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By @megatalfie "We're here at the #DoubleDownMaxx Drift Challenge!!! Somebody's about to have her lunch all over the windscreen πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ @sazzyfalak @kfcmalaysia #sazzyfalak #alfiemanagement" via @PhotoRepost_app
alfiemanagement - sazzyfalak - doubledownmaxx -
tinggi_langsing_berkesan : Nicee
aidabtk : Awesome!!! Have a good drift!!
afiqkhairudin : Is that you kat laudry bar
sazzyfalak : @aidabtk tq darling!
sazzyfalak : @afiqkhairudin yes, where r u?
aidabtk : 😎😎πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’‹
afiqkhairudin : Coffee coffee just now
hello.the.b : πŸ‘
apysshafiee - eshyam - farahu - are_rriip -
We're here at the #DoubleDownMaxx Drift Challenge!!! Somebody's about to have her lunch all over the windscreen πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ @sazzyfalak @kfcmalaysia #sazzyfalak #alfiemanagement
alfiemanagement - sazzyfalak - doubledownmaxx -
violetzulfa - ganuboy - abepiey - ijatjking -
Don't miss this... #KFC #DoubleDownMaxxChallenge #MakanBurger #BawaBurger dalam kereta drift #TengkuDjanLey #PrinceOfDrift #SazzyFalak #SyamsulYusuf #SpeedCityKL #M1551L3DR1FT 41.0
makanburger - bawaburger - doubledownmaxxchallenge - sazzyfalak - m1551l3dr1ft - syamsulyusuf - kfc - princeofdrift - tengkudjanley - speedcitykl -
mrspanar : Klu dtg dapat #kfc x @wonderbrotha
wonderbrotha : Mesti dapat pyer... kalau awal la πŸ˜›
feruz_dori - effenditahir - pao_agr - idasyaiful -
Red Carpet, Asian Television Awards 2014 #SazzyFalak #SyomirIzwa #Sazzyatwork
syomirizwa - sazzyfalak - sazzyatwork -
etonbaha : Wow
syirah_nasyitah : @munahbagharib β™‘β™‘β™‘
dndshoppes : Murah2 here.. jom follow my IG
myra_latte : U look hot @munahbagharib
sofzr__ - suzananaseer - erin_avid - theprince1002 -
Throwback to #asiantelevisionawards a few nights ago. @emmyagung's makeup was straight up flawless!! #sazzyfalak #EmmyAgung #EAglow
emmyagung - eaglow - sazzyfalak - asiantelevisionawards -
adamhaiqal89 : Apesal mcm Posh beckham?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
phytoscience.sideincome.kl : Cantiknya!
vrosemarie : So chic!
miss_noriz : @victoriabeckham malaysia ;)
3sixtycloset : Hi fashionistas..do check our IG we have #capecroptop in many color!
nhudasamad : Beautiful as alwayz & forever young sis,, :)
greattakaful : adore u :)
qasehsu : Gorgeouly done @sazzyfalak
bellemohd - fatimah_syah - nur_zalela - ainaa_balqis -
#Fit & #Fab Friday by @sazzyfalak "Back in @bodytonestudio πŸ’œ What would i do without them. Thank you for keeping me fit and looking super. #TonedIsTheNewSexy #BodytoneAccellerationTraining #SazzyFalak #PowerPlate #bodytone #bangsar #fitmum #fitfriday #fitness
tonedisthenewsexy - bangsar - fit - fitness - sazzyfalak - fitmum - bodytoneaccellerationtraining - fitfriday - powerplate - fab - bodytone -
ni_co_lo - dilarosnee - azmedeen - rawgymwear -
On the Red Carpet with my handsome and wacky co host George Young. #19thATA2014 #sazzyfalak #syomirizwa @syomirizwa #sazzyatwork #AsianTelevisionAwards
sazzyfalak - syomirizwa - 19thata2014 - sazzyatwork - asiantelevisionawards -
jekabanana : OMG KAKAK TELL HIM I SAY HI!!! πŸ™πŸ˜» @sazzyfalak
jellybinz : omg youre in singapore!!!
photobooth_preloved_murah : Visit my ig murah
reynessaaa : i cannot 😭 i've seen you had interview with @dennistrillo πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
fadilahshafri : Ahhhh !! Come suntec city Royce kak sazzy ! I'm like ur biggest fan ! Stay pretty !☺️
sazzyfalak : @fadilahshafri Awww would have loved to but I'm back in KL. Hopefully next time πŸ˜€
sazzyfalak : @jellybinz Yes I was!
qilalupitus : Kakak!! thats-my-boyfrienddddd *screams* *faints*
kuk_kik81 - kenzaki_kazuma11 - ameerahamid - eiza_hmj -
Wearing this incredible dress by @syomirizwa for the #19thATA2014 tonight. What I love about Syomir is that he's extremely particular about how his creations look on women, even going out of his way to alter a dress according to each woman's body type and shape. Which is why ladies will end up looking sensational in his dresses. One of the best designers in Malaysia indeed! Thank you Syoms! Love you much πŸ’œπŸ’œ #SyomirIzwa #SazzyFalak #Sazzyatwork
sazzyfalak - syomirizwa - 19thata2014 - sazzyatwork -
photobooth_preloved_murah : Visit my ig murah
pwetty.com.my : Stylish
ereensharina : πŸ‘
norlela2803_saad : Wow gojes
urbn8 : This is everything. On point! Such a modern and timeless look! #minimal
munahbagharib : You're gorgeous babe! So lovely to have met you. =))
mazrinamazyadi : @nashima 😍
aziemoggiedoha : Love the dress!! @sazzyfalak
amreetrandhay - kuk_kik81 - meips - shima_hashim -
Thank you @emmyagung for making me look flawless tonight. I absolutely love the look!! This was right before the #19thATA2014 happemong rigjt now in #Singapore #AsianTelevisionAwards #19thAsianTelevisionAwards #EAglow #EmmyAgung #SazzyFalak
sazzyfalak - emmyagung - singapore - 19thasiantelevisionawards - eaglow - 19thata2014 - asiantelevisionawards -
wiviefairyna_haute_couture : Gojesss
herbal_alami_spesialis_sehat4 : Woowww
dropmebeauty : Fashionistarrrrr πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
leen.lynn - sarahyasmin_shafari - mohduan - teera_edora -
Done with rehearsals. Now to attack dinner with gusto. Lapar gilaaaaa! #19thATA2014 #AsianTelevisionAwards #Singapore #SazzyFalak #sazzyatwork
sazzyfalak - singapore - 19thata2014 - sazzyatwork - asiantelevisionawards -
lordq.22 : Im in spore too! - Qayyum Brunei
l.i.p.s.t.i.k : Blur pon tetap cantikk
aidalanzz : Ape lg sazzy shopping la...
arissahanacollection : As Salam.. Kini anda boleh tampil bergaya mudah & pantas tanpa perlu melilit. Instant shawl ready to wear rm49 sahaja. :)))
ain_jalil : πŸ‘ˆπŸŒΈπŸŒΊprinted flared skirtsπŸ’ƒinspired frm H&M, jubah dress, abaya, kimono cardigan & blouse sequin ready stock & custome made bridesmaid dresses πŸ’ƒ& jhit pukal everythings BELOW RM100 yang penting FREE POSTAGE!!.cpt2!! WS /SMS 0125129484 πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜
mafiz_pitt : @instageorgey πŸ˜‰
cucahrieyna - hernifarahin55 - eiyshcomel - baby_fyloo67 -
A spread in #NewmanMagazine. What a great way to end 2014. Thank you Newman for making this momma look glamorous! Get a copy at a mag stand near you πŸ’œ #sazzyfalak #NewmanMalaysia #newman
newman - newmanmagazine - sazzyfalak - newmanmalaysia -
syafiq_maula91 : who ruin the world.. all girl.. lol
noahmohdamit : @ryanogaga kac shoot tuk
mynatostraps : πŸ‘­
azmiraazziz : Instashop bebuall
darsiadarl : Girlssssss @sazzyfalak
alleban : Nice dress!
monopod_powerbank_murahnya : πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
zeshavalerie : 😍😍😍
_maryamjhr - yasminhani - suezale - nadiya78 -
With my feberet artist.. β™‘β™‘ #sazzyfalak #cute #peramahgiler
cute - sazzyfalak - peramahgiler -
bungatulip_ishah : Per... Sazzy..♥ untungler hahahaha... Ko pon cute.. Pemarahgiler
zanafis260 : Pemarah tu xbley blah beb! Hahaha..
mohdafiqsani - nazafieqah - bungatulip_ishah -
Di karnival Honda di Johore Bahru. Thank you #sazzyfalak for coming by to our store. #streetfashionkl #bobbyafdlinshauki #pelikatpants
streetfashionkl - pelikatpants - bobbyafdlinshauki - sazzyfalak -
syufif : #hondafamilyroadtrip
mohdfadzly1212 : Jb? Kat mana bang?
hanisroslan1989 : Jb area mn?
syufif : @mohdfadzly1212 @haniroslan1989 we are at taman desa tebrau near jusco tebrau city..
que_qis : Dah dkt rmh la..tp xsempat nk pg..
choo8 : Where can i get these pelikat pants in Kl?
akupian21 : @choo8 u can go direct to the store at wangsa maju..:)
choo8 : πŸ‘ tq @akupian21 😊
shanks._.am - wanieykombet - diniliza3d - nfsbb_ -
By @missfazura "Aww.. Thank you for such a wonderful time today babe! I miss em babies already. Love love so much πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— by @sazzyfalak "Sunday brunch with Aunty Fazbulous. Such a natural with children she is! The girls absolutely adored her. Pandai kau pancing diorang dgn storytelling ye 😘 It was lovely catching up with you Putri!! Love you muchos πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #imaanlilytiararose @missfazura #fazbulous #mommyhood #sazzyfalak" #Fazbulous #FazuraFans
mommyhood - imaanlilytiararose - fazbulous - sazzyfalak - fazurafans -
busucha - fiesya_lover - mataharikuwan - nurulizwani0308 -
The Ceres Bollywood Gala Night , I got a chance to meet Bollywood actress @nehadhupia and the stylish @sazzyfalak who were so friendly 😊 #ceresjewelry #bollywoodgala #celebrities #nehaduphia #sazzyfalak
ceresjewelry - bollywoodgala - sazzyfalak - celebrities - nehaduphia -
hashgill : 😱😱OMG!!! NEHA DUPHIA!!!! you got a picture with her....jealous much πŸ˜’ lucky womanπŸ’ƒπŸ˜
hashgill : Owh....you look really pretty btw....as always (:
nadialove : Woww. Kat mana ?
neesha_harban : @hashgill hehe :) yea but unfortunately didn't get one with Karisma Kapoor , I think Neha was at pavillion today aswell, saw it on her instagram and thanks for the complement :) likewise
neesha_harban : @nadialove starhill
nadialove : Omg. Karisma was there too 😟😱 bestnyaaa. You look pretty as always 😊
neesha_harban : @nadialove 🌸thank you
kavirraj_singh - _tieynaa - imkirat_7 - gopigrewal96 -
What would I have done without Justin from #NARSmalaysia?! I had an interview session with two gorgeous Bollywood stars and I had to make sure I didn't look shabby next to them. Quick pit stop at #Nars Pavilion KL and wallaaaa.... ! Thank you team #NARSissist for making yours truly look va-va voom πŸ’œπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ #sazzyfalak
narsissist - narsmalaysia - sazzyfalak - nars -
suplemen_tinggi_gemuk_langsing : MANTAP :D
orenbatikterengganu : Nice 😍😍
leezaura6 : Sungguh menawan@sazzyfalak.
iela.mrs.gnola : Gojez
dawniejunkie : Gorgeous as always @sazzyfalak
xcesseri : πŸ‘πŸ‘
lingeriemurahsexy : 😁😁😁
nadiahsanusi_ : GUYS I WON A FREE IPHONE6 FROM @iphone6giveaway14
fiezhafez - afnan_aiman - ave_vian - ieydafaizal -
Throwback to yesterday evening. An intimate interview session with @therealkarismakapoor and Neha Dhupia, two gorgeous Bollywood megastars. #sazzyatwork #sazzyfalak #Bollywood #KarismaKapoor #NehaDhupia #MalaysiaAirlines #MAS
mas - malaysiaairlines - karismakapoor - sazzyatwork - bollywood - sazzyfalak - nehadhupia -
cikgobu : omg...adore her so much
bestofhijabs : Comel
nikazkia : Omg omg u r lucky
trudiva.malaysia : bestnyaaaaa
ungkunuraqilah : Hl
yarka143 : The best neha
iloveyoukarisma : ♥♥
farsyah91 : Gorgeous
phytoscience.sideincome.kl - mas.shaf - nurulanissuraya - alonghakita -
Aww.. Thank you for such a wonderful time today babe! I miss em babies already. Love love so much πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— by @sazzyfalak "Sunday brunch with Aunty Fazbulous. Such a natural with children she is! The girls absolutely adored her. Pandai kau pancing diorang dgn storytelling ye 😘 It was lovely catching up with you Putri!! Love you muchos πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #imaanlilytiararose @missfazura #fazbulous #mommyhood #sazzyfalak" via @PhotoRepost_app
imaanlilytiararose - mommyhood - fazbulous - sazzyfalak -
efareezofa : Shasha n putri
yananasser : Ahhh titibe nak bukak balik citer #Gol&Gincu fvrt movieee tuuuu
nuraainaaalias : Both beauty with brain...
ainishamsi : Gol&Gincu rules!! I miss those days. 😣😣😣
hammaad_ashraf : Awesome
farahl_iqbal : @faridneng87 kau mesti suka both ada hahaha
faridneng87 : Suke gileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...snggup ko tag aku noo..haha @farahl_iqbal
carameljunkie : Putri dan shasha...gol dan gincu..terbaik
nvdiarvsik - allyshaashley - fana95_ - ain_farhahh -
We spoke about Malaysia, our delicious food and amazing hospitality. These ladies were so beautiful in real life that I was blown away. Welcome to Malaysia again Karisma Kapoor and Neha Dhupia πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #Bollywood #MalaysiaAirlines #MAS #SazzyFalak #sazzyatwork #KarismaKapoor #NehaDhupia #Ceres
mas - ceres - malaysiaairlines - karismakapoor - sazzyatwork - sazzyfalak - bollywood - nehadhupia -
mayank_ymcmb_swag : Both actress are from mumbai city
dyn_tin : 😒😒😒😒😒😍😍😍😍😍😍 she's epic beauty!
jenniferkaur : Omg for real @sazzyfalak they came down!
jasmibhllr : @messhhh
sha_al_aidit : Wowwww....kirim salam kt karisma
mislolahanafi : @amira_bt_abdullah dats y we saw her at Pavi. Argghh dia amik gmbar ngan Karisma! 😭. Esk pg2 nk upload tadi. Hee.. 😘
nasreen : tp xde sape tahu kan. media x heboh pun..tp dia kurus laaa @ronnarose
ronnarose : @nasreen dia dh kurus gilaaa!
iffazira - shashasyazreen - bieysyaa_ - athirahrafudin10 -
Sunday brunch with Aunty Fazbulous. Such a natural with children she is! The girls absolutely adored her. Pandai kau pancing diorang dgn storytelling ye 😘 It was lovely catching up with you Putri!! Love you muchos πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #imaanlilytiararose @missfazura #fazbulous #mommyhood #sazzyfalak
imaanlilytiararose - mommyhood - fazbulous - sazzyfalak -
etonbaha : Oh gol and gincuuuuuuu
ieeeeeeeeeleng : OMG I really miss watching both of you together!! Forever Gol and Gincu!!! <3
eidlow : Yup gol n gincu the best...ble nk wat yg second..anyway rafidah is good also...ble lg nk tgk gegurl look hot in sport... ;)
syafaaziz : I tak boleh kira berapa ribu kali tgk gol dan gincu. You guys did a great job!
nisaliao205 : Oh dearr sya @nadhirahj heheh winduunya zaman2 tgk G&G kan!!! Ok plz set da date ek Datinggg:))
vinshiqin : Miss G & G toooo much!!!
lolipopkas : @sazzyfalak @missfazura suke sgt gol & gincu. Both of you are gorgeous, then & now
chemistrycafe : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘@sazzyfalak
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sazzyfalak -
chibullsball - aryenrimma - realtommyleos - junior_beckhamsz -
Earlier today. Photoshoot for Newman magazine. #Newman #newmanmagazine #NewmanMalaysia #SazzyFalak #sazzyatwork
newman - newmanmagazine - sazzyfalak - newmanmalaysia - sazzyatwork -
chocolate_dessert_murah : Pretty
jamu_rahsia_bidan_kg : Pretty as usual
adrianathani : I swear I thought this was a throwback shot. You look great, babe!
dayang_kox : @cttjay ...dik diat kasut nya lok...adess!!
m.najib - iella_lalala - baizuramustain - azrulhisyam_simple -
Ok.. This is how #BURPEES look like.. LOL!! #sazzyfalak
burpees - sazzyfalak -
fitsbii -
#Latergram - Last night, last scene with @arashmohd30 for #sebelumnoktahnya Its been a while since I tied my hair up. Lol! #sazzyatwork #sazzyfalak
sazzyfalak - sebelumnoktahnya - sazzyatwork - latergram -
annann_jasmine : So pretty. :)
dream_island_ : Cantik kak 😘 😘 😘
perfumeoriginal_reject : Cantik makeup ti...
pnawar_jerawat_resdung_ananora : Lama xtgk akak berlakon.. πŸ˜„
syafiera_lewis : Love the short hair of Sazzy falak
mummy_ly : Can't wait to watch!!! I love your acting! @sazzyfalak watak apa kali ni babe?
dahlia_ayu_biz : Love it @sazzyfalak :)
kathy_cadar_patchwork_murah : Cantik
noor.nazie - aqish_14 - rabiatuladdawiah - fakrul_nizam_kepuk -
I wouldn't wanna mess with this one. One more mad scene and we're done for the day. Yippee! #sazzyatwork #sazzyfalak #sebelumnoktahnya
sebelumnoktahnya - sazzyfalak - sazzyatwork -
siti_bundle : Cite apa nie
sonyaelena : U berlakon kt umah kawan i pagi tadi kan.... @sazzyfalak
the_endie : @azieda61 hehe kalau saya kena macam tu, I will sit on them! πŸ˜‚
arbell_collection : barangan mesir here! follow3....!!!
herbalplus_peninggi_langsing_2 : ❀ ❀ ❀
evanesce47 : mcm gangster siy kak sazzy , hahah . thumbs up skitt ^^ sweatshirt comell lagi murahh ! cpt grab it one now !
surejkumar : Wow
nazrulanne : Garang nooo..hahaha.buwekk
sue_yah95 - fazlina.dila - salinasamsul25 - sitinuratiqahbaharudin -
Thank you for the photo @prettypeektures. Love your work! By @prettypeektures "#konsertEH #prettypeektures #bluinc peek by #teamPP @cikidark" via @PhotoRepost_app #sazzyfalak #sazzyatwork
konserteh - prettypeektures - sazzyatwork - bluinc - sazzyfalak - teampp -
barang_jepun_disini : Nak pi tpi tiket xde...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
qassehsuci - kiena_cii_bulat - bobyliea - ct_aeisyah -
Thank you for the tag darling 😘 By @nadyarahman83 "Barisan 15 yg angguns, kacaks & bergayas :-D Congratulations guys @awalashaari @hafizsuip @keithfoo @nazimothman @iamlisasurihani @kupu_kupu @dayangsayangkamu @sazzyfalak @tizzaqyah #eh15 #ehmalaysia #kllife" via @PhotoRepost_app #sazzyfalak
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As promised to all the wonderful people at the #EH15 Concert last night, here is the wefie video of all of us. Loved loved loved the energy! You guys are awesome πŸ’œπŸ’œ Thanks Aliff Hlive for being a Fab co-emcee πŸ˜€ @ehmalaysia #ehmalaysia #sazzyfalak #sazzyatwork
sazzyfalak - ehmalaysia - eh15 - sazzyatwork -
masliramaspuan : Yayy thats me 😘
sazzyfalak : @aliffarhan_jr
_noralieya : Bestnye @sazzyfalak
kienoz : @raina_zuraina @izzatinm
badrul_iman_5st2 - mr.naem_mrs.eyra - yana367771 - maizalhafiz -
#instacollage2 #selfie with @sazzyfalak & @missfazura #eh15 #ehmalaysia #konserteh15 #kllive
konserteh15 - nurfazura - fazbulous - sazzyfalak - kllive - selfie - instacollage2 - ehmalaysia - missfazura - fazura - eh15 -
ahmadkasyidi : #sazzyfalak #missfazura #nurfazura #faZura #fazbulous
kedaikacamata2012 - gummy_pine_nicki_minaj - _am4re3n_ - apek_cina -
15 yang teranggun dan disayangi❀ #AwalAshaari #HafizSuip #NazimOthman #DayangNurfaizah #LisaSurihani #Tizzaqyah #NabilaHuda #SazzyFalak #EH15 #ehmalaysia #KonsertEH #wanderlust #KLbound
konserteh - wanderlust - nabilahuda - lisasurihani - ehmalaysia - dayangnurfaizah - sazzyfalak - hafizsuip - klbound - nazimothman - awalashaari - tizzaqyah - eh15 -
authenticbrandmalaysia : mintak izin tuan rumah nak tumpang iklan. meh2 follow ig saya kalo berminat dgn jam branded ori yg di import. tq.
mieyare96_ - sharifu_nisa - sakinahnabilah - ymy07_ajzawarriors -
#ceritasemalam #konserteh15 #ehmalaysia #sazzyfalak #sportinggiler
konserteh15 - sazzyfalak - ceritasemalam - ehmalaysia - sportinggiler -
meckzilrandyz - miieck - abdussomad97 - hacker_slay -
#selfie with @sazzyfalak #sazzyfalak #eh15 #ehmalaysia @ehmalaysia
ehmalaysia - selfie - sazzyfalak - eh15 -
tengkuintannazieta - eimanajwa1 - jujuzulkapli - aienlauren -
With the emcee of #ehmalaysia #eh15 #concert @ehmalaysia @sazzyfalak #sazzyfalak #kllive
kllive - ehmalaysia - sazzyfalak - concert - eh15 -
tengkuintannazieta - eimanajwa1 - jujuzulkapli - hafeeq_shah -
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