler.lawrence : In my prayersπŸ™
ps.catalina : awh ur a tough nugget
sydxsh : @catxlina thankz
noamweizmann : ❀️
laurenlaznik : sad but hot
sydxsh : @laurenlaznik thank you that was beautiful😭
sydxsh : #scoliosis #scoliosisawareness #mystory #myscoliosisstory #hospital #surgery #spine
sydxsh : #spinalfusion
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Pulling a Vanna White to show off my "Fashion Girl" painting at Scottish Rite's #SummerColors auction! As a former #scoliosis patient, I can't say enough about how incredible this hospital is. Free healthcare for patients with muscular and bone disorders, birth defects, dyslexia, and more. I was blessed to receive incredible care at TSRHC, and I love being able to give back through #art!
scoliosis - art - summercolors -
krishuds : In love with your dress, Karley!
themattesparza : Hey it was a pleasure meeting you and your awesome family this evening, definitely keep in touch in the future
ebonybraids : β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
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Oh, maybe that's why my back doesn't look right... πŸ’€ #xray #scoliosis #kyphosis #ouch
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jakee_from_statefarmm_ : #IGotThoseCurves
dkonnen95 - eliseemarsalisi - leahnbrush - laura_the_explorer14 -
Got to teach my favorite class tonight- Pilates! What a great class especially considering that I had new members who were there with back problems. They all have scoliosis like I do! Tonight was a reminder to me why I have chosen to never give up. The doctors thought I was destined to have surgery, but my workouts now and then proved to be the answer. Oh don't think I that I am always pain free. The improvements that have happened because I chose to not give up are the reason why I am able to walk without pain! #fitnessismywitness #pilates #fitnessteacher #success #scoliosis #thefitthree
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#tbt to like 5 years ago when I had my surgery. & I was in the hospital for 3 weeks when it was supposed to be a week. & I knew who would be there for me. & it was actually the first operation the doctor did like this. & I was in major pain and I seriously hated it. #crookedspine #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisbrace #spinalfusion #rodsandscrews #bentnotbroken
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starrtrev - aahuerta - erick_palacios1 - dustyrockefeller007 -
So I've struggled going back and forth whether or not to share this photo.... This is what my back looks like. I'm not looking for any pity or anything but I wanted to show that everyone has obstacles and struggles every day. Whether or not you choose to let it hinder you or fight thru the limitations is your choice. Tonight my body fought me hard with my posing and I ultimately lost the battle... But you know what: tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start! Stay positive and persevere #LegionOfBoom #NeverSettle #scoliosis #struggle #fitness #1stPhorm #xrays #limitations #positive #determined #npc #bikinicompetitor #motivated
limitations - bikinicompetitor - motivated - legionofboom - neversettle - xrays - npc - scoliosis - determined - struggle - fitness - 1stphorm - positive -
melmel_fit : Thanks @laurasteiss I can't help but wonder how much gymnastics plays a role in my scoliosis but without lifting and keeping a strong core I honestly think I'd be worse off! Let me know if I can help :)
laurasteiss : @melmel_fit thank you! Yeah gymnastics was definitely rough on the body but I wouldn't trade a day of it!
natalialayne : Girl that's exactly what my back looks like!! I know the struggle with pain all the time and being limited to certain exercises bc a lot of leg work ours hurt :(
rampagejohnson2 : Keep fighting! You got this
_ryan_rivera : I have high blood pressure, both knees fractured, pressured disks in my neck and lower back, both hands torn, busted knuckles and skinny wrist. Mine aren't as terrible, but like you, I fight them all the time. If you and I can still lift like we're angry at the world, anyone can.
melmel_fit : @natalialayne exactly.... I hate being limited but I refuse to let that be an excuse... We just gotta get a little more creative sometimes πŸ˜‰
melmel_fit : @rampagejohnson2 thanks! I try to give it my all πŸ’ͺ
docw101 : Keep it up. Your doing great and you have a good head on your shoulders. You are a great inspiration. Still strong and keep moving on.
chentchel12 - sakay19 - dhf1tjourney - hawkfitness -
I'm so thankful that I am able to run 5ks a couple times a week. I grew up going to the hospital seeing kids in wheelchairs with our specialness. It may not be easy sometimes, but I persevere. I am super thankful to have mild cases, and surgery to fix my back! #scoliosis #kyphosis #cerebralpalsy
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ellie.beers - h_lamkin - angelicav1223 - hannahetemple -
#TBT the left is a little less then one year ago. (I was hunched and my spine was curved i had sever #scoliosis ) And the thing on my head is called a halo and it is when ur connected to a thing that pulls u up and pulls u straight. Then on the right (taken yesterday) A year later after surgery ALMOST all better. The difference astounds me.
tbt - scoliosis -
ariizabella : u are perfect any and everyway, I luv u β™‘
no_fear_just_faith : How are you feeling? :)
janaecieara : you've always been gorgeous.πŸ˜πŸ™Š
lillian.bessie - trinalou101 - a98w - cheyenne_s_ -
"It's gonna be okay." "Yeah, because it's not happening to you." #scoliosis #quotes #staystrong #warrior #survivor #scoliosis_quotes ~Kirsten 😘
warrior - scoliosis_quotes - survivor - quotes - staystrong - scoliosis -
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'Teenager Post # 20181 I'm a teenager why does my back hurt I'm not 70 years old.' #scoliosis #quotes #staystrong #warrior #survivor #scoliosis_quotes ~Kirsten 😘
warrior - scoliosis_quotes - survivor - quotes - staystrong - scoliosis -
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Am I the only person who thinks its weird that they have to dispose of my IV in this because of the radioactive stuff they injected into my body..? 😳⚠🚨 #radioactive #iv
chronicpain - ehlersdanlos - celiacdisease - spoonie - medicalzebra - chiari - iv - potsie - eds - chiarimalformation - potssyndrome - ehlersdanlossyndrome - chronicillness - cfs - depression - seizures - mastcellactivationdisorder - anxiety - radioactive - posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome - syncope - giproblems - mcad - pots - scoliosis - dysautonomia -
giveme_therapy : #chronicillness #chronicpain #ehlersdanlos #ehlersdanlossyndrome #eds #depression #pots #potssyndrome #mastcellactivationdisorder #chiari #celiacdisease #chiarimalformation #scoliosis #MCAD #CFS #seizures #syncope #anxiety #spoonie #GIProblems #potsie #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #dysautonomia #medicalzebra
shannnnnon_j : When I had the gastric emptying study I had to wear gloves to eat😳😳 I was like "ummm this is going into my body, but I can't touch it with my hands?" and I had to use the special "radioactive" bathroom πŸ˜‚
giveme_therapy : @shannnnnon_j well I guess I have that to look forward to πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
scolistrong_ : Should I be scared of you now @giveme_therapy
giveme_therapy : @scolistrong_ yes, very πŸ˜‚
gotlandslutt - lilpeacock15 - mstoock - tentacular_vernacular -
'She was tired. Physically and mentally. She wanted to close her eyes and never open them again. c.l.' #scoliosis #quotes #staystrong #warrior #survivor #scoliosis_quotes ~Kirsten 😘
warrior - scoliosis_quotes - survivor - quotes - staystrong - scoliosis -
carlie_95 - gilliesillie - allamas1456 - abigail_wakeley -
'That moment when you have to take a deep breath before speaking 'cause you know you're so close to crying.' #scoliosis #quotes #staystrong #warrior #survivor #scoliosis_quotes ~Kirsten 😘
warrior - scoliosis_quotes - survivor - quotes - staystrong - scoliosis -
abigail_wakeley : That happens so much!
nemo_gal : All the time
sar_ah_warren - ahomelet - gilliesillie - support_scoliosis -
'We all have a monster inside of us. Sometimes, that monster decides to hate our guts. They form a disease or cause a malfunction in our body to tear us down, or maybe try to kill us and move on to the next person. But I know, that if we all try, we can fight it.' #scoliosis #quotes #staystrong #warrior #survivor #scoliosis_quotes ~Kirsten 😘
warrior - scoliosis_quotes - survivor - quotes - staystrong - scoliosis -
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'Scoliosis patient: People don't understand that my back hurts every single day. It hurts all the time; not just today. The pain doesn't go away one day; it's there forever. It's very difficult to sit. I just want this pain to go away.' #scoliosis #quotes #staystrong #warrior #survivor #scoliosis_quotes ~Kirsten 😘
warrior - scoliosis_quotes - survivor - quotes - staystrong - scoliosis -
abigail_wakeley - 1dpreferencexox - angelahulsey - carlie_95 -
Don't let the S define you. Let your personality soar above all. We all have a story to tell. We are all beautiful fighters. #scoliosis #ProjectS #FollowTheRibbon #Beauty
followtheribbon - beauty - projects - scoliosis -
emmmajoy6 - - martian79 - j.burn89 -
I guess I'm going to have surgery... :/.. It was 57 degrees today on the bottom and 50 on the top :( #scoliosis #scoliosisproblems #spinalfusion #surgery #crookedspine
crookedspine - surgery - scoliosisproblems - spinalfusion - scoliosis -
ecmoore721 : Damn dude!
holygrimm : oh I feel so sorry for you! I have scoliosis too and I have gotten my first brace for my spine today :( I hope you are going to be feeling better soon & I hope your spine gets a lot besser fast x
niiicoleslaw_ : I have scoliosis too but haven't been to the doctor for it in forever bc they kept telling me I didn't need to go back because "it stops getting worse when you stop growing" but I've been having major pains lately. Sorry yours is getting worse! That makes me feel like I need to go back to the doctor.
scoliosis__swag : Yeah I worse a brace when I was about 11-14 :/ but it's still pretty bad.. I'm 25 now. @holygrimm
scoliosis__swag : Well I haven't grown since I was 13 and it's gotten almost 30 degrees worse since then. Now some people's curves do stabilize after they're done growing but mine didn't :/.. So you might want to get an X-ray just to make sure! @niiicoleslaw_
melissarutledge : @scoliosis__swag I'll be praying for you, I know how big of a surgery and recovery that is.
jojokiger88 : Prayers for you.πŸ™
c_workaman : @scoliosis__swag damn girl, im sorry! :(
project__s - j_hillyyy - martian79 - sawyer_cutayy -
Tomorrow - 8/1 - #SCOLIWARRIORS #projectscoli #scoliosis #scoli #scoliosisawareness #scoliawareness #spinalfusion #spine #spines #scoliosissurgery #surgery
scoli - scoliawareness - spine - scoliosis - spines - spinalfusion - scoliosisawareness - scoliwarriors - surgery - projectscoli - scoliosissurgery -
christinachante : So cool!
malloryiii - - jessicaniemiec13 - marisagettas -
trying to overcome my self-confidence issues and fear of showing my (scoliosis) spine one cut-out/step at a time. πŸ’•
canada - whatimwearing - wiwt - personalstyle - selflove - ootd - instadaily - vsco - unicornsadventures - christopherkane - toronto - instastyle - lookoftheday - scoliosis - zara - vscocam - bodylove - photooftheday -
sasugarman : #whatimwearing #lookoftheday #instastyle #ootd #personalstyle #wiwt #instadaily #selflove #bodylove #toronto #canada #scoliosis #photooftheday #zara #christopherkane #vscocam #vsco #unicornsadventures
repudiation : You look great! Love the outfit as always πŸ‘Œ
kmsiracusa : Love those shoes !
sasugarman : oh why thank you!! πŸ’–πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜˜ @repudiation
sasugarman : thanks girl! 😊❀️ @kmsiracusa
sasugarman : also thank you to @barreworksto for helping me to see my body as strong and not something to be ashamed of. πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’ž
laullis - chapmonstar - sixdecades - jamiemcclatchie -
"This is what mommy's spine looks like; the other is what NORMAL spines look like." #scoliosis #prayshesnotlikemommy
prayshesnotlikemommy - scoliosis -
scoliosisunited - project__s - babynoodle5 - martian79 -
Slash! 😝❀️ | #swimming #pool #jump #love #holiday #tunisia #swimmingpool #friend #cute #scoliosis #bored #random #goodtimes #2014 #summer
cute - bored - love - summer - tunisia - random - goodtimes - scoliosis - jump - friend - 2014 - holiday - swimmingpool - pool - swimming -
sadokmhiri : Welcome to Tunisia β™‘
ghassensaid : Soussa
mx_r199 - daniellindhphoto - ghassensaid - sarixrocks -
MY LAST IV AT THE CANCER CARE CENTER πŸ‘πŸ’‰πŸ‘πŸ’‰πŸ‘ I'm so ready for my port πŸ™ŒπŸ’œ #iv #cancercarecenter #infusion
chronicpain - ehlersdanlos - celiacdisease - spoonie - medicalzebra - infusion - iv - potsie - eds - chiarimalformation - potssyndrome - ehlersdanlossyndrome - chronicillness - cfs - depression - seizures - cancercarecenter - mastcellactivationdisorder - anxiety - posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome - syncope - giproblems - mcad - pots - scoliosis - dysautonomia - chiari -
giveme_therapy : #chronicillness #chronicpain #ehlersdanlos #ehlersdanlossyndrome #eds #depression #pots #potssyndrome #mastcellactivationdisorder #chiari #celiacdisease #chiarimalformation #scoliosis #MCAD #CFS #seizures #syncope #anxiety #spoonie #GIProblems #potsie #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #dysautonomia #medicalzebra
laurasfight : When are you getting your port in beautiful? They're talking about giving me a port seeing as most of my veins are damaged thanks to IVs!πŸ˜žπŸ’•
giveme_therapy : @laurasfight Tuesday ☺❀ You should get a consult for one asap πŸ’•
laurasfight : I'm pretty scared about it though! I'm kinda putting it off a little😞 well good luck for Tuesday! Hope everything goes smoothly!πŸ’–
sisterawake777 : Good luck!
potsieowl : Yay :) thats must be an awesome feeling !
n0olo - undiagnosable_ - gastroparesis_myfight - mstoock -
Infusion time πŸ™ŒπŸ’‰πŸ˜· #iv #infusion #lactatedringers
chronicpain - ehlersdanlos - celiacdisease - spoonie - medicalzebra - infusion - iv - potsie - eds - chiarimalformation - potssyndrome - ehlersdanlossyndrome - chronicillness - cfs - depression - seizures - mastcellactivationdisorder - anxiety - posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome - syncope - giproblems - mcad - pots - scoliosis - dysautonomia - lactatedringers - chiari -
giveme_therapy : #chronicillness #chronicpain #ehlersdanlos #ehlersdanlossyndrome #eds #depression #pots #potssyndrome #mastcellactivationdisorder #chiari #celiacdisease #chiarimalformation #scoliosis #MCAD #CFS #seizures #syncope #anxiety #spoonie #GIProblems #potsie #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #dysautonomia #medicalzebra
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They let me keep my IV for my infusion! Thank god no more pokes today! πŸ’‰πŸ‘πŸ™ #iv #infusion #busyday
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Hida scan took FOREVER but I'm done πŸ’‰πŸ‘πŸ˜· *que the song Radioactive* 🎢 #hidascan #gallbladder #radioactive
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giveme_therapy : #chronicillness #chronicpain #ehlersdanlos #ehlersdanlossyndrome #eds #depression #pots #potssyndrome #mastcellactivationdisorder #chiari #celiacdisease #chiarimalformation #scoliosis #MCAD #CFS #seizures #syncope #anxiety #spoonie #GIProblems #potsie #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #dysautonomia #medicalzebra
cntrygirlk : @giveme_therapy that is the longest test I've ever had. You made it through!
peaceloveandganja : Yikes! I went through that almost exactly a year ago. The surgery sucked :( I hope it goes well and that it doesnt need removed! :)
lifechallaccept : I remember that test, not fun. Glad you got through it hun & I hope it'll be good news! πŸ’œ
giveme_therapy : @cntrygirlk @lifechallaccept it was VERY uncomfortable lol and long as hell πŸ˜‚ the longest test I ever had was probably an MRI/flow study on my brain for Chiari, it was about 3 and a half hours 😐
giveme_therapy : @peaceloveandganja That sucks :( I hope we can remove it honestly cause its been causing me problems for 3 years πŸ˜‘ gallbladders suck lol
alivelikefire : I had the same scan last year. Turned out to be fine. But I have friends who had theirs out and have MORE acid problems than ever. :(
giveme_therapy : @alivelikefire I haven't been having acid problems, it's just been causing me horrible pain for years 😣 can't even wear underwire bras anymore 😳
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