My son tho πŸ‘Œ today i picked up g from school and ran into the principal, he stopped me to tell me he has been paying close attention to Gregg's language arts test scores and noticed he continues to rise above his grade level and he is very proud of him and to keep up what ever I am doing with him ☺️ his teacher has notified me numerous of times about his success in class but to stand out in the principal's eyes really made me proud #GoBaby #SchoolisCool #mycoolkid 😎#mommylovesyou #wewantscholarships I'm positive my son will most likely make it in sports but he will for sure make it academically as well #knowthat
mycoolkid - schooliscool - mommylovesyou - gobaby - wewantscholarships - knowthat -
dejjas_worlld : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘
stillkish : Thats my baby πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mailefam : so cute! @littleandbrave
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"Ma fleur est là, quelque part" #schooliscool #humanisme #lotiprins #holeinmysoul #fromnowtoyou
humanisme - lotiprins - schooliscool - fromnowtoyou - holeinmysoul -
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Language & maths homework all in one! #schooliscool #maori #daughter #love
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me - schooliscool - happy -
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Coolest study hall director ever @rdeegee77 #schooliscool #mls
mls - schooliscool -
rdeegee77 : Suck up:)
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So I took a picture of an uncovered booty cause I didn't think to do it before I did my wet to dry. But moral of the story you got a wound I can dress it ya'll. #pressureulcer #woundcare #pct #cna #wettodry #dressingchange #schooliscool #bootygametoostrong #medicalclasses #aacc
wettodry - bootygametoostrong - aacc - woundcare - pressureulcer - pct - medicalclasses - schooliscool - cna - dressingchange -
leannalowb : I think you need to get that looked at by a professional hahahaha oh right that's you β™‘β™‘
mamakurtz1 : How long is your schooling? I feel like it's been forever since ive seen you 😩
cassandraleighlow : @mamakurtz1 I'm in the advance Pct class now I have about 10-11 weeks left, I'm back at bwmc for clincal's the floor I'm on is the PCU and on Saturday I was in the ED.
chessiee7 - mamakurtz1 -
#homework - watch #Shrek #ilovelearning #schooliscool #nerdalert
nerdalert - ilovelearning - schooliscool - shrek - homework -
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#Hug a college student. Dedication and commitment isn't easy. So proud of my beautiful sister Kiki for staying focused. #thehuggergames #studying #anatomy #schooliscool
anatomy - studying - thehuggergames - hug - schooliscool -
dpilarh : Awww love u
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Geeking out on gut health 😜 #nutrition #education #research #lecture #schooliscool
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jordmantheman : Health starts in the gut!
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This happened in school today! #schooliscool With the coolest professor around @herrerajucla Special guests #mariachilosreyes & the one and only @charrito23
schooliscool - mariachilosreyes -
mscantante : Those are my guys!! Love them 😘😘😘😘
raquel_aguilera1 : ❀️❀️❀️
klandin06 : @el_erre_hache 😎
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#Monday #spellingbee #speller #academics #athletics #consistency #community #sandiego #scrippsranch #schooliscool #techstud #bella
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Today in class we had to stick our pinky up our nose for educational purposes. I felt like Ralph Wiggum. Lol #schooliscool #selfie #unrelatedpicture #hashtag #ralphwiggum #chubbycheeks
chubbycheeks - schooliscool - ralphwiggum - hashtag - selfie - unrelatedpicture -
cathyrinemanuel : I miss you eva!!!!!
purpuraeva : @cathyrinemanuel where have you been?
cathyrinemanuel : @purpuraeva i have been working
jaclynmm13 - euronymous187 - republic_trooper - pattyxosnape -
Good afternoon and happy Monday! May your day be productive and your coffee mug always full! Here's our president Barbara ready to take on the day! ☺️ #Alphaphi #schooliscool #uoft
uoft - schooliscool - alphaphi -
queensfp : Good shot!
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Cramming for my neural tissue test, but I had to take a #selfie. #browneyes #prettylittlegirl #schooliscool #learningisfun #neuronsarecomplicated #pink
pink - prettylittlegirl - browneyes - learningisfun - neuronsarecomplicated - selfie - schooliscool -
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The cool kids in class lol πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ‘« #coolkids#schooliscool#selfie
coolkids - selfie - schooliscool - selfiestick -
dhuerta87 : #Selfiestick
jojo_h1214 : πŸ˜„ nice picture I need one of those sticks
dhuerta87 : It's awkward holding the stick haha but those are my fuwens lol @jojo_h1214
desivilla2010 : @dhuerta87 lol you already got the selfie stick lmao
dhuerta87 : No lol it's a friends but they sell it at roué 21 for $8 @desivilla2010
desivilla2010 : @dhuerta87 not bad you should get it for the color vibe
dhuerta87 : I know I'm gonna go buy one soon lol @desivilla2010
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On my nerd ish. Time to go to class 😁 #Longassdrive #College #SchoolisCool #Educated #Audio
audio - educated - college - schooliscool - longassdrive -
official_infamous : Finally your ass here some glasses u can't drive for shiet ! Lmao jk
official_jaygee760 : Hahaha fuck you bruh! πŸ˜† @official_infamous
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The cat in the hat is here. #ilovemyjob #kidatheart #igotthis #costumefun #schooliscool
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cindyfertsch : Jamie would LOVE that!!!
onesusan : Ill borrow it @cindyfertsch
cindyfertsch : Oh wow....I would love to see his face if cat in hat knocked on door!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
xonoelleeox - skynotarohshit - sophic_society - deathmetal_dant -
I just dropped off my neighbor off at high school Bc she had a late start... And noticed they lock there students in so nooone ditches school! Hahaha that's so funny! Boy times have changed! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #schooliscool #nooneisleaving #noditching #becoolstayinschool
becoolstayinschool - noditching - schooliscool - nooneisleaving -
lexsawyer : Thanks for taking my girl!😘
ammcintire : Anytime πŸ˜‰
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My life for the next three months. Wooo lol #EMT #studysession #schooliscool #study #love #woo
emt - woo - schooliscool - love - studysession - study -
miss_lizet : I feel the excitement πŸ˜‚
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She was #ready for #school #today ✏ #batman #curlyhair #bows #uggs #pictureoftheday #cutekid #loveher #shesthebest #sophiamb #mommylovesyou #schooliscool
school - sophiamb - schooliscool - batman - cutekid - loveher - mommylovesyou - pictureoftheday - curlyhair - shesthebest - ready - uggs - bows - today -
tonazo951 : 😍
mailefam : @littleandbrave should feature this
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t.sofie - silke026 - elynegeelen - jolienadamczyk -
schooliscool -
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Today is Reading Fair during #Nevada #LasVegas #ReadingWeek. The kids had to choose their favorite book on their tri-fold boards. Kristopher chose #SpiderMan & Kirsten chose #TheNotebookOfDoom. It was exciting for us to put it all together. #ReadingIsFundamental Our family loves to read...❀️😍 It's one of our habit to read every day & cut-out some of the game time in our gadgets. Reading also brings us much closer as a family. So.. Don't forget to read to your kids... It's the best investment you'll ever make for the futureπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘«πŸ“š #SchoolIsCool
nevada - readingweek - readingisfundamental - spiderman - lasvegas - thenotebookofdoom - schooliscool -
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#tan #fur #geordieshore #L100D #schooliscool #mint #letsgetmortal #makeup #beauty #life
life - fur - beauty - letsgetmortal - makeup - geordieshore - schooliscool - l100d - tan - mint -
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Foodtrip... with joyce. #PicFrame #Insta #FoodPorn #3DCoffee #SchoolisCool
3dcoffee - schooliscool - insta - foodporn - picframe -
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Feliz inicio de semana. Mis mejores deseos en este regreso a clases!!!! Que éste año sea un éxito. Millón de bendiciones a todos los pollitos 🐣πŸ₯πŸ€πŸ¦πŸ“–πŸ“šπŸ“βœοΈβœ‚οΈπŸ“’ #backtoschool #schooliscool #bestwishes #2015
2015 - bestwishes - backtoschool - schooliscool -
anapdelag : La quieroo tiaa
cynthiadeh : Yo maaaas mi amor @anapdelag 😘
cynthiadeh - fio_bla_bla123 - cyndetails - marjoriepich -
When I thought I had seen them all. #ccssummit #schooliscool #namethatnationality #goodstart
ccssummit - schooliscool - goodstart - namethatnationality -
katewiet : Alternate name spellings por vida!
katewiet : We could just start going by a symbol like our purple overlord, prince?
tigohitties : @katewiet they took the D's out of my number, they can't spell my name right...I think it is time to turn ourselves into symbols. "How do you spell your name? "Hold on I will .zip it to you."
katewiet : Or for situations where technology is not readily accessible, we can get gemstone encrusted brooches?
tigohitties : @katewiet the only name tag we will ever need.
ilpagio - bookscheckem - kiki.stardust - katewiet -
last night's drawing.... #pencil #drawing #wip #practice #schooliscool
pencil - practice - drawing - schooliscool - wip -
pmacaulay : Very nice!
smarvinaz : not too bad for only my second portrait, huh? more to come!! thank you for your support @pmacaulay 😊🌸😊
derrickha : AWESOME!!! Great job!!
smarvinaz : too kind my friend 😘 I appreciate you Derrick! @derrickha thank you
drokk_it : This is stellar Susan!!!
smarvinaz : awe thanks Sammy!!!! @drokk_it 😊
chris49007 - michael_nolan_art - jimtny - james.mckenna.988 -
Lol. #scienceiscool ❀ #SchoolIscool #LearningIscool #IthankTheFirstTeacherEver #Jesus πŸ’•πŸ‘
jesus - schooliscool - scienceiscool - ithankthefirstteacherever - learningiscool -
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Celebrating Dr. Seuss Day in school today! #literacy #SchoolisCool #LoveBooks
schooliscool - lovebooks - literacy -
landon_escher - maariolaxd -
Dare to dream and make your dreams a reality πŸ‘Š #mondayworkday #dreams #pushyourlimits #schooliscool
mondayworkday - schooliscool - dreams - pushyourlimits -
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It has been a rough week this week because I left my lappy in KK. But I made it. How about you? πŸ˜„ Lots of drawings and arts involved in all of my class this whole week🌈 So now the school ends, it's time for us to hit KK. #Friyay! Happy weekend from all of us, teamschoolπŸŽ‰
lessonplan - teachersfollowteachers - friyay - teacherperks - teachability - mystudentsareawesome - magnetism - schooliscool - teacherideas - teachertips - teacherswag - teacherstuff - teacher - science - classroom - rocketscience - schoolrocks - letsdothis - electricity - teacherofinstagram - teachingscience - work - mystudentsarebetterthanyours - teachersrock - teachers - flawsome - teachersdiary - teachersbelike - teachertricks - teacherprobs -
basitluvsfarah : Hehehe salah pon xkenainya hidayah mana satu hehe.. kfrh saja jgk tnya situ sb mana tau owner dia blh explain.. tp pengikut dia punya byk xprasan kot msg k.frh.. ala dyh tulisan kfrh buruk sbnrnya..k.frh jaga allignment and buat partition tu kot nampak kemas di mata dyh hehe thanks anywaysπŸ˜„ @hidayah1922
hidayah1922 : Hahaha. Kannn.org bkn knai dayah mn 1 pun. Hahaha.wahhh siap jga allignment n partition. Mcm komputerπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚nati kna ajaq dayah tulis cmtu la. Hehe.
basitluvsfarah : Haha ala xpayah.. dayah lg tererrr... ikut ja instinct..budak2 tu ikut ja hehehe.. dayah tu kfrh takhabih blaja lg nk follow ig yg best2 klaka2..sbnrnya kfrh xfollow ig melayu pasal poyo2 je semua..tp yg dyh follow best2 smpi terpikir hingga ke rumah.. "eh, best jgk ig melayu yg dyh follow tu.." balik tu browse ig jgn tgk bahaya smpi hbih bateri tau x? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @hidayah1922
hidayah1922 : @basitluvsfarah hahaha. Tergelak2 dayah bca kak farah tulis ni. Hehe. Mcm btoi ja apa yg rahsia bulan kelahiran tu gtaw😁😁😁
ayajobz : Good work god bless u ♥
basitluvsfarah : Thanks Aya @ayajobz may Allah bless u too 😘
basitluvsfarah : #letsdothis #teachertips #teachertricks #schooliscool #teacher #teachers #teacherstuff #teacherprobs #classroom #teachersdiary #teachersrock #work #lessonplan #flawsome #teachingscience #science #rocketscience #schoolrocks #teacherideas #teachersfollowteachers #teacherperks #teachability #teacherofinstagram #teacherswag #teachersbelike #mystudentsareawesome #mystudentsarebetterthanyours #electricity #magnetism
emilyadd0090 : Nice! Hey did you check my profile for a scholarship?
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