Had to stop and reflect for a moment after seeing this beautiful new version of an oldie but goodie of Naia and I. Thank you @victoriancow for creating this magical piece. I will always be grateful and never sorry. ✨( . ) ( . )✨ #savedaughterofthesun #freethenipple
savedaughterofthesun - freethenipple - naiaatiakumara -
hippiemargene : @jwegscheid Love this - hoping you do too! Thinking of you! ❤️
nikayakay : @urbanearthbaby :) thought you'd like this
urbanearthbaby : 😍😍😍😍😍 @nikayakay
gladiatorbird : @thefishermansdaughter
rosamolloy : @taylorj_h
cherylcrowed : @katiemo4 you
daughterofthesun_ : #NaiaAtiaKumara
rosetheodora : @jasminelobe
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Butterfly installation
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indiaalexandraevans : #creative #creatormama #consciousness #psychedelic #newworks #bohemianmama #artist #artista #savedaughterofthesun #feminism
sevenstarsservices : Nice page! Follow us we have some pretty cool stuff on our page
superhighwaymusic : Love it!
indiaalexandraevans : #collageartwork #contempraryart #collageartist #collage
indiaalexandraevans : #collagecollectiveco #collagework #instaart #instaartsy #collageart #cutandpaste #handmadecollage #healingvisions #healingart #gluepaperscissors #analogcollage #mysterious_arts #magicmoment
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#sol #sun #shine #light #luces #instagood #
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floorsolimo : #savedaughterofthesun
floorsolimo : #naturaleza
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April 1950, LIFE Magazine: Bantu mother of the Bamangwato tribe, breastfeeding her newborn. Photo: Margaret Bourke-White ❤️ #breastfeeding #breastfeedingart #normalizenursing #notafraid #feminism #censorship #stopcensoringmotherhood #love #powertotheb00bies
breastfeeding - notafraid - breastfeedingart - bringbackthegraygang - stopcensoringmotherhood - bringbacknamastetiff - normalizenursing - breastfeedingchallenge - bringbackmotherbleep - censorship - savedaughterofthesun - breastmilk - love - bringbackhelloamerikaw - powertotheb00bies - feminism - bringbackjulsgarces -
_nikole_g : Gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing all of these images. #normalizeit
wovenspirit : Oh this is gorgeous, takes me back to those sweet milky early days...
namastetiff : ❤️❤️❤️
ashleyalexanderfurrow : So can Instagram censor photos that are in the public domain, or just our own? If nursing is ok in Life magazine, why isn't it ok for us to share our photos?
sunmadeshade : 👊👊👊🙌
sashechantae : @mswrightsway
marvelouskiddo : #breastfeedingchallenge
marvelouskiddo : #breastmilk
tittiefiddlers - talal11116 - icarly_27 -
Ugh, looks like @instagram has been busy lately. The fact that typing #bringback gives me so many hashtag options is ridiculous. #stopcensoringmotherhood You brought back @yanpalmer & @thegraygang, now #bringbackhelloamerikaw, #bringbackcissylala, #bringbackphoenixjamie, and #bringbackogyoginiashley. (Please.)
bringbackmissverse - stopcensoringmotherhood - iammamahearmeroar - bringbackogyoginiashley - savedaughterofthesun - bringbackthegirlsfort - bringbackyoginiashley - bringback - bringbackcissylala - bringbacktempestbeauty - bringbackphoenixjamie - bringbackhelloamerikaw - bringbacknamastetiff - bringbacktissespieces - bringbackjulsgarces -
retrokitty : Is this how we have to do it, by tagging @Kevin? #bringbackthegirlsfort #bringbackhelloamerikaw #bringbackyoginiashley
retrokitty : #iammamahearmeroar
retrokitty : Yay @helloamerikaw is back! Now, #bringbacktissespieces @instagram! (@Kevin) And lets not forget #bringbackthegirlsfort!
ashleewellsjaxn : Thank you! Adding these all to our list!
retrokitty : @tissesotherpieces @ashleewellsjaxn You're welcome, ladies!
retrokitty : WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING, @instagram/@Kevin?? #bringbackjulsgarces
retrokitty : @instagram @Kevin #savedaughterofthesun
retrokitty : Ugh, I hadn't seen a hashtag pop up, so I thought this might be over, but NOPE! @instagram & @Kevin #bringbackmissverse, please.
atiyah101010808 - coffeeandrainbows - vesna108 - giojammies -
Friends, I need your help once again, this graphic represents just a small sampling of the accounts of women censored and removed by Instagram. I need to present to our legal team a comprehensive list of all accounts they have removed for breastfeeding, non-sexualized nudity and their latest attack on bare bellied and bottomed children by end of day today. If you have a name to add to this list please send it my way. We're collecting info on banned Facebook pages as well, as this spans both platforms. Thank you so much for your continued investment in this fight. When we stand together our voices will be heard. Please continue to sign and share our petition and feel free to share this graphic as well. CHANGE.ORG/4THTRIMESTER #4thtrimesterbodiesproject #fourthtrimesterbodiesproject #4thtrimester #fourthtrimester #postpartum #breastfeeding #childbirth #bodypositivity #stopcensoringmotherhood #motherhood #bodypositive #everybodyisbeautiful
breastfeeding - everybodyisbeautiful - stopcensoringmotherhood - motherhood - bodypositivity - 4thtrimester - fourthtrimester - 4thtrimesterbodiesproject - fourthtrimesterbodiesproject - bodypositive - childbirth - postpartum -
ashleewellsjaxn : @lilyprettybirdclaire thanks so much I'll add you to the list. One collective voice is louder than many, please consider joining our fight. Link is in my profile.
lilyprettybirdclaire : @ashleewellsjaxn Cheers! I would appreciate it if you signed and shared my petition as well. The link is located in my profile description. The people united, will never be defeated! :)
radandrebellious_ : @brittmalina also got taken down
reign_of_rome : @deannamccasland929
reign_of_rome : @rian_eidson
mytribeof55555 : @4moretoadore
ohdarlingjess : I, @ohdarlingjess , had photos removed after standing in defense with these other amazing women. Fight on baby!
ashleewellsjaxn : @quitesimple1 Nope. That is Absolutley and completely in accurate and if you'll read my posts I have addressed all the points you make in depth. Your vitriol doesn't deserve a direct response but if you chose to read and educate yourself on this issue rather than spew hate please look into this further.
jayphotography2 - holliedolll - mamabodylove - ampi_08 -
Glücklich macht: Sonne beim aufgehen zuschauen #lategram #sommernacht #solässtsichsleben #wasglücklichmacht #salzburg #savedaughterofthesun #100happydays
100happydays - sommernacht - savedaughterofthesun - salzburg - solässtsichsleben - wasglücklichmacht - lategram -
lisalicht - muhsin_alkhalsan - machenstattreden - umamikitchen -
Hey @instagram I'm all for this beautiful woman. But what really pisses me off is that you shut down other women's sites for breastfeeding pics or a pic of my baby playing at the beach. Your selective censorship is infuriating.
savedaughterofthesun -
kristenketolaparker : No kidding! Some rad girls @og_yoginiashley and @daughterofthesun1 have gone through the same selective censorship! @instgram totally infuriating.
mswrightsway : PREACH!!
amyskymoon : So true! @instagram love @og_yoginiashley and @daughterofthesun_ much gratitude for their truth and beauty
ogyogini : ❤️thank u sistars! We are sharing #yoga at @infinitesourceyoga please follow and share! Loving u all
julsgarces : amen. my first acct was shut down bc of nursing on a beach • barely visible. fuck off @instagram
circesnow : @julsgarces I think I just made a new friend. X
lilmissylilmissy : Hell yes! @circesnow Amen!!!
fgdaughter : Id much rather see a naked baby then naked Rihanna. :-)
andrea.zorzi - molmommer - giulynovello - amyskymoon -
Work in progress.. Soul in oness
savedaughterofthesun -
asamillholmandreality : #savedaughterofthesun
salbatron - chamberta - dstrm - schelsey -
sadly after mother's this lovely ladies account was banned from instagram. please support daughter of the sun...
savedaughterofthesun -
wildplaces : I recall someone else's account being deleted for the same exact image. What's wrong with Instagram?! Stop deleting accounts with sacred feminine imagery!!
kellybechtold : @wildplaces she's been deleted and/or banned 2x now on Instagram but she has lots of support and I guess they reinstated her account! her images are so beautiful and @instagram should be ashamed of its treatment of @daughterofthesun_ the truth is that we women are so powerful and strong and we will triumph over this sick society.united
knightoftherazor : @budmanning
cakecakecakcake : @_kkombu it's almost like your cow nursing!
somedaywinter : @cakecakecakcake haha i love it
wheremahand13 : @xxxibgdrgn
tishcook : @djauniversal
mirmaidharrison : # breastfeedinggoals @samigingerschulte @jwilkk
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I'm loving this thing.. I feel sooo important and needed and loved..<3 #breastfeeding #goldmilk #mother #daughter #moments #love
breastfeeding - daughter - savedaughterofthesun - mother - moments - love - goldmilk -
maam_sara : #savedaughterofthesun
aham_prema8 - ilovemyy3boys - wildgoods - heartiivhone -
Sending you all huge hugs right now!!! My original account is back up!! ✨@daughterofthesun_✨ Grateful for all of your love and shares! I feel you!! Let's never use the hashtag #savedaughterofthesun again. 👊
savedaughterofthesun -
gingerandtheghost : @daughterofthesun1 love this
daughterofthesun1 : Old account has been restored! @daughterofthesun_
colonedwin : 👏
graciousmadre : 😘💕💋
graciousmadre : This photo is amazing ~ and the colors.. love.
johnmfanderson : How did you restore your original account? @daughterofthesun1 @daughterofthesun_
daughterofthesun_ : @daughterofthesun_ I didn't the first time. Lost over 17,000 followers. Then it happened again but they brought it back a few days later as someone reported me multiple times at once at 2am for no reason. I had no photos that were against the guidelines. There is no contact with IG so it really is happenstance.
alfardan_insta : Very nice
loveismyrlgn - hearbjdjdh - hadoh2003 -
The Phoenix rises!! What a wild last few days this has been. Deleted from Instagram on Friday and reinstated on Monday. Damn spirit, you work in mysterious ways but I trust you and I know all is divine. Thank you to everyone who reached out, who reposted and shared the love. I wanna hug you all right now. Sweet Naia is still sick so back to tending to her and then off to the land for the #spiritweaversgathering. Keep shining the ✨light✨family!! Thank you Instagram. 🙏 Please don't let us have to #savedaughterofthesun ever again!!! And please unfollow me if my photos make you uncomfortable. Whoever keeps reporting me, I love you too and pray for your heart. 💗
savedaughterofthesun - spiritweaversgathering -
somestyle_baby : @may.13
parkwinters : 💜💜💜
peacehook : @lecielkaco
morning_star_devi : Love this 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
cheeseeggsandkush : @kennc_
abafna99 : @daughterofthesun_ Namaste
jeyda_02 : @lisakleinphotography
_rosere : @thepannu
novinc - hannahbrewer_18 - eliasnyegaard - jennaboreeez -
Cuantas cosas lindas trae la #maternidad pero pocas tan bellas y satisfactorias como la #lactancia ! #happiness
maternidad - savedaughterofthesun - semanamundialdelalactanciamaterna - happiness - lactancia -
calderoneve : Belleza de foto! @lanadaa
isadudman : Sigue a @kangurea para consejos de maternidad, lactancia y apego.
lanadaa : #savedaughterofthesun
lanadaa : #semanamundialdelalactanciamaterna
calderoneve - isadudman - catherine.a.o - wildgoods -
Really @instagram @mikeyk @kevin ?!?! Ya'll deleted her again!? This lady does nothing but spread love and light. Stop being ridiculous! Can't you make a final decision when it is obviously just some foolish haters flagging her for nothing? C'mon now. #savedaughterofthesun follow @daughterofthesun1 for the third time! 💜💙
savedaughterofthesun -
geartoothphoto - mswrightsway - amusin14 - wildgoods -
savedaughterofthesun -
howlatme : Not me but @daughterofthesun1 got her acct deleted for the second time! 😭
bodybyjus - aniita_chxn - jessicabattin - cosmic_collage -
#savedaughterofthesun... Again // Sending love and deep gratitude to my dear sister Amy. Yesterday @instagram deleted her account for the second time in a year. This time her account was deleted with no warning~ and presumably due to one person flagging multiple photos on her account. Amy is one of the most radiant, pure-hearted women I have the honor of knowing and she brings inspiration and light to many both near and far. To support Amy please email press@instagram.com sending words of love and support for this sister, tag founders @kevin and @mikeyk in your posts and comments letting them know how much Amy means to us all, and follow her new account @daughterofthesun1 ✨🙌☀️🙌✨ 📷 by @angeladelaagua
savedaughterofthesun -
wmodes : Got it.
daughterofthesun_ : Again and again, I love you. 💗
tysawright : Hi love! Will you shoot me an email? Info@tysadesigns.com xxx much love
tehyashea : @tysawright I'm just seeing this! Did you get my email today? 💗
jhopefalkenberg : Does she have a blog??
negarsadvand1 : Woow
ludouglas : Just beautiful!! @pioneerbabe
the_dreaded_weaver : Yes I! More powerful woman please. Bless them up
consultorio_de_afrodite - ssedefo - floridamoonfamily - seabedworld -
dedicated to @daughterofthesun1 and all the sisters headed to the #spiritweaversgathering... I am feeling such a pull to the west and to the desert and to be simple, free, clean and light. This life is a dream. Dreams can't touch "real life." 🌵✨☀️🌕💓👯✨🌕☀️💓🌵
savedaughterofthesun - spiritweaversgathering -
lauren_lou33 : @angela_sumner it's 106 in the desert right now.
angela_sumner : @lctodd33 WHAT DID YOU SAY
lauren_lou33 : @angela_sumner it was 106 in the AZ desert today!
littleshopofstardust : See you in a couple days!!!!!!
noddyboom : Awwww wish I could be there! 😊✨🌈
goddess_rising : Found you cutie! So lovely to connect!💗👯💗
mittenmaker : You're so cute! Can't wait to see you!
stephenmccarty : Namaste Sistar! 💗🙏💗
samanthamcgiver - she_was_a_wonderer - stellophotography - rinaalicious -
@daughterofthesun_ was deleted again. Shame on you @instagram truly a #pmahighpriestess follow her new account @daughterofthesun1 and repost if you feel inclined. #savedaughterofthesun ✨🙌✨
savedaughterofthesun - pmahighpriestess -
angela_sumner : 🙌💓✨🌈
rach__face : Why deleted again?!
miramirasf : but it's ok for Rihanna to post her slutty photos. so fucked!
robertwithana : Gorgeous!!! Love
corrina_corrina : Instagram, check yourself... for shaming natural beauty
createdbyanna : Wait..the first ig named still works for me?
brujablanca : @createdbyanna they gave it back to her!!!!!
createdbyanna : Good!!
bethefair - gisell_lol_love - maxxandmommy2 - saarahai -
I'm a bit of an aficionado of the hippies of Instagram, and @daughterofthesun_ is one of the most interesting. Too bad her account keeps on getting shut down because she posts photos of baby butts and breastfeeding sometimes. Zuckerberg's world is pretty rigid I guess. #savedaughterofthesun
savedaughterofthesun -
angela_sumner : 🙌✨💓🌈
tingalayo - eshemmen - wildgoods - butchko -
This magical lady, one of my fave follows, keeps getting her account deleted for no apparent reason other than that some small handful of type-A turds has a bug up their ass about her. I strongly recommend that you email press@instagram.com and ask them to kindly quit it, and repost this effin' gorgeous image on your Instagram tagged #savedaughterofthesun. Haters gonna hate so lovers, get lovin' and let's get this badass rainbow witch's insta reinstated.
savedaughterofthesun -
otte2bm - garnetfeast - wildgoods - amyskymoon -
second time this special woman's Instagram account has been deleted for....? @instagram I wonder what is so wrong about healthy living and natural beauty? @mikeyk @kevin please allow us to use your site to continue sharing important teachings! Thank you in advance for restoring her account 🙏 and reevaluating your deletion policies! #savedaughterofthesun !!
savedaughterofthesun -
angela_sumner : 🙌✨💓🌈
chorchew : Btw it has been restored! You can follow @daughterofthesun_
kallefornia67 - graciousmadre - dragweedchild - anna_art_bob -
Lets #savedaughterofthesun's beautiful instagram account!! I to find it hard to believe someone would think that anything she posted could be offensive!! Her account is so beautifully inspiring!! Follow her temporary account @daughterofthesun1!
savedaughterofthesun -
mommy_cheree - alliekenz -
Seriously @instagram ?! AGAIN?! #getyourshittogether and #savedaughterofthesun !!!
savedaughterofthesun - getyourshittogether -
bamarama11 - rainysea - char_lapetina - caitynel -
I cherish this mama's contributions to the universe {as well as this little portion of it called Instagram} and urge @Instagram to #getyourshittogether and stop deleting the accounts of compassionate, loving light workers. #savedaughterofthesun 🙌
savedaughterofthesun - getyourshittogether -
6happysparrows : I can't believe she got deleted again. It's sad.
mamamooncrafts : there are so many forces trying to stifle magic and light, but i do believe those things will always win ✨💓🙌 @6happysparrows ...
angela_sumner : 🙌✨💓🌈
graciousmadre : ✨✊✨
kk.labagh - h_ip_pi_e - amberweee - mycologicallyspeakingbiophilia -
I have been following this lovely lady for a long while, & have never been offended by her images. On the contrary, I have been mesmerized by the vibrant colors, touched by the love they exude, & contemplative over her thoughtful words. @instagram, please stop punishing inspiring women, & create incentive for spiteful people to stop flagging images because they can. Please take the time to evaluate the claims before deleting accounts! The people who should lose their accounts are happily shrouded in anonymity. #savedaughterofthesun
savedaughterofthesun -
namastetiff : Again?!!? Why is it that the most incredible, inspiring women are the ones to lose their accounts?!😔👎
marizabeth : @namastetiff probably because they incite jealousy in spiteful, insecure people who begin to resent the person in spite of all the good they represent. And sadly, those squeaky wheels get the IG oil. 😕
namastetiff : You're right. It's sad but true. 😞
marizabeth : @daughterofthesun1 we're rooting for you, mama! 😘🙏
livinghermoment - whymuse - animamundiherbals -
@instagram !! bring back @daughterofthesun_ #savedaughterofthesun
savedaughterofthesun -
camisolsi : Como se hace para subir la foto?
danaluna___ : Pero ya se hizo cuenta nueva @daughterofthesun1 y tiene miles de seguidores!
pau_lawai : @_dana_luna_ pero es de pormientras po! @camisolsi pantallazo!! 😉👍
danaluna___ : I think shell keep the new one with more than 3800 followers!
angela_sumner : 🙌👸
garroyos - camisolsi - danaluna___ - natalysenko -
This beautiful spirit's account has been deleted by Instagram for the second time. Why? Because positivity, love light and Mother Earth apparently make someone feel uncomfortable. @daughterofthesun1 has one of, if not the most, beautiful and positive Instagram feeds out there. Please help us #savedaughterofthesun
savedaughterofthesun -
angelahappyheather : Yep, I went straight to her new account. Like @hannahmarcotti said, why on earth, regardless if it's Twitter, FB or here, don't people just unfollow?? Poor sick souls 😕
cristeninthemountains : Thanks Angela! (@kilifecoaching) And to think that this happened to @daughterofthesun1 more than once! I think @instagram should take the time and see that there is a pattern here and then go delete that person's account rather than continuously deleting the same people's accounts over and over again. Especially when they're following the guidelines to avoid this. Ashely @ogyoginiashleya is facing having her account deleted again too. It's crap. @hannahmarcotti is right. It takes less effort to click unfollow than it does to report someone. And people wonder why the world is going down the crapper.
amandahspeer - nowalliswell - angelahappyheather - wildgoods -
Once again IG has deleted one of my favorite accounts @daughterofthesun_ Amy's pictures are full of love, inspiration and joy, living in beautiful Harmony with nature and her family. This sort of censorship is outrageous! #savedaughterofthesun @daughterofthesun1
savedaughterofthesun -
lauren.ceallaigh : @faithevanssills WHAT?!!! I loved her account! WHY?!! What was she reported for???
islandcb : Ugh... :(
thegraygang : @daughterofthesun1 : any progress? I want this to stop happening. I want to blown this discrimination against mothers wide open. So that it forces IG to take a good look inward & change their policies. Praying. 🙏
faithevanssills : @thegraygang I was so happy to hear today that @daughterofthesun_ 's IG account was reinstated today, 🙏 I completely agree that this discrimination against mothers is backwards and offensive, when it happens to my friends, like the two of you I'm shocked, it's all part of a change that must happen....and is happening as the problem gathers more and more attention! Praying too! Xo
thegraygang : Yay! Just seeing now that she got it back as I was off IG most the day. Whew! But change still needs to occur. @daughterofthesun_ : keep rising. And creating ripples. 💙
faithevanssills : @thegraygang @daughterofthesun_ both of you inspire me so much, you send love and light to so many. Sending much love to you both 💕✨🙌✨💕
yama.iwi : 👍❤️❤️
ss288 : amazing
jwittguide - roskvistensfia - olivescrafts - dwebble33 -
#savedaughterofthesun @daughterofthesun_ @daughterofthesun1
savedaughterofthesun -
megglerose : Save from what? 😱
georgiapeace : @megglerose Her account has been blocked by ig again! :(
princessnic01 - gerojmm - wildgoods - amyskymoon -
Sending Love to this beautiful sister who inspires my heart and so many others with her light @daughterofthesun1 #savedaughterofthesun 🌵 In a few days time we will gather in the desert of Joshua Tree creating a vibration that will travel to the seas and touch far away lands, for the healing of all beings and Pachamama together we walk this path of Beauty and Truth ☀#spiritweaversgathering
savedaughterofthesun - spiritweaversgathering -
acregoods : Divine beauty 💛🌿✨
ashley_neese : So much beauty and strength. Wishing you well today 💜
blackdaizy : Gorgeous photo
alohamagicmermaid : O N E
yummysurf - swastika_y - yourgemfriend - livia_hurley_ -
#savedaughterofthesun Not again IG!! Follow Amy's new account at @daughterofthesun1 #sendinglovetothehaters #cantfightthelight ❤️🙏
savedaughterofthesun - cantfightthelight - sendinglovetothehaters -
__melissabms : Urgh not again @Instagram !!!!! Her account was my fave!!!!! #savedaughterofthesun
loribonazzoli : Just re followed. Sending love 🌏🌎🌍
toothnnail : A tidal wave of rainbow rebellion can defeat any battlement. Let us all flood IG with collective love for Amy and take these rigid, senseless walls down once and for all. Shame on whatever soul flagged her 10x. Make no mistake, erasing her outpouring of heart only strengthens the creative fires and that of her myriad of friends. Go Amy!
umagotanooceano : 🙏🙏🙏
lou_redares : @laurapoudo Thèma elle a des photos taille de styleeee
corneliasun : 🙏
mvrissvlucero : @mocas0 we should do this !
mocas0 : @mvrissvlucero ok
buschi2212 - foreveryoung_0023 - danlogy - pkwilsonn -
Come ON Instagram, get it together. With all the trillion gross things people post on Instagram I really feel that deleting people's accounts for a little breastfeeding or baby booty is a total waste of time and rediculous censorship. It's beautiful and natural, GET OVER IT! #savedaughterofthesun
daughtersofthesun - savedaughterofthesun - daughterofthesun -
vnpayne : Is Instagram deleting breast feeding photos??
madbat : @vnpayne they are deleting whole accounts. Without warning #daughtersofthesun was deleted then brought back then deleted again. So sad. She is just a pretty mama maker lady in Kauaii, who does cool inspiring things for women.
madbat : Sorry @vnpayne it's #daughterofthesun and #savedaughterofthesun
madbat : @vnpayne ps vivi and I do this all the time 😉
mermaidaubrie : 🙌
ursyi : @missellendalelloyd
silioski : @ninabeangreenkeen take a yogi pic like this
ninabeangreenkeen : Omfg yes yes yes yes
equilibrada - kodiakfishwife - sitchensis76 - matthew_b_wright -
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