I love Revocation so much. #Revocation #deathmetal #Thrashmetal #technicaldeathmetal #Amazing #recommend #scionav
thrashmetal - amazing - technicaldeathmetal - revocation - recommend - deathmetal - scionav -
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Gotta love @scion exclusives..... #scion #scionnation #scionav #music #art #posters #aboutthatlife #toodope @scionav thanks to MMan
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levybeanz : Thanks to Magoogan at #redhillscion for the hookup.
levybeanz : @scionsessions
scionsessions : You've got some dope records there - enjoy!
levybeanz : I will @scionsessions can hardly wait to get my record player out.
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We’ve got a brand-new music video from @ScottyATL for the track “Pray Alone,” featuring @KillerMikeGTO and @troubledte6. Click the link in our profile to watch it now!
killermike - atl - hiphop - scionav - video - rap - prayalone - music - atlanta - scottyatl -
scionav : #ScionAV #ScottyATL #KillerMike #music #video #rap #hiphop #ATL #Atlanta #PrayAlone
increasefame : Love it!
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Heard my potna @scottyatl trending on twitter preciate all the luv an support from the #Fans...s/o @scionav too #coolclub #scionav
fans - coolclub - scionav -
mssinabina : Niiiiiiiiiccceeeee... I let my family @jazzepha hear that Trash & Treasure a few was ago... he fucked with it heavy he asked who u was... Keep grindin @scottyatl they watching.... love u Mike!!!
mike_plm : Thanks so much an i love you too @mssinabina
mssinabina : Fa shoooo....
scottyatl : @mssinabina preshate dat sina 🙏
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Before closing out Scion Rock Fest, @Machine_Head1 came by the Scion AV “All Purpose Show” to chat with @DJPrincePaul and Mr. Dead. Click the link in our profile to watch the interview!
show - scionrockfest - allpurpose - metal - scionav - music - rock - interview - machinehead - princepaul -
scionav : #ScionAV #ScionRockFest #MachineHead #PrincePaul #interview #allpurpose #show #rock #metal #music
heathers_diamonds : Heyy I'm heather. I am a health and am dedicated to helping people live healthier, debt free lives :) we currently have a promo going on that anyone who joins my team by midnight tomorrow are eligible for $30,000 in bonuses. If you're intrested in more info send me a message :) I look forward to chatting. Email: hotskinnymamas@yahoo.com KIK: hotskinnymamas
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Click the link in our profile to watch Power Trip talk to Scion AV “All Purpose Show” host @DJPrincePaul before their Scion Rock Fest set. Watch the interview now!
scionrockfest - powertrip - thrash - scionav - music - rock - interview - pomona -
scionav : #ScionAV #ScionRockFest #PowerTrip #interview #Pomona #rock #thrash #music
ourladyofradium : They were awesome at TIHC.
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We hope you had as much fun as we did at Kirk Von Hammett’s @FearFestEvil After Party! Click the link in our profile to see more pics from the event!
kirkvonhammett - scionav - kirkhammett - sandiego - party - fearfestevil - metallica -
scionav : #ScionAV #KirkVonHammett #KirkHammett #Metallica #FearFestEvil #SanDiego #Party
kyx666 : I know I did, thank you again for that amazing opportunity
scionav : @kyx666 glad you had fun!
damagejackal : Perfect night, so much fun!
temporalhaze : KIRK! YES!
gizi_meister : The 2 hour drive and sleeping in the car was all worth it!
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jay.hurt : #illegalcivilization #scionav #frank151 #art #hurtazo
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If you haven’t already, download “Red Eye to Tokyo,” the new album from @THXBeats. Head to scionav.com to get it for FREE!
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scionav : #ScionAV #THX #THXBeats #hiphop #music #producer #beats #download
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Fucc yo list, dis iz hot piss pourin on parades, dis iz NWA, dis iz Pimp C with sum outkast & sum new shit of da day, dis a Hennessy with a J..................... I struggled than gave you my life, dis iz soul food beans & rice.... Eat up - @scottyatl ...#TheJourney #OTR2SJ #coolclub Out Now #livemixtape #scionav
scionav - coolclub - otr2sj - thejourney - livemixtape -
djblakjak : What's the formula is the truth.
mastermindmgm : Yes indeed @djblakjak
ifyoudontlikecoolclubfukyou : @mastermindmgm #TheJourney #OTR2SJ
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Steve 'Zetro' Souza of Exodus at tbe @scionav @fearfestevil after party on Friday. He totally killed it, and has brought back the old school East Bay Metal vibe. #scionav #fearfestival #exodus #musicphotography #concertphotography #raymondahner #zetro
scionav - exodus - musicphotography - raymondahner - zetro - fearfestival - concertphotography -
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3 days #prayalone #scionav #otr2sj #coolclub @scottyatl feat. @killermikegto @troubledte6 #weoutchea
prayalone - scionav - coolclub - otr2sj - weoutchea -
romaynebro : #stayatit
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Waiting to get in. #CCM20 #cupcakemeet #centraltexasspeedway #hottexasday #scionfrs #nittotire #satx86ownersclub #satx86 #scorpionautowerx #scorpionautodesigns #rawdriving #driven2drift #dailydriven #stricklyfrs #superstreet #importtuner #pasmag #scionav #onlyfrs #toyota #scion #waitinginline #carenthusiast #carswithoutlimits #carmeet
carmeet - scionfrs - satx86 - nittotire - carenthusiast - satx86ownersclub - scionav - driven2drift - scorpionautowerx - hottexasday - cupcakemeet - superstreet - onlyfrs - importtuner - stricklyfrs - dailydriven - scion - toyota - carswithoutlimits - pasmag - scorpionautodesigns - rawdriving - ccmxx - ccm20 - waitinginline - centraltexasspeedway -
scorpionautodesigns : #CCMXX
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Directing my first heavy metal music video today. Let's hope I don't suck. #moab #scionav #heavymetal #directing #musicvideo #uppercloudmedia
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hazelguillermo : You got this 👊
rj2letters : I want to work with you again sooo bad @mysamio
mysamio : Thanks @hazelguillermo
mysamio : Then you should @rj2letters
connorcolemanfilm - rj2letters - dandylion_05 - ballerrific -
Last Nights @scionav @fearfestevil show was amazing! 30+ years of Bay Area Metal history on a tiny stage in San Diego. Of course I documented every single minute of it. #kvh #kirkhammett #garyholt #metallica #slayer #exodus #deathangel #scionav
exodus - kvh - deathangel - slayer - scionav - garyholt - kirkhammett - metallica -
tonyfuckincampos : Epic photo!!!
dannypampel : Kirk is awesome. When I met him at the SF fear fest, the nicest guy.
alexie37 : Trippy pic. Looks like @bonsloth is playing Gary's guitar.
heavymetalmomma : Fantastic, honestly
raymondahner : @alexie37 - He was!
ileandover - zydmossh - frann_rm - idekterbear -
Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo on stage at the @fearfestevil After Party!
kirkvonhammett - scionav - kirkhammett - roberttrujillo - fearfestevil - live - metallica -
scionav : #ScionAV #KirkHammett #KirkVonHammett #Metallica #FearFestEvil #RobertTrujillo #live
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Exodus is tearing up the @fearfestevil After Party! Matt Pike approves.
live - exodus - party - fearfestevil - after - scionav -
scionav : #ScionAV #Exodus #FearFestEvil #after #party #live
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Supporting My Nigga Kembe @ His Shoot. #ScionAv
scionav -
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Ran into this guy earlier.... #kirkhammett #ridingeasyrecords #holyfuck #metallica #rockstars #scionav
ridingeasyrecords - scionav - kirkhammett - holyfuck - rockstars - metallica -
justinmjacoby : Cool
sporecore : @aardquark Dude is getting old as fuck.
full_doom : @o_disizcursed on point! Give these fools 10 more lives and they couldn't do 1/4 of what Kirk has. Kirk is king and his beauty transcends your naive eyeballs. Bow down.
redbeardrob : Jealous.
stoner_rock_guy : So cool man
gonzocorettc : Hahahahaha
gonzocorettc : The espn commercial was the shinning moment
easyriderrecord : Preach @full_doom!
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Are you ready? Kirk is. The @FearFestEvil After Party is about to begin!
kirkvonhammett - scionav - kirkhammett - fearfestevil - sdcc - metallica -
ws6bat : God I wish I could be there! Kirk is the fucking man!
runncrcls : @rob_fenn
scionav : #ScionAV #KirkHammett #KirkVonHammett #Metallica #FearFestEvil #SDCC
jwithy : @happysmer
mahoganyjoe : He's so not metal.
this_is_a_motherfucker_potato : His hair finally turned greys
arzrmz : Love this
thematlock - idekterbear - scottybobot567 - scott_1410 -
Kirk Hammett of @Metallica and @djprincepaul chatting for a segment for the Scion AV "All Purpose Show" before tonight's @FearFestEvil After Party!
kirkvonhammett - scionav - kirkhammett - fearfestevil - metallica - princepaul -
scionav : #ScionAV #KirkHammett #PrincePaul #KirkVonHammett #Metallica #FearFestEvil
brigreen666 : YEAH! #BLACKENED
cobhc247 : ^ lol
slyons1009 : Digging the graves?
arzrmz : @polina_lynott @gabriba87 @kirkaloha
polina_lynott : @arzrmz saw this :) thnx
kirkaloha : Thanks for the tag. I've already seen it before ;-) 😉😘 @arzrmz
evil_elvira_71 - ex_assistant - masterofpuppets_ - arzrmz -
Athenar of Midnight came by the Scion AV “All Purpose Show” to talk with host @DJPrincePaul and Mr. Dead before playing this year’s Scion Rock Fest. Click the link in our profile to watch the interview!
interview - scionav - music - rock - scionrockfest - midnight - metal -
scionav : #ScionAV #ScionRockFest #Midnight #interview #rock #metal #music
tarot.woman : ❤️
mahoganyjoe : I'm diggin' the peek-a-boo gut/hood combo. Evil likes to party.
aliciacoral : @orcustus check it out online, I saw your blonde ass in the crowd
orcustus : @aliciacoral haha pretty sweet
automobileuploads - ghostiron333 - gatpatrol - gabrieldow -
Headed to San Diego for this wild as party with Kirk Hammett, Exodus, and a bunch of other rock royalty courtesy of @scionav. Who's goin? #metallica #exodus #scionav #kirkhammett #comicon #ridingeasyrecords #metal #rock #lezzzgo
exodus - metal - ridingeasyrecords - scionav - kirkhammett - rock - lezzzgo - metallica - comicon -
wytchweed : @mrtwig042 if you are free down there today, you should go to this!!!!!!
raymondahner : I'm there
rickker_ : #jermainerogers
aliciacoral : The RSVP is closed 😩
lin_thizzy : Ah man! Pre Metallica Kirk back in action. I'm totally blowing it.
olympia1342 : I would die at this, Kirk and exodus whoah
maria_phobia - shred_till_dead - lotus351 - elephant_project -
#TBT To yesterday, packing up the Scions and getting them ready for Comic Con! How far did you have to drive?
comiccon2014 - nuclearblastusa - scion - sandiego - tbt - scionav - nuclearblast - comiccon -
nuclearblastusa : @scion @scionav @sandiegocomiccon #scion #scionav #comiccon #comiccon2014 #sandiego #NuclearBlast #nuclearblastusa
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The #SDCC Fear FestEvil After-Party is tomorrow! ICYMI: Yet another badass joining us is Mark Osegueda of @deathangelofficial! The Lead Singer of one of the most successful bands in metal; Mark and Death Angel has come to be known as one of the most influential bands to emerge from the thriving Bay Area Thrash metal scene in the early 1980s, an era when one could catch Cliff Burton (@metallica) at the front of the stage at Ruthie's Inn banging his head to Death Angel's inventive style and speedy, complex arrangements. In 1986, a Death Angel demo produced by Kirk titled "Kill As One" would kickstart their illustrious recording career and landing in 2013 delivering one of the heaviest and fiercest records to date, "The Dream Calls For Blood". Thanks to @Scionav! #scionavmetal #scionav #TMHB #KirkHammett #ComicCon
scionavmetal - kirkhammett - tmhb - comiccon - sdcc - scionav -
truckasaurusrex : @bisstek
evil_elvira_71 - let_boaventura - rstarvp - sanghi.is.here -
Nuclear Blast has teamed up with Hasbro, ESP Guitars and Kirk Hammett to create this unique design celebrating 30 years of Transformers! The guitar is an ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar fully decked on Transformers 30th anniversary graphics and "Till All Are One" theme. These guitars will not be for sale and as a sign of appreciation to Hasbro, Nuclear Blast, ESP and Kirk Hammett's fans, a couple of these guitars will be given away at the Hasbro and Nuclear Blast booths (#503). In addition, Nuclear Blast and Hasbro have created an amazing CD sampler that will be given away at the Hasbro store booth. The CD celebrates 30 years of Transformers and also features the "Till All Are One" theme found in the Sam Diego Comic Con exclusive. Get them while they last!!!
metallica - transformers - scionav - nuclearblast - comiccon - fearfestevil - sdcc - nuclearblastrecords - kirkvonhammett - nuclearblastusa - metal - hasbro - sdcc2014 - espguitars - kirkhammett - sdcc14 - comicconbands - 503 -
ayie108 : Cc @desdinova78 @shairust
aahmayzing : That's freaken awesome! Lucky guy/gal that wins this guitar 😜🎸
jrod_cubano : @diego_r777
diego_r777 : @jrod_cubano go Kirk!
bernardo_rah : @frenchsinger mostra ao Dario! Guitarra do Kirk hammet dos transformers
frenchsinger : What giveaway?
aahmayzing : @dadirtyhoudini669
juancho20sp : http://youtu.be/CL2q8avKyuE
davideiuliani - herschel_riffs - axissean - jakelyberth -
We’ve got a brand-new music video from @ProEra47 for the track “Extortion” off of their new EP, “The Shift.” Click the link in our profile to watch it now, and be sure to download their EP!
proeracrew - hiphop - musicvideo - scionav - music - rap - video - proera -
scionav : #ScionAV #ProEra #ProEraCrew #rap #hiphop #music #video #musicvideo
jamesgiovanni : WHO WANT WAR !!! Sick song dope dope dope vid.
gabrieldow : @scionav did I win the chance to meet Kirk!?!? 😅😅
therickrider : Great!
alvaricok - davidpkjones - pakotokuma - ghostiron333 -
Scion Audio/Visual celebrates San Diego's enormous comic & entertainment convention with iconic METALLICA guitar player Kirk Hammett and his namesake toy company Kirk Von Hammet Toys with an exclusive, RSVP-only celebration dubbed the “Fear FestEvil After Party” that will showcase a performance by legendary Bay Area thrashers EXODUS on July 25th at F6IX located at 526 F Street in San Diego, California. (NOTE: RSVP for this event is now closed!) This special EXODUS performance will be highlighted by Hammett joining the band on-stage for a few songs. Kirk Von Hammett Toys will also present the Famous Zombies Jr. limited edition toy at the year's San Diego Comic Con. The very limited edition green Hammett figure will be available exclusively at San Diego Comic Con, and Kirk will be signing the toy itself at the Nuclear Blast USA / STERN PINBALL, INC. / JSR Merchandising SDCC booth 503 on Friday July 25th from 1pm to 2pm, and on Saturday July 26th from 2pm to 3pm. Fans will be able to purchase tickets for the signing starting on Wednesday July 23rd for the Friday appearance. Once Friday's tickets are sold-out, Saturday tickets will be released. Tickets are available at the Nuclear Blast Records/Stern Pinball/JSR merch booth (503). "I'm stoked to be bringing more exclusive wares to the San Diego Comic Con," says Kirk Von Hammett himself, "Nuclear Blast have been friends for quite some time, so I'm happy to be able to bring one of my exclusives to their booth. Being a fan of comics and movies since I was a kid, it's just a huge honor to be at Comic Con on both sides, selling and buying!" Be warned, only a strict 300 of these Nuclear Blast Green collectible classics will be available, so act fast to make sure you're in line for yours!
exodus - scionav - nuclearblast - comiccon - fearfestevil - sdcc - nuclearblastrecords - kirkvonhammett - nuclearblastusa - metal - sdcc2014 - metallica - thrashmetal - kirkhammett - sdcc14 - thrash - comicconbands -
nuclearblastusa : #nuclearblast #nuclearblastusa #nuclearblastrecords #scionav #fearfestevil #metallica #kirkvonhammett #kirkhammett #sdcc #comicconbands #comiccon #sdcc2014 #sdcc14 #exodus #thrashmetal #thrash #metal
metal_lee1994 - uphilol - yulyaillarionova - darwanto_nightwish -
We're here!! Come visit us at San Diego Comic-Con Booth #503! Enjoy Kirk Hammett exclusive signing of his brand new action figure, Nuclear Blast also teams up with Hasbro, ESP and Kirk Hammett for 30th anniversary Transformers campaign (with exclusive Transformers guitar giveaways!), CD sampler give away, Scion A/V Fear FESTEVIL after party (with special guests!) on July 25th with Legendary Bay Area Thrashers EXODUS and tons more!!!! We hope to see ya there!!
transformers - scionav - nuclearblast - comiccon - fearfestevil - sdcc - nuclearblastrecords - kirkvonhammett - exodus - nuclearblastusa - metal - hasbro - sdcc2014 - metallica - kirkhammett - sdcc14 - 503 -
ivydmuerta : Yay!
nuclearblastusa : #nuclearblast #nuclearblastusa #nuclearblastrecords #scionav #fearfestevil #metallica #kirkvonhammett #kirkhammett #hasbro #transformers #sdcc #comiccon #sdcc2014 #sdcc14 #exodus #metal
kingofdiamonds177 : FUCK I WISH I WAS THERE FUCK!??!!
nightwisher_ : Nice!!!! If only you guys did this in more Cons. I would love to go buy stuff from you guys here in Orlando, FL.!
kingofdiamonds177 : I can see 6 shirts I would buy just by walking in
existential.ellie : I will take all of those shirts, please & thank you.
metal_mel : @chestylarue32 this is the type of booth I should have been working at all those years .
kylebergholm : I see a Celtic frost shirt
this_is_a_motherfucker_potato - johanathandrachen - crisping15 - maxemassacre -
Kirk Von Hammett's #fearfestevil party this Friday after #comicon is going to be a smash.#kirkhammett #scionav #metallica #exodus #metallica #scion #awesome
exodus - scion - awesome - scionav - kirkhammett - fearfestevil - metallica - comicon -
sicknouza - picfix13 - aestheticmagazine - shelby.martinez -
Extortion | @kirkknight @draziiil #theshift #Extortion #ScionAV
scionav - theshift - extortion -
rapgamekoven : Yas
marilyn47garcia : Omg i went wild when it was 1:00 pm man :')
allex47 : Yeah Lol , @marilyn47garcia I heard There Suppose To Be Makeing Some New Stuff Soon
marilyn47garcia : Cant wait man *-* #pe47
allex47 : Ye Me Niether
beyondmg - rapgamekoven - proerajackie - jason.4.7 -
1pm. #Extortion Visuals explode. #theshift #scionav
scionav - theshift - extortion -
_deadlychocha : HOLY FUCCK SWANK
ashani : Yeaaaaaaaaaa
_deadlychocha : HE DEFF DONT SAY SWAG NOMORE ONLY SWANK , right @randyirving
randyirving : FACTS
randyirving : HES ILLMINDED
randyirving : THATS REG @_deadlychocha
dario_costello : Fav out the group dessy n nyck
adr.m - kingreyes_ - derrick_devito - jl__47 -
@KirkKnight 's • "EXTORTION" Music Video Drops Today @ 1PM Feat. Dyemond Lewis (@draziiil ) #TheShift #ProEra #KirkKnight #DyemondLewis #ScionAV #b4damoneyhungry #TheyDontWantThatWar
dyemondlewis - scionav - theydontwantthatwar - b4damoneyhungry - theshift - kirkknight - proera -
tassboogie : knocks
1uanlove : @tassboogie got see the kids go wild when it comes on on the live show tip
beyondmg - dorianwest - djtatsumaki - tassboogie -
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