Oh I love this pocket rocket! #love #revsdecuba #losther #greattimes #midget #pocketrocket #scabbyhead #roomie #forthenext2weeks @isobellemilgate
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daniellebloomfield : Oh hello skinny
hugosp1577 : followed
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Feeling the urge to shave my head again ! My head is sooo sore hate psoriasis :( #scabbyhead #psoriasisiscrap #baldornot
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jmilum : I use a topical called Protopic for my face (eye lids, eye brows, etc). It works well and doesn't cause thinning as it's not a steroid. The best I found for scalp was Clobetasol foam. I would also use olive oil on my scalp which helped with flaking and itching.
fifigeldof : I have psoriasis on my elbow and bloody hate it... You look an absolute beaut with no hair @jessiemikolaj ;) x
jessiemikolaj : Oh thank u @fifigeldof I first shaved it for charity about 4 yrs ago and was living in Ohio at the time and my psoriasis totally cleared with the sun!! Didn't realise how much time n energy you spend on hair till u shave it!! Every time it's started to grow I look like a Pom Pom so shaved it but had first trim today n feels strange having hair!! Psoriasis is a sod I get patches on my face too now and ears n elbow and bum cheeks !!! Lol sun seems best thing for it!!! Shame it's not on prescription as dread to think what keep slapping steroid cream on does long term!! We need a crusty club!!!! :)
fifigeldof : I heard it's very common that it spreads... I've had it years and it seems to stay on my elbows for which I am very grateful x
jessiemikolaj : I was ok till I hit bloody 40 then I think it thought woooo party time :) x @fifigeldof x
fifigeldof : @jessiemikolaj... Balls. I'm a few years off that and hoped had gotten away with it LOL x
jessiemikolaj : Hahaha @fifigeldof just seen that and spat my coffee everywhere !!
wearingmemories : @jessiemikolaj you are so natural and beautiful- in this photo the reflection, self awareness, character & strength is what we see... #CLINK to you!
I'm officially not strong enough to move 30kg of sleepy boxer that doesn't want to be moved, can't even call it dead weight he was pushing himself onto the bed, while I'm trying to get him down for a wee n onto his own bed. This took 10mins he was still snoring when I managed to roll him onto my knee #notimpressed #hugnroll #scabbyhead #sleepyboy #sleepingboxers #boxer #boxerpup #boxerpuppy #boxersofig #boxersofinstagram #boxergram #boxerclub #boxerworld #dogslife #dog #dogsofinstagram
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boxer_foto : Hope you feel better soon! ๐Ÿ’™
laurajw85 : @boxer_foto besides the usual he's okay just sleepy here. Scabby heads a hair follicle infection but he keeps scratching the top off n making it bleed! Silly boy!
karina_n_zeke : Haha typical boxer
laurajw85 : Yup!!! @karina_gamas
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#scabbyhead #got #hit #with #a #log #looks #awful #ohwell #selfie #bored
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nicolagmamto3 : Ouch#looks#sore
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chloee_allenn : fuckin hell looks canny painful that!
alishajadexx : It was its gone now
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Scott's Scabby Head! Love it ๐Ÿ‘
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njenden : #londontattooconvention Amazing work by @abeyalvarez #scabbyhead
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#Gtown ๐Ÿ˜‹ #scabbyhead #boobsoot ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿนxo
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Goodbye green hello blonde. #scabbyhead
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mrsoregon2009 : You always keep us guessing.
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Lil Aubrey #niece #princess #scabbyhead #lilmonster @aubreymommy
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On watch for the delivery man! #pizza #lemonade #pizzarella #scabbyhead #frontbedroom
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