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This image got an account suspended, to which many rallied against the censorship; it inspired lots of art @daughterofthesun_ ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ #savedaughterofthesun over 22k posts!! (Oops it's actually over 100k posts)
savedaughterofthesun -
ilenelikeach0la : 😍beautiful!!!!
reight1836_ - francis.byerly - pnw710life -
Selamat Hari Anak Perempuan International 👧👯👰👸 #happydaughtersday #happydaughterinthehouse #happydaughterintheworld #savedaughterofthesun #savedaughterintheworld
happydaughterintheworld - savedaughterofthesun - savedaughterintheworld - happydaughtersday - happydaughterinthehouse -
luluilmaapr - riskayuliaa - irnawati19 - officialirfa -
#motheringgoals #breadtfeeding #freethenipple #savedaughterofthesun
savedaughterofthesun - motheringgoals - freethenipple - breadtfeeding -
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Sobre não ter paciência para ❤😁🌈✏ #desenho #draw #color #cores #lapisdecor #fabercastell #unipin #mandala #studio #savedaughterofthesun #doodlegalaxy #studioliberté #arte #abstract #flower
desenho - draw - flower - arte - color - abstract - studioliberté - unipin - studio - savedaughterofthesun - fabercastell - cores - mandala - lapisdecor - featureuniverse - doodlegalaxy -
salttsea : check our our page, we sell phone cases with designs similar to this and completely hand drawn! 👣🌸💕💛😇
salttsea : 😻
studioliberte : #featureuniverse
loliszen - pinksecretbr - ray.drawing - levesquenat -
Had to stop and reflect for a moment after seeing this beautiful new version of an oldie but goodie of Naia and I. Thank you @victoriancow for creating this magical piece. I will always be grateful and never sorry. ✨( . ) ( . )✨ #savedaughterofthesun #freethenipple
savedaughterofthesun - freethenipple -
vivian.______ : @brizzers_670 what the actual fuck
angelaolivas_ : @quicksilver9301
angelaolivas_ : @legend_smith
wilddthing : @reidrobison that's her!
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Butterfly installation
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superhighwaymusic : Love it!
indiaevansnyc : #collageartwork #contempraryart #collageartist #collage
indiaevansnyc : #collagecollectiveco #collagework #instaart #instaartsy #collageart #cutandpaste #handmadecollage #healingvisions #healingart #gluepaperscissors #analogcollage #mysterious_arts #magicmoment
indiaevansnyc : @therealswizzz
honoreva - jonnyinstahams - jackcnc - cianadoll -
It really irritates me how people have the nerve to shame you for breastfeeding !! It's not against the law in section 43.3 of the civil code relating to personal rights states it is actually a law that us mothers have the right to breastfeed anywhere including public places with the exception of someones home in which they do not permit.. This goes to show the vulgar ways of Americans #savedaughterofthesun #breatfeedingisnatural #judgementalprudes
savedaughterofthesun - breatfeedingisnatural - judgementalprudes -
lariba_s : Agreed!
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#sol #sun #shine #light #luces #instagood #
shine - naturaleza - savedaughterofthesun - luces - light - sun - sol - instagood -
floorsolimo : #savedaughterofthesun
floorsolimo : #naturaleza
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April 1950, LIFE Magazine: Bantu mother of the Bamangwato tribe, breastfeeding her newborn. Photo: Margaret Bourke-White ❤️ #breastfeeding #breastfeedingart #normalizenursing #notafraid #feminism #censorship #stopcensoringmotherhood #love #powertotheb00bies
breastfeeding - notafraid - breastfeedingart - stopcensoringmotherhood - normalizenursing - breastfeedingchallenge - censorship - breastmilk - love - powertotheb00bies - feminism -
ashleyalexanderfurrow : So can Instagram censor photos that are in the public domain, or just our own? If nursing is ok in Life magazine, why isn't it ok for us to share our photos?
sunmadeshade : 👊👊👊🙌
marvelouskiddo : #breastfeedingchallenge
marvelouskiddo : #breastmilk
steadyhappy - hobolipgloss - talal11116 - chrissygitz -
Ugh, looks like @instagram has been busy lately. The fact that typing #bringback gives me so many hashtag options is ridiculous. #stopcensoringmotherhood You brought back @yanpalmer & @thegraygang, now #bringbackhelloamerikaw, #bringbackcissylala, #bringbackphoenixjamie, and #bringbackogyoginiashley. (Please.)
bringbackmissverse - bringback - bringbackcissylala - stopcensoringmotherhood - bringbackphoenixjamie - bringbackogyoginiashley - bringbackhelloamerikaw - savedaughterofthesun - bringbackjulsgarces -
retrokitty : @tissesotherpieces @ashleewellsjaxn You're welcome, ladies!
retrokitty : WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING, @instagram/@Kevin?? #bringbackjulsgarces
retrokitty : @instagram @Kevin #savedaughterofthesun
retrokitty : Ugh, I hadn't seen a hashtag pop up, so I thought this might be over, but NOPE! @instagram & @Kevin #bringbackmissverse, please.
_katyx - mywildandconstant - iker_cheekymonkey -
Friends, I need your help once again, this graphic represents just a small sampling of the accounts of women censored and removed by Instagram. I need to present to our legal team a comprehensive list of all accounts they have removed for breastfeeding, non-sexualized nudity and their latest attack on bare bellied and bottomed children by end of day today. If you have a name to add to this list please send it my way. We're collecting info on banned Facebook pages as well, as this spans both platforms. Thank you so much for your continued investment in this fight. When we stand together our voices will be heard. Please continue to sign and share our petition and feel free to share this graphic as well. CHANGE.ORG/4THTRIMESTER #4thtrimesterbodiesproject #fourthtrimesterbodiesproject #4thtrimester #fourthtrimester #postpartum #breastfeeding #childbirth #bodypositivity #stopcensoringmotherhood #motherhood #bodypositive #everybodyisbeautiful
breastfeeding - everybodyisbeautiful - stopcensoringmotherhood - motherhood - bodypositivity - 4thtrimester - fourthtrimester - 4thtrimesterbodiesproject - fourthtrimesterbodiesproject - bodypositive - childbirth - postpartum -
st311ar : @rian_eidson
mytribeof55555 : @4moretoadore
ohdarlingjess : I, @ohdarlingjess , had photos removed after standing in defense with these other amazing women. Fight on baby!
ashleedwells : @quitesimple1 Nope. That is Absolutley and completely in accurate and if you'll read my posts I have addressed all the points you make in depth. Your vitriol doesn't deserve a direct response but if you chose to read and educate yourself on this issue rather than spew hate please look into this further.
feleciahatcher - fuschiafoot - britjanee87 - patricia_rose_77 -
Glücklich macht: Sonne beim aufgehen zuschauen #lategram #sommernacht #solässtsichsleben #wasglücklichmacht #salzburg #savedaughterofthesun #100happydays
100happydays - sommernacht - savedaughterofthesun - salzburg - solässtsichsleben - wasglücklichmacht - lategram -
umamikitchen - muhsin_alkhalsan - antoniafuerbeck - lisalicht -
Hey @instagram I'm all for this beautiful woman. But what really pisses me off is that you shut down other women's sites for breastfeeding pics or a pic of my baby playing at the beach. Your selective censorship is infuriating.
julsgarces : amen. my first acct was shut down bc of nursing on a beach • barely visible. fuck off @instagram
circesnow : @julsgarces I think I just made a new friend. X
lilmissylilmissy : Hell yes! @circesnow Amen!!!
foolsgolddaughter : Id much rather see a naked baby then naked Rihanna. :-)
carolinelouisekirkland - biggusgus - kagawacolas - reportsfromhell -
#savedaughterofthesun My girls account was deleted AGAIN. Go follow @daughterofthesun1!!! Is there anyone that can help us get our original accounts back? This seems cray. @instagram please leave the natural mamas alone. go shut down some of the straight up porn accounts and please let us worship the earth and share with people who want to learn about Gaia devoted living. Por favor!
savedaughterofthesun -
buterflisoldier : I don't understand why they would delete. That's just odd.
dam_lovely : @daughterofthesun1 is very clearly being targeted and profiled by some crazies! #lalecheleague
ogyogini : @aliviaduyn she did? Yes I got 3 in around 2&3 am.
missgemzi : Cannot believe both you beautiful spirited ladies are being yet again targeted and for both to be around 2 or 3 am your time means someone on my side of this beautiful planet could be reporting you its soo very sad. I love both your accounts very much don't let those who spread bad juju bring you down my lovelies. All my love to @ogyoginiashleya @daughterofthesun1 xxx
ashsaysom - laurennellallen - gina_smith -
Save @daughterofthesun_ #savedaughterofthesun_ #Love #gratitude
gratitude - savedaughterofthesun - love - savedaughterofthesun_ -
amyskymoon : #savedaughterofthesun
angelasumner_ : 🙌
amyskymoon : @angela_sumner much love to you
lanaturalesa82 - graciousmadre - bbellemarii - amyskymoon -
Refollow her @daughterofthesun1 instagram deleted her account. #savedaughterofthesun 🙏❤️
savedaughterofthesun -
dam_lovely : #lalecheleague
angelasumner_ : yes ✨💓🌈
prismofthreads - luisfer65 - xytric - pogaibor -
Really @instagram @mikeyk @kevin ?!?! Ya'll deleted her again!? This lady does nothing but spread love and light. Stop being ridiculous! Can't you make a final decision when it is obviously just some foolish haters flagging her for nothing? C'mon now. #savedaughterofthesun follow @daughterofthesun1 for the third time! 💜💙
savedaughterofthesun -
thegypsieprincess - emilyjune_b - spacekoolaid - mswrightsway -
This loving, inspirational & creative Mom posts pictures of her beautiful family, their love of the environment, & their loving journey. It is shocking that anyone would be offended by breast feeding photos. #bringbackdaughterofthesun #savedaughterofthesun #breastfeedingisbeautiful
savedaughterofthesun - bringbackdaughterofthesun - breastfeedingisbeautiful -
prismm00nmama : Again?!?! Seriously?!
cath_attack : 😒unlike
carmen_hawk : Again?!
kbuzzy : Again. Only a person who despises loving mother earth and children would feel compelled to report her
coryn_madley - veroniquerachel - cosmic_collage -
#savedaughterofthesun 🙏
savedaughterofthesun -
anntar - majakar - littleshopofstardust - eljohansson -
Second time this IG has been censored & removed. #savedaughterofthesun #letsfightrealcrimenothippiesyo
savedaughterofthesun - letsfightrealcrimenothippiesyo -
scottlroot : What a beautiful picture
missamandacakes : Gorgeous!
juliebeckertattoo : Censored for what?? Being beautiful.
tarapoorman : @jessjoyaker
i_chrissy - sarahlilsishughes - iamlindseycurry - wilmerchang -
This woman is a daily inspiration to thousands of Instagram followers for her message of wholesomeness, naturalness, love, light, and personal well-being. She empowers women, and calls together both feminine and masculine divine energies for the greater good of taking care of one another. She also lives in the most gorgeous place on Earth and makes some pretty rad mandalas. Yeah, so what, she likes to let her kid run around naked and has been known to breast feed. All of us who follow her find these and many other aspects of her life to be expressions of a healthy and atuned way of living, one that recognizes the innate goodness in all of us and our happy place in the natural world. That some people would find this offensive is sad and disappointing, but is ultimately a reflection of their own loss of connection. That Instagram would silence such a bountiful and beautiful voice, when there is a cacophony of lesser instinct running wild throughout this platform is simply shameful. At the very least @daughterofthesun_ and @daughterofthesun1 deserves a fair review and notification of any posting practices that are considered questionable, especially when her feed provides so much good for so many. Please, we implore you, enough is enough of these mindless deletions, which in the end only degrade the overall community. Please reinstate @daughterofthesun1 @mikeyk @kevin #savedaughterofthesun
savedaughterofthesun -
aamorelli : yes!
derek_peck : @daughterofthesun_ How did I miss this?!? Same to you, such a pleasure to meet you, very happy the gathering was the magical experience it was meant to be. Until next, gran abrazo!
dontpaintmywingsblack : Was she shit down again....
srjordan62 : They reprimanded me for advertising McDonalds on my feed w/ out me wanting it and me sharing my thoughts. The add was glorifying that place talkin about date night there. I told them wtf I'd rather stay home and not to put their adds on my feed and I got "in trouble w IG" and here this beautiful woman w beautiful empowering loving natural words and pics to share that inspires many I'm sure, got shot down by IG. Sad. @derek_peck Thank you for acknowledging her beauty inside and out. This was not meant to b a negative comment just a contrast of how subjective these things can b. we all have our opinion/ diversity. This world would pretty mundane if we were all the same! Thank you for capturing and sharing your impeccable eye!!!! And you go girl @daughterofthesun_ by the way funny thing I started following u this am! 💞
skylarcolle - stardust8golden - henribinje - talfoto -
savedaughterofthesun -
dkmode012 : Wtf
hair_by_dayday - carla__xoxoxo - gcbud - yous_a_hoeee -
I'm a bit of an aficionado of the hippies of Instagram, and @daughterofthesun_ is one of the most interesting. Too bad her account keeps on getting shut down because she posts photos of baby butts and breastfeeding sometimes. Zuckerberg's world is pretty rigid I guess. #savedaughterofthesun
savedaughterofthesun -
angelasumner_ : 🙌✨💓🌈
gemmanotjenna - streierellis - tingalayo - walmor_photo -
#savedaughterofthesun please can everyone please follow this amazing woman @daughterofthesun1 she has once again been removed for simply sharing her way of life. She is not hurting anyone, yet it seems, that there are people on IG who just want to hate. I have one question for @instagram and that is why do you hate this way of life? You have hashtags on here called #babysbottoms; woman with the bottoms and breasts on show all over IG yet you penalise these that are of a "hippie" way of life. She has done nothing wrong but shared love and beauty. Please reinstate @daughterofthesun_ #savedaughterofthesun #savedaughterofthesun thank you namaste.
savedaughterofthesun - babysbottoms -
dam_lovely : #lalecheleague has many beautiful photos of mothers nursing their babies why hasn't this feed been targeted, profiled or censored by Instagram if they are deleting @daughterofthesun1 account? This is beyond ignorant and makes no sense!
missgemzi : I cannot understand it. She has put on her ig account that ig has been in contact and the reason she was deleted was someone or more reported her 10 times around 2am if ig gets reports that a picture or pictures on the same account over 6 times they automatically delete. Whomever reported daughter of the sun is spreading bad juju and I wholeheartedly believe it will come back around and bite them on the bottom.
angelasumner_ : 🙌✨ perfect, sistar
missgemzi : She is BACK follow her again @daughterofthesun_
moonmama1111 - aquarian_dawn - larkinandlarkin - maaamcc -
Here we go again. Stand in solidarity with righteous Mama @daughterofthesun_ whose account was deleted again. Seems breastfeeding and babies playing in nature is too scandalous to some folks. Such a shame. #savedaughterofthesun #solidarity #divinefeminine #goddess #goddesstribe #findyourtribe #fierceselflove #authenticself #beautywellnesswisdom #consciousness #everybodyiloveyou #expandedawareness #healyourself #lovingkindness #sunblissed #visionaryart #everybodyiloveyou #xoxo
findyourtribe - consciousness - healyourself - sunblissed - lovingkindness - goddess - goddesstribe - savedaughterofthesun - expandedawareness - everybodyiloveyou - solidarity - divinefeminine - authenticself - xoxo - visionaryart - beautywellnesswisdom - fierceselflove -
lamialarkin : ✨🙌💖 @daughterofthesun1
christinanicoleyoga : Beautiful bump!!! Sadness that people can't see how beautiful nature is.
alxsam : 😕
angelasumner_ : 🙌
speederreeder - nikkakarli - wolfmother_gypsysoul -
So disturbed to hear that @instagram can't find someone actually offensive to shut down...this mindless patriarchal persecution of natural mothering has to stop. Thank you @daughterofthesun1 for your incredible inspiration!! #savedaughterofthesun 🔶🔸🙌🔸🔶
savedaughterofthesun -
kamelya999 - meganedeboer - alixkyrie - edhaaslovesbacon -
Instagram have shut down this lovely light's account yet again! @daughterofthesun_ has been shut down by IG for showing baby's bottoms !!! What is the world coming too? Please follow her new account @daughterofthesun1 and if you feel moved to do so, you can email to show your displeasure. 💕🙏💕
savedaughterofthesun -
riverrainblossom : #savedaughterofthesun
nurturing_soul : Can't beleive that! ! Such a shame! ! Poor show @instagram
lautaretboho - graciousmadre - dansnan - ameliaaa__franklin -
Lets #savedaughterofthesun's beautiful instagram account!! I to find it hard to believe someone would think that anything she posted could be offensive!! Her account is so beautifully inspiring!! Follow her temporary account @daughterofthesun1!
savedaughterofthesun -
mommy_cheree - alliekenz_11 -
The Universe has bigger plans for this woman's message than Instagram can try to stop. She's back- again- already! 🌐🌸 @daughterofthesun1 🌸🌐 #savedaughterofthesun
savedaughterofthesun -
leehergy : @shayontani HI I MISS YOUR BEAUTIFUL DAMN SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!! I caved with insta, i'll never go back to facebook but pictures are just too good to resist!
freespiritbeauty : Love💜
prismofthreads - angelasumner_ - angeladelaagua - atipsymermaid -
#savedaughterofthesun round 2, and louder than ever. Stop the censoring of our own nature.
savedaughterofthesun -
veroniquerachel : @jangagnon94 ☺️💞
reinaaav : Couldn't have said it better myself 🙌 I'm happy to see she's back and I hope it stays that way 💓
veroniquerachel : @reinaaav 🌞😊
funbutbossy : 🙏
janelle_cote - soulflower.mama - danikabenoit - funbutbossy -
Amy's account has been deleted by Instagram again! She had 21k followers and zero breastfeeding or naked baby photos posted. She's asking that people email and start up the #savedaughterofthesun hashtag again in the hopes that she can get her beautiful & inspiring account given back to her. In the meanwhile, find her at @daughterofthesun1 ✨
savedaughterofthesun -
nursesierra : @ambermagnoliahill ↖
nursesierra : @ambermagnoliahill I mean to the next one? I know you're going next week, right? ;)
aquarian_dawn : I am going next week, yes. And it'd be so fun to see you at the next one @nursesierra!
nursesierra : I definitely want to go!! Wish I was off work next weekend so I could just go last minute! ;) @ambermagnoliahill
angelina_maria_rodrigues - maggiemars -
The lovely account of @daughterofthesun1 has been deleted AGAIN! Email to help #savedaughterofthesun!!! Unbelievable that we have to fight so hard to see and share wonderful photos of nature and life. #getyoshittogetherinstagram
savedaughterofthesun - getyoshittogetherinstagram -
texasbird : 😕
allyartshop : So pretty!
twofalconscoffee - whitebat - erika_buendia - _honeybunch_ -
What? Again... Why?
martine_aiyana : Gorgeous! How did you make the rainbow halo? Too cool!! ✨🙏✨
noahd_1017 : Dope!!
oliviadiprima : Lends light @martine_aiyana : )
martine_aiyana : Mahalo! 😘✨
aquarian_dawn - moonmama1111 - charlysunshinee - vanhealing -
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