Donations from the Philadelphia Sandals Mega FAM 2014. #sandalsfoundation #sandalsmegafam #adamstewart #garysadler
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Thanks to the #SuperKids literacy programme, a subsidiary of #GreatShapeInc, our students are achieving a 30% increase in their literacy score ratings! We're so grateful for the volunteers who dedicated their time to this mission #SandalsFoundation #MakeADifference #Voluntourism #CloserYouLook
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stephaniesassymodernmom : Amazing! Congratulations!
mayoosh_55 : 👍👏
lynn_smith_travel : Awesome!!! I love to see positive... #nonegativity
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Starting to fill my bags for the #SandalsFoundation @marshaannb @heiditl21 @adamstewart Can you take them back with you if I bring them to the Toronto unveiling? #charity #payitforward
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We're proudly celebrating 5 years of making a difference in the #Caribbean with our High 5 Holiday Toy Drive! When you donate $25 or more, #HasbroInc will donate a toy for a deserving child PLUS you'll be entered for a chance to win a 4D/3N trip to @sandalsresorts! #SandalsFoundation #MakeADifference
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These smiles are proof that every donation and volunteer service you do is making a difference across the #Caribbean! #SandalsFoundation #MakeADifference #Voluntourism #ReadingRoadTrip #CloserYouLook Photo by @heathergd
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@sandalsfdn @beachesresorts #BeachesMoms #beachesresorts #sandalsfoundation #packforapurpose #nonprofit #caribbean #travel
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@sandalsfdn #packforapurpose #BeachesMoms #beachesresorts #sandalsfoundation #nonprofit #travel #turksandcaicos
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Tune in to CBS Game Changers Saturday November 15 to see how the @sandalsfdn is teaming up with NBA Champion @dwyanewade's charitable organisation, @wadesworldfdn to make a difference in the lives of youth. #SandalsFoundation #MakeADifference
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sandalsfdn : You can make a difference by texting GAME to 41444
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My feet are famous! #sandalsfoundation #whitehouse #jamaica #commercial #readingroadtrip #loveisallyouneed
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marisolprada_makeup_artist : Good shot!
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They steal your 💞 TAG school visit. #sandalsresort #beachesresorts #tag #SandalsFoundation
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duppykankera : cute
jantrader : @duppykankera 👌👟
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The @sandalsfdn is so pleased to continue our partnership with @DebateMate for its 3rd annual programme! Now in 30 schools mentoring and teaching children to verbally express themselves rather than respond physically, we aim to be in all secondary schools by 2019. #SandalsFoundation #MakeADifference #ChildrenAreOurFuture
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Thinking of all those baby turtles scampering to the sea. So awesome! #travel #Jamaica #SandalsFoundation # turtle #beach #instatravel #instapic
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heathergd : Me too :)
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Pastel sunset at Beaches Ocho Rios Resort #travel #Jamaica #sunset #instatravel #instapic #CloserYouLook #SandalsFoundation
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viewjamaica : 🌴 👌 We got a lot of places for you to see and enjoy 🙌 @kidtravel
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Just hatched baby hawksbill turtle heading for the sea. Incredible! #travel #Jamaica #SandalsFoundation #instatravel #instapic #CloserYouLook #wow
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These newly hatched baby hawksbill turtles are so cute! #travel #Jamaica #SandalsFoundation # turtle #instatravel #instapic #family
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Morning has broken at Beaches Ocho Rios. What a beautiful way to start the day! #travel #Jamaica #sunrise #CloserYouLook #instatravel #instapic #SandalsFoundation #nofilter
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We visited our friends at Great Shape! Inc. who through our partnership are helping to impact thousands of Jamaicans with free dental, sealant & eye care and education along with a literacy programme. Thank you for helping us to #MakeADifference! #SandalsFoundation #Voluntourism #CloserYouLook #GreatShapeInc
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When this is the result of your work, how can you not love what you do? #SandalsResorts #SandalsFoundation #MakeADifference #Voluntourism #KickOutSatan
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therealmiamazin : 😍😍 the KICKS!!
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How sweet are these turtles from @sandalsfdn? Funds raised through #SandalsFoundation go into educational and community projects in the Caribbean. You know what's sweeter? A friend whose kids decorate a box with messages of 'You are awesome Lily and Leo' and send 2 turtles they bought for us on their @beachesresorts vacation. Reaching through the screen to give you and the kids a big hug @shesaved. You made our day! #xoxo
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linsefrank : #friends #payitforward #bethegood #turtlesrule
shesaved : Yay!! Aren't these great? So happy to see that they created smiles! Such an amazing cause ... We love @sandalsfdn !! Enjoy!!
sandalsfdn : Thank you for all your support @linsefrank & @shesaved! #MakeADifference
shesaved : @sandalsfdn of course, thanks for all that you do!
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Had a great morning visiting the Stewart Basic School in Ocho Rios, Jamaica! @sandalsfdn @beachesresorts #sandalsfoundation #voluntourism #readingroadtrip #jamaica
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sandalsfdn : It's so great to have you on this journey with us to experience it and share the love! #SandalsFoundation #MakeADifference #Voluntourism
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On a Reading Road Trip at a local Jamaican school with the Sandals Foundation. #travel #family #Jamaica #SandalsFoundation #instatravel #instapic #CloserYouLook
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sandalsfdn : It's so great to have you with us experiencing first hand the difference our partnership helps us to make!
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It's giving back time! Visiting and helping out at local Jamaica schools and community organizations with the Sandals Foundation today. #travel #family #SandalsFoundation #Jamaica #instatravel #instapic
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travelshopgirl : I love that program!
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The #SandalsFoundation Reading Road Trip is happening now! Every Thursday, guests can volunteer their time at a Sandals Foundation adopted school and read & play with children. Visit @islandroutes to learn more. #MakeADifference #Voluntourism
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islandbridal : 🌴🌴🌴🌴
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My heart is melting. Loved my time I spent at a Jamaican school reading and coloring with the children. #sandalsfoundation #sandals #jamaica #unlimitedescapes #readingwithkids
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getawaygirlmelissa : So awesome, Kristine!! @sandalsfdn @sandalsresorts The COOLEST thing to do on a trip!
unlimitedescapes : Yes it is. Received tons of hugs.
sandalsfdn : So glad you were able to be a part of our #Voluntourism initiatives! You're truly helping us to #MakeADifference
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Students from Enid Capron Primary in #TurksAndCaicos are all smiles as they say a HUGE thank you to all our #BeachesMoms who attended #SocialMediaOnTheSand at @beachesresorts and donated much needed school supplies! #SandalsFoundation #MakeADifference #GivingBack #PackforaPurpose
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onesmileymonkey : Fantastic!
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Two of the many @sandalsfdn turtles that we brought back from @beachesresorts are boxed up and ready to head out to their new home! Would you like to win one? 1) Follow @shesaved and 2) Follow @sandalsfdn and then, because turtles like to travel in pairs, leave a comment below and tag a friend that you think would like a turtle too! I'll choose three of you (and friends) to win a pair next Sunday night, Nov. 2nd, 2014. Good Luck! #sandalsfoundation #beachesmoms *winners will be selected using
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abbanks2 : @anastasiamurphy_ these would be AWESOME
hothocks : So Cute my grandson would Love one for his 1st birthday Nov.11 and Tori at heart has a little girl.
anastasiamurphy_ : These are too cute!!!! @abbanks2
nmgase : We love twurtles! @lynds_f
shesaved : Turtle Winners!! @thenikscott, @mygluten_freekitchen and @mopics31 ... please email me at as I have a pair of turtles to send your way!! Congrats on the lookout for MORE @sandalsfdn turtle giveaways coming soon!!
mygluten_freekitchen : How fun!! Thank you!
mopics31 : Yay!! Thank you!!
thenikscott : Yay!!!! Thank you!! 😄😄😄
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The #SandalsFoundation is thrilled we're able to expand our wings of making a difference in the #Caribbean. The St. Lawrence Primary School in #Barbados now has a modernised library with 500 books and 5 computers under the theme "Reading is FUNdamental" #MakeADifference #EducationIsTheFuture
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Due to the inclement weather forecast for this weekend in Nassau, we have been forced to cancel Vibes On the Island which was scheduled for this Saturday at Sandals Royal Bahamian's Offshore Private island. We sincerely apologise to those who had already begun their travel but unfortunately circumstances are beyond our control #VibesOnTheIsland #SandalsFoundation
sandalsfoundation - vibesontheisland -
sandalsfdn : Full refunds will be issued. Please take your ticket to the outlet where the purchase was made to receive your refund.
queenb_ln : Until next year...!
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@sandalsresorts Grande Riviera hosted over 120 Travel Agents at their 5th annual Home Based Agent Conference. Each agent brought a school bag packed with school supplies for the @sandalsfdn adopted schools. Thank you to all our Travel Agents who help to #MakeADifference! #SandalsFoundation #PackforaPurpose
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getawaygirlmelissa : 👏👏👏👏 So awesome!!
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The beautiful children of Boscobel Stewart Township Elementary School #SandalsFoundation #sandalshomebàsedconference#sandalsgranderiviera
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As part of my time here @beachesresorts we have been so moved by the work of the @sandalsfdn which is a huge resource of help for the locals here! There are many items for sale here which return 100% profit to the #sandalsfoundation ~ like these adorable turtles! We are bringing a bunch of turtles back to the states to give away on the blog, so keep en eye out for ways to win a turtle! #beachesmoms
beachesmoms - sandalsfoundation -
couponingmema : Awesome!
sandalsfdn : Thank you! We'd love to read your blog when it's posted :)
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Got to spend a few hours with these lil Angels. #jamaica #westmoreland #sandalsfoundation #happy
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My contribution to the #sandalsfoundation. School supplies for local kids. Happy to contribute to the @beachesresorts initiative. #BeachesMoms
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