bayside tigers sweats @target, but where's the matching singlet? #sbtb #acslater
sbtb - acslater -
doyougodeep -
This CANNOT be #larkvoorhees aka #LisaTurtle for Saved by the bell?!?!?!!!!! 😱😳 omg!! I'm speechless #sbtb #fixitJesus
sbtb - larkvoorhees - lisaturtle - fixitjesus -
@murphydunn gets the last #SBTB Kelly kap(owski) cake.
sbtb -
#LARKVOORHIES: SOMEONE PLEASE TELL US THIS IS #PHOTOSHOPPED! POOR LISA! via @balleralert Someone dm'ed us and said this was #larkvoorhees 😳
photoshopped - larkvoorhees - larkvoorhies -
tiffany_miso_martinez : So sad!!!! Smh
hey_its_stephenie : Lord Jesus @mcdjfinn @rexruthless @marisol22gomez it's Lisa turtle!!!
moonwalkin.on.u.heauxs : Poor thing
kayz_kutie : They said she has Lupus
starringstace : Is it Halloween?
phat_girl1214 : Y'all she is sick!! She has lupus.....and I think she's bipolar
tinaleolioness : @2xsmom @his_favoritegurl 😟
doin_nett_nett : She looks a hot mess
my_storykd - mjcatholic2000 - mzfelita - dee_doriss -
Great to talk #baysidethemusical, #savedbythebell & more with #dustindiamond on #newyorklivetv last week! #screech #sbtb
dustindiamond - newyorklivetv - baysidethemusical - sbtb - screech - savedbythebell -
alaa_aljoaid - crystaldmac - citygirl_law - grvillarreal -
I've been stalking fitness trainers for like 3 months to see who is going to sculpt me to pre-baby sexy πŸ˜‰ this guy is insane, just a little, but you can tell his clients love this man! And that says a lot! So I'm starting with a test run this Friday at 930pm at 53rd and Parkside in philly, all this jelly will be jiggling in the dark! Thank goodness for night time so you can only see me die at 50%!!! Who is coming with me to call 911 when I drop! @tariqthetrainer_thefitnessbank
sbtb - byow - rileygirls -
nikkiriley215 : @rockoncherry it's monthly I believe for this. If this were every Friday I would do this instead of the bar!
tariqthetrainer_thefitnessbank : @nikkiriley215 thanks for that amazing recognition!!! It meant a lot, you will be fine we are going to have a great time!!! @rockoncherry @makeupmymind it's free ladies just purchase the glow sticks when you guys get here they are only $2.00 looking forward to slaying fat and killing calories with you guys πŸ‘Œ
rockoncherry : I found it on his page. Free, but you buy glow sticks. It's only one day.
makeupmymind : @tariqthetrainer_thefitnessbank looking forward to it!
makeupmymind : @nikkiriley215 reeboks? Haha I don't wear no reeboks girl! Adidas all the way
nikkiriley215 : @tariqthetrainer_thefitnessbank πŸ‘β€οΈ for 2 dollars I'm bringing all of my #rileygirls on my dime! It's #byow ladies!!! Bring your own water!!!
nikkiriley215 : @makeupmymind get ready for this gap spandex commercial and my neon orange nikes! I might even bust out the head band and Pom Pom socks like I'm Kelly kaposkwi #sbtb
nikkiriley215 : @only1natiaj your in this too! Don't play with me! Get that gear on!
rgwithlove - only1q - iamzayda - pryncess -
#screech #bender #sbtb
unathorized - sbtb - screech - bender -
shockingly_unambitious : #unathorized
amandaplasencia - rebeskeets - laraheadley - doggiestyle305 -
I need this in my lifeee πŸ’ŠπŸ’Š
sbtb - unauthorized - savedbythebell - imsoexcitedimsoscared -
marisaog : #imsoexcitedimsoscared #sbtb #savedbythebell #unauthorized
magpink : So me @marisaog @fabigonzalez9
marvincalderonjr : OMG I NEED THIS TOO LOL
fabigonzalez9 : Lol @magpink
beeezzzi : @themenacedenis ur shirt!
themenacedenis : @beeezzzi maaaaa liiiiife
jgubbz : @jrhodesny βœ‹βœ‹
jrhodesny : Hahahhaha @jgubbz need this
emilycp22 - lia__mouse - aarondelfierro - jonpanlilio -
SAVED BY...THE HELL IS THAT?!: Has anyone seen Lisa Turtle or Lark Voorhies, lately? Because this can't be life... #SBTB
sbtb -
blovess_ -
Did any of you watch the Lifetime unauthorized "Saved by the Bell" movie yesterday?? Don't worry, we did and we live-blogged/collaged the whole thing (link in bioπŸ‘†) The movie is based on a book that Dustin Diamond, aka #Screech , wrote about the cast's behind the scenes shenanigans. All other cast members have claimed his "memoir" is untruthful and exaggerated. So you know, perfect for a Lifetime movie. #savedbythebell #90sTV #baysidehigh
sbtb - baysidehigh - screech - 90stv - savedbythebell -
gabingtonjay : It was awesome
wendycarrillo : Errrrr guys... What's with this photo? It's not the original cast of #SBTB nor the cast that #Unauthorized focused on...
thisisfusion : @wendycarrillo very much aware of that. These are the college years! We covered all of #sbtb in our blog
linalouhoo : I watched it. I had no idea lark and mark paul had a thing. It was actually a very interesting movie
wendycarrillo : Ok... Just seems like an odd choice! Lol... πŸ˜„ : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ : @thisisfusion πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
karla_cristina - sarazara09 - mikebizzle85 - mister_william -
Best Screech moment EVER. LOLOLOLOL. #screech #savedbythebell #sbtb #mrbelding #volcano #earthquake #bayside #dustindiamond #dennishaskins
bayside - sbtb - screech - savedbythebell - mrbelding - volcano - dennishaskins - earthquake - dustindiamond -
iamcabbie - gena_2007 - britt_loved - jules629 -
Unauthorized saved by the bell on lifetime. D actors playing C actors. All under the perspective of screech. I should sleep huh? (245/365) #2014days #unauthorized #SBTB #stillhaveaZackAttack
2014days - sbtb - unauthorized - stillhaveazackattack -
jessbear55 : Hahahahahahaha πŸ˜†
jessbear55 - mercadoca - afunjiu - blovess_ -
Damn this is what happen to Lisa Turtle. Screech don't want her ass now. #SBTB #Lark #screech #makeuptransformation #makeup #damnhomie
makeuptransformation - lark - sbtb - makeup - screech - damnhomie -
taylor_gemini : LOL at the Screech comment...but this has been going on with her for years
jadireborn : She not all right mentally. I think I heard she was diagnosed as Bi-Polar but refuses treatment. And THIS is the outcome.
cooldee26 : @sacha718 wow she looks bad
sacha718 : I feel bad because she was what most brown girl (self included) wanted to look like in the 90s. So sad
dreamleem : Yikes
mznaturallocs : Wow
cal_ripken36 : Damnn her Kelly had a nigga heart from 2nd grade.smh r.i.p to Lisa Turtle
andre021 : Still looks good ;)
supherboy - supaflychick82 - heeyworldd - __fabolouslife -
#tiffanithiessan #tiffaniamberthiessan #savedbythebell #zackandkelly #sbtb #90s #90skid #ninetes #kellykapowski
90s - tiffanithiessan - kellykapowski - 90skid - sbtb - savedbythebell - ninetes - zackandkelly - tiffaniamberthiessan - - ashleyrayy_ - donnie_carradine_ii - mimoso17 -
Name some other stars u would like 2 C make a "rare appearance' thank u #LakeVoorhies I've missed your touch #blueeyeahadow #bowlcut #paparazzi #SBTB @ngrinder #grindr
lakevoorhies - blueeyeahadow - sbtb - grindr - paparazzi - bowlcut -
wilddove12 : @thanos_samaras πŸ˜«πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #shade!
jazzephae1 : What?!?!
iminlove70 : I read she's mentally ill, if that's true then very sad .
notimeforyou1 : @itsmikeyabegunde
ptk785 : @blackburnhammer @bernertaylor
itsmikeyabegunde : @notimeforyou1 stop! The cut is cute!!
thanos_samaras : @wilddove12 πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸŒŸπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
iammothecomic : The cast of California Dreaming
justinrmiranda - cariee38 - kenfulk - angsoave -
#savedbythebell #sbtb #KellyKapowski #lisaturtle #larkvoorhies #jessiespano #elizabethberkley #tiffanithiessan #tiffaniamberthiessan #90s #90skid
90s - tiffaniamberthiessan - kellykapowski - larkvoorhies - 90skid - sbtb - elizabethberkley - savedbythebell - jessiespano - tiffanithiessan - lisaturtle -
hannahxsxl - i_have_a_hunch - eightieslikewoah - cluelessmeangirl_80s -
#Unauthorized #SBTB @lifetimetv
sbtb - unauthorized -
marisaog - tylergeditz - melissamayhem - laurenpinhas -
Cobbling together a themed Saved by the Bell viewing session from existing elements is not for the faint-hearted. #sbtb #karateflaskscreech #donthidespidersandmaybeyoullmakefriends #nevertrusttheasianextra #unauthorized
sbtb - nevertrusttheasianextra - karateflaskscreech - unauthorized - donthidespidersandmaybeyoullmakefriends -
hollercaitlin - christineweatherup - emilyann_61 - stoicist -
#unauthorized #sbtb #bayside #wtf #notgood
sbtb - bayside - notgood - wtf - unauthorized -
erock3837 : @_bubsmama_ I wanted more juicy behind the scene. But also how the Hell did he know other people's point of view if he wasn't in the room or near them. I agree with you.
erock3837 : @_bubsmama_ ps I kept hitting the like button to realize this wasn't Facebook hahah just so you know
_bubsmama_ : @erock3837 clearly he's an idiot and is looking for continuous pity party... Mario Lopez is coming out with a memoir... His version... At the end of this month. I think I'm going to read it.... Hahaha
dime_time2 - katygirl221 - erock3837 -
This is the emoticon version of The Saved By The Bell with caffeine pills. #imsoexcited #imsoscared #sbtb #caffeinepillsorcrack
sbtb - imsoscared - caffeinepillsorcrack - imsoexcited -
carlitosguey323 - joe_deadseairons -
OMG THIS WAS A DISGRACE TO SOCIETY & MY EYES πŸ‘€ I SHOULD'VE KNOWN IT WAS BASED OFF DUSTIN DIAMOND'S (#Screech) BOOKπŸ“– , BOOOOOOOO πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž I would like to apologize to @markpaulgosselaar @mariolopezextra @tathiessen @elizberkley & #LarkVoorhies for the one sided BS that was The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story πŸŽ₯ JUST A WASTE LIFETIME, NOW I'M REALLY SCARED WHEN THE #WhitneyHouston MOVIE HITS... SMH 😑 #TheUnauthorizedSavedByTheBellStory #SavedByTheBell #SBTB #LifeTime #ZackMorris #ACSlater #JessieSpano #KellyKapowski #LisaTurtle
whitneyhouston - kellykapowski - larkvoorhies - sbtb - zackmorris - screech - savedbythebell - theunauthorizedsavedbythebellstory - jessiespano - acslater - lifetime - lisaturtle -
doyougodeep : πŸ‘
doyougodeep - westsidemugi - kelegi08 - alyssa_badass -
Lisa Turtle was one of the hottest girls in the ’90β€²s but now she’s all grown up and just can’t seem to find a mirror! Lark Voorhies was seen browsing the garden section at a LA Farmer’s Market over the holiday weekend, and while she was happy to take pictures, one can’t help but wonder why when her make-up looked so insane. We just don’t understand. Lark is a beautiful woman. Even a BEAT make-up job is not always necessary for her. See the pics at: #lisaturtle #larkvoorhies #sbtb #savedbythebell #lifetime #movie #whatsthecelebritea #celebritea #wtc #teamtea #blogger
teamtea - movie - larkvoorhies - sbtb - savedbythebell - wtc - lisaturtle - celebritea - blogger - whatsthecelebritea - lifetime -
fortheluvof_deelachelle : @simplychrysb @honeydijon09 @ashleyquiara wtf happened to #lisaTurtle
honeydijon09 : 😩😩😩 she's looks like a corpse. 😳 @fortheluvof_deelachelle
fortheluvof_deelachelle : @honeydijon09 da fuck she smoking
simplychrysb : Hahaha! @fortheluvof_deelachelle
haneennasser1994 - jr_nobesmom - chela06 - dameover -
#Unauthorized save by the bell #SBTB how it really went down #90s
sbtb - unauthorized - 90s -
suzq420 : I watched it last nighy
suzq420 : *Night
lydscreth831 : Did u like it.. I did ;) @suzq420
abuelaskitchen : Me too! Lol
suzq420 - 90sarchaeology - xtinaq27 - dattgirlginaaa -
My college friends know how angry this part of the show made me 😑😀😨 @o.chan @camillasoul @thanh1027 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Saved By The Bell memes everywhere #sbtb #zack&kelly #heartbroken #ilovedzack #firstcrush
heartbroken - sbtb - ilovedzack - zack - firstcrush -
car_mee : Haha
car_mee : Jeff was fine tho!
lbluis1 : Even though we has a good wrestler and had nice hair. It's still no excuse!
dyvees : @valpal_77 totally think of you everytime I'm reminded of "I'm so excited!"
dyvees : @lbluis1 no excuse! @car_mee she just wanted him because he was in college πŸ˜‘
car_mee : Yeah he was older, sexier, had a job and a car. I woulda dumped zack too lol
malalala75 : I loveJeff!!!
o.chan : @dyvees That was seriously the worst scene ever in SBTB
car_mee - valpal_77 - _kita__ - lbluis1 -
Didn't watch last night, so I'm watching now #UnathorizedSavedByTheBell #Lifetime
unathorized - lifetime - savedbythebell - unathorizedsavedbythebell - sbtb - : It's so good
vdavonne : It wasn't that good to us πŸ˜” I figured it wouldn't be once it was announced that it was from Dustin Bell's POV.
the_affluent : What channel
tygerlilyrockz : @the_affluent it came on Lifetime
imstilljuice : I recorded it. Can't wait to watch it
jyllianmonasis : Oh crap I forgot to record it
the_affluent : Aight it comes on again on Sept5...I set the DVR
the_affluent : Good looks
macrey408 - brittanys_accessories - imstilljuice - king_jamieo -
Gave in and watched. Not sure what to think of #Unauthorized. Was β€˜Saved by the Bell’ really in need of a TV special? #SBTB
sbtb - unauthorized -
Post #SBTB fireside chat
sbtb -
therealchloedop - itsrawraw - acolorgreen - laurenpinhas -
I can't play The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell!! #unauthorized #sbtb #teampreppy #isToriDead? #snowwhite&the7dorks
istoridead - sbtb - snowwhite - unauthorized - teampreppy -
tyhakuhoonui : U f'n crazy!!!
babbslopez - jkaib - jo2da17 - kmdahle -
#savedbythebellunauthorizedmovie #lifetime #sbtb #kellykapowski #bayside #baysidetigers #zackmorrisphone
baysidetigers - bayside - zackmorrisphone - kellykapowski - lifetime - sbtb - savedbythebellunauthorizedmovie -
mrsporri : @eightiestvkid I saw that Kelly T at goodwill like a month ago!! So funny!
martin_duran - alatorre191 - hassbomb - juiceboxplzthx -
The greatest, stupidest scene in the #unauthorizedsavedbythebellmovie brought to you by #lifetime. I wanna know what @mariolopez thinks! #sbtb
lifetime - unauthorizedsavedbythebellmovie - sbtb -
gravemortem - sllampy - robertoquinn - rockpaperglam -
Crack attack. #Unauthorized #SavedByTheBell Thank you @lifetimetv #SBTB #JessieSpano #ZachMorris
sbtb - zachmorris - savedbythebell - unauthorized - jessiespano -
beegrapes17 : Wait is this the Save by the bell movie on Lifetime?? Lol
edwarder1 : When dose it air ? I heard they where making it but I didn't know it already aired
nech_pacheco : @srm_13
mr_loren : Oh not this shit again
michaelvfisher - antoniomesmu - chrishuntyxo - nech_pacheco -
Thank goodness this was reenacted. #unauthorized #savedbythebell #sbtb
sbtb - savedbythebell - unauthorized -
artofgettingby7 : Such a good scene
giahil : That was the best part of the movie the rest sucked
nech_pacheco : @srm_13
cupcake_cartel714 - garnerstyle - superboyjohnson - wearesavedbytheband -
Yeah, did not expect to see this in the #Unauthorized #SavedByTheBell Story. #SBTB
sbtb - savedbythebell - unauthorized -
amorousebony : Was horrible, they could've left him with his regular body and it would've been plausible and less ridiculous.
thalia_madeline - dee_416 - garnerstyle - wearesavedbytheband -
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